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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 2, 2020 3:30am-4:00am PST

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breaking overnight, a second coronavirus death has been reported in the u.s., and now the first case has been confirmed in new york city we've got the latest on the outbreak. mayor pete buttigieg pulls out of the race before super tuesday. we're live what that could mean for the rest of the wield. congressman john lewis returns to selma, alabama. markets around the globe taking a beating on the heels of the coronavirus. plus "today's" al roker and
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craig melvin take the polar plunge, we'll tell you why "early today" starts right now good morning i'm phillip mena. >> and i'm frances rivera. wee coronavirus which is having a greater impact here at home the virus has arrived in new york city. officials say a woman in her 30s is quarantined in manhattan. she contracted the illness while traveling in iran. governor andrew cuomo says she has been in a, quote, controlled situation since arriving in new york meanwhile there has now been a second death reported in washington state, and the cdc is investigating a nursing home there over concerns of a possible outbreak. we're joined now by nbc's tracie potts in d.c tracie, what can you tell us about the u.s. response to this? >> i can tell you the president wants to change it a bit he now wants to screen people when they enter the united states, even if they've already
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been screened before they got on the plane. and then drugmakers to try to get them to fast track a vaccine washington state announced overnight that one more victim with coronavirus has died, a man his 50s, alsoh underlying from war statee virus through community contact. more than 70 people in the u.s. have now been diagnosed, including the first cases in new york and rhode island. both traveled to affected countries. >> the risk here in rhode island at this point is low, and we've been preparing for this for weeks. >> vice president pence tells "meet the press" the cdc is helping local authorities figure out who else may have been exposed. >> for the average american, the risk does remain low we're ready. >> the trump administration
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say 1/says 150,000 test kits will be available in the next few weeks but they're worried about a shortage of face masks. >> people running out buying face masks, that's not needed. we don't recommend it. >> president trump tweeted the travel risk has increased. >> this idea first that itas a hoax or that it was minimal or that people shouldn't talk about it is all wrong. that's what happened in china. they tried to push it under the rug. >> the administration plans an update this afternoon. and then there is the possibility that the administration has the authority to tell these big pharmaceutical companies to put what they're working on on the back burner and focus now on developing the vaccine. we'll see what comes of that meeting with president trump and the big pharma executives happening later today. frances? >> hopefully we see the progress
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there. thank you. the spread of this virus is already having a major impact on daily live overseas. in france, the world's most popular museum is now closed to the public ple pl employees at the too great what can you tell us about the impact of this crisis. >> good morning, phillip we've reached a grim milestone the number of people killed by the coronavirus has exceeded 3,000. globally there have been almost 90,000 confirmed cases with the numbers outside china now growing faster than inside china. still in china there are 202 new cases, 42 more deaths. south korea has reported another jump and four new deaths, bringing the country's total to just over 4,200 cases. while the mayor of seoul is suing a religious group in south
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korea who have been accused of keeping its members' names secret in italy, there have been at least 34 deaths and almost 1,700 confirmed cases. amazon said two of its employees in italy have contracted the virus and are now under quarantine and in iran, which has the highest mortality rate outside of china, they just released new figures. 66 dead and 1,501 positive cases. phillip? >> those numbers continuing to swell this morning all right. ali arouzi for us, thankhe eve , a major shakeup in the race for 2020 pete buttigieg is bowing out of the democratic primary the former southd mayor enjoyed a meteoric rise capped with a win at the caucus but he ultimately fell short over lack
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of minority support. vaughn hillyard joins us with more the change of the landscape tomorrow is what we're going to be seeing. >> reporter: pete buttigieg is out of the race, which is significant because when you're looking at super tuesday, you're talking about the day during that primary process that will be handing out the largest allotment of delegates throughout the entire primary process, and when you see bernie sanders, there's a real shot he could run away with this primary race tomorrow and take the democratic nomination, and that is where you saw these candidates square up with that reality. not only tom steyer dropping out the over nig the other night, but pete buttigieg after traveling down to plains, georgia, to meet up with jimmy carter and then attending selma events around the anniversary of bloody sunday, he came back here to south bend, indiana, his home where he served as mayor he spoke just across the way,
