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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 16, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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actually taped crowd noise being what the company is trying to do to fix it. played over the speakers, one o the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. to have out there this year. they're getting creative. >> hard work with cardboard a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining people. us. i'm laura garcia. thanks, laura. top stories we're following >> i'm marcus washington. this morning for you. the new test sites opening mike keeping his eyes on the across the bay area with the road for us this morning and help of one major american drugstore chain. vianey in for kari. how will we start out with this weather? >> we have the return of the marine layer and been seeing this for the past couple mornings and we'll see it for the first half. temperatures in san francisco 57 and palo alto 59 and also made its way in when it comes to oakland, concord, napa and even through fairfield is starting to see some fog. we'll see that sticking around for the first half and then a lot slower to clear in areas like half moon bay, san francisco. by about 3:00 when we typically start to see peak temperatures. temperatures in the 80s in south
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bay and valleys. definitely going to be cool around the coast and cloudy at least for the majority of the day with peaks of sunshine expected for the afternoon. i'll have a closer look at your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. mike? >> all right. vianey. the overall commute and i've circled the slowing that just about cleared for north 101. but in the last couple seconds, the crash reported around oakland road and 880 and details from chp that may interrupt the south bay flow. meanwhile, heading towards the bay bridge, no major problems. minimal slowing. you see the blip at the toll plaza and the live look shows you not much of a problem. we just have some slowing right now just past the toll plaza as you lose some lane. marcus? an update on america's road to the recovery and as coronavirus numbers shoot higher and unemployment benefits inch closer to drying up. our washington correspondent tracie potts live with us this
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morning with what we need to know. tracie? >> hi, marcus. this morning, we're looking at the numbers and we just had an update early this morning about what is happening with coronavirus in the u.s. now, health experts are concerned as we head into flu season. lots of people working from home and uncomfortable going into medical situations to get that flu shot. if lots of people don't get it, could that make the situation even worse? >> announced the other day -- >> reporter: the head of the cdc warns we could be looking at 200,000 coronavirus deaths during flu season as the u.s. now tops 3.5 million cases. >> i think the two pathogens hitting us at the same time do have the potential to stress our health system. >> reporter: president trump saying it's okay that the cdc will no longer control tracking right now at 6:30. the numbers. student athletes test positive >> we're all on the same team, for coronavirus. including dr. fauci. up next, the program suddenly on i have a very good relationship with dr. fauci. >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci hold before one east bay high the nation's top infectious school district and how the
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district is responding. plus, new push back in a disease expert called it bizarre. >> it gure out in the push to place black lives matter their wildest dreams why they signs in every police station. would want to do that. the group now calling it >> reporter: an op-ed suggesting fauci's facts can't be trusted. political and the message from >> i can't explain novarro. the commissioner. >> reporter: meanwhile democrats and republicans are divided over it is frooed eve aiday eve tracking that forecast for you. extending a $600 bonus that ends "today in the bay" continues in two weeks. right now. we continue because we've been >> a bonus that actually made it on since 4:30 this morning. more attractive for many people dark and early and bringing you all the news you need to know. to stay home rather than go back to work. >> why would you give the big i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. now it's bright out there, as tax breaks to the high end and begrudge working families $600. well. get to that morning commute in a bit with mike and let's check in >> reporter: but they agree, schools need more money to with vianey. reopen. look at the day ahead. >> but, you know, schools are >> great-looking day ahead. really all over the place. we have schools that are considering opening only online. now that the sun is up one thing you notice if you live in the south bay and inland areas is that haze in the sky from that we've certainly seen those in california. schools that are looking at, i smoke that is drifting from the was just looking at the one in
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florida. opening five days a week in the mineral fire down fresno county building and then those hybrid and we'll get a better idea as far as containment and as far as situations that in many cases, . the winds go they will continue to drift and why that air >> wow, tracie potts in quality advisory is in place and washington for us this morning. forecast coming up. thank you, tracie. mike? >> vianey, concern on the bay meantime, the concerns back bridge. at home the concerns over a look at the shot we have of growing crowds at bay area emeryville of the span. westbound 80 that is the bridge. hospitals certainly calling to attention there. there you see traffic jamming up sharon katsuda joins us live at the bend. reports that there are some with more on that. boxes in your lanes. sharon, this also comes with your left lane. traffic is getting by. dire warnings from local health officials, as well. the incline starting to slow now as we look at the map slow from >> that's right, laura. treasure island or the approach hospitals around the bay area getting back towards the toll say they're at about 50% to 80% plaza and the metering lights are not yet on. capacity. the backup still only in the so, they can handle the load now, but they are concerned middle lane. about what's to come in the near lighter traffic indicated there and that may change dramatically future. the san francisco chronicle over the next few if they don't reports health officials say we could see major hospital clear those boxes. capacity problems late summer we'll track the bay bridge west and into the fall. bound and the rest of the bay is that's because of the rapidly easy, marcus. back to you. increasing number of covid-19 parents notified and sports cases. in california this week, suddenly on hold as the road to positive cases reported to pass recovery hits a stumbling block in the east bay.
