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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 20, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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their day off in the hill car, four similar teams in san jose, working with businesses that are believed to be nonessential are stage open and it is a busy week. >> restaurant, clothing stores, hair salons. >> those witnesses got a warning this week. next week, the rules will change. >> we're looking to begin that enforcement next week. we have several remedies which include criminal citations, business license sanctions, and health code violations. >> but small mom and pop shops like this flower store, they say they have no choice. >> you are worried about paying your rent. >> yes, i want to pay my rent. nobody else will pay my rent. >> he worries he will lose everything once the police pay him a visit. >> it's difficult, but it is part of my job and i have to educate people on what the county ordered. >> it touches our officers. they have much empathy. and at the same time, they have a role and a job to do. >> the chief says the faster everyone complies with the new order, the faster everyone gets out of the crisis.
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today, the initial businesses officers visited told them they were deemed essential, a theme that visited 53 businesses at least this week, issuing warnings. and will keep patrolling the streets, hope everyone complies to prevent officers from enforcing the law. >> the mayor says when it is all said and done, there will be a program in place to help some of these small businesses that struggle through all of this. and also, the chief says that by staying home, people are actually helping save lives. live in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. well, rush hour is also a lot less rush these days, looking like a sunday morning, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, vastly different from last week before the shelter at home. as we mentioned, governor newsom has banned pass lanes on bay area bridges. that's to keep tollbooth collectors and drivers from interacting. they will still be charged though. you will get the charge, through the mail, that starts at midnight tonight.
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well, stocking up and getting ready for whatever might come next, that's the word today from san francisco mayor london breed. >> there are definitely a lot of frustration, around the protective equipment for our folks in the hospitals, and as well as the testing kits. that has been one of the biggest frustrations we have, it's not that we can't afford to purchase them. it's just getting access to them through our federal government. >> and that is quite a frustration for a lot of communities, mayor breed says she wishes anyone who wants to get a test should, but because of the limited supply, the city is sticking to the cdc guidelines when it comes to testing. a struggling bay area hospital has a new lifeline, just a couple of weeks ago, seton medical center in daly city was prepared to close its doors but now it is playing a critical role. we have more from the hospital that was singled out by governor
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newsom. lili tan has more. >> reporter: hospital staff and patients are very happy the hospital is staying open for now and they are hoping it will continue to stay open even after the crisis passes. >> the governor mentioned seton, our seton? >> late thursdayer governor newsom announced plans to inject millions of dollars into seton medical center in daly city. >> today, we just secured a very large hospital in northern california. >> leaving beds to deal with the expected surge in covid-19 patients and for now saving the embattled hospital from closing. >> unfortunately it took the virus. >> seton families and patients like the comachos are relieved. >> every time i have an emergency, i come here. >> it is close to the house and serves a lot of people, and it's a good idea to keep this hope. i'm glad. hope they keep it open longer. >> reporter: less than two weeks ago, the owners reiterated their
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intention to close the hospital. >> isn't it funny how the hospital is going to be closed but now the hospital is a regional asset? >> reporter: san mateo county supervisor david canepa says the state's move increases the hospital's chances of being sold and staying open. >> i believe that a hospital deal is imminent. and in the meantime, what the state arrangement gives us is a little bit of time. >> reporter: the supervisor also said he wouldn't be surprised if a deal to buy seton would be reached in the next three weeks and we owned to the company that owns seton but did not hear back. live in daly city, lili tan. people are ordered to start sheltering at home in napa county. this tis the first day for it t
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go in effect. nonessential businesses closed their dares and streets outside were empty. and other states are following suit. restrictions of movement. the new york governor has put his state on pause, or quote policies that assure uniform safety for everyone. that is new york's way of saying stay home. starting tomorrow, people who live in illinois will stay home and chicago stores aren't just shutting down. you can see it there. they are boarding up. our next stop is in michigan. >> when i came to celebrate mass yesterday, looking at faces, it really took on a whole new meaning for me. it was really profound. >> churches, synagogues, temples, a lot of people are impacted here, priests in grasp michigan, take photos of parishioners, you can see it there, taped to the street seat, cannon law says he must celebrate mass even if the faithful aren't present. well, the week is over.
