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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 22, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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wrong. hikers in the east bay are already kick starting memorial day weekend. by hitting the trails. as early as friday afternoon. the east bay regional park district is urging people to sp. especially along narrow trails where runners, mountain bikers, and walkers are all competing for elbow room. >> with our little guy here, it is always my main concern, he can't wear a mask. >> the parking lots are busy and maybe come back at a less busy time. >> the following memorial day traditions are offlimits, no swimming, no boating, no picnicking, no barbecuing, no group activities. >> folks are trying, and we do see effort, and even make sure they're good park visitors on the weekend as well. >> the same message goes for those who plan to soak up the sun at oakland's lake merit. the city is not allowing food vendors and drivers to park along the lake this. weekend, expect more street closures by the lake. to give families more room to spread out. not part of the city's plan,
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handing out fines to rule breakers. >> i don't think giving somebody a fine is going to do much good, except for stress them out even more. >> in oakland, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. with all of the rules and all of the restriction, the goal here is to avoid another outbreak. santa cruz county is investigating several different clusters of covid-19 cases, involving family gatherings. one of the clusters popped up after a large mother's day celebration, including people who traveled from out of state. santa cruz county has seen a 20% increase in new cases in the past week. the weather will play a big role in what we do this week. hot, hotter and maybe hottest. jeff ranieri joins us now with the time line. what are you seeing? we'll get back to jeff when we bring him in. janelle, over to you. president trump, he is ordering states to consider all places of worship, raj, as essential businesses, and allow them to reopen immediately.
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less than two hours later, california's governor responded, and said, monday, religious leaders will know a whole lot more. nbc bay area robert handa has the story from san jose. robert? >> reporter: well, the two announcements definitely sent different messages and there is concern it will cause confusion, and possibly defiance. >> the cathedral basilica of st. joe's in san jose has been relatively deserted since the stay-at-home order. but for how long? president trump said forcefully, he wants states to allow places of worship to reopen as early as this weekend. >> if they don't do it, i will override the governors. >> reporter: california governor newsom says new state guidelines were coming hopefully as early as monday. >> and i want folks to know we are working to move those guidelines forward. >> bishop bob jackson, a pastor, for oakland's gospel church, helped lead a rally last week and said he planned to hold services on may 13ist, pentecost
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sunday, one of 1200 pastors, statewide who have vowed to reopen that day. >> this is a controversy between the president and the governor and if we're able to go back into the sanctuary, we would prefer, then that's what we'll do. if not, we will be having service on the parking lot. >> dr. donna white-carrie, the first lady of true vines ministry who publicly fought church's reopening early, says since almeda county public health okayed the celebrations, she is fine with outdoor church gatherings. >> it allows people to be together, but in a social distance way. and allows them to attend church. so i think it is a great compromise. >> some other religious groups we talked to, including the san jose diocese, say they will follow the state and county guidelines. but with so many independent churches, synagogues, and mosques, it's hard to tell yet how many will go with just what the president had to say. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert.
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well, we spoke with nbc news medical contributor dr. lizzy roy about whether it is a good idea for congregations to come together. >> people want to pray, they want to be with their fellow parishioners, fellow community members, in places of worship, and i think that's fine as long as you can maintain that physical distance, and at least six feet, as well as wearing, covering your face, and your mouth and nose. >> dr. roy also said if possible, though, right now, you should just stay home, and pray. let's try it again. i don't know if he was out barbecuing or we had technical issues, either we have jeff back with us for the weekend forecast. take it away, jeff. really hot weather oweather be pushed back as we head into next week. so this weekend, it's going to that gradual rise in temperatures, but it is certainly going to be very hot, at least compared to where we've
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been, now today, it's been comfortable. 77 in concord. that's it, under those sunny skies. tomorrow morning, we get some relief, so if you don't have ac, or the house will be able to cool off overnight, starting off with low 50s. by 3:30 tomorrow, we have low and mid-80s. that's not that bad, really, at all. and you will see, as we preview the memorial day weekend, we are going to see things really jump up. as i just mentioned, by monday, napa hits a hot 94 degrees. and out to the beaches, in santa cruz, we will go up to 80, although i do suspect some areas around santa cruz could certainly be in the mid-80s. it is all about this area of hot high pressure that is right near the west coast. next monday, tuesday, and wednesday for the hottest weather of 2020, but i want to draw your attention to something else i'm watching, and that is some rain in the pacific, and it has some colder air with it. i'll show you when we could get some rain, and some colder testimonies, to push away all this heat. i'll have that for you coming up
