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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 3, 2020 11:00am-11:29am PDT

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we have a pretty significant cooldown for some of us for today compared to yesterday. we're only in the mid-50s at half moon bay right now while san francisco is in the low 60s and palo alto is 66 degrees and 70 in san jose. we're seeing temperatures in the mid-70s in livermore and these are usually the spots that are already starting to warm up. so we compare this to yesterday. right now at 11:00, the once again, a few degrees cooler compared to 24 hours ago and yesterday was pretty nice. fourth of july holiday is upon so we're looking atappening in us but things are going to be very different this year with the pandemic in full force. creek. we'll reach 83 degrees and i think we'll reach that high a lot of closures and a lot of temperature at about 3:00 for today. folks looking for alternative looking at all of our ways to celebrate. microclimates and our high temperatures for this afternoon, thanks for joining us for this some of our warmest spots will midday newscast. i'm kris sanchez in for laura be farther to the north with clear lake hitting 88 degrees. garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. compare that to santa rosa where the big question on everyone's we're s about 80 mind is what the holiday weather degrees today and 83 is going to look like. degrees and low 70s along the let's turn to meteorologist coastline in santa cruz. palo alto will reach 76 degrees. not bad at all.
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how about checking out some of carry hakari those virtual events going on. hall. >> we're looking at sunshine, taking a look at a couple of warm weather and not too hot. those from the porch parade in as we take a live look outside fremont, this is where everyone in the south bay, let's take a has decorated their porches and are decked out for independence look at the temperature trend. we'll see temperatures in the day, so you can get your family south bay in the low 80s, which in the car, drive around, look is about where we should be for at all the displays and then go this time of year, reaching 81. to the website and actually get if you plan on grilling in the a map of those. backyard in gilroy, expect it to so that's online. temperatures are going to be be 82 at 3:00 and then as we go nice, maybe even enjoying some fresh breezes. into the evening, cooling off in danville there will be a nicely once comfortable virtual parade starting at 10:00 in the morning. i've posted those on my social weather for the evening after media pages but they're also on hitting those high temperatures in the mid-80s. for the north bay in spots like for the sierra, it's also going to be a great weekend. clear lake expect a high of 88 degrees, in oakland today 72, i know they were booked solid. you have to have a reservation and san francisco will stay in before you go. we'll see temperatures in the the mid-60s. we're also seeing the fog over low to mid-70s there, while the the golden gate bridge and along the coastline. that's going to keep the weather cool as we go into the about 90 inland. it stays that way, just a little afternoon. we'll see a slight boost in bit cooler, for early next week. temperatures for tomorrow. we'll talk about that from the coast to the sierra as well as a kris and marcus. >> thank you very much, kari. few issues that we may have as so if you know anybody who's a
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fan of musicals, today is a very we go into this holiday weekend. big day. that's coming up in the full ♪ microclimate forecast. well, you know, one thing a lot of people want to know about this weekend outside of the weather of course is what's off limits. many places now closing their beaches. i want you to take a look at "hamilton" and now it can be seen right at home. this map of the counties that you see in the yellow, sonoma, what the creator is saying about san francisco, santa cruz, all the film's version of the closing their beach parking broadway giant. lots. since we're talking about the beaches are open, but county music, this. leaders are really encouraging people to stay home. country music star willie nelson let's take a look at some of the is releasing his 70th album others. those in the red here, pacifica, today. the 87-year-old is also half moon bay in monterey preparing for a virtual version of his annual fourth of july county, closed. picnic, some of which still all city and state beaches along takes place at his houston with those beach parking lots. ranch. nbc bay area sierra johnson is . you still need to buy tickets to watch tomorrow's event, which some of that money is going to this is where things will charity. how much does it cost? definitely look a little it starts at $35 so it's not too different this weekend, cierra. bad and it goes to charity. >> reporter: hi, marcus. we'll have much more ahead for you this midday after the break. it's hard to believe this is [upbeat music] ♪ today was the day that i put everything in perspective. ♪ really fourth of july weekend because the beach as well as the parking lot don't look anything like
