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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  July 4, 2020 12:36am-1:37am PDT

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i love you guys. thank you so much. ♪ oh, my gosh. >> safe yourself >> jimmy: you can't go with me bye! [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers," kelly clarkson representative ayanna pressley an all new "closer look, featuring the 8g band with fred armisen and now seth meyers. ♪ >> seth: welcome to "late night. how is everybody doing if you want to know how i'm doing, every doll in this attic has a first and last name now. isn't that right miss claudia calloway [ laughter ] you're my best friend. let's get to the news. president trump and first lady melania trump held a ceremony in the white house rose garden today for the national day of prayer but when she opened her eyes, he
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was still there. during an oval office event yesterday, president trump called the coronavirus the invisible enemy, and said he views the virus like a war in other words, safely from thousands of miles away. that's right, president trump called the coronavirus the quote, "invisible enemy. but to be fair, that's also what he calls the little piece of lettuce they try to hide in his burgers. "nice try, invisible enemy." after declaring yesterday national nurse's day, president trump met with a group of nurses in the oval office said trump, "i just want you guys to know, you are my favorite category. german chancellor angela merkel announced yesterday that the country would begin the next phase of re-opening from the coronavirus pandemic and this is cool, she might finally get to see her hairstylist. if we can't -- i know, but if we can't joke about that now, i don't know what else is there for us? secretary of state mike pompeo is reportedly planning to travel to israel next week for a 24-hour visit amid the coronavirus pandemic, which, if
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you ask me, israeli unnecessary. matt goldich wrote a joke whose punch line is "israeli unnecessary. mother's day is this sunday. so now all i have to do is figure out when sunday is. is today sunday? hmm. ceo of grocery chain kroger said yesterday that americans will have meat during the coronavirus pandemic so long as they are quote, "flexible." although isn't being flexible on meat what got us into this in the first place? so - tomorrow is no socks day good, because i'm starting to feel creepy walking around the house wearing just socks and finally, budget airline allegiant air has begun offering customers free health and safety kits on all flights to stop the spread of coronavirus. that story again, some airline you never heard of is offering you more help than your president. that was the monologue, everybody. and shout out to my son, ashe, who promised he would be quiet
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the whole monologue and he did it good job, buddy. >> thank you >> seth: we got a great show for you tonight. she a coach on what is turning out to be one of the best seasons of "the voice. she's got her own talk show, and she's my day drinking buddy. kelly clarkson is here and we'll talk to massachusetts congresswoman ayanna pressley. but first, "closer look. >> seth: hello, everyone and welcome back to the attic. i've been sitting here about a half an hour waiting for my neighbor to stop mowing his lawn, but don't worry, i have been passing the time trying to remember how much we paid for the tiny chair behind me, which, to my knowledge, neither of my children ever, ever use. because it turns out, toddlers rarely say, "i don't know about you, but i need to take a load off. maybe i can get the dog to sit in it? maybe that would be cute, and i could instagram it or you could instagram it. truth is i think the chair is useless. speaking of useless, that whole thing was a segue. the trump administration understands the importance of testing to safely reopen the economy, because they're testing themselves they just don't care about testing you. for more on this, it's time for a "closer look."
