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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 28, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> thank you, stephen. right now at 6:00, a north korean threat overnight. and the message some say leaders are trying to send the u.s. and serving others is a tradition here in the bay area. if you need a meal today there is a place for you. we are live with volunteers as they prepare for their thanksgiving feast. >> what a night at the chase center. the golden state warriors with a win over the bulls. their second win at their brand-new home. see the rare sideline report by klay thompson. "today in the bay" continues right now. i'm kira klapper. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we will get to all things thanksgiving in a minute. those warriors looking impressive pulling off a win, their fourth of the season. klay thompson sideline report coming up. >> it was so good.
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first vianey with traffic and weather. so cold out there. it's cold. that's the topic of the day although i think on a nice holiday where you're enjoying your dinner it's nice to have cool temperatures. >> a roaring fire. >> i like that. that's a good one. kira knows about my love for candles and all things furry. a beautiful view over san francisco and here is why we're saying it's cold, it is. it dips down into the 30s. 38 degrees right now. 37 in santa cruz. 35 in napa. 33 in santa rosa and if you're heading out to the turkey trot in downtown san jose, they have a ton the streets closed. i know santa clara street is closed. they also have some blockages on market street. so something to be mindful of and look at your temperature trend. the good news, though, i think for those who do like to run this is the perfect temperature to do that because it will
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remain a combination of sun and clouds. don't necessarily have to worry too much about the rain. we're going to see isolated chance of showers but not necessarily for san jose. should be a dry morning overall. a good mix there. as we head into the afternoon only expect it to top out into the 50s. a perfect day for that silicon valley turkey trot. make sure to share those photos with us. we've had a quiet morning and as expected hopefully for those who had to head out yesterday, the night before, they made it safely. we intense rain. right now clear conditions. we have the green on the map which means we are good to go. so let's take a look at how the bridge drive times are doing. westbound 80 only seven minutes. i'm not expecting the metering lights to turn on anytime soon. a good day to travel. back to you. >> thank you, vianey. new overnight rising tensions across the pacific, north korea firing two unidentified projectiles into the sea,
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according to south korea. military leaders did not say whether they were missiles or where they ended up. the move does come three days after they said troops conducted artillery drills near the disputed boundary with the south. some experts say the north is trying to pressure the united states to make concessions in if you can leer discussions. extra patrols are out in two contra costa county cities. it comes after a deadly shooting that left five people dead along with two home invasions in lafayette. the most recent home invasion happened tuesday night. lafayette police say three thieves stormed their way into a home and tied up the two people inside. it took them hours to break free and finally call 911. the first home invasion in lafayette happened halloween night, the same night as the orinda shooting. sheriff's deputies are not sure if the two home invasions are linked. 6:03, investigators finally identified a woman killed 18 years ago.