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typically this area would be filled with folks walking and enjoying each other. but because of covid-19 the peach and the parking lot are both closed. city leaders are hoping to stop the spread of covid-19. we were out here earlier this morning and officers could be seen approaching guestsnd in th lot, but those city workers actually ended upsetting up barricades to prevent anyone from coming inside. it wasn't just here. governor gavin newsom made the decision to close beach parking lots earlier this week. the governor cited family gatherings as major spreaders of the virus so local leaders hope that closing the beaches and the parking lots is enough to slow the spread. >> we have traditionally taken a soft approach, educational approach but we're asking everyone not to cross from sunrise this morning until ♪ i fell asleep but when i woke up. ♪
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sunrise monday morning. (boy) hi, do you want to share my sandwich? we're worried about crowds. this fourth of july is on a saturday so that makes it even (vo) good feeds our connections. more interesting for us. good feeds us all. so we're really just trying to hormel natural choice lunch meats. reduce the crowds and this is the best way we know how to do it to protect our community. >> it feels very low risk. i don't want to put anyone in harm's way, but it is what it is. he's got to do his job, that's those folks that you see sitting there on that wall, that's as far as they can go. we've been seeing those officers in that shot right there on that four-wheeler going back and forth here on the beach making sure that folks are in fact following the rules. i saw them approach someone walking a dog and approach someone else with a surfboard wanting to get in the water. they told the individual the beach is closed, you'll have to turn rnldaround and come back a later time after monday. i'm sure folks can find alternative plans with the folks you've been quarantining with and keep things safe here to
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thwart that spread. >> thank you, cierra. well, just because it's the fourth of july holiday does not mean that the pandemic is taking any sort of break. health leaders have a message for boaters in contra costa county. continue to wear the mask and keep that social distance. jackie moore reports from discovery bay where a lot of folks are already there and gearing up for fun. >> reporter: a lot of people are and now to something good, eager to get out here, especially for the holiday which is also something that is weekend. we saw many people launching a very good reaso their boats even before 8:00 this morning. so far the harbor master at the discovery bay yacht club said people are doing a pretty good ♪ alexander hamilton job to limiting their engagement ♪ my name is alexander to only people in their household. the hope is that is maintained hamilton ♪ ♪ and things i throughout the weekend as hundreds of people flock to the haven't done ♪ ♪ but just you wait delta for some fun. >> just to keep in mind to still >> no matter where it goes, the be within the same household as tickets are so hard to get to see alexander hamilton on they have directed, and that it broadway, but now you don't have
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to worry about it because you also -- you know, if you're not can watch it at home on disney and if you are contaminated, it plus. the film version of the 2016 puts the emergency response people at risk as well. original broadway musical about >> reporter: but captain john the founding fathers of the garza with pacific coast water rescue is concerned. american revolution is out. he said he has already witnessed in light of recent events, lin a lot of reckless behavior and inexperienced boaters who struggle to maneuver through the manuel-miranda said the scenes are just as relevant now as they heavy boat traffic. were in the 18th century. just this past friday a young >> well, that is exciting stuff. man fell off a boat and drowned. and now, finally, the day before he also says a number of people the day that we've all been are not social distancing. as usual, to make sure everyone waiting for, spring training stays safe, the sheriff's office kicks off today, though. will be out here patrolling the our a's and our giants are not waters. going to start until tomorrow. in discovery bay, jackie ward, both teams will prepare for the nbc bay area news. shorte home stadium. well, an east bay neighborhood is doing its best to make sure that folks don't the official schedule wil out next week but a sneak peek miss the fourth of july festivities. from the chronicle are reporting fremont's annual parade was the giants will open on the road cancelled, so instead the city against the dodgers on july is planning a porch parade. 23rd. the season will consist of 60 neighbors are decorating their games, so it's a season light, porches and front yards and so and at least here to start, no far 130 families have participated. fans allowed. >> people want to be part -- well, it's a cultural icon