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♪ >> seth: donald trump doesn't just lie about the big things. he also lies compulsively about the smallest, dumbest things like how many people were at his inauguration or who drew a circle on a hurricane map. or whether he's ever even met eric and don jr. "i'm sorry, i'm not acquainted with these two charming business lizards. and the lies about the small stuff are red flags for the lies about the big stuff. for example, trump visited a honeywell factory in arizona tuesday where they were making masks. you might remember the trip from this indelible image of trump inspecting the masks while "live and let die" blasted in the background >> the material -- ♪ -- that traps the particulates - ♪ live and let die ♪ >> seth: my favorite part of that clip is how oblivious trump is to what's going on around him. he's just nodding and pointing at a mask like a tourist at a museum that's on fire. "they say she has that smile, because she likes the smell of smoke. but you might notice, based on
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seeing his whole face, that he is not, in fact, not wearing a mask and, yet, when he spoke to reporters on wednesday, he insisted he did, in fact, wear a mask >> mr. president, yesterday, you know, you went to arizona. and you had said before the trip that you would likely wear a mask at the mask factory you ended up not wearing one >> well, i actually did have one, no. i put a mask on. yeah i had a mask on for a period of time >> we didn't see you with a mask >> well, i can't help it if you didn't see me. i mean, i had a mask on, but i didn't need it but i did put a mask on. and it was a honeywell mask, actually and i also had a 3m mask and i had about four other masks. but i did have it on i don't know if you saw it or not. but i had it on. >> how long did you have it on for? >> not too long. but i had it on. i had it on back -- backstage. >> seth: okay. first of all, it's a factory there is not a backstage "let's give those machines everything they've bargained for, boys. also, to trump everything is a beauty pageant he was probably expecting the machinists to be wearing sashes. "hi, i'm ted from tucson and well, i guess my talent is, i don't know
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making masks." "very good, ted, now, do a twirl. okay and now can we see the swimsuit portion of the factory is that nearby?" second, what do you mean you can't help it if we didn't see you? we saw you you weren't wearing a mask you were wearing goggles, which is notable, because it's very weird to see a renowned moron like trump wearing something a scientist wears in a lab it's like watching a dog use a calculator [ banging aroo but there is something much more revealing about this episode than just the fact that the president is a compulsive liar trump didn't need to wear a mask, because he and all the people around him have been tested for coronavirus which is obviously quite the luxury, a luxury most americans don't have white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany was asked why ordinary americans don't deserve the same access to testing that government officials and corporate executives get and she mocked the idea of widespread testing as absurd >> she said at honeywell, the president was told by the folks at honeywell, as was the team, that they didn't need to wear masks. the reason he was told that is because the people who would be interacting with him had all been tested and it had been shown to be negative before that
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took place, i guess. so the president had those circumstances. obviously, he's the president. but why shouldn't all americans who go back to work be able to get a test before they do it, and feel comfortable in their own work environment to be interacting with other individuals? >> yeah, well, let's dismiss a myth about tests right now if we tested every single american in this country at this moment, we'd have to retest them an hour later and then an hour later after that because at any moment you could theoretically contract this virus. the notion that everyone needs to be tested is just simply nonsensical. >> seth: oh, good point. maybe we should also stop providing food too, because people will eat a meal and then four hours later they're just going to eat another meal. or under quarantine 20 minutes later. but listen to what she is saying there. she's saying you don't need to be tested to go back to work but the president and everyone around him need to get tested so he can go back to work safely and freely engage in all his favorite hobbies like shaking hands and touching his face, coughing onto other people, and licking chip dust off doorknobs. "did someone eat cheetos there's a real cheeto -- cheeto
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vibe from the doorknob." that's what this is all about. they just want to protect themselves while telling you that you need to be a warrior and get back out there to get the economy going, virus be damned they're all billy zane from "titanic," shoving themselves through the crowd to get onto a life boat, while the rest of us float in frigid waters and cling to a door that rose probably could have let us sit on, because, you know, there is clearly enough room. it's like, "oh, i'm sorry. is this a business class door? did you pay for more leg room? i'm sorry, rose, i know. you have been through a lot. but i digress. the point is, they're looking out for themselves, not you. that's why they're testing themselves and stuffing bailout money into the pockets of big corporations and the wealthy in fact, today, it was reported that the cdc had even written guidelines for safely reopening, but the white house buried them. the trump administration has shelved the document created by the nation's top disease investigators with step-by-step advice to local authorities on how and when to reopen restaurants and other public places during the still-raging coronavirus outbreak
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that's right, the cdc wrote a plan for safely reopening the economy, and the trump administration covered it up basically, they did to the cdc plan what dr. fauci does to his face during the white house press briefings. "oh, that's a good idea, fauci i didn't know you could use your hand as a mask jared. jared. give me a patent for hand masks. that way the next time fauci does it, he'll have to pay me. and i can keep making him do it. and he'll keep having to pay me. oh, we're going to ruin him, jared. oh, we're going to ruin fauci. oh, hi, fauci. oh, we were -- we were just talking about you. weren't we, jared? jared, i'm winking jared! in fact, trump even said this week, he doesn't think we need that much testing in order to get people back into the workforce safely >> look, we have so much testing. i don't think you need that kind of testing, that much testing. but some people disagree with me and some people agree with me. >> seth: no. no one agrees with you i haven't seen one public health official say, "you know what testing is overrated." the importance of widespread testing is like the one thing they all agree on.
