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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 27, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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light. and another microclimate going to have another really hot salons and one big topic was his weather alert, and we're day. here is a live look outside in tracking a third straight day of dublin and we're going to see haircut, some liked what they heat waves across the bay area. our temperatures starting out saw there. his kids were actually giving where temperatures could reach also very warm but getting him a haircut because they into triple digits again. really hot later today. we'll talk about a cooldown in didn't like his mullet but some and a good morning to you. thanks so much for starting your our weekend forecast coming up. liked it like kelly lynn who morning right here with us. staying with dublin west 580 liked a side flip. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. she says the mullet was really into livermore where the you can already feel it. temperatures are hot and also it's a warm start and it's going for you. that's a positive review. early, 5:00 in the morning. is it going to get really hot warming up. and, if i might add, this is my a look in the westbound today, kari? direction, it's hot today. man, my favorite actor, and he it will. today will be the hottest day of a lot more cars coming into the area for work. the week and possibly the is rocking that covid grow. hottest day of the year as we continue to have this heat wave good morning. a very good wednesday to you. featured with how male stars are changing their look with the with us across the bay area. as you know i talk about bay corona quarantine. take a look at our live view in area business at 5:15, and then walnut creek as we get started. i talk about the president at #newmullet. slick in the front, shelter the i want to show you the neck in the back. temperature trend so you can 5:45. well, it's going to be a mixture make some plans. we'll be in the upper 60s at today. we'll talk about twitter and >> i guess so. 6:00 and you can see it won't be i always thought it was a party president trump in both segments in the back but, yeah, you're long before we're seeing those right. because there is a lot happening temperatures reaching into the thank you, mike. that's funny. 90s. we'll talk about a weekend between the two. 5:42 right now. cooldown coming up in the president trump continues to hey, we have new video just in. make claims on twitter that tv forecast. mike, how is it looking for after firefighters fight not one host and former congressman joe drivers about to hit the road? the big picture, kari, is scarborough might be responsible but two fires at the same south for the death of a congressional bay home.
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pretty good. staffer 19 years ago. we'll have details on the tough san jose coming out of cupertino overnight battle. investigators say she died after we do have road work southbound a fall after having heart president trump infuriated 280. in san francisco through the presidio there's road work going trouble, and scarborough wasn't at twitter this morning. on there to the mcarthur tunnel. there at the time. he's calling for new as we discussed yesterday, that regulations. right now at 5:45, we deal we'll outline those more. i'll walk you through what i'll also talk about the bay young woman's husband wrote an happened. plus, disappointing news. with one of the hottest days of bridge, a little surprise emotional letter to twitter yesterday, marcus. the we'll talk about that coming up. saying the president had as we check out our temperature >> oh, okay. trend we'lleeting up looking forward to that. perverted her death and it was causing the family to grieve all fast and some upper 90s in the 5:01 this morning and we have an forecast today. over again. we'll talk more about this and a twitter has responded. exclusive interview on the weekend cooldown coming up in a "today" show. this is from governor gavin it won't take the tweets down, few minutes. newsom. he's actually addressing phase but a spokesperson did say we looking for that cooldown, three of reopening here in the are deeply sorry about the pain but things are heating up on the state. "today in the bay's" bob redell these statements and the is live for us, and i know, bob, attention they are drawing are causing the family. roadways. i said we would talk about the we heard from him earlier this it then says it's working on new bay bridge but highway 101, look morning. he also talked about salons and at all the traffic northbound as policies so we can more he well. that's the reason we see slowing basher shops reopening. here just like we did last week. more traffic flow. >> reporter: correct. canively effectively address this is not happening everywhere things like this going forward. we'll talk about that coming up. in the state. twitter has said in the past it and the pickup again. only three counties are moving will not delete or modify the thanks, mike. 5:46 right now. on to phase three reopening and new overnight firefighters in san jose are monitoring a house they're in the north bay, napa, president's tweets, at the same time it apologized for the fire that started late last sonoma and solano counties. hurtful messages. night and then flared up again those businesses and counties it added blue fact checks underneath the president's within the last 90 minutes. will be allowed to be opening this is video when that fire was inaccurate claims that mail-in based on guidance from their voting is fraudulent and that raging a little before midnight and briefly threatened nearby
