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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 25, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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that means people are spreading the virus unknowingly. the weekend drawing big 5:45, under a microclimate crowds to beaches and pools from coast to coast despite the weather alert as we get a look at our live view in san jose, coronavirus. a live report on the sights and sounds that have some health officials very concerned. even hotter temperatures today and the next few days. our trend through the morning will show we need to get outside some cities should see temperatures approaching triple early in the day before it gets really hot. digits. the bay is issuing a our high temperatures and where microclimate weather alert. kari hall is timing it all out we reached the peak coming up. for us this morning. i'm marcus washington. >> lighter traffic and a live >> and i'm laura garcia. look through oakland. things reopened on the nimitz. it feels warmer, kari. i'll talk about some closures coming up. the fishing industry is not today begins our heat the only thing hit hard by the advisory we'll have for much of the bay area. all of the bay area included in fire that ravaged fisherman's wharf this weekend. this orange shading is under a the historic "jeremiah o'brien" heat advisory and excessive heat sustained minor damage because
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for the inland areas from solano of the fire. county, extending over to parts it is one of only two world war of the central valley. ii of its kind still functional anywhere in the world. the fire heavily damaged the our highs reach over 100 degrees pier where the ship was moored in some spots. i'll be tracking that and will let you know about a cooldown in and destroyed spare parts stored the weekend forecast. in the warehouse that went up in mike, you've been keeping an eye on the roads. flames. >> we mostly had engineering what's the update? parts and spare parts. we had some new tubes for our it is a holiday. boiler that were going to be installed. we stored our two fork lifts in the shed. they were, of course, destroyed. the all green is great. folks working overnight at the >> everything that was damaged closure for the nimitz coming can be replaced but restoring through oakland has cleared. the pier will take time and a couple hours early. good getting started for the money. the ship will have to be docked road work at market street that will happen again tonight. somewhere else for now and the organization is now seeking a smooth drive to the bay bridge donations. with no problems. the orinda/b.a.r.t. station, two left lanes closed for highway 24 a motorcyclist is dead after through 6:00 a.m. an accident last night at back to you. many popular memorial day foothill boulevard and tributes are canceled because of havenscourt boulevard near the the pandemic but you can still town center -- the eastmont town
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honor those men and women while in service to our country. shopping center. "today in the bay's" bob redell the other driver is said to be cooperating with officers. is live for thus morning. there are options for people who want to commemorate today. the aftermath of an encampment fire that broke out >> reporter: in person and near 17th avenue near international boulevard. online. you take a look at your tv firefighters say no one was hurt screen, chapel of the chimes and that the cause is still under investigation. alameda county deputies say cemetery in hayward will be open 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. tonight and will give you flags two more innats amates are infe. to place on the grave of your it makes it 50 inmates to test loved one. golden gate will honor with positive since the start of the events starting at 11:00. outbreak. all the others were once infected have since recovered. this morning's memorial day service at the mare island in march when the outbreak took preserve cemetery has already hold the county released several reached capacity but the cemetery will be open afterwards hundred inmates to allow more distancing. from noon to 5:00. they wanted to put that out l.a. county health leaders there because there's been so say they're very encouraged much demand. about the latest overall numbers a live look at the veterans when it comes to can he memorial in san jose. no services planned there today individual 19 despite the fact that over 1,000 new cases were but, as always, this is open to the public 24/7. reported just on saturday alone. it's a wonderful tribute to the the "l.a. times" reports the
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men and women who served in our county had 41 deaths on saturday but over the past week there's five branches of the military. been a 13% decrease in daily if you're looking for some way to honor those men and women you death rates. can swing by if you're in the south bay. in washington, d.c., arlington the average is down 16% and national cemetery will remain tests are at an all-time low. closed to the general public. the cemetery will only be open about 8% of those being tested. to people who are visiting their new this morning as universities across the country loved ones' graves and those work to figure out what the fall participating in the memorial will look like uc san diego is day observance ceremony there taking a very proactive will be social distancing approach. protocols in place. president trump will participate "the chronicle" reporting the school launched the return to in the presidential armed learn program. this is the test of faculties forces, honor wreath laying ceremony. he will then depart for port and students. they say at the beginning of may they tested 100 people a day. mchm they've dialed that up to more than 400. ft. mchenry. the goal is to conduct more than coming up at 5:30 as i mentioned there are services, events that 1,500 daily tests. will be taking place online. we'll have a partial list of that coming up again at 5:30. reporting live, bob redell, workers are slowly getting back "today in the bay." out to the neighborhoods to drop all right. off those packets. thanks for the latest there, they'll be back out there today bob. in the bay area to start social distancing is such a big delivering the questionnaires. concern this memorial day as operations were suspended back
