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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 26, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. we want to start with the sports boycott across the country, which is spreading. we are waiting word to see if the giants wllrk cam. gabe kapler saying the players will decide whether or not to sit out. right now, no players are on the field, but the field crew was just out there preparing for a game, which starts in about 45 minutes. scheduled to start. this all stems from the nba players who are boy doubting tonight's playoff games to protest the shooting of jacob blake. blake was shot in the back seven times last weekend by a wisconsin police officer. we'll have more on this story and how it relates to here in the bay area in just a few minutes. we want to take a moment to shift focus on the wildfires, which we've been covering now for a week. firefighters are getting a handle on many of the fires. there were some people allowed
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to go back to their homes today. but what they found for many was just utter devastation. for others, evacuation orders and warnings are still in place. also, help is now available from fema. victims are being told to register with fema as soon as possible. >> this is a painful time for so many people. we start with the scu complex fire that's raging across five separate counties. some of the numbers in, 25% containment, which is good news. in the north bay, the lnu fire, 33% contained. however, five people have died. and last but simply not least, the woodward fire in marin. it's as much smaller. the woodward fire right here, it's still growing. and now we should say the last one, the czu fire burning along the coast, nearly 20% contained. one person has died.
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we're expecting an update in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. we are getting some information on the czu complex. we'll get to that in a moment. but in the midst of all this destruction from the fires, we have some good news. hundreds of invaluable,er placeable historical artifacts were rescued before the fire could get to them. robert handa joins us with more. >> reporter: well, state park officers, who also fight fires and rescue people, emphasize saving homes is the topou they part of our area's history. >> there were hot embers raining down around us as we were loading the truck. >> reporter: determined rangers rescued about 450 boxes of historical artifacts from state
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pash parks. mark coordinated the rescue mission, such as saving arrowheads from native american groups. >> they're unique ander replaceable. so these are the kind of things important to rescue. >> how old are these sp >> 4,000 to 5,000 years old. these are older still. these are 6,000 to 7,000 years. so you see the whistles and the fish hooks. so, again, these are objects that once burned and destroyed, are very hard to replace or are irreplaceable. >> reporter: but some buildings and artifacts were lost. >> we had all the artifacts on the floor, ready to install. they all burned. >> reporter: he wants to public to appreciate what was saved, such as this arrow. >> it's got real feathers, and a
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nice stone point. the native people made their arrows in two parts. >> reporter: it is part of our area's heritage and thanks to park rangers, we'll be able to see the artifacts after the fires are out. robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> all right. people who live near lake baresa got to go back into their homes, but many of them lost their homes. jodi hernandez has more. >> reporter: folks who live here tell us this is something they fear every year, losing their house to a fire. for many, that fear has come true. >> it's so nice up here, peaceful. a small community, and we just love it up here. >> reporter: but that sense of peace and tranquility disappeared in a flash last tuesday night, when the lnu
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lightning complex fire came roaring through. >> we never thought anything like this would happen. >> reporter: 29-year-old kristen has lived in the bay area highlands area all her life and is now raising a family of her own there. while he's had to evacuate before, she's never experienced this. >> came back to our nice, new reality of, we don't have a home. >> reporter: the california national guard is now escorting residents back into the burn zone, to try to salvage what they can. while many houses have been destroyed, others are still standing. ramona murray is grateful hers was spared but she's hurting for her neighbors. >> it's just so hard to see everybody that's lost their homes. it's devastating. but all we can do is pray. >> i think we're still in shock
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a little bit. >> reporter: dan says this was the third or fourth time they've had to evacuate in the last four years. >> it's the stress every year wondering, gee, is this the year we're going to lose our home? and this was the year. >> reporter: he loved the area, but he says it's time to move. but kristen forren says she can't imagine living anywhere else. >> it's a very special place. it's a piece of heaven in the middle of, you know, it feels like chaos sometimes. so being here, even with our house burnt down, i still foal like i'm home. >> reporter: this used to be a house with a beautiful view of the lake. that house has been destroyed tonight. while the fire did destroy a lot of houses up in this area, it spared many others like this house next door. so there are a number of houses that are still standing up here tonight. the california national guard is patrol thing area to make sure what is left up here stays safe.
