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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 27, 2020 2:06am-2:36am PDT

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♪ ♪ younger teens are struggling too. >> she thrived on being active chit, chit. she did. jif peanut butter. chit, chit. it's that jif-ing good, >> reporter: sophomore you'd dress up like a squirrel for it. want another jif'ing good way to jif? smith excelled at softball, basketball and track, she played check out new jif squeeze. three instruments but covid shut all of that down and she was stuck in the house. >> she was literally by herself tonight, the i think it just put catastrophic tonight, the catastrophic category her in a place to be 4 hurricane, bearing lonely. >> reporter: she took down on the u.s. as we come on the air. her own life in april. hurricane laura, the do you think your extremely dangerous monster storm on a daughter would be gone right now if we didn't have a pandemic? collision course with texas and louisiana. 500,000 under mandatory evacuations, >> absolutely not. the dynamic of life storm surge expected changed. >> we're in a moment up to 20 feet. where we are all being affected in some way by the pandemic. forecasters warning it's unsurvivable. our team in the storm >> reporter: 13% of zone adults reported al roker has the new starting or increasing track. substance use to cope with stress or emotions related to covid. experts encourage all also deadly chaos of us to focus on what during the jacob blake we can control, protest in wisconsin the disturbing video of a gunman on the ground opening fire. routine, sleep, two people killed in schedules. late today the young >> reporter: all of us are experiencing some suspect under arrest. level of stress and and the extraordinary moment strain on live tv, the nba but dialoguing about players angered over it together can create the police shooting of a sense of not being jacob blake, refusing alone, being in this together.
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to take the court, all >> reporter: danielle tonight's games now postponed. urges parents to talk with their kids. night three of the >> sit down and talk to them. if you're working at rnc, mike pence setting the stage for home and if you're president trump's working and they're at home all day, still acceptance speech on thursday take that time. >> reporter: i'm sure and melania trump's you wish you had that time now. message on race. the u.s. >> yeah, of course i coronavirus death toll do i mean, that's my -- surpassing 180,000, and the sudden reversal from the cdc that's my first born on testing, why >> reporter: kate critics say it will cost lives. snow, nbc news. >> if you or someone you know needs help call the national suicide prevention lifeline at and the new firestorm for washington's nfl team, the secret tape cheerleaders say was 1-800-273-8255. created without their knowledge. what the team is saying when we come back >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" al roker joins us for an update on hurricane with lester holt laura. good evening, everyone, here comes hurricane laura, climate change is the fight of our generation. what's being called an extremely dangerous the biggest obstacle right now category 4 storm on is that we're running out of time. track for a bruising, overnight landfall, along the texas-louisiana amazon now has a goal to be net zero carbon by 2040. border the national weather service tonight we don't really know exactly how we are going to get there. warning of a catastrophic storm it's going to be pretty hard. surge, extreme winds and flash flooding but one way or another we're going to reduce officials saying those who haven't evacuated our carbon footprint to net zero. the most at risk areas are now on their own i want my son to know that i tried my hardest
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time has essentially run out. to make things better for his generation. the region bracing for wind-driven waters that could push for miles inland our team is on the ground morgan chesky has the very latest. morgan, what are you seeing >> reporter: yeah, lester, a deceptively sunny moment here in lake charles, the outer bands from hurricane laura are alread making their way through, bringing high with acetaminophenction i want my son to know that i tried my hardest winds and heavy rain the city's mayor tellin fights pain in two ways. me he's afraid not enough people advil targets pain at the source... evacuated while they still could. ...while acetaminophen blocks pain signals. tonight across texas and louisian the future of pain relief is here. hurricane laura's new advil dual action. message loud - >> the category 4, that was reason enough to leave >> reporter: and clear. >> you're going to leave, now is the time to do it. >> reporter: the storm swelling into a category 4 monster in its path, more than half a million people. facing mandatory evacuations. >> you've got to listen to what it tells you. >> reporter: in louisiana no stranger to hurricanes the governor calling this
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one different. >> the storm is going (announcer) you can quit. to be more powerful than rita. for free help, >> reporter: laura is call 1-800-quit now. now packing winds topping 140 miles an i'm a verizon engineer, and i'm part hour, with an up to of the team building the most 20 foot storm surge. powerful 5g experience for america. the national weather it's 5g ultra wideband, and it's already service describing it in the starkest terms, unsurvivable available in parts of select cities. here in cameron, like los angeles and in new york city. louisiana wher the eye of the storm is expected to pass we're alread and it's rolling out in cities around the country. seeing laura's impact, low lying streets with massive capacity, under water. it's like an eight lane highway as those gulf waters compared to a two lane dirt road. start to rise. the community crushed 25x faster than today's 4g networks. by hurricane rita in in fact, it's the fastest 5g in the world. 2005, an overnight from the network more people rely on. ghost town except for 87-year-old henry this is 5g built right. mccall. henry, they're saying that only on verizon. storm surge is going to be unsurvivable and here you are. >> yes and still going for my best. the last minute i may even though i live with a higher risk of stroke leave but right now due to afib... ...not caused by a heart valve problem. i'm still debating what to do so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, >> reporter: those who did flee finding a new i want that too. eliquis. problem, shelters running out of room eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk because of social distancing for better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. covid-19 and lake charles with a precious few hours until landfall stores eliquis is fda-approved and has both. are boarded up, gas stations empty as the reality of what's next? reeling in a nice one.