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10,000 per day. three students there working out here in the bay area, on one high school campus now infected with covid-19. hospitalizations have increased 33% due to rise in cases. "today in the bay" bob redell is live in brentwood to explain at good samaritan hospital ten what those parents are being new patients have been admitted told as well as what the district is doing. to the covid-19 ward. part of the troubling trend across the region. bob? this graph shows the rising >> goode morning to you, marcus. number of patients being the liberty high school district admitted into santa clara county has suspended all summer workouts and conditioning hospitals over the last month. activities on campus. not only in response to the >> majority of oour patients are latest news but not sure if fall a medsurge or telemetry level of sports will take place given the patients. for lack of a better word, a rise in the number of cases of covid-19. the district has sent a letter basic hospital admission as to parents that indicates three opposed to acute care icu level of their students who have been of admission. participating in these workouts on campus have tested positive >> basically, their new patients for kcovid-19. are not as sick, put they are it doesn't indicate which high getting infected more easily. school the workouts took place. medical experts believe the they believe the three students coronavirus is mutating fast to contracted the covid-19 outside those workout groups. try to survive as long as the district writes under the possible without killing its host and that's why some people supervision of the coaches the students were maintaining social aren't getting as sick. distance and wearing masks to please remember to wear your and from campus. mask because it looks like this
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school is scheduled to restart virus is becoming more infectious now. august 10th with a hybrid model. reporting live in san jose, i'm students split into two groups one on campus while the other is there. thanks so much, sharon. online and vice versa. in the meantime, happening reporting live, bob redell today, dr. anthony fauci will "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, bob. join facebook ceo mark 6:34. happening today east bay senator zuckerberg on facebook live. that meeting starts at 2:00 p.m. the two will talk about how to flatten the curve and what steve glazer and tony therman people can do to protect themselves. here is the latest county by county when it comes to the holding a town hall. it comes as more bay area school breakdown of coronavirus in new cases. the bay area added 802 new districts are nailing down plans infections just yesterday and for the school has now surpassed 36,000. with 664 deaths. and pleasanton all now marin county is getting tough on those who are ignoring choosing to start when cases go health protocols with a new down. most districts start just about enforcement effort that may a month from now. result in fines. starting today rite aid will this already set up an e-mail open four new bay area drive violation at through testing sites. now, today local leaders are going to meet with code two are in antioch, one is in enforcement and law enforcement vallejo and one in napa. to decide on a uniform strategy all part of the 161 opening
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nationwide. the self-swab tests are for the entire county. monitored by a pharmacist. >> we want people to comply with all adults 18 or older are the order so we can slow the eligible for that testing and case numbers. if we have to get to fines and they should register first online. tesla so far not responding citations, we'll do that. to reports of a large outbreak but our goal is to educate at its fremont facility. people. >> napa county approved new fines that could set you back up the blog electric is citing an to $500 and fines can reach internal data leak citing more $5,000 for businesses. than 130 tesla employees have it is 6:07 right now. tested positive and more than 115 exposed. we have some breaking news and live pictures to show you right not clear where that infection now where police are looking for happened. so far the alameda county health two suspects after a chase in department not commenting. the south bay. some current and former this is a live look at the scene. and voiced concerns about the it's close to north tenth street infected and refuse to work. near the 101/880 interchange in well, the deaths of two more inmates at san quentin prison san jose. you see patrol cars there. now bring the total there to 12. sheriff deputies and police it's all tied to that massive searching a nearby mobile home park for suspects. outbreak of covid-19 at the authorities are not only telling prison. us so far how it all started but state prison health leaders this video just in to our reported the two latest deaths just yesterday. newsroom does show a person in one was a death row inmate. the back of a police cruiser or the other has not been
