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tv   Today  NBC  May 9, 2020 5:30am-7:31am PDT

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coronavirus in the white house. vice president pence's press secretary tests positive for covid-19. just a day after revelations one of the president's personal valets has it as well. the new precautions now in place to keep the president and vice president safe. we're live with the last. historic loss. the new unemployment reports showing the human toll of the coronavirus pandemic. more than 20 million jobs lost in april, unemployment rising to nearly 15%. the worst since the great depression. experts say the real numbers are likely far worse. president trump says a rebound is just around the corner. >> we're going into transition.
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i call it transition to greatness. >> mother's day weekend mess. bitter cold and wintry weather, even snow this morning for the plains, to the east coast. more than 125 million people feeling the chill with some places even colder than they were on christmas day. will it warm up by tomorrow for mom? dylan is back with your forecast. all that, plus remembering the real tiger king. roy horn after the legendary duo siegfried & roy dead at the age of 75 after contracting coronavirus. from his vegas stage show, the tiger attack he survived, we'll look back at his imagine al life today, saturday, may 9, 2020. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with peter alexander, kristen welker and dylan dreyer. welcome to "today." we thank you for joining us on
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this saturday morning. >> it is a big saturday morning because we could not be happier to welcome back our friend dylan from maternity leave. welcome back and just in time for mother's day. >> just in time for mother's day. just in time for cold weather. i didn't think the whole world was going to change while i was gone. i just want to reach out and hug you guys. i miss you in person. >> we want to give big hugs to calvin and ollie too. we hope they make it through the broadcast. if they show up, we won't complain. >> hugs all around. >> we'll see how it works. >> we want to put you right to work. the headline, more than 125 million people under these cold weather alerts this morning. what's it looking like for mother's day weekend in terms of weather? >> well, for the eastern half of the country, guys, it is going to be cold and snowy to start off this weekend. we already have the snow falling across upstate new york, through central and northern new england, boston even seeing snow.
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new york city we had a little light snow overnight. this storm system will bring in that cold blustery air. this is some of the coldest weather we've seen for many areas. we're looking at breaking low temperatures this morning as well. we'll, of course, see some of that lake-effect snow. the highest snowfall totals will be up across maine, where they could see 6 to 8 inches of snow through the course of the day. windy and blustery, too. look at the freeze alerts for this morning. 142 million people under freeze alerts. and a lot of trees and flowers have already budded and that means that those could be killed off with the really cold temperatures. in fact, marquette, michigan, 23 degrees to start off the day with the same windchill. cleveland, 31 degrees. below freezing. windchills at 20 to 30 degrees. it's very cold if you're out and about early this morning, perhaps walking the dog. brace yourself. as we go into this afternoon, temperatures running 15 to 25 degrees below average. highs in the 40s and 50s.
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then tomorrow morning, it's a little better than this morning. we're still looking at record cold temperatures. the coldest here, it could last into early next week and hopefully we can turn the corner. peter? >> that's what we call breakfast in bed day for mom. dylan, thank you. we'll get the rest of your forecast in a few minutes. >> great to see dylan. we want to get to the overnight developments on coronavirus. here's the latest. vice president pence's press secretary has come down with coronavirus. the vp was checked on friday and tested negative. a staggering new jobs report shows how much damage the coronavirus has caused to the economy. unemployment rising to 14.7%. these are the worst numbers since the great depression. as more states ease restrictions this weekend, the number of coronavirus cases in the u.s. is rising to nearly 1.3 million. the number of deaths right now, more than 78,000. >> we do have reporters covering
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this story all around the world. we want to begin with kelly o'donnell who has more on the latest white house staffer to test positive for coronavirus. kelly, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, kristen. just as the white house is urgently trying to steer the country to a safe reopening, here they are confronting the very contagious nature of this illness. and there are now two staffers who have in their roles direct contact with the president and vice president who have contracted the virus. an unexpected hotspot, the white house itself. >> there is a member of the vice president's team who is positive for coronavirus. >> pence's press secretary katie miller has been handling communications for the coronavirus task force. an official tells nbc news, she showed symptoms friday. thursday she was part of the vp's event in virginia. friday the vice president continued with a trip to iowa where he did not wear a mask. officials say he tested negative.
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complicating west wing contacts, miller's husband, steven miller, is a senior adviser to president trump who also attended their february wedding. >> she's a wonderful young woman. katie, she tested very good for a long period of time and then all of a sudden today she tested positive. >> miller is the second staffer since thursday to test positive. she follows an unnamed military valet who was last with the president tuesday. >> this probably the safest place that you can come to. >> chief of staff, mark meadows, insisted the environment is safe. >> we've put in some additional protocols over the last 48 hours and we'll continue to monitor. >> the president who is tested daily. >> you have a mask on your face. >> chose not to wear a mask with elderly world war ii veterans friday but kept a distance. >> i would have loved to gone up and hugged them. the wind was blowing so hard, if the plague ever reached them --
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>> the president said he expects coronavirus flare-ups as people return to work. but he rendered a scientific opinion at odds with many experts. >> this is going to go away without a vaccine. it's going to go away and it's -- we're not going to see it again. >> kelly, there's also news about the former head of the biomedical advanced research and development agency who was removed from his job recent. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: that's right, kristen. rick bright who had been in chash charge of the government's plan, had filed a whistle-blower complaint says there are reasonable grounds to show that he was retaliated against by the trump administration. bright had been concerned about the president's comments about a drug that's unproven and had been trying to sound the alarm early about the scale of this pandemic. he also says that he is not a disgruntled employee. that's a charge the president leveled against him, claiming that bright was disgruntled and
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trying to help democrats. kristen, peter. >> president watching that closely as well. kelly o'donnell at the white house. thank you for that. >> also this morning, we want to turn to the historic unemployment numbers. nearly 15% unemployment in the u.s. the worst since the great depression. experts say it could be even worse than that. nbc's geoff bennett now with the latest on all of it now. geoff, good morning. >> reporter: peter good morning to you. the april jobs report shows in brutal detail how much the coronavirus crisis has pummeled the u.s. economy. as you mentioned, you've got the unemployment rate soaring, the u.s. economy shedding more than 20 million american jobs. it's the fastest and sharpest downturn in u.s. history. this morning, devastating new jobs numbers as the coronavirus crisis delivers yet another economic gut punch. more than 20 million jobs lost in the month of april according to the department of labor. the biggest decline on record. the unemployment rate tripling to 14.7%.
