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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  December 5, 2019 12:37am-1:38am PST

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- sam rockwell from "the politician," actress lucy boynton music from les savy fav. featuring the 8g band with steve gorman ♪ [ cheers and applause ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause that is great to hear. in that case, let's get to the news after a new fox news poll found that 51% of people are in favor of impeachment, president trump attacked the network saying, "i have never had a good fox news poll
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whoever their pollster is, they suck." [ laughter ] i don't know not according to the poll. [ laughter ] two associates of president trump's lawyer, rudy giuliani, were arrested last night for campaign finance violations. hmm, well, looking at their faces i'm sure this is all just a big understanding. [ laughter ] according to prosecutors, two associates of rudy giuliani who were arrested last night had purchased one-way airline tickets out of the country but, of course, giuliani's most dangerous associate has his own plane. [ laughter and applause according to cnn fact checkers, president trump made 66 false claims last week said trump, "actually we didn't even have a last week. this is our first one. [ laughter and applause this is our first week ever. thanks to the trump administration."
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the oxford english dictionary added several new words this month, including the phrases "fake news" and "circlejerk," which, coincidentally, were both working titles for the show, "fox & friends." [ laughter and applause a vegan woman claimed on reddit this week that she called the police on her friends after they tricked her into eating chicken nuggets while she was drunk. but the whole thing sounds a little suspicious. a vegan with friends [ laughter ] [ applause ] i don't know custom officials in los angeles announced yesterday that they seized over $2 million worth of counterfeit sneakers from a cargo shipment said customers, "you mean, those weren't real adudises? [ laughter ] according to a new report, nearly two-thirds of birds in the united states are at risk of extinction due to climate change
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"don't worry, we're not going anywhere," said the mangy one-legged pigeons of new york [ laughter and applause we're going to live forever, bro. and finally, a family in south carolina recently pulled a package from the ocean that contained 44 pounds of cocaine or as the captain put it, "thar's me blow! [ laughter and applause ladies and gentlemen, we have a fantastic show for you tonight he is an academy award-winning actor and the star of the highly-anticipated new film, "jojo rabbit," in select theaters next weekend. sam rockwell is here tonight [ cheers and applause so looking forward to seeing him. you can see her in the new series "the politician" now streaming on netflix lucy boynton is here tonight [ cheers and applause and this is really, really exciting 20 years ago, our very own 8g band, syd butler, founded acclaimed indie label, frenchkiss records, which is home to some of our favorite bands including the hold steady
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and syd's own band, les savy fav, which also features the 8g band's seth jabour on guitar frenchkiss records will celebrate this weekend with a concert in brooklyn. and tonight, les savy fav is here to perform for us so excited, you guys [ cheers and applause you ever - you guys - you guys ever been on tv before? [ light laughter ] moving on, two of rudy giuliani's associates were arrested last night as support for impeachment rises in the polls. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: over the last few weeks we've seen support for impeaching president trump skyrocket by double digits, and it really feels like a potentially seismic political shift is happening right now in fact, even "fox news," the network trump loves the most, released a damning new poll yesterday showing that a majority of registered voters not only want trump impeached, they want him removed from office completely.
