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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 27, 2019 11:00am-11:28am PST

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right now at sec, we're in a micro climb weather alert. here is a look at our radar. the band of rain still hitting our area. our doppler radar storm ranger and a live look at the top of an bruno scanning the skies thanksgiving will be dry? we'll have the sentence shortly. thank you for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. and we've been tracking the storm outside and inside and we have coverage. mike inouye tracking the roads and vianey is out there in the
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going to be dry? >> a little while. we'll see the rain waves and it is more scattered compared to yesterday when we saw this one wave rolling on through. so as we take a look at the wider view of the storm and come into the bay area, taking a look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar parked on san bruno mountain, we saw the live view and the heavier rain south of san bueno toward the east bay and into san leandro. so expect heavy downpours there. look at how cool in sunol as the clouds roll bynd ominous over the city from belevedere toward san francisco, the close high waves along the with ocean beach showing the whitecaps with temperatures only at 46 degrees. the rain off and on today. low elevation snow for areas like mt. hamilton.
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into the noon hour we'll see some areas dry and other areas getting pounded with rain and the responsibility -- the possibility of rain into the day. more into the evening commute and hitting the road, t ith pe south bay and farther tth ukiah. and once again this is going to be hit or miss that we could be dry one minute and see the rain a few minutes later and then it is out of here. it is unsettled eveng before this storm system winds down. it could bring another tenth of an inch of rain up to about two-testifyths for so -- two te another storm by the end of the weekend could affect travelers heading back to the bay area after traveling to see your family somewhere else. now we're going to talk more about this in the full
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microclimate forecast. it could be another significant storm. more coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. now to vianey in jose. and kris, you were out there this morning. one wasvianey, you look nice out there. >> a spot decided to take a break. at least right now in san jose we're drying out. still chilly and nippy out there but it was pouring rain last night. i actually tweeted my own video and look at the video from what the commuters had to deal e wly morning. if you had to walk in the rain, i'm sorry. i saw so many battles of the umbrellas out there, people fighting with the wind and rain and umbrella and some not staying dry. i hope everybody was safe on the roads. the good news is we're going to get better but it seems like a lot of the viewers might have not been tuning in and watching the forecast because some folks got caught off guard.
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let's hear what the viewers had to say about the rain? >> it was pretty crazy. yesterday afternoon my flag i o garage and the umbrellas all fell down and it looks like we haven't cleaned the backyard for a month. >> it was windy and unexpected. i wasn't expecting the rain. i wasn't prepared for it at all and i was cleaning my house and all of my furniture got wet so i was a bit upset about it but i'm kind of happy for the rain because of the fire and everything. >> reporter: and although the rain seemed like it caught some people off guard it was a welcome right. looking at the 24 hour storm totals. mt. tam at over two inches in the last 24 hours. ben lomond almost two inches and san jose nearly an inch and that was not the case last night and
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for those viewers who got caught off guard by the rain, i'll hit you with one of these. if you downloaded our nbc bay area app you would have known to put the umbrellas away and not put them out in the wind. but it is sunny now and go out and enjoy andak yr dog on a walk it is a nice afternoon. >> and that little finger-wagging that works too. you could see the future if you had the app. just saying. so folks are hitting the roads today in the bay area to get to friends and family for thanksgiving. >> and mike inouye has been tracking the traffic. and what do the roads look like now. >> looking great. this is the bay bridge toll plaza in case you didn't recognize it because on wednesday at sec we see this filled in with traffic. it is clear. and the metering lights at i-80 were turned off at 8:30 this in the system is the road weather index showing you damp roadways
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but not flooding like today and that is great news. remember we have cross town traffic. building midday. if you are using 580 to i-5 or to sacramento, we zoomed out, it is the getaway traffic tha waze things okay but the predictive traffic flow through sacramento, you're okay until is 1:30 and the subway looks great and now an incident is clearing. south via 101 to i-5 and toward the southland you have until 2:00 to get out of the area but things get congested about 2:30, 3:00 but the grapevine is open toward universal studios. you guys are farther north. >> well the traffic trouble extended beyond the bay area. a berkeley woman has been stuck
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in bumper-to-bumper conditions for more than ten hours. this is a live look at the conditions on i-5 and the back-up there. daniela left with her boyfriend from the bay area 4:30 yesterday afternoon and now stuck on the highway ever since. they are headed to mt. shasta. she's been calling the chp constantly for updates. >> what they said last is they were trying to open it and every time they opened it someone got in an accident so right now there is between 22 highway accidents ahead of us. ng a spoke at danielle about about a 15 minute drive to her hotel but they are now stuck again. >> and you should get our weather app. this is a great way to keep track of what is going on, what you can expect and when you can expect it in your area. just download our free nbc bay
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area app. happening now, milpitas police are looking for steven techu who was visiting the bay area from georgia. he was last seen this morning when he walked about from his embassy suites hotel room and place are worried because he's a 19-year-old with autism. he is nonverbal and not familiar with the area. he is about 6 feet tall. if you have any information, you're asked to call milpitas' 911. a small city in the east bay has the second home invasion erutside of the events might be linked? >> reporter: because there is a number of three miles of each other. a gun. both aut the most recent armed home invasion here in the city of lafayette happened 7:30 last night at a house on the 1100