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if you watch the news, you will hear the word "testing" enough to have nightmares about being back in high school. last night, i woke up in a cold sweat and yelled at my wife, "honey, i'm late for the psats give me a practice test. i need to cram." or stuff it's a synonym thanks, kaplan of course, trump doesn't understand tests, because he's never taken one without cheating in college he just handed in blank essays with a wad of cash clipped to them and a note that said, "from fred trump." so trump doesn't think we need that much testing. or at least he doesn't think you need that much testing he and everyone around him, of course, have a completely different standard >> everybody traveling has been tested we have great testing. and literally they have been tested over the last hour, and the test result comes back in five minutes we have great testing, or they wouldn't be allowed to travel with me. so they're all tested. everybody traveling on the plane. >> seth: oh, so i see. so ordinary americans being forced back to work can't get tested, but you and everyone around you can and look, i get that he's the president, and he's going to get tested before everyone else.
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in fact, depending on what the test is for, i'd be fine with that i think everyone should have access to covid tests. but i'd be okay with trump getting a regular c.a.t. scan before he talks to the press "mr. president, it looks like you have what we in the medical profession call 'pancake brain.'" but the point is not that the president shouldn't get tested it's that if he wants to force working people back into the economy prematurely in the middle of a deadly pandemic, he should make sure everyone else can get tested, too. but trump doesn't actually care about that in fact, he went to the honeywell factory without a mask to create the illusion that everything is fine we can all get back to normal. because as a showman, there is nothing trump loves more than a photo op, or a prop. like the time he made a big deal of personally redesigning the color scheme of air force one. you know, important president stuff. and had a giant model of the new airplane conspicuously placed on a table in the oval office during a meeting with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. did you actually have a federal employee make you a toy airplane just so you can show it off to a
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friend what's next? are you going to invite kim jong-un over to watch you play xbox while you eat pizza rolls? "yeah, it's called rocket league. pretty cool. i'd let you play, but i only have one controller. mike we need more totino's. but, hey, i'm just glad trump has his priorities in order. >> don't forget, the cupboard was bare the other administration, the last administration left us nothing. >> you're three years into your first term >> yeah. >> you're now applying for the job again. what did you do when you became president to restock those cupboards that you say were bare >> well, i'll be honest, uh, i have a lot of things going on. >> seth: you were playing with a toy airplane seriously, how old are you really i mean, 'cause your face says 90, but your vocabulary says 9 it's like his body is aging normally, but his brain is benjamin button- ing i mean, experts were warning about a pandemic for years and your big priority was repainting your airplane. if trump weren't president, he'd be the dude airbrushing his van down by daytona beach during a hurricane. you can just picture him with an earring and a goatee getting interviewed on the local news.
12:49 am
"sir, why are you out here during this deadly storm?" "well, i got to finish up the van. you know, put some privacy beads up in the windows and catch a snooze you know when i'm not selling my trinkets on the pier. you want a toy airplane? it's also a bong." and i also -- i like that version of him in an alternate life, i'm a big fan of that guy. also, it's not true that the previous administration left the cupboards bare you're the one who repeatedly proposed cuts to the budgets of agencies like the nih and cdc, shut down the pandemic planning unit, and ignored a briefing from outgoing obama officials who tried to prepare you for exactly this kind of scenario before your inauguration of course, you couldn't attend that pre-inauguration briefing, because you were too busy awkwardly bobbing your head during a 3 doors down concert like a dad chaperoning his 14-year-old daughter on a date "wow, this band is great i guess you could say they're 'my kryptonite.' that by the way is a reference to the 3 doors down song for those of you under 40.
