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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 27, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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>> and i'm jessica aguirre. it is a snowing thanksgiving eve. from sky ranger, the storm that's blowing through tonight brought snow to mount hamilton in eastern santa clara county. not just snow, hail too. check that out. big old pieces of hail. this is video just into the newsroom from bay point in contra costa county. >> as it is every thanksgiving week, traffic is a major issue statewide. this is a live look now at 101 in san jose near the 280/680 interchange. very smooth sailing right now. slick roads. be careful. allow extra time and extra space. we have a team of reporters covering what's expected to be a rainy week ahead. let's start with our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff? >> and we had that bomb cyclone move through last night, and this is some instability left behind it. that's why we're seeing these isolated downpours. also some of that small hail. we have storm ranger. the only mobile doppler in the bay area scanning right now. and you can see it's picking up on some of this modern activity right now over hayward.
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we're getting that rain moving off into the east. liver more into 6:42 off to the south. west over palo alto, and that will be moving off to the east, getting you wet in milpitas, certainly by 6:43 this evening. as we continue through tonight, you can see mount hamilton, some rain, rain-snow mix. it is going to look beautiful tomorrow morning. overall spotty chances of rain as we continue through tonight and tomorrow, but i want to give you a little preview of the next couple of days. we have a lot of stuff happening in the weather. a chilly thanksgiving coming our way for the morning right through the afternoon. you've got to keep that jacket handy the next seven days. and we are looking at what now could be an atmospheric river lining up with heavier rain and what could be some major travel delays. we'll go over the timeline. e've got a at 6:19, one at hopefully i'll see you for one few te. rm is causing big this couldn'ts of th >> wll see you for sure i problems for millions of drivers
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at the peak of this thanksgiving getaway. i-5 is a mess, but problematic on 80, 50, and 101 to name a few. nbc bay area's anoushah rasta joins us in san jose with the very latest. anoushah? >> reporter: raj, today we heard story after story from stranded drivers on a closed freeway with no way to go forward or even go back to where they first came from. from the california/oregon border down south through the grapevine near los angeles, rain, snow and ice on the road plus millions of drivers made for the perfect storm. >> there was no movement at all from the hours of 6:00, 6:30ish until -- >> 10:45, 11:00. >> jack and his friend are from the bay area, but they're students right now at the university of oregon in eugene. they made plans to drive down to be with family for thanksgiving, a trip that normally takes them
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about eight hours took 27 this time. and they were still trying to get home when we spoke to them on facetime this morning. >> there is people. it's like that were just bundled up and just waiting inside the car, no food, no water. >> reporter: yesterday, the friends recorded this video on a cell phone when they were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on i-5 for hours without any idea of when the road would clear. chp forced them off the freeway because of closures. >> the only thing that was open was a 24-hour gas station and a motel which the owner kindly let us sleep in the lobby. >> reporter: meanwhile, a berkeley woman told us on the phone she and her boyfriend were heading north to mount shasta from the bay area when they got stuck on i-5 for more than 19 hours. >> we don't have any actual food. we don't have a huge supply of water. so i'm not really sure what is going to come out of this. >> reporter: if you're choosing
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to travel when the weather is bad, chp encourages you to make sure your car is in good condition, has a full tank of gas, lights that work and good tire pressure. also, keep those snacks handy and a phone charger with you so you have a way to call for help in an emergency, and a blanket as well, because you never know when that four-hour trip will turn into a 24-hour wait. reporting live in san jose, anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. >> stressful for the families as well. thank you, anoushah. a lot of people trying to get to lake tahoe for the holiday, but it's a grind. sierra snow created problems along i-80 and highway 50. chain control still in effect. roadways are slow, and that's as low as placerville, also chains in effect. that means drivers have to slowly navigate those icy roads. take a look on the coast. 20-foot waves are pounding the shore in pacifica. beautiful but dangerous. the pier and beach boulevard are closed now because of these large swells. and beware, the waves routinely
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break over those handrails which can easily drag someone right into the wa ontheefeather is our nbc bay ar interactive radar. you can see it in use now. it's right on our website, and you can type in your zip code to see what's going on in your specific neighborhood. and for a quick way to reach us, check out that qr code on the corner left of your screen. if you have anni-phone, point your camera right at that qr code. it's going to take you right to the radar on our website. we'll give you another chance to scan the qr code later in this newscast. well, starting tonights, two east bay cities will see more police. a scary home invasion in lafayette has neighbors on high alert this holiday weekend. police say thieves tied up two people and ransacked their home. some neighbors are asking if that same thief is responsible for another home invasion. nbc bay area's melissa colorado joins us now from lafayette police headquarters. there is going to be more patrols? >> and you got to bet, jesse,
