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tv   Today  NBC  April 27, 2020 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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us. we'll come back at 7:25 for more local news updates. >> that's right. to a little help from mom. oh, my gosh. >> next prom queen and king. hope you have a great day out >> prom king, matthew allen. there and thanks for joining us. > >> senior prom king. >> we got him his crown, thanks to a little help from mom. >> 2020 prom queen is lane thompson good morning first steps. more states set to ease up on shelter restrictions starting how does it feel >> awesome thank you guys so much. >> how has your class become today. over the weekend crowded beaches closer, more united. >> losing our senior year made us stronger. >> we're coming together as a family. >> our class will stay senior strong for the rest of our lives by supporting and being there and packed parks already, even for each other. in states with strict stay-at-home orders. one of the nation's top experts says it's not nearly over. >> social distancing will be with us through the summer to really ensure we protect one >> and a final surprise for all of the seniors amazon wants each and every one of you to have a $100 gift card, and you're going to get a year prime student subscription and a another. >> what to expect this week coming up. not immune confusion reigns after the world health organization's disturbing finding that there's no evidence that recovered covid patients can't get sick again
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american doctors signal caution. this morning the w.h.o. tries to clarify. breaking point fire 7 tablet. class of 2020, congratulations one of the country's biggest >> guys, this class in a way was born to be together and to be strong they were all born right -- a meat processors said the supply lot of them right after 9/11 chain is on the brink. happened so they all feel this sense of community and just a great group just ahead the new warning to of kids. brace for limited amounts of we're really thrilled. the producer put that together, beef, chicken and pork in grocery stores from coast-to-coast just a really sweet group of dead or alive. speculation mounts overnight kids. over the status of kim jong-un after he misses another major >> they seemed like they were event. doing service from the north korea's leader not seen publicly in more than two weeks. we'll have the very latest in a live report. stir crazy. >> this is something i don't think anybody, even our grandparents, can relate to in their live times to be told not to go outside. beginning. right, al? >> yeah. absolutely i think that will continue into college. since we're talking senior promise, craig, any memories for you? >> no. no, of course we have that sort of ready to go i stayed out later than i was supposed to. i remember that. when i got home, my mother was none too happy that's the memory that will >> the new data more and more americans fed up with staying at home and venturing out what experts are calling quarantine fatigue and what it always stay with me. means for the outbreak. those stories plus, it's roker, why didn't you go to magic -- >> i've always wanted to play against mike. yours? >> couldn't get a date, so there
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>> with millions tuned into that michael jordan documentary, we'll walk down the magical you go memory lane with the man himself sad, but i'm over it >> hoda? today monday, april 27th, 2020. >> i didn't go to mine either, al no, i didn't. >> what? >> where did you get the picture from >> announcer: from nbc news, >> that's just a picture but i didn't go to the actual dance, and that's probably why. this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza hi, everybody. good morning who is he? welcome to "today. it is nice to have you with us again at the start of a new >> starting to feel a theme week it's monday morning. coming on here. >> what about you, sg, did you go hi, everybody. hi, hoda. >> hi, savannah. great to see you >> no one asked me to the prom, no we do have a lot to get to on they do have a picture of me -- the coronavirus this morning this is actually the winter dance in ninth grade i always liked that picture five more states will begin because my daddy bought me that restrictions this is week, including colorado and tennessee. four other states started their reopening plans last week, savannah >> but there is a new warning from the white house's coronavirus coordinator deborah dress. very '80s, but it's kind of birx special. >> sweet. she had yesterday on "meet the press," social distancing will
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>> carson daly had three prom be with us through the summer. dates. >> carson. >> the takeaway here for those of you watching, if you ever small businesses can start want to be part of the "today" show, prerequisite number one, don't go to prom applying for the second round of i didn't go either we're a bunch of losers. i stayed home and watched "60 minutes" with my father and emergency funding. played golf early the next day, the program had to be temporarily shut down last week when it ran out of money. >> meantime the u.s. is now approaching 1 million coronavirus cases. the death toll now tops 54,000 we have complete coverage. we're going to start with the push by some states to reopen. blayne alexander in atlanta, we're here for you and we're open. georgia, for us. wow. hey, blayne, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning i'm an original. to you one of a kind. you feel me? for the first time in six weeks, love ya'. oop! you look cute! better than you? pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99. this restaurant is opening its doors welcoming customers into the dining room sitting inside and out on the patio all restaurants across georgia have three dozen requirements they have to satisfy before opening. masked servers and no more than six people per table still some critics say the reopening is happening too soon. this morning in georgia it's round two of the state's
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reopening with some salons, barber shops, gyms and more already up and running now movie theaters and dine-in restaurants will also be allowed to open their doors. >> to put it mildly, going through hell. >> the white house recommends two weeks of downward covid-19 cases before loosening the restrictions, a threshold ♪ georgia does not meet. the governor says his decision is informed by data and public health recommendations but it's drawn intense criticism from mayors around georgia. >> it's not a time to lift the restrictions. >> it's absolutely premature in my mind. >> it's putting all of us at risk. >> this week ushering a new wave of reopening in much of tennessee, restaurants and stores free to welcome customers this week at 50% capacity but the most populated areas like nashville, still shuttered. in ohio, the state's stay-at-home order is set to end on friday. >> it's going to be a very slow, gradual transitioning -- gradual
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reopening. >> and in new york, governor andrew cuomo announced a gradual plan to reopen some parts of the state starting with construction and manufacturing in less populated areas. >> the regions that would be more likely to open sooner would my new bite-sized, crispy popcorn chicken is so be the upstate regions. irresistible you'll want them whenever, so don't resist! pop 'em while you game, hang, or do your thing. >> even nba allowing players to pop my 100% all-white-meat classic resume individual workouts at or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99. team facilities but only if their city has reopened. the white house's coronavirus response coordinator, dr. deborah birx, braved the nation for a long battle ahead. >> social distancing will be with us through the summer to really ensure that we protect in just a few minutes, the third hour of "today," we're going to chat with dj khaled about his challenge that raised one another. millions. >> but for gary, whose new restaurant set up with disposable plates and menus and spaced out tables, getting back to business is a matter of >> we've got the one, the only, survival. we've got julie andrews with us. >> how important is it for you it's going to be fun catching up to reopen tomorrow. with her but first your local news. >> more than you can imagine we're opening just for the sake of getting the wheels greased up to go forward. we just can't give up.