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in about 15 minutes. raj and janelle, barbecue doesn't sound that bad right about now, though. >> you enjoy that sunshine. thanks, jeff. a pivotal day in santa clara county. officially entering early phase two. we know there are a lot of classifications here, it could be confusing but we will try to make it easy for you. santa clara county was the last in the bay area. everyone is in blue. santa clara county was the last in the bay area to join early phase two. so what is early phase two, what does it mean? here is what it entails. retail stores now able to make deliveries and offer curbside pickup. manufacturing can resume and offices where tele work is not possible can reopen. here is the question in most of these counties. in fact, in all of our counties. even if you're allowed to, are businesses actually reopening? and if they are, are customers showing up? in willow glen today, san jose, merchants saw very few customers. even in areas that are used to seeing big crowds. >> it hasn't been any different since the whole thing started
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two months ago. still the same. the street is empty. people are scared to come out. >> and that is the concern for so many small businesses, even when restrictions are lifted. are people going to come back and start spending money on-site? the quan has repeatedly defend, the county has repeatedly defended its decision to get into the phase two, saying the decisions are based on societily the data suggests is safest. other bay area counties are farther along when it comes to reopening. today, solano county moved into expanded phase two. the biggest change there, restaurants can allow guests inside. and napa county moved into that part of the phase earlier this week and sonoma county has asked the state to have the same in that county but it hasn't been approved as of yet. here is what else comes with expanded phase two. in addition to eating inside of a restaurant, you can also go inside of a store, and actually shop. and some schools are allowed to reopen, but with modifications. you can see there, on the right
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side of your screen, what still remains closed, in any part of phase two, whether it's early phase two, or expanded phase two, what remains closed, salons, gyms, and playgrounds. well, solano county now and get a look at what expanded phase two looks like in real life, in realtime. this is downtown fairfield today. pretty quiet. especially for a friday afternoon. there are some people inside that sandwich shop there as well as some folks eating outside. and a handful of people walking around. janelle? well, a lot more changes ahead for california in the coming days, in the daily briefing, governor newsom says we can expect new guidelines for salons and summer camps next week. today, the state launched a psa campaign called california connected. it's designed to help people understand how contact tracing works. the governor says it will be done by members of the community. >> it is in not only their interest, but their community and their loved one's interest, to work with these trained professionals, and provide information in a confidential
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manner. none of this information is shared. none of this information will ever, ever leave. >> the governor spoke today at the veterans home, remembers veterans and their sacrifices this memorial day weekend. also, to stay regional. we go out, to do so thoughtfully. >> and a lot of people, usually we go out on this weekend but now the message is stay away on memorial day weekend. that's the message from a lot of popular spots like santa cruz, and lake tahoe. >> santa cruz county beaches are still closed from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. lake tahoe, airbnb owners and hotels are not allowed to rent to visitors yet. you could be fined. >> what about some other california tourist destinations, are they ready for an influx of tourists the next few days? >> how will they survive if they don't pull out the welcome mat. jessica aguirre joins us with more. >> i'm actually coming to you
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from my house here in calaveras county, made famous by mark twain and the celebrated jumping frogs. it is a popular retreat for bay area folks and a tourist destination for up and down the state including the bay area this. little town thrives on tourism. right now, it is struggling. now, originally, murphy's was a gold rush mining town. it was founded in the 1860s, and it later became known for its vast ranches. in the '70s, the wine industry took off here and pre-pamd it was a hot spot for wine tasting in the historic downtown. for weddings and outdoors. then covid-19 hit. and like with most small tourist towns up and down the state, main street went dark. now, it is coming back to life cautiously. some restaurants are open. but the hotels are not. i talked to martin hubbardy, sixth generation calaveras county resident and executive director of the calaveras visitor's bureau, who