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in napa county, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. we want to bring you up to date on the czu complex fire, burning in santa cruz county. let's listen in. >> we also have additional crews that have come in throughout the day, and we now have 1,982 firefighting personnel assigned. with that, i'm going to hand it over to chief mark brenton for an operations update. >> good evening. so we had another good, successful day of suppression on the fire. the weather threw a few hindrances our way, but overall, continued successes as we speak this evening. as mentioned earlier in division golf kilo, that line is continuing to hold, that is very critical as far as keeping any
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sort of fire spread to the north and to the east, which would potentially threaten santa clara county, but that's shut off. continuing more line construction and letting the fire back down to our control line, that -- and that is just creeping down. the weather is helping mitigate that. but that's part of our strategy so we can bring it to our favorable ground to work on. the communities here looking really good. so we're just continuing to monitor that part of the fire to make that safe. working down the highway 1 corridor, we're having more and more success with that. some of the fires self-mitigated as i said before, and we're just continuing to monitor that. davenport is looking really good. i know today they were working on reenergizing the electricity of that community. so we're trying to start to get that up and running. a lot of work by pg&e restoring
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the infrastructure there, as well as cal trans to make sure that the road is safe to pass. our line to the south continues to hold. looks really good. that's protecting the communities of santa cruz and the uc campus. so was just there about an hour ago. it looks solid and we're comfortable with that. in particular because we'll see the weather change and a northerly push of the wind moving into this weekend. so feel comfortable that's going to hold and it will be good with that wind blowing is what we call a wind test. that means that the lines will hold based on the wind, an adverse wind to it. we believe that will survive a wind test. to us, that's a great measure of success. it means that fire is extinguished and our lines are doing what they're supposed to do. the highway 9 corridor, felton is looking good. we have good line around three quarters of it, and continuing to put line up through the highway 9 corridor, behind ben
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lolond mond and they are workin. we're going to continue to have a lot of success with that. and down just between benlomond and felton, just came from that operation right now. we're taking that slow, methodical. the weather conditions had to delay that operation, because as we saw today, some fog that stuck around a long time and kept the relative humidity up. so we really had to wait before we started lighting that fire, so we have an effective burn, and one that we can control readily. so as i left the line, it's looking good. it's burning well and doing exactly what we want it to do. it's just going to take us a little longer to accomplish that mission, but we're looking at
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making that line go just on the backside of felton, just below ben lomond and tie into highway 9. so that will give aus a good level of protection. bonny doon is looking really good. we've got a lot of resources in there that continue to pop up around homes. and start to extinguish that, and mop that up. there are a lot of hazard trees in there. we have had a number of trees fall across the road that we had to bring our specialty crews in to open up the road. >> you've been listening live to the nightly briefing by cal fire, and some of the recap here. it's just very good progress for the third straight day. the cal fire officials say they are making very good progress, specifically with this czu fire.
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they are holding the line, which is good news, preventing the spread of this fire into santa clara county, which includes palo alto hills and the cupertino hills and preventing the spread into the ucsc campus in santa cruz, and the bonny doon area in the santa cruz mountains. we are streaming the rest of this news conference on our website. it continues to happen right now. you can watch it live at up next, help is here. specialty firefighters arriving in the north bay today. and i'm tracking what's happening on the fire lines and our air quality forecast. i'll have that update.
