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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 28, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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having been on the front line and working in a school myself and also being a parent, i wondered how are we going to be aible to follow those guidelines and educate children the way we used to. >> the superintendent echoed those concerns, for a district of almost 10,000 children who was facing $8 million in budget cuts before the pandemic and measures such as distancing and isolating will be big challenges. >> when it comes to be asking more, doing so with less. >> district nurses around the county are now meeting online constantly. >> we're saying oks, how can we implement these things in a realistic manner in our district? how can we apply them to the budgets that we have, to the student populations that we have, are they realistic and can we do it? >> the county's district nurses have formed committees and will address each guideline and submit recommendations to the public health department, and the county office of education. in san jose, robert handa, nbc
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bay area news. >> robert, thank you. let's gets to the big changes now in san francisco, mandatory mask, the return of the warriors and giants potentially, and outdoor dining at restaurants. it is all happening in the next three weeks. >> today, mayor breed outlined the next wave of reopening. this monday, june 1st, child care can reopen, outdoor museums, and more retailers will open for curbside pickup. on june 15th, shopping indoors, so religious services can resume, outdoor dining and outdoor workout class, summer camps, warriors and giants games potentially without fans and non-emergency medical appointments. >> looking ahead in july, indoor dining, at restaurants, hair salons and barbershops can reopen, and realtors can begin showing open houses in person. things are changing quickly. let's bring in nbc bay area christie smith in the city. >> having a great meal while dining outside in a restaurant is a big draw in the city and it appears it won't be long until
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that can happen again. but there are also much tighter restrictions coming for face coverings. for now, the building here has takeout food and delivery, and the outdoor seating is empty but by june 15th, it may change. >> it is just a couple of weeks, to do what we need to do, to make our outdoor seating compliant. and the good news is, we each had a dress rehearsal. >> where they offered outdoor dining at two locations amid easing of pandemic restrictions. in san francisco, they don't expect to be able to use all of the outdoor space. and are waiting for guidelines. >> i think it is a huge step forward. >> reporter: today mayor breed unveiled plans to begin reopening the city in phases starting june 1st, as long as progress against the pandemic continues. >> we actually have good news, and we actually have a guide for
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what san francisco will look like as we begin to envision a new normal. >> reporter: the new normal will also require face coverings when people are outside within 30 feet of others. allen allgood has a mask, but thinks that is too much. >> i understand, you have to be safe. i'm all for that. but there's a limit to it. and they've gone way too far. >> reporter: in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. well, even more san francisco businesses will reopen later this summer. in mid august, they include schools, bars, nail salons, massage parlors, gyms, playgrounds, and swimming pools. and things that have no reopening date yet, concert venues, sports with fans, nightclubs, festivals, and hotels. for more insight on the announcement by san francisco, we are joined by dr. peter gin
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hong infectious disease specialist at ucsf. >> thank you for putting me on, janelle. hi, everyone. >> the reopening time line, more low risk activities next month but in july, hair salons, open houses, what do you think about all of this? >> i think, i mean i'm a little bit relieved, i know a lot of people are a little bit disappointed, that we couldn't open a little faster, but i think what mayor breed is saying, it is about not being set in stone, but they're meant to be a little bit flexible, based on the local data that we have. >> obviously, if there is a spike in cases again, she said she would enforce more restrictions again. but how do you balance all this, doctor? like we want to get the economy going again but also health and safety are a priority. what should people do? >> i think everyone should be armed with that knowledge, that individual risk that we have, and i think the bottom line is, if you can control your environment, as much as
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possible, that's going to give you the best protection. trying to go out when people are around, as much as wearing a mask where you can. and of course, washing hands and staying socially distant if you can. being outdoors rather than indoors. those are some of the things that i think about. >> right. and the mayor did say she is extending the shelter at home order indefinitely, meaning if you don't have to go out, and you can stay home, please stay home. dr. peter chin-hong, i want to talk about the rise in cases we've seen recently, what do you attribute to that? reopening? more testing? >> i think a lot of people are a little bit baffled by that. i mean there's been an uptick cases in almeda, as sort of like a hot zone in the bay area, and people are a little bit confused, is it because there is more testing done, is it because people feel more relaxed? i think we will have more information, if there are more cases going into the hospital.
