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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 8, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and santa rosa, 90. san carlos, 90. san francisco, micro limts in effect, ranging from 65 to 79 degrees. it will stay warm, on the mild side tonight. by 9:00, we're holding on to the low 70s from napa to livermore. down through san jose. but the good news, tomorrow morning, we cool off into the mid 50s. and then you'll see by tomorrow afternoon, not nearly as hot. with a mix of 70s and 80s inland. we'll talk about this major temperature drop, and yes, the chance of rainfall, it's still holding on in the forecast, and we should sure use it to lower our fire danger. more on that in 15 minutes. >> thanks, jeff. we mentioned the fire season. it could get active around here as early as june. this is just a few weeks away. this afternoon, we saw this. a grass fire in san jose. the flames dangerously close to that home. and the people who live there evacuated with their horses. firefighters quickly contained
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the flames, which burned about seven acres so it's not just the fire danger but hot days like this when everyone is stuck inside their homes and it causes a lot of problems as well. we will bring in nbc bay area robert handa who joins us in concord. >> well, it was hot, all day, and it is still pretty hot right now. that caused a lot of problems, big and small. the biggest, more fuel for fires. it's been a tough week for firefighters in contra costa county. there were several fires in the clayton area alone. and cal fire says the current heat wave isn't helping. >> it is really turning very quickly. so that makes it a little leery for the coming fire season. the fuels are drying quick limit our ground moisture is disappearing. >> for many people in had concord neighborhood, an extra challenge on the hottest day when we're all asked to stay in our homes, people are cutting off their, have their power cut off to install safety equipment and they are trying to cut the
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power remotely during high fire danger. >> right now, it is more difficult. >> yes it was this morning. >> in what way? >> i couldn't eat breakfast. no coffee. >> some families found unique ways to beat the heat. >> is it tough to do this during the whole coronavirus isolation stuff. >> oh, my gosh, it's terrible. it's nice that we have this big open area that the kids can still play in. >> others say you just have to get as much done as you can early. >> i just anticipate it. i'm not great with the heat, but it never last force very long. >> she is right. it is expected to start cooling off pretty soon. but for many, probably not soon enough. in concord, robert handa, nbc bay area news. well, now, to more on the state moving into phase two today, retail stores reopening, today, the governor officially gave the go ahead for more businesses to reopen. that includes things like clothing stores, book stores,
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florists and sporting goods shops. as long as they do curbside pickup only. but not all of the bay area is on board with this. this is the map. these are the three counties that are in red that are going along with the governor. sonoma, napa and solano counties. all the other counties in yellow are waiting to step into phase two. that's marin, san francisco, san mateo, contra costa county, almeda, and santa clara counties. marin and san francisco say it could happen as early as may 18th. that's about ten days away. the other counties are going to wait until possibly the end of the month. so let's talk about the three north bay counties that are reopening more businesses today. they come with new safety protocols as nbc bay area reports, they are doing it with caution, trying to balance commerce and safety. >> napa's downtown still nothing like the old normal, on a sunny friday in may. signs in shop windows still warning of pandemic precautions but today, some hopeful signs of a new normal.
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>> excited for our guests and for the community of napa. >> reporter: the coronavirus restrictions forced live fire pizza to close down more than a month ago. but today, the oven fired back up again. >> it has been quite a week to get this back open and we're very happy. >> thanks, folks. >> glad you're open. >> and napa county and the city have been working with business leaders for days to outline the rules for those who can reopen. starting with limited retail. curbside pickup. and some expanded restaurant services. safety is our first objective. >> ken frank was involved in all of those meetings as a napa chamber of commerce board member. >> we have to make safe but we need to make sure the public feels safe or the public won't go out. >> customers are eager, too, but glad the city and county are moving forward cautiously. >> i think it is exciting, because napa needs the business but we all have to be safe, so i'm happy they're opening. >> by this time next week, live fire and other restaurants could
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also open for limited eat-in dining. but no firm date has yet been set. >> there's still a lot of uncertainty. >> city and county officials could alleviate some of that uncertainty over the next week or so as they finalize guidelines for reopening some of these more low risk businesses like restaurants and wine ris and then move on to hair salons and more high risk business sectors. in napa, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. what about the rest of the bay area? the six local counties that remain in phase one? the mixed messages have let retailers and customers, have left retailers and customers confused. san francisco and marin county may open may 18th and a san francisco book shop that could be online is explaining the difference to customers. >> a lot of people think we should do the curbside and we can. >> and he waits for the city to
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let him sell at the curb, it includes moving inventory to the front of the store, so people can shop from the street, and making sure there's enough space to socially distance. well, governor newsom today, giving his daily briefing in the sacramento flower shop. of course, just in time for mother's day. twigs, the name of the flower shop is an example 6 of the tens of thousands of retail businesses that can now provide curbside pickup and bring back employees. >> the whole idea is we will move through phase two together as a state. and while we want to see local variation, and we want to see counties work with us, to move a little bit quicker, we hope to be making announcements on a consistent basis, over the next few weeks, moving everybody into this next phase. >> the governor also announced state officials shut down 33 salons in two counties, in the past few days. nail salons are part of phase three, which the governor says could happen in a month or so.