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block of crestmont drive. according to the sheriff's office which the city contracted with for police protection, three suspects armed with a pistol entered through an open garage sand assaulted a man and restrained him and the other resident stole valuables and fled leaving the residents restrained and it took them hours to free themselves and call 9 is he. both were taken to the hospital for minor jeers. this past halloween at about 8:30 three suspects entered a ho 1300 block of martino road on the hills of lafayette and one knocked on the door and they attacked the man who answered and spent an hour stealing thi and took off in his bmw later located in oakland. there were two residents in that home. one suffered minor injuries, the other one was transported to the hospital. again the lafayette police department has not made any
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arrests and if you have any information they would love to hear from you. reporting live here in lafayette, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> scary times. thank you, bob. new information showing president trump knew there was an investigation underway when he released the military aid to ukraine. >> scott mcgrew, that coming from the new york times this morning. >> that is right. it helps us narrow down the timeline. president trump acknowledges delaying military aid to our ally ukraine while asking the leaders to investigate his political rival joe biden and his son. this is established fact. no allegations there. the president said those two things, though, the quid rated. and he pointed to a denial he made saying i want nothing. >> i say to the ambassador and his response, i want nothing. i want nothing. i want no quid pro quo. >> now we've known all along that denial isn't as strong as it sounds because he made to ambassador gordon sondland the
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same day word got out of the whistle-blower had alerted his superiors. but to your point, new this morning, "the new york times" said president trump knew about the investigation, that it was underway, when he released the military aid. the other thing to watch is the house judiciary committee is set december 4th as the first day of hearings for that committee. now these will not be about the alleged quid pro quo. these hearings about the process itself. remember, congress is only done an impeachment twice before in modern history. marcus. >> thanks, scott. well, coming up for you, something to be thankful for in the south bay. we'll tell you a new tiny home community, well that is coming soon and will open as well. and plus we're watching the skies over atfo. even with the stormy weather, would you believe, so far no major cancellations and only about 50 delays, which is not bad. but that is not the case across the country. a lot of travelers are stranded
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because of wild weather. and we'll take a look at what fliers are dealing with.
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> new at effort to fight against the homeless crisis is underway in san jose. habitat for humanity volunteers are preparing the organization's first tiny home housing in the city. it will house some of the homeless population along mulberry road off of berryessa, the mayor and his wife are volunteering. he said while there are concerns about safety with this project, the city is meeting them head on. >> we're ensuring there will be security and provision and services for residents and i think as we see theserg costs a to build. >> i asked him if he's handy and he said not really.
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he b habitat for humanity. and a mobile shower unit that serves homeless people in the south bay is stuck in park because thieves stole a critical part from the van that hauls it around town. the charity casa de clara provides hot showers to more than a hundred people living on the streets in san jose every week. the charity sets them up in three locations in san jose, provides people with the showers, toiletries and fresh shirt and socks and underwear and a hot meal and food to take when they go until last week when thieves stole the kata lickic -- catalytic converter off of their van. >> it helps people recognize their own dignity as a human being as showers but it is crucial to well being and effort to get back into permanent housing. >> replacing the converter will
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cost about $3,000 which is more than what the van is actually worth. and it is about the same amount that it cost to run that program for two months. casa declara is supported by individual donors so if you want to help find a link in our story on our website. [ bell ] there you have it. the opening bell of the new york stock exchange where the stocks are looking up right now. the nasdaq, s&p 500 and the dow up 44 points and stock rise for fourth day in a row hitting record highs. well possible black friday disruption in san francisco's union square. more than 600 associates at macy's are warning they co g st. 90% of them voted to authorize a strike. most make around $20 an hour and say they need higher wages and affordable health insurance. macy's said that it offers fair pay and benefits and it adds it plans to open the union square
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and this thanksgiving, pass o the turkey and stuffing but take a pass on the salad because we have a recall from the cdc. dozens of people in 19 states are sick or recovering from e. coli linked to romaine lettuce grown in salinas. investigators don't know yet how that contamination happened but we are all being told to check the labels and dump any salad grown in salinas. and lights are back on but a power outage frustrated thanksgiving travelers. several flights were delayed and eight flights were canceled when the power went out in both terminals one and two of the oakland international for four and a half hours. people could check bags but the security checkpoint was closed. this led to super long lines and some flights landed during the power o flights were until 1055
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home r an home. so happy thanksgiving, right? >> pg&e said at this point the outage does not appear to be related to its equipment but it is looking into it. and it is hard when it is a short holiday. because on a short turn around you have four days. >> just want to get there. >> well tens of millions of americans are hitting the roads and taking to the skies for the thanksgiving holiday. >> but winter storms causing travel delays across the country. sarah dallof has more from o'hare international airport. >> reporter: it is a perfect storm this thanksgiving. record number of travelers prepared to head out at the same time. a series of storms sweep across the country bringing with it a miserable mix of snow, rain and high winds. about 4 1/2 million people are set to fly this thanksgiving holiday. lso their destination.
