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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 18, 2020 5:00pm-5:29pm PST

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he ledto daysy roth and her two little girls were in quarantine, first in wuhan, china, where they were believe him. mesge. visiting family, then to travis air force base when they flew them to fairfield. they boarded a bus with a dozen others to s.f.o. where roth's husband was waiting for them. >> it's been exhausting, but i'm glad it's over now. >> reporter: 180 people in all are heading home from travis tonight, embarking on the last leg of a long and stressful journey. she and her two children caught a plane in sacramento to their home in san diego. they are relieved and grateful. >> i can't thank them enough. it's, it's like what they are f extraordinary. >> reporter: now, all of those story and more tonightholtts anchoring from las vegas. people are finally on their way he's a moderator for tomorrow's home and many ofm colorado, democratic debate and you can see a sneak peek of how he's getting ready for the big event. "nightly news" starts in about wisconsin, all of them very one minute. >> and before we go, if you want relieved. reporting live at s.f.o., i'm to go to space, here's your
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chance. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area space exfounded by elon musk news. a very emotional to watch those wants to send four space tourists into a super-high orbit reunions. thank you, jodi. the coronavirus does continue to by next year. it's working with the company spread in dozens of countries. the latest update shows there's called space adventures. here's the nitty-gritty. the tourists would be on board the so-called dragon capsule. more than 70,000 cases it's fully autonomous so there's worldwide. most of the deaths are in no pilot, not even an astronaut mainland china. there are now 29 cases of the virus in the u.s. on board. just you and three other people. now, that includes the 14 people while the middle-class continues to struggle. the trip would last five days and travel past the evacuated from the diamond that's what happens when billionaires are able princess cruise ship in japan international space station. who initially came to travis air to control the political system. up to 750 miles above the earth. force base in fairfield. our campaign is funded by the working people of this country, ticket prices have not been nine of them are still in the and those are the people that i will represent. released, but it's one of those, area. if you ask, that means you the rest are being treated in no more tax breaks for billionaires. probably can't afford it. >> wait, there are tickets to go we are going to guarantee health care to all people nebraska. >> another day searching and in an autonomous rocket? still no luck. and create up to 20 million good search crews scouring a wooded i won't even drive in an area in ma rinne county looking paying jobs to save this planet. autonomous car. >> this is not for you. for that missing couple from i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message this is for jeff. palo alto. >> it made me excited. the couple rented a house in because we need an economy that works for all of us, when i heard there's no pilot or -- inveriness near >> yeah. >> we'll see. >> we may see, we may not. i don't know if you'll come about our rising sea levels. back. >> lester holt is next. now a new report due out in the bye bye. >> bye. lili. >> reporter: they are optimistic next coming -- in the coming breaking news they'll find the couple. ni about 40 people came through on weeks show climate change and
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rising sea levels could impact this intersection on the way to the bay area more dramatically and sooner than most of us president trump realized. bring in our senior investigator unleashing the power inverness. on day four of searching for of the pardon. the president freeing from prison rod gayle and irwin, searchers set rmer illinoi the out with dogs, horses, any tools governor sentenced to to find the couple who were last stephen stock. 14 years for corruption seen on friday. >> it's called adapting to >> this whole thing doesn't seem rising tides and it shows more ten others also real. receiving commuted >> reporter: the couple's son than a dozen communities here in sentences or pardons, spoke to volunteers today. the bay area are at risk to this among them the nypd's former top cop and the junk bond king >> it's like somebody picked rising threat. convicted of insider but our team found major trading. will he do the same them up and removed them from for roger stone? the area. construction projects still also tonight on they wouldn't leave all their being allowed to go up in some the eve of our stuff, leave their car and just of these threatened flood zones. democratic debate, for the first time michael vanish. so, yes, i think it's very according to state planners, sea bloomberg qualifying level rise could rise in this the face off against his rivals on our stage. strange. >> reporter: his parents, who and our brand-new are in their 70s, also left a area between 6 and 12 inches by poll the billionaire phone, wallet and hiking gearrin 2030. surging, but can he catch bernie sanders that's just ten years from now. the fate of harvey side their rented vacation weinstein now in the scientists say the rate of sea hands of tur level rise is now growing cottage in inverness. exponentially because of increased ice melt and the warming of the oceans. what does the public need to >> it's totally bizarre. understand about this crisis? >> reporter: and through the back door like barbara. >> nobody disappears from their >> that there is no longer house. we don't lock our doors. anyway to stop it happening. it's a safe place to be. >> we haven't had any >> even so, our investigative