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homeowners are going to be relieved when they see the squad cars patrolling their neighborhoods. moments ago i spoke to a councilmember who said even though it's a holiday, lafayette police are working around the clock to see if there was a connection between last night's home invasion and the home invasion that happened on halloween night. but it doesn't take a detective to spot the similarities between these two cases. in both of these cases, they happened around dinnertime. in both of these attacks it involved a trio of thieves with a gun, and both of these terrifying incidents, the homeowners watched as their home was ransacked by thieves. >> you know, i thought this morning what would i do if this happened in my house. >> reporter: while families are focusing on what's going on in the kitchen this thanksgiving eve, greg wilson of lafayette is focusing on what's happening outside of his door. >> we have security people coming over to upgrade all of our cameras and our alarm system. >> reporter: last night around 7:30, police say three thugs with a gun spotted an open garage door and snuck into his
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neighbor's house on crestmont drive. >> it's upsetting that someone would break into a home, knowing that people were home. that's really, really upsetting versus not that it's ever good to have a break-in, but it's one thing when people break in when they think no one is home. it's another knowing people are home. >> reporter: the thieves used a pistol toe strong arm man living in the house. police say the criminals tied him up and another person who lived in the home. the two residents helplessly watched as the three robbers paced through the home and stole what they could get their hands on. >> i can only imagine what they must have gone through. >> reporter: authorities say after the three criminals took off, it took the two residents hours to break free and finally call 911. the two were treated at a local hospital for minor injuries. >>ea people. more or less kept to themselves. but very friendly neighbors. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of a halloween night home invasion about three miles away. police say a trio of thieves armed with a pistol stormed into a home, tied up two people inside the home and ransacked the house.
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>> it's obviously disconcerting. this is a very nice neighborhood. it's in a quiet neighborhood. >> and a spokesperson for the contra costa county sheriff's office says it's too soon to tell if the halloween night home invasion is linked to the one that happened last night. but either way, extra deputies will be patrolling the cities of orinda and lafayette starting today and until further notice. that's the latest here in lafayette. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> melissa, thank you. the search is on for a driver who hit and killed a man early this morning. it happened in san jose shortly after 4:00 a.m. sjpd got a call of man facedown on a curb at foxworthy avenue and rube beebe know drirubino d. investigators have no leads on the driver or what kind of car was involved in the crash. this is the 24th time this year that a car hit and killed a pedestrian in san jose. we have you surround. we have a search warrant for the
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residence. >> a police chopper, the s.w.a.t. team and a siren all the soundtrack that woke up a neighborhood in the east san jose foothills this morning. police blocked off the street near story road, and our camera caught one man getting arrested. police waited hours to get another suspect. now police are confirming that officers were serving a warrant, but they're not giving us any other details. well, be smart and park smart. that's the word from police in san francisco as this holiday shopping season kicks off. a car full of packages -- packages in the car there is the ultimate gift for thieves. christie smith joins us in san francisco. christie, some simple and effective reminders here. >> yeah, that's right. and san francisco police say this year they have had some success arresting people they believe are responsible for multiple car break-ins inhe pre places like this, where people shop over the holidays. perhaps even more. so but what they're really trying to do is remind people what they can do when they park
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and shop. in san francisco, cable car bells and early shopping are part of the holiday tradition for many. >> we got some very good deals, some early black friday shopping. >> reporter: this family came in from the el dorado hills and kept it simple. one parking lot, bags in hand and they only visited one area. >> we've heard about too many break-ins. >> we've arrested over 500 people this year who have been arrest order cited for car break-ins. >> reporter: police chief bill scott says the number of break-ins nudged down just slightly so far this year. and they will increase patrols where people shop this holiday season. >> we increase the deployment to union square every year, but this year we're going have more officers. >> reporter: but break-ins are still an epidemic in the city. today the chief joined an event urging people to support small businesses and to park smart, meaning don't leave things for thieves to take. >> if you put your bags in your trunk and you go back in and shop, consider moving your car.