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>> reporter: that's in addition to dine-in restaurants, movie theaters welcome to open their doors. as for amc, the chain told thed plan to open any theaters until sometime in july when there are new movies to release. >> blayne alexander leading us good morning. off. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. just in, san jose police now also new measures to ramp up saying the man struck by a car testing for coronavirus but there's also confusion this last night on tully and king roads has died from his morning over whether recovered injuries. they have not yet identified the patients actually do have immunity and won't get sick victim. police say the driver of the car stayed at the scene and is cooperating with officers. so far, there is no indication the driver will be charged. here in the bay area, the again. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us now from a pharmacy in new york latest bay area coronavirus city. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. we're here in the bronx which has the highest infection rate numbers. more than 7500 testing positive. per capita in new york city. the state's stay-at-home order won't expire until at least may 15th. a new testing clinic is now the governor is taking new measures to prepare for that opening this morning in livermore exclusively for people including making thousands of who live in the tri-valley. it's opening it's the alameda county fairgrounds. and you won't need a doctor's pharmacies like the one behind referral to be tested there. our bob redell is speak with
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health care workers at the site, me open for virus testing. and he'll have a live report >> cities taking new steps to coming up for us during our ramp up testing. new york's governor now allowing all independent pharmacies in midday newscast. you can also go to our home page the state, more than 5,000, to conduct diagnostic covid-19 to learn more about what the criteria will be for anyone who needs testing. tests. firefighters are trying to determine what sparked an early morning fire at a peninsula >> testing is what we are compulsively, excessively apartment complex. it happened a little before 3:00 a.m. in san bruno. no one was injured, but our focused on. >> reporter: with twitter feed has the most hospitalizations, icu admissions complete story as well as what and deaths dropping at the residents say they heard before they were told to evacuate. coronavirus epicenter, there's across america, business owners are figuring things out. finding new ways to serve customers... also a push for more aentibody tests to check for a possible immunity. connect employees... now a new warning you may be and work with partners. able to get the virus more than once. comcast business is right there with you. the world health organization says there's currently no evidence that people who have with a network that helps give you speed, recovered from covid-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection. reliability and security. and enough bandwidth to handle all your connected devices. voice solutions like remote call forwarding and readable voicemail. and safe, convenient installation. still, dr. anthony fauci when every connection counts, you can count on us. -- they tweeted most that are get the connectivity your business needs. infected will develop an antibody responsibilities with call today.
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some level of protection. comcast business. what we don't know yet is the level of protection and how long that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. it will last. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... it comes as dr. anthony fauci emphasizes the need for more unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... testing. >> right now we're doing about or just letting the sun light your home. 1.5, 2 million per week. we probably should get up to twice that as we get into the stay well and keep it golden. next several weeks. >> reporter: the reason for delays the need for swabs, reagents needed to determine if they're positive or negative. california has more than 42,000 confirmed cases. officials there are working to dramatically ramp up testing efforts. >> we average about 2,000 tests a day through the end of march. we hope to be averaging 25,000 tests a day by the end of this month. >> reporter: in new york, first responders, health care workers, all essential employees are now eligible for coronavirus testing. pharmacist is waiting for state health department to roll out
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rules about getting tests and administering them. >> we're ready when the tests are ready and the department says go. >> now, the governor has already announced antibody tests at four new york city hospitals. for now those tests will be focused on health care workers. savannah. >> all right, gabe. thank you. let's turn to nbc's medical correspo to nbc's medical correspondent dr. john torres. dr. john, good morning i'm sure a lot of people who saw this sentence from the world health organization saying there's no evidence yet that people who have these antibodies are, in fact, immune from getting sick again, i'm sure a lot of people were disturbed by that what does that mean? is the w.h.o. being really careful in its language? >> savannah, i think you're right. i think a lot of people are waking up getting very concerned thinking they might get coronavirus the second time. that's not what the world health organization said. they said we don't know what happens if you have antibodies we don't know how long those antibodies will protect you, if at all, because we simply don't have enough information about
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the virus. rockefeller plaza, this is the the main emphasis was about th antibody test themselves, number one, we're not sure about their reliability because they have "3rd hour today." >> good morning are morning. been pushed out so quickly welcome to the third hour of passport people talking about certificate of immunity. they are concerned because they think people might be using that "today." craig melvin in studio 1a, al erroneously and it gives them a false sense of security. and sheinelle rking at home. may not feel like spring but they still want social we're trying to do our part in distancing not going out thinking i have immunity, i can do whatever i the third hour to bring the want. season indoors you've got the spring graphic behind me, behind al roker as well >> back to the primary opponent al, certainly didn't look like -- point there. we don't have the study yet to spring outside your window. >> no, it didn't show there's some immunity after somebody has had this virus. woke up this morning, and we had is there any reason to think a couple o this wouldn't track with other viruses so there's some level of immunity >> at this point there's no reason to think it won't be like other coronaviruses where you do get a level of immunity. what they don't know is what level of antibodies do you need to get some of that immunity and how long will that immunity last what they have found out is some
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people have high levels of antibodies other people who had infections, verified infections aren't showing levels of antibodies they aren't sure what that means and it's going to take years to figure that out. they are trying to make sure people don't have that false sense of security saying i have antibody and therefore i can do whatever i want. they don't have to necessarily take the precautions they are saying, number one, again, they aren't that accurate and number two, people aren't getting people infected. >> why have the antibody tests been so inaccurate, false positives, different types, a black market out there why is this such a confusing area >> it's not just a confusing area in the u.s., it's around the world. if you remember uk they ordered antibody tests from china. they are asking for refunds because the tests aren't that good it's one of these things, this virus has come on so fast and so quickly, it's hard to get a test that quick and that accurate
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there have been stumbles along the way at validating the tests an whether they can validate them they are pushing them out faster than some scientists think they should that is giving us tests we don't want or need that's going to take years to get. in the meantime these tests can help a little bit but they aren't as reliable as we want or need them to be. >> thank you for your time hoda, over to you. >> to a troubling new warning about the nation's food supply which was already major concern on the minds of many consumers it's coming from one of the country's top meat companies kerry sanders has been covering that story for us. he's in ft. lauderdale this morning. hey, kerry, good morning. >> good morning. this morning there is a warning that our nation's meat supply is about to be tested ranchers report in the last seven days they have sent 30% fewer cattle to market because the meat processors can't handle it it not just beef same thing with pork and also chicken. what that means to us is we may
7:13 am
see less meat at the grocery store. >> the food supply chain is breaking that's the warning in a full page add from tyson foods released in the "new york times" on sunday. it comes after one of the country's largest meat processors closed a massive pork processing plant in iowa because of a coronavirus outbreak. the letter from tyson's president going on to say, there will be limited supply of our products available in grocery stores until we're able to reopen our facilities that are currently closed. >> ambulances started coming to the plants, people started being carrie out of there so we were always asking our supervisors, basically, what is it that's going on here. >> nbc news talked to one tyson worker at that iowa plant who concealed their identity. >> didn't have enough material or masks or things like that to provide to us, so they started giving us different types of rags they had that they had washed clean.