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unit found two dozen breakthrough so to say. developments worth more than >> reporter: detectives are combing through electronics and $13 billion that are still going records. up in these high-risk flood no luck yet, but search and zones. coming up tonight, we go rescue teams are staying directly to the people positive. >> we believe there is a responsible for green lighting possibility they are alive. these projects to find out why >> reporter: search crews told this is being allowed. us they believe with the milder and we'll map it all out for you weather that this is survivable. to show you what sea level rise they do say they have not could look like for all of us in switched their efforts from a the bay area. search and rescue to recovery. that's at 11:00. >> okay, we'll see you soon. we're live in ma rinnrin countyi thank you so much, stephen. if you see smoke on the peninsula it is not an emergency. they tweeted these videos. tan. >> thank you. they are burning debris piles in you may remember this happened last week in oakland. richmond.nt up to th driveway,d hunter park and san mateo county. it is part of getting ahead of today the c.h.p. arrested a man fire season. firefighters are creating fuel breaks which means thinning out in the central valley city of brush to slow down fires. the city says please don't call. >> up next here at 5:00, a new lo plan to send tourists into los banos. he had cut his hair. space. here's your chance. stay with us. tv just keeps getting better.
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the other man is on the run. >> today the president issued a series of pardons. former 49ers owner eddie dibartolo, jr. in the office harry rice was there for the big announcement. president trump posted these how you watch it does too. photos on twitter less than an this is xfinity x1. hour ago. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. you might recall in 1998 streaming services without changing passwords and input. dibartolo pleaded guilty for failing to report a felony. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. it was his own bribe to the governor of louisiana at that time for a river boat casino access to the most 4k content. license. dibartolo was suspended by the and your movies and shows to go. nfl for one year, but served no the best tv experience is the best tv value. jail time. two years later in 2000, he surrendered the team to his sister. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. >> i take my hat off to donald xfinity. the future of awesome. trump for what he did and, and, you know, like i said, it's all about just being here for eddie today. >> tonight on the 6:00 newscast we'll look at what it means for di andol what it means jumping back into the
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ownership with another franchise. illinois governor blagovich was also pardoned. he was accused of trying to sell barack obama's seat in illinois for personal gain. he was found shaking down a children's hospital and race track for political donations. at this hour president trump is in beverley hills getting briefed by the l.a. olympic committee. the olympics is going to l.a. in 2028. he'll then head to a fund-raising dinner. this is the president getting off air force one a short while ago at l.a.x.. and later he'll go to las vegas for a three-night stay at one of his hotels. tomorrow he'll fly to grand now we have to deal withed us bakefi roll back of environmental climate change is an emergency. protections for fish in the san that's why i wrote the nation's joaquin delta. most progressive climate law. in 2016 he promised more river water for central valley and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. farmers. then another fund-raiser in the because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws,
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palm springs area hosted by oracle boss larry he will i son. >> a frightening encounter leaves a bay area woman shaken and a man arrested for attempted kidnapping. mountain view police arrested this man after they say he repeatedly rang a woman's doorbell at 10:30 last night. he grabbed her and stride to get her to drive him somewhere. she was able to escape and run to a neighbor's house. a few hours the police found the man on a nea carport throwing rocks at windows. a new video shows an agitated man throwing stuff at restaurant staff. san francisco police released this video today. it shows the incident on super bowl sunday. the man wearing that 49er shirt on the left got mad at employees at a restaurant on gary boulevard, upset with the service, he hit a worker with his phone before throwing a burrito and napkin dispenser injuring one of the employees. police are still looking for this man. >> no signs of that mountain
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lion at rancho san antonio preserve. this is in los altos hills. they're trying to track down a big cat that attacked a 6-year-old girl on sunday. it's a popular hiking trail. trail cameras caught a glimpse of the animal they think is behind the attack. you can see it on the right side of your screen there. since then no sightings. since then the park remains close while wardens use special dogs to track down the pumah. no word when the park will reopen. >> the south bay is getting serious about its problem with stray cats. it's come up with a plan toee ferel cats in control. >> reporter: melissa robinson of the humane society silicon valley is setting a trap, trying to catch ferel cats like this one and keep them from having kittens. >> we're going to send teams out there and catch them.