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what's to come sinks in. >> we've got don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. or, you know, we're just prepared for eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. anything >> reporter: tonight the gulf coast bracing for impact don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve morgan chesky, nbc news, lake charles, or abnormal bleeding. louisiana. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily- >> reporter: i'm sam -and it may take longer than usual brock in port arthur for any bleeding to stop. along the gulf coast seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, tonight it's not just the winds, but the water they're fearing like unusual bruising. from the catastrophic eliquis may increase your bleeding risk storm surge. if you take certain medicines. >> the hurricane, i tell your doctor about all planned medical covered this island. >> reporter: the or dental procedures. impact can be ask your doctor about eliquis. devastating even from small surges, at three and if your ability to afford... feet the flood waters ...your medication has changed, are life threatening, we want to help. at six feet the waves can smash through windows and doors. at nine feet entire neighborhoods could be destroyed. laura's storm surge could top out at 20 feet. >> this has been categorize as a storm surge where it will be hitting. >> reporter: the national hurricane center warning the waters can push 30 miles inland in the texas city of port arthur i'm standing on top of a levy that's built up
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and reenforced to handle storm surge, but not 15 to 20 feet worth of it. the mayor here is deeply concerned about what's to come. >> about 5:00 it's all right. going to be you and god. we're back with al roker. he's tracking >> reporter: we found people scrambling to we're back with al get out, remembering roker tracking hurricane laura, we're hours away from landfall the ruthless rising what do things look like now waters in hurricanes past. >> reporter: this is a dangerous storm taking >> i've been through aim on the texas-louisiana harvey, and i ain't border 145 mile per hour going to chance this winds moving northwest i've decided to get on at 15. out of here. landfall early i ain't going to take tomorrow morning, it no chances this time continues up into the mississippi river i was in water up to valley, bringing my shoulders torrential rain and tornados >> reporter: with these waters from the the storm surge gulf expected to upwards of 20 feet barrel ashore, will reach at least 40 concern also for major miles inland as that oil refineries here which could be knocked storm pushes through, offline for weeks. lester destructive winds with >> sam brock for us, hurricane force winds, thanks very much. ery much. we're looking at damaging winds that will knock out power, and heavy rain, widespread flash and urban flooding, up to we are closely tracking we're closely tracking 15 inches or more, lester. hurricane laura as it approaches landfall. >> al, thanks, we know you'll continue to let's go to al roker monitor hurricane laura. al, what's the very latest >> lester, laura's taking aim on the texas-louisiana border that is "nightly news," thank you for this could be the strongest ever to hit watching, i'm lester holt there. 400 miles wide, moving please take care of yourself and each other. northwest at 15 miles per hour with 145 mile per hour winds could be 150 when it
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makes landfall early tomorrow morning and then continues up the mississippi river valley bringing more heavy rain we're going to be watching this system with the storm surge that's what's going to be one of the most catastrophic parts to this system, 15 to 20 feet of storm surge, power outages likely into next week and rainfall upwards of 15 inches or more, moving into the mississippi river valley lester >> al, thanks. another major story we're following, the deadly shooting that erupted during the jacob blake protest in kenosha, wisconsin, two people killed, a third injured and late today a 17-year-old under arrest gabe gutierrez is there. we want to warn you, some of the video is ♪ disturbing >> reporter: tonight an arrest in the deadly violence that broke out last night in kenosha, wisconsin 's be wide welcome to over the shooting of jacob blake. "the kelly clarkson show," everybody. the sun is shining print the sky this video captured is clear and ♪ i'm feeling part of the chaos, good ♪ a great song, another good day. shots ringing out, a man on the ground firing a long gun. let's get things going with a bystanders running in horror it's unclear song from emf that i love, love, what happened before