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americans are expected to crowd in march because of the the nation's beaches. pandemic. the census is important because "today in the bay's" tracie federal funding is tied to the potts is live with that plus a population. new travel ban and what one more dmv offices are opening mayor is asking president trump to stay away from. across the state. good morning, tracie. starting on thursday the dmv will open 46 additional offices. >> reporter: hi, laura. the agency has been under baltimore's mayor is asking the pressure to reopen more president not to come to his locations to help californians who need to renew their licenses city today. we'll tell you why. and obtain other documents. and federal health officials are worried about people out and among the offices reopening in about on beaches, onboard walks the bay area santa clara, not social distancing. oakland, pleasanton, daly city and fremont. beaches across america are nascar is now fully back on expected to be packed today. >> our two families are staying track satisfying fans' thirst with last night's coca-cola 600. together in a hotel. we're fine keeping with each other enjoying the beach. >> the checkered flag, michigan's brad keselowski. >> reporter: concerns about people not social distancing to >> and the race took place at prevent the spread of covid-19. >> we now have excellent charlotte motor speedway. scientific evidence of how far droplets go when we speak or this is typically nascar's longest race of the season. just simply talking to one the rain made it longer. it ended after midnight and another. >> reporter: dr. birx says church may not be safe with distance wise became nascar's
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longest race ever because two those with pre-existing more laps were added at the end. conditions. >> we've saved millions of lives which we've done with the the l.a. dodgers came together. shutdown. >> reporter: he's citing this is before memorial day. brazil's rate of infections. >> we'll look at other countries on a country by country basis. >> thousands of red, white and >> reporter: the president plans to head to ft. mchenry to honor blue lights. partnered with a tragedy war heroes. assistance program for survivors the city's mayor has asked him not to saying it contradicts the city's stay home order. or t.a.p. meantime, signs of normalcy in they new york. >> i believe that sports can come back. that are supported. >> reporter: as the mayor allows nice to see. big plays has tom brady sports training camps to resume with empty stands. made in his life? tracie potts, nbc news. probably too many to count. this one happened on the golf course. he holed out from about 110 well, so far this memorial day weekend has been a warm one and today's weather no yards. >> oh. >> listen to everybody there. this is during a special pga different. but around the bay area law event with tiger woods, mil if i enforcement teams are trying to enforce social distancing. that includes at oakland's lake can phil mickelson, eli manning. merritt where parking lots are closed and food trucks not he could be asked being heard
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allowed to set up shop. when did football season start. people in southern california are hitting the beaches, but so they raised $20 million in donation. also, brady lighting up twitter far crowds have been said to be when he pointed out opponent eli less than what authorities were expecting. manning after manning posted his mounted police were out first ever tweet this weekend. yesterday. they tried to remind people to brady said welcome eli manning practice that social distancing. in typical fashion. from this video we saw it looks you never showed up until the fourth quarter anyway. like it was happening. a little jab there. so far there's no reports of any citations issued down there. >> i love seeing that. 5:51. of course when you step outside moving forward and looking you're going to notice it's ahead, governor gavin newsom warmer out there. will address two major issues -- you warned us this week was when to start entering phase going to be a warm one. three for our state and what to do about mail-in elections in yes, it's going to be hot all weeklong and so that's the november. the reason for a lawsuit as reason we do have a microclimate well. i want to check in with "today weather alert. in the bay's" kris sanchez who you do need to make sure you're drinking lots of water today and joins us live with a look at get in the air conditioning when both topics. you can. a happy memorial day for you, kris. >> reporter: indeed, thank you, looking over mt. diablo and you laura. in the bay area most of us vote can see the blue, the pink and by mail, and we've been doing it even the orange in the sky as the sun rises on this memorial that way for a while. day. so you might wonder what's the big deal if we all vote by mail? a look a our temperatures right
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now and if you have to get the republican leadership says outside go for a run you have that this is a brazen power some work to do, try to get it grab. they say that in a lawsuit. done early while our in case you miss it hed it sund temperatures are still cool. a lot of people making plans to the rnc said they would sue, grill out in the backyard and you probably want to grill out there and take that dinner as our temperatures here in the inland east bay will still be in saying that it's an opportunity for fraud, it's something the the finds around dinner time president himself has said this evening. before, too. the back story here on may 8th 95 in napa and in san jose we're governor gavin newsom used an executive order to order mail-in also looking at some 90s today. ballots be sent to all with these hot days ahead we're registered voters in the state. going to also have some poor air the republican national party says that arbitrarily changes quality, spare the air alert days as well as some very dry voter registration which will hills. call into question the integrity and accuracy of voter rolls. the california governor's office high pressure building giving us released a statement reading in the hot weather but then by the part, california will continue to defend californians' right to weekend doesn't look like it vote including their right to will bring in much rain but at vote by mail and the right to least it will be cooler. hold an election that is safe, secure, and accessible. also the threat of lightning as voters shouldn't have to choose the storm system moves close to
