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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 30, 2019 2:07am-2:35am PST

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already being shattered. when you can still score incredible deals >> the tragedy for famed american rock climber,s death. the fatal fall, just days after another climber survived a terrifying plunge of her own. >> rising concerns about airline safety, as millions fly this weekend. inside the faa test, do those shrinking plane seats pose a danger to you in an emergency? and we're kicking off the holiday season with the famous radio city rockettes the surprise you won't want to miss good evening, everyone, europe on edge tonight, after two stabbing attacks, one in londbeism. two people were killed when a man wearing a fake explosive device began randomly stabbing pedestrians often the london bridge, take en down by hero citirs later, an attack this evening in the main
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shopping district of the hague, netherlands. three people wounded there police tonight still trying to determine the motive our team is covering both attacks and precautions here at home bill neilly starts us off. >> reporter: in the hart o rr his coat, to show what looks like a suicide vest two men retreat, one has snatched the man's knife, and three armed police officers rush in, they said get away, and dragged one of the men off the suspect, and then one officer opened fire. two gunshots witnesses horrified. passengers on a bus watching just yards away. >> others on the bridge, running for their lives. >> i had to tell myself to get off that bridge as fast as chi. >> reporter: more armed police arrived hundreds of shoppers fleeing. >> they told us to come out. >> reporter: police are treating this as a terror attack.
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helicopters in the air hundreds of officers on the ground it comes in the middle of a national election campaign at the five of his victims rushed to hospitals. >> two of those injured in this attack in the london bridge area have tragically lost their lives. >> reporter: the attacker's suicide vest was a fake. but those who tackled him didn't know that. they are being praised as heroes >> i would like to thank the members of the public, who risked their own safety this afternoon. they are the best of us. >> reporter: britain's prime minister vowing to hunt down anyone else involved in the attack >> this country will never be cowered or divided, or intimidated by this sort of attack >> reporter: this rampage happened close to an attack two years ago, when men also wearing fake suicide vests drove a van in crowds, stabbing dozens, and
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killing eight. just hours later, in the netherlands, another attack, a man stabbed several people, on a shopping street in the hague before running off mass stabbings in two cities europe's police on high alert tonight. police say the man was 28-year-old usman chan from the english midlands who just served six years in jail, for islamist terrorism. he had been wearing an electronic tag since his release last year. police say he had been at a conference, on prisoner rehabilitation when he began his rampage and they believe he acted alone. lester bill neely in london richard engel is also in london. richard, these bear the hallmarks of isis inspired attacks we have seen in the past, the knive, the european cities, the fake suicide bomb, and why now and could this be the start of something. >> reporter: lester, it could be the start of something and they do bear all of the isis
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hallmarks and for ars n europe there have been isis supporters in and out of prison and many of them want to avenge the death u bakr al baghdadi, i long ago he was hunted down by u.s. commandos in syria and his body dumped in the ocean and president trump saying how he was crying and died likes not tt isis wants to present. it wants to show that it remains strong, and this period, the holiday season, is always a time when isis tryings to attack, particularly those christmas markets soon to be opening. >> richard engel in london, thank you. today's attacks come as security at home is stepped up for the holidays, big events that draw a crowd and a history of attacks this time of the year pete williams has more on that. >> reporter: from the thanksgiving day parade, to the rockefeller center christmas tree, to the huge crowd in times square on new years eve, police in new york deploy extra security around the holidays same for stepped up security in
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washington and at holiday markets in major ci ne 2016 truck attack on a christmas market in germany that killed 12 people, and a deadly shooting attack just last year on thet c france the state department continues to updade travel advisory warnings for countries in western europe that are popular with american travelers because of the continuing terrorism threat as isis fighters flee to europe after the collapse of the caliphate. train travelers at washington's union station this holiday season are finding extra security special scanners that detect objects blocking body heat, suggesting that someone could be carrying a bomb or a gun under clothing the reporter adam of nbc station wrc shows us how itworks >> there is a big black box around my mid session. i have a steel plate under my shirt. that is an indication that something is not right. >> reporter: american officials say they know of no connection between these latest attacks