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we now know it was gray who was found in a burning garbage bin in sacramento back in 2001. she was reported missing in san francisco. investigators used advanced dna technology to identify her remains. there is a reward for information about the case. new this morning, muni is beefing up security on its transit system according to the "sf chronicle." the mta just hired former baltimore police major kimberly burris as the chief security offic officer. she begins monday. the transit agency is considering a $60 million contract that would increase the number of guards that control the bus yard. muni says it has seen a dip in crime. more than 1,000 fewer security incidents were reported in 2014 as compared with last year. hundreds of volunteers across the bay area are pitching in today to make sure no one
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goes without a meal this thanksgiving. >> one of the biggest holiday feasts in san francisco glide memorial church. it is a classic. thom jensen is there and in the kitchen, good morning. happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: they are pulling double duty here. mixing up grits and next door you have vegetables ready for the thanksgiving meal this is a working kitchen. they're very busy in here pulling that double duty making breakfast for as many as 800 people this morning, 2,000 thanksgiving meals. we have stuffing in there which smells delicious, all the trims, 250 turkeys, 200 hams, sweet potatoes. everything you would expect. they're also serving breakfast this morning. mayor london breed will be here along with other dignitaries to
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help serve the meals. george gundry from glide joins us. you're in charge of making sure the daily free meals go off without a hitch. how do you do it especially on thanksgiving and christmas meals where you have so many more meals, so many more mouths to feed? >> sure. we're actually very good at it. we serve three meals a day, 364 days a year. we have a staff of about 20. we have 35 to 85 volunteers a day helping us put this all together. >> reporter: hundreds of volunteers, i understand, for thanksgiving. 500? >> about 500 volunteers arriving right now. they'll be serving breakfast, lunch, carving hams and turkeys and take meals out to people on the street who can't make it in. the holiday season is heavy volunteer. >> reporter: you have outreach,
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people driving meals to people these days, too. what's that program like? >> glide on the go. we'll take 200 meals out to those who can't make it in to glide, either in an encampment or sro or just living on the street and can't make it in to glide. we're taking holiday to them. >> thank you very much, george, from glide memorial methodist church. if you want to volunteer go to if you want to donate, that's how you can pitch in. not only during the holidays but all year long. like george said they serve meals to thousands of people, 364 days a year. more than 5,000 meals they'll serve today. we're live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> that's an important reminder. we talk about this at thanksgiving, thank you, thom, but glide is amazing. >> we don't take into account they work every single other day not just today. all right. from food for those in need to
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food safety. we want to tell you about more than 180,000 americans are sickened with food born illness every holiday. >> this thanksgiving make sure your family isn't among them. sarah dallof is looking at that. >> reporter: in the movies clark griswold's turkey mishap is a classic. but in real life, it's a holiday foul. there are a lot of opportunities for good birds to go bad. >> 46 million turkeys that will be prepared. that's a lot of turkey. >> reporter: among the biggest risk, foodborne i willness. dr. mindy brashears says the turkey should be thawed in the fridge or in the sink with cold water. once it's ready, don't wash it. >> the water becomes a vehicle to spread any of the germs around the kitchen or to contaminate your sink. >> reporter: keep raw turkey
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separate from foods and cook it to 165 degrees. >> i'm a fan of a digital thermometer. >> reporter: food specialist dr. ben shactman demonstrates checking several parts including the breast, thigh, and behind the wings. and while it may be tempting to sit around the table all night, leftovers should be refrigerated within two hours. >> just because it's cooked doesn't mean that all of a sudden it's safe. >> reporter: simple steps from health experts. >> it's easy to prevent the illnesses if you have the information. >> reporter: to keep you and your family safe at the holiday table. sarah dallof, nbc news. all right. did you see the warriors win last night? it is possible the highlight of the game was new up-and-coming reporter, sideline tv reporter klay thompson. >> he knows a lot about basketball. we'll get to that. let's talk about the score. the warriors got the second win ever at the new chase center beating the bulls 104-90, their
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fourth win of the season. we want to go back to the sideline shenanigans. klay thompson taking over reporting duties from nbc sports reporter cara burke. check him out interviewing omari feldman. >> i'm going to take over. >> what? >> i'm back and my man, how are you feeling out there tonight? two-way impact is so special. >> it's great just to compete with my guys and get after it and come up with a win. >> i wonder what compelled him to do that. it was a great live tv moment. thompson has been off the court as he recovers from a torn acl in his left knee. maybe he'll just take over reporting while he recovers. >> maybe kari and marcus and laura got to stay up and watch the game. we didn't. o i'm guessing vianey didn't either. >> i tried my best to or i lay
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there and look at my phone. i'm guilty of it. satellite radar right now, i want to get to this because i'm concerned about those waking up. it may seem like the heaviest impact is gone. yes, for us. look what you're going to have to deal with if you're driving down the grapevine. even though you're not seeing rain here, heavy pockets of rain. this is a live look at satellite and radar right into the grapevine. you know you pass through bakersfield, the fresno area as well and then right around santa clarita valley. check the road conditions. you do not want to get stuck out there. >> thank you. 6:11. parents, listen up. we are going to run down the hottest toys of this holiday season. i can't keep up. this according to cnbc. we'll have it next. >> thus of people for the turkey trot this morning. you can still go if you're deciding whether or not -- does
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this look like something i'd like to do? we have an important deadline to tell but coming up.