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between their health and their our coast. right to vote. governor newsom is expected to let's just make it through the address that at a press conference today along with week as we reach the mid to upper 90s. entering phase three. i know most of the bay area just entered phase two, but a lot of folks are eager to reopen back to normal. how is it looking for the churches, salons and gyms and commute? i'm sure it's not back to normal not just the people who attend yet there. or need services but also the >> the commute is holiday light. small business owners who say they don't know how much longer they can last. the speed sensors show you no problems.maining b.a.r.t. work governor newsom did say that phase three might begin in early june which is, of course, already coming up next week. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> all right, kris, thank you. well, as soon as today was done and to delays. governor newsom plans to issue highway 24 looks like everything new guidelines for the reopening was cleared. of california churches. but the leadership at some bay should be cleared by the next area churches vowed to reopen time b.a.r.t. comes through and next sunday no matter what. there's no ferry service. more than 1,000 churches across the state all are making that similar vow. the latest twist in the legal holiday service. back to you. >> thanks, mike. battle came friday when an happening now for you, new video appeals court upheld governor of police in hong kong dousing newsom's ban on in-person protesters with tear gas. services. thousands took to the streets sunday.
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so a pastor at san jose's calvary chapel says no matter what is decided this week his 200 people were arrested. sermon will be held in front of his congregation. >> we need to learn that we need the trump administration opposes each other and i'm never again going to close those doors ever. the proposal and raising the i don't care what they say prospect of sanctions against again, this church is not my china. church. it's god's church. there's a lot more ahead at it's his house and man doesn't 6:00 on "today in the bay" have the right to close the doors. a church administrator tells including a new warning as hair salons look to reopen. us cdc guidelines will be the missouri stylist that may followed but no one will be have exposed dozens to covid-19. turned away for not wearing a plus, out of control. mask. we did hear from some regulars what happened to people onboard who said that they would likely this boat after stay away because it's just too much of a risk. haywire. you're watching "today in the bay." we're all doing our part by staying at home. not all pastors are quick to want to reopen their churches. today at noon african-american religious leaders are gathering at san francisco city hall to deliver a social distancing sermon. they'll push for maintaining virtual services while calling for more medical aid and education about the virus in their communities. they say that the most important
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thing is keeping their congregation safe. the latest look at testing administered across the bay area. come pu san francisco has tested the most people so far. have done about 5,600 tests per 100,000 people. alameda county including berkeley is somewhere in about the 5,000 region. marin, sonoma, napa and san mateo between 3,200 and 3,900. now to a live look outside overlooking san francisco and san jose on this memorial day monday. it's always a cool start to our morning across the bay area. one of reasons i love it here but the temperatures will
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start to creep up. i want to check in with meteorologist kari hall. you're timing this all out for us. i guess it's a good day for barbecue. yeah, but you want to make sure you are very careful and just paying attention to your body if you're going to be outside especially if you'll be working. we're already seeing as we take a live look outside in dublin there are a lot of people up and out the door heading to work this morning as the sun starts to rise. our temperatures in the upper 50s and then heading into the upper 80s by early in the afternoon as we take a look at all of our high temperatures for today. we are going to see it warming up across the bay area with some upper 90s in the inland valleys. but this will be the hottest day of the week, so i'll have more on that in a few minutes. mike, you've been watching the roads. what's going on this morning? >> i've been watching the temps, kari. looking at the roads, they're just fine. pretty cool heads on the roadways and an easy, lighter volume because of the holiday for a lot of folks. we look at the maps, we do want to talk about the closure for
