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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 3, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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time on the couch with tacos from grubhub? grubhub's gonna reward you for that with a $5 off perk. (doorbell rings) - [crowd] grubhub! (fireworks exploding) kicking off the holiday weekend with a major worning about fourth of july gather,s as the u.s. tops 50,000 new cases of coronavirus on multiple days. new developments in the arrest of jeffrey epstein confidan confidante ghislaine maxwell pressure builds for briton's prince andrew to talk to prosecutors. nearly 5 million jobs added in june, but not telling the whole story with black americans being left behind. the man released from prison after 23 years for a crime he
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says he didn't commit. and the person who fought for his freedom. the fireworks safety tips that everyone needs to be reminded of to have an enjoyable weekend. "early today" starts right now i'm frances rivera. >> i'm cori coffin we're heading to the fourth of july holiday weekend like we have never seen before cities across the country canceled parades and more businesses are closed as new covid-19 infectionsrage out of control in several states. infections have now surpassed 2.7 million nationwide >> federal unemployment benefits set to end this month, some states are taking things into their own hands. california and new jersey have decided to extend them jobless californians will get an additional 7 weeks, while the garden state extended them for 20 weeks usc reversed its reopening as californi in cases classes will be mainly online. as the nfl gears up preseason, fans could be in games. they would be required to sign a
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liability waiver jay gray is looking back at states rolling back reopenings. >> reporter: a rush to save lives in hospitals across the country as the u.s. marks another single day high in new covid-19 cases for the first time, over 50,000. states from coast to coast freezing or rolling back reopening plans, businesses and restaurants locked down, many struggling to survive. >> this is the livelihood of my father who has started with nothing, came into this country with nothing and i cannot -- it is too hard to let it go >> reporter: beaches arely holiy summer lines stretching from kroers testi i coronavirus testing centers, some for miles >> we have 50 states going in 50 different directions we need a national plan, a national response for this national crisis. >> reporter: on capitol hill, congressional hearings focus on supplies and a potential vaccine. while president trump continues
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to downplay the spike in new infections >> the crisis is being handled >> reporter: the president claiming his administration has saved millions of lives, blaming china for the spread of the disease and making just a passing mention of what he called best practices. >> that includes face coverings, social distancing, testing and personal hygiene, wash your hands. >> reporter: presumptive democratic nominee joe biden with a quick response. >> america's more reported deaths and infection than anywhere else in the world >> reporter: numbers that many fear will continue to climb. jay gray, nbc news now to a major development in the sexual abuse case involving the late jeffrey epstein. his long time associate and companion ghislaine maxwell was arrested in new hampshire and charged with helping epstein recruit and abuse underage girls. british tabloids are putting pressure on prince andrew to cooperate with investigators our stephanie gosk has more. >> reporter: good morning,
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frances. just after jeffrey epstein took his own life here in manhattan in a jail, prosecutors in this office in the southern district vowed they would pursue an investigation against his associates now they have announced charges against ghislaine maxwell. since jeffrey epstein's suicide in federal custody nearly ayer ago, it remained an unanswered question, where was ghislaine maxwell, his long time friend and confidante, in a straprawlig property in rural new hampshire, the fbi arrested her. >> maxwell played a critical role in helping epstein to identify, befriend and groom minor victims for abuse. in some cases maxwell participated in the abuse herself. >> reporter: the charges include alleged crimes from the mid-'90s involving three minors, one of them a 14-year-old girl. >> typically they would befriend young girls by asking them questions about their lives,
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pretending to be taking an interest in them they would take them to the movies, and treat them to shopping trips >> reporter: according to the indictment, maxwell would then bring the girls to epstein's homes in new mexico, florida, and new york city, to engage in sex acts jennifer arrow says epstein raped her when she was 15 and worried after his death, his associates would never face charges. >> this arrest probably, i think, represents, you know, a new -- a completely new beginning, you know, for justice for all the survivors, saying she new just as much as he knew. >> reporter: maxwell is the daughter of a famous british publisher, a socialite who hobnobbed with the rich and famous, including donald trump and bill clinton she has denied accusations made in multiple lawsuits, that she helped orchestrate a sex ring of underage girls for epstein and his friends. prosecutors describe maxwell as an extreme flight risk, who made intentional efforts to avoid detection in the last year including buying the new