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>> a new fox poll just out shows more than half of registered voters who were asked support impeachment. >> our brand new fox news poll, the headline -- more than half of those polled, 51%, want president trump impeached and removed from office. >> seth: damn, and that's a fox news poll. [ light laughter ] so you know they only called land lines, c.b. radios and vfw halls. [ laughter and applause fox news -- fox news is what trump watches to feel good about himself. that's like if a kid turned on "sesame street" and big bird was just smoking a cigarette going, "face it, kid, you're never going to learn how to spell. [ laughter and applause now, of course, to make himself feel better trump likes to periodically hold a campaign rally with his remaining fans where he reels off a bunch of unhinged nonsense. and that's what he did tonight, after we taped this show, in minneapolis. or at least i think he went to minneapolis. yesterday he had some trouble saying the name of the city. >> i want to also thank the
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minneanapolis police department. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's right, he's going to minneanapolis, which i believe is in mindiana [ laughter ] he sounds like siri giving you directions after having a few too many glasses of wine with dinner >> you have arrived in minneanapolis. [ laughter ] >> seth: but when he's not basking in the adoration of his most fawning admirers at his unhinged rallies, trump is apparently freaking out about losing support among republicans in congress. in fact, he's so worried about republicans in the senate turning on him that he's been calling senate majority leader mitch mcconnell nonstop to lock down republican support. >> new indications of just how seriously president trump is now taking the impeachment inquiry, and how seriously he's pushing to keep republican senators -- potential jurors, remember -- in line >> one of the things we've learned is that the president is so consumed with this impeachment inquiry that he's now calling senator mcconnell as many as three times a day. >> seth: three times a day
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is he trying to keep mcconnell in line or stalk him "mitch, mitch, we're best friends, mitch, aren't we, mitch? [ light laughter ] mitch. do you like my new haircut, mitch? i'm just like you, mitch i'm just like you. [ laughter and applause trump, of course -- trump, of course, is freaking out because every day we learn more about the scheme trump and his gang of mafia-themed pez dispensers concocted to get ukraine to dig up dirt on joe biden now, trump has been insisting that his phone call with ukraine's president, in which he dangled hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid and in return told the president of ukraine, "i would like you to do us a favor, though," was not just appropriate but perfect he's literally said or tweeted that specific word dozens of times. >> the conversation i had with the president of ukraine was absolutely perfect the conversation, by the way, was absolutely perfect it was a perfect conversation. it was perfect the call was perfect that was a perfect conversation. just so you know, the call was perfect. it was perfect it was perfect the call was a perfect call. it was a perfect call.
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perfect call had a perfect phone call with the president of ukraine like, i mean, perfect. the call was a perfect call. the conversation was, i think, a perfect conversation that call was perfect. >> seth: i think he's trying to drive us all insane. [ laughter ] hearing -- hearing a grown man describe a phone call as perfect over and over and over again feels like an elaborate form of torture. i feel like i should be strapped to a chair in a basement with voices whispering from the shadows. >> the call was perfect. >> it was a perfect call >> it was perfect. >> the call was perfect. >> it was a perfect conversation >> it was a perfect call >> seth: all right, i'll tell you what you want to know! just stop calling a phone call perfect. nobody says that [ light laughter ] seriously, i'm almost certain that no one in the history of the english language has ever called a phone call perfect before think of the greatest phone call you've ever had in your life you've never hung up the phone and gone, "damn! that was perfect [ laughter ] whoo whoo
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[ applause ] i mean, i rescheduled that dentist appointment like a mother [ bleep ]." [ laughter ] he's talking about a phone call like it was an event at the olympics "okay. talk to you soon judges [ laughter ] yes! so, trump has insisted the call was perfect, and yet once again, yesterday, fox news' poll showed that the vast majority of registered voters definitely do not think it was perfect >> the fox news poll also gauged voters' reaction to what president trump said on his phone call with his ukrainian counterpart regarding possible pressure put on ukraine to investigate the bidens 43% say it's an impeachable offense. >> seth: if trump can't rely on fox news to make himself feel better, what can he watch? his aides are going to have to replace his tv with a mirror and hope he doesn't notice [ laughter ] "have you guys seen this show? it's pretty good wait, what were you looking at [ laughter ]
