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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 22, 2020 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, another bay area county takes another step forward at midnight. but are businesses ready? >> it can't look the same as it did before. if you go to a restaurant and it looks the same, you're not going to feel very comfortable. >> the restaurants allowed to seat tables this memorial day weekend, but there is a catch. plus a small school making
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big news tonight. the bay area school district planning to open up classrooms and welcome back students in july. and anxious to get some fresh air? check the forecast first. we're tracking rising temperatures this memorial day weekend. good friday evening. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle the state is making it easier for businesses in wine country to serve people this holiday weekend. in about an hour, sonoma county restaurants, breweries and bars and pubs will be allowed to operate outdoors. wine tasting rooms can also get into the action if and only if they offer food. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd says the move is welcome but caught some business owners off guard. >> reporter: chefs at cusina pair dee sew in petaluma have gotten used to making takeout orders for their loyal customers. >> we're not ready to open tomorrow or sunday. >> reporter: the california department of public health deciding sonoma county was ready
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to step further into phase two. that sounds like good news, but dennis fernandez says he's not ready. >> it makes it confusing for me, for my staff, because we have people, they want to come back to work. >> reporter: sonoma county is now following napa county by rolling back some of the strict rules we now follow because of covid-19. but there's a twist. while napa county is letting customers eat inside, in sonoma county, it's outside dining only. and if you go to a wine tasting room, food must be served before you can buy wine. we went to buena vista winery in sonoma. it was closed, and we saw no signs of people preparing to reopen this weekend. >> we want to make sure that we understand the consequences of every decision we make, check the health criteria to make sure that we're staying on track, and that we're not sliding back in any fashion. >> reporter: rob has been in sonoma county for 30 years. he's grateful that things are
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easing up, but he's not ready to open up either. >> we have to make sure customers are safe, and it can't look the same as it did before. if you go to a restaurant and it looks the same, you're not going to feel very comfortable. >> reporter: in sonoma, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. sonoma county now joining napa and solano counties in expanded phase two. this is video of day one in solano county today. downtown fairfield was pretty quiet but you can see there are people inside a sandwich shop and others dining outside. also a handful of people were out and about just walking around. just in time for the holiday weekend, a weather warm-up. this is a live look over walnut creek. cool tonight but changes coming tomorrow. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking rising temperatures. you know, i think everybody's going to be able to get through it just fine on saturday and sunday. but as we hit memorial day on monday, that's when the dangerous heat is really going to settle in. so let's go out and get you
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ready for tomorrow first, and you'll notice we'll be getting cool here with lots of low to mid-50s throughout the bay area. as we hit the afternoon, 3:30, up to 86 in concord. 85 antioch. 81 san jose. i want to draw your attention to napa on monday. this is one of many locations heating up into the mid-90s once we hit monday's forecast. so in advance of that heat, we want to make sure we are way out in front of this to get you ready for it with all of our covid-19 restrictions still in place. we still have a heat warning now from monday into 7:00 p.m. thursday. that's when excessive heat will return. we are talking 95 to 101 degrees inland monday through thursday, and this will also bring 80s to 90s from san francisco closer to the bay as well. we're going to take a look at all of this heat, and i'll show whu some unusual june rain could be returning. i'll have that in about 15 minutes.