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>> so we should get more information in the coming days and weeks, what it might be attributed to, because we have been hearing about this second peak, not the second wave but the second peak and this could be the early stages of that. we are out of time, but we appreciate your time, doctor, from ucsf, thanks so much. >> thank you. relaxing shelter at home restrictions in gilroy, that's what the city of gilroy is asking santa clara county. the letter signed by all city council member was delivered to the board of supervisors earlier this week and asks for reopening of restaurants in gilroy and they say it is critical. >> our businesses are suffering and we feel the message from the city council is we want toset send a very clear message to the county saying we need to start opening up. >> after the shooting there at the garlic festival, it has been a difficult year to say the least in gill reform the letter also says data shows gilroy has
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only had two new cases of covid-19 in the next 37 days. that means the shelter at home has been successful in slowing the spread. an end to the heat wave. we saw a slight school downtoday compared to the triple digit heat. we saw parts of the bay area over the past few days, temperatures will drop even more tomorrow. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now, and jeff, the cooldown is coming. >> reporter: oh, it sure is. and i know a lot of people are definitely happy about that. in fact, just now, the heat warning has been allowed to expire. and look, it was hot inland. but we got rid of those low 100s. as you will see in some of the top temperatures here, concord ranged from 93 to 98 degrees. that was one of the hottest spots along with pleasanton with 98. and pittsburg 95. sonoma, 92. and morgan hill at 92. let's show you the cooling. it had a lot to do with the strong ocean breeze out of the northwest. right now at 26 miles an hour. and that is importing that colder air, dropping temperatures, six to 13 degrees
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cooler, at this hour. compared to this time yesterday. and so this is round one of cooling. the second round of cooling, i want to show you that, it's from a late season storm, developing off to the south, and not only a chance of rain, but isolated thunderstorms, and temperatures dropping even more for this weekend. we'll go over the full time line and how much rain and update you on the drought, i will have that for you in about 15 minutes. >> jeff, see you shortly. this is a delicate evening across the country. the death of george floyd, is prompting more unrest, from maps, to los angeles, and here in the bay area. and people are sad, angry, and crying out for change. let's take a look now in oakland, from our nbc bay area sky ranger, you can see there, a small group of protesters, near city hall, now marching towards the headquarters of the oakland police department, so right down broadway. this protest is just now starting. all of this for george floyd, who died while in police
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custody, in minneapolis, on memorial day. the video has gone viral. and the response is emotional. this is a live look now from our nbc chopper, from our sister station, in minneapolis, you can see the crowd of people there, literally blocking traffic on the freeway. this is close to downtown minneapolis. they protested last night. and again tonight. they are protesting right now on the freeway. a live look in minneapolis, a little after 7:00 p.m. minnesota's governor activated the national guard to try to bring some peace to that city there. you can see the video from the overnight hours. several fires were set. stores were looted. and damage was widespread. the department of justice launched a criminal investigation into the four officers involved. those officers have been fired. >> minneapolis, our nation, really the world, has witnessed this incredibly and disturbing
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loss of life. my heart goes out to george floyd. my heart goes out to his family. >> this is something the entire nation is talking about today. the minneapolis police department released body cam footage of when floyd was initially detained, but it didn't shed any new light on the case. floyd was unarmed and did not appear to be combative. we just got these photos into our newsroom from saint columbia catholic church in oakland, father adrian sent these photos to us with a sign that has been put up right there at the church, black lives matter. the death of george floyd hits especially hard for former warriors store steven jackson and grew up with floyd in texas and appeared on the "today" show to discuss seeing floyd's final moments which were caught on camera. >> i'm moved. that was a cry for help. i'm a black man and i'm a strong man, and i know floyd, and that is a cry for help.