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identified. a sheriff's cruiser. in total, the prison has had it looks like the santa clara more than 2,000 confirmed cases county sheriff department there. including 1,200 that are now we'll continue to follow this breaking news story and bring active. you updates as they come into new details this morning for you. the city of vallejo is asking outside agencies to investigate the destruction of evidence in a our newsroom. also developing right now, twitter is recovering from an unprecedented hack that affected some of the social network's controversial police shooting. on june 2nd, the vallejo police most unpopular users out there. they are saying the accounts are officer shot and killed sean now back to normal. tech billionaires from former monterros after mistaking a president obama, as well, joe hammer in his waistband as a biden. they were all among the targets. the hackers ask for money in bit gun. the windshield has since been coin with a promise of dwuoubli repaired and put back into service. evidence has been destroyed and it. several hundred people responded the city for solano county d.a. and sent in hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> it has all the classic to investigate. the attorney general's office elements of a scam. already declined one of those they're basically using this to requests to look into the case. convince people to transfer their money over to>> twitter s and let's get you started when it comes to your forest co drastic step of blocking new tweets from every verified user,
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compromised or not. as well as locking all compromised accounts. and the social media platform won't restore access to their owners until, quote, we can do so securely. new details this morning in the corruption scandal rocking san francisco city hall. it now appears to be widening. the planning department and the department of public health are now under federal investigation along with the city's administrat administrator's office. also now investigators are looking at the possible involvement of more contractors making questionable donations to nonprofits. the original investigation focused on the public works department and now includes charges against former director. 6:09 right now. now to a follow up on the future of caltrains suddenly in limbo over future funding. san francisco supervisors this week passed on putting a sales tax proposal on the november ballot. agency says it only has enough
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money until october. transit activists say caltrain shut down could have a big they tell "the chronicle" highways may be flooded with more cars and other transit agencies may suffer due to residual impact. we'll continue to follow thrn. any concerns about the weather? the forecast? the sun is up and it looks nice in the south bay. >> you know, the temperatures will be great, but we do actually have one concern when it comes to the weather and that is the hazy skies because of drifting smoke nearby. near the fresno county area and the mineral fire has been burning for a couple days. you may have noticed that orange glow and in the south bay and east bay and an air quality advisory in place and i do want to give you a look at your forecast for today. if you're heading out the door no matter where you live, a difference in temperature right now. because we're definitely seeing the microclimate 60s for the coast and 70s for oakland and
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80s for the south bay and mid and upper 90s. at some point up in clear lake could get up to 96 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds and sunshine for the inland areas. mike? a few things popping up on our maps. circle at the bottom of the screen and that's what laura was talking about. the sheriff department activity at the surface street and the freeways themselves and over here we have an incident a disabled vehicle out of gas near the airport but sounds like lanes are quickly clearing. you notice the arrow on the san mateo and the slowing popped up on the dumbarton bridge. the commute direction where the arrow was that is moving very smoothly. no problems and no backups just yet at the bay bridge. 6:11. we will see changes over the next ten minutes. that will be critical. >> thanks so much, mike. are you going out?