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hampshire property with cash, and switching phone numbers. while investigators took a moment to commend the accusers for coming forward >> they persevered against the rich and the connected and did so without a badge, a gun or a subpoena and they stood together. >> reporter: and new hampshire judge has ordered ghislaine maxwell extradited here to new york prosecutors are asking she be held without bail until her trial. there is a possibility, frances, that she could end up in the same jail where jeffrey epstein took his own life last summer. back to you. >> stephanie gosk for us, stephanie, thanks. a dire prediction for the economy in the wake of coronavirus. a congressional budget office projection says the pandemic will scar the labor market for the next decade. keeping unemployment stubbornly high the prediction came after another large step in the jobless rate last month. peter alexander has more from the white house. >> reporter: president trump touting a rebound, those june jobs numbers showing americans are are returning to work faster
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than expected. >> our economy is roaring back, it is coming back extremely strong >> reporter: while still at historically high levels, the unemployment rate dropping to over 11% with the u.s. adding a record 4.8 million jobs. the biggest one-month gain in the nation's history the president crediting his administration >> this is not just luck what is happening. this is a lot of talent. >> reporter: many hires are not new jobs, but furloughed workers getting their old jobs back. in the latest tally taken before the recent spike in coronavirus cases that forced some states to scale back their reopening plans, which the president, again, downplayed. >> we have some areas where we're putting out the flames or the fires and that's working out well. >> reporter: in texasra, igente ortega was rehired, but after her boss shut down indoor dining, she worried shell she'll
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be out of work again soon. >> these are people's families and livelihoods at risk of being completely obliterated. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden delivered a scathing rebuke of the president. >> president trump has spiked the ball and made this about him. he doesn't seem to realize he's not even on the 50 yard line we're still down nearly 15 million jobs and the pandemic is getting worse, not better. >> peter alexander, thank you for that report. there say growing report from companies urging the washington redskins to change their team name. fedex, who owns the naming rights to the team's stadium, has urged the team to make the change the ceo of the company is a minority owner of the redskins, who were founded in 1933 and one of the nfl's oldest franchises in addition, nike has pulled all redskins apparel from their website. the team is removing all searches -- removed all searches from nike's nfl page earlier this week, fedex, nike and pepsi were asked to cut ties to the team by investors
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president trump is heading to mount rushmore today for a fourth of july bash, but the celebration isn't without controversy. experts are worried about fire danger and potential coronavirus outbreak south dakota's governor said attendees won't be required to wear masks or practice social distancing this is the first fireworks display at a national monument since 2009 and plans also have fighter jets flying above as part of the celebration. let's see how the weather will be with all of the fourth of july celebrations out there here is janessa webb good morning. >> good morning, you two good morning, everyone what you can count on for your fourth of july is going to be a steamy one we have high pressure that has settled in across the east coast. pacific northwest, you're above average temperaturewise. we're also watching these storms that are going to flare up for new york city later on this evening. so early morning hours nice and dry for the northeast. but then this front starts to sweep through. it will push to the south and southeast by tomorrow afternoon. we're going to watch the
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potential e mid-atlantic to the florida coastline, humidity dropping dramatically. still lower 90s. many alerts that are happening across the south and southeast, but it is fourth of july weekend we'll look at that forecast coming up. as the temperatures heat up, one company gives a whole new meaning to dumpster diving check out this dumpster pool or splash box is what they're calling it the french company turned trash into treasure. this is a 42 foot long tub that can be buried or semiburied. that dip in th you between 9,000 and rt, right? >> yes and if you can't deal with the whole getting a pool thing, there you go. >> yeah. in the middle.
