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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 8, 2020 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, not so fast. police officers front and center at one of the most popular parks in the bay area. all of this as we kick off mother's day weekend. also phase two begins for some bay area counties, but where are the customers? >> you know, even if they open up, the more we stay away from things, the safer we feel. >> the cautious mood on main street as some nonessential businesses reopen. and no more face coverings
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and no more social distancing. breaking news in riverside county. the bold and controversial move. good evening and thanks for being with us on this friday night. i'm raj mathai. we might see a lot of cops if you go out for a cop or picnic this weekend. two of our big city mayors say they're going to shut down parks if those parks get too crowded. nbc bay area's jean elle is in san francisco where delores park was a trouble spot tonight. >> reporter: even as darkness falls in san francisco, police officers make their presence known in delores park. a hot spot for crowds, mayor london breed says she can't tolerate during the shelter at home order. >> if we continue to see that behavior become problematic at delores park, it will no longer be available. >> reporter: police and park rangers had a lot to monitor tonight. >> oh, the weather is beautiful. >> so nice out, and you're, you know -- it's hard to stay inside, and we're all kind of
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feeling a little, like i said, a little claustrophobic. >> reporter: there were football games and crowded sidewalks. police circled. park rangers walked the paths. the park remained open. some said they leave when the crowds arrive. >> i don't come here on the weekends at all. once work is out, i don't come here then either. i leave for my own safety and everybody else's. >> reporter: delores park won't be the only hot spot this weekend. across the bay, lake merritt is attracting crowds. oakland mayor libby schaaf is warning people to avoid it, or it will be off limits. >> give the lake a break. do not go to lake merritt. it is getting too crowded. i do not want to shut it down. we do have that authority. we don't want to exercise it. >> reporter: park goers enjoying a day in the sun saying they don't want to lose access but understand the concern. >> i think it's probably the right call if it does get really crowded. >> reporter: a covid-19 mobile testing van will be here at delores park this weekend, another reminder about the pandemic and the need to keep
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your distance. in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> jean, thank you. so we can't go to the movies or the mall or even your community swimming pool. the hot weather was a challenge for a lot of people today. this is a live look now in walnut creek. from the 90s, we're now in the 70s. that's still pretty warm. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. what are we seeing in the next 48 hours? >> well, we do have good news for a lot of people that thought today was definitely too warm for them. some big-time cooling over the next couple of days. you can see we're starting off with a look at the today temperature versus the records, and we did tie a record in concord. these are the brand-new revised numbers. hitting 96. the record that we tied was 96 set back in 2001. also the other hot spot was livermore at 96. the record still stands at 98 degrees. now, the number one change i'm tracking right now is the fog. we are totally fogged in in san francisco right now from our
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downtown camera, and that is good news because it helps to cool us off tomorrow with widespread 50s. by 1:30, not nearly as hot. 1:30 tomorrow afternoon, we're tracking 70s to low 80s inland. we will have more details on that and look at this. a chance of rain is hanging on. i'll sum it all up for you. we'll get you ready for the weekend and next week coming up in about 15 minutes. >> great, jeff. it looks great for mom as well. just in tonight, a controversial vote in southern california. riverside county officials voting to have its health director downgrade several public health measures. beginning tomorrow, face coverings and social distancing will no longer be required, only strongly recommended. restrictions on short-term rentals and golf courses also have been lifted. this is a big fear for business owners. even when the restrictions are lifted, will people actually come out? today three bay area counties partially reopened. you can see them right there in red, sonoma, napa, and solano.