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you better grab the mask. coming up on "today in the bay" the growing list of big box stores now requiring those face masks. >> and there's no similarity between me and the pills pillsb dough boy. >> makes me laugh every time. a golden opportunity for you're looking for a home right now. the famous house now for sale and how much it could set you back. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it is 6:14. thursday morning. look at walnut creek. a mix of clouds and that sun as it really start to peek through. we're expected to see another day with 60s and 70s around the bay and coast and 80s and low 90s for inland areas. your full forecast in a few minutes. and i had just said it's critical over the next ten minutes. you see a wait for the middle lane and see the metering lights on for the next five to seven minutes and give you that update on the approach coming up. that doesn't mean you can't go without your business and tech news. laura and i have you covered with that. wall street set to open lower with that. this comes as the latest weekly jobless numbers showing 1.3 million americans filed first-time claims last week
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which is down slightly from the prior week. 17 million more americans filed continuing claims. there are more retail layoffs that we're talking about this morning, as well. jcpenney this time cutting at least 1,000 jobs. not just that, 20% of its 850 remaining stores are also closing. the job cuts will impact the corporate and field management offices. problems for jcpenney began long before the pandemic and sales were down 40% since 2007. kroger and kohl's the latest retailers to require customers to wear face coverings in all stores starting next week. they joined walmart which announced a similar policy yesterday. the company says two-thirds of walmart and sam's club stores are in areas where there is some form of government mandate on masks. walmart will station employees at store entrances to remind of their new policy. the trump administration can
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announce restrictions on tiktok within weeks. the u.s. government is looking into whether the social video app owned by a chinese firm is collecting data on americans. tiktok denies it and appointed a former disney executive as its new ceo. it a china's new national security law that many say curve free speech. if you notice cans of your favorite beverages missing from store shelves beer and soda companies are experiencing an aluminum can shortage. they weren't ready for the high demand of canned drinks during the pandemic. since more families are at home they're buying cans in bulk. working 24/7 to fill those demands. here's something good for you this morning. for america's top doctor who is style with a smile this morning,
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at least no one can argue he's officially in style this morning. i'm talking about dr. fauci and check him out right here on the cover of "instyle" digital magazine company. at home sitting at the pool looking all chill for us this morning. the doctor says amidst all the criticism coming from the white house with all due modesty, i think i'm pretty effective. plus -- ♪ thank you for being a friend >> so, trending this morning whether you're a dorothy, rose, blanch or even a sofia. you can now live like a true golden girl. the home used for the exterior shots during the classic tv series is up for sale and as you might guess, it's got four bedrooms located in the bre brentwood area of los angeles. our own assignment editor sean actually visited the home in 2016. shot these pictures for us. it's listed at just under $3
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million. >> wow. >> pretty penny there. i don't know if shaean is doing the tour of the "brady bunch". >> i heard sean has pictures of all of our houses taken from the bushes outside of our house. >> sean, i'll have to talk to you later. >> just kidding. just kidding. we love sean. >> that will be cool if you had a little piece of history. people come over and where do you live? at the golden girls house. it seems like the weather there was always nice. i think we've been pretty good here, as well, these last few days. >> yeah, i know that area pretty well. i'm from southern california and i have friends who live near that area and, you're right, it is always sunny there. here we have a little more microclimate activity at times depending on where you're at the
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difference in temperatures and cloud cover. let's get right to this great shot of san jose. it does show case the sun coming up, but you can already see the hazy conditions really on this live cam. and that's from drifting smoke. so, i want to give you the big kind of air quality advisory story for today. if you're part of one of those sensitive groups that deals with any sort of respiratory issues, you want to be mindful as we see that smoke drifting from a nearby fire in fresno county and the mineral fire. that's been actively burning. so hopefully we see a change in the weather heading into the weekend and get a good grasp of that fire. for now, here's a look at today's forecast. upper 80s for interior valleys and 60s for san francisco and, hey, stargazers, i want to give you another reminder. give you another reminder because i don't want you to miss this because it is not going to happen for another 7,000 years. when do you want to look out for
6:21 am
it? one hour after sunset. coastline, it is going to be a bit foggy. you definitely want to head inland. it will be vizable to the naked eye, but if you really want to see that tail end, hopefully you get somebody who lets you borrow either their telescope or binoculars. i did a short little segment on my instagram and you want to check it out to get more details on that. next seven days. here we go. 90s expected all weekend long. and heat up more headed into saturday and sunday. pretty similar pattern and we'll go to sleep and see the fog return and waking up to the fog again for san francisco and very summer like around here. these are pretty normal temperatures. keeping that in mind as we head into the weekend and remember air quality advisory will be in effect through tomorrow. mike? hey, vianey, if you check website, they will have the observatory and they'll have a virtual telescope you can look through friday this week and
6:22 am
next week, as well. check that out. and checking out the maps without a telescope. animated live look here and a close look and we just see still the slowing in the middle lanes and no metering lights at the bay bridge. a gradual build. the approach shows you no delay. contra costa at speed and out of the north bay, little breezy across the benicia and antioch bridges earlier. chp little slowing out of the altamont and our speed sensors. now the south bay and peninsula are just fine, but south county we had an earlier crash northbound 101 at dunn that has distraction and the build keeps going from san martin through morgan hill. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> thanks so much, mike. coming up next, a new display soon coming to each and every san francisco police station. how the department plans to appease some of the biggest critics. but, first, nbc bay area responds.