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the highest level since the great depression. >> i'm basically at my breaking point. worried, nervous, scared. >> few corners of the economy or country were spared. although some groups felt the impact more than others. with 19% of hispanic workers, 17% of black workers and more than 15% of women now unemplo d unemployed. dawn was laid off from her job as a medical technician at an animal rescue league in florida. >> you're an honest american that pays taxes and you would never think that this would happen in a million years. >> the hospitality industry especially hard hit. 7.7 million jobs vanished in april, including more than 5 million at restaurants and bars. lisa rodriguez was furloughed from her server job in tucson and says she's scared of going back to serving customers in a
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pandemic. >> it's frightening, especially because we can't imagine how people are going through -- >> the labor department says the real unemployment rate could be almost 5% higher than reported because some jobless workers are incorrectly classified. but president trump says he's in no hurry for congress to pass more stimulus measures to help boost the economy. >> we're in no rush. >> the president instead offering an optimistic outlook. >> we're going into transition and i call it transition to greatness. >> reporter: white house economic adviser kevin hassett expects the unemployment rate will hit 20% in may. that says the job cuts extend to white collar workers, office jobs. look, it's a tsunami of job losses being felt painfully and sharply all across the country. kristen and peter. >> geoff bennett, thank you very much. let's bring in ali velshi now, the host of msnbc's velshi which airs weekend mornings on msnbc and he's hosting a
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suspicion virtual town hall on the covid -- special virtual town hall on the covid economy. we're so glad you could join us. let's talk about the big picture. these job losses staggering. it's illustrated in today's new york times which literally shows the unemployment dropping off the page. higher than 14%. >> yep. >> i think a lot of people want to know, as bad as this is, do we need to brace for worse. >> kevin hassett at the white house saying it's going to get worse. i've heard a few economists saying this is as bad as it gets. that doesn't make sense because the way the numbers are arrived at means there's a calculation that's done in the middle of april, sort of stops around the middle of april. any jobs that were shed from april 15th to may 1st were not measured here. we're talking about 20.5 million jobs lost in april, plus 770,000 -- actually more like 840, lost in the month before. we know that there are more jobs
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in this loss. the unemployment rate itself is 14.7%. again, we've got the end of april and we've got all those people who are not actively looking for jobs who don't get counted in there. the estimate of what that real number is already is over 20%. we're probably going to see worse next month. >> ali, a lot of the people not counted are the furloughed workers who think they have a job to return to at some point. should we expect those jobs to return any time soon? >> to some degree. think about the airlines, right? they furloughed a lot of workers who they keep on pay until the end of september. now the airlines say, we're only going to fill the planes about 50%. that's not profitable for airlines. restaurants that reopen, have to have social distancing, that's not profitable for restaurants. a lot of the companies after the paycheck protection program, the payroll help ends september 30th. if businesses aren't back, they
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won't be able to reopen or close after a few months. that's the problem. this is as much a health issue as a psychology issue. we don't know how people will reengage with the economy over the next few months before there's a positive treatment for coronavirus or a vaccine. >> ali, pllet me follow-up with you. he said a recovery is just around the corner. yet, you have a number of polls which show americans are more concerned about getting sick than they are about returning to work. so is the recovery just around the corner? >> not a chance. the fact is, as i say, this is psychology, governors and many can open their states, but there are a lot of people say, while these transmission rates are high, while we don't know whether people have had it have robust antibodies, while we -- they're not going to movie theaters or shopping malls orca sin owes. many are not taking public transit. until we're certain about the
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health implications of this, the psyche of the american consumer is under siege and we are not going to see a recovery. i tell you this, we will recover. the american spirit is amazing. we just don't know if this is a year away or two years away or longer. around the corner, 2020 recovery is not a possibility. >> well, we hope that recovery is sooner rather than later. ali velshi, thank you so much for your insights. you can watch his virtual town hall on the economy and covid-19 with special guest kevin o'leary, suze orman and adam grant at 9:00 a.m. eastern only on msnbc. sad news to report this morning. roy horn of the legendary vegas act, siegfried & roy has passed away from complications due to coronavirus. horn was not only one of the greats of the magic world but also his best friend. the two entertained millions until horn was critically injured by a tiger in 2003.
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roy horn was 75 years old. we're going to have much more on his life and celebrated career of magic coming up a little later in this show. >> magical life indeed. also this morning, we're starting to get a clear picture of how coronavirus might have gotten its start in wuhan, china. sara harmon is in london with more on that angle. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we've heard a lot of origin theories about how this coronavirus got its start. was it a chinese government lab or a wet market. this morning, the world health organization is speaking out linking this pandemic to a wet market in wuhan. this morning, a world health organization scientist says samples taken from a wet market in wuhan, china show it likely played a role in the development of coronavirus. >> the source of the outbreak or an -- >> but the w.h.o. maintains such
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markets should be improved, not banned. given that millions of people around the world depend on them. today, many of wuhan's markets are open for business. though the ones suspected to be at the center of the outbreak remain shuttered. dr. anthony fauci on fox and friends. >> it boggles my mind how when we have so many diseases that emanate out of that unusual human/animal interface we don't just shut it down. >> president trump has frequently blamed the w.h.o. for an ineffective response to the global pandemic, threatening to stop paying dues. >> today i'm instructing my administration to halt funding of the world health organization. >> u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo has said there was a significant amount of evidence the virus came from a wuhan laboratory, but has also said there was no certainty. one theory of coronavirus is that it originated in bats found its way into an endangered
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mammal before migrating into humans. but this animal don't seem to get as sick as we humans do. now a group of austrian scientists say their system may hold the cure. >> they're the most illegally trafficked mammals in the world. they're in high demand in places like asia for their meat and for their scales. >> china has not allowed the w.h.o. or any other external experts to join its investigation into the origins of the pandemic. >> reporter: the focus of this new researc to this animal seems better able to handle the coronavirus than we humans do. they hope it leads to better treatments for us in the future. peter, kristen? >> the investigation continues. sara harman, thank you nor that report. of course, a question on the minds of people over the last few months is when will sports return? nba players back on the court practicing for the first time in
5:48 am
months. we're learning about how pro basketball might make its return. here's nbc's sam brock. >> the last time we saw the nba in action, it was mid-march and the entire sports universe was about to be shut down. >> the game tonight has been postponed. >> now nbc news learned commissioner adam silver has crafted some proposals for playing b-ball while balancing the risks of covid-19. silver telling the nba players association games in one or two cities would be less risky. considering toronto and las vegas and orlando more likely. the new surfacing as practice got off to a slow start. >> one coach and one basket with one player. the league is recommending that they keep 12 feet between one another. >> dallas mavs owner mark cuban says his team won't get that far. >> it's not going to happen. the problem is obviously we can't test people, then we can't
5:49 am
assure anybody's safety. >> the schedule is out. >> the nfl nabbing headlines for releasing its schedules with brees and brady squaring off in week one. but commissioners across sports warning that games may look different. >> for athletes just waiting to get back on the field, especially in sports that thrive off the energy of fans, like professional or college football, i'm at fau stadium in florida, what would it look like? something like this. sports fans and insiders say it's better than no games at all. >> professional tennis players are getting a taste of that. the tennis channel airing a four-player tournament from west palm beach without spectators. >> no ball kids and just no fans is different. it really is. the energy, the atmosphere is not the same. but we've had eight weeks of absolutely nothing. this was a highlight for us. >> riley owe pell cajuste enjoying the competition as
5:50 am
professional sports returns. >> sam brock, west palm beach. a father and son remain behind bars this morning charged with murder in the shooting death of a georgia man. it's a case that set off outrage nag nationwide after the video was released months after it happened. we're hearing from the attorney of the man who shot the video. blayne alexander has more from georgia. good morning to you. >> reporter: kristen, good morning. investigators are looking into other people, including the person who recorded that video which we should warn you is difficult to watch. this morning, we're learning more about the person who recorded this disturbing video showing the final moments of 25-year-old ahmaud arbery's life. >> he's in his yard and this starts happening in front of him. he gets in his car and he's trying to document that. >> kevin goff says his client
5:51 am
noticed arbery running followed which a white truck. inside, gregory and travis mcmichael, both father and son armed. travis gets out of the truck and after a struggle, gunshots. arbery shot dead. in a police report, gregory mcmichael said he and his son followed arbery because they thought he was a suspect in recent break-ins. arbery began to attack him and his son shot in self-defense. arbery says their son was out for a sunday jog unarmed. >> thursday more than ten weeks after the february shooting, both mcmichaels were arrested and charged with murder. >> how crucial was this video in leading you to an arrest? >> it certainly is important. every piece of evidence is. >> he says the georgia bureau of investigation is looking into anyone who may have been connected, including brian. he showed his video immediately and was just a witness. >> he was trying to get his
5:52 am
picture. >> he was trying to get a picture of mr. arbery? >> yes. >> why? >> because there had been a number of crimes in the neighborhood and he didn't recognize him. a vehicle that he did recognize was following him. >> anybody who participated in that should be held accountable as well. >> on friday, what would have been arbery's 26th birthday, thousands across the country took to the pavement in a virtual run of support using the #i run with maud nbc could not locate an attorney for the mcmichaels but a former prosecutor said he believes the actions were in self-defense and, quote, perfectly legal. peter and kristen. >> incredible to see that virtual memorial. blayne alexander, thank you for that. we want to switch gears and check in with dylan and a check of the rest of the country's forecast. dylan, good morning. >> good morning again, guys. yes, it's cold and snowy in the
5:53 am
northeast. but out west, we're looking at perhaps some record breaking high temperatures. we're also looking at some -- a lot . good saturday morning. we have near record temperatures this week in the 90s. live look over walnut creek, you can see a little cloud coverage through the afternoon, but a cooling trend is already underway. you can expect to see cooling by as much as 10 to 12 degrees. areas will still be hot in concord. san jose cooling to 82. in oakland you will definitely notice a cooldown as well. mostly clear conditions and breezy winds around the coastline. we'll keep that dry weather at least for today heading into life as people try to enforce social distancing and mask guidelines all across the country.