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>> the best thing is don't have anything worth -- in plain sight. that's all. that's the first thing you do. >> reporter: still, you can usually find signs like this one around the city urging thieves not the break. in they've been hit multiple times. >> you don't come downtown in a car. you take an uber or bart. >> reporter: now they also suggest, and this is really important for people who are visiting, to keep their backpack, cameras, and even passports with them, and they also suggest that if you are parking, it might be a good idea to pick a lot that has attendants. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. that is good advice. thank you, christie. up next, the power is back on, but the confusion remains. what caused the lights to go out at oakland international, and the steps travelers had to take to try to get their bags. and let it snow on this thanksgiving eve. this is not lake tahoe. this is the hills above san jose on mt. hamilton. families having some fun with the fresh powder.
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rain on storm ranger, and the big chill for thanksgiving. look at this. by 10:00 p.m. tonight, 30s expected in the north bay. i'll show you how low it will go in about six minutes.
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well, it took almost a full day, but oakland's airport is finally getting back to normal after a power outage triggered chaos and a lot of questions.
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today was about getting back the bags to their owners, and trying to figure out why the power went out. nbc bay area's scott budman joins us live from the airport. so people got their bags back, but do we know what happened? >> well, jessica, i'll tell you. a lot happened. last estimate about 1400 people were affected by the power outage here at the airport. but so far oakland officials say they don't know what caused the lights to go out. >> if you were affected by yesterday's power outage -- >> reporter: after last night's two-hour power outage -- >> it was a fiasco, i guess. >> reporter: passengers like renee souther took all day before finally catching up with their luggage. >> i was flying from portland night, and then got -- we were almost to oakland and got rerouted to sacramento, and then i got a ride from sacramento to pleasant hill. >> reporter: meanwhile, her bags like all the rest of these -- >> thank you. >> no problem.
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>> reporter: -- got sent here where they sat until this afternoon. >> yay we got it! she'll have clothes for thanksgiving. >> reporter: eventually, people were let behind the rope to look for their own bag and after lots of searching and patience -- >> i just grabbed a beer and waited. >> reporter: the right bags got back to the right owners. and the good news tonight, flights are back on schedule, but airport officials and pg&e officials say they are still forced to look into why the power went out in the first place. live in oakland airport, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> what a hassle for those folks. thanks, scott. well, last night's rain left some lasting problems at concord sun valley mall. it's a big hole. we talked to someone who works in the mall. she said the hole had to be cut to make repairs and seal a leak inside the mall. you didn't have to travel to the sierra to find snow. always beautiful to see this in the bay area. plenty of snow on mt. hamilton
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in the south bay, and plenty of fun. it's also enough to raise concerns about safety. nbc bay area's robert handa had his snowshoes on and joins us on the base of mt. hamilton. robert? >> reporter: well, it was a one day. but as the snow picked up strength, it got a little more scary trying to get down from there. still, some people did get a chance to frolic in the snow. and for one youngster, it was the first time ever. >> you want to try it? one for you and one for you. >> reporter: peter didn't waste much time gathering his kids up to go the snow. he grew up in canada and, well, he doesn't see snow in the forecast in silicon valley very often. >> getting up to tahoe is extremely painful. tahoe is our c stelse, it's a le flight and this is really the closest place i can think of to experience it. it's lovely. >> ice. >> reporter: it would be tough to take snow for granted in the south bay. it doesn't happen that often. but you get a renewed feeling of
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appreciation when you see children playing in snow who have never done it before. >> first time ever seeing snow. and she is a natural. >> reporter: she doesn't seem to be bothered by it at all. >> not at all. not at all. >> reporter: but snow delivers challenges as well. workers had to pull this double-decker bus out of the snow. and the chp cautions drivers to be very careful in these slick or frozen conditions, especially on tight curves. he echos that warning, saying his main concern was getting up here safely. but he adds it was worth the trouble. >> we've always been looking forward to it. we see it in cartoons, and they're always asking what does it feel like. so really wanted them to experience it firsthand. >> reporter: well, ethan and haley certainly seemed to enjoy it, but they might be the last ones to do it for a while. it was snowing pretty heavily when we left there a little while ago, and it's basically a day to day decision on whether