7:14 am
>> tyson responding telling nbc news, we've been working diligently to protect our team members. early on we allowed workers to bring their own masks. we even supplied some until we could secure surgical-style coverings which we now require all team members to wear. adding, we aren't aware of any ambulance visits to the plant for covid-19 reasons. nbc news has not been able to independently confirm ambulances at the tyson plant. tyson's waterloo plant, one of several closed across the country, shut down by beef, pork, and poultry companies trying to contain virus outbreaks. the ceo of the national cattleman's beef association says he fears things are only going to get worse. >> if we start to see panic buying much like we did the first two weeks of this pandemic, yes, we're going to have an issue on our hands, there's no doubt about it. >> meat suppliers, processors say in their freezers they have a supply of beef, pork, and
7:15 am
plants are closed, the faster the nation's meat supply will dwindle. savannah. >> that's going to get a lot of people's attention this morning, kerry, thank you. now to another story we are following closely, the misery and growing speculation surrounding the health and whereabouts of north korea's leader kim jong-un. today senior international correspondent keir simmons has the latest on this. keir, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning. the rumors are really swirling now including one suggesting that kim jong-un's surgeon's hands were shaking in fear. u.s. officials have told nbc news of indications kim jong-un has had cardiovascular surgery. but as always with north korea, it's hard to get to the truth. kim jong-un has not been seen in public for more than two weeks. these images are thought to show the supreme leader's train at the north coast at a luxury
7:16 am
compound. on saturday kim skilled his second major event, army day. a deepening mystery with rumors about his poor health and possible demise making headlines around the globe. reuters reporting a team including medics flew into north korea from china. one well connected chinese commentator posting to millions of commentators. some wait for the official announcement. suit yourself. her post later deleted but not by her she claimed. u.s. senator lindsey graham saying over the weekend i'd be shocked if he's not dead, though admitting he does not have any direct knowledge. south korea still insisting its intelligence shows nothing unusual. a north korean newspaper claiming kim even sent a letter. >> how closely guarded is kim jong-un? how many people around him would know that something is wrong. >> that would ab very small circle of people. the rumors on the ground are people on the outside. >> when "today" made a rare trip to the world's most isolated dictatorship, we found kim jong-un's image everywhere.
7:17 am
>> you thank kim jong-un for this? >> yes. >> whatever the truth, this woman may be central behind the scene. kim jong-un's sister represented him at the winter olympics and accompanied him during his two summits with president trump. it's possible, of course, that kim jong-un is in lockdown over the coronavirus. but savannah, it's so important, because, remember, north korea is a nuclear-armed nation. if it lost its leader, a weakened world would face another crisis. savannah. >> all right. keir simmons, thank you very much. it is 7:17, hoda, send i to you. >> good news. finally back home with their families this morning after they were stranded in the caribbean without a flight home because of the whole coronavirus lockdown. the dutch students were in the caribbean on an educational cruise. they were supposed to fly back from cuba. they couldn't get a flight, so organizers booked them on a 200
7:18 am
foot sailboat instead. after a five-week journey across the atlantic, they finally arrived back home in the netherlands. their parents were relieved. they were happy to greet them. everybody is happy at home. savannah, one of the parents said once they realized they won't be able to leave their houses, they might want to get back on the boat. >> i don't know. after five weeks. talk about an educational cruise. you learn more than you bargained for. let's get a first check of the weather from al. you're wearing your paul bunyan outfit today, i like it. you've got plaid. >> got snow out, look at the radar. you'll see 4 to in new england, showers making this way through the northeast. as we move back to the west, tomorrow, look out, 38 million at risk for hail, 2" or more. wind gusts of 75 miles per hour,
7:19 am
likely with tornadoes. we're watching the system push to the east. heavy rain to the upper midwest. a risk of severe weather in the southern plains. then as we move into wednesday, heavy rain for appalachians, thunderstorms likely across the south. they could spur tornadoes. look at the rainfall, anywhere from 1 to 3" from texas, the gulf coast, midwest, all the way in the midwest and parts of the mid-atlantic as well. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
7:20 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look outside in the south bay, it's going to start out sunny and we're looking at a lot more sunshine. today will be very much like yesterday with some mid to upper 70s for the inland areas and then we'll see our temperatures up to 83 degrees. we're still going to have some warm weather in the forecast. and then as we go into next week, the rest of the week, we're going to see a cooldown by friday. inland highs in the 70s. >> >> guys, coming up in the next half hour, some record setting heat out west. we'll take a look coming up. back to you. >> all right, al, thank you. just ahead, did you hit a beach or a park over the weekend the new concern that a lot of americans are beginning to suffer from so-called quarantine fatigue, leaving home far more frequently, savannah. plus new technology that screens people for symptoms. could it hold the key for getting us all back in our offices, concert halls, stadiums, getting back to life we will get an exclusive look at
7:21 am
this technology. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming coming up, nba legend magic johnson joins us live after a starring role in that michael jordan documentary after your local news on the network, we can have teachers face-to-face with a student in live-time. they can raise their hand and ask questions. they can type questions. we just need to make sure that the education is continuing. (vo) at verizon, we're here and we're ready to keep students and teachers connected to the world. that's why verizon and "the new york times" are offering 14 million students free digital access to "times" journalism. (lucky) (hearts, stars, and horseshoes, gclovers and blue moons,y! unicorns, rainbows, and tasty red balloons! (kid 2) seriously! (lucky) [singing] i love me lucky charms. they're magically delicious!
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including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. talk to your doctor today, and learn how janssen can help you explore cost support options. remission can start with stelara®. good morning. it's 7:26. i'm marcus washington. here are the latest bay area coronavirus numbers. more than 7,500 people have now tested positive. 260 people have died. as of this morning, the marathon oil refinery in martinez mrapla to suspend operations due to low demand for gas. work started to wind down last weekend. between 800 and 1,000 people are being furloughed. people living on treasure island have one less option. uper eats is halting delivery there. this is after san francisco
7:27 am
capped fees at 15% this is to allow local businesses to compete. uber eats says fee limits means it cannot cover the operational costs. let's get a look at the forecast for you today on this monday. meteorologist kari hall. and today will be very nice. warming up for the inland areas. it's going to be basically a repeat of yesterday where we saw our inland areas reach into the low 80s with antioch and concord today reaching into the low 80s. upper 70s for livermore, san jose and mid-70s for palo alto. for the north bay expect a high up to 82 degrees in santa rosa and it will be slightly warmer see our temperatures peaking in the low 80s. and then a cooldown headingurr mostly in the mid to upper 60s tomorrow. we'll continue to keep an eye on our dry weather in the forecast.
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now over to you. thanks, kari. we'll have another local news update coming up for you in the next half hour. right now, staying connected is more important than ever. and fast, reliable, secure internet from xfinity can help.
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hey, everybody, welcome back monday morning, 7:30 the start of a new week. we're happy you're with us savannah is with us. craig is with us good morning you guys. >> good to see you good monday. >> good morning, everybody monday morning, let's get started. here are your 7:30 headlines on the recovers five more states will begin lifting stay-at-home restriction this is week including colorado and tennessee. four other states started their reopening plans last week. >> the president of brown university said reopening of college campuses in the fall should be a national priority.