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and let's face it, almost all of you over 40 as well. trump doesn't care or know anything about testing or contact tracing or pandemics he just loves props and photo ops. that's right another one of his trademark moves is dramatically removing a piece of paper from his coat pocket and showing it off to reporters, whether it's a letter from a foreign leader or a secret trade deal. he's like an old lady who cuts out and mails articles to her grandkids, except he's too cheap to spring for a stamp. at any given time, he is probably toting around like a week's worth of mail i think he is doing it so if he loses in november, he can say he has civil service protections. "i'm technically a mailman, so you can't fire me without cause. and this week trump has been doing it again everywhere he goes, he has been waiving around a piece of paper no one can read or vet to support his claim that he's succeeding and ramping up testing for coronavirus. >> these numbers were just released and this is the united states, the amount of testing, and our level of testing and the quality of testing so this is the testing and the line here is the united states if we tested as much as these countries down here, okay?
12:51 am
who don't do very much testing at all -- if i tested this number of people instead of this number of people, i'd have far fewer -- if i - see this line goes all the way up, over seven million tests >> seth: no one can see or read what you are holding even the anchor can't read it. he's sitting more than six feet away from you. of course, he is probably practicing social distancing although, it's also possible that's one of the conditions of trump's work release "donald, your probation requires to you stay at least six feet away from everyone at all times or your ankle monitor will go off. "oh, i thought that noise meant the totino's were done what a double burn for me. no pizza rolls, and i violated probation. double burn! of course in reality, waiving around a piece of paper means nothing. the fact is trump's deadly incompetence has made us the global epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, while other major developed country have managed to suppress the virus and safely reopen. and that failure is also due in large part to his translucent son-in-law jared kushner, seen here showing off his resting "the dean will hear about this" face
12:52 am
kushner led a volunteer task force to oversee the white house coronavirus response and it turns out -- wait for it -- it was amazing and did an incredible job that impressed public health experts across the political spectrum, and i'm just [ bleep ] with you it was a disaster. for example, the task force was charged with securing protective equipment for hospitals, but according to the "new york times," few of the leads panned out. they used personal gmail accounts, prompting suspicion from some prospective suppliers and brokers who questioned their bonafides. that's right, they were e-mailing people from personal gmail accounts trying to buy masks and ventilators. it's like they designed these e-mails to go directly to spam did their e-mails ask for ventilators and also offer suppliers to help meet hot horny singles in your area don't accept the false dichotomy between staying locked down and reopening the economy. there is a third option, where we can safely reopen, and involves doing exactly what trump and his allies are doing for themselves widespread testing but trump and his allies are only interested in protecting themselves while they use you as cannon fodder to rev up the economy.
12:53 am
if you believe trump or his toadies were ever really populous champions of the working class, it's only because he tricked you i guess you can say he's - >> had a mask on for a period of time >> seth: this has been "a closer --" [ scraping ] [ gasp ] instagram it dog in a chair instagram it this has been "a closer look." ♪ once again we're asking you to help city harvest. you may have donated already but more and more new yorkers are turning to them to keep food on their tables. so please continue to give if you can. there is a website on your screen we'll be right back with kelly clarkson ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube.
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♪ >> seth: you guys, we are joined now by a grammy award winner, a coach on "the voice," and the host of "the kelly clarkson" show." one of my favorite people in the world. kelly clarkson, everybody. how are you, kelly >> i'm great today don't ask me on any other day. but, yes, good today >> seth: you are in the corner of a cabin, yes? >> i am. an unfinished one at that. yep. >> seth: yeah. it's funny all the things that we wanted to finish. we realized it would have been
12:58 am
better if we finished them before this all happened >> yeah. well, we actually started a lot of construction on our ranch 'cause it's a new ranch for us so we actually have no home on it yet so we started it because we thought, "well, we'll be in l.a. working until, you know, mid-june." and so we thought we'd have the time so we were, obviously, wrong so - >> seth: yes well, i think a lot of us have been wrong about a lot of things going into this. but i do want to ask, how are you filling time have -- has kelly clarkson made any bread? >> here's -- right what is with -- here's my thing. i'm going to be real with you. i kind of get frustrated -- i was on the phone with someone yesterday. and they were telling me how bored they were. and i was like, "i don't have time to talk to you about how bored you are because i've been more busy in my entire life in this pandemic. >> seth: yeah. >> like all the jobs i'm still doing -- making a record i just recorded another single that we're going to release yesterday. like, it's, like -- it's constantly, every day we're doing something. plus i get to cook and clean and
12:59 am
manage the emotional intelligence of toddlers so that's been really fun. >> seth: yeah. i feel both feel incredibly lucky through this pandemic to be with my family and to still be able to do the show but it is non-stop when you don't have a crew around i also just value the expertise of my crew and now are you doing -- you're doing "the voice" remotely how has that been for you so far? >> ah, well -- [ laughter ] if people only knew, like, especially even the last show what went into it and how it almost didn't happen there was just so much chaos going on tuesday for the live show that it was hysterical. but, like, minutes before everything finally -- we finally got it together. but the best part, though, is i think all of us filming each -- you know, we're filming ourselves in like -- like, tuesday, i had -- i didn't realize it, 'cause i'm such a little tiny box on the little screen they sent us.