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>> reporter: thanks to a grant from the local faring ton foundation and the city of mill piece, the humane society has dozens of traps to set out where ever they get calls about ferel cats. they say it costs about $100 to take care of and fix a stray. >> what we're trying to do is trap these cats, bring them into our clinic where they'll get altered, they'll get their vaccines and go right back out to where they came from. >> reporter: these cats are not for adoption, so they'll be returned to where they were found. but the city wants to make sure they don't overpopulate. >> you don't want an abundance of them. i mean, it's better to keep them fixed and healthy than it is to have them running wild and, you know, spreading more disease or whatever. >> reporter: if you see a ferel cat in your neighborhood, the humane society asks that you tell them where they are, describe the cat, and they'll take it from there. in mill piece, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> san francisco is proud of pride. this year marks the 50th
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anniversary of the world famous celebration. the city's largest outdoor event which cost $3 million to put on and involves every city department. >> on saturday, june 27th, civic center will once again become a site of celebration, home to more than 20 community programs stages and venues. all weekend with crowds in the tens of thousands we are expecting. it's going to be a big year, we're excited for it. >> of course, the center piece of pride is the parade, which will be on sunday, june 28th. >> up next here at 5:00, former giants star aubrey huff not invited to an upcoming team reunion. the heated conversation huff had about it today oth >> plus, married police officers decide to take action after years of reports of car break-ins. the small but meaningful ways they're helping the victims. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. lots of beautiful weather
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lately. but it is coming at a cost. we have droughts in parts of the state. we'll detail what's happening with the drought and when rain chances could return. i'll have that in about 8 minutes. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help
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teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. once a fan favorite and life of the clubhouse, former giants star aubrey huff is now being told to stay away, but he is not going quietly. giants let huff know he will not be invited to their big ten year reunion of the 2010 world series team. the giants say his comments on social media are unacceptable
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and don't align with the team's values. huff has sent out numerous tweets degrading women and making fiery offensive political statements. one of huff's tweets today was he tweets things that are minori takao meant to be sarcastic and satirical. it upsets the host. >> maybe this guy, just because it's the bay area, they're going too hard on him. maybe they lean a little too left and he's getting a bad deal. i'm thinking to myself, you know what, he's exactly the turd he makes himself out to be on social media. hang up on him. >> huff said he is standing up for his first amendment rights. >> the housing crisis, in the bay, san jose is the single most difficult place to buy a home in the country. that's according to they compare the number of homes for sale against the city's population. san jose has only four active
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listings -- four -- per 1,000 households. not just san jose when it comes to the housing market. take a look. seattle is number three in the study. columbus, ohio, boston and washington, d.c., also making the top 10 list. >> what can ruin a vacation in san francisco? of course, your car being broken good forouri of tourists have to deal with it. a pair of san francisco police officers are tin let's bring in garvin thomas with bay area strong. do you have answers for us? >> a couple good ones. we're talking about sergeant rich jones and his wife sergeant hen in this uncommonly beautiful city, it's an all-too-common sight. the signs of san francisco's car
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break-in epidemic is scattered for all to see. it's the sight sergeant rich jones was seeing at central station that stuck with him. >> we'd have lines out the door, 20, 30 people all waiting to make police reports. a lot of them have little toddlers, right. to see them with their kids and having the kids be so devastated is really what spoke to us.nd h wife jennifer also an s.f.p.d. sergeant would help with what they have on hand. often diapers or a toy from their own car belonging to their older son, hunter. >> you put yourself as a parent in their shoes. what if i'm in a foreign country and i don't speak the language, or all the stuff the child relies on in one bag was taken. >> we got a storage container. >> reporter: but all of hunter's toys couldn't keep up with the problem. so rich and jenny started buying more and more and eventually formed a nonprofit growing so big now they're no longer