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it is 6:14. it's time to wake up, runner errands, get the last-minute details sorted out. if you're getting ready to do the turkey trot, good for you. it's cold out there. 39 degrees right around the 7:00 a.m. hour. we stay in the 40s.
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at least we won't have to worry about the rain. let me know how your turkey trot goes. now i also want to show you the roads. we do have a couple accidents. traffic in san jose along 101 and 87. aside from that i am happy to report we have no accidents in the interior valleys. some patchy fog. keep that speed at a safe distance for travel. about back to you. vianey, this is normally when we talk business and tech headlines, but the stock market will not be open today. it's thanksgiving. each of the three major indices, though, closed at a record on wednesday. apple shares up about 1 1/ 3 percent. >> all right. we're already talking about holiday shopping. >> i think we can start now. >> many of you will be out tomorrow. maybe even today thinking about your holiday shopping list.
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>> so we have a list of toys. if you're totally stumped for what to get your kids there's a cnbc hottest holiday toy list. >> it's hot but it's actually cold. it's about frozen, the sequel to the hit movie, is certainly capturing the heart of disney fans. experts say when it comes to this ultimate castle play set your kids won't be able to let it go. get it? this might be a good choice, though, if money didn't bother you anyway. it will set you back nearly $200. next up, helping you channel your inner tony stark hasbro offering marvel's avengers end game power gauntlet. a good one for superhero fans. about $70. >> and finally good information if you like to fort. this couch is called the nugget. it can be configured into different forts. the shape of your wallet might
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take a hit. it costs nearly $230. cnbc says it does tend to sell out. of course a cheaper option might be to just break out the sheets and shares, couch cushions. >> thousands of people, tens of thousands of people, flocking to downtown san jose to run for a good cause. >> and it's not too late to register for this morning's silicon valley turkey trot. bob redell is live at the starting line already to tell us all about it. bob, is it cold out there? >> reporter: it is cold out here. i guess if you want to get warm, one thing, obviously go for a run or stay home in front of the fire. i know the founder of the turkey trot will tell you to come out here. already over 22,000 people registered. going for 25,000 so you can help raise close to a million dollars. what would you say to people at home on the fence, on the couch, what would you say to motivate them?
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>> we're still your best excuse for a third slice of pie later today. second, we build community. we'll have 22,000 plus people out here who are going to run and walk and more than half the folks walking who don't feel you have to be a runner and, third, we help local nonprofits help those in need. that's more than 900,000 additional meals. 300 homeless people served permanently off the street. kids and adults with chronic medical conditions served. that's what we're able to do coming together as community, helping families in need and doing it in a fun and healthy way. >> reporter: this is the 15th year. the past 14 years you've raised $8.7 million. the goal is to get about $900,000 to bring you close to $10 million. why do you do this? >> we do it because we know that especially at thanksgiving we're so blessed and there are a lot of people who are struggling in
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this region. we want to do our part to help them while building a stronger community for all of us. >> reporter: good luck today in the race. the fun and excitement in the starting line starts around 7:30. there's a festival if you are going to come down here. that's where you'll pick up the race pact. 7:30 the elite racers will start. it's -- 9:30 is the -- 8:30 is the big one. you have all the people out here. you can still register until 9:30. come on out. you will definitely get warm. >> bob redell, you would get warm. >> i've run two turkey trots in my life. >> good for you, girl.