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caltrans and the chp will open the road or not. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> looks fun. thank you, robert. great news for skiers and snowboarders. the powder is piling up in lake tahoe. this is squaw valley in alpine meadows. a foot of snow has fallen at the base. 18 inches on the upper mountains. they expect another 6 to 12 inches by tomorrow morning that is nice to see all that snow. jeff ranieri joins us now. you are busy in the weather department. >> we've got it all nailed down for you. i think tomorrow, midday afternoon is a pretty good break into friday. if you want to get up to the sierra, and then we have another round of some heavier snow coming our way. as we bring you into our microclimate forecast tonight, we have storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar scanning, the only one in the bay area and just one of six in the country. it is mobile. so we're able to move it and get it closer to the ground so we can get a more accurate scan of what's happening. right now we do have a little bit of some of this rain popping
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up. we'll track to it the east bay, and some showers near hayward, moving off to the east to east pleasanton. by 6:53 tonight, that is really the wettest corridor through pleasanton and livermore. be careful if you're headed out to get last-minute groceries for thanksgiving. down here to the south bay, also have some showers that have been around sunnyvale and stanford. moving off to the east, continuing into milpitas by 6:54 tonight. so we have the rain lingering right now. i think we have a few spotty chances tomorrow. that's just about it. the larger story i want you to be ready for is the cold temperatures. we're down in the mid and upper 30s here for the north bay. check it out right here to santa rosa, 32. napa, 34. novato 37. 36 in san jose. 36 in morgan hill. even 41 in san mateo. we start off chilly, and temperatures, not going to warm up too much tomorrow. make sure you find the heavier jacket. only upper 40s and low 50s as we headou better weather to
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sit inside, have a couple of plates of food, and just kind of get filled up. let's get you a check of those airport delays. we do have them in san francisco. 67 minutes hindu to the spotty showers and wet runways. we'll take a look at the national delays. i'll have another check of the weather in about nine minutes. >> we will see you shortly. thanks, jeff. up next, hurting those who help others. the brazen theft that hit a whole community in the south bay.
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this is disappointing, especially during the holidays. thieves in san jose have made a mobile charity immobile. the casa de clara charity drive, this special trailer to provide a hot shower, toiletties and food to people living on the street that is until last week when the thieves stole the catalytic converter off the van, putting the brakes on the mobile shower unit. >> having access to shower, the number one thing is it helps
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people recognize then other dignity as a human being. but also, it's a crucial part of people's general well-being and their efforts to get back into permanent housing. >> replacing the part costs about 3,000 bucks, which is more than the van is worth, and about what it costs to run the program for two months. if you want to help them get back up and running, you can find a link right on our website. an update now from the climber who survived a stunning fall from el capitan over the weekend. climber emily harrington now says she is going to be okay. emily fell sunday while scaling a 3200 foot peek. she says she pin balled down the side of the mountain with her climb rope wrapped around her neck. today she says she feels a lot better. >> i actually feel better than i thought i would. i was in pain and i was scared, but i could feel my fingers and toes. so i kind of knew that things were not super, super, super serious. >> she is tough. now after her fall, harrington was rescued by free solo star
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al alex honld and other climbers. she says sees the accident as something to learn from. who does president trump know and who did he order to speak for him in the ukraine? plus, they're fishing for lightning in the east bay. the unusual fish drawing anglers to a lake near livermore. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids.