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still to come on "today," remembering roy horn. >> plus speeding up your wi-fi without spending a dime. dy
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>> we look forward to that. we'll see you then. thanks. >> a popular bay area parks will be closely watched this weekend with the weather a little bit warm. expected bay area mayors will be expected to shut down parks if it gets too crowded. the mayor has her eyes on delor res park. some park goers say they leave when the crowds arrive. >> i don't come here on the weekends at all. yeah. for my own safety and everybody else's. >> the mayor is saying to give the break a lake, warning people
5:59 am
to avoid it or it will be off limits. bay area country music fans have an achy breaky heart. the saddlerack is shutting down for good. the famous mechanical bull was an international tourist destination. management says there is no viable way to reopen. it opened in san jose in the mid-'70s. coming up, the mayor is dpe gearing open to reopen the city soon. that plus all your top stories and weather coming up at 7:00. we hope to see you then.
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♪ ♪ >> i love that. just beautiful, right? that's the boston pops orchestra playing summon the heroes, which was composed by john williams for the 1996 olympics. more than 75 musicians took part, performing remotely. it was released this week as a tribute to aulie sengs workers during this crisis. that's a way to get a saturday up and running and to pay tribute to workers. >> we thank the boston pops for
6:01 am
that. they canceled the fires wo fireworks celebration for the fourth of july. we're back on saturday morning, may 9, 2020. we want to begin this half an hour with a check of the headlines. the vice president, mike pence's press secretary has now tested positive for coronavirus. it's the white house's second confirmed case in two days with one of the president's personal valets testing positive as well. the president's chief of staff says that president trump is safe. that news coming the same day as a disastrous jobs report revealed unemployment is at its highest level since the great depression. >> a setback in court for lori loughlin. on friday, a federal judge denied a motion to dismiss criminal charges against loughlin, her husband and 12 other parents accused of trying to buy their children's way into college. loughlin and her husband are scheduled to go on trial in october. while virtually, nobody is flying these days, check out this view. this is a rare glimpse from the cockpit of a blue angel plane as
6:02 am
it soared above miami on friday. the blue angels, you've likely heard they're making their way across the country to honor health care workers on the front lines. what a sight that is. >> what a sight. lifting people's spirits everywhere. also this morning, tensions are growing across the country in stores and restaurants with employees asking people to wear masks before entering. well, some employees have been threatened and assaulted for trying to enforce the rules. nbc's kathy park is outside of a costco in brooklyn where all customers are required to wear masks before going inside. how is it going there, kathy? good morning. >> reporter: kristen, good morning to you. the rule went into effect monday and all costco stores nationwide. a lot of other retailers are asking their customers to do the same. not everyone believes in this policy change and it's leading to some violent confrontations. >> violation of my [ bleep ] constitutional rights. >> across the country, tense moments caught on camera as more
6:03 am
businesses enforce new rules to stop the spread of the virus. this customer at a miami beach publix went on an explicit rant after being denied entrance for not wearing a mask. >> i'm filing a [ bleep ] lawsuit. >> reporter: costco announced that all shoppers must wear face coverings that cover their mouth and nose. quickly sparking backlash on social media. seriously considering canceling my costco membership and going to sam's club instead. but supporters took to twitter agreeing with the safety protocol, writing, thank you costco for protecting members and employees with masks. in michigan, the face mask rule at a family dollar store turned deadly. police say a security guard was shot after getting into an argument with a customer. four family members have been charged in connection with the crime. >> this was extremely senseless over a mask. >> in alabama, an off-duty
6:04 am
officer was seen body slamming a woman at walmart when she allegedly refused to wear a mask. it's also getting violent at places enforcing social distancing. police arrested a 25-year-old who they say pushed a park ranger telling a group to stay six feet apart. in oklahoma city, police say a woman opened fire when told she couldn't eat inside this mcdonald's, injuring at least two workers. because of growing threats of violence like this, one oklahoma mayor reversed his mask mandate. >> we didn't have mask protests, sort of the armed vigilante. but we had folks at these stores who were put in a really difficult situation. >> balancing safety while trying to get back to business. >> reporter: the stores that are opening back up enforcing the safety measures are following guidelines set by the cdc, which include wearing a face mask and social distancing is not possible. kristen, peter.
6:05 am
>> so disturbing to these these workers in jeopardy trying to do their jobs. >> exactly. we appreciate that, kathy. thank you very much. dylan is back now with the forecast. dylan, good to see you. happy mother's day weekend. >> oh, thank you so much. it's nice to hear it. so good to be back with you guys. the weather, i'm sorry, it's a little rough in the northeast. it's pretty cold. the coldest we've seen in quite some time. record breaking low temperatures with snowfall and rain in southern texas. a stalled front is going to set up across florida. my mom is down in florida. happy mother's day to you, mom. it's going to be a little damp especially into tomorrow on mother's day and monday too. especially for southern florida. we could see several inches of rain and have to deal with localized flooding as that rain continues through the day monday. as much as 5 inches is possible down through southern florida. farther north, lesser amounts. still, it's going to be a little damp g
6:06 am
good saturday morning. it has been a very hot week. 80s and 90s in the forecast have really brought that feel of summer, but a cooling trend is underway, and look at some breezy winds. so live look over san jose right now. we are expected to keep some of that cloud cover, but for the most part it will be a lovely afternoon. here is a closer look at your forecast today. 60s and mid-80s. that's your latest forecast. la forecast. peter and kristen? >> all right, dylan. we can't say your name enough this morning. thank you for that. >> keep saying it. >> we will, indeed. >> if you've been dealing with slow internet connections x websites taking forever to load or zoom calls that freeze up on you, stick around. we will show you how to improve your home internet connections without open without open in hey allergy muddlers...