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janelle. >> thanks, jeff. if you have plans to head outside this holiday weekend, expect lots of company and enscourgement to keep your social distance. nbc bay area's jean elle has more on where crowds are expected in san francisco. ♪ >> reporter: pizza and cocktails to go are popular in san francisco's north beach. people did their best to social distance in line and over at washington square park. from north beach to ocean beach, people are out, kicking off what will be a busy holiday weekend outside. >> i think there's going to be more people out. i think they're going to go to the park. they're going to come to the beach. >> reporter: the beach is open but parking lots are still closed at ocean beach. people are parking in golden gate park and nearby neighborhoods and walking over. cyclists hope the parking inconvenience helps ease holiday crowds. >> yeah, i do think that people are letting their guard down, and i am really concerned. i'm concerned about cases going up. i'm concerned about just people
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thinking that we're almost to the end of this, and i don't think we are. >> it seems like people are maybe getting tired of it as though it's -- as though we have a choice when it ends and sort of taking up space and maybe making choices that i would say are less safe. >> reporter: slow streets are a safe option. lots of people are enjoying them. this group of friends found a crowd-free spot in golden gate park for a safe game of croquet. >> we realize it might be one of the best social distancing games you can play outside with friends, and, yeah, i think we're going to have fun with it. >> reporter: police say they will be out reminding people to be safe while they have fun over the holiday weekend. jean elle, nbc bay area news. well, it may be the holiday weekend, but the east bay regional parks district is already listing what you cannot do. there is no swimming allowed, no boating, no picnicking, barbecuing, or group activities. park rangers will be patrolling,
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asking people to avoid crowding. city of oakland is also sticking to its ban on food vendors and parking along lake merritt this weekend. the lake is expected to be so busy, so the city is also closing off nearby streets to cars in order to give people more space to spread out. today was a pivotal day in santa clara county, the last county in the bay area to officially enter early phase two. the county is in the early part of phase two, which means retail stores can now offer curbside pickup. manufacturing can resume. and offices can reopen when telecommuting isn't an option. but even though businesses are allowed to reopen, are customers showing up? in willow glen today, stores saw very few customers even in areas that are used to seeing big crowds. >> it hasn't been any different since the whole thing started two months ago. it's still the same. the street is empty. people are scared to come out. >> santa clara county has repeatedly defended its decision
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to wait to get into phase two. the county says it makes decisions based solely on what the data says is the safest. let's take a look at the latest numbers. we've now passed the 12,000 mark, and we've had 421 deaths. santa clara county added 54 cases since wednesday, but it's alameda county that currently has the highest number of cases with more than 2,700. the battle over churches, temples and other places of worship. president trump says he is ordering states to reopen religious gathering spots. california governor gavin newsom says new state guidelines for reopening places of worship are coming and he's going to announce more details next week. >> i want folks to know we are working to move those guidelines forward. >> it's unclear if the president has the power to override the governor. a north bay school district is believed to be the first in the state to announce they're opening up early. it's located in northeastern napa county. school leaders have an
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interesting reasoning behind this decision. nbc bay area's ian cull explains. >> reporter: in this rural corner of napa valley, this k-8 school taking a big step during the pandemic. >> the parents have been doing a great job. they're stressed. they're dpun and we need a break. >> reporter: it's thought to be the first school in the state scheduled to open a full month early on july 20th. the goal is to get as much in-person class time before a potential second wave of covid-19 hits. if it does, they'll go online again. >> we figure erring on the side of having kids in school is better. >> reporter: and there will be four week-long breaks headed to the school year for staff, students and their parents. >> our online teaching, if we have to do it next school year, will be a little bit less stressed, we're hoping. >> the state is allowing each district to make its own plans.
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some may choose staggered class days or partial online learning. the pope valley community survey was split, but the school board thought it was the right call. some parents agree. >> to me, it doesn't make sense keeping the kids in for so long. they need to get back into the habits that they are losing. >> reporter: since the school is so small, only 50 students total, social distancing won't be a problem. burkhardt says this model might be harder for larger districts but could work for other rural ones like his. ian cull, nbc bay area news. the dmv is taking some stress off older drivers whose licenses are expired or expiring soon. the office is extending the time drivers must renew their license for a second time. drivers 70 and older are now granted a 120-day extension. this is partly because that age group must renew in person by california law. drivers younger than 70 have a temporary extension through the end of july and are being encouraged to renew online.