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get in here, guys! so now that trump is freaking out about the growing support for impeachment in the polls, he's throwing as many people as he can under the bus last week, for example, trump tried to pin the blame for the ukraine phone call on his energy secretary, rick perry, claiming it was perry's idea to make the call in the first place. but then we found out yesterday that trump ordered perry and two state department officials to coordinate with his personal attorney, rudy giuliani, as part of the scheme to extort ukraine and get them to gin up politically motivated investigations >> two sources tell cnn that president trump directed his energy secretary, rick perry, and two top state department officials to circumvent official channels and to have his personal attorney, rudy giuliani, deal with a potential meeting with the ukrainian president. >> seth: so, trump concocted a scheme to dangle hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to ukraine as part of a quid pro quo to get them to dig up dirt on a political opponent and to carry out this plan he chose as his henchmen rick perry and rudy giuliani, who are famously two of the dumbest people in politics [ light laughter ] it's like if lex luthor hatched a plan to kill superman and
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chose as his assassins mr. bean and woody from "cheers." [ laughter and applause "you ready to do this? all right. i'll take the front. you take the back, bean. [ light laughter ] and then today, things got much, much worse for rudy when two of his associates who'd been working with him as part of the scheme to dig up dirt on biden were arrested and charged with breaking campaign finance laws >> we begin with breaking news this hour. two associates of rudy giuliani arrested this morning. due in court in virginia later today, facing criminal charges for violating campaign finance laws it really all has to do with ukraine. >> their names are igor fruman and lev parnas and they were arrested at a washington airport with what prosecutors say were one-way tickets out of the country >> rudy giuliani has previously stated that he has worked with the two men on efforts to get ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden
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>> seth: i can't believe a guy who looks like a vampire had a henchman named igor. is this a -- [ laughter ] -- mary shelley novel? what was igor's job? to open rudy's coffin? "master, arise." [ laughter and applause now, the danger for rudy and for trump is that these guys might flip on them and give prosecutors more evidence about their scheme and now that two of his close associates have been arrested and charged with crimes, rudy might be regretting the fact he's been all over tv blabbing about his involvement in all of this in fact, here are some of rudy's greatest and most nonsensical highlights from just the last few weeks. >> did you read the transcript >> like to say, it was read to me >> it was read to you, the whole thing. >> i hope. >> shut up, moron. shut up. >> okay. >> shut up you don't know what you're talking about. bill clinton asked me, what's this guy, romney, like you know what i told him he's our al gore >> all right, rudy, hold that thought. >> here's kurt saying great, i will tell yermack and he'll
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visit with you there, thanks >> i'm spartacus >> biden's been off the trail. >> supported by three affidavits >> the guy was under investigation. the guy bankrupted - >> let me just tell the audience >> he's been selling - how about this >> no, no, i don't want to move on yet >> here's another one. i don't know about it. i didn't hear it [ laughter ] >> forget the whistle-blower, we have the transcript of the call and the president's remarks. >> shh i want you to keep your eye on romania. just watch romania just watch romania we go to china, i told you about romania. we haven't moved to romania yet. wait until we get to romania >> seth: i definitely can't wait until you get to romania [ laughter ] there's probably a short trip from there back to where you live in transylvania [ laughter and applause also, by the way, remember -- remember those papers rudy was holding up in that one clip claiming that they were affidavits that proved his allegations? well, according to buzzfeed, they weren't they were pages printed from an obscure right-wing conspiracy theory website so the president's personal lawyer, a man who is at the center of an impeachment inquiry