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we are back with a new normal and looking at painfully slow internet speeds with so many of us working from home. you need, you rely on your wi-fi connection to be as strong as possible. >> we all know this feeling. the slowdowns object drop outs seem to happen at the worst possible time in your workday. we have good news. there are some things you can do to fix it without spending a dime. jeffrey fowler is a technology columnist for the "washington post." good morning to you. thanks for being here. >> good morning. the wi-fi doctor is in. >> the wi-fi is weird in a lot of people's houses today. your advice doesn't necessarily mean buying a thing here. this is frustrating, jeffrey. you're on a video conference, your kids on a school class and then that dreaded spiral of doom here, meaning the internet isn't working as well if you need it. what's the first thing you should do? >> the first thing you should to is check the device that you're using. it turns out that the video
6:11 am
conferencing apps and the streaming apps we use now actually require a lot from our devices. maybe we should give them a break. turn them off and back on again. sometimes that's enough to close out programs that you don't need running. that makes sure that at least your device, your phone, laptop has the best chance of making it work. >> there's an old saying in the real estate business. location, location, location. i know the saying well. my no, ma'am is a realtor. where should we put our modem? >> the number one problem people are creating in their home wi-fi network is where they place the box. the router. here's the problem. it's probably pretty ugly. it probably has weird antennas pointing out of it and you probably put it in the closet or hid it behind the tv under a shelf. you name it. but the thing is, it needs to be out in the open to have the best possible chance of spreading
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those wi-fi signals all over your house. dig it out from the closet, put it on a shelf. if it's really ugly, put a lampshade over it. that's going to give it the best opportunity to reach everywhere in your house. if possible, move it as close to the middle of the house as possible. otherwise, you're spreading more wi-fi outside to your neighbors or the street than you are inside your house. >> once you've done all of that, asking for a friend, and you're still having these problems, how do you check your internet speed? >> you know what, if i came over to your house and you said, can you diagnose what's going on here? the first thing i would do is get my phone out and join your wi-fi network. then i would get as close as possible to that wi-fi router and run a speed test. there's a website, speed is a good one. check the up load and the download speed. i'd make a note of that. then i would turn the wi-fi off on my phone and walk to the other part of your house where
6:13 am
you're having problems. then put the wi-fi back on, run the test again. then you compare the two numbers. it helps you figure out-do i have a wi-fi network problem, which is a problem specific to your house or is there a problem with the internet coming into the house? that's a problem with your isp, like comcast or verizon. if it's the latter, you need to get in touch with your isp and say, maybe they need to do tuning up. >> fantastic tips. i think you just helped out mother's day zoom sessions all over the country, including for me. thank you, geoffrey, appreciate it. >> thanks very much. coming up, the most unique flash mob that you will ever see all for a we live in uncertain times. however, there is one thing you can be certain of. the men and women of the united states postal service. we're here to deliver cards and packages from loved ones and also deliver the peace of mind of knowing that essentials like prescriptions
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so chantix can help you quit slow turkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. talk to your doctor about chantix. we are back on a saturday morning with small business solutions and the florida community coming together to help local restaurants. >> nbc's kerry sanders is in
6:17 am
delray beach, florida with more the kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, peter. if there's one thing we've learned during this stay at home it's that restaurants are more than a place to eat. as we look above what's known as the avenue, that's this city's version of a restaurant row, during this time of coronavirus, if we didn't know it, we now do, a favorite restaurant is like a best friend. no one wants to see their best friend in trouble. >> one fish and chips. >> from orders by phone or online, tim finnegan's restaurant in delray beach, florida, is busy. but like most businesses at the start of coronavirus, it was grim. >> one day we had probably about $20 in sales. >> $20? >> yeah. it was basically that's it. we'll close it up. >> but the community it delray beach came together on social media with the socially distance supper club. a flash mob where every day club members choose a restaurant to
6:18 am
order from as a group. the unified effort keeping restaurants and their employees in business. >> people call in, they place their orders. we know how much to buy, we know what we're banking for. from there, they come at a specific time. they pick up. it's just been phenomenal for us. i think we did 282 meals that went through the drive-through. like with flash mob mentality. >> can i ask how old you are? >> 83. >> 83? is this your first flash mob ever? >> i guess so. >> makes me want to cry. we see these people day in and day out for weeks at a time and then all of a sudden you go without seeing them and then here they are. >> just about a community spirit. >> they're also selling merchandise, a restaurant in trouble. this warm your heart. the proceeds going to a local food bank. >> we never thought of a flash mob to go get food. >> people always ask us, do you
6:19 am
guys dance? we don't dance, but we turn out. >> in just over a month, a facebook group has grown to more than 10,000 members. it's expanding to supper clubs across the nation, including atlanta and boise, idaho. >> beyond what you would have imagined? >> 20 times what we would have imagined. you know just seeing guys work, the pride in getting back to word. >> you're emotional? >> i'm a restaurant guy. we're the last of the small businesses. we're the skilled trade, blue collar people. this is that last bastion of small business. i don't want to see restaurants go away. >> reporter: to avoid traffic jams and keep social distancing, everybody is given a specific win toe to show up to pick up their food. at tim finnegan's we had one surprise. a lot of people drove around the corner to a parking lot, opened up trunks, got out tables and chairs and set up to eat outside
6:20 am
all properly spaced from the other people. it helps to have great weather in florida. we're here at the over the bridge cafe this morning where people have lined up. the weather, if it cooperates. this whole idea is coming this week to gaithersburg, mad maryl to chicago and to silicon valley. it's an idea that's spreading on social media. peter? >> that's the kind of idea you love. it's contagious in a good way. hopefully, it sticks around. a lot of communities and they help them out. thank you so much for that great story. >> that's the way to do a flash mob for sure. still to come, the story behind incredible balloon art being made for essential
6:21 am
6:22 am
still to come on "today,"
6:23 am
the latest on the mother's day weekend weather mess. >> remembering the real tiger king. roy horn. of siegfried & roy. dylan? on this mother's day weekend, our shout out to all weekend, our shout out to all the hard working louie stop. sorry. it's fine. blue does have pretty good ingredients. like what? oh... there's huh. why, what's in beneful? but blue costs a lot more. not really. i've fed beneful. blue's less than 45 cents more a day. ok louie... we'll switch to blue! farmers is here for you. if you're off the roads for all of us, and if you're on the roads for us, well, we're here for you, too.