7:31 am
christina paxton said she's cautiously optimistic it can happen but only if careful planning now. british prime minister boris johnson speaking out for the first time since his recovery. johnson says the uk is still at a moment of maximum risk for the coronavirus and also warned against easing lockdown restrictions too early. now to troubling new signs some americans are easing up when it comes to social distancing there's even a name for it they are calling it quarantine fatigue. nbc's sam brock in georgia with more on that hey, sam, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. people in 44 out of 50 states appear to be going backwards when it comes to social distancing that is according to a new study that looks at anonymous data on your cell phone and tracks how often you're going more than a mile and stopping more than 10 minutes. this park i'm standing in now,
7:32 am
empty, was filled with possibilities of people everywhere yesterday it's a scene that played out coast-to-coast california's golden beaches, for weeks vacant in the midst of this health crisis are suddenly social. >> normally we'd be going to church now we're feeling the presence of god here on the beach. >> on the other side of the country, crowds gathered on long island shores, stretched out at piedmont park in atlanta tossing frisbees and exchanging high fives. >> i don't think this is something anybody can relate to, even our grandparents, in their lifetime, to be told you can't go outside. >> this going viral, calling it reckless and unacceptable. a new study from university of maryland says increasingly more people aren't at home. >> what i see now is individual americans, many of them are deciding on their own that they are going to reopen themselves
7:33 am
weather, loser state rules and -- looser state rules, and weeks of being cooped up inside, turning the tide in the wrong direction. with his social distancing index dropping 3% overall equating to millions of people out and about. >> last week we saw for the first time nationwide a reduction in social distancing index, which indicates people are going outside of the home more, they are traveling more. so it's just a major shift in momentum as the nation fights the pandemic. >> although 44 slipped, the worst offenders were largely in the south with louisiana, carolinas, and tennessee leading the way. governors like california's gavin newsom reacting to the renewed beach activity tweeting in part, i know it's going to be nice out this weekend and many are tired of staying at home but we must continue to take this seriously. #stay home save lives.
7:34 am
for this circle of friends who used to meet every week at a bar. >> this group respects each other, keeps our distance. i can only be responsible for myself i have to do what i'm comfortable with. >> they say their behavior is proof you can be outside responsibly. >> a bit of cautiousness, you're only going to trust people you think are practicing social distancing. >> reporter: here in georgia according to the study, this state had one of the top ten's biggest drops in social distancing hoda, savannah, what's interesting this morning, the areas that were actually considered really well like new york and d.c., even they saw some regression. hoda. >> sam brock in atlanta. sam, thank you. up next on monday morning, vicky nguyen is going to introduce us to this new tool that could become the new normal once office buildings are allowed to reopen. >> good morning. could this be the technology that helps us get back to work the manufacturer says you step into it like this and within seconds it can tell you if you may have symptoms of the
7:35 am
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7:39 am
return to normalcy everyone understands that but what is it going to look like? >> this morning we have an exclusive on technology that may help restart the country again, from getting back to work to attending things like concerts and sporting events. nbc investigative and consumer correspondent vicky nguyen got to try it out firsthand. hi, vicky. >> hi, hoda. everyone wants to know when will america reopen and what will it look like. one company is giving us a glimpse into what could be a good normal. the device that reads people for symptoms of illness. >> we can't break our country over this. we have to reopen. >> what we reopen will be better than that we had before. >> as the debate over when to reopen and restart the country rages, more questions. what will our lives look like? can fans gather at sporting events, theaters what about busywork places some, including new york city's mayor, part of the new normal, should involve health screening. >> the important thing to
7:40 am
recognize with the temperature checks, they absolutely have a role to play. >> this device may play a role called medical evaluation get way. the manufacturer says it can screen up to 600 people an hour for signs of illness company ceo darrick peterson showed me how it works at their lab in new york. >> come on, vicky. as you walk through, face this way, put your feet on the yellow pads. >> as i walk in, he says this sensor uses ultrasound to measure my height. >> now we'll calculate body temperature, heart rate, resting heart rate and oxygen levels right there in the chest area. >> in less than 10 seconds, this screen tells the operator my external temperature, respiration rate, blood oxygen and heart rate. >> you're looking at these vital signs. what can that tell you about their health. >> tgh
7:41 am
tell if somebody is well or not well. >> he says because this is not a medical device, it doesn't require fda approval the machine doesn't collect data and the technology to collect >> we're using wave technology to scan the body for vital since is noninvasive. >> we're using wave technology to scan the body for respiration rate and heart rate. also using proprietary technology for determining temperature. we validate against known equipment in the industries that can verify what we're doing. >> let's be clear. this cannot tell me if i have coronavirus. >> absolutely not. i can't tell you if i have coronavirus. i can tell you you may be sick. >> it might detect coronavirus vital signs consistent with coronavirus. 50% of people with coronavirus are going to have normal vital signs, no symptoms whatsoever. >> nbc's medical correspondent john torres says this device is not a magic solution to detecting coronavirus. >> how important are these vital signs detecting baseline that they might or mate not be ill.
7:42 am
>> vital signs are one thing to see if people are sick if they have other complaints they might have -- >> what do you say to critics who say this might give people a false sense of security about whether or not they are healthy. >> just another tool to try to help people understand in a quick way if they are healthy or not. this is not the end all be all. >> who decides what to do with this data. it will be up to the organization that uses this technology to figure out how they respond. >> do you think tools like this are helpful, and do you think they will become commonplace >> yes i do think they can be helpful we are in an extraordinary situation where i think a lot of people are looking at how do we balance our individual freedoms with more of a collective need for society. >> he compares the new technology to airport screenings after 9/11. >> i think a lot are talking about tools like this and other forms of technology that might seem unusual years ago, might be
7:43 am
part of our future. >> as for the symptoms sense, it received inquiries with from thousands of companies and governments, including major league sport the government ordered devices but unclear where they will use them. >> asymptomatic people up to 50%. that will be tough the question is that may help a little how much does it cost and when will it get on the market. >> they are not cheap, about $35,000 a piece. they are working on a metal detector based on inquiries from sports leagues, this can be an all in one tool. they are expect to ship these device in one month. >> all right, vicky, thank you for the update it's about time we get a check of the weather from mr. roker. hey, al. >> hey, hoda, you know that stevie wonder song "hotter than the fourth of july" out west that's the case. take a look at phoenix next four days talking about triple digits and setting records or coming close to it. only the fifth time in april where they have three days in a
7:44 am
row of heat. wednesday could get 101. vegas has never reached 100 degrees in the month of april. 14 million people under heat watches, warnings or advisories for the parts of the southwest above average temperatures from san diego, lake tahoe, grand junction out to lubbock. as we move into tuesday, those warm temperatures continue from phoenix, barstow, grand junction on into santa fe the latter part of the week, it stays fairly warm with the exception of san francisco everybody is going to see temperatures at or above normal. and another first, we saw tropical depression one-e over the weekend. earliest cyclone in the eastern pacific. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are going to have a very warm day. in fact, as we take a live look outside in walnut creek it's going to be very much like
7:45 am
yesterday where we had a nice, cool start to the day. then it warmed up quickly as we're heading into the low 80s this afternoon. in livermore expect a high of 79 degrees. 78 in san jose. up to 82 degrees in santa rosa with some upper 60s in san francisco. for our inland valleys, our temperatures peak tomorrow but then gradually cool down by the end of this workweek. hoda craig, i'm sorry >> i'll take it. >> that's all right. coming up next, our friends at "snl" give dr. anthony fauci exactly what he wanted and what we all needed. inside brad pitt's surprise cameo. living rooms are now offices and schools. our world is suddenly different. but one thing stays the same. sate farm is there. to any of our customers currently facing financial burdens, call your state farm agent because we're here to help make this "new" normal,
7:46 am
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because if you download and use the chase mobile app, your bank is virtually any place. visit if they did, which actor would you want to play you, ben stiller or brad pitt. >> brad pitt, of course. >> remember when he joked a few weeks ago if he had anyone play him on "snl" he wanted it to be brad pitt. of course. >> of course >> carson joins us this show made the doctor's dream a reality. >> ask and you shall receive "snl" returns with their second