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yesterday, he did say the first community spread of the coronavirus case came from a california nail salon. just in, we've learned some cruise ships are headed to the port of oakland. two norwegian cruise line vessels will tie up at oakland's outer harbor and another in the oakland estuary. a crew will be on board. no passengers. the cruise line says there are no reported cases of coronavirus on board those vessels. the ships could stay at the port for two to three months. historic unemployment numbers, the u.s. economy lost an unprecedented 20.5 million jobs last month. the worst since the great depression. this is the breakdown of some of the industries hit the hardest. a majority of the losses is in travel and leisure, with 7.5 million jobs lost. retail lost, 2 million job, manufacturing, 1.3 million jobs. and the unemployment rate was steady, between november of last year, and february of this year. march it was up slightly and
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today the unemployment rate soared to 14.7%. i spoke with the associate director of research for the san francisco federal reserve about these numbers. he believes they're actually understated and millions more are out of work. >> what do you see going forward? do you see it getting worse before it gets better? >> yes, i do see it getting worse before it gets better, there's been an initial large wave of job loss, in some of the sectors that have been most directly affected by the virus, and the containment measures aimed at trying to quell it. so restaurants, hotels, anything travel and tourism related, a lot of retail, personal services, there's been a huge wave of layoffs in california, the bay area, and all throughout the country, especially in those sectors. we're starting to see a secondary wave of layoffs as well, in a broader set of industries, and i think the bay area has been a little bit, not
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immune, but a little bit better off from other parts of the country because so many workers are in the tech sector and can work remotely in the bay area. but now, we're seeing some of the layoffs spread. >> how does an economy recover from this? how long will it take? months? years? >> how ling it takes the economy to recover, how long it takes the economy to recover really depends on how long it takes for us to get the virus under control. if the virus is contained in a few months, and it seems safe for businesses to start up again, and people to start going about their normal lives, at least to some degree, maybe not exactly as they did before the virus, but with some opening up of the economy, because the virus appears to be well contained, based on the prevailing epidemiological standard, then in that case, we'll start to recover pretty
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quickly. but it really just depends on how well we get the virus tamped down, and just how safe people feel about resuming normal activities that involve the kind of face to face and in person interactions that are, that tend to cause transmission of the virus. >> robert also spoke about what the federal reserve is doing behind the scenes to get the economy going again. you can watch my full interview online. scan the qr code, with your cell phone, on the bottom left-hand of your screen, it will take you right to the entire interview. you can also find it on our web site, blam . >> katie miller, press secretary to vice president mike pence has tested positive for the virus, although she has no symptoms. she is the wife of steven miller, one of president trump's closest advisers. >> she is a wonderful young woman. katie, she tested very good, for
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a long period of time, and then all of a sudden, today, she tested positive. >> it's just one day after we learned a military staffer who serves president trump his meals was also infected and the president and vice president have tested negative in their daily exam, president trump did leave the white house today, seen there, without wearing a mask. to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of world war ii. up next, a handful of dmvs back open, starting today. what you need to know before you try and visit. >> and the mayor of san jose, gearing up to reopen his city's restaurant soon. the plan that is redefining the phrase eating out. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, tracking the hottest weather of the year, and the major changes on the way. that even includes some rainfall. i'll have that for you coming up in about eight minutes.