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to address both conditions at the same time. if we only treat one versus the other, the patient's mouth is never going to be where it needs to be. it's really good dentistry to be able to recommend one product for patients that can address two conditions. good saturday morning. it is 6:26 here. a live look outside at oakland international airport. cloudy skies as you head out
6:27 am
there. windy even. we will check in with vianey arana. >> hey, good morning, kira klapper. it is certainly cloudy. you can see the cloud cover and it will be a mix of that at least for the first half of the morning. reports of fog up through the north bay. let's get a live look outside for san jose where you can see that cloud cover really out in the corner. don't worry. we will get some sunshine in the afternoon. but the big story for today will be the cooler temperatures. but it is still going to be warm. the reason i'm saying cooler is we hit near record highs this past two days on thursday and friday. a normal high of around 72. still above average at 82 degrees. but i want to show you a preview for the inland areas because we are tracking some rain in the forecast. then i will have the complete breakdown of your mother's day forecast. it is very important whether you will be face timing mom or
6:28 am
zooming mom. i will have a closer look at that, what you can expect coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> we look forward to that. thanks so much. speaking of that warm weather, popular bay area parks will be closely watched this mother's day weekend with this beautiful weather expected. two bay area mayors say they will be forced to shut down parks if they get too crowded. san francisco mayor has her eyes on delores park. some park goers told us they leave when it gets too crowded. >> i don't come here on the weekends at all. yeah. for my own safety and everybody else's. >> across the bay, oakland mayor says give the lake a break, warning people to avoid it or it will be off limits. bay area country music fans are saddened to hear that the saddlerack in freemont is
6:29 am
shutting down for good. the legendary country music famous for its mechanical bull was an international tourist destinati destination. it closed eight weeks ago because of coronavirus. it happened in san jose in the mid-'70s and moved to freemont in 2003. coming up, the mayor of san jose is gearing up to open his city restaurants soon. the new plan redefining the phrase eating out. we hope to see you at 7:00. right now back to your "today" show.
6:30 am
good morning. >> worry in the west wing. vice president pence's press secretary tests positive for covid-19 just a day after revelations one of the president's personal valet as has it as well. the new precautions in place to keep the president and the vice president safe as the economy reels from a historic jobs loss with unemployment at nearly 15%. and another tragic loss from the virus as the world remembers legendary tiger wrangler, roy horn, of siegfried & roy. we're live with all of it. colder than christmas. bitter cold and wintry weather, even snow from the plains to the
6:31 am
east coast. more than 125 million people feeling the chill with some places even colder than they were on christmas day. will it warm up by tomorro and thank you, mom. our tribute to the wonderful women in our lives, mothers holding it all together in the middle of a pandemic. the kids who love them best tell us what makes them so special, today, saturday, may 9th, 2020. >> we want to say hi to all our friends at our elementary school. miss you! >> happy mother's day! >> from florida. >> hello, new york. >> i want to say hello to everyone. even in the fireman. please stay safe. i love you! >> a lot of cuties there. good morning to you. welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning.
6:32 am
happy mother's day. >> i especially like the "today" show ones. we hope you are enjoying those my today plaza shoutouts. we love them. you can post your videos on instagram and twitter with #mytodayplaza. and just in time for mother's day, the big news of the morning, we have dylan back. we can't wait to celebrate mother's day with you. before that, we have to put you back to works. tens of millions of people are waking up to below freezing temperatures. what's up with that, dylan? >> i promise you i have nothing to do with it. it's all just the way this worked out. yes, it is extremely cold in the northeast. snow is falling across upstate new york, new england, and maine later on today. you can see it here on the radar. the snow is coming down heavily right now across parts of down east maine. this will last through the day and wind down later on tonight as the area of low pressure pulls away. back behind it, it is very blustery.
6:33 am
we will see snow squalls set up through the day in upstate new york, back into pennsylvania too. we could see 6 to 8 inches of snow presque isle maine. this time of year, this is the last thing we want. freeze warnings for 142 million. freeze watch, freeze warning or frost watch. a lot of trees that already budded, they could perhaps come to an end with these colder temperatures. windchills feel like it's 20 to 30 degrees right now. temperatures are colder than christmas day in chicago, indianapolis. highs running 15 to 25 degrees below average with highs only in the 40s and 50s. and then tomorrow morning we could break more record low temperatures again hovering freezing, back into west virginia, roanoke, washington, d.c., 41 degrees. and high temperatures
6:34 am
temperature will be a little bit better. but still colder than you would expect this time of year. kristen. >> thank you for that, dylan. appreciate it now the developments on the coronavirus. the vice president mike pence's press secretary katie miller has tested positive for coronavirus. the vp, who was also tested on friday, tested negative. and a staggering new jobs report shows just how much damage the coronavirus has cost the economy. unemployment rising to 14.7%. these are the worst numbers since the great depression. and as more states ease restrictions this weekend, the number of coronavirus cases in the u.s. is rising to nearly 1.3 million. the of number of deaths just over 78,000. we want to begin with nbc's kelly o'donnell with the latest on that white house staffer testing positive for coronavirus. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, peter. the white house says it is stepping up efforts to deep clean work spaces in the west wing. and the chief of staff says some
6:35 am
aides and employees who come closest to the president may be asked to wear masks, though most aides have not been wearing masks. this is all getting much more personal as two aides tested positive for the virus. >> reporter: an unexpected hot spot, the white house itself. >> there is a member of the vice president's team who is positive for coronavirus. >> reporter: pence press secretary katie miller has been handling communications for the coronavirus task force. an official tells nbc news she showed symptoms friday. thursday she was part of the vp's event in virginia. friday, the vice president continued with a trip to iowa where he did not wear a mask. officials say he tested negative. complicating west wing contacts, miller's husband, stephen miller, is a senior adviser to president trump, who also attended their february wedding. >> she's a wonderful young woman, katie. she tested very good for a long period of time and then all of a sudden today she tested
6:36 am
positive. >> reporter: miller is the second staffer since thursday to test positive. she follows an unnamed military valet who was last with the president tuesday. >> it is probably the safest place that you can come to. >> reporter: chief of staff mark meadows insisted the environment is safe. >> we put in some additional protocols over the last 48 hours, and we'll continue to monitor. >> reporter: the president, who is tested daily -- >> talk up. you have a mask on your face. >> reporter: chose not to wear a mask with elderly world war ii veterans friday but kept a distance. >> i would have loved to have gone up and hugged them. plus the wind was blowing so hard in such a direction that if the plague ever reached them -- >> reporter: the president says he expects coronavirus flare-ups as people return to work. but he also rendered a scientific opinion at odds with many experts. >> this is going to go away without a vaccine. it's going to go away. we're not going to see it again.
6:37 am
>> reporter: when asked about the bleak economic picture, the president said no surprise about those new jobs numbers that show 20 million positions have vanished and the jobless number has gone up to a staggering 14.7%, the worst since the great depression. peter? >> kelly, americans obviously are anxious to get back to work as the government makes plans to reopen. and today we are learning more about a cdc report on reopening that was never distributed. what more do we know about that? >> reporter: "the associated press" reviewed internal emails that show the cdc spent weeks working on very detailed plans on how many different kinds of communities across the country could reopen and was interacting with the white house urging them to approve the plans for may 1st, when the guidelines for the president expired. we know that the white house did not go forward with that. we don't know why. the emails also show that the white house did not want to publish these protocols and ideas and, after the report came
6:38 am
out with "the associated press", did approve a portion of those to be made public. the white house had said that the review of those different plans had not gone to the top of the cdc. yet the emails show that the cdc director had personally signed off. it's unclear why this happened. but a portion of that has now been made public. peter, kristen? >> kelly, thanks. another headline, a father and son are behind bars this morning charged with murder in the shooting death of a man. they are answering questions about the shooting death of ahmaud arbery. mcmichaels claim the attack was in self-defense. the georgia bureau of investigations is looking to anyone who may have been connected, including the man who took that video. his lawyer says he was just a witness. california is taking an unprecedented step ahead of the 2020 election. governor gavin newsom announced
6:39 am
that more than 20 million voters in the state will receive mail-in ballots ahead of the upcoming november collection. in-person voting will be an option, however. this is the first state to adjust its voting process due to the coronavirus pandemic. that was the news how about altsz boos using his skills to cheer up essential workers. this is eddie lynn he's on the autism spectrum and as a boy he discovered an outlet into bran balloon art. and now he's taking requests for essential workers. he made a mail truck, and turned these health care workers into
6:40 am
superheroes. >> good for eddie. those nurses are captain ahead >> kudos to help >> looking ahead at the life of roy horn straining, and bloating, again and again. no way. more exercise. more water. and more fiber is the only way to manage it. is it? maybe you think... it's occasional constipation. maybe it's not. it could be a chronic medical condition called ibs-c, and time to say yesss! to linzess. linzess works differently than laxatives. it helps relieve belly pain and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. do not give linzess to children less than six and it should not be given to children six to less than 18, it may harm them. do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach area pain, and swelling.