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it's a staggering number. 2.3 million california jobs lost in april. that's according to a new report from california's labor agency. the numbers put the state's unemployment rate at 15.5%. here in the bay area, more than a half a million jobs were lost during april. it's the worst jobs report in more than 40 years. the leisure and hospitality sector suffers the most. experts say as the state reopens, the economic rebound should be sharp. well, our response team is getting a lot of questions about the virus. you can join us for an nbc bay area responds special tomorrow night at 6:30. consumer investigator chris chmura will answer some of your most asked questions. again that's tomorrow right after nbc bay area news at 6:00. we are back in 60 seconds. still ahead, whaext for california? the local businesses -- changes that businesses are making as they wait for the green light.
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plus plucked to safety. check out this daring rescue that played out at south bay park. we'll have more coming up. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking hot 100s, and when some unusual june rain could return. i'll have that in about seven minutes.
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we have new video to show you tonight that walnut creek police hope helps solve a violent crime. they're asking for help identifying the two suspects in this shooting. it happened around 6:30 last night where knewle avenue turns into san miguel drive. two men wearing masks pulled up in a light colored sedan blocking the victims. they opened fire on the man sitting on the passenger side of that black suv. the victim was hit but survived. the driver of that black suv was arrested for shooting back and
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striking a man in a nearby car. and a follow-up now to last month's deadly stabbing in pleasanton that rocked the community. four suspects wanted in the murder of 19-year-old jackson butler have been arrested. police say they served warrants this morning, taking three juvenile boys into custody. the fourth turned himself in. investigators say the boys wanted to rob butler, who was selling marijuana wax cartridges while staying at the hyatt house hotel. a fight broke out when butler went to meet them in the parking lot, and butler was stabbed multiple times. check out this video. compelling video of a rescue in san jose late this afternoon. nbc bay area's sky ranger was there as san jose firefighters used their helicopter to rescue a stranded hiker. this all happened around 6:00 at almaden quicksilver park. another hiker found him dehydrated around 4:30 this afternoon. the chopper took him to an ambulance waiting at the park
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entrance. no word on how he's doing tonight. well, more changes may be on the horizon here in california. in the next few days, governor newsom plans to share details about reopening some of the businesses listed under phase three even though the state is not ready to enter phase three. we're talking about gyms and hair and nail salons. as nbc bay area's sergio quintana tells us, many business owners are already getting prepared. >> reporter: at the armando romo beauty salon in san jose, the owner's family spent the day moving furniture and equipment to make more room inside. they've stocked up on cleaning supplies and they're getting ready to teach their clients how different it will be when they reopen. governor gavin newsom says his administration has been working on getting more personal protective equipment like masks. a key element of opening some of the businesses under phase three of the stay-at-home order. >> as it relates to personal care industry broadly defined and making sure we get feedback to put out guidelines in that space. ppe is a big part of that
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conversation. >> reporter: he says guidelines for salons, barb shops, gyms and other businesses will be released in the next few days. >> honestly i'm ready now. i'm definitely ready now. i've been prepping this for a long time. >> reporter: this man is a boutique gym owner in redwood city. he's rearranging the layout to make sure there's proper distancing and spending money to get his space ready. the air filtration system in here is one of the biggest investments he's made in anticipation of reopening. he's installed hepa filters in the air conditioners. but as businesses gear up to reopen, many customers may still be unease. nick rizzo is with a group called run repeat. they surveyed 10,000 gym member as round the world. >> gym members, over half of them in america aren't -- they're not ready to go back when gyms reopen. >> reporter: the gym owner knows it will be slow to start but he's looking forward to his devoted customers returning. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. making it in the bay. our series which focuses on the housing crisis.