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across st. joseph's river last night to locals announcing the end of his campaign. take a listen. >> i will no longer seek to be the 2020 democratic nominee for president, but i will do everything in my power to ensure that we have a new democratic president come january >> reporter: pete buttigieg exchanged phone calls last night, we should sark and left voice maehls with one another with joe biden over consolidating support between the two. of course, tomorrow is super tuesday. 14 states will be having their say through this primary process. frances? >> another pivotal moment we're finding in this race vaughn, thank you. north korea launches its first weapons test of 2020 according to the south korean military, north korea fired two unidentified projectiles off the east coast it's the country's first missile test since late november
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officials are investigating whether this was a blass tick missile or rocket. in santa ana, a gunman was killed by police he was fired from inside the immaculate mary catholic church. there were about 15 people inside the church but nobody was injured. police confirmed this was an isolated incident. a video posted online showed two officers struggling to arrest a man while he resisted moments later he was shot twice. the department is now under scrutiny, and the mayor is calling the footage extremely disturbing here's nbc's erin mclaughlin. >> i didn't do nothing -- >> reporter: in chicago, a police shooting under investigation. eyewitness video shows two officers pinning a man to the ground nbc news chose to blur his face. one of the officers yells shoot
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him. shoot him. >> reporter: the struggle continues. you see what looks lik spray and taser fire then you hear a gunshot. a man runs up the escalator, police in pursuit. then another shot. police say the man was hit twice. now in the hospital in critical but stable condition chicago mayor calling the video extremely disturbing according to the police, the officers had initially tried to stop the man from moving between two train cars in violation of city ordinance the man was charged with a acriminal arrest and possession of narcotics >> both officers will be restricted from field duties and be placed administrative duties pending the outcome of this investigation. >> reporter: in 2017 the chicago p.d., the subject of a blistering justice department report, citing a pattern of the police department's worked
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for years to reform and rebuild public trust, now facing renewed scrutiny erin mclaughlin, nbc news. champion gymnasts aly raisman and simone biles are speaking out here's blayne alexander. >> reporter: new trouble for usa gymnastics in the wake of the larry nassar scandal after more than 150 women came forward accusing him of sexual abuse now usa gymnastics is proposing a settlement for those survivors who clai a coach or trainer. in return they would be required to release the u.s. olympic and paralympic committee along with ceo steve penny and former directors martha and bela karolyi from all claims.
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they denied any wrongdoing, but in a new interview with "today," retired gymnasts say that is not good enough. >> they refuse to take any accountability to address the issue, to figure out what went wrong, and they're continuing cover it up. >> reporter: last summer a congressional investigation found usa gymnastics along with the usa olympic committee and the fbi did not do enough. the organization did not specifically address the comments but said in a statement it has fully cooperated with investigator, writing in part, we're deeply committed to learning from these investigations and finding ways to prevent abuse in the future among those survivors, simone biles, the most decorated gymnast in american history tweeteding, still want answers from usag and usopc, and they
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want an independent investigation as much as the survives and i do. now with the olympics fast approaching, questions on what this means for tokyo less than five months away blayne alexander, nbc news. >> there will be more of that exclusive interview with aly raisman coming up on "today" later. let's check on the weather outside with janessa webb. good morning >> we do have this storm across the coast of alaska. you're dealing with another snow day in that area we're going to see the windchills down to 15 to 20 below. this entire system makesr with r in place from seattle all the way to central oregon.
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a very large storm system. we'll talk about the impacts to the west coast coming up. >> all right sounds good. still ahead, kobe's widow calling out authorities after footage of the crash were released. recovering by leaps and bounds a father and daughter defying the odds with a rare bond. oh! not again! oh, thanks! you know automated lights are just the beginning. pretty soon they're gonna have eyes... everywhere. well goodnight. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. geico. when it comes to parenting, you're a pro. you know reflexes are key. you know your kid doesn't step around puddles. and wet shoes, not cool. you know what else isn't cool?
