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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 13, 2020 6:00pm-6:58pm PDT

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the state to close. movie theaters, indoor zoos, will be the general election of november. that's a long time for people to cardrooms to close as well. with hospitalizations of 28% and put up with this inconsistency apparents admitted in icus it is and uncertainty, a long time for people to get increasingly time to implement new fatigued over what is going on but unfortunately it looks to me restrictions. like it's going to be that >> this continues to be a deadly election when the president is disease. riding on his reputation, 85% of this continues to be a disease the time incumbents get that puts people in our icus, re-elected and may be a time when a tired public and confused hospitals and is currently putting a strain on our hospital public needs to go in another system and in our icus. direction. the election is likely to settle >> governor says there's a 21% this issue. increase in number of people >> november seems very far away diagnosed with covid-19 in the and a vaccine even further. past 2 weeks. some say that's because of the thank you. moving tributes are pouring increase in testing statewide in tonight for "glee" star naya but doctors say the number is too high to be explained by rivera whose body was recovered testing alone. sex bay area counties are on the governor's watchlist. today. she had rented a boat with her sonoma, napa, contra costa. 4-year-old son and went swimming. the boy was found asleep on the boat and just adrift. they're all under tighter the sheriff now believes her restrictions and must shut down last act was likely saving her
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child's life. indoor fitness centers and gyms, >> it was during that time that indoor places of worship, hair her son described being helped salons and barbershops, nail into the boatnaya salons and indoor malls. for those that cut and style behind. hair, this has turned into a we believe it was mid afternoon dark day because contra costa on when she disappeared. the state's monitor list and the idea being perhaps that the boat was drifting and mustered deeper closures starting enough energy to get her son on immediately. barbers and hairstylists are now the boat and not enough to save shutting the doors. herself. >> 30,000 people have now signed >> reporter: stylests at this an online petition asking the county to post more warning citrus hair salon finish the last of the day's clients before they have to cease operations signs at the lake. once again. the family of a man shot an >> i guess disbelief. >> reporter: the owner candace says she spent 13 weeks in the lawsuit against those officers. you might remember he was shot initial shutdown making her back in june and pregnant salon covid safe, put in girlfriend also hurt in the dividers, reconfigured the shooting. right now at 6:30, a high his family said she miscarried. stations and invested in a stakes struggle to reopen schools. the white house suggesting it o touchless system before getting they announced the suit today at the green light to reopen less the site where he died. >> it was a massacre. the young people were sitting
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than three weeks ago. >> i have a hard time wrapping co the ducks as they sat in the cars. it was a complete overkill for my mind around how it's the type of case involved which spreading here with the push to reopen schools in the precautions. >> reporter: hair salons and is essentially as far as you know was a stolen car. fall. the white house is yet to barbershops and indoor malls to >> sources tell us the car he release a clear safety plan and was driving in came from a san close immediately in contra surging coronavirus cases are costa county. happening all over the country. leandro dealership that had been other personal care businesses >> the white house is stepping looted. like nail salons have been up a campaign to cast doubt upon up next, keeping the air clean, the pledge that companies anxiously waiting to get back to a top health official's grim are making even after this business. but with covid cases on the rise pandemic ends. analysis. this isn't our first flip. here the possibility of reopening any time soon seems very unlikely. >> i just think this is overkill >> reporter: as coronavirus cases hit alarming new highs across the country, the white again. >> reporter: customers say house is trying to persuade they're frustrated they can't get the services they need. this woman managed to get in americani today before her salon closes americans the crisis is under again. >> in two weeks i have my son control trying to discredit dr. anthony fauci who spoken frankly and daughter's elopement wedding about the u.s. response to the virus. >> i don't think you can say we're doing great. and i couldn't bear going there >> reporter: white house with this hair. officials quietly handing out a >> we are shutting down again. list of his past comments >> reporter: while the salons including a statement in january canceling all upcoming that coronavirus was not a major appointments, they hope the closure order won't last long. threat. medical experts noting the the owner says she will comit's
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science evolved and some comments were taken out of business but it's nothing in compare son to human life. context. president trump saying today -- >> i have a very good relationship with dr. fauci. >> reporter: jodi hernandez, nbc >> reporter: and contradicted bay area news. him while now promoting the >> so complicated. look at the two bay area claims of former game show host counties not on the governor's chuck woolery that everyone is lying about covid including the watchlist. this is the number of cases per day in san francisco. cdc. >> we need to be led by science you can see here that in early because it's the only way to july san francisco did see a save lives in our country. jump in cases. right? but for the past three weeks the >> reporter: it comes amid a city basically has been hovering high stakes struggle to reopen at about less than 100 cases, 3 times has the number spiked up schools. starting with online only to 100. instruction at san francisco and the numbers are holding steady los angeles. in detroit today protesters and didn't get the attention of the governor. concerned of student andfety bl same story in san mateo county. you can see pretty much the school. florida mandating conditions o numbers are even lower than ave. only one day spike up to almost cases and where they stand and sure, some renovations around the bay area. can require a bit of compromise. but, there's no settling here.