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today, it takes us to oakland. a group of activists have gathered at an oakland hotel where a homeless woman is refusing to check out. the hotel is providing rooms to the homeless during the pandemic but only for 14 days. after two weeks, they must check out. one woman is refusing to do so, and she has a lot of support from homeless advocates. >> right now there are thousands of people who do not have the ability to shelter in place because they are living on the streets, in vehicles, and in encampments. there is absolutely no way to stay safe and protected from covid-19 when you don't have access to water, when you don't have access to shelter. >> protesters want the city of oakland to start providing rooms. right now the only rooms available are through the county. at least one activist was removed from the property by police. in mill valley, there's a long line of cars outside this high school every day. but instead of dropping off students, these families are picking up food. five weeks ago, the tam high
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foundation set up this impromptu food bank stocked with fresh eggs, produce, rice and other staples. it's open to anyone in need, and the only question asked is, how many in your household? okay. for iphone users, it may be the biggest problem of this pandemic. while older apple devices unlock with a fingerprint, new iphones use facial recognition, which doesn't work when you're wearing a mask. here's nbc bay area's jonathan bloom. >> reporter: we've just taken for granted that our phones always recognize us. >> absolutely, yeah. and now that there's this disruption, it's become apparent again and people are trying to hack their way around it. >> reporter: just search the internet and you'll find all sorts of instructions for how to trick your iphone into unlocking when you have a mask on. so of course i decided to try it myself. >> well, he did try it to see if any of these hacks worked. go to our website. just pull out your smartphone right now and use the camera to scan the qr code in the corner
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of your screen. with the school year coming to an end, many parents are scrambling to make summer plans for their kids. today san francisco's mayor announced summer camps will be available in the city starting june 15th. city, nonprofit, and private camps can operate as long as they follow health guidelines. >> we are going to prioritize kids of parents who are working in essential businesses, who are part of the city's response. >> camps will be required to keep kids in pods of 12. they'll also have to run for a minimum of three weeks to keep kids in consistent groups. it is a stark reminder of how important social distancing is. santa cruz county is looking into several clusters of covid cases linked to family gatherings. health officials say one is linked to a large mother's day celebration. two people there even traveled from out of state. in the last week, cases in santa cruz county have jumped 20%.
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santa cruz, by the way, is still asking people to stay away. beaches are still closed from 11:00 to 5:00, and don't go to lake tahoe. you could be fined $1,000. but what about the sierra nevada foothills, also a popular weekend getaway? before the pandemic hit, the gold rush town of murphy's was a hot spot for wine tasting and wedding. while hotels there are still closed, restaurants are slowly reopening, and despite the nonessential travel ban for calaveras county, murphy's is getting ready for a rush of tourists this weekend. >> we can't stop people from coming, and there are businesses that will be, you know, will be open and will be practicing safe social distancing. >> okay. the town also expects to be very busy this summer as people take road trips instead of flying. the weekend is officially here, and saturday, sunday looks nice, but get ready for a warm-up. let's toss it to jeff. jeff, how's it going? >> oh, you got that right.
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it's probably and most definitely going to be uncomfortable for a lot of people as we head through next week. so i really want to encourage you saturday and sunday, those are going to be the best days ahead, at least in the short term. so let's get right into your saturday forecast. whatever you have planned for the early morning hours, i think you'll be okay. you might need a light jacket just for a little bit as we'll start off with 49 in the tri-valley. sunny skies all around. the south bay at 52. east bay starting off with 54. a few clouds in san francisco at 50. i have sunny skies for the north bay. 52 degrees. our sunrise coming at 5:52 in the morning and look at that sunset, later and later now at 8:16 at night. so more time to squeeze in stuff on that to-do list or who knows, just maybe plain try to relax this weekend. 81 in san jose. we have 80s returning to the south bay. over to the east bay, near the bay a slight breeze. the 70s for oakland and hayward.
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east bay hills and that air is able to get hotter because the bay breeze just won't reach these cities. it brings us to 87 in pittsburg, 86 in concord. the peninsula always kind of in that sweet spot. we have 83 in palo alto and 76 in san mateo. some of the best weather in the peninsula tomorrow. san francisco, 72 in the mission. 64 in the outer sunset. the north bay, i think best weather in mill valley. 77. you head up to napa, it will be a warmer 84. the two things i really want to make sure you understand in this forecast are right here. the first one is this hot area of high pressure that builds in as we hit memorial day, pulling up this heat from the south. so monday, tuesday, and wednesday of next week we are talking about record-setting temperatures. then look at this second item here. this is a cooler system, and i'm calling for 65% chance of some spotty showers the first week of june. and even if we don't get those spotty showers, temperatures will drop off. you can see it in san francisco.