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puffs have more lotion to soothe through the blows... and more pillowy softness, to cushion your nose. don't get burned by ordinary tissues. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. in selma, alabama, a rare appearance by a civil rights icon congressman john lewis has returned to the bridge he was marching that violent day in 1965 known as bloody sunday it was a turn for african-americans and their right to vote. almost all of the democratic candidates were in selma to mark the anniversary. kobe bryant's widow is sharing her anger and calling for an investigation after photos of the crash site were released she said she was absolutely
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devastating, adding that in an effort to protect the dignity of all the victims, she personally went to the sheriff's office on the day of the crash to request that the site be a no-fly zone authorities are investigating where that leak originated. leap day turned out to be a great day. her dad is also a leap day baby. according to staff, the odds of a parent and child sharing the unlikely birthday are one in 2 million. this is what they did to celebrate. dressing up camilla as that snuggly little leapfrog. just ahead, "the invincible man" is a clear winner the box office hit no one saw coming >> the hot deal this morning as the food wars heat up. ok like w♪ ♪won't wait, we're taking everything we wanted we can do it♪ ♪all strength, no sweat
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he said that wherever i went, he would find me, walk right up to me, and i wouldn't be able to see him. >> adrian is dead. >> he's not dead he has figured out a way to be invisible. >> "the invisible man" scared up nearly $30 million this weekend. ""sonic the hedgehog"" came in second with $16 million and harrison ford's "the call of the wild" placed third with just over $13 million this weekend. the coronavirus continues to spread around the globe. plus, new breakfast wars
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covering all that for us, cnbc's will marx coming that for us. >> yesterday was the worst week since the great financial crisis for the u.s. stockmarkets. things could have gotten worse we've seen data out of china with dismal figures that should, again, get investors concerned but because there is now hope that central banks will coordinate globally for the economic data being wrought by this virus, we've seen markets in ashorthand europe picking up pretty sharply oil prices also on the rise because investors seem to be getting a little bit more confident things could turn around another big update for you guys on the breakfast wars on your side of the atlantic we heard from wendy's they're jumping into this competitive marketplace and mcdonald's is spending around $20 million to
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add new items to add things like the frosty-ccino, frosty-inspired coffee drink and egg mcbiscuit. there is a catch, guys you've got to download the restaurant's app and get there before 10:30 local time. >> that's doable. >> willem marx, i appreciate that i like the mcgriddle that changed the game for me. >> sweet and savory. after the break, janessa is back with the weather. r keand craig melvin and al roketa a dive into lake michigan and they've got over 2 million reasons why it was all worth it next. eath. eath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ i suffered with psoriasis i felt gross. people were afraid i was contagious.
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♪ "today" show personalities al roker and craig melvin braving below freezing temperatures for the chicago polar plunge the event raised over $2 million for the special olympics and helped over 7,000 athletes there in chicago. >> all right i can't imagine what that feels like over there even with this warmup around. >> you two have to do it next time. >> no, we're good. >> wow. we're watching our next storm system from seattle to boise. you're going to start off the morning under dry conditions across the rockies and then the storm system starts to enter daytime highs, you're going to struggle across the upper midwest. only mid-40s. >> next time you jump in first. >> can't swim.
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a louisiana kindergartner is marching to his own beat the 6-year-old boy is a marching band prodigy nbc's kate snow has more ♪ >> reporter: in this high school drum line in louisiana there's one player who never misses a beat at just 6 years old jeremiah travis is already a drumming sensation. jeremiah's words are few, but his words speak volumes. >> i just like to be -- >> reporter: his mother nicole
3:57 am
jackson knew from early on his calling was drumming >> he was beating in the womb. he always tapped on anything he could bee. he just beat, see, like he doing now. >> reporter: in 2017 st. helena parish high school's band director spotted the little drummer beating in the stands with his toy drumsticks. >> i thought, boy, we've got get him in a band. bring him over there the kids had a drum outfit for jeremiah and he started going. my mouth just dropped. >> reporter: with that, jeremiah was asked to join the team now in kindergarten, jeremiah plays side by side with drummers nearly triple his size ♪ last fall, a video of jeremiah went viral soon after, his band director got a surprise call from the president at alcorn state university >> mr. frye, you have jeremiah in your band, right?
3:58 am
i said, yes, sir he said, hey, we have to offer jeremiah a scholarship now before all the other schools in the world come gravitating toward jeremiah. >> i was amazed and shocked. we were very excited to receive it. >> reporter: last week jeremiah and his bandmates got a huge opportunity to mar nch the mardi gras parade in new orleans jeremiah just 6 years old playing the streets of the big easy marching toward a bright future. >> that's the best thing for me out of everything with jeremiah, is him receive scholarship most people have those dreams. he's already fulfilling it. >> he's not giving up. he's going to stick with the big kids and learn what they learn it makes us very proud that he's so little and won't give up. >> i love it i they kate snow for that report. >> he's got his own pete and own path that's going to be paved.
3:59 am
really, really great opportunities already. >> it's already paying off for him. i'm so excited for jeremiah's future. >> and that big old smile. >> that's right. thanks forwith "early today. thanks forwith "early today. trump on the economy. his people ovepr green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>> we are pod workers, we get to clean our pods. help oud breaking news on the spread of the coronavirus in the u.s. a second death in washington state. new york city sees its first confirmed case, and new restrictions are being put into place around the globe mayor pete drops out disruptions for senator klobuchar, and tngs are looking good for joe biden heading into super tuesday we'll get you up to speed. olympic gymnasts blasting top officials for those who endured abuse. al roker and craig melvin take the


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