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and an allegedly criminal scheme to extort a foreign country to dig up dirt on a political opponent, is an insane old man who goes on tv and waves around printouts from conspiracy websites next time he's just going to bring the printer test page. "now, the yellow line is ukrainian military and then the red line is money that hunter biden made. it's all right here. [ laughter ] and while republicans entertain -- and while republicans entertain these insane fantasies, the whistle-blower who first alerted us to trump's phone call keeps coming forward with more actual evidence, as we found out yet again yesterday. >> cbs news has learned that according to a memo by the whistle-blower, a white house official who listened in on the call to ukraine's president described the call as crazy, frightening, and completely lacking in substance related to national security. >> the official was visibly shaken by what had transpired. and in the official's view, the president had clearly committed a criminal act >> seth: wow, that is damning. when he heard that, trump immediately ran out of the white
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house and tried to escape to - >> minneanapolis [ laughter ] >> seth: now, seeing that more evidence is emerging and that support for impeachment is rising in the polls, trump is trying to take as many people down with him, while his inner circle tries to do everything they can to distance themselves from the scandal for example, you might remember that trump dragged vice president mike pence into his mess when he told reporters to look at pence's conversations with the president of ukraine. and then the "washington post" reported that trump involved pence in his efforts to pressure ukraine's leader so yesterday reporters asked pence how much he knew about the scheme, and pence wouldn't give a straight answer. >> were you ever aware, mr. vice president, of the interest in the bidens that interest in investigating the bidens was at least, in part of the reason for aid to ukraine being held up? were you ever aware? >> i -- i never discussed the issue of -- of -- the issue of the bidens with president zelensky, and -- >> but within the administration, were you ever aware? within the administration? >> what i can tell you is that all of our discussions internally - >> but you were aware of the
12:53 am
interest in the bidens being investigated >> i was - >> and that being tied to aid to ukraine being held up? >> well, that's your question. let me be very clear the issue of aid and -- and our efforts with regard to ukraine were, from my experience, in no way connected. >> seth: "uh, uh, what you - um - [ light laughter ] what you need to know from me about this is i don't want to go to jail. [ laughter and applause hey. hey, mike pence. i can't believe i'm saying this, but maybe you should let rudy handle this one. [ laughter ] i mean, he's probably working on his pence impression right now [ laughter ] in fact, given that two people have now been arrested and that support for impeachment is rising the polls, my legal advice for all of these guys would be very simple
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>> shut up, moron. shut up. [ laughter ] >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause we will be right back with sam rockwell [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ (little boy) he's coming! (make-a-wish volunteer) ok, he's coming, c'mon c'mon... here we go... ♪ (little santa) somali...alika? (little santa) where's kiara? (little santa) i got this for you. (vo) when you grant a child's wish, you change lives. (vo) you can choose make-a-wish to get two hundred and fifty dollars from subaru when you get a new subaru. (vo 2) get 0.9% during the subaru share the love event.
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome back, everybody. give it up for the 8g band right over there [ cheers and applause all this week we've had the multitalented drummer and co-founder of the black crowes and trigger hippy sitting in with us. check out his new book, "hard to handle: the life and death of the black crowes," which is available now. steve gorman, everybody. [ cheers and applause thank you so much for being here this week. really appreciate it >> thank you >> seth: our first guest tonight is an oscar-winning actor you know from movies like "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri" and "vice," as well as the fx limited series "fosse/verdon. [ scream ] he stars -- yeah, there you go [ light laughter ] he stars in "jojo rabbit," which is in select theaters october 18th let's take a look. >> who am i and why am i here talking to a bunch of little [ bleep ] grabbers instead of leading my men into battle towards glorious death great question i've asked it myself every day since operation screw-up, where
12:59 am