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that's preserved by 98-year-old they want to be part of a community and share in the fun and everything, so if our porch national park raurnger, and now you have a chance to hear her parade did that for them, story. >> she is a national treasure. awesome. >> thank you, betty, for your extraordinary service. >> i didn't know about rosie the >> so the judges will select the riveter's memorial because it best and the most creative had not freed anyone that i porches. i can't wait to see which one knew. wins. many fourth of july events are going virtual. >> the urgent mission of betty we put a guide together for you so you can enjoy the holiday reed airs tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. weekend while staying safe at right here on nbc bay area. home. head to nbcb >> we're giving people all kinds of reasons to stay home. >> well, thanks for sticking around with us for our midday the number of coronavirus newscast. infections continue to rise. we'll see you back here dark and there are more than 240,000 cases in california and more early on monday morning starting at 4:30. have a great weekend. than 6,000 deaths. more than 7500 new infections were added just yesterday following wednesday's record-setting 9,000 new cases. here in the bay area more than 750 new cases report just yesterday. alameda county saw the biggest
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jump with 226. as santa clara reopening of nail salons, hair salons and local gyms. they are set to open in just ten days on july 13th. critical for families, child care and summer camps will reopen that day as well. dr. sara cody said it's time to rethink those reopenings. >> we're at a point in this pandemic where it's crystal clear that covid-19 will be with us for a long time, and so we need to way of being, a new way of living that keeps us all safe and that allows us to do some of the things that we miss. >> another change is that you will be allowed to hold social gatherings indoors for 20 or fewer people. outside up to 60 folks can
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gather but with physical distancing and masks. again, all of this starts on july 13th. today the city of danville is expanding its street closu r outdoor dining. the town council gave the thumbs up to keep businesses open during the pandemic. there are a lot of streets impacted, really too many to list on tv so check them out at those streets will be closed for 60 days. other cities like palo alto and san jose have similar closures. well, the president is doing what no doubt a lot of american would say do on the holiday. he's golfing. scott mcgrew, today's round has a special significance. >> you know, it does. the president almost always plays golf at his own clubs. right now on "california today was the 365th day that he live," happy fourth of july, so let the party begin. has visited property. we're taking you from social not all of that golfing, of distancing to social eats in santa monica. course, but we can say the then, strike up the band. president has spent an entire
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year's worth of days or nearly a fourth of his presidency at a trump property. ♪ i should be happy but i'm the president and first lady not ♪ will travel to south dakota for >> lovely the band is breaking out the video to their brand new a fireworks display at mt. single, right here on rushmore. you see the stage literally "california live." >> i've been chasing this dream being set. the governor of south dakota said the crowd will not self of mine of making music a living distance. since i was 13 years old. this comes as we learn more people connected to that rally in oklahoma were infected. we knew some of the members of and amber is diving in early the white house advance team were diagnosed along with some at a fourth of july pool party secret service. now herman cain says he has tested positive and was hospitalized after breathing difficulty. according to his team, he is not on a ventilator. he is the former head of godfather's pizza who ran for republican nomination for president. he is in his 70s, he's a cancer survivor. we wish him the very best. he's been very publicly critical of the statistics the media give out about coronavirus. he's also been critical of california's shutdown, calling it a leftist, statist regime. but again he's hospital and he's got a by a hit-and-run driver and now>nd
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of the washington nfl team may be rethinking his vows to never change the team's name. we'll talk about the new surprise announcement following so much recent pressure. and the beaches will be closed but we'll also have some dangerous rip currents expected all throughout the weekend there along the coastline. we'll talk about what's going on across the bay area to the sierra coming up next. i am robert strickler.
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i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. a plea for help now from the chp in order to bring some peace for the family of a 7-year-old little boy. they want to help find the driver of this van who they say was involved in a hit-and-run in martinez yesterday.