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>> we have delays. >> how bad? >> we're supposed to be in and out already and -- well it was a mess. >> i was thinking a lot of people would try to come early but when i got here i walked up and got my boarding ticket. >> 49 million people are expected to drive on some roads, icy and wet on others and the message to travelers is tried and true, leave a lot of time to get to your destination. and keep an eye on weather maps both at home and where you're headed. at chicago o'hare international airport, sarah dallof, nbc bay area news. >> i saw your face out of oakland that there weren't any cancellations. >> i couldn't believe it. >> i can't believe it. >> i mean, they have delays when somebody sneezes. but it isri lt now. and maybe it will stay that way. who knows. but we are still going to have some rainovnd onide at all
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of the rnoff and on as we've seen right now. right now the rain moving through the peninsula. san francisco and the east bay. wanting to zoom into this heavy rain from san lorenzo up to san leandro and toward caster valley and so heavy rain on 580 and 880. and heavy rain on the san mateo bridge from foster city toward the east bay it is looking like low visibility right now. taking a live look at the cars here you are headed, you may drive in and out of conditions such as this throughout the day. looking at the golden gate bridge, right now we're getting a chance to dry out. but we still see quite a few people out there trying to take in the sights and it looks really cool here. this view of the clouds billowing up over the hills, over the south bay. so into the rest of the afternoon, it is going to be cool, only hitting about 50
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degrees. and at times the sun peaking out. then we get ready for the next storm coming in. so it is nice to have a little bre-- in between for thanksgiving and friday then the potential for heavy rain. and this is what the early forecasts are showing. anywhere from one to about 4 1/2 inches of rain between saturday night, all throughout the day on sunday, and into monday. so this could be a fairly significant storm. if it taps into some subtropical moisture and turns into an atmospheric river, this is very beneficial for the sierra. a live look at north star coated with heavy snow. and if you plan on traveling to the sierra today, it is going to lighten up. still some spotty snow showers. but we'll have our bus travel window tomorrow and still some scattered snow showers into friday before it gets heavy once again going into the end of the weekend.
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additional snowfall for the sierra, check that out. we're looking at about three to four feet of snow going into next week for the sierra. while we're going to get some signif thettorm systems are just lining up out there in the pacific. so even after next week, we could still see some more active weather rolling across the pacific ae bay area asnto next possibly the week after that. so it is nice to see this break thanksgiving day and also black friday, small business saturday we see showers returning once again, kris and marcus. >> coming up, the macy's thanksgiving day parade is a tradition for families and we'll show you how the show will go on even if the balloons are grounded. but first, happening now, jimmy carter is back home this morning. he was just released f an atlanta hospital. you may remember he went in for surgery this month to relieve pressure on his brain linked to
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recent falls. he underwent hip replacement surgery after a fall in the spring. he and mrs. carter look forward to enjoying thanksgiving at home. more news for you right after the break. he could've just been the middle class kid who made good.
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but mike bloomberg became the guy who did good. after building a business that created thousands of jobs he took charge of a city still reeling from 9/11 a three-term mayor who helped bring it back from the ashes bringing jobs and thousands of affordable housing units with it. after witnessing the terrible toll of gun violence... he helped create a movement to protect families across america. to protect this planet from dream that defines us. faith in yoere the wealthy will pay more in taxes and everyone who likes theirs keep it. and where jobs won't just help you get by, but get ahead. and on all those things mike blomberg intends to make good. jobs creator. leader. problem solver. mike bloomberg for president. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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so my co-anchor is about to make some bay area holiday seeing the first tree lighting ceremony at the new chase center. so mark your calendars, come on out. it is december 4th in san francisco. that ceremony begins at 6:00. i'll have to talk to mike inouye
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about what to do. he's done this a few times. but this is pretty cool. so mark your calendars there. december 4th. >> very first one. that is super cool. well something ethis, the ma parade. well it is still a waiting game this morning whether the iconic balloons in the parade will fly. they've expected to insolate today in new york city but as we've been reporting potentially strong wind gusts could force them to drag along ground level. and one event not expected to be impacted by the weather, our family favorite, the national dog show now celebrating the 18th year. tune in to see it tomorrow. coverage of the parade starts at 9:00 here on bay area and then see man's compete for the title of top dog starting at noon. >> look at that. last look at the forecast. rain. >> off-and-on rain today and tomorrow looks nice. but warmer on friday with moreg
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storm late>> saturhis is how cos to the weather. her earrings are cloud and rain drops. check that out on social media. >> and check this out. look this. >> nbc bay area sky ranger. >> oh, wait. there it is. >> on mt. hamilton. >> beautiful. >> gorgeous. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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right now on "california live." the inspiring legacy of disney star cameron bois. how they use the awareness. >> it is shocking, unsettling. >> unfortunate. >> and cameron mathison's occur ageous comeback from cancer. >> one of the toughest things i've ever had to go through. and then the celebrity baker who teaches stars how to shine in the kitchen. >> i'll teach you the tips i teach the stars. >> and how to put a special spice on your turkey day. >> i have last-minute tips that will make your thanksgiving day sparkle. >> it's all happening right now on "california live."
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