1:00 am
but i had, like, a bat signal of a light, like, just coming on my chest. i didn't realize it. and my family and friends were very quick to text me that i looked like an idiot [ laughter ] >> seth: yes you know, just -- this is a new talk show for you, "the kelly clarkson show. i was lucky enough to be a guest on it. it felt like you were finding your rhythm. and then you obviously have to find a whole new rhythm. how has that been, continuing to do the show? >> you know what, you pointed something out. like, i've always -- like, since being on "idol," i have highly respected crews. because i -- especially that show it was the first season. you really got to see how everything went down and we -- everything was kind of coming together, and nobody really knew what they were doing. everybody -- but, you know -- but you really got to know, like, how hard people work and how important every little job is but, like, now you understand it on a completely different level. because literally my husband and i are a lighting team. we're a directing team we're shooting packages for the number one show on television.
1:01 am
like, what like, "the voice." like, we're shooting all these packages and i'm, like -- i mean, we're -- i'm sweating in my pits constantly like, i'm just -- 'cause i'm freaked out because we don't know what we're doing. and i guess that's entertaining in some sense. so people are probably enjoying that but it's really stressful. because we just don't know what we're doing. like, i'm -- i didn't know what i was doing before like, i just started hosting you know and now i'm doing all the jobs >> seth: yeah. >> so, you know, it's been chaos even singing from here, too, and, like, getting that done but "the voice" is hilarious though because blake and i are so remote. we have, like, five to six second delays. [ laughter ] so everything -- it's, like, you can't watch the screen 'cause people's mouths move it looks like a "king kong" film [ light laughter ] like, it's crazy >> seth: do you -- i mean, obviously, a good natured ribbing is one of the lifebloods of "the voice. is that harder to do with a six-second delay and less satisfying without being in person? >> i know.
1:02 am
you can't really go for any great jabs or do anything there's no -- it's hard to do the camarad -- you know, that kind of vibe that we usually have, energy-wise, like, when you're all together. and you know, with the delay, we're all talking over each other. it's kind of chaos so, you know, it's -- now, we find ways to do it but it's a lot harder. but challenge accepted, universe i've got -- i'm going to still give blake crap. so - [ laughter ] >> seth: and have you, with your show -- you know, one of the challenges for me, because, you know, interviewing people was a skill that i learned by doing a talk show. by having a talk show. >> yeah. >> seth: and now zoom interviews are a whole other thing. do you feel as though you are getting better at them the longer you go? >> yeah, i mean, i think the thing that's actually -- i mean, brightside buddy, silver lining is, i'm always, like -- timing has never really been my thing metaphorically speaking as well, like, any part of my life. and so it's kind of -- with the delay and, like, you know, sometimes i'm sure you've had this happen where everybody gets
1:03 am
blocked up and they just pause while you are talking to them. >> seth: right >> so it's -- the timing has actually kind of helped me stop and, like, wait until i know they're finished and then, you know, so that's kind of been really helpful for me because i'm such a chatty conversationalist. like, i'm such a "oh, me too." i'm like elaine from "seinfeld." so it's -- you know, it's like -- that's a hard thing for me in person because i'm such a conversationalist. so -- and i love to relate and connect. so -- but this is kind of forced me to pause with timing. so - >> seth: it's been interesting there are times where i've been talking to someone and they have frozen and, of course, they don't know they're frozen so what i try to do is freeze so that they will stop thinking that i'm frozen. you are totally free to use that >> i'm going to totally steal it >> seth: feel free to use that and i have some more questions for kelly clarkson we'll be right back after this ♪