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otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. we are back on this saturday morning remembering an entertainment legend. roy horn of the celebrated duo siegfried & roy passed away from complications due to coronavirus. >> steve patterson takes a look at his life and magical career.
6:44 am
>> this morning the world remembers the life of roy horn. one half of the lenl dairy magical act siegfried & roy. horn's publicist says the famed illusionist died from complications due to covid-19 after contracting the virus last month. >> siegfried and i are big believers in bringing the audience on stage with us. >> for more than 50 years, horn and stage partner delighted crowds with illusionism and exotic animals, becoming one of the most popular shows in the history of magic. but horn's career sprouted from humble roots, raised in nazi germany by an alcoholic father, his escape was animals. as a bellhop on a german cruise ship, he met a budding magician. >> could you do this with a cheetah? >> in las vegas, the illusions with big cats became a sure bet. then in 2003 just hours after
6:45 am
celebrating his 59th birthday, show veteran tiger grabbed him by the neck and dragged him off stage and caused massive blood loss, a stroke and partial paralys paralysis. >> through years of painful rehab, the master of the impossible defied the odds again. he was able to walk and even perform again. his long time friend and partner writing the world lost one of the greats of magic, but i have lost my best friend. a master of the stage who dazzled crowds of thousands and inspired millions, roy horn was 75. for "today," steve patterson, nbc news. >> sad news but nice to celebrate his life. they mesmerized millions over the years. >> incredible magic and amazing to see how many odds he overcame in life.
6:46 am
impressive. >> we want to get another check of the forecast right now. dylan dreyer has that. good morning, dylan. >> good morning again, guys. nice to see you. as we get ready for mother's day tomorrow, we're looking for temperatures to warm up a bit in the northeast. although still staying below average. we could see snow through central wisconsin and northern michigan. it is going to be cold for may through the northern plains. the warmest temperatures we'll see will be out west with highs well up into the 80s and 90s. especially in the southwest where we could see a couple of dry thunderstorms. soaking rain through florida, especially c the first thing you will notice when you look out your window is going to be the clouds. it will still be a warm day if you live in the inland areas. but it will be cooler by 10 degrees in some spots. remember, we saw 90s in the forecast earlier this week. normal high for today is about
6:47 am
72. we will be in those 80s. still well above normal where we're supposed to be this time of year. as we head into tomorrow, big mother's day forecast. we are tracking a cooler temperature ahead. peter? and that's your latest forecast. peter? >> dylan x thanks. stay there. not that there was anywhere else for you to go really. a great tribute from you to moms on this mother's
6:48 am
6:49 am
we are back on a saturday morning. there's a good chance your mother's day festivities will look a little different this year. >> that's for sure. moms will get a lot of extra love tomorrow. dylan, you're among them. >> i sure hope so. i have a good feeling about it. being a parent is often a thankless job. that's okay. it doesn't mean kids don't appreciate the jobs that both moms and dads do. we talk to some who say they're
6:50 am
extremely thankful for their moms now more than ever. they say it takes a village to raise a child. but these days that village is looking a lot smaller. with schools closed, kids' activities put on hold and play dates altogether canceled. there's virtually no break from parenting in a pandemic. >> let us pray. >> while it may seem like kids just don't understand. >> i'm in jail. >> ask and they may price you. >> you have been spending more time with our mom. you know -- >> we say being stuck with. but it's actually been not too bad. >> good she gets to spend more time with us but sad because it's tiring. >> when i'm annoying her a little bit, she usually says can you please go upstairs and
6:51 am
usually i do. >> she has patience with us. >> i'm trying to help her as much as i can. help her with dinner. >> she's really good at cooking. >> banana pudding. >> she's a really good teacher. she has a lot of experience. >> she does funny things with movies and reads. >> it's been pretty special. spending more time with her than i usually do. >> i think have -- >> i thank my mom for mother's day because she's been working her butt off. >> she's been a true rock. she's been like, it's okay. we're going to get through this. >> mom. >> aww. >> i love you too, babe. >> thanks, mom. >> thank you, mommy.
6:52 am
>> happy mother's day. >> thank you. >> i think the take away from all this is no matter how stressed or overwhelmed you feel, your kids love having you around and they appreciate everything you're doing for them. right? >> i love you mom, thank you. >> well done, calvin. >> stressed out and they just appreciate it. they notice and they appreciate just having you around. it's a special thing. >> what a great piece, dylan. i love hearing the little guy who says i love it because she watches tik tok with me and of course, the little guy who says because she works her butt off. >> the guy said only bad thing is we're tiring. we congratulate you guys. you have been heroes. so many moms working overtime, so many dads, too. everybody. it's a tough time. happy mother's day, yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
that is going to do it for us on a saturday morning. >> perfect day for dylan dreyer to come back. just in time for mother's day. bosco, one of your children, as it were, helping to celebrate. >> i called for the kids and bosco is the only one that came. that's it. >> he's like, i'm good. >> i hear footsteps. yea. >> there they are. >> ste al
6:57 am
good morning. i'm kira klapper. coming up next, a warning: stay home or parks will be closed this mother's day weekend. plus, parts of the bay area are looking ahead to may 18th. could that be the day cities take more steps to reopen? and a slight cool down with the heat we have seen the last couple of days. vianey arana has a beautiful mother's day weekend forecast for you.
6:58 am
6:59 am
[music] [music] especially in times like these, strong public schools make a better california for all of us.
7:00 am
good morning. it is saturday, may 9th. we are taking a live look outside. cloudy skies over oakland airport as we begin this mother's day weekend. we really appreciate you joining us. 7:00 on the dot. vianey arana joins us from home with a look at our microclimate forecast. i have to say it is a little pleasant to see a cooler morning out there. >> i agree.