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let's get back to our other breaking news story. nba players are boycotting tonight's playoffs in response to the shooting of jacob blake. and the giants are joining this boycott. this news just being passed along about two minutes ago. this is a live look from our ballpark cam at oracle park. the game was supposed to start in 30 minutes from now. but as you can see, there are no players on the field. no members of the giants or the dodgers. let's bring in christy smith at the park. still no official word from the teams them sels. but that's what we're hearing
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right now. what do you have where you are? >> reporter: well, those are the reports that we are hearing, that it may be postponed. again, at this point still there are some questions out there and very few answers. we've been outside the park for maybe over an hour and it's been rather quiet. at this point, we still have not heard any official word. in the aftermath of the police shooting of jacob blake, there has been renewed concern and protests. the sports world joined the conversation this afternoon when the nba's milwaukee bucks refused to play their game. other teams followed suit and ultimately all the nba's games were canceled. in baseball, the brewers and the reds, well, they refused to play and that triggered questions about other games around the league. and then the giants' manager came out and said the players were discussing the blake shooting to determine how to respond. but at that point, there was no official word. but then came reports that
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equipment was being taken out of the dugout and we noted that the bases were being pulled up, which of course, leads to the thought that this was perhaps postponed. then, of course, the giants have not said anything officially and the dodgers have put out a lineup. so that then fueled speculation it may happen. but at this point, what the reports are at this point is it seems to be postponed. reporting live in san francisco, christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> inside that ballpark, there are no players on the field right now. this is something we just haven't seen before, a boycott at this level at this magnitude. >> this is a moment right now that people are seizing, and they understand, you know, we've been in this position for a few months now, since the george floyd killing in minneapolis in may. it's been about three months. and we have seen some sweeping demonstrations not just the country but the world. and i think that is really
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resonating with a lot of people, whereas before, this was seen as a black problem. now people see it as a human problem. that's monty pool, bay area sports reporter and our colleague at nbc sports bay area. the a's are in texas and they are playing as scheduled. >> we just learned new details about the shooting jacob blake's family says left him paralyzed. the wisconsin attorney general held a news conference, saying it started with a woman calling saying that her boyfriend was at her home and wasn't supposed to be. officers tried to arrest blake, tasered him and it didn't work. blake then walked around and opened his door. an officer held on to blake's shirt and fired his gun seven times. wisconsin police officers do not wear body kamras. the shooting has sparked several nights of protest.
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two people shot and killed and a third hurt. a teenager is in custody in connection with the shooting. the city of oakland is aware of a planned demonstration. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. just talk about our improved air quality and maybe some of the conditions the firefighters are fighting right now. jeff? >> such great news weather wise. it's giving firefighters a leg up, giving us the ability to go outside and breathe in air not filled with smoke. as we bring you into the maps, i wanted to reset things for you, get a nice, wide look at the three fire zones. what the temperatures are right now, what my forecast is for tomorrow. and then you can see this other new thing that i have added to my map. how much growth we have seen over the past 24 hours. 5,000 hours growth here in the north bay. tomorrow, 91 degrees, wind gusts up to 20 and humidity at 26%.
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that really is continued good news for the firefighters. 5,000 acres is quite a bit smaller than the growth we had seen in a 24-hour period. so, again, things are looking better. down to the south bay, 2,000 acres growth over the past 24 hours. tomorrow, 87 degrees, humidity at 31%. look at the humidity near the coastline where that fog is developing. tomorrow, up to 47%. so increased moisture at the lower levels, dampening up the trees and frubrush and that hel. so weather is on the firefighter's side tomorrow. what about the air quality? best air quality we have seen at this time since the firefights started. you can see in san francisco, it is fogged in. we have some drizzle. look at all this green here, all of these numbers from mill
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valley down to palo alto, that is all good air quality. even for the inland valleys, you're in the yellow, which is considered moderate air quality. as we move through tomorrow, i expect us to possibly teeter back into the unhealthy range, with that fog pattern potentially breaking a little bit. so the north bay, east bay, south bay could go back into the unhealthy. but generally still some low numbers continue bring we've been. tomorrow, 60s at the coast, 70s by the bay. 84 in napa. 90 in antioch. 86 in morgan hill. coming up, we'll take more looks at the fire forecast and i'll have the latest on hurricane laura. this could be devastating and deadly if people don't take evacuations seriously. so an update on that. >> all right, see you shortly. up next, the national guard has arrived in the bay area and helping providing a lot of support in the north bay
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specifically. we'll tell you about the special training they received. for the sweaty faces...