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>> today is not the day. >> talking earlier this meme that i saw that said, this is a meme not me, my biggest fear is falling in love with somebody whose family wakes up on thanksgiving to run a turkey trot. you're raising money, you're not an avlade runner, maybe you can cheer from the sideline. i thought that was funny. you're going to be watching the parade, bundle up at home. whatever it is you have going on. it's just a little thing. a mexican tradition. beautiful view of downtown san jose. you can still see the clouds out there but notice no rain in sight. now don't let that fool you. we have plenty of instability i'll get to in a second. in santa rosa 32 degrees. san jose dipping down into the 30s which is why bob redelves
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cold out there. you're going to want to take some layers you can shed throughout the day, only keeping it in the 40s throughout the first half of the day. satellite radar, instability, sure we have the worst of the storm that passed by but i'm concerned about those last-minute travelers because as you saw the past two days the driving conditions were absolutely awful. not just for the sierra but also the grapevine. i want to show you what the travel conditions are looking like now. if you're up getting ready to head down into southern california or bakersfield, any of those areas, look at this. heavy pockets of rain and where you see this pink and white mix is a wintry mix which means that could bring the potential for some frost advisories which are in effect for some of those areas but also some black ice forming over the roads on the grapevine and if you've ever traveled along the grapevine they will shut that road down the minute that there is any sort of frost advisory in place and black ice. check travel conditions.
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this is my hometown right there where my parents live. pockets of rain rolling through in through oxnard, the l.a. area. your micro climate highs in the 40s and the 50s. spotty temps in the afternoon but it's this rain, wind and sierra snow event moving in sunday into monday that will bring another round of really hectic weather to the bay area. look at how impressive the snowfall totals are for the sierra, 22 in tahoe. 48 for king veil. the next seven days will be crucial. i'll have another update on how the weather is and traffic in just a bit. black friday hang-ups last year, we're talking about them this year to help you avoid the same headaches. i'm chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. here, it all starts with a simple...
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welcome back. nbc bay area responds to a lot of holiday shopping complaints this time of year. >> consumer investigator chris chmura here to help you avoid some of the potential pitfalls if you're buying gifts this weekend. good morning. after thanksgiving last year we heard from dozens of viewers including aaron in walnut creek, jun and dee. all of them had problems with their purchases. a common black friday hassle we've had to tack sl a misconception about the buy one get one free cell phone deals. before you agree to one of those really enticing door busters
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make sure you read the fine print. sometimes three isn't free isn' free. get the details of contract. and get smart about black friday deals versus duds. the finance site nerd wallet says tomorrow is a good day to grab bargains on electronics, video games and deals not winter clothes, toys or christmas decorations. whatever you buy, save your receipts. i know, it's clutter. you don't like that, there are smartphone app that is can help. be careful. some stores might be sticklers for the original paper receipt. keep them. if you get grinch'd maybe we can help. give us a call 1-888-966-tips. >> always good info, chris, thanks. still ahead this morning, officer versus turkey. a traffic stop that might make you laugh on this thanksgiving morning. a serious headline about the roads. the boost in the effort to find
6:27 am
out who is throwing things at drivers on 101. >> she is distraught right now, so we need her home. >> heartbreak for the holidays. the urgent search for a bay area grandmother and two grandchildren. we'll tell you the reason she doesn't have a cell phone.