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the nimitz which is clear now. no problems heading north through oakland but at market it will be again closed overnight and then looking to 24 by the orinda b.a.r.t. station i think all lanes have been cleared. it was a weekend track work which is still going on. the bus bridge there. thank you very much, mike. out of control. still ahead at 5:25 on "today in the bay," what caused a boat in southern california to go haywire and how it was finally stopped. plus -- where there's a will, there's a way. there's been will to make this happen. we're proud to be a part of it. >> gearing up for blastoff. what two astronauts are saying about their historic mission -- spacex mission coming up. and working to keim you protected. the california company behind a new protective suit that's aimed at letting you take part in every day activities. a lot more ahead. we'll be right back. we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden. and... l(music fades in). hey! -hi! ♪ ♪ ♪
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right now at 5:15 we are under a microclimate weather alert as we get ready for some dangerous heat across the bay area. in mountain view we have some morning hours to get things done before these temperatures heat up. we'll talk about where we could hit the upper 90s today and triple digits in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. and high temperatures, kari, you're talking about a holiday
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for some so 92 may get crowded. a reminder the state and local regulations on where you can and can't go. we'll talk about what else is going on this holiday. back to you. sounds good. thanks, mike. new details on the effort by so-called gig economy businesses to exempt their workers from california's strict new benefits law. the law limits the use of independent contractor status for drivers at companies including uber, lyft and door dash. opponents have acquired enough signatures for a ballot measure to exempt those companies from the new law which voters will decide in november. critics tell "the examiner" this is a case of uber and lyft trying to buy their way out of basic protections for workers. the astronauts set to launch on spacex's first manned space flight are gearing up for the historic flight. the astronauts will board the capsule atop a falcon 9 rocket and lift off for the
5:17 am
international space station wednesday. both say they're excited for the mission. >> over the years we've seen nasa complete the space station and then consider what the next steps were going to be. we've longed a test space flight and dou i are lucky enough to get that opportunity. >> they both have each been to space twice. when asked if their mission will have a name, they said, yes, but it won't be revealed until the launch day. most people haven't been able to go to a concert or nightclub in months, laura. >> a company says it came up with a suit to help people party during the pandemic. you might feel like an astronaut, though, in this one. the suit's goal is to encourage distancing in crowded places. it also includes an n95 filter and snap-in canister for drinking and vaping. the company says the idea is that different venues could buy
5:18 am
the suit, rent it out to patrons and then sanitize it before it's used again. a lot of work. do you want to be king or queen for a day? take a look. burger king is handing out these giant sized crowns. they're supposed to help customers keep six feet away from each other. if you're hoping to have a royal experience on your next fast food trip, you may be out of luck. they're only making the crowns available so far in germany. >> oh, man. >> i know. i rarely eat fast food but my kids wanted to go to burger king yesterday. >> did they get the crown? >> yeah, in the car, french fries in the seats. they're offering 50% off to all first responders and nurses, doctors, if they come in their scrubs which is a really nice thing. >> that is nice.
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a lot of restaurants are stepping up and doing the same thing. it is nice to see them give back to those giving so much of themselves right now. >> very much so. my daughter was trying to say you're a first responder. you're telling people about what's going on. >> save the family some money. >> looking for those curly fries. kari, you have the forecast for today. it's going to be so hot today. people will enjoy more time outside but we do have to take it easy. the heat can be dangerous. let's get a look at our live view in walnut creek. we have a few hours during the morning to get outside for a walk or a jog. maybe get some yard work done if you're not going to be working today. then our temperatures will quickly heat up. we're in the mid-50s in livermore and 62 in oakland. warmest temperature is in san jose,
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already 64 degrees. as we look at our high temperatures this afternoon we will be nearing some records. napa a high of 95 degrees. today's record is 98. so we'll be very close. i do think we'll set a record in concord and we may set that record in san jose. san francisco will be a few degrees below a record high temperature. with this dangerous heat we also have some poor air quality. it is a spare the air alert day as we see ozone in the air and fire danger with dry hills going into the rest of the week with our temperatures in the 90s and triple digits. we're going to see this heat with us all weeklong. as we go into the weekend an area of low pressure approaches. unfortunately, there won't be a lot of rain with it. it may even bring an increase in the chance of some dry lightning. it means the thunderstorm without the rain but it could
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produce some lightning so we'll be watching out for that by the end of the week as our temperatures start to cool off coming back down in time for saturday. mike, you're watching the roads. anything that drivers should be aware of? >> the note that hitting 17 and the 92, decisionally that's beach going traffic. you have to stay to your area as is the rule. 17 and 92 had a lot of traffic. keep that in mind. the map shows you no problems. right now it's still early and the overnight construction crews did clear. a note here there's still a crew working potentially on the b.a.r.t. line at the orinda station. keep that in mind. highway 24 looks like all lanes are clear. we have holiday service for vta. same thing for golden gate transit and vta. a smooth flow of traffic with muni.