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and the hidden smiles. the foggy glasses... and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. wear a mask.
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let's all do our part to slow the spread. finally allowed home, evacuees were allowed to go back into their own neighborhoods in heeldsberg. fire crews are now getting helping from the national guard. >> reporter: charred fences lay out the path where the fire charred the road here. beneath towering trees, fire crews cut away vegetation and put out spot fires. >> we have received a number of additional firefighters across the western united states. >> reporter: evacuation orders were lifted in heelsburg, but near russian river community, crews continued to battle. >> it requires literally boots on the ground, hand constructing containment lines. >> reporter: today, 600 boots
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hit the ground, as 300 national guard troops arrived in santa rosa to help out. >> we are there to be able to do the mop-up work, to insist that we can -- that fires do not continue to spread. >> reporter: the troops went through a week of fire training and will be working to cut lines alongside fire crews. >> many of my soldiers, this impacts their home. so this is personal to them to be able to not only support the state and local communities but also families. >> reporter: cal fire says it's getting help from cooler temperatures and higher humidity. a team work of nature and people working to avert disaster. homes. we'll hear from santa cruz firefighters working around the clock to keep flames at bay. how they're handling these tough conditions. plus, a drag 'tis change in covid guidelines from the cdc.
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why some are accusing the trump administration of playing politics with health and safety.
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right now at 6:30, some good news. lower temps, calm winds helping firefighters on the frontlines. they are making good headway today on containing the bay area's three huge fires. now, we're keeping an eye on the
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containment of that cluster of main fires. more people are being let back into areas to see if their homes are still there. for some of them, it means finding everything devastated. while others seeing their homes spared. more evacuation orders erased tonight, including some communities in napa county. but many other warnings are in place. help is on the way from fema. victims being told to register with the federal agency as soon as possible. and breaking news along the coast. sheriff deputies are looking for three people missing from the evacuation zones. here they are, from left to right. 70-year-old henry ranky. 21-year-old shane smith. and 37-year-old mika sokey. here's our fire map. the lnu fire, the czu fire and the scu fire. we're also watching the woodward
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fire threatening dozens of homes in marin county. a harrowing story coming from the frontlines in santa cruz mountains tonight. marianne favro sat down with a man who decided to face the fire to save his own home, and then saved a half dozen neighbor's homes, as well. it's quite the story. firefighters tell you all the time you shouldn't say and do it, but in this case it worked out. >> reporter: it did work out. amazingly. bill burton refused to evacuate, but he says because of that decision, some of his neighbor's homes are still standing. on alba road in ben lomond, we found house after house burned to their foundations, but bill's isn't among them. he decided to take a stand. he built a fire line around his home and kept debree away from
6:32 pm
the foundation, then defended his neighbor's houses. >> i saved my home, but there were 11 others around me. it's really emotional to think i could have saved them. >> reporter: in brookdale, volunteer firefighters did all they could to hold the line, as flames raced down the canyon. >> they're hot and intense. you do what you can to try to save as many houses as you can. >> reporter: for 14 years, a brookdale family called this home. today, all that's left of the craftsman house is the chimney. but along the losses, there are victories. ben lowmonld firefighters estimate they saved as many as 40 homes. >> without the 30 or more guys that have come down to help, we never could have saved as many houses as we did. >> reporter: volunteer firefighters spent the day puts out hot spots but feel this firefight has finally turned a corner. reporting live, marianne favro, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you. when you add up the big complex fires, it's 800,000 acres, which is more than 1200 square miles. let's bring in chris on the big board for us with new and different data points. >> reporter: consider it's 150 miles from up here near clearlake down to santa cruz. and basically wherever you are in the san francisco bay area, fire is nearby. let's start off talking real quick about the woodward fire. we have a situation where cal fire is working on the northeast and south side, trying to prevent it from moving southward. there are still evacuation warnings in place for belinas. to the north, we'll look at the dual fires here in sonoma and napa counties. the map here is the fire perimeter in orange, and then the red circles are indications from satellite sensors showing