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storing their inventory in their garage, but at a hunters point police facility. >> anything they can carry on the airplane has been successful. >> reporter: rich and jenny now supply toys to every police station in san francisco and some outside the city. and toys not going just to burglary victims, but to children who, for whatever reason, find themselves in the spot no one wants them to be. the nonprofit is called hunter's chest for a reason. >> it wd has ae to explain, okay, your favorite green monster truck was given to a kid, but that's because it was a two-hour wait till his grandma showed up because his diaper bag was stolen. it was important to honor him for dr's faces when they present the toy. some of the parents have taken to social media to praise the couple for their uncommon kindness in the face of such a common crime. one thing rich and jenny say, cops do this all the time
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actually. they're always running to the store if they have a child. what they're doing what may be different about what they're doing is organizing it and giving it a mission. they have big plans. they would love to see this spread nationwide. hunter's chest in police stations across the country for the kids they see in there in a tough situation. >> definitely makes them feel better even just a little bit. thanks, garvin. >> thanks, garvin. outside it's sunny, not much snow if you go to the sierra. satellite shows the difference between this year and last year. this year is on the right just in case you didn't know. the snow pack is about 60% of average and it's ski week for a lot of schools in the bay area. there's not much snow. >> make it -- >> they're grasping on. next month could offerom better chances. we're going to have details on that in my long-range forecast. as we just talked about, all of the sunshine is, well, we have to pay the price here. and i did want to start off tonight with a look at our
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drought monitor. in case you missed this, you can see over california we are starting to see some drought beginning to spread back in primarily over fresno and visalia, some moderate drought. then these areas of yellow, that's where we are considered to be abnormally dry. it's all due to the lack of rain and also the lack of snowfall. 5 to 8 1/2 inches below for that sierra snow pack 53% of normal. so coming up in about 2 minutes i'll take you into that long-range forecast and i'll show you exactly what i'm seeing as we head throughout the next 40-day forecast. yes, 40 days. we'll take you into march. as we start off tomorrow morning, i think this is easy. we are good to go.t you down toa south bay at 40. also coming in with 38 in the north bay. that's the number one chill tomorrow morning. san francisco sunshine and 45 and over to the east bay 41. now, i do see numbers cooling off a couple degrees tomorrow. we're above average, though. it's just not going to be cold enough to get us back down to
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where we should be in the mid 50s. so we have to just enjoy it, right? if we can't get the rainfall, head outside. it's looking pretty good here. 71 in gilroy, let's bring you to the east bay, relatively light winds out of the north at 00 hayward 64 degrees. chilliest at half moon bay 57. red wood city i have you at 66. san francisco feeling the chill. 62 in the embark dare owe, 57 for the 68 here in napa. also 64 in mill valley. so gorsther tomorrow, but then once we hit thursday and friday i am seeing some changes. but the possibility of getting rainfall just continues to lower, at least with this system. let me show you why. the storm system will be centered offshore moving to the south. eventually moving into los angeles. so for us we see some clouds increasing then eventually a chance of spotty shower.
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but no hope for widespread rainfall this week. so here's the extended forecast. clouds increase on thursday. spotty chance on there in san francisco. and we're primarily dry here over the next seven days. inland valley forecast. 60s to low 70s. right as we head into the incredible. up to 70 degrees. but obviously what we need is some big rainfall. we don't have it, so let's bring you into that long-range forecast. right now no lanina, no el nino. we are considered to be neutral. stronger storms well to the north next ten days, but march, a ha, we do have increasing rain chances for the month. the problem i see, though, as we head through march is they could be coming more out of the north. i think we'll get some rain as we head through march, but they may not tap into that super wet westerly or southwesterly storm path. we'll take anything we can get. i still think march looks promising the way things look
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now. >> jeff. >> seeing smoke on the peninsula. that's next. vo: four years ago, donald trump beat the democratic establishment. and then he outlasted democratic insiders in washington on impeachment, despite his obvious crimes and corruption. romney: the president is guilty. vo: now, if we don't do something different this time around, he'll win again. we simply can't afford to nominate another insider or an untested newcomer who doesn't have the experience to beat trump on the economy. we need to think different. tom steyer is a progressive businessman who left his company and is using his time and money to beat big corporations and address climate change. he can expose donald trump as a fraud
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and failure on the economy. tom steyer: he's running on the economy. can't grow an economy,and e economy. i'm tom steyer and i approv m
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