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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 19, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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again. >> reporter: the open sign is out but customers still can't flip through the titles at walnut creek books. however since the first time since the pandemic shutdowns began, customers can pick up orders at the door. >> the book business, the margins are pretty terrible. >> reporter: marion is one of the owners hoping curb side sales will breathe life into the shop. since march they've been hanging on by using online sales and fund-raisers. >> we don't know how curb side is going to go. >> reporter: a couple of blocks away a toy store chain also hoping this is a step toward survival. >> we stick it in the bucket for people and close the door. it's completely contactless. >> easier for staff too who have their own concerns about going too fast and risking spreading the virus. >> everybody is anxious, so keeping our staff calm is important. >> safety first on the minds of nearly everyone we talked with.
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>> we need to make sure everyone is wearing masks and social distancing. >> the county has no timeline for allowing customers to physically shop in stores, saying no outdoor displays are allowed. social distancing plans must be in place including marking where customers can stand. owners wonder how long they can operate like this with margins so tight before the pandemic. >> i think at some point people have to pay rent and eat. >> shop owners and managers say they're hopeful they can survive and they're already preparing for that next phase when they'll be able to invite shoppers back inside their store, whenever that may be. thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> thom, thank you. el fresco dining in a big way considers the plan to reopen sidewalks and parking lots to outside dining. one of its more popular eating spots reopened today. we're talking about san pay droes square market in san jose.
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ten restaurants and cafes all now serving takeout. the the business owners and managers know this is a good step but it's likely going to take a while to re-establish the revenue they once had. >> once we are able to open to the public and allow people to come on property, whether it's the el fresco or dine in outdoor areas, it's going to be a slow start. >> it sure will be. tonight on the 6:00 news what customers have to say about coming back to san pedro square and what may be in store for the popular farmer's market. we hear the term phase two and what is allowed in it. it might be tough to keep track of everything, so here is a helpful reminder. the main things that are open in phase two are retail stores which can now offer curb side pick up. limited manufacturing jobs can resume. some offices can reopen where telecommuting isn't available. and dine in plans are being finalized which would help restaurants that can provide pick up and delivery only.
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what's still closed in phase two, a number of things, but the most coveted, hair and nail salons, gyms, movie theaters, and churches and religious centers. >> just into our news room, a fourth oakland police officer has tested positive for the coronavirus. and 93 more employees are now being tested. the oakland p.d. says the officer tested positive last week after being exposed during a traffic stop. there are questions tonight about whether that officer was wearing the ppe provided by the department. the exposed officer has not been at work since last week and is said to be in quarantine at home. new details tonight on the outbreak out of solano county skilled nursing facility. confirmed total of 11 patients have died at the windsor vallejo care center. there are a total of 16 deaths in solano county, so the cases at windsor account for more than 2/3 of all the deaths of
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coronavirus in that county. facilities held the san francisco chronicle most of the residents who died were in hospice or end of life care. our two day streak has come to an end. as we reported yesterday seven counties in the bay area went 48 hours without any new deaths from covid-19. however today, san mateo county reported nine new deaths from the virus. the number of hospitalizations is down. 54 people hospitalized in san francisco, 55 right now in san mateo. those are new lows for both counties. look at contra costa county. just 16 people hospitalized. that's a small bar right there. that's the new low since march 24th. alameda county and santa clara county, the hotspots in the bay area, 82 and 87 in alameda county. >> raj a new effort this evening to increase access to covid-19 testing. the mobile outreach team is
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helping underserved communities in san francisco. starting tomorrow there will be a mobile testing site at the tender loin center. glide has been providing food, water, and hygiene kits throughout this stay-at-home order. another high-profile bay area business is slashing jobs. glassdoor, an internet company that helps people find jobs laid off 30% of its employees. that's 300 people let go. the mill valley-based company gave its employees a minimum of three months pay and health care coverage through the end of the year. glassdoor ceo calls it, quote, gut wrenching. take a look outside. ten weeks of hardly any traffic and our air quality is much better for it. this is live look at what we used to call rush hour in san jose and oakland. it's moving very smoothly. scientists say we've seen a big drop in carbon dioxide emissions
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around the world not just the bay area. marianne favro talked with a stanford professor with leading research. >> reporter: you've likely noticed over the past few weeks the skies seem more clear, the air more fresh. now there's proof. the latest and most detailed study yet on the pandemic's impact on climate pollution is showing a major drop in groan house emissions. the research was done by the global carbon project, chaired by stanford university environmental scientist professor rob jackson. >> we estimate that global carbon dioxide emission dropped 1/6, 17% in early april. for the united states, our decrease was almost a third, 32% decrease in emissions. >> reporter: professor jackson says overall the earth will see up to a 7% decrease in carbon dioxide this year. >> we've never seen drops like that ever, even going back to, you know, world war ii.