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financially, some people might not recover fully at least for years. on wall street, this is the worst week since 2008. the dow tumbled 900 points today, or about 4%, you can see that graph here, the fluctuation. wall street's iconic floor is now closed in person, for in person trading and it will go to online trading beginning monday morning. well, we have good news tonight, about testing for covid-19. bay area companies are beginning to ramp up production, and delivery of the tests. and as of today, they can be delivered to your home. our business reporter scott budman is live at our fremont facility where it is helping to make that happen. scott? >> reporter: this is part of the process. it's a facility where they build packaging for a wide variety of projects. but now the company is laser focused on covid-19 packages, getting them packaged and sent
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out as fast as possible so people can get tested with the kits. >> that's dr. caesar jaharian, chief medical officer, demonstrating how to do a home test for covid-19. his company's test, fast-tracked for approval by the fda, started going out on thursday. you can order one from the company's web site. >> you swab your mouth. put it back into the plastic container. and you send it back. and you should get the results anywhere from three to five days. >> reporter: the rush to get the test to people is also keeping fremont-based spectrum packaging busy. >> we manufacture the actual paper kit that the actual product goes inside. >> reporter: they've shelved all other projects, to focus on the testing kits. and even while offering to let employees shelter at home, they
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say they're running as fast as they can. >> it is kind the american way. we come together. do what we got to do. you know, fortunately, we are all still healthy but there are people out there who are not and they need some way of validation, to know if they get the virus or not. >> hoping to give people some clarity in a time of uncertainty. >> you put this in the box, with the pre-paid envelope. >> reporter: you will pay $167.50 for that test from the company and that covers the lab fees they say. a word of warning. this is the kind of situation that often brings out a lot of scammers so you have to find out if the covid-19 test company you're dealing is fda-approved. the way to do that is find out what lab they're working for. then reach out to the state department of public health. they can tell if you that lab is certified for covid-19 tests. live in fremont, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott we'll stay up to date with the latest on
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the virus with the daily newsletter, with top headlines in your inbox, go to nbc bay to sign up. still to come, with the shelter in home order, if it is giving you cabin fever, it could be a lot worse. next, we talk to a bay area woman working in shanghai, about how the chinese government is keeping tabs on her quarantine. >> and we check in with some of the hiking trails. are they busy or not in your area? we'll show you some in the east bay. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri working from home like a lot of you. we will talk about the big weekend changes and when rain rolls in, i'll have that for you coming up in just a couple of minutes. a little bit of blue sky there today, you can see.
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china is making progress. a dramatic decline in new cases. tonight, we have an inside look at how the chinese government is limiting and monitoring its citizens and visitors. that includes a woman from the bay area. here's senior investigative reporter bigad shaban. >> thank you so much for joining us from shanghai right now. we're actually friends in real life. so it is so good to see you. to start off, how are you feeling? >> i'm all things considered a little tired but it feels calming to be back home.