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alameda county, the hotspot. at floor and decor, she gets to fulfill her vision almost 8,000 cases. while i get in-stock products at budget-friendly prices. 251 new today and then talking to santa clara county, again all in one trip. that one is also the one that's plus, we get the installation materials we need struggling just a little bit but to get it done right and right on time. it's put the total number of cases around 6,500. shopping like a pro.that's san francisco, san mateo county explore floor and decor, now open for safe in-store shopping and curbside pickup. all have a little bit over 4,000 cases at this point. now back to san mateo, the governor's sweeping order to shut down bars, indoor deaning outside the field-offices of "immigration and other operations statewide from san diego to seattle hit them differently from other today some university students area counties. the peninsula is the only bay protested outside the field area county to fully reopen bars offices of i.c.e. the international students say and -- well this new order means they're victims caught between the coronavirus and the racial a full sto a tells us how peopl bias of the trump administration. a directive announced by i.c.e. mandates that foreign students attend classes in person or return to the home nation. but many schools expected to >> reporter: it took business hold most classes online because owners by surprise by but this of covid-19. afternoon the guidelines were >> and this is really just a way displayed. some owners said it will be a for the administration through
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i.c.e. to bully universities tough adjustment. that are concerned about their others said they were ready for students' health into opening up it. it's been a financial roller in unsafe ways. coaster for the owner of tamare. this is ridiculous. >> the protests were carefully the restaurant opened in february offering a bar and timed. the judge will hear arguments of dining. >> we had very good start. harvard and mid seeking a you know? very first day we opened we restraining order against the could not seat everybody that mandate. came here to dine. since the pandemic hit, air it was very high demand. quality in the bay area has >> reporter: that overflow improved. we have seen a 32% reduction in business came to a halt the next emissions in the first seven month with the stay-at-home order: they went from 14 weeks of the pandemic. employees to 5. other bars and businesses report today leaders similar dropoffs. management district to cut the owners said curbside service commute, the goal to get bay helped a little but the big area bus pandemic. boost came when the county allowed bar service and indoor the proposal starts with 22,000 dining to'sew order but the employees county wide. one of the biggest annual events in san francisco is tamare owner said they canceled. fleet week. blame the coronavirus. understand. >> i think it's based on data every year it brings a million visitors to the city coming to they have so we support our see the military ships, listen to the concerts and cover their
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government. >> reporter: for the most part ears with the blue angels flying many bars and restaurants kept serving today not expecting the over. now we are learning the state to enforce it so quickly festivities are not happening in but another waiting game will be october as scheduled. tough. the organizers say hold on to >> kind of tricky balance you the 2020 tickets to be honored have to find between stay afloat at next year's fleet week and and stay open and care for would have been a fantastic safety. >> reporter: we talked to weather week i imagine. >> 100%. several bar owners who said they it always is. felt they were wrongly blamed in >> i know. the rise of coronavirus cases we usually do get that window at but will close the doors and not sure to reopen when the order is least for a couple of hours to see and lifted. in san carlos, robert handa, nbc here's to year. bay area news. san francisco at a cross coming, a look at this week, how roads in the coronavirus battle. hot we will get and our update either it stops the current surge of cases or risks becoming on la nina. another new york. i'll give you everything you in a somber online session of need to know about the possible event coming our way. number crunching and covid a summer camp canceled and graphs, the mayor and health parents told no refunds so some director painted a dire picture. are making a federal case out of they say if they don't improve it. nbc bay area responds next. the social distancing things for the sweaty faces, will get worse. at the peak of the virus in april san francisco had 94