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and welcome back to you on
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this thanksgiving. it is 6:29 and a beautiful shot of a beautiful town in the bay area, downtown pleasanton, where they are clearly ready for christmas with all the leaves. >> charming. >> happy thanksgiving. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kira klapper. i will be ready for christmas once thanksgiving is over. the macy's thanksgiving day parade is under way. and great news, we just found out about an hour ago that the balloons are flying. we have you live in new york for a report along the route at 6:45. and of course you'll be able to watch the full parade right here on nbc bay area coming up at 9:00. let's get a check of your weather and traffic. vianey pulling double duty. good morning. good morning. it makes my job easier when we're not tracking crazy thunderstorms. this is what we're looking at over downtown san jose. that's a nice view. the clouds, sunshine about to
6:31 am
peek through and the temperatures, well, they're not very warm. 32 degrees right now in santa rosa. a couple frost advisories for the sheltered valleys and 38 degrees in napa. a look at san jose, the beautiful view i showed you, it's cold, 38 degrees. 36 in palo alto. 43 in san francisco. as you head out the door you're going to want to bundle up. as far as how we're going to be shaping up through the afternoon, a lot of folks are getting ready for the turkey trot, you'll need some players to shed if you're running this morning. it will still be cold around the time it starts at 8:30, 9:00. in the 40s and then we're only expected to warm up to the 50s. we still have a chance of seeing isolated showers through the afternoon. the rain hasn't moved out completely yet. a check of the roads and how the traffic maps are doing. no major accidents according to chp but i have noticed a little bit of slowing along 87. aside from that, though, look at all the green on the map. green is good for us.
6:32 am
speed sensors are in the clear. these areas of white and pink are patchy frost areas. a chilly day ahead. back to you. >> vianey, thank you. new this morning, the reward to find the person responsible for throwing objects, possibly shooting, at cars along 101. $4,000 is offered. chp says 42 incidents in the prunedale area since february. on sunday a van was hit, the rear driver's side window. nobody hurt. the search is on for a missing bay area grandmother believed to be with her two grandchildren. >> relatives say they spoke with 75-year-old sandra young on sunday. they say she suffers from a slight case of dementia. young has had custody of her 9 and 7-year-old grandchildren since they were babies. they were all last seen at young's dialysis appointment in
6:33 am
fairfield monday. that's when she told family she would later pick up a turkey at her sister's home in vallejo but never showed. police have been tracking her lie accepts placense plate. her daughter-in-law tells us they just want her home safe. >> they did a ping on the license plate going through the cameras. she was in contra costa county, now danville. she's distraught right now. we need her home. >> young driving a 2004 acura with california license plate number 5hlm514. they do believe she's confused. they don't think foul play is involved. new details on a massive
6:34 am
wildfire burning in california. recent rainfall is helping firefighters. the cave fire is 40% contained as of yesterday. it scorched more than 4,000 acres since it ignited monday afternoon in the mountains near santa barbara. firefighters recently lifted all evacuation orders so that does put everyone back in their homes just in time for thanksgiving. hundreds of volunteers across the bay area pitching in to make sure nobody goes hungry this thanksgiving. the one big feast we all know about, glide memorial church in san francisco. >> and that's where our thom jensen is as glide puts the final touches on its thanksgiving meal. hi there, thom. >> reporter: really filling up with those thanksgiving aromas. you can see finishing up the vegetables here this is ham for breakfast, with the breakfast they'll serve serving about 800
6:35 am
breakfasts they expect today with grits, scrambled eggs, ham. stuffing here for the thanksgiving meal. ready to serve thanksgiving. the big thing that really makes this go every year is all of the volunteer work. volunteers to do all sorts of different things. a woman by the name of marcia for the last couple of years has been making these centerpieces for the tables here. a different centerpiece for every table, thanksgiving, fourth of july, christmas. that's what really makes it go. the glide on the go program in the past year or so to get about 200 meals out to folks who can't come in to glide memorial to get that hot meal today. about 9,000 over the next four days through the holiday
6:36 am
weekend. what really makes this go is the volunteers, 500 volunteers today. among them serving breakfast will be mayor london breed, the police chief will be here. the fire chief. one of the supervisors, and in the main dining hall they expect it to start filling up at about 7:30 when they start feeding people breakfast. if you want to get involved like miss bangkok did and others today go to if you just want to donate you can go to and you can pitch in, too. live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> you mentioned about 30 minutes ago that they serve people 364 days a year and not just today. thanks, tom. a livermore police officer, you have to see this, recently had to deal with a rather foul
6:37 am
situation. the department tweeted out this of a traffic stop where a turkey tried to get in on the action. the officer pulled the driver over for speeding on monday. he was headed back with the driver's information when the turkey intervened. >> he doesn't want to you get a ticket. ♪ bad birds, bad birds what you going to do ♪ >> the officer did not issue the driver a ticket. >> that is truly, truly a random happening. why didn't you get a ticket? because of a turkey. >> the angel guardian of turkeys. speaking of being pulled over and traffic stops, vianey is here with a look at our traffic for thanksgiving day. it's really good out there.