6:34 pm
heat blooms or hot spots. on the north end, we have new evacuation orders in yolo county, as well as evacuation warnings in lake county east of long valley road, extending to the north to the county line north of highway 20. the satellites are indicating there is a bit of a firefight going on in napa county. better news in sonoma county where we see there are some hot spots on the northwest side, as well as the southeast side. though it does appear that they are holding and the fire line is not moving toward heelsberg at this point. but we do have a core of ev evacuation orders surrounded by a big angled u-shape of evacuation warness sonoma county at this point. let's go to the czu fire. we have good news just coming in from cal fire, that the
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evacuation orders for uc santa cruz have just been lifted. that's good news. the indications here from satellite still knows there are hot spots in the southeast, as well as the northwest. nonetheless, cal fire has said that it thinks being able to keep these under control as you heard in the briefing at the top of our news cast. so you might need to be on alert, it appears these fire lines are being held. at the same time, some of these might be cal fire doing work, because the briefing did indicate they were doing some backfires or burnouts, which would appear on here. so let's hope the more red we see here is cal fire doing its thing. so let's move to the scu fires. this is santa cruz county, gilroy and morgan hill. we have seen a flareup of activity on the southwest side. some of these are up in the hills. so around 2,000 to 2500 feet.
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cal fire has not moved any of the evacuation orders toward morgan hill and gilroy. we think it's wise to stay on top of all of this. at a moment's notice, these fires could advance, so that's why warnings extend down here to the edge of morgan hill and gilroy. on the north side, we have flare ups to the east of fremont. again, cal fire said it's been working up here. again, let's hope some of this red activity that the satellites are seeing is a flare-up that's due to cal fire doing some of those fire lines opposed to the wildfire continuing to rain. if you would like to check out these maps, you can do so on our website. our team is updating all this information in real time. so go ahead and bookmark
6:37 pm so you can see the very latest. >> thanks, chris. as thousands of firefighters try to fight bay area wildfires, they're battling an enemy they can't see. crews are taking extra preskaugs cautions to prevent covid-19. >> it's very evident, if you go to the area where we eat, the chow line, we spread them out. none of the firefighters are really touching anything. everything is boxed and ready to go for them. >> cal fire says keeping crews healthy allows them to better focus on protecting lives and property. up next, is the trump administration pressuring -- right now, is the trump administration pressuring the cdc? the cdc made a sudden change of policy when it comes to who should be getting tested. doctors and health officials are rejecting the cdc guidance.
6:38 pm
here's scott budman. >> reporter: it was a bombshell decision from the cdc. one dr. anthony fauci says was made while he was in surgery and unable to argue. changes in covid testing guidelines, saying some people without sim pymptoms don't need be tested even if they have been in contact with someone who has covid. reaction was swift. >> i actually didn't believe it, for it seemed entirely bizarre, this that it undercuts or very basic tenants of how we control an infectious disease. >> reporter: dr. sarah cody also criticizing cdc advice that someone with symptoms might want to get a test. saying there should be no maybe. >> our local guy dance and our order is quite clear that anyone with symptoms of covid should be
6:39 pm
tempted right away. >> reporter: and the cdc's decision was due to pressure from the white house. the california governor made it clear. s >> i don't agree with the new cdc guidance. we will not be infrunluenced bye change. saying california's covid related divisions, will will be made by scientists and doctors. just ahead, how effective was melania trump? and what will we see tonight at the republican national convention? z
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the governor announcing a new partnership he says will increase california's covid testing. the state is teaming up with massachusetts based perken elmer to build a new lab that will more than double california's
6:42 pm
test capacity. the deal is expected to reduce the price of testing, and speed up the turn around time for test results. >> that will provide an additional 150,000 tests per day. so we're averaging over 100,000 tests a day. >> the governor says the increased testing capacity and better reliability will be critical as we move into flu season, which could lead to a dual health crisis. we want to check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, let's talk about the next couple of days. we have seen these improving weather conditions for firefighters. are we going to stay on this track? >> i think in the short term we will. friday, some hotter temperatures. and then we could also see, you know, the humidity beginning to decrease. we'll go over all those conditions coming up.