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>> so each after you landed in shanghai, you weren't allowed to go home until you were tested for the coronavirus? >> yes, that's correct. they have an old gym facility, and they organize it into different sections, so that they could process us, as we're coming through, and there was a little, little lawn chairs that were organized, and then they told us, that we would be tested immediately. >> we should add that you tested negative fortunately and you have to wait for the test results. >> yes. and that's mainly because i was flagged based on a recover view answers where i had been for the past couple of days and i was asked to stay there for basically six hours. >> here in california, we have been under a stay at home order. is that similar to what you're facing? >> no, i would say this is, this is a stricter version, like when
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you're in quarantine, you're not leaving your home. they recommend you open your windows, so you are not, but you are not permitted to open the doors of the apartment. >> christina fang, bay area native working abroad in china who just returned to shanghai. christina, thanks for talking to us. be safe. >> thanks. >> and be sure to join our consumer investigator chris chmura and our nbc bay area response team for more on the coronavirus, for questions and concerns, this saturday at 6:30 in the bay area. >> and janelle and i here at the nbc ahead quarters but the bulk of the staff working at home or in the field. jessica aguirre, how are you holdy, janelle, is day seven of being at home. five more, seven in total and i have to say, today really,
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yesterday, really, i started to reach my maximum, with the sanitizing and picking upt groceries and picking up my daughter from college, and making charts and keeping everybody organized and yesterday i think i watched tv for 12 hours everything about covid-19 and i was reaching my breaking point and started yelling at everybody in the house and like so many other people, i'm not used to being home so much and i was kind of like breaking so i decided i needed to get out of the house and the stay at home order says you can't be out there and be with people and we went hiking and i was surprised there were so many people out and about, walking, just like i was, and i went up to the pleasanton ridge and had never seen the parking lot so packed, families with young kids, and older people, and just everybody walking around, and there was this sense of really just, everyone was so polite and nice, and everybody kept their distance and everything, but you can see everybody else had that need to
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get outside, too, and have that sense of normalcy. we spoke to a therapist this afternoon, one of the biggest pieces of advice we can give, we all need to get on a schedule. if you're at home, you need to have a schedule, get up and go exercise, and you need to get outside and you need to remove yourself from this isolation a little bit, without meeting up with other people, and really try to establish some sense of routine, and sense of normalcy. so that you don't feel like the world is coming to a tragic end. there is optimism. there is, we're going to get through this, and so it was really good to go outside. it was so funny, we ran into all of these cows and they even seemed to be self isolating because they were all like six feet away from each other, too. >> and i know some of the small smaller parks like golden gate park was jam-packed with everybody from san francisco going there and some of the rural areas, it seems like people were keeping their distance. i was hiking on the peninsula, and there were a lot of people there, too, but keeping their distance and there is more space
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to keep their distance. >> there is a fine line. we talk about with jessica and janelle and everyone, you want to get out and hike and get some fresh air but at the same time it's a place that you're walking or hikes, if it's too cruded it is probably not the, too crowded, it is probably not the right place to be. six feet minimum. and you want to be 10 to 15 feet and you have to judge it by yourself based on your local community. >> thanks, jessica. >> it is important to have a kind of a routine. >> of course. >> hopefully. >> yes. >> indeed. >> jessica, we will see you during the 6:00 newscast and let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri who is outside and it is actually beautiful, jeff. i know there are some clouds out there but it is gorgeous. yes, we did end up getting a little bit of sunshine today. i'm also working from home. so i can get my few moments of fresh air this afternoon. and you know, temperatures are beginning to drop in the 50s and 60s. but the thing i wanted to show you is all of those oak trees back behind me. they are beginning to drop this.
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it is pollen. so this might have your allergies aggravating as we head through the next 24 horse, a24 hours, and with covid-19, allergy symptoms, you want to distinguish between either one of those and you can check the cdc and the web site for more information on distinguishing the flu from allergies, and also covid-19. but again, your allergies, definitely could be popping here, as oak trees are really heading into the high category. along with pine, cedar, and juniper, as well. so please pay attention to that, as we head through this weekend. otherwise, as we get you into our weather forecast, we have been monitoring a few spotty showers down in the south bay, but nothing major. the big deal that we're looking at here is this storm system beginning to approach as we hit. sunday night, okay, so before that, on saturday, we do expect
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clouds and warmer temperatures but once we hit sunday night, rainfall does return. that means as we head to tomorrow, a little bit more cloud cover, than originally anticipated because the storm system is kind of speeding up, so the more high overcast, with the temperatures in the 40s, from the south bay to the tri-valley, east bay at 42 and north bay at 40. our temperatures tomorrow will be on the mild side. as you will see down here in the south bay. we have it up to 67 in downtown san jose. and over to the east bay, i have a few 70s, like in concord, also pittsburgh, and danville. and peninsula, we will go up to 67 in palo alto. san francisco, we have 53 along the embarcadero. right here across the north bay, 70 in ukiah, also 70 in napa. so here's the deal, my extended forecast, san francisco, 64 tomorrow. with some partly sunny skies. and by sunday, the storm will move in from the south, and that will give us the chance of some spotty rain, and then monday, tuesday, and also on wednesday,
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we'll see totals of a quarter to three quarters of an inch possible. now, for the inland valleys, we'll go from this 70 degrees tomorrow, which is going to be really, really nice, and then drop it down to some colder 60s, as we head through sunday, monday and tuesday. with that chance of rain. so coming up tonight at 6:00, we'll take a closer look at the rain potential with this storm system, again, with it moving in from the south, it's not going to be that typical kind of storm, where the north bay gets most of the rain. again, we will take a closer look at that coming up tonight at 6:00. that fresh air felt good. but i'm back inside like everyone else. see you tonight. >> thanks, jeff. >> thanks. up next at 5:00, you still have to file your taxes but the april 15th deadline, not anymore. it is officially pushed back.