6:38 am
>> where did the turkey come from, where did the turkey go, did someone own the turkey? was it just chilling there. i have so many questions. >> maybe you can tweet and find out the livermore police and find out what happened you. e you're right, speed sensors showing all good things. we do have slowing down to the south bay. my assumption is there are some areas right there where you're seeing the red in the downtown. street closures on market street and also first street, bridge drive times, eight minutes. >> a four-day weekend for many of the people watching. >> only one day of dry conditions. >> i was going to go to the alameda fair. >> sunday is going to be stormy. but for all of those who still
6:39 am
like black friday shopping, friday is your dry day. we're talking very gusty conditions for a lot of rain, temperatures in the 50s. it will be pouring. the reason we have a new storm developing. this low pressure system will drop down. heavy spread rainfall, good accumulations and look at sunday. the rain here locally, we are talking about some serious snowfall, the sierra, and this is already on top of what we saw the past few days. travel is not going to be a good idea. look at saturday. that new storm rolls in. and once that storm makes its way in overnight dangerous travel, gusty conditions 40 to 50-mile-per-hour winds. blizzard like conditions. three day totals now,
6:40 am
potentially snow. your best travel day isn't going to be until tuesday and the first is expected to be released between december 26th and january 5. if we're at a deficit, at a sir plus, right where we're supposed to be. this will contribute to that snow survey. we will be monitoring that very closely. i don't recommend it at all. you may just want to keep it at home and watch the snow. vianey was just talking about snow is still around and it is a problem in parts of california. next a check of conditions if you're still planning to hit the roads for thanksgiving. and out live to new york city. you'll see for yourself up next.
6:41 am
>> reporter: i have to admit i'm not feeling guilty about putting on the extra calories this thanksgiving holiday. if you are, i have a suggestion. how about the 15th annual turkey trot here in downtown san jose. stay tuned. i'll tell you how to register for one of the largest footraces in the country.
6:42 am
6:43 am
it is 6:43. if you're up getting ready for
6:44 am
the turkey trot you go girl, or guy, you just go. go well prepared because it's cold out there. 7:00 a.m., only topping out in the 40s. i would consider it good jogging weather. if you're going to be a standby and cheering on like our own bob redell, you'll need a coat. we do have more rain on the way. hopefully your thanksgiving travel is over for now. if you are planning on driving north to oregon, be prepared. chains are required at the border on interstate 5. look at all this snow. this is from last night. it closed the highway. as you can imagine creating major backups. >> imagine the grapevine the same. new york city ready for the spirit of thanksgiving. >> the macy's thanksgiving day parade kicks off its 93rd year. the iconic radio city rockettes practicing ahead of the big
6:45 am
show. it is all systems go for them. we also found out it is all systems go on the balloons. the macy's famed parade balloons will once again soar down manhattan's sixth avenue. >> jay gray live along the parade route and, jay, we're going to see the balloons coming in behind you here. >> reporter: there was a lot of concern because of the winds but the balloons are going to fly. not as high as they normally do. keeping it lower to the ground for safety reasons but they are in the mix. in fact, take a look now and you can see diary of a wimpy kid balloon. that will join the parade along with all of the bands from around the country, the more than 2 dozen floats that are a part of this parade and then you've got all the entertainment groups, the baton twirlers, the flag corps, the entertainers here headlined by celine dion. it should be a fantastic start
6:46 am
to your thanksgiving morning. more than 3.5 million people lining the parade route. some camping out overnight to get the best spot. should be a lot of fun. i hope you get a chance to watch the show. >> totally will. behind you there, jay, are two people dressed as pencils. and you know their parents are watching for them. that is my daughter right there. the pencil. thank you. i appreciate that. >> reporter: number two pencil. >> number one in my heart. look at her. now she's dancing and everything. everybody watch for the pencil in the parade. >> jay, thank you for bringing us that report. jay always brings such joy. >> to you as well. >> and your photographer who zoomed in on the pencil. >> johnny-on-the-spot, yes.