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county's health departments. we're talking about hair salons california is sending ballots to everyone in california. homes. this happened on crater lane and basher shops. nail salons are not yet that's inaccurate. near piedmont hills high school. we'll get to all of that at included. on the "today" show we expect all five people made it out 5:45. this segment is about how the safely. the garage took the brunt of the president is making inaccurate the governor to slow the claims about a murder that damage and at least three cars reopening of our state. fully engulfed. wasn't a murder. newsom did push back on trump's next segment will be about the a scare in san francisco's false assertion mail-in voting president's inaccurate claims leads to widespread voter fraud. about the democratic process. north beach where a falling tree there is other news. branch struck five people including a 2-year-old. it happened yesterday afternoon >> the president tweeted about "the wall street journal" in washington square park where you and your plan to send reports amazon made by the mail-in ballots to registered self-driving company zoox in a witness posted this video. voters in the state. foster city. amazon has made some investments all escaped serious injury. with a do you say to the happening today the start of president's concerns about in other autonomy companies as a pivotal phase for pg&e and its fraudulent ballots? effort to emerge from bankruptcy >> well, let's just stick with well. with a confirmation hearing the facts and not opinions. positive talks about vaccines, the reality is mail-in ballots, getting under way in san let's caution the earliest francisco. this is considered the final absentee ballots are well they're talking about is a year utilized all across the from now. litmus test for the utility and the dow up 529 points. spectrum, all across this country and have been done so its $58 billion reorganization the fas dabbinasdaq apparently thoughtfully and safely for a plan. it will have to be approved -- generation. this is for pg&e to exit we want to keep people safe and rally. the production of sand hill allow them to have their bankruptcy by july 1st. road, a new episode is available constitutional rights protected, it's also already won support the constitutional right to vote on itunes and google play and without putting their health at from various parties including risk. spotify. the majority of wildfire now we are excited to get that victims. but critics wonder if pg&e will >> reporter: you can watch the back up and running. full interview with governor when i have more time i'll play
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be equipped to increase safety gavin newsom at 7:00 on the you a clip. "today" show right here on nbc for now listen to it yourself. going forward or if rate payers bay area. reporting live, bob redell, will be left to foot the bill. "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. meantime, as some areas are >> go ahead, laura. 5:47 for you this morning. and the president is making open for more business, the bay >> i was just going to say, i angry and inaccurate new claims know you're just as excited as i against twitter this morning. area's biggest county, santa am as well, marcus, clara county, is not moving into congratulating scott for his >> scott mcgrew joins us now. phase three. dr. sara cody saying she's twitter taking several steps podcast winning a regional that actually upset tweets that worried about much of the state reopening so soon particularly award. very distinguished. houses of worship being allowed >> congratulations to you. and, you know what. to reopen. if someone there is sick, it >> that's fantastic. >> for people who don't know would be hard to keep the virus from spreading. that is a very prestigious award, if not more press dijous and a new legal battle seems to be brewing over governor newsom's reopening plan. attorneys from the pacific legal th prestigious than an emmy. well deserved. >> good job. foundation promised to announce well, 5:17 for you this a new lawsuit today claiming morning and it looks like game that the plan is arbitrary and on again in las vegas. unfair to certain small in about a week casinos will be businesses. that announcement takes place a allowed to reopen. nevada's governor just gave the little before noon today. okay for visitors to start president trump heads to florida today to watch the showing up june 4th. spacex launch. about 35 resorts on the strip it's his fourth trip to a are preparing to welcome guests. battleground state in four weeks. "today in the bay's" tracie visitors can expect to see