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♪ >> seth: we're back with kelly clarkson we've talked about the fact that your dream guest on your show is meryl streep any progress being made? >> no, but i will say this i had the opportunity -- i was kind of like, excited but angry because i couldn't do it in person, and i so wanted to do it in person. but i got julie andrews. i got to interview julie andrews. and she -- obvoiusly, i'm like, a musical theater kid, and i love her so, it was really cool i got to interview she and her daughter and it was literally -- we taped it for another air date but we did it like on my birthday so it was like a birthday from god. and it was the best thing ever so that's kind of an even thing with me with meryl streep. i mean, julie andrews is pretty epic for me, personally, so --
1:09 am
and a lot of people. so that was really pretty cool and to find out that julie andrew curses, somehow made me feel better about myself as a human >> seth: yes >> she didn't curse, like, during the interview, but her daughter outed her and i was like - [ laughter ] okay, i feel better. >> seth: you mentioned that happened on your birthday. i know your birthday happened during quarantine. how was your quarantine birthday did you still enjoy yourself >> i literally looked at my husband, because it was a rough week of work non-stop everything i said "i don't want to cook one damn meal. i don't want to clean one article of clothing. i don't want to do anything. and i possibly, if my children were to come in and hug me, that's fine. and then they leave. [ light laughter ] because it's been just constant. and they're -- you know they're toddlers, but the younger one, the teenager is actually handling it very well. but the toddlers are -- you know, they don't get it. and they're like, "i want to see my friends i want to go to my school. they're just emotionally nuts.
1:10 am
like, it's been nuts >> seth: yeah. >> no matter what you do, like what arts and crafts thing i do - and i do tons of it, like, on top of all the work. and it's like -- and you know, you have kids. they don't appreciate it they don't even know to appreciate it. so it's like - >> seth: no. >> so on my birthday, i literally asked to be left alone. which is funny since we're all in isolation but i am not in isolation. i am constantly surrounded by people so i was alone, and i enjoyed it and i did nothing but eat stuff that probably i gained ten pounds on and i watched -- you know, whatever i was watching. i don't remember >> seth: yeah. it is very -- when this started -- i have a lot of friends who have kids who are teenagers and i have toddlers. you have both. but my situation was saying, "oh, it's so lucky to have a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old, 'cause this isn't stressing them out. they don't fully comprehend how awful this is. and all my friends with teenagers said, "dude, check back in a month. >> yeah. >> seth: because, like the fact that they're not concerned with this will not in any way make up for how much attention they need
1:11 am
being stuck at home. >> right and like the level -- my -- river and remy, the little ones, usually are, like, best buds like, they always call each other their best friends, like whatever but it's usually because they go to separate schools, 'cause they're two years apart. and they have time apart and then they come together. this has been like world war iii in my house at times and i literally -- it's been -- i don't even know how to describe it. but one day i was talking to my producer on the phone, and i was like, "one day i'm having the greatest day ever with them. and then they're so sweet and the next day it's like satan incarnate. just -- i'm just like, why are you so mean? i don't understand like i'm such a nice person to you. i don't understand what's happening. and there's nothing you can do there is no magical glitter unicorn that could make it -- you know, that would make the situation better but it's, you know, it is really hard on kids as well right now so - >> seth: yeah. you had a new song which is so impressive you've recorded a new song in multiple languages >> yeah.