6:47 am
you can see on the left the thanksgiving day parade, top dog will be decided at noon. both of those things on nbc bay area. >> basically just leave your tv here. >> heck yeah. >> straight through thanksgiving and now we want to take it to our top dog who is live in downtown san jose right now. he won't be running for a good cause but he's going to tell us about people running for a good cause. >> bob, not too late to register if you want to run. good morning, bob redell. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, scott and kira, happy thanksgiving. that's one of the beauties of the turkey trot, the 15th year, the starting point in downtown san jose. if you're sitting at home, i know i'm going to be eating a lot today and i want to feel not as guilty as i will later after i have that tryptophan coma, come out, register and run the
6:48 am
race. back in 2005 there were only 1,900 people running. today over 22,000 people registered. some of them at the starting point and they're hoping to get $25,000 this is something that for charity over the last 14 years raised $8.7 million for local charities that feed the hungry, help the homeless and care for children. the goal is to raise another $900,000. here's the ceo of the silicon valley leadership group and the founder of the turkey trot. why is this important to you? >> this is important for three reasons. one, we want to build community. i could have easily gotten on the phone and raised a million dollars a year from the wonderful companies in this valley but that doesn't build community. two, we wanted to help families a lot less fortunate than yours and mine and we're able to help hundreds of thousands of families through the money we
6:49 am
donate each year and then, third, we want at that start our holidays in a fun and healthy way in a society where the average american gains six pounds between thanksgiving and new year's day. >> reporter: is that a fact? >> it is a fact. >> reporter: i'll have to check that fact because i don't feel i gain only six. we're back out here live and putting up one of the clocks for the racers. they do have elite races that start. carl, the main 5k is 8:30? i know i asked you that earlier. 8:30. you can register for the other events. 8:30 is the big one where you'll have a lot of people out here and they have a race festival down by the guadalupe river. >> there it is! >> reporter: you like that?
6:50 am
>> it's there. you're like vanna white but better. >> bob redell, downtown covering a very important san jose tradition. >> and you got all the facts right in the end, bob. >> reporter: i didn't have to ask anyone. >> we noticed. >> bob, redell, thank you. >> happy thanksgiving, bob. vianey, a chilly morning but good weather to run. >> good weather to run but it is so cold. i am really a true californian. this is too much. what about the uggs? the ugly uggs? they're warm. a beautiful view and i'm not exaggerating when i say it's frosty. look at san jose, 38 degrees right now. that's where bob redell is and the turkey trotters will be heading now. layer those jackets that you can shed as you warm up during your run.