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welcome back. 6:25 for you this morning. san francisco police will soon display signs for black lives matter in every station and substation. so, the police commission approved a resolution last night that requires the department to put up a large black lives matter sign inside each station within the next 30 days. so, this move for black officers, well they say it really helps members of the community feel safe. >> it at least opens up an opportunity for someone who looks like me to feel like perhaps they're going to be understood, not prejudged. >> the san francisco police officers association opposes the idea representing the organization says in part that while commission supports the notion that all black and brown lives matter, it is concerned about the endorsement of the specific political organization inside district station.
6:27 am
6:26. we've got a quick follow up from southern california where firefighters are struggling to contain several fires onboard the "uss bonhomme richard" docked in san diego. pockets of the fire keep flaring up. it started on sunday morning during renovation work and is still not clear if the ship can be saved. all right. we've bipartiseen talking about baseball making a comeback and the next monday night the giants are taking on the a's before the season officially begins and not just a practice game for the players. a practice for the new cardboard cutouts that they're going to have out there, as well. remember we told you about this, as well. well, they're getting ready. video from a's president. you see the cardboard cutouts and the fans being placed in their seats there. and they have plenty to cheer about. >> here we go. round-tripper.
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the fans go wild.
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to the coastline not until the afternoon. foggy condition aund there at 8 slightly warmer but pretty seasonable before this time of year. keep in mind, we're still dealing with the hazy skies as the smoke continues to drift in our direction towards the bay area. if you're part of one of thosei
6:37 am
advisory will remain in effect until tomorrow. we'll see some upper 80s for the interior valleys expected to remain given a little bit warmer by the weekend. mike? all right. vianey. a big look at our map shows you we don't have many problems at all over the bay. the one issue we have is a build for highway 84 coming from livermore towards sunol your typical direction. typical westbound direction for the bay bridge, that is coming up and that is the problem heading towards the treasure island area. we look from our emery ville area and flashing lights look like they may be actually changing over there at the bend. there's some boxes in the left lanes and we look at the toll plaza we have the backup in the middle lane and no metering lights registered yet. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 6:38 right now. taking a live look at the big board as the markets have been
6:38 am
open just for about eight minutes this morning. and we see the dow jones industrial average down. about 136 points so far. this all follows new weekly jobless numbers showing slightly more than 1 million americans filing first-time claims. and coming up next - number patients. i'm sharon katsuda. what the hospitals are facing this fall and winter. also coming up for you, how black journalists like myself are reporting and how we're doing our jobs during these racial tension times that we're dealing right now. we'll speak live with one of our very own coming up next. you don't want to miss it. awesome internet.
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i care. wear a mask. let's all do our part to slow the spread. welcome back, everyone. health leaders are sounding a new alarm as cases of covid continue to climb. more hospitals are certainly feeling the pressure. one expert say the virus is nowmitating. i want to check in with "today in the bay" with sharon katsuda. why hospitals are bracing for things to get a lot worse. very concerning, sharon. >> it really is, laura. the hospitals say that they could handle the load now but things could drastically change
6:42 am
over the next few months. the "san francisco chronicle" say health officials say we could see major hospital capacity problems late summer into the fall. because of the rapidly increasing number of covid-19 cases. in california this week, positive cases reported surpassed 10,000 per day. here in the bay area, hospitalizations have increased 33% due to the rise in cases. at good samaritan hospital, ten new patients have been admitted to the covid-19 ward. part of the troubling trend across the region. this graph shows the rising number of patients being admitted into santa clara county hospitals over the last month. >> majority of oour l pel of patients. so, for lack of a better word, opposed to icu level of admission. >> basically new patients are not as sick and they are getting
6:43 am