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70s sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. that cooler system will drop us to 69 next friday. for the inland valleys, 96 memorial day. 100 on tuesday. 101 wednesday. and then that colder system i mentioned, it will bring us back down to much more comfortable levels. 79 on friday. janelle, i think anyone with elderly parents, friends, neighbors, or anyone without a.c. next week, early next week, it's going to be really important for folks to get on the phone and just check on everybody because it's going to be dangerous early next week. >> let's check on our loved ones. relief coming at the end of next week. thanks, jeff. have a nice weekend. up next, a surprise for skyline high in oakland. the words of wisdom tom hanks shared with graduates during their virtual graduation. and happening now, las vegas is set to reopen june 4th. that's when nevada's governor is planning to allow the state's shuttered casinos to once again welcome guests. before casinos can open, they
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will have to submit a reopening plan, which must be approved at least a week before reopening. we'll be right back with more news. plus staying safe.. but st paying tribute. the way you can remember the soliders who died for this country.. by using your smart phone. monday morning from 4:30 to 7. something good -- a northern california c-h-p officer rescues
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and happening now, las vegas news. another study shows hydroxychloroquine increases the risk of serious heart problems and possibly death. new data on the drug was published in the medical journal "the lancet" and was based on more than 96,000 hospitalized covid patients. those who took the drug had a higher risk of developing irregular heartbeats or dying. the study comes as president trump reveals he's taking the drug, which is used to treat malaria and lupus, and he's taking it as a preventative measure for covid.
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california connected. you're going to be hearing a lot of that term as the state tracks the spread of the virus. today governor newsom talked about how public health workers are contacting people who test positive and others who they may have exposed. contact tracers are working to make sure people get tested. the governor wants to make sure people don't hang up on these health workers if they get a phone call. >> this is all about mitigating spread and allowing us to move to reopen our economy much, much faster than we otherwise would. >> the governor encourages californians to keep social distancing especially over this holiday weekend. well, a lot of questions about the upcoming nfl season, but what about college football? an update from cal and stanford. sports is next.
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a lot of talk about the niners and the raiders and if there will be an nfl season. but what about college football? what's going to happen with cal and stanford? coaches across the country are working on a game plan to return to the field. there are health and safety discussions daily. there's talk about playing games without fans. and what about travel? pac-12 teams span from washington to arizona. >> for us to make sure that you're not rushing back and you're not ready to handle the
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eventualities of what's going to happen because someone is going to test positive, and what are you going to do about that to protect the rest of your team, your staff and your coaches? >> i think all of us can't wait to get started and get playing. we would love to play, and we're going to do everything in our power to safely play as many games as possible. >> the ncaa says football players can begin voluntarily working out on campuses beginning june 1st, but not bay area teams. they can't take part because of state health restrictions. former nba superstar and georgetown university basketball coach patrick ewing has tested positive for the virus. the university says ewing is in isolation at a hospital in the d.c. area. so far the 57-year-old coach is the only member of the men's basketball program to test positive. ewing played with the new york knicks for 15 seasons and before that he played for georgetown and won the 1984 ncaa championship and reached two other title games. we'll be right back. and... let's get started.
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here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given. all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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finally tonight, a special congratulations for graduates of skyline high school in oakland from a fellow alum. >> congratulations for having
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gotten through these years of struggle, which they will, i think, lead to ultimately the triumph as you pursue your heart's desire. follow those instincts and always understand that you have been chosen by fate to lead the way in whatever our post-pandemic world is going to be. >> yep, that's actor tom hanks. hanks graduated from skyline high in 1974 and shared this throwback photo on instagram earlier today. that's going to do it for us. thank you so much for joining us. have a nice holiday weekend. enjoy the weather. stay safe. keep up the good work. good night, folks. ♪ ♪


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