7:50 am
episode produced and performed completely from home, and their open featured their portrayal of dr. fauci. >> good evening, i'm dr. anthony fauci. first, i'd like to thank all the older women in america who have sent me supportive, inspiring and sometimes graphic e-mails. now, there is a rumor that the president is going to fire me. let's see what he said about that. >> i walk in and hear i'm going to fire him. i'm not firing him i think he's a wonderful guy. >> so yeah, i'm getting fired. >> that, of course, was brad pitt donning his brooklyn accent to give dr. fauci his wish as good as his impression was, pitt would go on to thank first responders and the heartfelt words. >> all around pretty solid. >> yeah. it's been impressive that they have been ail to do just a couple of weeks from home to gather the stuff
7:51 am
the people on "snl" are producing that at home it's been some good stuff. guys, we've got a lot ahead. coming up on "pop start," i've got a special guest, the one and only anne hathaway and she's got happy news to share. >> that's awesome. the big day for struggling small business owners with the second wave of emergency loans starting up, how you can apply and what you can do if you missed out on the first round of health all coming up on the first round of news i can save you... lots of money with liberty mutual! we customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ with lindor. a milk chocolate shell with a smooth, melting center from the lindt master chocolatiers
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7:56 am
good monday morning. right now 7:56. a live look outside in dublin as we are seeing the sun rising and temperatures starting out cool but it will quickly warm up as we go into the afternoon we're going to see our temperatures trending in the low 80s for the inland parts of the east bay. upper 70s for the east bay. oakland reaching 73 degrees and 82 in santa rosa. our inland temperatures will peak tomorrow reaching 83 degrees. then you can see the temperatures cooling off slightly and by the weekend we're only looking at low 70s for highs in the valleys and for san francisco we're going to see our temperatures peek tomorrow up to 72 degrees and the rest of the week back to the mid-60s. we're not going to see any rain
7:57 am
in this forecast. the sunshine continues the next several days. how is it looking for the commute, mike? overall nothing unexpected including the slowing i'm going to talk about. the entire view. you see green sensors, slowing through hayward, typical for 880 and 101 around 92. a lot of slowing south 101 approaching that construction project. they just zoomed the camera in taking a live look. you can see lots of workers. down to one lane. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now for you a new coronavirus testing clinic is getting set to open exclusively for people who live in the tri-valley located at the alameda county fair grounds. anyone who meets the criteria can be tested without a doctor's order. you can link to the full details now on our home page. firefighters are trying to determine what sparked an early morning fire at a peninsula
7:58 am
apartment complex. no one was injured. on our twitter feed we posted the complete story including what one resident said just before he was forced to evacuate.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, ready to reopen several states had to get back to business. some say it's still too soon. >> i think it's putting all of us at risk. >> small business owners preparing for a new round of help we're live with what you need to know. plus just another magic monday we're joined live by the nba legendimta about his appearance on the new michl
8:01 am
make you smile. plus house party. >> you look so >> hey, everybody, welcome to senior prom. >> inside our virtual prom for a group of deserving high school seniors staying stronger than ever. >> how do i look >> you look so nice. >> how they danced the night away monday april 27th, 2020 i'm ready to go to prom with al roker. >> open my front door and look what the "today" show got me. >> this is my first one that's happened in four years. >> you know, who needs that when you've got the "today" show. >> thank you to al roker and the "today" show. >> thank you for having fun in our neck of the woods. >> love it we've got the wrist corsages, music and prom king. love that. welcome back to "today."
8:02 am
monday morning if you're just waking up we want to say good morning. so good to have you with us. >> i can't wait to see that spot, al roker and the prom kids. >> by the way, if you haven't sent us one of those videos, why not. take out the phone, record a short video, put it on twitter on the bottom of the screen, my today plaza and you could see yourself in our virtual open. coming up, we have a fun week planned including tomorrow, a special guest, matthew mcconaughey live what's keeping him busy and something he's doing to help others stay safe. >> looking forward to that let's start at 8:00 with reopening of american business it's accelerating with more states ready to let people go back to work nbc white house correspondent kristen welker has the three things to watch today. good morning. >> hi, savannah, good morning to you. the first big thing we are watching, the effort to get back to business, including in georgia where some salons, barber shops, gyms and more are
8:03 am
up and running now movie theaters and some restaurants will be able to open their doors. now, the white house recommends two weeks of downward trends in covid-19 cases before loosening restrictions georgia does not meet that threshold. still, other states slowly getting back to business, including tennessee and ohio, where the state's stay-at-home order is set to end friday over the weekend white house coronavirus response coordinator. >> social distancing will be with us through the summer to ensure we protect one another. >> now, also this morning there was a frightening warning from one of the nation's top meat companies, tyson meat saying the food supply chain is breaking adding, quote, there will be limited supplies of our products
8:04 am
in grocery stores until we're able to open facilities closed in iowa, one of several closing around the country tyson telling us we've been working diligently to protect our team members finally a stark warning from the world health organization which now says there's no evidence virus leads to immunity. all of it as top dr. anthony fauci looking at double testing in states over the next several weeks. savannah. >> all right, kristen, i'll take that one spain has been one of the hardest hit countries in europe, but it has just started loosening its strict stay-at-home rules starting with children will joins us with more. good morning prosecutor we're on the most famous square in the heart of the spanish capital before coronavirus this place would be filled with tourists, diners and little children as you can see now it's almost completely empty the silence here now, not going.
8:05 am
for the first time in six weeks. to last forever. streets filled once more with the sounds of overjoyed children for the first time in six weeks purchase 2-year-old devon out and about after the country eased rules allowing children under 14 to be outside again. >> 40 days, 45, something like that. >> you lose track. >> making up for lost time by exploring and moving a lot. >> the minute you're out the door, he just wants to run. >> his parents, americans who now live in spain, are struggling with the lockdown but understand it's important. >> once we were all seeing the numbers do up and by how much and the quick increase, people took it seriously. >> in march, the daily death toll hit a spike, almost 1,000,
8:06 am
now 288 on sunday, the coronavirus here has killed more than 23,000 people the horrific figures inside spain's big cities, authorities are taking baby steps out of lockdown so for weeks, even months, playgrounds like this one could remain off limits. >> they celebrated their freedom with dad. >> it was just fresh air. >> today's fun has a one-hour time limit and must take place well within a mile of their front door even that beats being stuck at home. >> has your brother been annoying, dad been annoying? what's been the worst of it. >> like being with the same people all of the time. >> your family. >> yeah. >> what makes this end of lockdown so interesting here, originally the government announced they would only allow children to go to the pharmacy or grocery store with their parents. there was a huge public backlash the authorities caved in and said kids could go outside and play for no purpose, craig,
8:07 am
other than have fun. >> amen to that. willem, thank you. also british prime minister boris johnson returned to work today after recovering from a coronavirus infection that landed him in intensive care johnson says he understands the people are impatient for the country's lockdown to end but warned now is not the time to start lifting restrictions. >> good morning. i know it is tough, and i want to get this economy moving as fast as i can but i refuse to throw away all the effort and the sacrifice of the british people and to risk a second major outbreak and huge loss of life. >> great britain has recorded more than 20,000 coronavirus deaths but johnson said he believes his country is coming to the end of the first phase of the conflict savannah. >> the mystery over the health and whereabouts of north korea's leader kim jong-un is getting deeper every day kim has not been seen in public in more than two weeks, although
8:08 am
new satellite images appear to show his personal train at a coastal resort he skipped the second national celebration on saturday and senator lindsey graham said over the weekend, quote, i'd be shocked if he's not dead, although he acknowledged he has no direct knowledge. we do have good news to share. nascar driver ryan newman said he will return to the driver's seat once the coronavirus ban is lifted he was involved in the fiery crash at the daytona 500 back in february amazingly he emerged with relatively minor injuries. yesterday newman said i'm excited to be healthy and at some point get back in the race car when the world starts turning again, savannah. >> that will be so good to see all right. let's get the morning boost. we're calling it a super boost because we've got two for the price of one hoda, get us started. >> got it.