i lost a perfectly good eye in a totally preventable enemy attack and according to my superiors -- [ laughter ] -- you need two eyes to be a meaningful part of the war effort can two-eyed people do this? [ gun shots [ gun shots >> jesus [ laughter ] >> seth: please welcome back to the show sam rockwell. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome back. >> hey, thanks, man. >> seth: i -- ever since i heard about this filmm i've been incredibly excited to see it >> it's exciting it's an exciting endeavor. >> seth: you -- so it's a -- it's a satire. you play a nazi? >> yes, yes. >> seth: there's a young boy who's a nazi youth he has an imaginary friend who is adolf hitler. [ laughter ] and you're -- we can tell from the clip you're sort of a bumbling -- you're sort of a
1:00 am
buffoon -- >> yeah. >> seth: -- of a nazi. >> yes i'm a disillusioned ex-war hero who's sort of now become a buffoon. he's lost his eye and he's been demoted to teaching the hitler youth -- >> seth: yeah. >> -- how to fight >> seth: i think based on sort of the dead silence of the audience there's a fear -- [ laughter ] -- when you make a comedy that includes nazis and hitler, they might be a little worried. >> yeah, yeah. [ light laughter ] yes, that's right. >> seth: but this is also a very -- i mean, it's in very safe hands >> yes >> seth: a fantastic writer and director and it's also a very sweet story as well. >> it is very sweet, and it's very much anti-hitler. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> i can assure you. >> seth: yeah, yeah. yeah, there we go. [ cheers and applause [ laughter ] >> yes all right. let's hear it for anti-fascism >> seth: yeah. >> all right yes, so you can be assured, it's a funny, but yet poignant film >> seth: and it's -- you know, i think it's always exciting when a film comes out that is unlike anything that's come before it >> yeah. >> seth: certainly in this day
1:01 am
and age, and so that's what's so cool about it. you mentioned you are missing an eye. >> yeah. >> seth: your character. >> yeah. >> seth: so, you had to wear a contact? >> i had to wear a contact taika had to wear contacts and occasionally we couldn't wear the contact because of debris and gunfire, or we were in a swimming pool or something but, yeah, when i first got the -- i couldn't -- i didn't -- i've never -- have you worn contacts i've never worn contacts >> seth: i -- you know, this is a true story >> yeah. >> seth: and by the way, this is going to be very in line with what we're talking about it's hard to laugh at. i played -- on "snl," i played osama bin laden once [ laughter ] >> you did >> seth: there you go. so, i raise your hitler. and -- [ laughter ] but i didn't - [ cheers and applause i'd never -- i'd never in my life worn contacts >> yeah. >> seth: but lorne, between dress and air, was like, "we can't have a blue-eyed osama bin laden. [ laughter ] and i said i really don't want -- and so i - >> cgi, man. >> seth: yeah, i was like, "come on, it's live. you can cgi in real time." >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: so, how was your contact experience >> well, it was interesting becuase the first person -- they have to get, you know, somebody who knows what they're doing to put it in. in fact, i wore some for "snl,"
1:02 am
and they had to get somebody to put it in. and it fell out at one point, we had to find it but somebody came by, a guy, and i felt bad for him, but he was kind of -- he was putting it in, like this. >> seth: oh, he had nerves [ laughter ] >> and i was, like "okay, hey. "let's take, you know, a five minute break and, we'll, you know --" [ laughter ] "and we'll do it again in, like, ten minutes. and he came back and it was more of this kind of thing. [ laughter ] and then i was, like, "all right. yeah, we're going to take another break," and then we got somebody else to do it [ laughter ] >> seth: you know, you are, as we said, playing a nazi in this. >> yeah. >> seth: and you've played -- you've played some racists over the years in some stuff. >> i have, i have. >> seth: "three billboards," "green mile. >> yes, yes. >> seth: you know, i know you to be a lovely person are you -- do you feel like you've hit your cap on those >> i've hit my cap on -- >> seth: yeah. >> -- on racists for sure. yeah, yeah, definitely i mean, somebody's got to play them, but i'm done with them >> seth: yeah, yeah. i feel, like you filled your quota. >> yes, i've filled my quota >> seth: you do a great job. [ laughter ] and you did a great service for all of us. [ cheers and applause you -- it was -- so, i saw you at the emmys >> yeah. yeah, and we had fun
1:03 am
>> seth: we had a really good time >> well, we went back to the weird vip chocolate room >> seth: yeah. >> with booze and chocolate. >> seth: yeah, it was like -- i'm going to get the fame of the chocolate company wrong and i feel like they sponsored it. >> yeah. >> seth: so, i don't want to even guess >> yeah. >> seth: but yeah, there was a tiny little bar in the back, if you were about to present, you got to go back there and then once we realized you didn't have to back to your seat we kind of just hung out there to drink >> just hung out there everybody -- michael douglas was there. >> seth: yeah, it was, like -- >> colbert >> seth: corden. >> corden, >> seth: hader. it was a good group. >> all the talk show titans. >> seth: you were very -- now, that was after i believe you had lost >> i had lost. >> seth: yeah. >> i had, yes. >> seth: so it was a nice place -- >> i was going for chocolate and booze. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] in the beginning of the night, though, you were very relaxed. >> i was >> seth: this is actually in the theater. [ laughter ] so, this is -- the night had just started and you already took your shoes off. >> wel, the shoes were kind of brand-new and they were pinching a little so, i took them off. >> seth: gotcha. >> and trying to relax before the ceremony >> seth: you seemed very laid back, so it definitely worked. >> yeah. >> seth: and robbed, by the way. great category >> thanks, thanks. >> seth: anyone in that category was deserving. >> it was an amazing group