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we're following breaking news in the south bay, a house fire in san jose. this is on 21st street just off of julian right near san jose high school. what you're looking at here, the smoke there from our rooftop camera here at nbc, no word yet of any injuries. we do have a crew on the way. we'll bring you updates as we get them in. laid-off yosemite workers are describing tearful scenes as they are learning they are losing their lodging. yesterday the concierge gave
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dozens of workers eviction notices and reportedly told to leave yosemite by may 21st. they have been living there since the closure and it hasn't been easy with shuttle buses parked, they have to walk three mile force groceries and without paychecks, many have gone into debt. and aero-mark says it is assisting struggling workers find new housing. long lines at the dmv is nothing new but today making headlines because it is the first time the offices have been open in more than a month. of the 25 offices that reopened across the state, five are here in the bay area. you can see the map, santa rosa, concord, oakland, san francisco, and san jose. the scene in concord, well, there were lines, and people, you can see them socially distancing, and wearing masks, similar scenes in oakland and san jose, and people told us they were there to renew their license, among other things, for at least one woman, it was a welcome errand. >> happy to come to the dmv, it is like going to disneyland. >> i had to get away from my own
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family members and i took time from my day. >> i couldn't do it online because i had to take the vision test. >> a lot of vus to go to the dmv offices. and the dmv has made allowances because of the pandemic and you can get an extension if your license expires between march and may, and you are encouraged to stay home and do your business online if you can. it is a major change for the california voters ahead of the november election. governor newsom today signing an executive order allowing all registered voters in the state to vote by mail to. put it another way, all registered voters will receive a mail-in ballot. however, california will still provide an opportunity for people to vote in person, at their local polling place. the governor says he will issue a detailed plan for in-person voting in the next few days. as businesses reopen across the bay area, things are looking different. that includes restaurants, when they do reopen again, and san
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jose city leaders are looking at a plan to expand restaurants on the sidewalks and parking spaces. nbc bay area has more on the program they're calling al fresco. damian trujillo has more. damian? >> reporter: the owner here at the restaurant here in downtown san jose thinks this is great news, because right now, things are looking very bleak. >> this isn't the lunch crowd, the restaurant is used. right now to comply with the order, they're only serving to go orders and the owner says thursday's sales were miserable. >> yesterday was a very difficult day for us. from 11:00 to 7:00 p.m., we did $327. >> we got a lot of pain right now in the small business community. and we need a change. >> it is devastating our economies. small businesses thriving six and seven weeks ago are struggling to survive. >> san jose leaders held a virtual news conference to
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announce the al fresco proposal and allowing them to use sidewalks and parking stalls and other public areas for outdoor dining and it is critical because when restaurant does open, they will likely lose half of the tables to meet mandatory social distancing requirements and the health department has to sign off to get the wide open spaces going. >> and it is important for all of us to get rolling on this work now, and that's why we're beginning with this initiative. >> the leaders say they will have to work with the feds as well, to allow restaurants to sell liquor, a big money maker, outdoors. and it's not just restaurants, other businesses can go al fresco as well. >> that's what we need from our city government. we need them to help us get the ball rolling. >> a ray of hope for businesses wondering if they can survive the pandemic. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> we wish them all very well. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, he
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is wearing the shades in the sunshine on this mother's day friday. jeff? >> and look, we're going to do it right now for the moms as we head through the upcoming weekend. it's too hot for some of you. thankfully we have some oak trees behind me. offering a little bit of shade, but if you are out in the sun at all today, doing some gardening, or whatnot, it probably became too hot for you in about 15 minutes. especially in those inland valleys. so let's go ahead and start off bringing you outside to the skycam. and you can see some of the high clouds on the east bay. this is walnut creek toward concord and this is where some of the hottest weather was, with concord at 95 and hottest weather of the week, hottest weather of the year. that was close to the record of 96 back in 2001. and also, 95 in livermore. now, as we move through tonight, it is going to be slow to cool off. so if you don't have air conditioning, back here through napa, concord, livermore, san jose, your house is going to retain the heat, but as we move through tomorrow morning, i do see some cooling, it will be