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hospitalizations. with the current surge the city on track to hit a higher peak of 830. the doctor said that is a number that keeps him up at night. >> and those lighter blue peaks are plausible scenarios, as well. we could get as high as over 6,000 hospitalizations. a scenario that reflects the challenges that new york had. >> in the last slide labeled hope he notes that san francisco's health department will be hosting covid-19 vaccine trials as soon as next month. ho however, a widespread vaccine won't be available for at least another year. let's tack about al ameda county. restaurant owners will be paying the price. the county's health department said outdoor dining is too risk complying and it is up to east bay cities to decide whether they'll enforce it. melissa colorado has more from
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alameda. >> reporter: a popular german restaurant here in alameda known for the beergarten, the seats and the table are here empty though and this sign posted on and the hidden smiles. the foggy glasses, the door explains why. and the muffled laughs. temporarily closed for outdoor a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: dining but some other restaurants here in alameda are i care. wear a mask. not following the rule. let's all do our part to slow the spread. >> i was alarmed to see that people with respect wearing masks on the patio. >> reporter: just a block away, the alameda mayor at city hall we spotted the lunch hour crowd at this mexican restaurant on park street eating and drinking with a side of small talk. >> while you ordering from the server if you oar not wearing your mask you are not protecting yourzzed the brakes on outdoor dining state's watchlist and if the numbers ge
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okay. harsher restrictions and enforce a lot of summer camps are them. canceled due to coronavirus and >> they have to do what they parents say they can't get the have to do. money back. >> reporter: tblit could not co a big bay area camp organizer is at a worse time. facing a federal lawsuit. the city restriping the park chris is joining us to talk about this at the board again. street for more space to dine this is so frustrating for parents. >> some of them are taking it to outside. >> i feel bad for the restaurant who is are complying, who are court. we first told you about digital therefore taking in less media academy a few weeks ago revenue. >> reporter: tomorrow the and the website said it hosts alameda county board of supervisors will ask the state camps around the country and canada. for variance, in other words, parents told us they canceled permission to allow the county the camps and kept the money. health officer to hand pick they sai an exception for acts of god which activities can safely a . such as a flu pandemic. and it was offering credits for you can't negotiate with covid. future camps but a new lawsuit filed in federal court in san you have to respect it. jose claims that act of god >> reporter: nbc bay area news. new preliminary research section wasn't in the contract when the parents paid. might help explain how the virus the attorneys say digital media spreads so quickly on the academy changed the terms june diamond princess cruise ship. 15th after the pandemic started perhaps you remember passengers were flown to travis air force and removed language offering base this year after quarantining in japan. refunds for canceled camps.
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researchers in london looked >> an important question to seek into the infection rates aboard in this litigation is when that that ship in the quarantine provision was added to the terms period. they found 80% of the cases were of the condition because when it in cabins that didn't have a was added impacts the known case before quarantine enforceability. began. >> we reached out to the academy researchers concluded the telling us that it had not ventilation system likely spread received a copy of the lawsuit the disease because they say air and can't specifically comment from different cabins gathered on it. the lawyers who filed the suit in one air duct and then mixed are asking the court to make the with some fresh air and case a nationwide class action. we'll watch the docket and let circulated back into different cabins. you know what happens. the study is not pier reviewed. >> thanks, chris. this might be the latest while the trump administration cannot withhold sign of the pandemic slowing funding from san francisco over down our activity again. the city sanctuary laws, that is data from apple map shows a new the ruling by the ninth court of appeals today. the laws restrict police decline in requests for driving cooperation with agents. directions. there was a sharp decline in march and then the requests for the judges found that the res x driving, walking and transit directions to increase over the restrictions are lawful and the next three months. attempt to deny funding is after peaking in early july, unconstitutional. the u.s. supreme court rejected the trump administration's legal requests through apple maps dropped 6% last week indicating challenge to the state's people may be staying home again sanctuary law. up next at 6:00, a day model y by $300.e covid the ste they've been waiting months for.