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potts joins us live with the plastic barriers on gaming latest on the president's feud tables and more hand sanitizer with joe biden as coronavirus and temperature screenings. cases rise in more than a dozen ten strip hotels will be states. available for visitors who show up with signs of infection. tracie? >> reporter: laura, and could those numbers go even higher? happening today walt the concerns of the pictures we disneyworld plans to submit its saw over the holiday with lots reopening plans for the theme of people in crowds without masks driving those numbers up. parks. the plans call for a reopening by early next week. as america approaches a grim milestone 100,000 deaths from coronavirus, 18 states are seeing more new infections. >> the testing we're doing leads stricker guidelines we're seeing to more cases. here. here is something good for >> the landmark of 100,000, it's you that morning from harry not going to stop there. potter author j.k. rawlings i wouldn't be surprised if we get to 150,000 or 200,000. trying to help out families we should have waited. sheltering at home right now. we're rushing too fast. >> reporter: scenes like this leading one mayor to warn a new social media project memorial day crowds. called "harry potter at home" to >> quarantine yourself. encourage kids to read. do it for yourself. now all seven harry potter books do it for your grandma. do it for your neighbors and are free to read online. your co-workers because that's plus, she's enlisted several very risky behavior. actors to do audio recordings of
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>> reporter: president trump now in a feud with presidential the first novel. candidate joe biden over wearing a mask. >> biden can wear a mask, but he the actor who played harry was standing outside with his potter in the movies will read the first chapter which is wife, perfect conditions, perfect weather. great. they're inside, they don't wear those books can be reintroduced masks. and so i thought it was very to new audiences as kids are unusual. >> he's a fool. growing and reading. an absolute fool to talk that under a shady tree or in an way. that's not going to increase the air-conditioned home. >> absolutely. likelihood people are better off. >> reporter: congress is still at odds over the $3 trillion aid another hot day. i wanted to show you the sun package senator leader mitch rise. a beaut start to this mcconnell insists is going nowhere. >> we're not interested in wednesday morning. borrowing money for future we are going to see the sunshine generations to send down to states to solve pre-existing heating things up quickly today but at least we do have a couple problems they have. >> it's the first offer and we hours to get in the outdoor know we have to negotiate. >> reporter: mcconnell is activities, go for a run. pushing for fore plan with starting at 60 degrees in san little details on what that francisco. 63 in livermore. might include. tracie potts, nbc news. as we look at our temperature trend in concord it won't be >> marin county health leaders until maybe 11:00, 12:00 before are asking everyone who works in
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public service jobs to get we see the temperatures really tested with free options getting unbearable out there. and at noon we're at 91 degrees. available. the county has tripled its so expect some hot temperatures testing capacity over the past three weeks. again today as we get a look at people who work in areas like grocery, food service, or even our micro climates and where we're headed. maybe the hottest day of the construction, are being asked to year as we reach 103 in antioch. get tested. they're encouraging businesses in those sectors to support parts of the north bay, napa 100 workers who want to get tested degrees. with new onsite testing options 82 in san francisco. san jose will reach up to 96 available for marin public health department. degrees. and this dangerous heat with us for a couple more days before it the state superintendent is backs off and then we'll see a holding a virtual check-in for schools in just a few hours and storm system moving up the coast will give updates on reopening that will even bring in a slight chance of scattered showers on and how distance learning will saturday. but we'll have to watch out and change if schools are actually see if this could also bring in open in the fall. lightning as well which, of in a poll by "usa today," course, would raise some wildfire concerns. teachers and parents say they're as we get a look at our not confident about the next seven-day forecast going to be school year. hot today as well as tomorrow. one in five says they're still pretty warm on friday. unlikely to go back to school if they reopen. with that cooling this weekend and six in every ten parents comes more clouds and even a with a child in grades k-12 say slight chance of rain. they'd like to find at-home mike, you've been watching the learning options instead of roads. any issues popping up? their children going back into the classroom. some smaller incidents for those trying to make it popping up on the chp report but
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in the bay, new help may soon be no major impact on the freeway on the way thanks to the governor's office. speeds. "the chronicle" reporting a smooth flow of traffic everywhere around the bay. governor newsom may waive those it's still smooth but slowing out of the altamont pass and down to sunol, out of livermore for west 84. seeking hotels for the homeless. we expect to see that. the proposal will be part of a it's back to your standard flow. trial bill. this is included in the state budget. an update for you on the heavier traffic. veterans boulevard or mcarthur first sanctioned homeless camp in santa rosa that opened last tunnel, the presidio has the southbound closed for week. the camp is made up of about 70 construction possibly all morning. tents in a parking lot near the finley community center. we will track that. the earlier construction heading "the press democrat" reporting south has cleared as you head down to sausalito. about 40 people have already back to you. moved in there from other nearby encampments. >> thanks, mike. so far it's been mostly problem free. meamerica's first manned spe help is on the way. santa clara county board of mission in years. why this could have an impact on supervisors approved a proposal how similar missions are to extend a moratorium on conducted in the future. evictions for renters who can't pay their landlords during this pandemic. and things heating up across now the current moratorium is