sycamore easily. they believe the coronavirus ismitating fast to try to survive as long as possible without killing its host and that's why some people are not getting as sick. they are at 50% to 80% capacity and this mixed in with the flu possibly this fall and winter, they're concerned they have to resort to other measures to handle all the patients. reporting live in san jose, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." developing this morning for you, george floyd's death has now been shown to reporters for the first time. nbc news reporters who have seen that footage say floyd seemed startled when officers approached him outside that convenience store in minneapolis. he said i can't breathe at least 28 times before dying. well, happening tonight for you nbc bay area conversation about race in america continues. i want you to join jessica and me at 6:30 for that but start the conversation for you this
6:44 am
morning on what it is like for reporters dealing with these issues as black journalists. one reporter near and dear to us here on "today in the bay" shared this in a post. i want to read it for you. while reporting on the death on george floyd said in anger, can i ask you a personal question? he wanted to know my reaction of the first time i saw the now infamous video of an officer's knee pressing on his neck and him unable to breathe. tracie potts is an nbc news washington journalist for us reporting for stations all over the country. tracie, thank you so much for joining us. i want you to talk to us about your reaction when you heard that question. >> well, didn't want to answer it because i didn't think it was my place as a reporter to give my personal opinion. but this is a different type of story to cover. what i mean by that, you know, typically we don't give our
6:45 am
opinions in stories and i still, obviously, want to always be fair and objective. but perspective is important. and when you are an african-american in this country, your perspective is often different than some of your colleagues and so i did answer the question. i said i was shocked. you know, seeing him there made me think of my own son. and what if that was my son in that position. and i often wonder, you know, our viewers know that, you know, in addition to the people that they see on the screen and things affect us just like they do everyone else. when you were reading the story a moment ago talking bout george floyd saying 28 times, i can't breathe. my heart stopped beating when i heard that, again. it's emotional. >> it really is. part of your article i was reading, when you see those faces you're not always a journalist but a mother. you mentioned your 16-year-old son. i wanted to put up a quote.
6:46 am
one day my 16-year-old son was headed to the grocery store and i found myself hugging him repeatedly. i cried a bit when he left wondering what if he has a bad encounter with police and the next time i see his face is under a sheet at the morgue. when i read that, tracie, i will be honest with you, tears started to fill my eyes becau because -- i think about my mother. >> it's hard. >> it's hard . talk to me about that, tracie. >> it's hard, marcus. i'm an only child, so, you know, i feel that. and he is my only son. and when you see things like this, you just wonder. you know, one of the things i was saying is how do you see your child as this bright, fun,
6:47 am
perkoe person and someone else sees them differently because of the color of their skin. it's so hard. >> it really is. a lot of us have to deal with, being a black man myself, you deal with a lot of that and you understand what parents have to go through. and you know that you're living everyday life and it's hard. >> it hurts right here. >> you know, in your article you also talked about we talked in schools to report the facts and speak the truth and that's what we stop and do every day. but when life interjects with your reporting, it's hard to not give your personal experience because you said it really is to give perspective, just to create a perspect ive and tell a story.
6:48 am
>> a perspective that you have and i have that some of our colleagues may not have had. what i have come to believe, marcus, is we have to be fair and objective. that's just the bottom line. but it's important to bring that perspective. that's why we are here. that is why we are blessed to be in the position that we are. because it's important to -- i can't hold something back from the story that will help you understand the story better. if that something is who i am or an experience that i've had or an experience that my family has had, i a ts to people understanding what's going on. but, you know, i get it. and i feel what you're feeling because we have not always been in this position where we're covering stories but we kind of really know and not always in a very positive way, what the stories are like on the back end. >> it is. >> and thank you. i'm so glad you're having these conversations. >> and i thank you for sharing
6:49 am
and writing that piece because it was very insightful and honest and i thank you for that and talking to us this morning, tracie. >> have a good one. thank you. >> you, too. >> and, again, i want you to join being a part of that conversation tonight. race in america continues at 6:30 tonight gjessica aguirre ad i will lead that conversation for you. this isn't our first flip.