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let's take a live look at the republican national convention. this is jack brewer, a former nfl player. he is now at the podium. in about an hour, we are expecting vice president mike pence to speak. among the questions, will he address the unrest in wisconsin and the subsequent boycott in the sports world? we do know this, vice president pence will speak from ft. mchenry in baltimore and will talk about patriotism. ft. mchenry inspired francis scott key to write "the star spangled banner." his wife will speak, as well as kellyanne conway, who announced she is leaving the white house staff for family reasons. lester holt will lead our coverage at the rnc in 15 minutes. right now, let's bring in lar gersten. let's go back to last night. how effective was melania trump for republicans to sway some votes here? >> one thing's for sure, it was
6:46 pm
the anti-trump speech. the opposite image of who president trump is. she talked about caring for covid people. she's the only one who has really addressed that in any way, the covid problem. the tragedy involved, all these families who died and what not. she talked about that. she talked about social justice issues, equality, all the kinds of things that the president does not like to talk about. of course, she made the president seem human. you know, empathetic. now, whether he is is another story. as speeches go, it was probably one of the best speeches in terms of bringing some humanity into this discussion. and including some important issues that a lot of people want to hear. >> she did humanize president trump. is it effective now for the suburban women that they talk about, that they need to get to win this election, the president? >> you know, it's hard to imagine that any one speech will be that effective. the question is, do they leave the convention in its four-day
6:47 pm
entirety feeling they have managed to get through, get to suburban women? get through to independents? get through to folks who might have been with him before but not now? one speech is not likely to do it. but the theme of the convention might. we'll have a much better idea tomorrow. >> republicans are trying to energize the party. so far are they doing their job in terms of what's going to happen a couple months ago? >> they are doing their job in reaching the base. there is no question about it. again and again, they're hammering on all the key issues. the courts, the right to life, all of these kinds of core themes that conservatives really want to hear. the question is, are they going beyond the base? you're not going to win an election with 40% of the voters. you're just not going to do it. you can't count on that many democrats and independents not showing up because they might go the other way.
6:48 pm
remember, 2016, many people considered -- the republicans have to cast a wider net. the democrats did that by bringing in key republicans who decided to say we want biden. the republicans haven't done that with anybody of substance. so it remains to be seen whether they'll get anything more than just stoking that base, which probably won't be enough. >> tonight, vice president mike pence in just about an hour and tomorrow night, to wrap it up, president trump. larry, thank you. all right. coming up, what you need to know about casting your ballot during the pandemic. nbc news put together a plan your vote tool. find the link on our website, a lot happen thing evening. let's bring in jeff ranieri, because we're able to bring a lot better and i'm hoping we get to see lucy your dog at some point, because we sure need her on a night like this. >> we're going to try to work it in.