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set to expire this sunday. the bay area. finding an innovative way to not the new proposal asked for the use the oven. deadline to be pushed back. kris was making enchilada governor newsom must sign off on casserole on the grill. when this pandemic is over, it before that extension is guess who is coming to dinner. >> all of us. granted. the board of supervisors >> you'd better get a bigger unanimously passed a similar ordinance for their region. casserole pan there. more after this. it continues for renters through july 15th. palo alto leaders are revising their proposed budget cuts after proposed budget cuts. the city is facing a $38 million gap. leaders proposed cuts to the children's theater and wanted to close the college terrace library. under the new proposal the children's theater will only be able to put a few productions on. the library would stay open but one branch will only be open three days a week. the city council says it wants to cut more than 70 positions at city hall. san francisco is the latest
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to go al fresco following the wake of cities including san jose, berkeley and san mateo. mayor london breed is announcing a program called shared spaces. bars and restaurants will be allowed to set up tables outdoors in the city. restaurants will also be able to use public spaces for pickup service. >> it's fine to eat outside if it's cool. >> not today. yeah, it's going to be too hot to sit outside and trying to enjoy your lunch. we're going to see another very hot day for the bay area as we see this heat advisory that continues for most areas except for parts of the inner bay and along the coastline as well as san francisco inland valleys will have an excessive heat warning in effect for one more day possibly tomorrow as well. we'll see if it gets extended. we'll see our high temperatures reaching over 100 degrees today, so make sure you're taking it easy and take care of your
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family as well. as we head over to you, mike, how is it looking for drivers about to head out the door? right now the maps look about the same as they have for weeks. i want to call out the bay bridge toll plaza where need we couldn't see it on the camera there, the backup wasn't approaching the toll plaza but the metering lights were turned on just about 7:30, and there was a mild wait between the toll plaza and getting on to the span itself. that indicated a higher volume, again, slightly growing every day heading into the city. also as we look at the maps, the other factor might be people took monday off and had to make it up. the rest of the bay, a smooth flow of traffic getting into san francisco again. the veterans boulevard, we'll talk about that overnight construction through the presidio and watching cupertino where we've seen slowing as well. for now become to you. >> thanks, mike. >> thank you, mike. 5:10 right now. the countdown is on. liftoff for america's first
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manned space flight in nearly a 5:24. decade. happening today nasa and spacex we'll have a live update on the are going back to the future important mission ahead for two with america's first manned nasa astronauts. space flight in almost a decade. this is a live look at cape meanwhile, there is a lot canaveral in florida. both organizations are hoping going on between president trump and twitter. this is only the start of a new so much we'll break it into two phase of space travel, one where segments. we'll bring you the first one nasa relies on private companies coming up. to send astronauts to space. nbc bay area's sarah dallof with and the game begins. more. >> and all you witches and pretty exciting times, sarah. wizards in quarantine, i want you to listen up. we'll tell you what the woman >> reporter: very exciting time, who brought us harry potter is laura, very exciting times. doing to help children during the pandemic. and... let's get started. and due to the pandemic people are being asked to watch the launch from home, closing popular viewing spots like this one to the public. there is a lot of interest in the launch and for a good reason. it is the first time a private company has been tapped with sending out nasa astronauts i a rocket wearing sleek space suits and will be using touch screen
5:12 am
controls. they're scheduled to ran dendez about 19 hours after liftoff. both astronauts have been in isolation since march and the pandemic has forced about half of spacex's engineers to work from home. the weather also throwing another potential curveball into this mix. storms have been in the area this morning and in the days leading up to the launch. a lot of people keeping their eyes on the skies today and hoping they will be clear come go time. back to you. >> so, sarah, what if the launch doesn't manage to go as scheduled today? what will happen next? >> reporter: if the launch is scrubbed for weather or any other reason they will try again saturday. if saturday doesn't work then they'll try again sunday. (music fades in) >> all right. hey! -hi! we'll all be watching. sarah dallof, thank you so much. ♪ this morning "today" will be live from the kennedy space center in florida.