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right now at 6:30, the thanksgiving eve travel rush is on, and the rain not helping things on the road. this is a live look at our radar. you see a lot of green. >> there is. and there is more to come. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, tracking not just the rain tonight, but what's coming this weekend, jeff. >> and it's going to be active. definitely more rounds of some heavier rainfall eventually on the way. you'll see on storm ranger, mobile doppler radar right now. most of the activity has been contained to over the past 15 to 20 minutes across our higher elevations. our local mountains really help to provide a little extra uplift to moisture that passes across, helping to get some of the showers going. you can also see over the santa cruz mountains and mt. hamilton. i did want to point out low snow happening right now. as we wake up tomorrow morning, you look towards the distance, you are going to be able to see some of those snow-capped peaks across the bay area. a little shower activity moving off to the east. it will pick things up in
6:30 pm
cupertino by 6:54 tonight. definitely watch out for those slick roadways. now if you're heading to the airport to pick somebody up, do know we do have some airport delays in san francisco right now. in fact, those are the only delays due to weather running 60 minutes behind with wet runways. you might encounter some delays at sfo. what about what is ahead? check this out. we've got cold temperatures on thanksgiving. not only for the morning, but for the afternoon. jacket weather at this point staying over the next seven days as we are looking at an atmospheric river starting to shap will bring us some heavier rain and definitely travel delays. i'll show you when we could get over 2 inches of rainfall. that's coming up in about 25 minutes. >> okay. we'll see you then. thank you, jeff. it's going to be dicey. one of your best resources for the weather is our nbc bay area interactive radar. you can type in your zip code to see what's going on in your neighborhood. for a quick way to reach it, check out the qr code on the
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corner of your screen. if you go and point your iphone's camera at it, it will take you right to the radar on our website. we're going give you another chance to scan it a little later in the newscast. tonight, more revelations about pg&e. state regulators now say pg&e had a dozen safety violations that may have contributed to sparking that deadly wildfire last year in butte county. jaxon van derbeken dug through this new state report and found many of those violations are tied to shoddy inspections. >> reporter: we've told you how this fire started. a worn steel starting sparks that ignited the camp fire in butte county that killed 85 people. but state regulators issued this report today, which includes the fire easily could have been prevented if pg&e had only followed its own standard, which call for inspectors actually climbing towers to look for problems.
6:32 pm
when they climbed nearby towers after the camp fire, they found many corroded hooks and steel panels. and according to the report, the tower tied to the fire had more issues than just one bad hook. it had serious wear to the arms that hold up high voltage lines, wear that by pg&e's own policy should have triggered a detailed inspection. yet no one climbed that tower in the decade before the fire. so no one noticed that worn c-hook. in that report, regulators said its timely replacement could have prevented ignition of the camp fire. we also know why eight towers in that area passed inspections just weeks before the disaster, only to fail follow-up inspections after the fire. the first inspection used an old form that didn't require crews to check for damaged hardware on the tower. the follow-up inspections used the new form, which did. that's just one of a disease alleged violations detailed in the new report. regulators concluded all the
6:33 pm
checks to utility before the fire did significant wear on the tower. regulators found them ineffective. pg&e says it accepts the conclusion that its line was to blame for the fire and remains deeply sorry about the role our equipment played in this tragedy. the company says that going forward, it is focusing on helping and recovery, resolving claims, and reducing wildfire risk. jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. a string of garage burglaries has neighbors miffed along the peninsula. they happened early sunday and monday morning in san mateo. this surveillance video captured of ot of one investigators say the thieves targeted three homes in and around the parkside neighborhood east of 101. in one of the case, the thieves were able to get into the garage after first breaking into the homeowners' car, which was parked in the driveway. in campbell, the search is on for some bike bandits. three suspects caught on
6:34 pm
surveillance stealing bikes from a locked storage. the thanksgiving break is the calm before a constitutional storm on capitol hill. next week the house judiciary hearings begin. today president trump started his holiday break with a rally in florida. in a phone interview, he appeared to put distance between himself and his personal lawyer, rudy giuliani. the president told conservative radio host bill o'reilly he didn't send giuliani to ukraine. >> you know, rudy has other clients other than me. >> so you didn't direct him to go there on your behalf? >> no. no, but you have to understand. rude city a great corruption fighter. >> but in the july call at the heart of this impeachment inquiry, president trump tells ukraine's leader he'll have giuliani call him about investigations into president trump's political rivals. he will be home for thanksgiving. former president carter released