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but even in those counties, people stayed home, and many businesses stayed closed. here's nbc bay area's sergio quintana in sonoma. >> reporter: sonoma town plaza on a friday night. on such a warm evening, this would usually be a hub of activity. and even though newly amended shelter at home orders now allow some retailers to slowly resume business, it's still pretty quiet here. when you walk along the plaza, you'll notice that most other retailers have remained closed, but you'll see a few stores have these signs basically telling customers that they can call or order online and then come and pick up their merchandise at curbside. a book shop, a few clothing stores, and a few other retailers are among a handful of businesses in this area cautiously coming back to life. customers are also cautious. >> i think even with retail, we're going to be judicious in where we go and kind of keep it for the necessity because, you know, even if they open up, the more we stay away from things, the safer we feel. >> reporter: on this mother's day weekend, the weinbergs tell
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me they're looking forward to exploring some newly reopened bike trails in the area. no shopping is planned. >> we're planning on doing a family picnic in one of the parks that's going to reopen. >> reporter: they were getting butterscotch pudding at cafe le hayne. the owner says the newly relaxed rules don't affect him. when restaurants are allowed to resume modified table service, he's hoping local officials allow them to use more outside space. >> i wanted to propose to the city that at 5:00 every day we close the plaza and the adjacent streets to traffic and cars and we could put -- we'd have the biggest wine country restaurant. >> reporter: similar proposals are being considered in other cities. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> a popular spot there. how about the rest of the bay area? the six local counties that remain in phase one, that's most of us. the mixed messages have left retailers and customers confused. san francisco and marin county might reopen may 18th. a san francisco book shop which can only sell online under the
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city's current order is explaining the difference to customers. >> there's a lot of confusion. a lot of people think that we should be doing curbside now or that we can. >> you can soon. businesses are getting ready by moving inventory to the front of the store so customers can shop from the street. today governor newsom also hinted about phase three of his reopening plan. he says that could just be weeks away. phase three would include reopening the high-risk businesses, including hair and nail salons, gyms, movie theaters, and churches. >> phase three is not a year away. it's not six months away. it's not even three months away. it may not even be more than a month away. >> that means we could see phase three in june, which is next month. the governor says before phase three, though, the state wants to make sure it has a plan to keep customers and employees as safe as possible. new at 11:00, bay area country music fans have an achy breaky heart. the saddlerack in fremont is
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shutting down for good. the legendary country music venue famous for its mechanical bull was an international tourist destination. it closed eight weeks ago because of the health scare. tonight the management says there's no viable way to reopen. the saddlerack opened in san jose back in the mid-1970s and moved to fremont in 2003. on the health front, here's a good sign that the bay area is bending the curve. tomorrow a makeshift hospital in the south bay will start transforming back to the original, a convention center. last month, we told you about this. doctors treated 20 patients who were sent to the santa clara convention center but never got that crush of patients that it was expecting. crews are now packing up the equipment and will then deep-clean the facility. well, more cruise ships are coming into the port of oakland. this is a live look at the port, which has been relatively quiet during our shutdown. this weekend, two norwegian
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cruise line ships will tie up at the outer harbor terminal. a third ship will dock in the oakland estuary. only crew members are on board. no passengers. the cruise line says there are no reported cases of coronavirus aboard the vessels. they could stay at the port of oakland for two to three months. well, like so many other milestone events and celebrations, mother's day is different this year. no brunch, no outings. health officials are urging people not to go to mom's house, but will everyone comply? here's nbc bay area's ian cull. >> reporter: like most mothers, raquel won't be seeing her whole family on sunday. >> it's a different one for me. i won't have my boys. >> reporter: that's because they're across the country. she was visiting from virginia and got stuck at her sister's in los gatos with the stay-at-home order. so she's going to celebrate with her husband and sons virtually this time. >> so this year, though, we won't be sending pending with td i don't think they're doing
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anything either because they don't want to expose my mom. >> it's always a little bit of a risk and a little scary, but just felt that it would be worth doing, so we go back and forth. >> reporter: health officials are urging phone calls over in-person visits. they fear there could be a surge in covid-19 cases. san jose city councilwoman magdalena carrasco put out this psa tonight. >> happy mother's day. especially during these very difficult times, there's no better gift than the gift of good health. >> reporter: she suggests sending takeout. mother's day is one of the busiest days of the year for now hard-hit restaurants. >> yes, mother's day is intense. >> reporter: at this business in los gatos, they're changing operations yet again, this time to do something for mom. >> it's something new every day and it keeps you on your toes. i think that's the best thing we can do right now is keep adapting. >> reporter: no seating allowed, but now pizza and brunch is on the menu for takeout. they're running a special
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complete with a frittata and prosecco. >> get the mimosas going. >> reporter: for the mom in your house or the one you can't physically visit this year. ian cull, nbc bay area news. up next here at 11:00, another potential breakthrough. the three-drug cocktail that's showing some promising results in the fight against covid-19. also dining differently. san jose is gearing up to reopen restaurants with a new plan that's redefining the phrase "eating out." i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking a big change in the weather tomorrow and i'll also show you when some rain is back. i'll have that for you in about seven minutes. serve customers...