1:12 am
>> seth: i hope you are as impressed with you as i am >> oh i -- well. the more impressive part was, i literally, like -- it was almost like a year ago i said, "look, i have this idea i want to do. i grew up singing in different languages. i never sang in hebrew or arabic before, but the other ones i sang in opera growing up and i was like, "i have this idea, 'cause the message is so cool and so global." and i had no idea we would be so globally connected when i released the song. but that was the whole point of the song was to kind of remind people because i felt there was just so much division going on, not so much just in our country but worldwide. and so the whole point was to kind of gather all these artists all over the world and record this song in different languages. and i literally asked my label, and it's no one's fault. it's just like how my life works, but i said, "please, the one thing i'm asking to you do is not send me all five languages at once to record. because that -- i will have a brain aneurysm." like, it's so -- it's just like so different
1:13 am
like -- and i recorded -- i had to record all five in four days. >> seth: oh my, gosh [ light laughter ] >> yeah. so i literally came to bed at one point one night, and i was trying to talk to my husband, 'cause i was like, "i need --" and i guess i wasn't making sound. i don't know what was happening because he's a light sleeper but i was like, "i need help." and i was like, "my head hurt. and i was so - i just had a 12-hour wayfair shoot on top of that it was like, so much work at once but i am really -- that's what i am most proud of because i almost at one point went, "maybe i just shouldn't -- this is so much. and i just kept pushing myself and finally did it and i'm not saying i nailed every language, but i definitely did try my best. but it was just important to me to -- i don't know, just kind of reach out on a global level and you know, this all happened. and it kind of worked out in a sense of like on top of how connected we are, kind of you know relating to people musically in that sense too. so - >> seth: well, that's great. congratulations on that. it's always so nice to see you i hope next time will be in
1:14 am
person and i can't wait to come to your show again soon. >> yay me, too, ditto >> seth: all right kelly clarkson, everybody. we'll be right back with more "late night. ♪
1:15 am
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♪ >> seth: our next guest represents massachusetts' 7th congressional district please welcome to the show congresswoman ayanna pressley. thank you so much for being here >> thank you, seth it's great to be with you. >> seth: you are spending quarantine with your husband, your step- daughter, and you have a cat, a cat of note. >> yes, her name is sojourn truth pressley harris. we call her sojo she's got a mean resting feline face and, you know, we love her. she's great. >> seth: she's a large cat, yes?
1:25 am
>> okay. now, watch it. this is a body positive household. okay [ laughter ] i know that i showed her to some of your producers. and there was a little bit of reaction she is fluffy. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> she's got no problems body positive. okay >> seth: all right understood understood >> all right [ laughter ] >> seth: she is exactly the cat she is supposed to be. >> exactly exactly. we love her. >> seth: one of the things the squad is addressing, the progressive wing of the party is addressing -- i think, you know, in general everyone in the country should be addressing right now, is the racial disparity of how this pandemic is affecting this country. and that the inequality that was baked in before this is what is leading to that. how do you, one, address it now in the moment in the middle of a crisis, while at the same time trying to address the root causes of it to make sure it doesn't happen again >> yeah, the thing is the inequities and racial disparities that we see playing out, spotlighted and exacerbated during covid-19, have been systemically entrenched and embedded for a very long time.
1:26 am
so anecdotally, we already knew how this would trend and how this would go. and so early on, myself and several of my colleagues began banging the drum for the collection of racial data in real time. the disaggregation of it the public reporting of it so that we could ensure our public health response is equitable. both in testing and access to treatment. you know, here's the thing as we started out behind, we are in the worst position ever that you want to be in, in confronting a pandemic and that has everything to do with the criminal negligence, the science denials, press briefings that have really functioned more like disinformation campaigns, and the sluggish response of this administration so we're behind. and so data, and particularly racial data, is one way that we get ahead of that so we ensure the resources follow the data and they are directed to highest infection rates, most vulnerable communities. so we can do mobile testing, anti-body testing, contact tracing, and all of those things that are in the best interest of
1:27 am
the public health. and then after that, you know, i think it's why we have to support our community health centers. we have to address health disparities. the co-morbidities of structural racism, the impact of climate injustices, of food injustices that is why black and latinx communities, which are food deserts, transportation deserts, higher rates of asthma because they disproportionally bear the burdon of environmental injustices, have been more susceptible. covid-19 doesn't discriminate. you know, anyone can contract the virus. but these communities, my community, is most susceptible to contracting it, and when we do, suffering the most severe consequences >> seth: you've talked about this as a crisis within a crisis, and, obviously, you know, congress is having to address so much that is going wrong right now. do you feel as though democratic leadership is being helpful addressing sort of this angle of this situation we're in right now? >> well, you know, myself,
