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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 12, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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i don't see anything to open with restrictions. >> reopening reactions. the details governor newsom says he will reveal today and the difficult decision on restaurants. new signs of hope across the state. are we making progress or is it a fluke? and the rent crisis. help on the way for those trying to make it in the bay. good tuesday morning to you and thanks so much for jioining us. >> let's start out with
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meteorologist kari hall with a look at the forecast today. kari? and it's going to be a cooler day for many of our micro climates as we check out san jose and our trend today. we'll be in the mid-50s to start. a lot of clouds. although we won't see a lot of rain coming out of these clouds, we will see the sun just peeking out every now and then. we are still seeing a storm system very close to the region, and that's going to keep it a little soggy in some spots like the north bay. i'll be tracking where we can see rain and what else is ahead coming up in the forecast. laura? sounds good, thank you very much. for the first time since march contra costa county reported no new coronavirus cases. santa clara county, the hot zone, just two new cases and no deaths. statewide view all the counties seen here in white also reported no new deaths that includes santa cruz county which is just, of course, outside of the bay area. and this morning some bay
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area business owners have their hopes up since governor newsom announced loosening restrictions to help restaurants and stores reopen. but, as we're seeing, it depends on the county or city where the businesses are located, and will they actually reopen. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live for us in downtown walnut creek with more on this dilemma. sharon? >> reporter: marcus, many restaurants like mel's diner behind me here in walnut creek have remained open for takeout and delivery, but the question remains, will they reopen for in-house dining? many restaurants we talked to in san francisco said it would just be too difficult to pay employees and make a profit with restricted seating and social distancing in place. >> i don't see anything positive to reopen with restrictions. >> some waiver on the property taxes or some relief.
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>> reporter: many restaurant owners are hoping the governor and local government will listen and help successfully reopen businesses. governor newsom is expected to announce more loosened restrictions for restaurants and he's saying that he's receiving a lot of feedback from these counties that still have the tighter restrictions in place because of the covid-19 numbers. all of this is very fluid and restaurants and businesses should check with their local county ordinance on how this will all play out. reporting live in walnut creek, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> sharon, thank you. and happening today san jose leaders debate financial relief for airport concessions hit hard by the decline in travelers. it's not yet clear how deep the hit has been for businesses that operated sjc, but airport travel is just a tiny fraction of what it was before the pandemic hit. relief measures may include suspending rent and fees. b.a.r.t. and muni's top
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executives will be gathering today actually from 13 of the nation's largest transit agencies. they want to tell u.s. lawmakers that they're falling short of emergency funding. now last week they sent a joint letter to key congressional members. funding from the c.a.r.e.s. act will not be enough to keep most public transit afloat. bay area transit alone could lose more than a billion next year. today the group will hold a virtual news conference focused on a new round of stimulus money. san jose leaders debate new protection for renters impacted by the pandemic and struggling to make it in the bay. one item up for debate, a moratorium on rent hikes. also, suspending late charges for failure to pay rent on time. today's meeting should cover a wide range of topics. our chris chmukris sanchez will in our next hour of coverage. san francisco supervisors today will rubber stamp their vote to close the seventh floor jail at the hall of justice.
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last week they approved that plan. today they'll hold a customary second vote with inmate populations already thinned by the pandemic. closing the run down jail makes sense for a lot of them. it will be empty by the end of october. starting this week more court proceedings will be under way in santa clara county, this after so many of them were put off due to the covid-19 pandemic. according to "the mercury news" criminal pleas and motion hearings are now under way. this is spelling a lot of relief for some accused criminals, some of whom have been waiting for weeks to enter a plea. the hall of justice in north san jose is also scheduling preliminary and special hearings. new this morning tonight palo alto school leaders will discussion making $3 million in cuts due to the pandemic. it says that it has lost revenue typically collected as part of its school lunch program and rent from summer programs. berkeley is also considering
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major cuts to its school budget. according to berkeley, school leaders are putting together plans that would slash between $2 million and $6 million depending on the governor's state budget proposal. he plans to outline that tomorrow. the president of the uc system, janet napolitano, wants to stop using the s.a.t. as requirements to college. she submitted a request to the board of regents to suspend the standardized test and make a new one. napolitano hopes to stop testing until 2024 and roll out new tests in 2025. the board will vote on halting standardized tests next week. well, with the class of 2020 graduations in mind, one bay area county is actually going to try to change things a little bit to allow some of those drive-in ceremonies. san mateo county health officer just changed the health order to
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allow for strictly regulated vehicle gatherings with a maximum of 200 cars. they will offer graduation packages in its parking lot. it would be an audio feed and one student at a time would be allowed to get out and receive their did i below in a. grads say -- >> i like the new idea. at least i can see some people even though i can't be super close to them. it's like a real graduation not a virtual one. >> i think it would be great to have something we could physically go to and would be great for them to see their friends and just feel like you're part of it. >> they deserve it. it's now two school districts to decide if they will change their graduation plan. police in san francisco had to worn dozens of people over mother's day weekend for not following those social distancing orders. according to "the chronicle" officials and officers informally warned 140 people to practice social distancing and
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wear face coverings. chief bill scott says everyone put on notice complied on the spot. mayor london breed threatened to close delores park due to large crowds. 4:37 for you this morning and working towards a reopening date in the u.s. next here on "today in the bay" we'll talk about the major changes disney is prepari the happiest place on earth. plus, an act of kindness. this is beyond. i've never had anything like this in my life. >> a stranger stopped to help a 93-year-old man hitchhiking in southern california. the new tradition they're now taking on together. you're watching "today in the bay." we're here for you and we're open.