1:04 am
>> seth: it was an amazing group. >> amazing group >> seth: and "fosse/verdon," was obviously a -- bob fosse was a role you had to prepare for. >> yeah. >> seth: lot of rehearsal. i know you had to, you know, also, like, just physically train. you took spin classes? was that something you'd done before >> i took spin classes and - [ cheers ] in addition -- i did a lot of things, hot yoga, dance. a lot of dance, obviously. me and michelle were dancing quite a bit. and -- but, yes, i did some soul cycle classes. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah, i did >> seth: how was it? >> it was good i did -- i did one in l.a. and, you know, sometimes you'll see some people. i saw usher once >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> in the -- next to me. he was lovely. he gets after it >> seth: yeah. >> you know? [ laughter ] >> seth: was he intimidating was he so good >> no, he was cool i think at one point i was -- you know, you -- have you ever done soul cycling? >> seth: i've never done it, no. >> it's kind of claustrophobic, but it's a good workout. you put earplugs in and you're doing -- and there's a weight series and you got to put the resistance up. and i think i stopped pedaling and he was like, "hey, man, come on." [ laughter ] and, yeah. but i've seen him. he gets after it
1:05 am
he gets after it [ laughter ] >> seth: it is -- it is always so great to see you and, again, i want everybody to see this movie, because it is such a cool thing. >> yeah, it's really cool. it's really cool >> seth: and thank you so much for being here as always >> thanks for having me. [ cheers and applause >> seth: sam rockwell, everybody. "jojo rabbit" is in select theaters on october 18th we'll be right back with lucy boynton [ cheers and applause ♪ something is happening at t-mobile. we'll be lighting up 5g nationwide reaching more places than any other carrier. while some 5g signals go only blocks. t-mobile 5g will go miles beyond the big cities, to the small towns to the people. ♪
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[ dramatic music ]ing ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back! ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest is a talented actress you know from the oscar-nominated film "bohemian rhapsody." she is currently starring in "the politician," exclusively streaming on netflix let's take a look. ♪ ♪
1:10 am
>> i'm going to dive right in. i know what's going on between you and river. he told me what happened i was mad at first, but then i admired his honesty. river and i have complete transparency i've always known he was fluid i am, too, sort of and if you're the way he deals with that part of himself, that's fine. >> seth: please welcome to the show lucy boynton, everyone. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: how are you >> i'm good. i'm really well, thanks. i'm always so glad when i don't trip >> seth: yeah, you did excellent. >> thank you >> seth: everybody was very concerned. >> yes >> seth: but you were wonderful. >> yeah, thank you >> seth: you -- i -- so you were in "bohemian rhapsody," which obviously had an incredible year, and a big awards season. and i heard you were at the golden globes last year. >> yes >> seth: and you got to fan out
1:11 am
on some other actors >> yeah. >> seth: who were you most excited to meet? >> well, i had to go in on my own which was terrifying but then i saw jodie comer and phoebe waller-bridge >> seth: yes [ cheers ] >> and i just -- i know -- >> seth: "fleabag. "killing eve." [ cheers and applause >> i know. >> seth: yeah. >> well, this is the thing, so i'd only seen "killing eve." and i -- i mean, jodie is such a remarkable human being so i kind of immediately pounced on them. and they took me under their wing they were very kind. and we went for drinks and stuff. but then, unlike everyone else in the country, i hadn't seen "fleabag" yet. >> seth: right >> i hadn't watched it two years later than everyone else, later, and was so mortified that i hadn't been, like, cooler around phoebe >> seth: right [ light laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: you found out later that clark kent was superman >> i did yes. >> seth: you're like, "oh. i just thought he was a reporter." >> i should have acted very differently. and don't try and be funny around people like that. like, just - >> seth: oh, right, you didn't realize you were dealing with that >> yes stay in your lane. >> seth: i'm sure it was fine. >> yeah. >> seth: i'm sure you did absolutely fine. >> let's hope. >> seth: so you -- this is very exciting in a couple weeks you're going to start filming the second season - >> yeah. >> seth: -- of this show do they give you a sense of where it's going to go