6:50 am
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breaking news right now. the latest weekly job numbers are in. another 1.3 million americans filed for first-time unemployment claims. down slightly from the prior week. another 17 million americans filed continuing claims. this is a live look at the big board right now. it's been open for a little, almost a half hour now. dow jones industrial average down about 75 points hovering around that this morning. well, live look for you at liberty union high school district headquarters. this is in eastern contra costa county. we are learning that three students tested positive for covid-19. the district sent out letters to students indicating the students were engaged in approved workout activity. the district has three high schools freedom, liberty and heritage all in that area of
6:53 am
brentwood. parents have been told anyone who came in contact has been notified and right now sports practices are on hold. twitter is recovering from an unprecedented hack that affected some of the social network's most famous users. they do say their accounts are back to normal, but the hackers asked for money using other people's accounts in bitcoin and they promised they would double it. nbc news is reporting at least several hundred people responded sending in hundreds of thousands of dollars. twitter says it took the drastic step of blocking new tweets from every verified user. compromised or not as well as locking all compromised accounts. happening today dr. anthony fauci will join facebook ceo mark zuckerberg on facebook live to discuss covid crisis. the two will talk about how to flatten the curve and what people can do to protect
6:54 am
themselves. here's the latest county-by-county breakdown of new cases. the bay area adding 802 new infections today. now surpassing 36,000 with 664 deaths. >> all of that info can be confusing. we have broken it down by county online for you. you can check out that chart we created at now to the follow up on future of caltrains suddenly in limbo due to funding issues. san francisco supers havisors pd on the november ballot. the agency says it has only enough money until october to survive. transit activists say caltrain shut down could have a ripple effect saying highways could be flooded with more cars and other transit agencies suffered with residual impacts. decision 2020 and a shakeup in the trump campaign. the president announcing his
6:55 am
campaign manager brad parscale has been reassigned. one of the key reasons trump won the 2016 election. current deputy campaign manager bill stepien will take over. the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows biden has an 11-point lead among registered voters. the niners and giants are teaming up to get the world talking about wearing those masks. they want to get the word out. pushing and launching the new public awareness campaign to distribute 200,000 cloth masks with giants and niners logos on them. they hope to produce double that amount. the a's are certainly trying to make something good out of kind of a tricky situation in this . no fans in the stand, but they want to create a lot of excitement out there and might use some celebrity voices to
6:56 am
help. how does an empty stadium sound? you have to make it lively. the chronicles are reporting the a's are tinkering with a lot of possibilities including piping up the drumming that is usually echoing throughout the bleachers. because the team's normal announcer callahan doesn't want to risk his own health this year, they thought about asking bay area celebrities to record player walk-up announcements and tom hanks. he once worked for the a's as a peanut vendor. trending this morning up, up and away. take a lk at this. so many families opting to avoid air travel, one uk mom gave her little baby an in-home flight experience. she created a plane that is made out of a box even writing delta on the sides. cute little pilot cap. as the baby enjoys the ride, you can hear danger zone playing on the side from "top gun," of
6:57 am
course. >> baby ready to lead the way. all right. weather for us. clear skies out there for us, vianey is it. >> perfect day and night tonight, too. for star gazing. i want to remind everybody about komet neowise. great opportunity to see what nasa scientists are calling one of the brightest comets we've seen in the northern hemisphere and one hour after sunset at 9:25 and now, again, if you live around the coast just like we get ready for fourth of july for fireworks, want to head inland. i haven't found anybody to borrow their telescope. i may take the plunge and purchase one online really quick before we get this or i miss this opportunity because i don't want to miss that. temperatures in the 80s and the
6:58 am
90s. remember there is an air quality advisory in effect because of drifting smoke from the mineral fire in the fresno county fire. limit your activity if you suffer from any sort of respiratory illness. so, great, fantastic weekend ahead. it will be a little hazy out there because of the smoke. mike? >> all right, vianey. i will post the link to the science center. they have a post and over here bay bridge toll plaza and lighter backup it's moving and the debris as we look at the map has cleared from the span westbound. and it has cleared and still has the backup on the incline and the metering lights still on. the rest of the bay light drive and slowing towards hayward area which may force more folks to the san mateo bridge and looks okay so far. but, marcus, i have to tell you, talk with tracy. thank you for sharing that. that was amazing. >> it really was. it was very heartfelt, my
6:59 am
friend. i mean, i was crying with you, too. i mean, we're talking about race in america. the conversation even continuing on tonight. you've got that special. >> yeah, it's coming up at 6:30 tonight. i just thank tracie for writing that because her words were so eloquent and spot on and gives you insight on what it is like for her to be a mother. >> right, very much so. as journalists we don't give our opinions but that was important for her to give that and for you to be so real and sharing, as well. it really gave us perspective, so, thank you for that, my friend. >> thank you. hope you all join us tonight at 6:30. good morning breaking overnight coronavirus cases now on the rise in 42 states. growing concern from health good morning breaking overnight coronavirus cases now on the rise in 42 states. growing concern from health officials about the nation heading in the wrong direction
7:00 am
>> sad thing is it could be avoided if people wore masks >> that push now getting a big boost from more states, stores, and supermarkets and new hope on the horizon. two potential breakthroughs on the vaccine front. we'll have the latest. team this after new polls showed joe


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