5:22 am
the bridge is being destroyed this weekend. a clear look. this is great. this is a live picture. back to you. thank you very much, mike. 5:21. a new warning as hair salons look to reopen. next on "today in the bay," the hairstylist that may have exposed dozens to covid-19. and something sweet just for you. getting back to business. san francisco-based see's candi candies reopening plans. something sweet for you. and check out this. our team is always on social media. these are photos kris sanchez shared on instagram. look at her hubby busy cooking a texas briscuit for the memorial day weekend. we could all do a drive-by. >> beep, beep. >> looking good. be sure to follow kris on
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facebook, twitter and instagram. you're watching "today in the bay."
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to help give you the speed, reliability, and security you need. tools to manage your business from any device, anywhere. and a team of experts - here for you 24/7. we've always believed in the power of working together. that's why, when every cyou can count on us. a runaway boat in san diego. lifeguards say the driver lost control over the weekend. everyone actually fell overboard. the boat then crashed into a
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nearby sailboat. it started to spin in circles, as you can see there. lifeguards flipped the boat upside-down. one person suffered minor injuries. health authorities in los angeles are monitoring nine food processing plants that are now in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. the largest at the farmer john's in downtown. farmer john makes those popular dodger dogs. at least 150 workers there have tested positive since march. each instance up to 2 dozen people have tested positive. dozens may have been exposed at a great clips. a hairstylist worked several days while symptomatic. it was announced that a second hairstylist from the same salon
5:27 am
has tested positive. great clips said in a statement the salon will be closed until it goes through sanitizing and some deep cleaning there. a coffee shop is coming up with ways to practice social distancing. >> the owner of nj coffee in portland has a new high-tech employee. he and his friends created a robot barista to make and safely serve coffee with no physical contact. he says the robot is still in the testing phase and can only copy a barista. >> it cannot make something worse the customers and robot will be useful to keep his business open. >> as long as i don't change my order at the last moment. >> right.
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up next, a free testing site open in the bay area. what you need to know if you want to go this morning. plus, an all new legal battle. the lawsuit filed over california's vote by mail order. and taking action, the vote set this week that could bring relief to renters trying to make it in the bay. we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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- is there a better alternative to braces? - only invisalign aligners use smarttrack technology. it moves teeth more comfortably and predictably. and in many cases, it works faster than braces. (upbeat music) right now at 5:30 a brewing legal battle now heating up over
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california's vote by mail order amid the coronavirus pandemic. a live report on the lawsuit filed and how governor gavin newsom is responding. plus, now hiring, looking to start employing more contact tracers. and a live look in san jose this memorial day as many prepare to head outside. temperatures are set to heat up, approaching triple digits in some spots issuing that microclimate weather alert. kari hall, timing it all out for us. i think you can already feel the heat, marcus. >> when it's warm outside it's warm in here as well. kari, we're getting started with those temperatures. 64 already right now. >> all of these areas shaded in orange, we have a heat advisory. if you're a county like solano
5:32 am
county is in pink, that's where we have an excessive heat warning. it's going to be hot all week. we usually tell people to go to the library or the mall or the theater to cool off and we don't have those options right now. you do really have to find somewhere safely with some air conditioning if you don't have it at home. we're going to be talking more about that and the hot weather that continues through the week coming up in the full microclimate forecast. mike, you've been watching the roads. any issues popping up? no. today is a holiday. over in the altamont pass, green sensors even at west 580. the arrow will not become a slow zone. we're looking at a lighter flow of air. it is a holiday, we have some folks out there including our reporters. back to you, laura, for the big stories. thank you very much, mike. so looking forward today governor gavin newsom is facing
5:33 am
two big issues for our state. when to start entering into phase three that so many businesses have been waiting for and what to do about mail-in election in november that's now led to a lawsuit. i want to check in with "today in the bay's" kris sanchez this morning. kris, let's start out with the lawsuit. >> reporter: hi there, laura. this is a big deal. in the bay area a lot of us vote by mail. when the governor said everybody should get a mail-in ballot the republican leadership said, hold on. this seems like it is ripe for some sort of corruption or fraud. now in case you missed it via twitter just yesterday the republican national committee, the national republican congressional committee, and the california gop announced they would sue the state of california calling that all-mail election an opportunity for fraud. that is something that the president himself has said. back story here on may 8th the governor signed an executive order to order mail-in ballots be sent to all registered voters
5:34 am
in the state. the rnc says that arbitrarily changes voter registration which will call into question the integrity and accuracy of voter rolls. the governor's office release add statement reading in particlecal will continue to defend californians' right to vote including their right to vote by mail and the right to hold an election that is safe, secure, and accessible. voters should not have to choose between their health and their right to vote. governor newsom is also expected to address that plus reopening and entering into phase three. most of the bay area just entered into phase two but a lot of folks understandably are eager to reopen churchesd servid but for the small busins governor newsom had said last week that phase three could begin in some counties in june, which is, of course, already coming up next week. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> all right, kris, thank you.