8:09 am
delivery driver in britain takes coronavirus samples from all over the country it would be risky to have contact with his daughter with muscular dystrophy here is how they connect when he's at home. >> i love you this much. >> he says it right back after little carmela is done he answers back with hand gestures. when he's done making deliveries, he camps out in a garden shed until it's safe to come back inside, savannah. >> one of so many heroes right now. another good one a father in australia. he started tinkering around in the garage after his son's toy wagon broke down he came up with something even better simon put wheels on a trash can, connected those to the original
8:10 am
wagon, and then hooked them all up, yes, to the riding lawn mower. presto, they have a mini train i think that's mom behind the camera that's clever. necessity is the mother of invention. that's what they say. coming up next, guys, new help for small businesses. stephanie ruhle will be along to walk us through these anxiously awaited second round of loans that's starting today. we'll tell you how you can apply. also special guest is going to join carson daly in "pop start," anne hathaway. but first these messages a new vehicle remotely with participating dealers. an effortless transaction- all without leaving the comfort- and safety of your home. that's the power of sanctuary.
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now, with a2 milk® i can finally enjoy cereal again. it's delicious like real milk. because, it is real milk! a2 milk® is real milk from real cows that produce only the a2 protein. i'm so happy i found this. ♪ i know just one thing is true ♪ ♪ life is better with you we're back with small business solutions today we're back with small business solutions today round two of the paycheck protection program gets under way this morning the small business administration will again start accepting applications the program is designed to help small businesses keep workers on their payroll. the original $349 billion fund was drained quickly because there was so much demand since then congress appropriated $322 billion in additional money. joining us all with all of this
8:14 am
and what small businesses can do to stay afloat senior business correspondent stephanie ruhle. steph, good morning. i know a lot of small business owners are waiting for this day. if you haven't applied at all, can you get in on it what if you already had an application in that was denied >> let's walk through this because you and i both know how important this money is. according to the small business association, every hour a small business closes. we've got to get the money out let's walk through it. today the port always open if you have applied, contact your bank, find out where you are in the process there's a huge backlog some of the biggest banks out there, jpmorgan, pnc, they aren't even accepting new applications they have hundreds of thousands in process ready to go so if you've applied with them, what you need to do today is pick up the phone and say what other information do you need about me, i'm here to do that. let's say you haven't. you shouldn't give up until the opportunity is there
8:15 am
you said there's over 300 billion in new funds available call local banks the government has set aside $60 billion for smaller lenders, community banks. call around. you're allowed to apply with one or more institutions don't think, oh, my goodness, could i be committing fraud here, i'm calling multiples? absolutely not apply where you can. there's non-tra additional like a paypal or a square if you're a small business and say i don't have a sophisticated payroll system you need to you're going to have to have your payroll, utilities, bank statement. if you don't provide this information, you won't have access to the money. >> okay. there's this program, ppp program. there's also federal reserve talking about loans to main street businesses. what is that about it's obviously separate.
8:16 am
how do you get in on that? >> okay. that isn't happening just yet but think about this over the last week there's been all this pushback. why were so many bigger businesses in this program the government realized, savannah, if you run a business with two people, should you be competing for the same pot of money as me who has a company of 500? so now what they are looking to do is create a main street lending program for those mid-sized businesses that's going to come, we should be on the lookout in the next few weeks. it's not going to be a forgivable loan like ppp but it will help some of those bigger businesses i want to remind our audience, those who want ppp, because it is forgivable, that's awesome, you don't have to pay it back, it's only forgivable if you keep all of your employees on i realize that's really tricky imagine, savannah, if you ran a local restaurant as these days are passing and you're shut down, you're likely to lay those employees off if you want to get this money, you're going to need to bring them back on. >> so if you've already had to lay people off but you want to get in on this money you could rehire them and still have access to the loan
8:17 am
correct me if i'm wrong on that, i want to mention what you just alluded to some of these bigger businesses, household names have gotten some of this first round of funding from the ppp. what's happening with that are they cracking down on this next round >> they are. it's really tricky, savannah you could argue what in the world were they doing there to begin with, they shouldn't have. if you ran a business and had access to the money, there's a good chance you would apply. they changed some of the rules so some of the more financial focused businesses, hedge funds, private equity funds, they can't apply. some bigger nations, auto nation, ruth chris steakhouse, shake shack, they already gave their money back there's a lot of publicly traded companies in there treasury secretary steve mnuchin said companies in there that shouldn't be will face serious consequences the issue is a lot of them were allowed to be in the program the truth is, any business with the exception ofnext f
8:18 am
pharmaceuticals, some big retailers like amazon, any business, savannah, is suffering. they are going to be over the next few months. the one other thing i would bring up, this money is going to go very quickly. there's $320 billion in the new program. just yesterday the ceo of bank of america said the government needs to put more money in this. savannah, we're preparing ourselves from a health perspective to possibly deal with this for the next year. but from a financial perspective, we're only thinking about it for the next couple of months i'm right now in new jersey kind of on a jersey shore town. if these businesses are closed for four months, we're going to lose this whole region so the government doesn't start looking at what this is going to do for a much longer period of time, we could be in trouble for today, any small business out there, we've got to help them it is time to apply. ppp, this is your day. >> don't delay stephanie, thank you so much it is 8:18, let's get a check of the weather for mr. roker.
8:19 am
what's going on? >> well, savannah, we've got some wet weather and snowy weather in the northeast as you see on the radar we're also looking at strong storms getting ready to fire up today, into tomorrow in the central plains, wet weather in the pacific northwest. temperatures are going to be down right toasty through the southwest and southern california and parts of western texas. cooler than average in the northeast and great lakes. during the day today, rain and snow in the northeast interior sections of new england. very hot out west. wet weather moving into the pacific northwest and western plains string warmth >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are getting ready for a warm day. a live look outside in walnut creek, we're going to continue to see the sunshine as temperatures warm up. for our inland areas, we'll see it make it into the low 80s. but along the coastline it's mid to upper 60s. and still some dry weather with some bay areas reaching into the
8:20 am
upper 70s. torrow with the inland areas reaching 83 degrees. >> and that's your latest weathe weather. guys. >> all right, thank you. time to welcome in carson daly time for "pop start. hi, carson. >> good morning. got "pop start" here graphics department up and running. first up we've got big news for our friend katherine schwarzenegger she's been social distancing like the rest of us, embarking on virtual book tour sharing baking tips on the ground with occasional help from her husband chris pratt. now looks like the couple has good reason to celebrate "e! news" reporting they are expecting their first child together the news comes a little over a year after their california wedding. this will be her first child and chris shares jack with anna faris. this means maria shriver is going to be a grandmother. great news awesome.