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we don't scream our mother's name like that unless there is something wrong and our life is in jeopardy and he can't control it. that was a cry for help and he called out for his kids. it was tough to see. >> and jackson says floyd would want the officers to be punished but would not have promoted violent protests. the warriors head coach has been extremely vocal on twitter about floyd's death calling it a murder. we will go back now to the coronavirus coverage. almost 200 new cases were confirmed in the bay area today. 59 of those were in san mateo county. right down here. they now have 2,000 confirmed cases. almeda county continues to be the hot spot in the bay area. it has over 3,000 confirmed cases. we want to take a closer look now at the death toll in santa clara county specifically. the virus has killed 139 people total in the south bay. this map shows where those people live. now, the places in light beige have the fewest number of
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deaths. that includes the cities of cupertino, and santa clara, and also parts of san jose down here in south san jose. they each have less than five deaths. milipitas, up here, and a section of sunnyvale in light orange had around 20 deaths but the hardest hit areas are in the dark red, dark rose color. you can see those are located in east san jose, including the alum rock area. they each averaged around 25 deaths. our investigative unit compiled this map for us, and if you want to check out your zip code in santa clara county, you can do that, on our interactive map. you will find that at nbc bay well, still to come, making good on his promise. the executive order signed by the president aimed at social media. after twitter posted a fact check on one of his tweets. >> and driving through the stage, instead of walking across the stage. the social distance approved graduation happening this evening, for high school students in the south bay.
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what does it all mean? is it enforceable? twitter and facebook, the topic of discussion at the oval office. as promised president trump made it official today, signing that executive order, the president claims the social media companies, based right here in the bay area, have unchecked power to censure conservative voice and making for a lot of noise tonight on social media but does it really have the
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power to change things? let's bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman with some answers. >> reporter: as promised, the president issue an executive order he says is about fighting censureship on social media sites. >> there is nothing i would rather do than get rid of my whole twitter account but i'm able to get to, i guess 186 million people. >> i think this is a lose-lose proposition. >> but as the president, who had earlier tweeted about how so-called big tech is engaging in censorship with signing the order, those who tram social media say his actions are likely more bark than bite. >> i think a lot of his luster right now, is still an emotional response to having been fact-checked by twitter. i'm not sure that there is a lot he can do to censor these platforms. >> a sentiment echoed by the american civil liberties union, which tweeted quote, much as he
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might wish otherwise, donald trump is not the president of twitter, unquote. the facebook ceo mark zuckerberg asked about trump's intentions today on cnbc says social media sites should largely be left alone. >> i don't think that facebook or internet platforms in general should be arbiters of truth. >> the electronic frontier foundation also weighed in today. the lawyers who defend civil liberties in the digital world say they don't think the executive order will move forward, because they say, it violates the first amendment. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. a drive-through graduation ceremony in san jose, managed to create a little pomp under an odd circumstance. >> 2020 grads and their families piled into decked out cars on campus and drove up to an impromptu stage, one by one, the seniors referred their diplomas,
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to the raucous honking of car horns of the students were mostly maskless while the cameras snapped away but the administrators wore masks using hand sanitizer between each graduate. >> it is a much more personal way, it will just take seven hours. >> we could have had a regular ceremony but this is exciting to be here. >> so great. the school is recording the entire event and the speakers will be heard, and the 270 graduates will have a permanent record of the crazy end to the high school year. we are also honoring this year's grads and marking their milestone. that includes an online gallery featuring photos of our bay area class of 2020. to get their quickly, just scan the qr code at the bottom of the page there on the left-hand side. with your smartphone. it will take you right to this gallery. there is also a link on that page, if you have a grad pick you would like to submit and we will show graduation pictures at
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the end of this newscast. >> congratulations to everyone in san jose. and there is a drive-through graduation happening right now, in belmont at notre dame hospital. the all girl catholic school. it is happening across the bay area. we like to see that. jeff ranieri now with our forecast in the sunshine. you look great, jeff. >> thank you. and beautiful weather for the graduations and i also heard there was some of that happening in maraga as well, as you guys mentioned all across the bay area, people are trying to celebrate those different graduations, and weather today, just slowly starting to change for us, but definitely some much larger changes, as we roll into that weekend, that i think you're going to like. as we get a look right now at the microclimate forecast, we will take you to the sky camera network, and i also wanted to overlay on this first map, a look at the fog, and you can see how much more extensive the cloud cover is at the immediate coastline and that's what is having the big impact on