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overseas and here at home or any threato coast with airlines already waiving change fee force flyers at major airports on sunday let's get more on this now from steve paterson >> reporter: across the country, bracing for another battle with bad weather, 56 million in all, on alert for snow, high winds and flash floods and airlines are taking notice, american and delta waiving change fees for passengers traveling through dozens of hubs on december 1st and 2nd, including new york, boston, and minneapolis. in colorado today, whiteout weather. burying road and covering cars in northern arizona, roads in and out of flagstaff cut off by nearly two feet of snow. making travel almost impossible. in southern california, pockets of severe rain led to a mud slide,ff part of a major highway. in the northeast, it was heavy winds wreaking havoc, and the storm in cape cod snapped this tree, and it collapsed right on top of a home, gusty winds left
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a mess in philadelphia, too. >> ieraly brick, after the wind ripped apart a wall and in the midwest, plows are hitting the highways early, getting ready for the next winter wave, as millions make ready for the storm to come. steve paterson, nbc news >> with that, let's get right to meteorologist dylan dreyer what are we facing >> good evening, lester. this is storm we're watching all weekend long the northern side of it is where we will see most of the snow perhaps up to six inches or more in the northern plains and upper midwest. out ahead of the cold front, it is warmer, and a lot of rain and torrential storms. and up and down the east coast on sunday, rain and snow you go up into new york and new england, we could see significanamrhapas much as nine inches lesser amounts as you go farther to the south either way it is a huge travel day on sunday. and back through minneapolis, h lester >> dylan, thank you. on this black friday, shoppers are not going to let weather or anything else frankly get in the way of the best
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bargains of the year joline kent has. so, has sox best deals in stores and online. >> three, two, one. >> black friday kicked off with a bang with more than 3,000 people lining up in cold weather to get into the mall of america for the busiest shopping day of the year. >> how early did you get here? >> around 3:45. >> in the morning? >> yup. >> we didn't go in some stores, the lines were crazy. >> with more than half of consumers planning to do most of their holiday shopping online, huge crowds across the country are becoming the exception on thanksgiving day, alonethe be anywhere, through this weekend >> are the deals the same online as in person here at the store absolutely the same online as they are in the store. occasionally online we will sell out of them and people will come to the stores to find the next best, but the deals are the same. >> best buy offering $200 off a 13-inch mac book air at walmart, save $133 on a roomba and nearly half off a ring
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doorbell camera. and not just tech. instant pots 50% off at amazon and target and a subscription to hulu for $1.99 a month. hot deals on and off-line to check off the holiday list and don't forget, tomorrow is small business saturday. small businesses driv more than 40% of the u.s. economy. so as they try to compete with big retailers like here at the mall of america, it sur chance to spend your money locally. >> lester? >> thank you. in southeast texas, the massive fire at a chemical plant was finall flames are not completely out evacuation orders were lifted for people in the area there is still a concern of chemicals and asbestos in the air because of the fire and explosions. breaking news the in the impeachment hearings with new hearings for next week democrats are giving president trump a new headline peter alexander joins us with more on that what are we learning
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>> house democrats are charging ahead with their impeachment proceedings tonight. the democrats in a new letter to president trump, setting a deadline of one week from today, for him to decide if he plans to call his own witnesses to testify in the process republicans balking at those demands tonight. right now, the house intelligence committee is wrapping up its report, laying out the case for hearing next wednesdaypert will discuss whether the president's actions rise to the level of higime esie whether to participate in an inquiry that he has repeatedly attacked lester, or to sit it out. >> peter alexander, thank you. shocking images tonight out of chicago video of an officer body-slamming a man to the ground the mayor there calling it disturbing, but police say it doesn't tell the whole story nbc's gabe gutierrez has that. >> reporter: that's an officer, slamming a man to the ground yesterday. on chicago's south side. the man appears motionless, after his head hit the concrete. the brief video does not show what led to the confrontation. police say the 29-year-old had
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been drinking, and the officer performed an emergency takedown. after the man verbally threatened the officer, licked his face and spit in his eyes, and now a department spokesman says ipartthis incident is under investigation, as the actions in the video are concerning today, the mayor weighed in, while a single video does not depict the entiretyof the interactions between the police and the , this particular video is very disturbing the encounter comes almost three years after a justice department review found a ce department. in this case, the unidentified man was treated and the hospital overnight, and is now in police custody. the officer is still on the job. gabe gutierrez, nbc news >> reporter: the there could be new fallout for prince andrew as his accuser is set to speak out in a b bc interview airing hospital just weeks after the prince denied meeting her in his own explosive interview about his friendship with jeffrey epstein.