8:21 am
next up, we've got meryl streep we've known for some time she could sing this weekend she was a huge part of the viral celebration, marking the composer's birthday. sondheim's musical "into the woods. sunday night she took part in "ladies who lunch" with christine baranski take a look at that. ♪ aren't they a gas ♪ rushing to their classes in optical art ♪ ♪ wishing it would pass ♪ here's for the ladies who lunch everybody rise ♪ >> wow it's like looking in the mirror. right, hoda? it's like looking in the mirror.
8:22 am
right, hoda? that's all of us. >> brilliant. >> she made a quarantini. >> she did, al guys, this is awesome. finally anne hathaway, oscar winning actress is a big supporter of red nose day. you guys have heard of it, a huge campaign to he said child poverty. this year it's may 21st. with us this morning to talk about red nose day, the important work they are doing. >> hi. >> hi, anne, good to see you. >> really good to see you, carson i'm doing well. >> awesome we'll get to red nose today in a minute like you we have a new addition to the house, baby jack coming in how is the family doing at this time >> we're doing very well, as well as anybody can be congratulations to you i understand you had a daughter? >> i have -- yes, baby goldie was born in the middle of all of this, and my wife was very brave
8:23 am
at the hospital. i was only there for the birth, so it was a little weird she's been a ray of sunshine it's been great, thank you. >> i have so many questions, we can't get into it, we have other things to discuss. congratulations, what a blessing in the middle of all of this. >> thank you and to you, too. i read about red nose day you were made aware of it while shopping at walgreens. >> yes, 2015 was the first year of red nose day. i was doing a play downtown at the public theater i went to walgreens for cough drops or something there was a little red clown nose there i thought, what is this? i checked it out and thought, what a great idea, what a great cause. i posted something about it, and that was the beginning i don't know it kind of feels like it gets more real every year i become a mom. when you hear about child hunger
8:24 am
before you're a parent, you think that is absolutely terrible after you're a parent, you go, oh, there but for the grace of god goes my kid and you just want to do whatever you can be to be part of bringing hope, bringing some good, and bringing some food into people's lives. yeah that's so true people seem to think this is something that's happening, kids being hungry so far away but it's happening right here. i know it means a lot to you what does it mean to have the opportunity to raise awareness for red nose day this year >> well, i'm just very happy to be one of many people taking part you know, this year is going to be a little different. normally like i said, i went into walgreens that first year and bought a nose. this year for obvious reasons that's not going to be the way things are done. red nose day has come up with a really cool thing to do. you can get a virtual red nose at their website at
8:25 am
it also looks like noseson however you pronounce it, it will lead you to the same place. in five years they have raised $200 million for child poverty to help bring education to kids in poverty, to help feed kids. they work with amazing organization it's positively impacted the lives of over 25 million children as you said, these are not just children in the poorest parts of the world, they do work right here at home in america. they do work in puerto rico. they are an incredible organization even $1, $1 will make a difference in the lives of so many kids. >> anne, you're the best you're raising awareness for it. it means a lot best to you and the boys appreciate it. >> mazel tov to you and your family we're so happy for you. >> thank you guys.
8:26 am
>> anne hathaway, thank you. straight ahead, a magic morning. we'll talk to nba legend magic johnson about michael jordan's "the last dance. there's magic up early on the good morning. 8:26. i'm marcus washington. here are the latest bay area coronavirus numbers. more than 7500 people have now tested positive. 260 people have died. and as of this morning, the marathon oil refinery in martinez plans to suspend all operations due to low demand for gas. work started to wind down last week. it's not yet clear how long the refinery will be idle. between 100 and 1,000 people are being furloughed. people living on treasure island have one less option. uber eats is halting deliveries there after they capped fee charges across the city at 15%.
8:27 am
this is to allow local restaurants to compete with food delivery apps. uber eats says free limits means that it cannot cover those operational costs. let's get a look at the forecast for you. meteorologist kari hall is working hard for us. how are we looking out there? >> we're going to see a lot of sunshine today. and temperatures warming up as we go into the afternoon. it's basically going to be a repeat of yesterday where we see our inland temperatures reach into the low 80s. but then along the coastline, we're going to see highs reaching only into the upper e go into the rest of the forecast, we are going to be warm for the start of the week. then cooling down by the end of the week. back to the "today" show. we're all doing our part by staying at home.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
welcome back 8:30 we have a sign outside, says april 27th, 2020 we've got two nurses that says happy birthday caleigh cherry. >> happy first birthday. >> it's not often we see a sign. we wanted to say thank you nor coming by and thanks to the
8:31 am
nurses for what they do. if you need a smile, we have several this half hour. >> we start with legendary magic johnson. he always sports a smile caught him in the mike jordan documentary. we'll talk about the friendly rivalry and when sports might come back as well. >> good to see magic beautiful dresses, corsages, dance-offs a virtual prom for high school seniors who deserve a good time. al was our prom king we'll have more on that in a minute but first the weather you really are multitalented. >> we try. i didn't get to go to my prom, i was living vicariously through
8:32 am
the kids. today, mountain snows in new england. spring warmth, central plains, high heat, wet weather in the western plains as we get into the midweek period, heavy rain through the mississippi and ohio river valley all the way down to the gulf record highs will continue through the southwest by midweek and more wet weather along pacific northwest coast. then by friday, more wet weather moving into the northeast for the weekend. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have some warm weather today, as well as tomorrow as our temperatures inland reach into the low 80s. but then as we get much more of an ocean breeze, that ocean breeze will help cool us off, especially by the end of the week into the weekend with low 70s in the valleys. for san francisco, expect highs that will reach into the upper 60s as we go into the middle of the week. but then, it will come down to the lower 60s in time for the
8:33 am
weekend. >> a >> and that's your latest weather. craig. >> thank you, sir. just ahead everyone is talking about "the last dance. last night we learned about one source of michael jordan's job to become a legend with another champion, magic johnson live but first this is "tay teammates help each other find a way to win, just like covered california helps you find health insurance you can afford. they're the only place you can get financial assistance to help pay for health coverage. plus, this year, the state is providing more help than ever before. and because a new law requires californians to have health coverage or pay a penalty, covered california has made it easier to get financial help, but time's limited.
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visit or call to enroll today.