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anticipates it will be busy this weekend. >> at the moment, the shelter in place is still in order. as well as we do have a nonessential travel ban to the county. having said that, we do have visitors that are continuing to come up, even during this time. so businesses here are trying to accommodate them the best they can. >> it is an historic town. with a rich history of being a pioneer. pioneering town. and so it does rely on people coming in to town, but at the same time, your infection rate in this county is very low. >> i do think, i mean it is a catch-22, i mean ultimately, there are a lot of businesses that are really struggling, so we would like to get the economy rolling back again. it is very difficult when the restrictions are still tight. but you know, the thing is, people here are very resilient, and they're figuring out a way to make it work. >> now, hubberty does expect it to be busy this weekend and they anticipate it is going to pick
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up over the summer. a lot of people are not going to be wanting to get on a plane and fly, so a 90-minute road trip may just hit the sweet spot. raj and janelle? >> jessica, thanks so much. well, our response team is getting a lot of questions about the virus. join us for an nbc bay area response special, tomorrow night at 6:30. consumer investigator chris chmura will answer some of your most-asked questions. tomorrow right after nbc bay area news at 6:00. >> we will tune in. up next here at 5:00, a battle in the east bay over housing. the protests at one hotel that ended up with at least one person in handcuffs. >> and a turkey is attacking people at a park in oakland. the unpleasant surprise waiting for anyone who gets too close. we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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not just the numbers but the people and the families. 421 people have died in the bay area from this disease and each one has a special story. >> garvin thomas has been sharing their stories us with, tonight, an 88-year-old gilroy woman, missed by not only her family but also a very large extended family. >> when putting together profiles of those who have died of covid, my first step is naturally to reach out to relatives. with this woman, it posed a unique challenge. there are so many people related to her or not who felt like she
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is part of their family. >> we called her mother resee. we have a long history with her. >> candice riley knew resee cameron through church. in theay ressie was very well known, particularly when it came to music. >> she was a choir master. a choir director doesn't even do her justice. >> ressie was born in 1932, in mississippi. her sharecropper parents moving the family to san jose in the late '40s to escape racial violence. ressie excelled in school. the first african-american ever elected to student government at san jose high school, ressie went on to get a business degree from san jose state. >> she was a trailblazer. a woman ahead of her time. >> elaine crumpler is one of ressie's many nieces and nephews. >> very confident. she was very confident in who she was.
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she just was so awesome. >> ressie was never more herself than in church. and singing. >> oh, man. you would have loved her. >> ken hammond is married to another of ressie's nieces. >> she was a church lady, okay? she was the one who held people together, and definitely the life of everything. >> it was that energy, ken, says that drew so many to ressie. the energy. that so many will miss. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> well done. we have a story close, very close to our making the bay series, which focuses on our housing crisis. a group of activists have gathered at an oakland hotel where a homeless woman is refusing to check out. this is the palms hotel on macarthur. the palms hotel is providing rooms to homeless people during the pandemic, but only for 14
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days. after two weeks, they must check out. one woman is refusing to do so and she has a lot of support from homeless advocates. >> right now, there are thousands of people who do not have the ability to shelter in place, because they are living on the streets, in vehicles, and in encampments. there is absolutely no way to stay safe and protected from covid-19 when you don't have access to water, when you don't have access to shelter. >> protesters want the city of oakland to start providing rooms, right now the only rooms available are through the county. at least one activist was removed from the property, by police. well, every day, there is a long line of cars at tamalpais high school in mill valley. instead of dropping off students, these families are picking up food. every day. and the lines are long. five weeks ago, the tam high foundation set up this impromptu food bank with eggs, produce, rice and other samples. it is open to anyone in need. and the only question they ask,
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how many in your household. that's so they can adjust the quantities in the coming weeks. porsche pirates, complaints on the next door neighbors but oakland residents are upset about an attacking turkey named gerald. those who have escaped his confrontations warned visitors to the rose guard ton bring in an escape plan. he may be hiding out because of the wanted poster at the entrance of the garden alerting visitors and one woman claimed he jumped on her bag and clawed her thigh. police say they may be on their own. they don't respond to turkey calls. >> gerald, looks pretty impressive there. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, impressive outside in the sunshine. take it away, jeff. >> it is gorgeous. and we have some of those wild turkeys around my neighborhood. and they are like crossing guards. they stand there, let their wing spans go, and the traffic usually cannot get by. so we got the turkeys out today.