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♪ you can watch that coverage at 7:00 a.m. right after "today in the bay." >> how cool is that? 5:27 for you that morning. ♪ coming up next the top stories we're following including dozens of workers in the south bay infected with covid-19. ♪ who is now calling for a fish processing plant to be shut down. >> reporter: and in the age of a pandemic we are all trying to get creative and ways to stay cool. up next, how parents should keep their kids safe. and growing outrage -- you hear the outrage there after monday's death of a man detained by police in minnesota. why response from police is still falling short.
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right now at 5:30 another scorcher across the bay area. we're issuing another microclimate weather alert for the third day in a row. let's take a like look at walnut creek. contra costa county expected to be the hottest in the area. is there any relief in sight? we'll be looking for it. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike is keeping an eye on the commute this morning. we'll have more in just a bit. first, we want to talk about the hot temperatures. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that. we're all looking for some
5:17 am
relief but it's not coming today. it's not coming today but it is within view. let's get a look at our temperature trend for the morning. if you're making plans to head out, head out early in the day. as we go into the afternoon you'll want to limit your time outside, drink lots of water today as our temperatures make it into the 90s and we want to get some of our inland temperatures reaching over 100 degrees. mike, you're watching the commute. what's going on out there? we're seeing more cars, the volume coming up for the cars. in the south bay i have to call out two things, a crash affecting the alameda on ramp but it is affecting the on ramp where it is getting crowded and 280, two lanes are blocked. the rest of the bay looks good.
5:18 am
back to you. thank you very much. there's an alert this morning the south bay state and county leaders are keeping a very close eye on morgan hill after a coronavirus outbreak at a fish packing company. we want to collected in with "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live in morgan hill with more on the growing concerns from workers and what one family member is speaking out and saying. kris? >> reporter: this is a large number of cases, nearly 40, and there will be more testing today so there could be a spike again in that number of cases within the one work place. lusamerica foods is a locally owned business with a 65,000 square foot facility here in morgan hill. the outbreak came to light when the wife of an employee was hospitalized with covid-19. the girlfriend of a driver who works at lusamerica foods told us that he was worried about continuing to work there but he
5:19 am
was afraid he would lose his job if he spoke up. >> they should shut down their company, test everybody. he had no symptoms. he was out in the public. was always told he would be fine, just to continue wearing a mask and do the proper precautions. >> the county stood up testing in collaboration with the company and over the course of a day tested everyone there and identified 38 more people who were positive from the company. >> reporter: company officials did release a statement saying they are committed to providing a work safe environment and they have all been tested. the majority are asymptomatic and those who tested negative will be retested asuding, again employees who already tested negative. they will be tested again.