5:35 am
we have new numbers of confirmed cases of coronavirus here in the bay area and there are 15 new cases reported in marin county. santa clara county is announcing 47 new cases. the largest one-day rise in more than a month. that brings the total cases in the bay area to more than 12,000. 425 people have died. across the state there are almost 93,000 confirmed cases of the virus. nearly 4,000 people have died. and many memorial tributes are canceled because of the pandemic. you can still honor those men and women killed while in service for our country. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live for thus morning with more of those options that are happening for people online who want to still celebrate. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, marcus. unfortunately there are some big events that won't be taking place online or in person. for example, the memorial service tributes onboard the "uss hornet" and the presidio. this is by no means a complete
5:36 am
list. you can take a look at your tv screen. marin county will honor the military men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice with a wreath laying ceremony. music starting at 8:30 this morning. a live feed on the marin county facebook page. los gatos memorial park's online service will begin at 10:00 a.m. that will include a 21-gun salute and comments from a retired major general. on the east coast in washington, d.c., arlington national cemetery will remain closed to the general public. however the cemetery will be open to people who are visiting their loved ones' graves. and to those participating in the 152nd national memorial day observance ceremony there will be social distancing protocols in place, of course. president trump will participate in the armed forces honor wreath laying ceremony, the tomb of the unknown soldier. he will depart for ft. mchenry to honor the military men and
5:37 am
women. coming up memorial events that have not been canceled you can still attend assuming you follow social distancing protocols. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." thanks so much, bob. happening today bay area activists will hold a memorial day peace caravan to protest u.s. foreign policy and military stationed around the world. the organizers of san francisco bay area code pinning says the caravan starts at 1:00 p.m. through the streets of sausalito and into san francisco. the procession will end at the home of senator dianne feinstein. activists will then hold a rally to demand military spending be instead spent to help with environmental causes. happening today a pop-up testing site will be open in mountain view. this is at the rengstorff aquatic center. you do not need insurance,
5:38 am
documentation or an appointment and testing is free and open to everyone. people over the age of 60, those with pre-existing health conditions and essential workers are encouraged to get tested monthly. well, new this morning over the next three weeks sonoma county reportedly plans to hire 150 people as part of its first big wave of contact tracers. "the press democrat" reports half of the positions have been filled. contact tracers interview people who have been infected or exposed. the jobs pay $22 an hour. trainees must first complete a 20-hour online course. help could soon be on the way for those just trying to make it in the bay. tomorrow marin and santa clara county's board of supervisors will consider extending their more tore crumbs on residential evictions another 30 days. the moratorium was put in place when tenants were facing difficulties paying because of the pandemic. it's set to expire next week. renters have up to 90 days after
5:39 am
the expiration of the resolution to repay back rent. well, the city of berkeley is holding a food drive to give back to the community today. berkeley mayor and the school of islamic food items are commemorating memorial day and the end of ramadan. that food drive starts at 11:00 a.m. at the bear pantry at the university village community center. new this morning, stanford students are helping parents across the bay area find those grab and go meal sites for kids. the students created a text service where parents can get a list of some of the nearest sites and created a map showing all the sites and days and times of operation. it tells if the child needs to be enrolled in the specific school district to get those meals. the number just head to for all of the meal sites there. nice service. in just a few hours the california air national guard will perform some flyovers as
5:40 am