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here is nbc's erin mclaugh lin. >> virginia telling her story this time on prince andrew's hope turf. >> he knows what happened. i know what happened and there is only one of ue tru. >> reporter: the first u.k. interview. >> it was a really scary time in my life. >> reporter: she alleges when she was a teen, she had sex with the prince after she was trafficked by jeffrey epstein. the claim his royal highness is vehemently denying. >> i can tell you, categorically, i don't remember meeting her at all >> reporter: back in september, she detailed her allegations to nbc news's savannah guthrie. >> he denies it ever happened. and he's going to keep denying that it ever happened. >> reporter: prince andrew telling the bbc, he doesn't even remember meeting her despite this 2001 picture, the prince's arm around her waist. >> i have simply no recollection of a photograph ever being taken. >> reporter: after the interview, widely dubbed disastrous, andrew announced he is stepping down from his public duties also reports that he could be
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spriped of his military titles and rumors of a family rift. next week, president trump is expected here at buckingham palace the queen's hosting a reception for nato leaders prince andrew who was front anht list lester >> erin, thank you. just ahead, the deadly fall of one of the world's most skilled rock climbers. a survivor tells what happened >> also, smaller seats, more crowded planes, could the cost-cutti risk? >> a holiday kickoff as we get to know some of the newest rty s stay with us t's frozen. but not here. with capital one, you can open a new savings account in about 5 minutes and earn five times the national average. open one from here. or here - in a capital one café. plus, there are no fees or minimums on savings or checking accounts because that's how it should be. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment.y tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're prna the holiday kick now the accident that took the life of a famed american rock climber, one of the world's best, his death capping a week that highlights the perils of the sport. here is miguel almaguer report tonight, a tragic end for american rock climber brad gobright who fell nearly a thou fo. gobright and his climbing partner aiden jacobson were
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rappelling down the cliff with a rope when they plu plummet, jacobson who sur vived the fall told outside magazine they hadn't tied potentially life-saving stopper knots on the roep when all of a sudden i felt a pop and we started dropping, i screamed, he dream screamed and all of a sudden i is his blue shirt bounce over the edge gobright one of the world's best so low climbers was featured in a 2017 short film safety third, which chronicles his daring climbs without rope. >> i'm not going to deny it is a dangerous activity it is. >> i love climbing >> and support pouring in. a famed climber alex writing in part, i suppose there is something to be said about being safe out there and the inherent risks in climbing but i don't really care about that right now. i'm just sad for brad and his family >> it comes just days after another climber,sete's el capit. tonight the climbing community is still in shock, after losing
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the faa is the faa isntiasafety threat on e planes we fly tonight. could emergency evacuations be delayed by the much smaller s m costello. >> faster, faster. >> move, move, move. >> reporter: the faa's tests are designed to replicate the real life panic of an onboard emergency. smoke fills the cabin as the lights suddenly go out now, under orders from congress, to set minimum seat size standard, the faa is looks at whether smaller seats actually pose a threat. >> we want to see if the lesser width has any influence or effect on the time it takes to evacuate an aircraft. >> reporter: critics say the tests up until now have been flawed no one grabbed for an overheadve thr americans are now overwe the airlines
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have bees or less today. >> thee cabet get out during an emergency sbauks evacuation, people are in trouble. >> reporter: a new volunteer test, of 18 to 60-year-old, and no disabled or elderly and the faa says the test should better reflect america's weight demographic. aircraft manufacturers must prove that every passenger can get out of a plane within 90 seconds with half of the exits blocked. the question tonight is whether too close for comfort is also too close for safety lester >> tom costello, thanks. up next tonight, they're a holiday fixture. we will tell you what is new this year with the radio city rockettes. ort is too close for safety. lester. >> tom costello, thanks. up next, holiday fixer, what's new this year with the radio what does it take,
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new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. quit smoking slow turkey. talk to your doctor about chantix. finally tonight we
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finally tonight we stepped outside this holiday weekend to see how the famed radio city rockettes are kicks off this season with new faces that are already making audiences smile here is gadi schwartz. >> reporter: at radio city music hall, these are the sights and sounds that mean the holidays are finally here even without the crowd, looking out from where the rockettes stand side by side every night can be breath taking >> so this is your office, huh >> yes >> yup. >> this is work for us >> reporter: and the 13 rockettes with all celebrations and ranges and 18-year-old regan is the youngest. >>f a little bit inspire working moms. >> i am a mom of four. there are seveckette moms this year. >> reporter: and for the first time sidney a dancer without a hand, beat out thousands for her spot on the stage, in
2:33 am
distinguishable from the others unless you're a sharp eyed little girl who is also missing a limb. >> and one of the girls locked up at her mom and said i'm going to be a rockette when i'm older and that broke me. >> reporter: it is impossible not to get up close and not feel included even if you're trying out the trade. >> i am light-headed just from doing that that is crazy. >> reporter: behind the scenes we are completely different women. but when we get on the stage, we are like one >> and they hope their unity and diversity will help fill all of us with more holiday cheer gadi schwartz, nbc news, new york. and we are very lucky to have the rockettes as our across the street neighbors at rock center happy holidays to all of you thanks for coming out. that is nightly news for this friday i'm lester holt. for alof us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night
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