6:35 pm
from an atlanta hospital today. jimmy carter underwent surgery this month to release pressure on his brain. that pressure caused by internal bleeding after the 95-year-old had a couple of recent falls, including one that left him with a black eye. another led to a hip replacement operation. mr. carter will celebrate thanksgiving with his family at his home in plains, georgia. a tiny solution to a big problem. san jose mayor sam liccardo is out in the rain today building tiny homes for the homeless. part of a ongoing solution. this is the second site san jose will bill near the flea market. today the mayor and some volunteers from habitat for humanity made shelve, desk and beds for each home. >> we do try a lot of different solutions to combat the homelessness crisis. we know the status quo won't work, and we have to take risks says one of g to be able to the biggest challenges is finding sites to put the tiny
6:36 pm
homes. the hope is neighborhoods will welcome the homeless into their communities. on this thanksgiving eve, the busiest kitchen is likely at glide memorial church in san francisco. they've been working all day on two mega meals for thousands of people. volunteers and staff are busy slicing up hundreds of pounds of ham and turkey. even as they worked on tomorrow's thanksgiving feast, the dining room was already busy serving today's meals, serving the less 2,000 meals a day is a huge undertaking, but also a labor of love. >> you know, it feels fantastic to do our part and take care of the community that needs as much as they can. >> thanksgiving day will start with the morning celebration in the church sanctuary. then everyone will walk to the dining hall and give thanks over all that turkey and ham, and anyone is welcome. thanksgiving surprise for some bay area anglers. n new type of trout is now thanksgiving. every year, the east bay regional park plants over
6:37 pm
130,000 pounds of fish in the lake. and every year the fishermen have asked them to plant lightning trout. this week it happened. park rangers dropped 2,000 pounds of lightning trout in four east bay lakes. the trout has a golden color with a bright red stripe down its side. >> like i said, i thought we would give it a try and, you know, enjoy some father-son time and hopefully catch one of the lightning trout. >> and you can try to catch a lightning trout yourself in del val break and shadow cliffs. the trout usually bite in the morning and the evening. >> i've been fishing there with my son. it's a great spot. up next at 6:00, twitter deleting account, but not because they're fake. the new reason that twitter is purging some of its users. ing foreign students stay in the u.s. be. how can more than 400 live out
6:38 pm
of one home? we investigate a popular student visa program and companies that don't seem to exist. >> could this be a security risk? >> any time you have people in the united states that are doing something other than what they've told us they're doing, there is always a risk. >> tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news.
6:39 pm
twitter flip-flopped today on its new rule about deleting accounts. the san francisco company announcing yesterday it would delete accounts that hadn't
6:40 pm
logged on for six months. but now it's going to hold off on that ruling. the reason, it wants to find a way to memorialize the accounts for people who have died. for the time being, all twitter accounts will stay. a change in apple maps raising eyebrows. it's over the crimea. russia seized crimea back in 2014 and a move most of the west condemned as being illegal. since that happened russia and ukraine have been fighting over which country the territory belongs to. today apple maps is showing crimea as part of the country of russia. it's also showing up as part of russia on the weather app on iphones in moscow. ukraine slamming apple for bending to russian demands. apple not commenting on that change. apple is hoping that your christmas list includes anni-phone 11. sales of the iphone have plunged more than 10% this year, and gartner, a technology research firm says this may be more than just a bad quarter. sales are down worldwide. apparently consumers are opting for budget-smart phones over
6:41 pm
apple's high-priced device. right now samsung and hua mei are selling millions more phones than apple. apple doing something it really does to catch up, offering discounts on some phones, tablets this holiday season. can money buy happiness? some new research says yes, and it shows just how much money you need to be happy here in california. nothing of this is surprising. it's actually more sobering and depressing here. if you want to live in san diego, you're going to need about $186,000 a year. this is not household income. this is individual income. if you're living in l.a., you'll need to make about $204,000 a year. again, this is to be happy, according to this report. and heren your income needs to be 320,000 bucks each year. the research company called go banking rateske down the information and passed it along to us, all this information by state. the national average by the way
6:42 pm
is around $100,000 a year. so nothing surprising. >> that is sobering to see those numbers. >> discuss tomorrow over the turkey. >> mix in some good weather. >> there we go. is it going to be good weather? >> and you are happy that we have some rain. >> i know. >> we need this rain. >> we want the rain. we've got the holidays. we're trying to fit things in, and we will get a break in here. then after, that look at this. atmospheric river tap coming all the way from hawaii. we'll talk about the big rain totals this could bring news a few minutes.