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or after this video. love. i know i say that a lot but this right before dawn is a song that i would put my authorities are still on the scene police say two people headphones on when i was a kid are dead and felt like i was super at least one person rock 'n' roll but i super injured. today wasn't. but anyway, this is me and my intentional homicide charge. band, y'all, with "unbelievable >> what it seems to be is a "unbelievable." member of a militia ♪ you burden me with your questions ♪ group who decided to ♪ you'd have me tell no lies be a vigilante. >> reporter: the ♪ you're always asking what it's shootings came after authorities in armored all about, darlin' listen to vehicles fired tear my ♪ gas at dispersed crowds ♪ replies ♪ you say to me i don't talk tensions are high enough ♪ here ♪ but when i do i'm a fool video posted on social media shows men with long guns standing guard outside a boarded up building. authorities have not ♪ these times i've spent, i've said whether any of realized ♪ them were involved in ♪ i'm going to shoot through and any confrontation. leave you ♪ ♪ the things, you say ♪ your purple prose just gives late today three days after an officer shot you away ♪ blake multiple times in the back wisconsin's attorney general identified the officer as rusten -- who's been with the department for seven years, officers unsuccessfully try today arrest and taser blake after a woman
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called about her boyfriend being on the premises when he wasn't supposed to be. >> during the investigation following the initial incident mr. blake admitted he had a knife in his possession, and dci agents at the division of criminal investigation recovered a knife from the driver's side floor board of mr. blake's vehicle. >> no charges have been filed and no comment since the news conference from blake's attorney but the investigation is ongoing for blake's uncle, answers can't come soon enough. >> we don't want any violence we don't want destruction. we want justice. >> reporter: the extradition hearing for the accused gunman last night is now set for friday no comment from his public defender. the governor authorized another 500 members of the national guard. pro athletes
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now taking a stand with an nba team refusing to take the court late today, the players protesting racial injustice miguel almaguer has late details >> reporter: i don't think we're going to have a game five here. >> the protest unfolded on live television milwaukee never taking the court against orlando, now all three playoff games today postponed, for weeks nba superstars kneeled for social injustice now they're taking a stand after the shooting of jacob blake in wisconsin. >> quite frankly it's just [ bleep ], in our community. some people get tired of hearing me say it but we are scared of -- black people in america. >> reporter: after the killing of george floyd players nearly called off the season so they wouldn't distract from nationwide protests. afte play resumed last month, now a pause in the playoffs clippers coach doc rivers, the son of a police officer, led his team through the donald sterling saga. >> it's amazing to me why we keep loving this country, and this country does not love us back. >> reporter: with the milwaukee brewers postponing their game tonight, joining the wnba in this season like no other nba
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players wear a cause on their backs and have a call for change on their minds. >> it's so hard to just keep watching it. you don't need to be black to be outraged you need to be american and outraged. >> reporter: tonight for the nba their strongest statement yet, a message bigger than the game. miguel almaguer, nbc news it is night three of the rnc, vice president mike pence set to make the case for four more years of a trump presidency after first lady melania trump took center stage last night. here's hallie jackson with that. >> reporter: after the twilight's last gleaming vice president mike pence tonight will speak at fort mchenry, the site that inspired the lyrics of "the star spangled banner," the stage set for a speech heavy on patriotism according to sources familiar with it and heavy on policy with pence expected tooe biden offer what they call a
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brighter vision and make the case against a joe biden presidency the backdrop last night was closer to home for the president and first lady not the usual convention arena because of covid instead, his campaign leveraging the white house, and the power of his presidency to their political advantage. >> i grant jon, i'm not sure you know this, a full pardon. >> reporter: from the emotional pardon of prison reform activist jon ponder. >> today, praise god, i am filled with hope. >> reporter: to a naturalization ceremony outside the east room. >> congratulations again to all of you. may god bless yo and may god bless our great country, america. >> reporter: to a speech by secretary of state mike pompeo while on an official trip to jerusalem. >> this president that has led bold initiatives in nearly every corner of the world. >> reporter: the state department says pompeo was acting in his personal, not professional capacity. and th white house says no laws have been violated critics argue those blurred lines are inappropriate and may be illegal, and point between