1:12 am
or is that sort of under wraps >> i wish. >> seth: yeah, okay. >> well, we've had, like, little tidbits here and there we were kind of guessing throughout season one where it would go and then, actually at the cast and crew screening at ryan's house, we watched four episodes and went to the restaurant nearby for much-needed wine. and then watched the last four but in that break, and after he was saying, like, "wouldn't it be kind of crazy if this happened?" and we'd all be like, "well, you're the one with the pen so --" >> seth: yeah, right [ laughter ] >> it would be kind of crazy, so - >> seth: yeah, i mean, this is -- this is ryan murphy, for anybody who doesn't know >> yeah. >> seth: and he -- i would say there's no one who's better at taking shows into crazy places >> yes >> seth: and making those crazy places believable. so it must be really - >> yeah, and he'll always outsmart you he'll always be one step ahead so anything that we're guessing, it will be that on acid. [ laughter ] >> seth: you -- this is -- this isn ationau that you did not think went well for you. is that -- >> no. no >> seth: okay. >> it was really terrifying, i think. just -- he's such an unreadable person
1:13 am
and that's all part of his kind of thing that makes him so cool. but then also, like, i think auditioning in america is a very different thing. brits are all very kind of, like, understated and, "that's fine, leave. >> seth: uh-huh. >> whereas in america, everyone's very effusive and kind and enthusiastic. [ laughter ] and so that was just kind of - >> seth: oh, gotcha. >> so it's in, like -- >> seth: so he was a little england in the united states he had a little -- >> he's just so cool >> seth: -- his own thing. yeah >> he's -- yeah. so that was that and then i was -- i -- it went by so quickly. so then i kind of -- it was done, and i left and i turned right and i turned right again and walked straight into the bar next door. >> seth: oh, great [ laughter ] >> yeah. yes. >> seth: it's very nice when they audition near a drinking establishment. >> it is so considerate. >> seth: yes >> yes >> seth: that's very kind of them >> noting that for all casting directors. >> seth: from the clip, for those who haven't seen the show, you can tell this is not the warmest of characters that you're playing >> quite >> seth: and i've i heard that your sister takes credit for this >> she does. for both kind of being very familiar with that face, and also inducing it as well, i think.
1:14 am
>> seth: gotcha. [ laughter ] >> yeah. like, kind of when you weren't allowed to be mean to each other, you just kind of make that astrid face over the kitchen table. but, also, it was really -- it was fun. it was liberating playing someone like that. like, as a brit, i think we're so apologetic. like, if you bump into me, i'll apologize. >> seth: right >> and then you kind of as astrid have to shed all that and she wears her anger on her sleeve >> seth: do you feel like this -- you might adopt this in your real life >> i think i did a bit >> seth: yeah, i think you're very -- you're very good at it >> i think i did - >> seth: yeah. >> when we were filming, i was like, "well, no, she's very confident. so it feels very good to adopt some of her confidence and then i would catch myself kind of making her face. [ light laughter ] or snapping something. it was like, "oh, okay, we need to reel that back in a bit." [ laughter ] >> seth: it's a fantastic show i'm so excited there's another season >> me, too >> seth: and it's just so lovely to meet you. >> thank you so much >> seth: thank you so much for being here >> thank you [ cheers and applause >> seth: lucy boynton, everybody. the first season of "the politician" is streaming now on netflix. we'll be right back with more "late night. [ cheers and applause ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back. so recently, netflix has begun experimenting with interactive shows and films, where the viewer will make, like, decisions about which direction the plot goes. and, you know, kind of like those old choose your adventure books. and it's really cool and nbc wants to get in on the action and so they've asked me to test out some new interactive shows for my audience. so tonight's show is a new survival program called "wild choices. so let me get my remote. [ light laughter ] and let's check it out ♪ >> welcome to "wild choices," where you make the choices for my survival. i'm your host, chip gritt. and i'm out here completely alone in one of the most unforgiving environments in the world -- the alaskan wilderness. here's your first choice should i try to get a fire started or should i eat a bug? the choice is yours.