6:51 am
32 degrees almost below freezing. 37 right now in palo alto. how are we doing compared to the rest of the nation? the rest of the nation celebrating thanksgiving, 38 degrees in san jose. i'm happy to report for all of my east coast friends that like to make fun of us californians with the cold, we're colder than you. 34 degrees in boston. new york city, 49. cleveland, though, 49 and, yes that is a 9 degree mark in casper. we're actually doing better than some of the other areas and we are still seeing the chance of isolated showers. let's get right to the satellite radar. we still have plenty of instability and one big factor i want to emphasize is that even though you're not seeing rain right now here plan on traveling down southern california. i don't recommend it. a good chance they might close down to socal. look at all of this rain pushing through, not only that but the temperatures are so cold that
6:52 am
all of this white and pink you see is a wintry mix. driving into santa clarita, check the road conditions before or you may have to stay at home this thanksgiving. i know it sounds sad but it's better to be safe. as you head down to santa clarita we'll keep the heavy pockets of rain. look at your forecast highs. only 40 and 50 degree mark. a cool afternoon, rain, wind and sierra snow ahead, heading into saturday evening and sunday thanks to a new system, a low-pressure system developing into saturday and sunday. this could impact travel delays. three-day rain totals on top of what we've already seen. the driest day right now is going to be black friday. for all those people who will head out to get big screen tvs, 53 degrees. do you. let's get a look at the roads right now. calm conditions. i did just see this pop up as i
6:53 am
was making my report in the south bay. i'll see what that's about. the speed sensors are showing major slowing. a quick check of the drive times. no metering lights on. only seven minutes. to the san mateo bridge, 13 minutes. i always say the plus side of having to work if you do have to do a long commute at least you don't have to deal with any traffic. i'll send it back to you. >> no traffic and no airport. vianey, thanks. 6:53. happening now if you want to make sure it doesn't go up in smoke, butterball has your back. the turkey hotline is now open. operators are standing by to help you answer all of your burning questions about preparing and cooking your thanksgiving bird. call 1-800-butterball or text 844-877-3456. the line is open now through christmas eve. >> next, a quick look at the top stories including a drop in crime for muni riders in the
6:54 am
city. plus, north korea threat. the new action the country took overnight and the message some say leaders are trying to send the u.s. we're back in two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay." so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
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it is 6:56. welcome back. before you head out the door back into the kitchen, here are the top stories on this thanksgiving on "today in the bay."
6:57 am
new overnight north korea fired two unidentified projectiles into the sea according to south korea. military leaders didn't say whether they were missiles or where they landed. presumably in the sea. it does come three days after north korea said its troops conducted artillery drills. trying to pressure the uz news making concessions. beefing up security on the transit system. the sfmta hired former baltimore police major kimberly burris as its new chief security officer. she begins monday. the transit agency is considering a contract that would increase the number of guards. bus yards, its platforms and ticket kiosks. muni says it has seen a dip in crime. they were reported in 2019 as compared with last year. let's go back to glide
6:58 am
memorial church in san francisco. >> where our thom jensen is with volunteers this morning as they make meals for thousands in need. happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: good morning, happy thanksgiving. we got booted out of the kitchen. they're getting ready to start serving breakfast. they are getting ready with turkeys, the carving knives out, the serving trays, 200 hams, sweet potatoes, stuffing. a salad. they will start putting the meals together pretty quickly. the food was cooked last night and they'll rewarm ready for the 11:00 to 1:00 thanksgiving meal. they're going to serve breakfast downstairs. mayor london breed will be here along with the fire chief and the police chief to help start
6:59 am
serving meals. approximately 5,000 meals will be served today. the way they get this done is with volunteers. they can always use more volunteers or join outreach in the 200 meals to people outside in the community as well. they're really getting people fed today, more than 5,000 people served today. we're live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." a check of your weather. >> if you're traveling down to the grapevine or the sierra, i don't recommend it. look at the forecast for donner summit, 6,982 feet. the snow levels will dip down. the icy road conditions you'll experience into friday. not to mention a new storm making its way in on saturday and sunday. heavy downpours.
7:00 am
>> if you're going to do it, i don't recommend it. happy thanksgiving. we're back at 7:25 with a local news update. >> have a wonderful thanksgiving. good morning. up in the air. macy's iconic balloons are ready to fill the skies for the thanksgiving day parade. but strong winds may turn the streets of manhattan into a no-fly zone. millions of people waiting to see what this morning holds with festivities about to get under way. holiday on hold? an entire texas town forced to evacuate after a second explosion at a chemical plant. first, the raging flames launching debris into the air and blowing out windows. now, residents left to deal with the mess. deal or no deal? an explosi


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