5:20 am
employees are getting their temperature checked as they walk into the building. and all common areas where it's hard to socially distance, they're closed so no locker rooms, no cafeteria. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." thank you, kris. just a few minutes ago governor newsom answering some tough questions. a lot of it is your rounding his recent push into phase three of reopening. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live for us this morning. bob, the governor talked about ba barber shops and salons reopening. >> reporter: i have to say he sounded very encouraging about the economic recovery our state will be entering hopefully at some point soon. some parts of the state entered that phase three reopening of our economy. barber shops, hair salons. not all counties are participating yet in the bay
5:21 am
area. they are allowing businesses to reopen based on guidance from their county health departments. nail salons are not yet included. governor newsom expects child care and summer camps to open soon with deep modifications. those were his words and are a necessity to go back to work. the state economy has been battered by the shutdown. governor newsom thinks it's possible to see a v-shaped recovery, one we come back as quickly as we went down. >> i see it happening if public health is our primary focus. i don't see it happening if we look at it as an annoyance or nuisance that gets in the way of our economic growth. as demand increases, we'll see this economy begin to rev back up. that won't increase until people feel confident and safe.
5:22 am
>> reporter: coming up at 6:00 the governor responds to president trump's claims that mail-in ballots lead to widespread voter fraud. you can watch the full interview with the governor at 7:00 on the "today" show. thank you very much, bob. salons and barber shops will be able to reopen but only three bay area counties have the green light to move forward. napa, solano and sonoma counties. you see them there. they have to follow new guidelines which include screening everyone for symptoms, make everyone wear masks, provide gloves and eye protection like goggles and glasses for stylists as well. now haircuts, coloring, blow-outs and hair extensions are allowed. the things like shaves, waxes, threading, eyelash extensions and manicures are not.
5:23 am
today the first indoor mall in the bay area will reopen to shoppers. shoppers will see some changes when they head out. not just people but cars must social distance. individual stores may insist you wear one. 5:37 this morning. a developing story. this one we want to warn you about ahead of time. some of the images you may find disturbing. this is over the death of a man in minnesota. all of this concerned bystanders watching as it happened. i can't breathe! >> that is a protest happening in minneapolis. a bystander captured this video
5:24 am
of the incident. it appears to show a police officer kneeling on employed's neck as he begs for help saying i can't breathe. four officers have been fired. attorneys say this is not enough. >> the family believes, as many of us, that the firings was the first step to justice but they want them charged to the full extent of the law. >> the fbi is now on the case and they're going to keep an eye on what's going on. we will as well and bring you those developments as they happen. 5:38 right now. a live look outside at sfo and downtown san jose. the sun is coming up. as kari was just telling us, expect another hot day ahead and with the shelter at home order there are fewer places to actually escape the heat. not everyone has the luxury of air conditioning. "today in the bay's" jackie ward
5:25 am
joins us live from san francisco this morning. welcome, jackie. now this could be some potential danger for people if they're out in the heat and they don't have shelter. >> reporter: yeah, thank you so much. air conditioning in san francisco pretty much doesn't exist, so these reminders are for parents who may have curious or adventurous kids especially now that we might have our windows open more than usual. this morning health experts are reminding us that screens are not designed to prevent falls. many recommend buying window guards. you can also make sure furniture is pulled away from window ledges. the pediatric chief resident told us what hospitals are preparing for now after seeing what happened last year during a 48-hour period at zuckerberg general hospital when the weather got hot. >> we saw four kids who had fallen out of a second story window or higher and some did need intensive care unit care because of their injuries.
5:26 am
and so we're kind of anticipating that might happen again now that the weather is getting warmer. >> reporter: a lot of us like running to the beach. to discourage crowds because of covid-19 most beach parking lots are still closed. beach closures are extended until july 1st. for now here at ocean beach it does remain open and we have a whole list of community centers that are also opening as cooling centers today. there is a word of advice because of limited capacity due to covid-19. health restrictions, health experts are advising you to get there as early as you can. jackie ward, "today in the bay." >> thank you, jackie. we take a look at where we're expecting our temperatures that will continue to warm up. we're already starting out with warm weather in concord at 68 degrees. we're usually at about 55 degrees at this time in the day.