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salons and gyms welcomed back customers but for how long? plus, coming through on its the lang range version will promise, apple is putting the start at just under $50,000. first batch of money to help model y began to ship in march. this month tesla reported better solve the housing crisis in the than expected delivery numbers bay area. i'm chief meteorologist jeff for the second quarter. the price cut could help boost ranieri. i will have details on fog for sales as all automakers are tomorrow morning and how warm to get and the long range forecast feeling the pinch of the coming up. for the sweaty faces, economic downturn. at least you can walk outside and get some sunshine. it was warm today. but it may cool off a little bit, jeff. >> you got that right. really nice day to be outside. we had that fog starting to roll in from the coastline and made things more enjoyable than this past weekend and i think we are ahead for some really stable temperatures this week. i wanted to start off with something different tonight. i have been talking about la nina due to new information we are now seeing across the
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ecuadoral pacific. it is good to refresh you on what it is because i know your eyes are not trained to look at it all the time. so la nina, the cooling of the pacific waters and can tend to develop the storm track off towards the north while el nino is a warming of pacific waters where the storm track develops more to the south. and this can susually bring stronger storms. maybe a la nina developing and go down to the pa sirveg of a 3.4 nino region looking for the big marker indication changes in the sea surface temperatures and you can see on the chart with realtime data of the sea surface temperatures is blue showing up right now and you can see the key at the top of the page that is cooler water and right now
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seeing a cooler phase develop so for us with la nina that puts us at a 50% chance of happening this fall. the "today" show n it is not a great chance but could shift higher which would be much better here for some rain in northern california above average chances with some below average rain chances there for southern california. so again, above to near average rain chances for us heading into this fall and winter with that potential development. real quick, we'll sum it up again and wanted to start off with tomorrow morning. expect fog near the coastline and the bay. temperatures cool in the 50s. and the hidden really nice start for us. and the muffled laughs. down to 54 in san francisco with a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: that thick fog. 53 in the north bay. as we move through tomorrow we i care. wear a mask. are out of the major heat. let's all do our part to slow the spread. temperatures drop at 83 in morgan hill. a nice day in san jose, 85. east bay you have that perfect
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weather in hayward. as you can imagine the order peninsula with 80 in palo alto of the governor leading to confusion in the south bay because today santa clara county and then san francisco feels allowed nail salons, hair salons cold, 50s and 60s. and gyms the reopen and then the going up to the north bay, county was put back on the hottest weather here in clear state's watchlist meaning that lake because there's no ocean everything that reopened today will somehow have to shut down breeze. you head to sonoma looking good, on wednesday. 77. extended forecast, 60s next we have the story on twitter. several days in san francisco. so confusing. afternoon sunshine. >> reporter: the tranquility day inland valleys in the 80s tomorrow. spay spent days to plan for the we warm up thursday, friday, saturday and sunday to the 90s reopen a hope they don't have and no big wind. to close again. the same with gyms which aree. so again, la nina, it may this is called a boutique gym develop here through fall and and truly blessed to open it winter. weak event which could give us near average rain. up for today andls awesome. last time was 2017-2018 finishing the rain season at 91% of normal and there's a silver definitely different. you know? lining to this any time to look
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with keeping the distance and wear the face mask and rather be out to maybe some good rain here than at home. chances coming our way in the >> reporter: the gym said it's summer i think it always makes me happy and other folks, too. following the county protocols. i'm counting down the days until so is a tranquility spa. we get that first storm starting to return, you guys. >> all right. because of the indoor spacing thank you very much. 57 in marina got me. and capacity requirement, they thanks very much. offer outdoor services with the >> chilly. bring your jacket. ability to expand into the >> okay. after nearly nine decades, parking lot. >> we have been shut down since the pro football team in march 16th so we have been washington, d.c. is dropping the looking forward to reopening controversial name. ever since. what about the new name? >> i'm so grateful. it is just so nice to do we'll tackle that next. something normal again and something that helps reduce the stress of what's been going on. >> reporter: then the confusion in the governor's news conference ordering ally down those services including gyms what about wireless data options for the family? and salons. you can customize and save. >> they thought july 13th was what about internet speeds the opening date and then they that can keep up with my gaming? let's hook you up with the fastest internet from xfinity. said, no. and then they were back on and now with our stores reopening,
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again. >> reporter: as frustration and we're putting healthy practices in place. confusion mounts, the come visit a store today. stop in or book an appointment online tranquility spa said they'll at a time that works for you. now that's simple, easy, awesome. handle that with tranquility. ask. shop. discover at your local xfinity store today. another business, the same situation, the mystery house, some three hours after it reopened for receive-guided tours today the mansion shut back down because the state banned indoor gatherings. the gardens will allow self-guided tours but you wont be allowed inside the house. something else making it in the bay. tech giant apple today making a $400 million down payment on its $2.5 billion promise to help fight california's housing crisis and with the state being hit with the record number of covid cases and a quick downturn amazing school district. the hoa has been very involved. it is coming at a crucial time. these shrubs aren't board approved. you need to break down your cardboard. we'll see where the money will be used. n. violation. >> reporter: some of the $400 million will go towards helping and it does help us save a bunch of money.