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when every connection counts, you can count on us. get the connectivity your business needs. call today. comcast business. we're following breaking news. take a look. a house fire in san jose. pretty intense here. this is on del bar court. that's near 87 and almaden expressway. witnesses tell us a speeding car
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slammed into a townhome and caught fire. the flames then spread to another townhome. pg&e was called in to turn off the gas that was fueling the flames. no word of any injuries. we are working to learn more. we'll bring you any more information on air and online. one of the most well known showmen in america has died. master illusionist roy horn died from complications of covid-19. roy, as in sigfried and roy. the 75-year-old tested positive for the virus last month. tonight millions of people around the world are remembering this legendary performer and his animals. here's nbc's dan scheneman. ♪ >> reporter: roy horn and his partner sigfried fish bacher captivated audiences for 40 years with their artistic blend of magic and animals. but it was their love of big cats that propelled the duo to international stardom. sigfried and roy became household names with their
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long-running las vegas show. >> this is montecore. >> reporter: his 380 pound tiger had appeared with horn onstage more than 2,000 times. but october 3rd, 2003, the cat attacked horn and dragged him offstage. horn suffered severe blood loss and a stroke. the incident also left him partially paralyzed. after the attack, horn endured months of physical therapy with his partner of more than four decades by his side. >> we are a team, and we work together. and together we're going to do it. >> reporter: over time, horn recuperated and in february 2009, sigfried and roy reunited for a final show and performed once again with their tiger montecore. both men were from germany. they met in the 1960s and became fast friends. together they created a unique stage show using magic and big cats. after their success in europe, the pair came to the united states, where they dominated the
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las vegas stage for nearly 30 years. after the onstage attack, horn appeared only at a handful of public events, never able to return to performing professionally. so in 2010, the duo officially retired after a run of 30,000 shows together. dan scheneman, nbc news. well, the virus has hit the white house. a second staffer has tested positive. katie miller, press secretary to vice president mike pence, tested positive. though she is reportedly asymptomatic. she is the wife of stephen miller, who is one of president trump's closest advisers, stephen miller is. yesterday we learned a military staffer who serves the president his meals is also infected. the president and vice president have tested negative in their daily exams. historic unemployment numbers, the worst since the great depression. the u.s. economy lost an unprecedented 20 million jobs last month. the majority of the losses in travel and leisure, retail and
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manufacturing also hit hard. the unemployment rate was steady between november of last year and february of this year. it rose slightly in march and then today the unemployment rate soared to 14.7%. things will get worse before they get better, but the bay area might be a little better off than the rest of the country. >> i think the bay area has been a little bit -- not immune but a little bit better off than some other parts of the country because so many workers are in the tech sector and can work remotely in the bay area. >> as for how long it will take for our economy to recover, he says that depends on how soon the virus is brought under control. let's go outside, take a live look at the oakland international airport. it's one of ten airports that delta airlines is temporarily halting service from. starting wednesday, delta plans to cut flights through at least september. delta says not enough people are traveling. that's the bottom line. they gave some examples.
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during the first three weeks of april, delta says between 1 and 14 passengers daily flew each way from the ten airports affected. well, dining on the street. san jose is among the many local cities considering sidewalk and streetside seatings for restaurants. today the city rolled out a proposal to allow businesses, not just restaurants, to set up tables on city sidewalks, parking lots, and other public places. they call the program alfresco. it could be key for smaller eateries who are expected to see their seating cut in half by the new six-foot social distancing rules. >> that's what we need from our city government. we need them to help us get the ball rolling, get the economy rolling, get our employees back on track to get them to start supporting their families. >> the city health department still needs to approve this. city leaders say they'll also work with the feds to allow restaurants to sell liquor, one of their biggest money makers, to sell liquor outdoors.
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we have made it to the weekend. the whole definition, jeff, of weekend changes, but we're here. let's talk about what's happening on this very special mother's day weekend. >> yeah. i don't know about you, raj, but it does kind of start to feel like the weekend a little bit now. and that's definitely going to be good for a lot of folks if you're already getting into that weekend mode. however you get into it and what you've got planned, we do have some much more comfortable weather coming our way. so let's start it off with that number one change, and it's all about the fog. beginning to return back here at coastline. in fact, so thick, those of you in san francisco definitely feeling it and noticing it right now. you can see on my map here that fog is widespread from the northern coast all the way down to santa cruz and we're beginning to see it spill over the bay into parts of oakland and berkeley. you can see our camera here on the left side. that's the live view in san francisco, and we are totally fogged in right now. so that is the number one reason why things are a lot more
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comfortable even after some mid-90s today. temperatures are dropping. so we'll start off tomorrow with some 50s and patchy areas of fog, especially near the coast and the bay. i wanted to give you a closer look at that. you can see it's pretty widespread there for the beaches and coastal areas at 7:30 in the morning. more of that for oakland and berkeley. once we move through the afternoon, we get that sunshine back except for the immediate coastline and parts of western san francisco. that will see those clouds linger. overall this is definitely going to help to drop our temperatures. we're going good here with a solid 10 degree decrease. this will put us down to 82 in san jose. might even have more 70s than 80s. might need to revise this a little bit. but generally a lot cooler. have you at 77 in vallejo. 83 in pleasanton. over to oakland, a cooler 68. redwood city, 75 degrees. daly city at 65. 58 for the outer sunset. and for the north bay, 80 in