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>> welcome back monday morning. millions have been tuning into "last dance" fascinating basketball documentary about michael jordan we heard from another icon of the sport, magic johnson first, what many saw the passing of the torch between two of the best who ever played the game. >> michael jordan and chicago bulls against magic johnson and
8:36 am
nba lakers. >> michael jordan and chicago bulls against magic johnson and nba lakers. >> the last for laker magic johnson and the first of many for michael jordan and the up and coming bulls. >> you know, when you're a competitor, you want to play against the best i played against larry and i always wanted to play against mike. >> up until that point, it was a stigma michael jordan only wins scoring titles, never championships. >> behind the scene of jordan's quest to win that elusive first title. they say to be the best, you have to beat the best. that's what jordan did earning mvp leading bulls over magic's showtime lakers. >> at last i fit somewhere in the category of larry bird and magic johnson. >> at the time magic saying. >> a beautiful feeling if you're going to lose, you're going to lose to them. i'm going to lose to michael
8:37 am
>> years later reflecting on that passing of the torch. >> when they beat us, well, we met in between both lockers rooms. he just put his arms and just started crying he was so happy he won, that he busted through that was a special moment for him and myself. >> welcome in the man himself, magic johnson. good morning, sir. >> good morning, craig how are you doing? >> doing well. doing well by the way, i'd like to point out that only magic johnson would go full suit and tie at 5:30 in the morning in california for us. you look fantastic last night you're watching realtime like the rest of us looking back on that hug in the tunnel between the two locker rooms back in '91 and mike is crying and you're probably crying in that embrace, did you know the torch was being passed >> for sure, craig we knew that was probably going
8:38 am
to be our last run at trying to win a championship, and we knew that the to be our last run at trying to win a championship, and we knew that the bulls, that was the start of their really dynasty, because in '91 when they beat us, they dominated the '90s just like the lakers the '80s i remember on the dream team bus and he said to larry and i, hey, there's a new sheriff in town. that's me and the bulls. so we had to start laughing and say, michael, you're right you are the new king and good luck man, he did not disappoint either. >> you mentioned the dream team, that apparently is going to be part of the focus of the next episode. that '92 team arguably the best
8:39 am
sports team ever assembled regardless of you and larry and michael jordan and these guys. before that you hadn't played with like. when you played with him in '92, how did that change your view of michael jordan >> well, it started really our friendship we really started -- we played jump cards every night together we worked out in terms of when we have practice i shot with him, whether it was jump shots or free throws. it really brought us closer together as friends. then craig, you know, when you can have michael jordan on your fast break, i could throw it anywhere, he was going to go get it and right-hand side, man, on the fast break, i could throw it anywhere, he was going to go get it and dunk it, man. the highlight reel that he provided, all those moves that he did on the dream team was unbelievable he's the first athlete i've ever seen -- the opponent started crying when michael jordan fouled him he started crying.
8:40 am
i can't believe it michael fouled me. oh, my god right in the middle of the game. it was crazy the impact of the dream team was unbelievable. >> magic, one of the things that struck me about last night's episode, and i'm sure it struck you, too, they are showing michael -- they are showing jordan this video of isiah thomas talking about the '90s finals explaining why they team didn't shake michael's hand. thirty years later michael jordan is still visibly angry, visibly angry about this handshake. >> it's always going to happen like that, you know. they hate the pistons. >> still. >> still today that was a bitter rivalry with michael and his bulls and isiah
8:41 am
and his pistons. you know, first of all you've got to give the pistons credit because they learned from the celtics, right you have to learn how to win a championship before you can actually win one so the bulls kept trying to go through and through and they denied them several times. it made the bulls the championship team they were. so because the pistons were so physical, and they took a lot of cheap shots, too i can understand why michael was so upset, because even when we played against them twice, showtime lakers they took a lot of cheap shots that's had you they played play. they were a rough, tough team, one of the best defensive teams ever played. they were a rough, tough team, one of the best defensive teams ever played.
8:42 am
michael, that was a bitter rivalry for both those teams even today they still hate each other. the great thing is, i think the pistons made michael jordan be the g.o.a.t. last night we saw him say, hey, i've got to get stronger, so he started lifting weights. that's the reason why he became the focus because he had to go through the pistons to beat them at the end of the day, we all have bitter rivals we still hate celtics, that's how it goes. you're going to hate your rivals i'm friend with larry, isiah and michael, they aren't friends. >> before i let you go you're part owner of three different sports franchises. a lot of folks in this country realizing how much we ned sports in our lives how do we get back to professional sports in this country? what does that look like >> i think it looks like in the
8:43 am
beginning, no fans you've got to keep the players safe first you've got to test all the players as well as those who work with them, those teams, the staff, the members of the team i think it's going to start without fans in the beginning. i think all of us will take that because we're at home, and we get to see sports, that's all we want in the beginning. we just need something to make us feel good and to give us some hope, and we can laugh or cheer for our team and yell at the tv screen we need that right now i just want to say god bless the whole country and then our first responders and everybody who is risking their lives for all of us all of these people work at these grocery stores, so we can keep eating. man, this is just a hard thing for all of us, but we need sports to come back, and i hope that happens soon. >> magic johnson always good to see you, sir. >> you too, craig. >> give my love to cookie. take care.
8:44 am
>> what a great guy. all this humility talking about michael and passing the torch, yeah, he was the best. >> it was his time for s encourage them you can't give live sports right now, it's the next best thing. just ahead with so many students missing out on treasured milestones at the end of the school year, we decided to help, a virtual prom there's the chaperone. mr. roker, a class of high school seniors complete with a special surprise from demi lovato but first this is "today" on nbc. these are real people, not actors,
8:45 am
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8:46 am
and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. we are back with a kickoff of a special series. we are back with a kickoff of a special series. "today" celebrates the class of 2020. >> we wanted to honor this year's graduates whose senior year has been turned totally upside down by the coronavirus we thought we would give a deserving senior class a celebration to remember with the only man who could do it, al
8:47 am
roker. roker. >> well, thanks, hoda. we invited nebraska's douglas county west high school to join us for a virtual prom. they are a group of students who despite challenges are remaining positive and stronger than ever. >> we are senior strong! >> we are senior strong! >> senior strong >> douglas county west high school's class of 2020 is staying strong in the face of adversity. >> we are senior strong. >> school spirit is at an all-time high even though the pandemic has threatened meaningful milestones. their classes moved home, prom and graduation canceled. >> just to see them not be able to finish their senior year, they are just such an amazing group of kids. >> the seniors stepping up devoting their final days in high school to giving back to their community. >> finished cleaning this ventilator. >> volunteering to clean medical
8:48 am
supplies, delivering groceries and hot meals to local seniors, and selling t-shirts in part to raise money for local scholarships a class that's faced significant challenges exactly one year before their school closed due to covid-19, the small nebraska town was hit by catastrophic flooding. >> this class as a whole is really made the community better. >> now it's our turn to give back to them i invited your entire graduating class to celebrate our virtual prom. >> oh, my goodness. >> special prom delivery we sent corsages and boot -- boutonnieres.
8:49 am
>> how do i look >> you look so nice. >> hey, everybody. welcome to senior prom first off, a dance-off ♪ everybody dance now ♪ ♪ ♪ >> there was a lot of energy there. i've got to go with nick. >> nick. >> good job, nick. >> and a special performance of their school song. ♪ we stand united it's where we'll always ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that was beautiful somebody told me one of your biggest musical inspirations is demi lovato. >> yes.
8:50 am
>> we have a special message from demi lovato to you. >> hi. a special shoutout to zoe and d.c. west seniors. i just wanted to say i'm so proud of all of you for staying home i hope this the world's most epic virtual prom. >> zoe, were you crying? >> yes it's crazym his crown, thanks
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