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>> reporter: locally, with thousands of cars off the roads in the bay area for weeks, the the emissions levels have plummeted. >> with the level of reduction in traffic that we've seen, this translates to roughly a 20% reduction in co2 emissions in the bay area. >> reporter: as more people head back to work, the question now is will it last? it depends on how many of these changes become part of the new normal. >> as more businesses shift to a work-from-home model, i think it's going to be interesting to see if we can continue to see these gains in better air quality. >> marianne favro, nbc bay area news. the pandemic has sent bay area home sells plummeting, but don't expect bargains. april numbers reflect the first full month of the virus's impact. in the bay area sales dropped 37%. statewide, sales were down nearly a third from april of last year. the biggest drop since december of 2007 which was the start of the great recession.
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but there are no deals out there. prices only dropped 1% from march. if you get the virus, how long do the antibodies you develop protect you from getting it again? that was one of the questions researchers hope to answer in a sweeping 25-city study on how covid-19 spreads. the cdc is launching that study this summer, and san francisco is one of those cities. jessica aguirre is working from home. she joins us with what they're looking for, jessica. >> janelle, what researchers are looking for is blood. they need volunteers willing to give that blood. they want 1,000 samples a month in those 25 cities nationwide. we're talking about 300,000 samples. that's a lot. vital lab, a nationwide blood collection organization will be selecting the volunteers and collecting the donations. they're going to look at how long the antibodies that protect you after infection stay in the
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body. is it 12 months? is it 18 months? is it indefinitely? dr. john torrez also says the information was invite toll see how the virus spreads. michelle -- >> also going to help them understand the community spread of coronavirus because up to 50% of people don't have symptoms. so, it's hard to tell how many people actually have it. by doing these samplings, what they're going to determine is how many people in certain areas and regions across the nation have coronavirus. >> so, understanding is really key. so, they're going to be looking for volunteers in 25 cities. san francisco bay area is one of the first of the six regions that are going to be conducting this study. and they say they just want regular people. they don't want people that are immunocompromised or maybe tend to be sick.
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and they don't want super-fitness-level people that are healthy. they just want regular people. right in the middle to see so they can get those blood samples and use that as what their normal alt wisic person. the study is supposed to be starting in the summer. we don't have information on how to volunteer, but as soon as we do, we'll pass it along. >> fascinating to see how all the studies are happening. up next at 5:00, president trump announces $700 million is headed to bay area transit agencies. why b.a.r.t. says it might not be enough. and bottlerock has been postponed until october but there's some good news, how you can recreate it at home. i'm chief meteorologist jeff raniere, tracking the increasing heat. and we'll talk about the 80s and 90s on the way and what it means for memorial day next monday coming up in about eight minutes. we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden. president trump raised eyebrow when is he tweeted bay area agencies are getting funds. it turns out this is old news. the money is part of the c.a.r.e.s. act. b.a.r.t. says so far it's gotten $250 million from the c.a.r.e.s.
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act. ridership is down 90% right now. b.a.r.t. says the emergency funds will help stabilize the budget and keep the trains going. but it will likely need more federal help in the months to come. >> every day we have thousands of folks going to where they need to go. so, it will be difficult. >> b.a.r.t. isn't the only transit agency gets funds. well, it's tough for any restaurant to survive on just takeout but imagine trying to keep five restaurants afloat. >> that's what one bay area is going through. jessica joins us on this takeout tuesday. >> raj and janelle, laura and her family have five restaurants. they have three in danville all within a block of each other and then they have another two in the city in the heart of the financial district. so, while the family is dealing with trying to get those people in the east bay to take out takeout from the restaurants, they have a completely different
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dilemma in the city because the problem is there is no one to take out. it's a ghost town right there in the financial district, and it may stay like that for weeks, maybe even months. >> our business model was get people in and out quickly. they only have a short amount of time for their lunch break. and now we're completely having to do it online. our customers in our financial district stores are all home. so, all of the neighborhood restaurants are doing great. they have a lot more customers around them all of the time now. and the financial district is just a ghost town. >> what would you like to say to mayor london breed about what's happening to you and other, you know, businesses like you that rely on those employees being in the financial district? >> i just hope that us being financial district are still
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being considered. i know people staying home and not going to work was one of the first measures that were taken when this entire thing started. so, i believe it will be one of the last things to go back to what we call normal. and so, you know, we're going to need -- we're going to need help. you know, with rent especially. we know that the safety and the health of ourselves and our staff and our customers is number one priority, so we completely understand, you know, everything that is being mandated right now. we just -- we just hope that people don't forget about us. >> don't forget about them. so, they're being creative. they're adapting. they're trying to be nimble. they've partnered with online apps. they're doing delivery. they're also working with companies to provide meals for their employees in bulk. coming up at 6:00, we talk to
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lauren about those danville restaurants. now, remember mrs. doubt fire, the iconic character? she once said "help is on the way." we're going to find out what her connection is to the negi family and whether help is on the way. >> part of that movie was filmed in the east bay. thank you, jessica. the pandemic will prevent fans from enjoying the bottlerock festival in napa but you can recreate the experience at home. there's a bottlerock playlist on spotify and january is hosting virtual happy hours on zoom. details on janua sellers facebo page. right now the bottlerock festival is rezed scheduled for october. we're trying to get creative. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff raniere. we do have memorial weekend coming up with hopefully some barbecue weather, jeff.