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we got the sun out. and you're going to want to enjoy it especially into tomorrow before things get just a little bit too hot for you. i'm really suspecting that next week, a lot of, definitely may start to be complaining about the weather, with some triple digits on the way. so let's go ahead and get you ready for it, right now. and i do want to take you out to the coastline since a lot of us have been stuck in our house, or very close by. we will bring you out to the beaches here, from the outer sunset, looking towards the pacific, and no fog in sight. with some glorious sunshine right now. over to the east bay, we also have a lot of blue skies, so let's go ahead and move there next. and this is looking out towards concord, where we currently have 77 degrees, but some cooler 60s on the way by 10:00, and also 11:00, under those mostly sunny skies r-mostly clear skies. as we move through tomorrow morning's forecast, it starts off pretty easy here. mostly clear, and 49 in the tri-valley, and south bay 52. i don't see any big changes in the morning forecast.
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50 in san francisco. 54 for the east bay. and 52 in the north bay. and numbers tomorrow, gradually warm up. so again, i think it's this, just a little bit of an adjustment tomorrow, and we'll return to the low 80s across the south bay. over to the east bay, we have a few mid to upper 70s, some of the usual suspects, with the heat build, back in the inland valleys, and 87 in pittsburg, 85 in danville. over the east bay hills closer to the bay and you're down to 78 in oakland. we do have some isolated 80s along the peninsula, palo alto, los altos, and redwood city, 79. san francisco, some 70s but you got to find it. it is in the mission 72 otherwise. 60s. in the north bay, 80s for clear lake, santa rosa, sonoma and napa. my extended forecast, it will show two things that i'm following. i want to make sure you're up on this. it is this hot area of high pressure that is going to build that heat in from the south. as we move into memorial day
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next tuesday, and wednesday. and look at this, the second thing out here i'm highlighting, it is a colder system with the rain, that by the first week of june, i have a 65% chance this would bring us some wet weather. so that system is going to be responsible for dropping our temperatures. san francisco, 70. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. and there you go, with that system i just showed you. moving closer, next friday, we drop to 69. and for the inland valleys, hottest weather of the year, it starts to return, memorial day, 96. and low 100s, i bumped tup, next tuesday and wednesday, that's the top heat of 2020, and that storm system i showed you offshore, that will drop it significantly, by next fri reli the way. we will just have to get through the next several days. now coming up at 6:00 p.m., you guys, i will have an update on the drought and show you some drought tolerant plants that you might be able to get in the ground, to make improve your curve appeal.
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so we will take a look at that and i'll try to keep the studio outside. we'll see how that goes. >> thanks, jeff. coming up, trouble unlocking your iphone when wearing a mask? you're not alone. we will look at whether there is a life hack to get around it.
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for iphone users, it may be the biggest problem of the pandemic. while older apple devices unlock with a fingerprint, new iphones use facial recognition which doesn't work when you're wearing a mask. here is nbc bay area jonathan bloom. >> we just take for granted that our phones always recognize us. >> absolutely, yes. and because there is a disruption, people are trying to hack their way around it. >> search the internet and you
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will find all such of instructions how to trick your iphone to unlock when you have a mask on. so of course, i decided to try it myself. >> wait. what happened? we're going to find out. that was just a teaser. if you want to see if it works, go to our web site, you can quickly pull out your smart phone right now, and see that qr code, use it with the camera, and scan it and it will take you to jonathan's site. i was so curious. i want to know the hack. >> we were talking about the story. >> how about this one, janelle. seniors at skyline high school in oakland got a special shout-out from an alumni. who's that? >> tom hanks. >> tom hanks. earlier today, he congratulated the class of 2020, on instagram, with his throwback photo of him, in oakland there, hanks graduated from skyline, the class of 1974, and his part-time job as a teenager, selling peanuts and soda during a's games at the oakland coliseum. >> he's an a's fan. well we are celebrating the class of 2020, too. our tribute next.
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and now you can get up & running quickly with contactless equipment drop off.
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like we always do, we want to end with something good. >> our nightly tribute to our graduates. congratulations to the class of 2020.
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tonight, a holiday weekend like never before. for the first time in months, more beaches reopening but with strict new rules and large crowds expected amid an alert from the cdc many more people than we knew could be spreading covid-19 without even knowing it president trump demanding all houses of worship be allowed to reopen right now and threatening to over ride governors who refuse without sharing at authority he has to do that the sweeping new study on hydroxychloroquine the drug the president says he's taking we'll tell you about the alarming findings. the horrifying scenes, a passenger plane crashing into a crowded neighborhood nearly 1 p


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