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good news for you, back down into the 50, as we start off saturday morning with a mix of sun and clouds. san francisco, 56. the north bay at 54. now, do notice, on my future cast here, i am looking at some cloud cover, moving in, right near the immediate coastline. and with some areas of fog into san francisco, near the bay, and some of that low cloud cover in the north bay. so we'll start certainly a lot different than we've been lately. and then we will see the sun return for the afternoon. so what about our temperatures? i do see numbers dropping off by a solid ten degrees so that will bring us out of the 90s, back into the 80s. and 82 here in downtown san jose. 85 in morgan hill. and for those spots in the mid 90s today, we're going back to 85 in concord. 83 pleasanton. and feeling the chilly breeze in oakland at 68. the peninsula, anywhere from 63 in half moon bay to 79 at palo alto. and san francisco, i have some 50s, and 60s, returning, after some isolated 70s, and we're
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back down to 58 in the outer sunset and 56 in downtown sf. the north bay, 90 in clear lake. notice as you move closer to the bay and the coast, our numbers fall off, 76 in mill valley. my extended forecast, does have this next change moving in. i wanted you to be aware that that hot air is moving off toward the east and we are actually seeing a late season storm develop in the pacific, and that will bring us the chance of some rain, and some on and off fox at times, fog at times. sf back in the 60s. with spotty shower chances monday and tuesday. trace amounts to about a tenth of an inch. and right here, in the inland valleys, we're going to go from the 90s to 82 tomorrow. and then as we head into next week, spotty shower chances, trace amounts, to about 0.08 of an inch. 0.8 of an inch. and back out here live, i want to show you this beautiful
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bouquet of flowers i got all of the moms back here at home. >> wow. >> oh, yes, courtesy of my garden. that's a rhododendron. that's blooming right now. so happy mother's day to all of those moms out there. this is from me, to you. >> that's really nice. >> janelle, we're going to get you a dozen of those and bring them into the studio. >> i'm just going to soak up jeff's backyard and come over there, and bring it to my mother. >> v.i.p. service from me to you to your home. >> thanks, jeff. she loves you. and coming up, silicon valley making plans for the future. two big companies making big statements about how long their employees will work from home. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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- ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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this virus is testing all of us. and it's testing the people on the front lines of this fight most of all. so abbott is getting new tests into their hands, delivering the critical results they need. and until this fight is over, we...will...never...quit. because they never quit. and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. the seismic shift in our economy is playing in an east bay department store.
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nordstrom says it will permanently close its pleasanton store in the stone ridge shopping center. the company is closing 16 stores nationwide. the pleasanton location is the only nordstrom closing in the bay area. employees were notified of the news yesterday in conference call. they confirm the impact of the pandemic played a role in the closures, which will be complete by august. we've seen it happen all throughout the year, another restaurant closing its doors forever. this time the italian restaurant ristorante franchino in the northeast, open for 32 hours before the shelter at home order went into effect. working from home is our new normal. and it could be this way for months. today, google and facebook making a notable announcement. both companies allow most of their employees to work from home, through the end of the year. facebook said it doesn't even plan to reopen most of its offices until july 6th at the earliest. and now, this of course, impacts
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thousands of employees, worldwide, for both of these companies, but especially here in the bay area. and it will also impact in a big way our traffic on the peninsula, and south bay. well, when we come back, giving a spotlight to the class of 2020, our favorite moment of the newscast. stay with us.
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tonight at 6:00, will there be an nfl season? who better to ask than hall of fame announcer al michaels. we talked exclusively to the voice of sunday night football, that story and more, coming up on our 6:00 newscast. and next on "nightly news," decoding a cure and a look in microsoft's mission to unlock the sooeblt secrets of the virus. lester holt joins us in about a minute. we like to end with something good. this time of the year, graduation celebrations are just a bit different but still a lot of love. >> we want to honor of the class of 2020. so congratulations to all of you. we'll see you at 6:00.
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tonight, the rare mystery disease believed linked to covid-19 in children turning deadly a 5-year-old died in new york and more child deaths under investigation with cases now in at least nine states and the warning for parents from a young survivor. also, another trump administration staffer testing positive, this time the vice presidt's own press secretary katie miller the wife of top trump aid steven miller tonight the new white house safety protocols after president trump's vernal valet that served him meals is also infected. historic unemployment, the worst since the great depression american families going hungry


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