7:01 am
especially because my ac hasn't been working the past two days, so we have been in here fanning ourselves with the 90s we saw. it was a little rough. i'm excited for the cooler weather, too. you can see over san jose we have the cloud cover, and this is what temperatures look like so far. a sneak peak of what we are expecting. notice, it is still pretty warm. by 11:00 a.m., we're in the 70s. normal high is 72. we're still well above average for this time of year. no 90s. it will be in the 80s. however, we are talking about 90s. depending on where you live, a good range of temperatures. in san francisco, 60s, so it will be comfortable there. around the peninsulas, it will drop down to the 70s and down through santa cruz, 64 degrees. i am talking about the shower activity. i'll have that detail coming up
7:02 am
in about 15 minutes. >> i'll see you then. just so you feel better, i don't have ac at all, so we are in the same boat right now. see you in 15, girl. thanks. well, with that beautiful weather, mother's day weekend upon us as well. it will be tempting to head outdoors, but the mayors of two bay area cities say they will check on parks if they get too crowded. delores park is a popular park. police and park rangers were busy enforcing safety protocols. they will be back on patrol this weekend. we found people who said they take responsibility and they leave when the crowds arrive. >> i don't come here on the weekends at all. yeah, for my own safety and everybody else's. >> across the bay, the oakland mayor will be warning people to avoid it or it will be closed. the mayor may look into
7:03 am
expanding oakland slow streets program to give people more options. now to a controversial vote in southern california. riverside county officials voted to have the health director downgrade several public health measures. beginning today face coverings and social distancing no longer will be required, only strongly recommended. restrictions on short-term rentals and golf course operations also have been lifted. this is a big year for business owners. when the restrictions are lifted, will people come out? yesterday three counties opened. in those counties people stayed home and many businesses still stay closed. sergio shows us the scene in sonoma. >> reporter: on a friday night on such a warm evening which would usually be a hub activity. new orders allow some retailers
7:04 am
to resume business, still pretty quiet here. we'll see a few stores have these signs basically telling customers they can call or order online and then come and pick up their merchandise at curbside. a book shop, few clothing stores and other retailers are among a handful of resources coming back to light. >> with retail we will be judicious in where we go and keep it to a necessity because, you know, even if they open up, the more we stay away from things, the safer we feel. >> reporter: on this mother's day weekend, they are looking forward to exploring some newly reopened bike trails in the area. no shopping is planned. >> we're planning on doing a family picnic since the parks are going to reopen. >> reporter: they were getting pudding. when restaurants are allowed to
7:05 am
resume modified table service, he is opening officials let him use more outside safe. >> i want to propose to the city at 5:00 every day we close the plaza and the adjacent streets to traffic and cars and we'd have one country restaurant. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. so what about the rest of the bay area, the six other local counties that remain in phase one? the mixed messages to have retailers and customers all confused. san francisco and marin may open may 18th, two mondays from now. a san francisco book shop which can only sell online under the city's order is explaining the difference to their customers. >> there is a lot of confusion, a lot of people think that we should be doing curbside now or that we can. >> businesses are getting ready by moving inventory to the front of the store so customers can shop from the street. >> governor new some hinted
7:06 am
about phase three. phase three would be opening the high risk businesses including salons, gyms, movie theaters and churches. >> phase three is not a year away, six months away, three months away. it may not even be more than a month away. >> the governor says before phase three, the state needs to ensure it has a plan to keep customers and employees as safe as possible. another economic victim to coronavirus, bay area country music fans surprised to learn that saddlerack in freemont is shutting down for good. the legendary country music venue was an international tourist destination. it closed eight weeks ago because of the shelter at home orders but management says there is no viable way to reopen. it opened in the mid-'70s and moved to freemont in '73. >> here is a good sign the bay
7:07 am
area is bending the curve. today the makeshift hospital in the south bay we were telling you about will begin transforming back to the convention center it once was. last month doctors treated 20 patients, but it never got the crush of patients expected. crews are now packing up equipment and will then deep clean the facility. now to a live look to the port of oakland. foggy out there and gloomy morning and relatively e lly qu the port. two more cruise ships will dock at the outer harbor terminal and a third ship will dock at the oakland. only crew members are onboard, no passengers. no reported cases of coronavirus onboard. those ships could stay at the port for two to three months. and at 7:07, we have much
7:08 am
more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, a lot of us want to be with our moms tomorrow, but bay area leaders urge sheltering at home and want to reinforce the best gift of all is the gift of health. plus another potential breakthrough. a three drug cocktail throwing promising results in the fight against covid-19. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill... ...can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain,
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welcome back on your saturday morning, may 9th. a live look outside over wall net creek. the sun is shining. some of us are waking up to cloudy skies and fog. we have a little bit of a cooldown this weekend, which will be nice for those of us without air-conditioning or those with breakoken air-conditioning like vianey arana. she'll be along with your forecast in five minutes. like so many other milestone events and celebrations this year, during this pandemic mother's day is no different. it will be different. no brunch, no outings.
7:11 am
health officials are urging people not to go to mom's house, but will everyone comply? >> reporter: like most mothers, raquel won't be seeing her whole family on sunday. >> it is a different one for me. i won't have my boys. >> reporter: that's because they're across the country. she was visiting from virginia and got stuck at her sister's with the stay-at-home order. so she's going to celebrate with her husband and son virtually this time. >> so this year, though, we won't be spending -- i won't be spending it with them and i don't think they're doing anything either because they don't want to expose my mother. >> reporter: but her sister's son may come down from the city to finally have family time. >> it is a little risk, but felt like it was worth doing. we go back and forth. >> reporter: health officials are urging phone calls. they fear there may be a surge in covid-19 cases. >> happy mother's day.
7:12 am
especially during this difficult times, there is no better gift than a gift of good health. >> reporter: she suggests sending take-out. mother's day is one of the busiest days of the year for hard hit restaurants. >> yes, mother's day is intense. >> reporter: they're changing operations yet again. this time to do something for mom. >> it keeps you on your toes. so i think that's the best thing that we could do right now, keep adapting. >> reporter: no sitting allowed but pizza and lunch available for take-out. for the mom in your house or the one you can't physically visit this year. ian cole, nbc bay area news. we do have much more ahead on today in the bay. dining differently. the bay city gearing up to open its restaurants with a new plan. how going out to eat is being
7:13 am
redefined. i'm already thinking about the brunch i can have delivered to my mom for tomorrow. and also of course the forecast very important. i'll have a closer look at that. a full forecast coming up. we're all doing our part by staying at home. that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
7:14 am
and geico loves helping riders get to where they're going, so to help even more, geico is giving new and current customers a fifteen percent credit on their motorcycle policies with the geico giveback. and because we're committed for the long haul, the credit lasts your full policy term. the geico giveback. helping riders focus on the road ahead.
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welcome back. 7:15 on your saturday morning. one of the few spots seeing abundant sunshine this morning. a live look as we wake up on your mother's day weekend. continuing our coronavirus coverage, a new drug cocktail could speed up recovery for some covid-19 patients. researchers there studied more than 100 patients mildly sick with the virus. two-thirds of them were given a combination of three antiviral drugs including interferon. that drug may boost the body's ability to fight the virus. a second group was given a two drug combination. researchers say patients in the
7:16 am
first group started recovering in just seven days, half the time it took the second group. back to your local news, as businesses look to reopen, things will look different. we all know that. that includes restaurants when they do open up again. san jose city leaders are looking ahead and looking at a plan to expand on to sidewalks and parking spaces. damien as more on the program they're fittingly calling al fresco. >> this isn't the lunch crowd they're used to. right now to comply with the order, they're only serving to go orders, and the owner says thursday sales were miserable. >> yesterday was a very difficult day for us. from 11:00 to 7:00 p.m. we did 2 $227. >> we've got a pain in our small business community and we need help. >> this has devastated our
7:17 am
economy. small businesses that were thriving six and seven weeks ago are now struggling to survive. >> reporter: san jose leader fills a virtual news conference to announce their proposal to allow restaurants to use sidewalks, parking stalls and other public areas as outdoor dining. it is critical because when restaurants do open, they will likely lose half their indoor tables to meet mandatory social distancing requirements. now the health department has to sign off to get the wide open space. >> it's obviously important for all of us to get rolling on this work now. that's why we're beginning with this initiative. >> reporter: the leaders say they will have to work with the feds as well to allow restaurants to sell liquor, a big moneymaker outdoors. it is not just restaurants. other businesses could go al fresco as well. >> we need the government to help us get the ball rolling. >> a ray of hope for businesses wondering if they can survive the pandemic.