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first-time home buyers get a place to live, some of it will two inches over regulation. thanks, cynthia. go towards the construction of for bundling made easy, go to low income housing like this completed in san jose. this is villas on the park where 80 formerly homeless people now live. silicon valley says more like it will be built thanks to the first round of funding from apple to support low income housing. >> this funding now is going to accelerate homes being built. >> reporter: like second street studios, there are 135 places to live here. it also recently opened. >> coming with this financing now means the homes will be built sooner and then in this crisis that's just what we need. >> reporter: apple has pledged a total of $2.5 billion toward the state's housing troubles, delivering the first payment at a time of crisis. >> it's completely the most
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needed time. >> reporter: ray of destination homes said the one-two punch of pandemic and recession has left many on the brink of homelessness. >> we are able to increase the total number of household served by almost 67%. we can serve 1,500 households this year getting many uninto the hands of people at risk of losing their homes. one of the nfl's oldest and >> reporter: trying to keep people off the street until the most storied franchises is getting a new name. next round of funding arrives. the washington redskins no more. let's check your forecast. many native americans said that chief meteorologist jeffrey it was offensive. >> the name and logo are on ranieri is here. gone. a new name is in the works. hey, jeff. >> hey, guys. we started off with that warm >> reporter: in washington, d.c. weather this past weekend. fans of the city's nfl team has today fog started to really roll mixed reactions of the name and back in at the immediate mascot of 87 years tossed aside. coastline and having a big impact on the temperatures as we >> always been there. are starting to drop quite a bit i don't think it's right to change it. >> it is time for a change. across the bay area and wanted >> reporter: the team announced will be nding of the to start off tonight with a look at tomorrow morning's fog. proud, tradition rich franchise.
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you can see some of those patchy there have been calls to change the name for years. low clouds here through marin, the owner said he'd never bow to napa, sonoma coulnties and some the pressure but amid the new pressure team sponsors forced around the peninsula, mostly the hand and shipping giant fedex paying for the naming clear for the east and south bay right of the stadium requested and rolling through tomorrow the name change this month. with that foggy breeze in place nike, amazon, tar get and dick's we will start to see those temperatures, well, staying sporting goods stopped selling comfortable. across the inland valleys in the the merchandise. >> the word is the n-word is we mid-80s in concord. 89 in antioch. cannot tolerate this hate speec and then at san francisco and half moon bay with that westerly wind to keep temperatures in the says it will help in the long 50s to also 60s. run. >> i think in the end it will so a real nice day moving on in. ulti franchise let's gate loet a look at the seven-day forecast. and boost honestly their no major wind event the next marketing and sponsorship. seven days and even though we >> reporter: the team isn't ready to announce a new name have 90s returning thursday, just yet likely nowtrademarks. friday, saturday and sunday this will slightly help to keep the nbc news. fire danger down. one of the nba's biggest
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>> stars tested positive for the most important thing to look at is while we do not have la covid-19. all-star guard and mvp russell westbrook posted online saying i nina or el nino, there's a 50% tested positive prior to the departure to orlando. chance of la nina this fall and westbrook says he is quarantined and feeling well and urged winter and see here on this sea everyone to wear a mask. surface temperatures in the the nba is set to resume the pacific where we look for it to regular season in orlando on develop there's a little bit of july 30th. it is official. blue color starting to show and pro golfers won't have to worry about the fan distraction for a that is some cooling trends happening in the water right while. the pag pga announcing no fans now. which usually signals la nina. for 2020. coming i'll look at what it could mean for the bay area and so life as we know it continues a nice good look and the full fore in 25 minutes. to be completely different. >> we need that year to >> new normal. >> that's going to do it for us. understand it again. good night. >> yes. >> thank you, jeff. up next, back open for families? we are there as the san francisco zoo welcomes guests for the first time in months. ♪ menutaur
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get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery.
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27 years of marriage this year. >> thanks so much. >> their last red carpet
6:24 pm
together. kelly preston gone far too soon today about the same time the governor announced closures, after secretly battling breast cancer for two years. san francisco's zoo was >> i'm going to get you back reopening for the first time in first. months. >> major fallout after an affair officials don't believe the order affecting inside areas revelation. how does 50 cent and margot impacts them. robbie fit in the aftermath. we see why they're moving ahead >> i share the hand of carole with their reopening plans. >> yeah! learn beset. >> reporter: it was a reunion of >> jfk's secret weapon. >> your heart beats ba bump, ba sorts at the san francisco zoo today. animals and people getting bump, ba bump. >> that was you? together again. >> today is a first day we are >> well, yes and no, cruse el open since shutdown. crowe's priceless memory of his >> reporter: after four months with the gates shut, the zoo oscar winning "gladiator. reopened today to members with the general public coming on wednesday. >> you can feel the excitement in the air right now. people have not been here for four months. >> reporter: frequent zoo-goer kim forward felt every one of those days. >> it was four months and counting every single day. >> reporter: without a gorilla or a bear or a newborn man drill. >> i love just being here.