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my new bite-sized, crispy popcorn chicken is so irresistible you'll want them whenever, so don't resist! pop 'em while you game, hang, or do your thing. pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99. right now at 4:41 it's cloudy and misting in parts of the bay area this morning. here's a live look outside in walnut creek. we're going to see these clouds linger today, and one of the coolest days of the week. we'll talk about when it moves out, this rain, and when we warm up in the forecast coming up. good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. wall street is set to open up lower this morning as investors continue to weigh efforts to reopen the economy against fears of an increase in coronavirus cases that could force more
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lockdown. yesterday was a mixed session for stocks with the dow dropping about 100 points. the nasdaq extended its longest win streak of the year to six days as traders pile in to tech firms that have proven to be resilient. shares of amazon and netflix up more than 30% this year while microsoft up nearly 20%. pepsico wants to skip the middleman for your quarantine snack names. will feature more than 100 frito lay products while will sell bundles, sun chips and gatorade or cheetos and mountain dew. pepsico reported a bump in quarterly earnings as people stocked up during the pandemic. twitch is now selling gift cards you can use to buy items on the popular streaming site. twitch is free but you can spend money on things such as subscriptions to channels. the gift cards can be sent by email or text message and you can only buy digitally for now.
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they'll be available at best buy and game stop. those are your cnbc business headlines. kari, back over to you. thank you, frank. let's check out our current temperatures now across the bay area, mostly starting out in the mid to upper 50s. we will have a cooler day as more clouds and even a little bit of rain moves in. more on this in the forecast after the break. and more on the forecast and its effect on the traffic flow as well. we do have some impact on the roadways and on the construction crews out there. we'll talk about that. to show up...
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and a good morning to you. if you live in the north bay, east bay, peninsula, san francisco, you want to go on a field trip, head to san jose. a lot of people can't get out. we try to do what we can. terrific tuesday. >> thanks for the tour, marcus. >> you are in a very good mood. >> let's go on a trip. where, where are we going? >> and there you go. >> the more you know. >> kari, how does the forecast look today? can we go outside for a walk? yeah, i think you can go outside for a walk, keep in mind it may mist for a little while.
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still some spotty light showers in and around the bay area. check out our temperature trends, some spotty rain today as we head to noon. a lot of clouds and our temperatures in the mid-60s. going into the afternoon only a few spots will reach 70 degrees. we are much calmer than normal. we'll bring in some spotty showers. as we go through this forecast we still see the storm system that will be mostly bringing rain to far northern california but they so desperately need it because there is an extreme drought there right now. we'll continue to monitor this as it moves closer. we'll bring us a chance of light rain for today and then there may be more widespread showers
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heading into tomorrow morning but still not our hour-by-hour outlook we couldrt more clouds and higher humidity along with cooler temperatures. showers getting heavier for the north bay while the rest of the bay area may barely measure anything. maybe up to a tenth of an inch. so our temperatures will start to warm up gradually as we go towards the end of the week, but our temperatures will spike on friday then we'll see all clear sky and going into the weekend to start out we are very warm, but then we'll see a new storm system arriving on sunday that could bring us another round of some scattered showers, really great to see during the month of may, even though it's early we normally don't get a lot of rain during this month, so it's good to have this before we head into our dry season. mike, how is it looking for the
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morning commute? kari, the volume of traffic just a little bit more than we had been seeing the last few weeks, nothing i can point to as far as numbers, but i see that anecdotally. we'll look at the maps and do see a smooth flow of traffic. we did see a number of smaller crashes this morning as well. s watch out for the wet construct francisco. that closure did not happen for the 101 alemany project. over here just south 280 and 101. in the east bay we didn't have 580 closed but there is a minor crash just off highway 13. as we take a live look with our bridge camera, you do see there's wet lens there and that will mean wet roadways as well. do use caution because that oil, that grease will rise up no matter how little rain where you are. president trump's 2020 campaign is pushing supporters to vote by mail even though the president says he doesn't trust it.