1:21 am
>> seth: okay, so now i get to choose and let's go with "eat bug." [ light laughter ] >> you chose eat bug now, in a survival situation, it probably would have made more sense to start a fire for warmth and protection [ laughter ] but it's also important to keep my energy up and this bug is an excellent source of protein. it was a tough choice, but i understand it. here goes. [ crunching [ audience ohs ] mmm. ♪ great. i ate the bug, and i can already feel the extra protein and calories flowing through me. [ light laughter ] now i have the energy to start a fire, build a shelter, or do any of the countless other things i need to do to survive in this dangerous terrain. but the choice is yours. what do you think i should do? [ laughter ] >> seth: tough call, but "eat
1:22 am
bug's" still up there so let's go with that [ laughter ] >> you chose eat a bug again okay [ light laughter ] got to be honest, roof over my head would have really helped a lot right now. but i'm also going to burn a ton of calories when i get around to building that shelter. so i see where you're coming from oh, ah oh, this guy will do yep. [ audience ohs ] it's a big boy right there well, down the hatch ♪ okay i ate the bug. this one didn't die right away i could feel it -- [ laughter ] -- moving the whole way down, but i did it and now i am full. [ laughter and applause also, a little bit cold. and a little bit afraid. i don't think i'll make it through the night this exposed so it's time for you to make another choice what's it going to be?
1:23 am
[ laughter ] >> seth: eat bug [ laughter and applause >> what? why? why would you pick the -- i -- i -- fine you know what? i'll find another bug. got to be another one around here somewhere it's outside, so - oh, what the [ bleep ] is this thing? [ laughter ] oh, boy. [ audience ohs ] it's kind of weird looking but you chose eat a bug. so i got to eat the bug, right [ light laughter ] [ audience ohs ] oh, was it pregnant? ♪ [ wolf howling ] jesus christ, was that a wolf? there's wolves up here what okay my life is in your hands should i administer first aid, or should i start a fire and i really want -- i really
1:24 am
want -- i really want to reiterate here that both of those choices are very good choices. okay so, what's it going to be? >> seth: okay. this guy's really struggling we should definitely get him some help. oh, wait oh, sorry. i didn't see there's an option to scroll down [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause oh, yeah, i definitely want to see him eat those worms. [ laughter ] >> you son of a bitch. you scrolled down, didn't you? really good job. come on, man okay just -- okay, listen, look, we're buddies. right? okay i don't want to do this. let's be cool. be cool. let me administer first aid to my head. please what are you going to do what are you going to do [ light laughter ] >> seth: eat them. [ laughter ] >> god damn it [ audience ohs ] ♪ [ laughter ]
1:25 am
>> seth: i guess poke him? [ laughter ] yeah, poke him harder. [ groaning ] >> seth: better get the hell out of here. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: make sure to check out "wild choices" coming soon to nbc interactive. we'll be right back with music from les savy fav. [ cheers and applause ♪ (paul) at sprint, the holidays are a time for giving.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ let's fade away we're here today we're half alone ♪ ♪ we've got mouth let's make 'em moan ♪ ♪ ♪ let's get out of here oh let's get out of here no let's get out of here ♪ ♪ ooh let's getout of here now let's get out of here ♪
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♪ ooh let's get out of here no let's get out of here ♪ ♪ ooh let's get out of here no let's get out of here ♪ ♪ ooh let's get out of here no let's get out of here ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: les savy fav,
1:35 am
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[ cheers and applause >> seth: my thanks to sam rockwell lucy boynton les savy fav, everybody. steve gorman, 8g band. stay tuned for "a little late with lilly singh." we'll see you tomorrow [ cheers and applause ♪ >> lilly: tonight on "a little late with lilly singh," "fresh off the boat's" constance wu and i recite some classic movie lines. [ cheers and applause >> i am thrilled to be here. >> lilly: oh, what movie is that from >> oh, it's not from a movie i'm genuinely excited to be here [ cheers ] >> lilly: no, i know this one. "i'm so excited to be here." was it "jaws?" no, no "forrest gump." >> i really just meant it. i'm -- i'm so excited to be here >> lilly: ah, was it


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