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the little 7-year-old boy was on his scooter when h photo of the van as it drove away that scene along vine avenue. a similar-looking van spotted on surveillance video in the area. at last check the little boy is in stable condition. anyone with information on where to find the driver or the chp. an update on the orinda senior facility where some 50 residents and workers have tested positive for the coronavirus. the chronicle is reporting this morning that the contra costa county d.a. has found evidence of elder abuse at the orinda care center. lack of staffing and proper ppe is evidence of neglect. the outbreak at that facility began back in april. the criminal trial for disgraced theranos founder, elizabeth holmes, is set to get under way next month. that trial will play out in san
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jose. the mercury news reports former secretary of defense james mattis and former secretary of state henry kissinger may be held to testify. both served on the board of directors for failed blood testing startup. also on that list, former u.s. senator sam nunn and robert shapiro. this is all according to a court filing. holmes faces dozens of felony fraud counts. san francisco is getting ready to get help from sacramento in trying to keep peoplemake it in the bay. $130 million is coming from sacramento for affordable housing, transportation and infrastructure projects. $80 million will support affordable units. the other $50 million will finance improvements at sunnydale and potrero hope sf
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and treasure island and yerba buena island. the nfl plans to play the black national anthem ahead of each game of the upcoming season. this is the league's latest effort to show increased awareness about systemic racism. last month the league pledged $250 over ten years to social justice causes. the songzed as the black national anthem. it will be played along with the star stapang elled banner befor each kickoff. a possible about-face from the owner of the washington nfl team. daniel snyder has long maintained that he would never change the team's redskins name. now, this morning the team issued a statement saying in light of recent events and community feedback, the team will review the future of the name. washington's stadium sponsor, fedex, has asked the team to consider the change and nike
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recently pulled the team's gear from its website. starting today, you may see voter registration information popping up on your facebook feed. facebook's voter registration drive will put a pop-up notification in the feed of every user 18 and over. it will feature information on how to register to vote along with a link to your state's registration website. facebook's goal is to register 4 million people. all right, so my husband is planning on putting some ribs on the smoker tomorrow. marcus, do you have any grilling plans? >> no, but coming over to your house sounds more like it. >> six feet and a mask, i think it's okay. this holiday weekend usually we just worry about things like the potato salad going bad because it's not refrigerated. now we worry about food safety along with coronavirus safety as well. >> nbc's sarah dallof serves up the best grilling tips when it comes to preventing food-borne
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illnesses as well as the spread of the coronavirus. >> reporter: for millions of americans, nothing says happy fourth of july like the sizzle of a grill. and due to the pandemic, more small groups are expected to barbecue this year, prompting a reminder about food safety from the usda. >> we don't want to have a time that's a time of celebration turn into a time of hospitalization or sickness. >> reporter: the deptment recommends a four-step process, clean, separate, cook and chill. so wash your hands. keep uncooked meet separate from other food and heat it to the proper temperature. 160 for sausage, 145 for steak, turkey and chicken to 165. >> those temperatures are important. we usually think is it done, is it palatable, but this is for food safety. so we want to make sure that you cook it properly. >> reporter: this year serving up that food may look a little different. >> i would say do not do a buffet style.
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>> reporter: pediatric infectious disease specialist recommends individually plated food to avoid spreading covid-19, especially when it comes to high-touch foods like chips and dip. eating andhan indoors, but stil and still hurting people. >> reporter: staying safe and healthy this independence day. sarah dallof, nbc news. >> we know that kari is the grillmaster at her house. kari, what are you cooking tomorrow? >> all kinds of stuff. we're going to be busy probably cooking all day. so it's going to be one for, you know, enjoying time in the backyard if you're going to have maybe a few family members over. they're saying small gatherings are okay. as we look at our weather forecast, it's going to be pretty nice for us. looking live right now in san jose, that sunshine and also a
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nice, cool breeze. that's all because of the fog and the low clouds that we're r
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