7:18 am
nbc bay area news. all right. just shy of 7:18. we will check in now with vianey arana with a look at our micro climate forecast. >> hey, good morning. it is saturday. i bet you are all wondering, i wonder what it's going to look like. the thing you will notice is the cloud cover. san jose, you can see that cloud kind of cover really taking over, but don't worry. sunshine is going to be coming out and we are talking about a cooling trend. a little more clear there. that sunshine will prevail through the afternoon. i want to show you what we talked about when it comes to the temperatures. right now fairly mild, 66 degrees in san jose. 51 in livermore, but the big story into thursday and friday was a high pressure system that warmed us up into the 90s, near record for a lot of places in the bay area throughout the
7:19 am
region. you can see we've got sort of a calm weather pattern, but we have unsettled weather ahead. as this high pressure continues, we will have that cooling trend already underway. today we will be cooling off in some spots including down to the south bay. 82 for san jose and in through the east bay. this is where we will probably have a good variety of temperatures. if you look at oakland, 68 degrees and in through the peninsula, 70s into san francis francisco, 60s. up through the north bay 60s. notice we're in the upper 80s and 90s. high pressure still hanging out and keeping us dry. the high pressure begins to move east. that's where that big h is. look at that in the pacific. we have an upper level low that will make its move in on monday. as we head in towards monday, we are tracking our next chance of seeing shower activity and also the winds are going to pick up. breezy conditions, 10 to 15
7:20 am
miles an hour winds, 20 miles an hour winds in some spots, but it won't be a big storm. little shower activity from that. looking at way ahead, our next chance to see more rain will be on thursday, may 14th. look at out in the pacific, a low pressure system. we will monitor that as we get closer. as far as rain totals, not picking up heavy, heavy rain, at least not significant amounts. but less than a quarter of an inch. here it is. your mother's day forecast. you don't have to worry about the rain for tomorrow. but at least it will be way more comfortable. we will be in the 60s for the coast, mid-60s for the bay, 65 degrees. inland a really good cool down into the upper 70s. maybe you can have a nice face time or skype conversation on your patio without having to worry about the heat. my mom is in southern california, so i will definitely be giving her a call. i hope you get to enjoy and celebrate mom tomorrow.
7:21 am
over the next 7 days, upper level low drops down and our temperatures continue to cool down, remain in the 70s for inland areas. so monday and tuesday, we will get that shower activity. wednesday, thursday and friday we dry out. we might get a chance to see shower activity on wednesday. but most of the temperatures will remain in the 60s for san francisco. by tuesday, we will keep the activities, especially higher in the mountains 60 degrees and a little bit of drying. but the cooling continuing. >> thanks. it is 7 c:21. still ahead, will there be an nfl season? who better to ask than al michaels. we talk exclusively to the voice of sunday night football next. ♪
7:22 am
this virus is testing all of us. and it's testing the people on the front lines of this fight most of all. so abbott is getting new tests into their hands, delivering the critical results they need.
7:23 am
and until this fight is over, we...will...never...quit. because they never quit. it's still unclear if we will have professional sports to look forward to next season. and if we do, how will they look? if the nfl returns, will fans be
7:24 am
allowed into the stadium? this is not just about the games. it is about jobs. professional football is the number one sport in america. the nfl earned about $13 billion in annual revenue. it is not just about the players. it is about all the support staff, the nonmillionaires, the concession workers, hotel workers and everyone else in the league. we have seen the positive impact firsthand. the 49ers coming off their magical season. this upcoming season, as a result, will feature three times on sunday night football. that means we will see a lot of al michaels for one. the best announcer in the business. our own raj talked with michael and brings us this exclusive interview. >> three scenarios the way i see it. there could be an nfl season. there might not be an nfl season or maybe a shortened season. let's talk about a shortened season. what might that look like and is it viable? >> it's viable, but the question is when will the season start?
7:25 am
and you could probably have a truncated season if you started probably, i would assume, as late as late october. if it was later than that, i think it would be pretty difficult. i think what the league would like to do is be able to play a number of games so that it would be pretty much a legitimate season, maybe 12 games, 14 certainly would be good. 16 of course is optimal if we can get all 16 in. so right now, there are so many moving parts, we don't know. but at least the league is proceeding as if they can begin on time and begin with a thursday night game celebrating kansas city's super bowl win, and they get into san francisco week 4 and week 6 against philadelphia the first time and then the rams the second time. >> what is your gut feeling, al? you are privy to a lot of behind the scenes conversation and meetings. what is your gut feeling? what is going to happen with this season? >> we don't know and the reason
7:26 am
we don't know is because the league is not controlling anything. this is all being controlled by portions external to the national football league. whatever is going to happen is going to happen because of what happens with the pandemic, what happens with either coming up with some therapeutic ways to combat the disease, let people gather again together, albeit under very unusual circumstances. so the league can go ahead right now and make their plans as if it's going to take place, but nobody really knows. i mean, the headline just changed from day-to-day. >> al, one of the biggest moments of your career wasn't even to do with sports. it was the world series 1989 right here in the bay area, october 17th of 1989. what goes through your mind when you hear that? >> well, i can't believe it's been that long, number one, because we celebrated, what, the 30th anniversary a couple of years ago. i did a few interviews and a few
7:27 am
pieces in regard to that. i'll just never ever forget obviously those 15 seconds which seemed like, and we have all lived through earthquakes, but 15 seconds seemed like a minute and a half. and the initial feeling was we were on camera. our backs were to candle stick park. the movement was such that for a couple of seconds i thought the three of us were going to be pitched out of the booth and on to the lower deck. and that was an event none of us will forget. >> al, thanks for your time tonight. we hope to see you october 4th at levy stadium, 49ers and eagles, but we'll cross our fingers for that. >> the 4th and the 18th as well, raj. look forward to it. >> we are looking forward to it as well. that was a small portion of raj's chat with al michaels last night. we talked about michaels time
7:28 am
when he was an announcer for san francisco. point your phone to the qr code in the bottom left corner of your screen there. that will take you to the raw, unedited interview on our website. still more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, police officers are front and center at one of the most popular bay area parks ready to close it if it gets too crowded this weekend. all of this as we look ahead to mother's day. plus, the long lines return. the reason why some people are being turned away before they even get in.
7:29 am
7:30 am
good morning. it is saturday, may 9th, 7:30 as we look live outside over downtown san jose. cloudy skies, but the sunshine is still shining through. a great way to start your weekend. we so appreciate you are starting your weekend with us.


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