6:25 pm
>> reporter: visitors are required to make advance reservations and the zoo is limiting the number of >> we are letting in about 1,700 people a day. that's much less than the 6,000 in a busy day. >> reporter: those that did show up today saw benches taped off and statues covered and this 8-year-old didn't mind. >> i feel happy that we could come back out here to visit the zoo and see more cool animals. >> reporter: and parents were excited for another activity for their kids. >> now we are doing animal stuff at home all the time and good to get them back out active. >> reporter: the zoo with staff observing the animals to see how they react to the us the way we are looking at home. >> reporter: late in the areas
6:26 pm
officials here believe they're okay since the areas inside are closed and this long awaited reunion will continue. nbc bay area news. up next, trying to persuade americans that coronavirus is under control, a new message from the president as again he pushes for schools to reopen. an organized effort to discredit the nation's top infidel castro shouse disease expert. we'll die sect the move against dr. fauci.
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24th are what they are today it would be very difficult for us to reopen schools. >> reporter: education secretary betsy devos under fire for doubling down on the president's threats to withhold funding from schools that don't open their
6:30 pm
doors without offering a plan for safely reopening. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. dr. fauci weighed in on the cases today focused on a fireside chat with stanford university and blamed the u.s. for not shutting down entirely. back in march and april. he said while infection rates did flatten they were still too high when the country moved to reopen. dr. fauci said this is the reason for the resurgence of cases now. here in california as well as in texas and florida and arizona. but he thinks there is a path forward without shutting back down. >> if we step back, you don't necessarily need to shut down again. but pull back a bit and then proceed in a very prudent way. >> dr. fauci also said that he believes that the country will have a vaccine by early 2021. that's next year. he says when it comes to the
6:31 pm
time to distribute the vaccine people who are considered high risk should be prioritized. we are joined by the nbc bay area political analyst to talk about this situation between dr. fauci and the president. larry, we have seen a public dismantling of this relationship that they had from when they were on the daily briefings, then we saw dr. disappear and now back on the air again. but now we see the president actually going after fauci with his administration. >> yeah. he is, jessica. the reason is why. i think two or three things we might want to consider as far as this goes. first of all, the president needs something to distract people from the real problem and many people believe the real problem is that the president has not taken control of this as presidents always do in a national crisis so he's looking for someone to blame. he tried china, tried the world health organization. now it looks like he is pointing
6:32 pm
his guns at dr. fauci. that's one possibility. the president doesn't like the fact that dr. fauci with his fingers on the facts is disagreeing with him. the president probably feels that makes him look bad and finally, you know, the president's a person who likes publicity, being the center of attention and dr. fauci with his measured responses, his responses based on science, based on research is offering all kinds of information that the president feels that really makes him look bad and for that reason, too, he doesn't like his popularity and the president's unpopularity and could be one, two or three of these things and the president now has his guns turned on dr. fauci. >> seems to me that the losers in this spat between the president and dr. fauci really are the american people because it's hard to discern when you have the president of the united states saying one thing and the chief, you know, medical person in the country also saying
6:33 pm
something completely different so it's very confusing for the american public and that creates a lot of division. >> you hit the nail on the head. you are absolutely right now. here you have the person with the largest mega phone in the world, the president of the tak on this as far as he is concerned is gone. no more issue to speak of. ember here and fire here. will be gone in a week or so. said that a week or so ago and then you have the pre-eminent researcher, dr. fauci, saying it is not going away. expect 100,000 cases per day in a matter of weeks. what is the public to do when they hear these two things? it is very difficult. what do i do? what do i take? is it a problem, not a problem? do i wear a mask, not wear a mask? president doesn't wear a mask. how should i? how important to go to school? what does it mean if they don't? all of the things tumbling down
6:34 pm
and instead of a focal point for an answer they hear the two competing points if you will radically different and the public is stuck. >> so dr. fauci said he's not in contact with the president maybe in a month in terms of briefing him so how are they going to fix the difference of opinion and how are we going do see how this is resolved? >> i'm not sure they fix it. i think it's deep seeded. the president is not going to budge and dr. fauci wants to tell the facts and he is not arguing with the president as much as delivering awhat will r
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