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tax day, now in july officially. early this week, the trump administration said people could delay paying their taxes 90 days, now it's moving tax day all together from april 15th to july 15th, the treasury encourages anyone capable of filing before that, to still do that because you can get your refund sooner. and the state income tax deadline has been extended to july 15th in california. and on kuala lumpuwall stre ends the worst week since 2008. the dow tumbled 900 points. and wall street's iconic floor is closed for in person trading and goes online monday. a delay at sfo but not a flight delay. they have postponed the next maze of harvey milk term cal
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one. another section was supposed to open next week. and now it will likely open next month. today we spoke with one of the most respected leaders in the country. former defense secretary and white house chief of staff leon panetta, he said we are taking the right steps in combatting covid-19, but president trump should have protected the country much sooner. >> i'm concerned that this president has been ambivalent at best, about not only confronting the threat that we were dealing with, but in taking the necessary steps to try to make sure that we ultimately can control this epidemic. >> we will have much more of our exclusive interview with secretary leon panetta coming up on the 6:30 newscast this evening and he also talked about potentially, his thoughts of delaying the november presidential election. so fascinating chat with leon panetta. more to come at 630. >> looking forward to that. deputies are going door to door but not what you think.
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newscast. many people are getting hit hard financially because of the shelter at home orders across the country, but on capitol hill, a bill is in the works to get cash into the hands of americans. tonight, in our coronavirus crisis center, we break down who qualifies. individuals who make $75,000 or less a year would be eligible. they would get a $1200 check from the federal government. married couples who file their taxes jointly will have to make less than $150,000 to qualify. under the plan, they'd get $2400. the cash would come in the time of a one-time payment but president trump and the treasury secretary have pushed for qualified americans to get their stimulus checks in two payments. a san francisco realtor is using music to lift people's spirits. take a look. ♪ up and down the boulevard. >> don't stop believing by
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journey. a facebook group was started called quarantine sing-along. every day at 3:00, she posts the sochk the day. and today it's journey, "don't stop believing" and then at 7:30 a group from around the bay area starts with a one minute round of applause for first responders and then they all break out into song. that's pretty cool. >> very good. and tonight, a story only on nbc bay area, is there something good tonight, the meals on wheels program is overwhelmed with requests because of the virus but today the program got much-needed help from the santa clara sheriff's deputies, ten deputies delivered food all over the county, and the deputies were helping out the nonprofit food basket and says coronavirus precautions have depleted their volunteers. >> i think it is awesome the sheriff's department is stepping in and i can't survive without the meals on wheels. i need that daily, and they come through, every day, they provide my food, and my meals for me.
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>> in all deputies delivered people to about 40 people at home. >> that is very nice. that will do it for oour 5:00 newscast. lester holt will be next. and then we'll see you at 6:30. breaking news tonight, the coronavirus forcing millions more americans into virtual lockdown over 75 million people in new york, california, illinois, and connecticut ordered to stay at home the u.s. borders to mexico and canada set to close to nonessential travel. a spring break crackdown, florida communities closing beaches. in europe, the crisis growing. inside the icu in ity. the country's deadliest day. fear on the front lines, e.r. doctors saying we are on the verge of a medical disaster health care workers' lives at risk. >> there's a lot of anxiety. there's a lot of fear. there's a lot of, you


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