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>> somewhere there up next, one of boeing's most iconic planes flies into the sunset. a basketball superstar's ee hpet victory, how sheeld fr a man from prison after more than two decades. when it comes to parenting, you're a pro. you know your kid doesn't step around puddles. and you know cheap leaky diapers are an amateur move. you need luvs pro-level protection. luvs. parent like a pro. how hard? well, they developed the new persil oxi-power.
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to make it part of your tidying up routine. febreze fabric refresher, for an all-over freshness you'll love. leading the news, boeing is pulling the plug on its 747 jumbo jet, ending a half century run for the pioneer. it first debuted in 1970 and known as the queen of the skies. but it later fell behind as airlines shifted towards smaller planes that burned less fuel the last 747 will roll out of the factory in about with years. finally free, a wrongly convicted black man has been released from prison after 23 years thanks to four-time wnba superstar who stepped away from the game who helped get his prison sentence vacated. blayne alexander has more on his emotional homecoming celebration.
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>> reporter: a cheerful reunion, years in the making. after 23 years in a missouri state prison, jonathan irons finally free, embraced by his unlikely hero, basketball superstar maya moore >> so grateful >> reporter: a four-time wnba champion, maya took a break in her prime in large part to help irons who said he was wrongly convicted. we spoke to maya last fall was it hard to walk away >> it is hard. but when your convictions are moving you to a place that you know is right, and you're moving into something that really meaningful, it makes it a little less hard. >> reporter: irons was arrested in 1997 at age 16, given a 50-year sentence for a nonfatal shooting maya fought for n his name and a foundation around criminal justice reform in march, a judge vacated his conviction >> this conviction is being vacated. >> reporter: the current prosecutor declined to a retrial, citing issues with the
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case including fingerprints at the scene that did not match irons. irons' record now wiped clean. >> absolutely elated and thankful >> in that moment, i just -- i felt like i could rest >> reporter: last year, we met irons in prison. what would it mean to you to finally walk out >> like i could finally live my life i want to help other people. >> reporter: now, at age 40, he finally gets his chance. blayne alexander, nbc news, atlanta. coming up, airbnb pours cold water on party animals. charging into the skies, fieve sedgwick has a preview of the rst commercial electric plane taking flight. come on tucker, let's go. tuck, tuck, do you want a walk boy? tucker, do nutro's clean recipe will help your dog keep up. saturpain happens.
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hit a troubling milestone. it is six miles within the arctic circle, but recorded a record high temperature of over 100 degrees during an ongoing heat wave. nbc's matthew bodner joins us from moscow. disturbing with the temperatures much higher than usual >> reporter: yeah, thank you, frances. a strange summer for the citizens in siberia. it is not only going on in their town, it is taking place across the region these abnormally high temperatures and it is actually causing all kinds of problems. last month in a different part of siberia we saw permafrost melts whittle away at the foundations of a very large diesel fuel storage facility, causing a tank to collapse and spilling 20,000 tons of fuel not arctic wildlife. this is one of russia's largest ever fuel spills still struggling to clean it up. meanwhile, satellite imagery showing that arctic sea ice is at its lowest levels on recordtg thing we're seeing right now is
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the arctic wildfire, siberian wildfires. they're spreading throughout the region at a level five times faster than we have seen in previous years of course, these do happen every year and last year was a record. but this pace of spread is being driven by this heat wave and it is quite concerning the good news, though, is that russia's forestry ministry today said they think we may not be at the peak of the wildfire season. but it is still just july and there is no telling when this heat wave will actually break. back to you, frances. >> that's the hope thank you. astounding the temperatures are much, much higher there than parts of the country here. >> it is unreal, janessa. >> it is pretty alarming for this section of the country, with an average temperature that hovers in the mid-80s to see that 100 mark, we're seeing massive high pressure that is suddenly across that area. our temperatures are 30 to 40 degrees above the average. and it doesn't look like it will move anytime soon.
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the needle going to be staying in the mid-90s to 100 degrees in that area. >> all right, janessa, thanks. coming up, an about face for madmen over one controversial episode. the safety tips you need to hear as weic kk off this fourth of july holiday weekend. "early today" will be right back you get used to pet odors in your car. you think it smellfine but your passengers smell this. eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip. wow, it smells good in here. so you and your passengers can breathe happy. woah!