6:49 pm
she's right on over here, you guys. of course, we do have our own weather emergency here with the fires happening and then we also have another very dangerous situation down south towards texas and louisiana. i wanted to start off with this in case you have friends or family in texas or louisiana, to let you know we are just hours away from a landfall with hurricane laura. port arthur, texas, a storm sump surge of 10 to 20 feet, give your friends a call, check in on how them. rain, 6 to 20 inches. and wind gusts at landfall of 150 miles per hour. we'll have more on that at let's bring into our weather some good news tonight, the air quality, the best it has been since the fires have started. we now have rated good air quality back to livermore, which
6:50 pm
is phenomenal, considering how hard it has been to breathe. moderate air quality for san jose, concord and napa. it's all due to the fog. you can see it right here. very thick with the drizzle, acting like a big fan to push the smoke out of the bay area. tomorrow, we could see some unhealthy air return if that fog pattern breaks a little bit. but overall, things are getting better with that smoke. what's happening with the fires? as that foggy breeze moves in, it's keeping temperatures down. we have 80 degrees. right now up into the north bay and 58% humidity. so that's added moisture that's helping out. only seen 5,000 acres growth in the past 24 hours. down to the south bay, 75 degrees. 45% humidity. and just 2,000 acre's growth. so 66 for the santa cruz mountains. and we have seen 2,000 acres growth. and we expect similar
6:51 pm
temperatures tomorrow. but what about the wind and humidity. that is the most important thing when it comes to fires. you can see that we're not looking at any big wind events as we head through the next couple of days, so that is great news. high humidity thursday and friday. so that added moisture from the fog. but by saturday and sunday, we could see the humidity decrease a little bit. but overall, i think we should be able to maintain some of those containment lines. temperatures right here at the coastline, 60s in san francisco and half moon bay. inland valleys, eig80s to 90. in san francisco, looking at 60s as we head through the next couple of days and some 70s next week. for the inland valleys, we are going up into the 90s as we move through the next couple of days. okay, back on camera live. lucy, come on up. she's been liking the improved air quality, guys. just wanted to say hello on this lucy wednesday.
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>> did you redo her bangs again? >> yes, she got a haircut. >> she got a haircut. >> it takes a woman to notice lucy got her haircut. is that is is breaking news right there. >> yes. >> super cute. >> thanks for putting a smile on our faces, jeff. >> you got it. back to the reality here. the nba, major league baseball and major league soccer, the nationwide sports boycott is growing by the hour. this includes the gthsiants. hi. we're glad you came in. what's on your mind? can you help keep these guys protected online? easy. connect to the xfi gateway. what about wireless data options for the family? you can customize and save. what about internet speeds that can keep up with my gaming? let's hook you up with the fastest internet from xfinity. and now with our stores reopening, we're putting healthy practices in place. come visit a store today.
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well, the giants' game was supposed to have started five minutes ago, but no game tonight. >> the giants and dodgers are one of three major league baseball games postponed in protest over the shooting of jacob blake. the bigger picture here, this boycott is nationwide and it is growing. oracle park, just about 45 minutes ago, instead of the players getting ready on the field, there was nothing but the grounds crew. this movement started earlier in the day when the milwaukee bucks refused to play their playoff game against orlando.
6:56 pm
all three nba playoff games were postponed, followed by baseball games. the san jose earthquakes also calling off their game tonight. there will be a lot more on this story in the days to come and how it impacts not just the nba but the other sports leagues. let's talk about something that is a little happier. nbc bay area news working to clear the shelters to find new homes for pets. there's a palo alto team that came up with an idea and ran with it. >> neil fulton is a distance runner at palo alto high school. he's organized a virtual run to clear the shelters. >> all you have to do is sign up and then you can do the run wherever you are. and send a picture to us after the event. and also if you want a running platform, you'll be on the leader board. >> you can walk or run the 5-k between this friday and next monday.
6:57 pm
go to to learn more. see ya.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, the republican national convention. here are lester holt and savannah guthrie. >> good evening, everyone. the third night of the republican convention is underway against a backdrop of several major storiethat touch on issues that could impact the selection. >> there's a big weather story unfolding at this hour. hurricane laura now a category 4 storm just hours away from landfall on the gulf coast. and the community of kenosha, wisconsin, on edge again tonight. a curfew in effect there and the national guard called out after


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