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a lot of us will be
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traveling these next couple of weeks. you're at the airport you. have you your bags. you have your boarding pass. but you forget the license. >> ay-yay-yay. so you're doomed, right? maybe not. some small print on the tsa website that may give you some hope. >> if you forgot your id, you don't have to cancel your flight or rush home to try and find it. the tsa says you can fly without an id if you tell them about it at the security checkpoint, they can verify your identity a different way and let you make your flight. if you have a consumer complaint, call us, 888-996-tip, or online at >> thank you, chris. how about this, now. a daring rescue in the middle of a flood. firefighters plucking a man from raging waters in southern california. this is at the l.a. river this morning. take a look. the man was stranded 40 feet from the shore in the middle of this powerful storm. you look down below, firefighters in the white helmets there get man as the ot pulls them both closer to the
6:46 pm
lifeboat there. they finally get him into the boat and somehow maneuver their way on to the shore. okay. will they or won't they fly? the wait continues. unclear at this point if balloons will fly at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. volunteers inflated the balloons in new york city today just in case, but strong winds may ground them. it looks like new york police will make the call just before the parade starts. >> we just have to wait and see what happens because it could change all the way up to the minutes. >> yep, the balloons don't get to fly if wind gusts hit 34 miles per hour. instead, the teams would drag them at ground level. so you'll see snoopy really up close. still be able to see it on nbc bay area at 9:00 tomorrow morning. so that's the perfect thing. you've got to tune in to see if the balloons are above or if they're being dragged down the street. >> i never knew they just dragged them. >> drag spongebob. >> might give it a new feel. >> it will be different. >> might be able to reach out and touch. >> snoopy, movement.
6:47 pm
>> we're going get a braekz we head through the next 48 hours from at least some extremely heavy rainfall, and i think that will be nice for all of us so we can get our holiday under way as we bring you into our microclimate forecast. we want to remind you again, we have the qr code down in the lower left-hand side of your screen so you can take out your iphones and scan that. again, you just put it right up to the phone and your phone will start to track and read it. and then it's going to pop open our interactive radar. the and the coolest thing about that is you can also track with storm ranger what's happening right around the bay area. now let's go ahead and get a look at the overall scan here for the bay. and you can see some spotty areas of rain showing up right now. nothing extremely heavy. but it is wet as you head out meet up aybe toealpreps. g with some friends, kind of a prethanksgivinar we do have the showers that have been lingerinver the santa cruz mountains. even rain-snow mix.
6:48 pm
be careful if you're traveling over any of our pass levels. and in case for a pop-up snow shower. we are looking at these rain areas moving off by 7:26 tonight. another spot that has been at least slick the past couple of hours has been the 580 corridor from around hayward back into dublin and livermore. right now the wettest in dublin. we head through the next 25 minutes. as we move through tonight, we're seeing the spotty areas of rainfall in the forecast. that's just about it. nothing major when it comes to widespread rainfall. we'll see the same story as we move through tomorrow morning's forecast with the best chance of rain over the central valley and more snow for the sierra. i think the bigger thing as you wake up tomorrow morning, maybe you start to smell that food cooking, you want to head outside, get the heavier jacket ready to go. because as we push through tomorrow morning, numbers dropping all across the bay area. down here to the 30s. south bay at 37. some sweater weather here in the peninsula, 38 in the tri-valley
6:49 pm
at 34. east bay 36. san francisco usually doesn't get this cold, 39 degrees. and right up to the north bay, possibly some patchy frost and 32. we start off cold. we end the day cold. we don't have too many days like this, usually in november. kind of a nice treat for thanksgiving. i think mr. turkey up here feeling chilly on his dance. down here to the south bay, 53 in morgan hill. 48 in milpitas. 49 in los gatos. numbers are very similar across the bay area. upper 40s to low 50s here through the east bay, peninsula more of the same. san francisco, 47 along the embarcadero, and for the north bay, 49 in sonoma. 48 in napa. all good as we move through thanksgiving's forecast. clouds, sun and maybe a spotty shower. i want to bring your attention to what we're tracking ahead. this weekend is going change up again. wet weather moving in. what we're looking at is an atmospheric river. basically, a river of moisture that's going to be pointed right at the bay area. subtropical moisture that originates way out towards hawaii. so this lines up by saturday.