1:28 am
community members, activists and my colleagues, we're focused on putting the people first not corporations not private. not profit, not corporations and focused on the acknowledging that this is unprecedented hurt. this is a tsunami of hurt. and experts recently said that, you know, maybe 90% of these infections and fatalities could have been stopped had we acted sooner and so what i'll be focused on in upcoming relief packages is what do we do in the midst of this unprecedented hurt that provides the most relief for people and that's about getting cash in the pockets of people as quickly as possible. it's about more testing. it's about cancelling student debt, cancelling rent and mortgages. it's about including our immigrant neighbors who have been excluded today from every relief package it's about supports for our most vulnerable, those experiencing homelessness and living in shelter, and also incarcerated men and women. and then beyond that i just want
1:29 am
to say this, the fact that we needed a moment like this, to prove to us who are essential workers -- they've always been essential. and they should have never been treated as if they are disposable and that's how we've been functioning. they should have -- be working at a living wage we could have already addressed that we must do that in the future. having hazard pay. paid sick leave, paid family and medical leave. so the path forward is that we've got to move boldly when people say they can't wait to be returned to normal normal, seth, was unjust, insufficient, and inadequate to begin with so this is an opportunity both in addressing the racial disparities and in centering the humanity and the dignity of every individual, of every family of every worker then we've got to go bold. think about how we would of weathered this if we already had universal healthcare if people were already working at a living wage if we already had universal paid sick leave and paid family medical leave. >> seth: so i want to ask you about this in the wake of tara reade's allegations against joe biden, you wrote a really beautifully
1:30 am
written post on medium, that i recommend everybody check out. you talked about being a sexual assault survivor, yourself and how survivors' justice is a really hard thing to achieve how do you think moments like this need to be addressed regardless of political party? >> well, they have to be addressed in good faith. and i have to, you know, just point out the fact that i think many who are offering commentary in the discourse are not doing that with good faith they don't care about survivors healing in justice they don't care about due process. you know, they're doing what people have done for far too long and that is to take this issue, to take my survivor community, and use people as political fodder and footballs these are the same people that vote consistently against the violence against women act reauthorization, which is still sitting on the desk of mitch mcconnell. so we have to operate in good faith. we have been to be good faith partners we have to be willing to have hard conversations i think we have not gotten this right, as a society, as lawmakers, as a culture. and this is an opportunity
1:31 am
through partnership and hard conversations to get there >> seth: you were recently honored as villain of the week on fox news. is that -- is that something that you take as a point of pride when something like that happens? >> let me brush my shoulder. [ laughter ] let me just say this i'm so proud of our daughter cora she recently earned straight as and in fact two a-pluses one in spanish and one in science. and you know, we printed it out and we put it up, you know, on our family sort of wall bulletin board, and i did the same thing when that came out if fox is calling me the villain of the week, that is really only evidence that i'm -- i'm being the woman my mother raised me to be, and that i am advancing progressive values and making people uncomfortable in the pursuit of progress. and i am perfectly fine with that so judge me by my enemies, please >> seth: congresswoman, thank you so much for making the time for us today
1:32 am
it was a delight to talk to you. and keep up the good work. >> thank you, seth and happy mother's day to everyone and i just want to say, justice for ahmaud arbery. i'll be thinking of his family this weekend ♪ this cheeseburger is the best! it's about to get bester baby! ♪ menutaur! make it a double, yeah! nice mane! try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery.
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when we closed our wynn committed instantly to keeping all 15,000 team members on-board. we then focused our five-star level of service to all who needed it. we made improvements to people's lives. we strove to be better and we made people happy.
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1:35 am
>> seth: there you go. ♪ brett gelman ♪
1:36 am
♪ >> daniel: tonight on "a little late with lilly singh" - >> lilly: y'all know there's nothing jesus would have enjoyed more than a brand new mattress he bought at a discount. [ laughter ] youtuber rosanna pansino and brett gelman from "stranger things." [ cheers and applause you're such a nice guy i can tell i'm vibing off you, but on tv you kind of play a jerk. >> i like to teach about toxic masculinity through example. sobasically what i'm saying is, i'm really woke. i'm single, and -- [ laughter ] >> lilly: i've been told that you have an apocalypse plan. >> no. [ laughter ] we have a go kit, and i also took flight lessons. i know how to take off and land. >> you got a plane >> no. [ laughter ] >> lilly: a little game called "lie and tell. so one time i landed, and i took a suitcase i didn't check the tag or anything i took it home it had three vibra,


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