5:27 am
and we're going to heat up pretty fast. if you plan on going for a jog this morning, you have a couple of hours in brentwood before it gets really hot and, in fact, dangerous to go out for a run during the middle of the day. we will talk more about a weekend cooldown in our forecast and, mike, you're looking at the commute. how is it looking for the south bay? we're back to normal but we're watching cupertino for 280. the map shows the rest of the bay smooth. i'll talk about why we have metering lights on at the bay bridge coming up in the next report. light traffic right now. of's weekly
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inaccurately claim tv host joe scarborough was involved in the accidental death of a congressional aide 19 years ago. we're going to talk more about that apology from twitter coming up at 6:15 when we talk business. twitter also reacting to false claims the president is making about the upcoming election and mail-in ballots. remember, the president himself uses a mail-in ballot.
5:48 am
so take a look at what twitter has done. it's added the blue line, get the facts. that takes you to a compilation of stories from cnn, "the washington post,". the president says california is sending a ballot to everyone in california. that is not the case. it is sending a ballot to every registered voter in california and five other states do exactly the same thing. he says mail-in ballots are fraudulent, but there's no proof they're any more fraudulent than in-person voting. in fact, back in 2016 president trump said there were millions of fraudulent in-person votes and, remember, he won that election. he even set up a blue ribbon panel to find those millions of in-person fraudulent votes and the panel did not. the president claims twitter is interfering with the 2020 presidential election and that it's stifling his free speech
5:49 am
which he says as president he will not allow to happen. as the leader of the united states he knows there is no free speech right on twitter. the first amendment to the constitution protects you from the government stepping on your free speech. it says nothing about private companies. nonetheless, he is calling for regulation of silicon valley companies over this issue. the white house new press secretary was asked about the president's criticism of joe biden wearing a facemask. the president said he thought it was strange biden doesn't wear a mask inside his house with his wife but does wear it in public. a reporter asked, well hold on, isn't that exactly what you're supposed to do? >> it is a bit peculiar, though, that in a basement right next to his wife he's not wearing a mask but he's wearing one outdoors when he's socially distanced. i think there was a discrepancy there. he's not shaming anyone. he wore the mask in private at the ford facility and is open to it if the circumstance mandates it. >> isn't the guidance to wear a
5:50 am
mask when you're outside, though? >> the guidance is it's recommended but not required. >> we are following everything that is happening on twitter and, ironically, tweeting about it. again, an update at 6:15 and we'll be on twitter. you can find me @scottmcgrew. >> thank you very much, scott. talking about l.a. county moving in deeper into phase two to start their reopening there. in fact, calling it a good day for los angeles mayor eric garcetti announced that stores can reopen if they meet certain guidelines including limited numbers of people inside. he also launched a popular park called -- rather, that a popular park, runyan canyon was reopened. not many are impressed with how people are following the rules. >> i've been watching the last ten minutes or so and only 2 out of 15 people have walked in with masks, and there are no rangers here.
5:51 am
>> l.a. county is not yet allowing salons, gyms or restaurants to reopen for in-house customers. oakland a's are feeling the squeeze from no baseball. they've become the first team to stop paying their minor league players. as of june 1st, players will lose their weekly s ll lly stip. as for a deal to bring baseball back, well, it appears sides are very far apart with the owners' latest proposal is extremely disappointing. let's take a live look at s.a.p. center. the hoturn to the ice, but not for training camp the league will head straight into the playoffs. so the top 12 teams from both conferences will play in a tournament style playoff in two hub cities yet to be named. the sharks were in the midst of one of the worst seasons in team history, so we're not even in
5:52 am
the top 12 to be able to play there. okay, other news trending this morning, country singer tim mcgraw just dropped a touching new video for his song, "i call mama." ♪ my guitar from the back seat write a song just for me ♪ >> it features his own mother betty and his wife faith hill. that video includes pictures of mothers and their children like a woman introducing her newborn to her mother through a glass door. this is following social distancing guidelines. this morning mcgraw will be on the "today" show right after "today in the bay." nothing like a child -- >> that's nice. >> -- and its mama. >> what do i always say, marcus? no one will love you like your mama. >> so true. so true. >> it is. i feel sorry for jack's first girlfriend. >> uh-oh. mom and two sisters.