they're always so cool to see. this is to thank the frontline workers. >> and the planes are scheduled to take off and land at moffett and held all over the bay. so those pilots are flying over medical facilities, redwood city, san francisco, petaluma and napa and then down the east bay before wrapping up in san jose. the california national guard wants to you maintain social distancing measures if you decide to check out those flyovers. >> and hopefully we have clear skies out there so we can see them go by. yeah. we will have clear skies but it's going to start to warm up pretty fast. after this morning we're looking at some sunshine but hot temperatures especially for the inland areas. take a look at this view from mt. tam over to san francisco. it is a clear start to the day. once again sunshine all throughout the afternoon and
5:41 am
look at how hot it will be. if you have to work outside today make sure you're drinking lots of water and taking breaks. we're going to see weather like this continue throughout the week so also we'll have to make sure we're paying attention to those heat signals that our body sends us. so we'll talk more about that coming up. let's get a look at our morning commute. how is it looking, mike? it's looking clear and hot. folks, it's been a hot weekend and hotter still as we talk about sun protection which is now being paired with virus protection as our new normal. some designers are trying to make it cool to be compliant like helping beachgoers distance while being social. at the coast revolution entertainment, design and protection debuted their bumper table in ocean city, maryland. you might have seen it last week. and an italian swimwear store has another idea, their evolution of the bikini adding mapping mas matching masks they
5:42 am
calling a tri-kini. a designer has sold out of her invention of fashion forward masks with an opening so you can slip a straw through while still shielding your nose and mouth. remember these are just a clever design, not necessarily cdc approved. just keep that in mind. >> quite the look there. quite the look. thanks so much, mike. now to something else just as sweet, see's candies resuming production after shutting down amid the pandemic. the ceo writing a letter to customers saying the san francisco-based company reopened kitchens. see's is offering contact free pickup at some of its stores. yum. well, a historic world war ii ship saved from flames. the damage done to pier 45 after a massive fire ripped through over the weekend. we'll tell you about the help
5:43 am
that's now needed. plus, hitting the gas when more dmv offices across the state are set to start reopening. plus, honoring veterans the way the l.a. dodgers are paying tribute to those who have served our country. you're watching "today in the bay." z3w6mz z1s6z y3w6my y1s6y
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that could mean an increase in energy bills.
5:57 am
you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden. welcome back. 5:57 right now. a suspected dui driver crashes into the front of a sacramento chp office early yesterday morning. the driver telling officers that she had just left the hotel next to the office and was driving when she yawned, hitting the curb. no one was seriously hurt. take a look at this video, a runaway boat. lifeguards say the driver lost control of the boat on mission bay over the weekend. everyone fell overboard. the boat then crashed into a nearby sailboat. it started to spin in circles until they managed to flip that
5:58 am
boat upside-down. one person on the boat suffered minor injuries. health authorities are monitoring nine food processing plants that are all now in the midst of coronavirus outbreaks. the largest at farmer john meat packing plant south of downtown in vernon. farmer john makes the dodger dogs. at least 150 workers there have tested positive since march. dozens may have been ebbs po exposed while getting their haircut at a great clips. a hairstylist worked several days while symptomatic. it was announced that a second hairstylist from the same salon tested positive. great clips said in a statement the salon will be closed until it dps through deep sanitizing and cleaning.
5:59 am
we've made it clear there's asymptomatic spread, people are spreading the virus unknowingly. >> the holiday weekend drawing some big crowds to beaches and pools from coast to coast despite the coronavirus pandemic. a live report on the sights and sounds that have health officials very concerned. plus, the bay area is warming up today. some cities should see temperatures approaching triple digits. a microclimate weather alert and kari is timing all of this out for us. thank you for joining us on this memorial day. the team all here. good morning. we're happy. i'm marcus washington. >> good morning, good morning. yes, a very happy memorial day. a nice day for remembrance. it will be a warm one. yes, those temperatures will start to heat up. a heat advisory starts at 11:00 for much of the bay area
6:00 am
including the inner bay and the east bay. from solano county over to the central valley will reach over 100 degrees and so there's an excessive heat warning in effect.


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