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>> i think it's going to be good as we head through next monday, going to get a lot hotter. it's a very special day for a lot of peopleans and the lives were lost in history looking way, way back. so, we are going to get that hotter weather in here. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. i want to start off with storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar and after wild and whacky weather, we are starting to see things dry out. we didn't see much in the way of showers at all. doppler radar scans around, we are mostly dry right now. the location that has had activity is right over the sierra with spotty snow showers. look at these totals. kirkwood with 8 inches over the last few days. echo summit 5, blue canyon only
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2 inches. this is going to change as we have a warm area of high pressure moving in. this is helping to push any kind of rain chances recently dealt with off to the east so it's about the warming weather. now tomorrow tomorrow i think we'll hold on to cloud cover for the south bay peninsula tri-valley. do notice over to the north, san francisco and north bay, you'll have best chance of sunshine to start. coldest in the north bay at 49. now i have raised temperatures anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees tomorrow as that warm area of high pressure builds in. this will leave us with 74 in gilroy, 75 east san jose, and 72 in cupertino. east bay, plenty of upper 70s, inland, 78 in concord, the breeze will keep temperatures down to 69 in oakland, peninsula, 60s and 70s from dally city down to palo alto. 68 in the mission.
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that's the warmest. winds out of the west at 19. and north bay, also 70s. mill valley, napa, and insanity row sew going up to 75 degrees. look at that heat building by sunday, monday, and tuesday low to mid 70s return and we are dry the next seven days. and right here across the inland valleys go from 78 tomorrow up to 80 on friday, by saturday 84, sunday 88 and by me poirl day 92 degrees. let's give you a quicker look here at memorial day and you'll see we'll be close to record-setting heat in concord with 94 degrees. so, definitely good weather to get outside and enjoy if you haven't already, next monday, memorial day with your small gathers you have with your immediate family at home. make sure you have the sunglasses, spf, the stimulate the economy, get on a site, and get yourself good to go. it's that time of year to get
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all that styling and profiling stuff going on, right? >> jeff, we know you're doing a lot of work to your yard. are you building a pool maybe in time for memorial day? >> i would love to. i've got to get the shovel and -- maybe some excavating equipment. maybe we'll go for the plastic above-ground pool. >> a little bit easier. thanks jeff. up next here at 5:00, fancy on a budget michelin star restaurant in the bay area now offering takeout. we've got the details.
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z3vx9z z1s6z y3vx9y y1s6y . let's take a live look from our sfo cam, our next normal non-stop flights to europe from sfo will resume in less than two
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weeks. you can see hardly any air traffic at the airport right now. beginning june 1st, one weekly flight to zurich. on june 16th, three flights per week to munich. sfo has had no flights to europe since april 1st. michelin rated food in the company of your own home. >> now offering takeout, michelin rated restaurants don't offer takeout. here's our chance. here's joe rosato jr. >> reporter: in the time of covid-19 there's comfort in a good meal. on chef chris bleidorn's to-go menu at san francisco's birdsong, duck. before covid-19, birdsong wasn't a fried chicken restaurant at
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all. >> i never saw myself doing takeout, especially in this restaurant at all. didn't even cross my mind once. >> reporter: but birdsong is among michelin star restaurants who out of economic necessity and duty are serving takeout meals. chefs who might have scoffed at the idea of packing their food in autogo box are paring down menus and raising creativity. >> for a price point it's going to be a lot cheaper for somebody to come up and pick one of the dishes rather than a commitment for the whole evening. >> the accessibility is welcoming some patrons to restaurants they might not have visited before and inspiring some chefs to turn to chicken to save their bacon. joe rosato, jr.
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tonight a winner is crowned on "the voice." it'll be five finalists instead of four. there will be performances by the jonas brothers, bonn voe sri, and lady antebellum as well as a duet between gwen stefani and blake shelton. you can catch "the voice" tonight on nbc bay area at 8:00. up next at 5:00, our nightly celebration for the class of 2020.
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well tonight at 6:00, he's never had a birthday party like this. from offices to construction workers, a full force of love on display in san francisco for a 4-year-old whose parents are both nurses. we always like to end with something good. this started a few weeks ago. we started here, and we continue to get inundated with pictures of our graduates. >> con grats to the class of 2020. ♪
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. tonight new hope of immunity for coronavirus survivors. it's what researchers have been hoping for, the promising signs they found in recovered patients and what it means as nearly all 50 states move to reopen another child death from that mystery illness. the 15-year-old victim and her mother's message to other parents. plus the treatment being used by doctors. the 12-year-old girl making a full recovery president trump doubling down on hydroxychloroquine a day after revealing he's taking it the president waving off the fda's warning of serious side


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