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temperatures today. it is putting us at 89 in walnut creek and the live sky camera on the left-hand side of the screen, and san francisco at 61. if you look close, we can see that sliver of fog that is beginning to move into downtown and we're starting to get that national ac of the ocean back. the second part is the late season storm that i'm looking at developing here off to the south. everything continues to show this on the weather chart moving into the bay area by saturday. not only with a chance of rain, but there is a little bit of instability. we would have the chance of isolated thunderstorms as well a little bit unusual for may but good news to keep the immediate fire danger down, as we can get away really without any major lightning strikes. a look at tomorrow morning, there is the fog back, low cloud cover, notice, it is extending all the way to contra costa county, almeda county, and even a little bit of cloud cover for the south bay, as well. so we start with those clouds,
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and for the afternoon, here is the big change, not nearly as sunny, as the high clouds will filter across the bay. and you know the drill, when we get the clouds back, it means cooler temperatures to start. and 60s here for the south bay. peninsula, and the tri-valley, the chiliest with san francisco at 56 and the bay at 58. as we roll through tomorrow, goodbye 90s and 100s. south bay coming in with 78 in san jose. pretty much perfect weather there. and the east bay is also going to see the numbers dropping quite a bit. 77 in martinez. 79 walnut creek. and the peninsula, also looking at numbers, going back to the 60s and the 70s. 62 in half moon bay. and over to redwood city, 75 degrees. san francisco, dropping all to the 60s here. and embarcadero at 65. marina at 64. let's bring you up to the north bay. i have napa at 78. santa rosa 73. and a nice cool spot, mill valley, 68. my extended forecast, focuses in
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on the rain chance, a one-day event on saturday. trace amounts to .35. it is going to be the scattered type of a system, with the isolated thunderstorm chances. we will dry out sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday. and for the inland valleys, we have the rain chance saturday, down to 73, clouds linger on sunday, and we are warming up next week but right now it definitely does not look too hot. now, real fast, i did want to update you guys on the drought because we had the new update coming in tomorrow. we will have full details on that coming up at 6:00 p.m. right now, we will send it back to you from the sunshine, i got to head back, in get some water and hydrate, still a little bit warm out here to be out here for the next couple of hours. >> need some sun screen, first and for most. thanks, jeff. >> i got it on. >> the dmv offices reopening and strict policies you need to know about before going in. that's next. the weather's perfect...
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a lot of emotion across the country on this thursday evening. we want to get back to our breaking news, protests across the country including here in the bay area, this is a live look in downtown oakland, from our nbc bay area sky ranger. people upset about the death of george floyd who tidied on memorial day in minneapolis in police custody. what you're looking at here a couple dozen protesters and this just started and we expect it to get bigger, but a few dozen people walking down broadway and near oakland police department headquarters. we will be tracking this protest in oakland throughout the evening. another eight dmv offices opened in the bay area today. that is in addition to the five which opened earlier this month of the newly opened offices range from fairfield to santa
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clara. the offices are open but only those with appointments. the sections of impounded vehicles or those seeking licenses. those who were there today found the social distancing requirements very strict. >> i didn't have a ben and i had to borrow and she want let me and i was writing my information, and the other guy told me, you have to get out. >> behind the wheel driving tests are still suspended at all locations, and if your license expired recently, you have an automatic extension until at least july. up next, our nightly tribute to the class of 2020. [female narrator] even when schools are closed
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we're still hard at work, because vulnerable students who already struggle with poverty, hunger and trauma, need our support more than ever. at communities in schools, we do whatever it takes. delivering meals, helping kids access remote learning and just checking in. in schools, in communities and in times of crisis providing kids a community of support.
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to learn more, visit communities in schools dot org.
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tonight at 6:00, he didn't have covid but his family is paying the price for it. the beloved 49ers employee being remembered tonight, more on that story ant 6:00. before we go, something good, the smiling faces of our graduates. >> every night, we have been hosting our own graduation ceremony, so we say congratulations to the class of 2020.
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breaking news tonight, the national guard called in and a city on edge bracing for a third night of protests. chaos in minneapolis in the streets, a fatal shooting, wide spread looting, businesses burned to the ground tensions erupting over the death of george floyd, the man who repeatedly said i can't breathe as a white officer kneeled on his neck body cam video on the scene, what it reveals. also, the states with covid-19 hospitalizations on the rise and the city out of icu beds and the flash point over masks. new york allowing no masks, no service but elsewhere, some businesses banning customers who do wear them the staggering new toll, one


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