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urging voters to turn them in. the president himself has used mail-in ballots but says there would be widespread fraud if there's only mail-in elections. many governors are pushing for it. governor newsom announcing all voters here in california will get a mail-in ballot. leaders who say 17 inmates have died while incarcerated from coronavirus will gather today to hold a prayer service. in the meantime the l.a. county sheriff says inmates at one jail purposely tried to infect themselves. he shared surveillance video near l.a. showing inmates sharing water and using the same masks. 30 inmates later tested positive. two were released. he says the inmates mistakenly believed becoming infected would be their ticket out of there. california's emergency services department says taxpayers have not lost money in the mask deals that fell through with foreign companies.
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last week we told you the state was getting nearly $250 million refund after a chinese manufacturer failed to deliver ppe by the end of april. california spent more than $2 billion on contracts for personal protective equipment. emergency service leaders say the taxpayers did not lose the money because the state was refunded after the deal went bad. laura, i love this story. so an unlikely friendship between two people in southern california really getting a lot of national attention. >> this is so cute. listen, it all started when 93-year-old mike cane decided to hitchhike to the 99 cent store in san marcos to get his girlfriend a chocolate bar. that's when rich farmer picked up cane, took him to the store to get him what he needed. the two immediately became friends and farmer has taken cane grocery shopping during the pandemic. their story was shared on social media. they even got some national
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attention even from "saturday night live." >> within five minutes my phone was blowing up, people were posting it on facebook. it was just incredible to see how many people just resonated with the story. >> i love it. the 99 cent store surprised cane with a shopping spree and a year's supply of hershey bars for his girlfriend. isn't it cute? >> i love that. there are still good people out there, and love never dies. >> no kidding. >> 4:52. >> someone has a sweet tooth. >> sweetheart, too. 4:52 for you right now. working to hit a home run. coming up next we'll talk about the plan major league baseball is revealing to players today aimed at getting back on the field. plus, lawsuits and layoffs. the big financial impact the pandemic is having on the golden state warriors and --
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>> i have a message from management which i have to read out, you're a good dog. yes, you are. who's a good dog? you're a good dog. i'm glad it makes you happy. >> this makes us all happy here. more of this, all paws on deck meeting coming up next. and happening now hair salons are back open across singapore as the country tentatively eases lockdown restrictions. long lines formed in central singapore this morning. staff at salons say they are being careful to disinfect equipment as well as those chairs. laundry services and shops selling pet supplies were allowed to reopen. restrictions remain in place.
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the amount of golden state warriors personnel that lost their jobs when the team stopped playing back in march. the warriors do tell "the chronicle" most if not all of laid-off staffers will get their jobs back when the new chase center is allowed to start hosting events again provided there's nba basketball. the state filing indicates more than 1,700 workers were cut, the most of any one since the pandemic took hold. the giants have laid off 1,200 workers. now to a follow-up major league baseball could make a return in july. major league baseball owners approving a proposal the commissioner will present today. instead of 162 games, an 82 game season would start in july and playoffs expanded from 10 to 14
4:57 am
teams. major hurdles remain like how much will players be paid and, more importantly, keeping them healthy. we're learning more about the happiest place on earth. plans to reopen. reservations are being taken for disneyworld and disneyland. people can start visiting in july. everyone will have to wear a facemask when the park reopens. yesterday disney in shanghai became the first of the company's parks to reopen since the pandemic. abc sports commentators andrew cotter is going viral for holding zoom meetings with his two dogs. there were tough conversations. >> the good news from head offices that neither of these will be furloughed so there are things that we have to try and improve on. i'm uncomfortable as well. you switched off the camera again. can you switch it back on. not a good return so, again --
4:58 am
if you're going to do that, could you switch off the video functioning. >> bbc's andrew cotter. you can find him on twitter. love that. a new warning from dr. fauci about reopening america too soon. next on "today in the bay," a live report on what's expected to happen when he speaks with the senate. plus, what happens next? the rising tension between tesla and alameda county after the factory fires up its production line defying the order to stay shut.
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if somebody wants to be tested right now, they'll be able to be tested. >> right now at 5:00, testing and reopening america. a live report straight ahead and what dr. anthony fauci could say about that today on capitol hill. plus, tensions tighten between elon musk as workers return for a second day. a live report on what musk is saying this morning. and the need for food is greater than ever. the mission to help feed families that might inspire you. a very good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> mike will get us through the commute in a bit. meteorologist kari hall wants to kick things off with a look at the forecast for us. something to smile about? we're going to have some nice weather.


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