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these high end fruits are being used in parfaits in tokyo. walmart is teaming with tribeca enterprises to transform 160 store parking lots into drive-in movie theaters. guests can catch a movie at the superstore's chain from august to october and amazon is pushing back prime day until at least ocd it due to the pandemic. u.s. stock markets are closed today for the fourth of july holiday weekend a new policy at airbnb is cracking down on house parties joining us live from cnbc london is steve sedgwick. always great to see you. good morning >> good morning,moing, cori, cog stories for you, airbnb will try to crack down on illegal parties from younger clients as well what they said is they're going to not allow guests under the age of 25 with fewer than three positive airbnb reviews to book homes close to where they live what close means, who knows?
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in europe, an airplane developed which has got certification in europe, battery powered, first one we have seen, for training purposes only. who knows, we could have commercial flights that are all battery powered very, very soon. in the meantime, happy fourth of july holidays in advance to both of you. >> i appreciate that you got your red, white and blue right there, not that it matters over there. >> i love it. >> we'll take it. when we return, staying safe while you're playing with fire this weekend. >> up next, when you can grab a bowl of baby yoda cereal pampers the #1 pediatrician recommended brand, helps keep baby skin dry & healthy so every touch is as comforting as the first pampers. the #1 pediatrician recommended brand
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for bathroom odors that linger try febreze small spaces. just press firmly in the air and on soft surfaces. for 45 days. ♪
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i miss that opening. "mad men" is coming to amazon's imdb streaming platform. but one episode will be different. lions gate says a disclaimer will be added to one of the episodes, one of the characters appears in black face. the titgh show's producers are committed to exposing injustices in our society that continue to this very day. listen up, if you're hungry and haven't had your cereal yet or if you have, baby yoda is coming to a cereal box near you. general mills is releasing a limited edition cereal with sweetened corn puffs and tiny green marshmallows shaped like the character from the disney plus show show "the mandalori mandalorian," it will be available at the end of this month for about $6 at sam's club. >> baby yoda was everything precovid i'm glad now in the midst of it all, baby yoda is back. this year's fourth of july
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celebration in the midst of the global pandemic will be a little bit different with many public fireworks displayed canceled this year. officials are anticipating a lot more at home fireworks shows which impose inherent physical dangs a dangers like sparking wildfires. >> reporter: this demonstration shows just how quick a firework in the wrong spot can send brush up in flames deputy fire marshal brian shoals shared these best practices for lighting fireworks >> make sure you're on concrete or bare dirt, don't be anywhere near any kind of brush or near the house. make sure you have a water supply nearby. >> reporter: remember, only adults should light the fireworks. there are also common sense safety precautions that partiers always seem to forget on america's birthday don't hold a lit firework, don't aim a bottle rocket at your buddy's head, don't blow stuff up. >> we don't want people using fireworks and getting hurt and overwhelming the ers. >> reporter: emergency calls will be up this week, and doctor
4:28 am
kevin foster from the arizona burn center will be ready. >> we have seen injuries from burn, minor injuries to life ending injuries from every type of firework that you can imagine, legal and illegal. >> reporter: with all that in mind, here's to not being that guy or gal who gets hurt on july fourth >> all it takes, some common sense. thanks to matt for that report and a look into northern china, where the country's largest yellow waterfall has seen a massive increase in water flow because of the summer flooding waterfalls stretch for more than 650 feet bringing in many tourists beautiful. thanks for starting your holiday weekend with "early today. i'm cori could haven >> i'm frances rivera. have a safe fourth of july
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right now at 4:30, a pivotal weekend from the coast to the mountains. restrictions are in place to stop people from gathering on
4:30 am
this fourth of july holiday as california looks to turn the tide on rising covid cases. some of the biggest closures coming up for you. but you can still have a great holiday weekend at home or maybe at a park, and the weather will be just right. kari hall's forecast coming up in just a few seconds. "today in the bay" starts right now. and thanks so much for joining us on this friday morning. good to be with you this morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura


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