5:53 am
>> i'm just kidding. >> they're going to bring the heat. we'll get to the forecast because it's going to be hot today, and we've also been talking about our air quality as we get a live look outside. morgan hill this morning if you're going to be out early in the day, a heads-up there will be high levels of ozone today. makes it moderate air quality and a little bit unhealthy if you have breathing problems for today. as we get a look at our high temperatures for this afternoon we're reaching up to 101 degrees today in livermore. 103 in antioch, san jose will reach into the mid-90s. and we're going to still have this dangerous heat with us over the next few days. in fact, as we go into the weekend, some cooling coming our way. this is what we've been waiting on. as this moves in it will bring in more clouds, even a chance of spotty rain. we'll also have to watch out for the chance that it could bring in lightning going into saturday but moving out by sunday. looking at our seven-day forecast it is going to be
5:54 am
unbearably hot today for the inland areas. one more day and it's still going to be hot tomorrow, but then as we head to friday it starts to look better. this weekend some 70s in the forecast. our natural air conditioning comes back but it also comes along with clouds. mike, you've been watching the commute and what's been the update from chp? kari, i hope folks have air conditioning in their automobile because chp has a couple new incidents. nothing major as we look at the map. the expected slowing on the right. that's for the altamont pass but what's become the new pattern coming back again north 101 through san jose. look, i noticed a little slowing for north 87 as well. the commute is evolving back to what we know as the normal commute. we look at the travel times, no problem getting to the bay bridge. a live look in san jose, they showed the volume of traffic. the reason for more slowing and to the bay bridge we don't have
5:55 am
a backup right now but even though yesterday we didn't have a backup at the toll plaza we had metering lights turned on so there was a little slowing for that growing volume, guys. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now for you hundreds of hong kong protesters are locked up after new de demonstrations. thousands are rallying after plans to impose new national security laws. the proposed new laws are triggering the first big street unrest in hong kong since last year when violent protests tore through the city. coming up on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. at a time every penny counts, some upset concert goers say ticketmaster is holding potentially millions of dollars of their money. some consumers are heading to court. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. they'll make their case next. each of us has a purpose.
5:56 am
we are destined to do something meaningful. what do you think a private, christian, education looks like? gcu offers over 175 high quality online programs. find your purpose at grand canyon university. visit
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welcome back, everyone. our consumer team has been handling complaints from a lot of upset ticketmaster customers. >> shows and concerts have been put off due to the pandemic. people aren't getting those refunds. let's turn to chris chmura. >> reporter: good morning. we've heard from a lot of folks including abby in santa rosa, rob in oakland, marie in san jose and tim in san francisco. now there's a class action lawsuit. people expect a refund for a
5:59 am
show that's not happening. the san francisco law firm that filed the class-action suit says ticketmaster changed its policy as the pandemic took hold. here is what the suit says. on march 13th the policy was refunds would be available for a canceled, postponed or rescheduled event. as of march 14th only canceled shows get refunds. with those tickets to postponed events those folks have to wait. ticketmaster says it has to see what the promoter or performer allows. attorney mccrary disputes that. >> ticketmaster made the representation to consumers, set the policy for the ability to get a refund, and took consumers money. >> reporter: ticketmaster says it doesn't comment on pending litigation and recently announced it would give refunds for postponed events put on by live nation. other events, however, remain in limbo. we made a flow chart showing your options. you can see it on our website
6:00 am
rewant to prepare to keep people safe and allow them to have their constitutional rights protected. >> right now at 6:00, an nbc exclusive. governor newsom responding to president trump. the latest twist in newsom's plan to send mail-in ballots to register voters across california. plus, not ready to


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