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napa. 76 in mill valley. that's part one of the changes. part two is this storm. you see it right there. that's going to move in and bring us the chance of some showers. monday and tuesday, trace amounts to about 0.1 of an ninc. for the inland valleys, 77 on sunday. that's pretty much perfect. you did see that chance of spotty showers monday and tuesday. a quick preview of that. notice monday morning, the storm is offshore. then we'll start to see the chance increase by monday evening. so right now we have a beautiful weekend coming our way and a little showers to start the week. so happy mother's day to all the moms. raj, it's been a long week, but those moms of course deserve the best. >> happy mother's day. >> everybody's going to get busy doing what they can. >> and happy weekend to you, jeff. >> you too. still ahead here at 11:00, a speedier recovery. the new coronavirus treatment that's making headlines around the world. and happening now,
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coronavirus cases in the bay area continue to climb. there are now more than 9,500 reported cases across our region. late tonight sonoma county reported eight new cases, bringing the total number there to 300. we're back in a moment. ♪
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this virus is testing all of us. and it's testing the people on the front lines of this fight most of all. so abbott is getting new tests into their hands,
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delivering the critical results they need. and until this fight is over, we...will...never...quit. because they never quit. new at 11:00, a new drug cocktail could speed up recovery for some covid-19 patients. that's according to a new study published in hong kong. researchers studied more than 100 patients mildly sick with the virus. two-thirds of them were given a combination of three drugs
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including interfuron, a second group was given a two-drug combination. researchers say people in the first group started recovering in seven days, half the time it took the second group. the pandemic is forcing a major change for the upcoming november election. today governor newsom signed an executive order allowing all registered voters in california to vote by mail. registered voters will receive a mail-in ballot. it's going to come right to you. however, california will still provide an opportunity for people to vote in person at a polling center. the governor says he will issue a detailed plan for in-person voting in the next few days. well, some dmvs reopened today. the lines were pretty long. you can see here people socially distancing and wearing masks. offices have been closed since late march. the dmv is offering extensions and other type of help for people, including online services. in fact, you're still encouraged to stay home and do your business, dmv stuff, online if you can. >> waking up this early to come
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to dmv is like going to disneyland essentially. >> i had to get rides from my other family members and they had to take a lot of time out of their way to get me to work. >> i couldn't do it online because i need the vision test. >> of the 25 offices that reopened across the state, five of them are here in the bay area. you see the map there. santa rosa, concord, oakland, san francisco, and san jose. up next, we're going to check in with al michaels. our exclusive interview about what could come next with the nfl and a check-in about the status of the nba. stay with us. the new house is amazing. so much character.
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well, like all sports leagues, the nfl is debating various scenarios. but unlike the other leagues, the nfl is king. number one in revenue, number one in ratings. that means a lot of jobs, not just the players. we're talking about concession workers, hotels, restaurants, and everyone else that feeds off the league. we've seen the positive impact firsthand. the 49ers coming off their magical season. a lot of smiles at levi's stadium. the question now, will we have a full season, no season, or a shortened season? we got some insight tonight from al michaels. let's talk about a shortened season. what might that look like, and is that viable? >> it's viable, but the question
11:30 pm
is when will the season start. and you could probably have a truncated season if you started probably, i would assume, as late as late october. if it was later than that, i think it would be pretty difficult because i think what the league would like to do is at least be able to play a number of games that it would be pretty much a legitimate season. maybe 12 games. >> 12 games, maybe even eight games. michaels joined us on our 6:00 p.m. newscast. we should be seeing him a lot this season. the 49ers are scheduled to be on sunday night football three times. all those games right here on nbc bay area. what's happening with the nba? commissioner adam silver held a conference call today with all the players. according to "the athletic," he told the players a few things. if the season resumes, no fans are expected in the arenas. games will be played in one or two locations like disney world
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or las vegas. the decision to resume the season can come as late as june. so we are standing by. we're back in a moment. iably fa, the most in-home wifi coverage, and advanced security included. plus, access all your streaming apps in one place, including peacock. and now you can get up & running quickly with contactless equipment drop off. now that's simple, easy, awesome. get started with xfinity for thirty four ninety nine a month for 12 months and get xfinity flex a personalized streaming dashboard for all your favorite apps. click or call today.
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[music] [music] especially in times like these, strong public schools make a better california for all of us.
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show your support. that's the message from san francisco mayor london breed. >> dear sf, we know these are challenging times, especially for our small businesses. >> the mayor launching a new campaign on twitter, inviting those who love the city to share messages and videos of support with the hashtag #dearsf. in this twitter video, she celebrates the business community from nail salons to concert halls and asks others to post messages of positivity and hope. that's going to do it for us at 11:00. for everyone here at nbc bay area, have a great weekend. we hope you stay healthy and stay optimistic. >> jimmy: hey guys, before we start the show, going to be fun, interesting one.


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