6:50 pm
watch the timeline up here as we hit sunday's forecast. it continues to point moisture right towards northern california. also into monday. so four-day rain totals may exceed 1 to 2 inches. we'll be closely monitoring that forecast right up until that event, and tracking it this weekend. 40 to 50s here in san francisco for those daytime highs. inland valleys once again don't get caught offguard by the chill tomorrow. only 49 for the high. morning lows in the 30s. heading up to the sierra? feast your eyes on this. so to speak, more snow saturday, sunday, monday, 1 to 3 feet. snow levels will be higher, around 5,000 to 6,000 feet. so sunday, that big travel day, it could be pretty treacherous. >> wow. >> that might stretch into monday if people are getting bumped from flights or maybe staying in tahoe. >> i do think so. i'm looking forward to your sweet potato. >> sweet potato puffs. we've got to get some of those. right now the 49ers are the
6:51 pm
top seed in the nfc play-off picture, but that could all change sunday. a huge test in baltimore. we're going hear from the star rookie, nick bowes sacsa, next. >> and a chance to access our interactive radar. that's the qr code. it's right at the corner of the screen. super easy. point your phone's camera at it. it will take you right to the radar on the website. we'll give you another chance to scan it in just a few minutes. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill. write this down, this is important. amy, this is actually a life saving class. what a nice compliment, thank you! save on fast internet and the best wireless network together. what can i say, i love what i do. that's simple, easy, awesome. get xfinity internet and mobile together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. you'll get unlimited talk and text and no activation or line fees. switch today.
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well, take look. here is that qr code. if you have anni phone, point your camera at this qr code on the lower corner of your screen. it's going to take you right to this, our nbc bay area radar, which is on our website. it's a great resource, especially as all these various storms roll through town. all right. the 49ers will be traveling this holiday weekend. the team headed to baltimore on friday for the big showdown on sunday. >> ooh, the 49ers take on the ravens. and that means lamar jackson. how are they going to stop him? here is nbc bay area's anthony flores from levi's stadium. >> just like the weather here in the bay area, it's expected to be cold and rainy when the 49ers play in baltimore this weekend. but that's nothing compared to the storm that could face once
6:55 pm
they hit the field against the ravens. >> look, everybody, and look at this, action jackson. >> he is a running back when he has the ball. >> here is jackson on first down, and how about another. >> and a quarterback when he is throwing. >> how about another one? lamar jackson. >> he is pretty dynamic. >> ravens quarterback lamar jackson is the talk of the nfl. >> he is a great player. >> the kid's a really good quarterback. >> a dual threat in the pocket, jackson has guided the ravens to a seven-game winning streak using both his arm and his legs. >> i'm impressed with how unbelievable heb has been this the run game. you to commit a lot of stuff to stop this run game, to not get embarrassed by it. he is making guys pay in the pass game when they do that. >> he is not trying the slide. he is not trying to get a few yards. he is trying to break it every time. we have to hit him and get him down. >> look forward to the challenge and opportunity to play against great players any time in big games. >> reporter: the 49ers have played and won a lot of big games this season, but they still haven't earned eve-1
6:56 pm
team in a dozen years to enter week 13 as an underdog. >> i don't care. >> pretty much been like that the whole year. we embrace it. >> the niners say rain or shine, the game plan stays the same, stop the runs and expect a little smashmouth food. >> play good fundamental defense and bring your big boy pads because it will be physical. >> in santa clara, anthony flores, nbc bay area news. >> big boy pads. >> wow. that was some shade. >> so, jeff, i'm thinking for the game on sunday we can watch some of jessica's, what are they, the puffs? >> the p. and i chopped the brussels sprouts today. >> a fresh batch for sunday for us? thanks for joining us. have a great thanksgiving. >> bye-bye. >> we investigate a popular student visa program and companies that don't seem to exist. did you employee f-1 visa workers? did they pay you? >> no, no.
6:57 pm
>> tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news.
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7:00 pm
meghan had always said she would like to be president one day. >> it's not as farfetched as you may think. >> will the real ariana grande please stand up? we have the story straight from the spot on impersonator. >> three minutes after he tweeted it. >> the turkey drop. >> that's when you get dumped on thanksgiving. wait until you see how many celebrities have been there and done that. everyone gets ready for tomorrow in their own way.


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