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reality to what they call a gulf between rhetoric and reality. like the overtures to black americans despite the president's past racist tweets and from a top adviser a reference to the current coronavirus pandemic in past tense. >> then came a once in 100-year pandemic, it was awful. >> reporter: about a thousand people are still dying every day from the coronavirus a heartbreak first lady melania trump acknowledged. >> donald will not rest until he has done all he can to take care of everyone impacted by this terrible pandemic. >> reporter: the first lady speaking from the newly renovated rose garden, also addressed race years after she defended her husband's birther conspiracy theory. >> it is a harsh reality. that we are not proud of parts of our history. >> reporter: and in the tradition of first lady speeches mrs. trump getting personal about her husband. >> whether you like it or not you always know what he's thinking and that is because he's an authentic
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person, who loves this country and its people and wants to continue to make it better. >> reporter: before the vice president takes the stage here the lineup of speakers for the rest of the night includes top presidential adviser kellyanne conway set to make remarks just days before she leaves the administration to focus on her family. lester >> hallie jackson, tonight, thanks. we're back in 60 seconds with a sudden change to cdc testing guidelines for covid, why some states are choosing to defy them. why som choosing to defy them. , tinker. commemorating bizarre mishaps that farmers has seen and covered. had a little extra time on my hands lately. (neighbor) and that? (burke) oh, this? just an app i've been working on. it's called signal from farmers, and it could save you up to fifteen percent on your auto insurance. simply sign up, drive and save. but i'm sure whatever you've been working on is equally impressive. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ you're not welcome here! get out of my face!
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hpv can cause certain cancers when your child grows up. get in its way. hpv can affect males and females... and there's no way to predict who will or won't clear the virus. but you can help protect your child by taking a first step. the cdc recommends hpv vaccination at age 11 or 12 to help protect against certain cancers. hey cancer! not... my... child. don't wait... talk to your child's doctor about hpv vaccination today. the alarming milestone in the coronavirus pandemic, the u.s. death toll now surpassing 180,000. it comes as the cdc is sparking controversy by suddenly changing its testing guidelines here's anne thompson >> reporter: despite a 37% drop in cases nationwide since late july, furious pushback on the cdc's new recommendation, that people exposed to covid and have no symptoms no longer need to get tested the change igniting confusion among public health experts.
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>> that's an essential component of case-based interventions, doing effective tracking and tracing. >> reporter: new york's governor calling the move indefensible. >> you cannot justify that on any public health basis that's politics. >> reporter: president trump in june suggested less testing. >> so i said to my people, slow the testing down, please >> reporter: today the department of health and human services, which oversees the cdc, says there was no direction from the president or vice president on the new guidelines defending the change when pressed by reporters, saying tests should now be focused and strategically done, not for the sake of being tested. >> if we're not testing these people they will infect others and the viral transmission and outbreak will get only worse over time. >> reporter: a concern shared by dr. anthony fauci, according to a statement tonight he reviewed a draft of the guidelines but was not at the task force meeting where they were adopted because he was undergoing surgery. boston university believes more tests are better
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it's built a covid lab on campus where eight robots help more than a dozen people process up to 6,000 covid tests a day. part of bu's massive effort to test undergraduate students twice a week and get results in 24 hours. >> if someone is positive we can call them and do contact tracing and get them isolated as quickly as possible >> reporter: putting students like junior katherine gorbowski at ease. >> i want to keep everyone around me safe as i want to keep myself safe. >> reporter: across the country outbreaks. where students gather in large parties with few safe coverings 207 cases at auburn, 658 at university of north carolina a fate bu hopes to avoid. >> even if someone doesn't adhere to those individual safety practices and they're not keeping socially distanced we're going to catch them on our testing. >> reporter: to keep students healthy and learning, anne thompson, nbc news, boston. the nfl is investigating a claim that a lewd video was
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made of cheerleaders for the washington football team for the team's owner, geoff bennett reports. >> reporter: tonight another bombshell allegation claiming a culture of sexual harassment within the washington football team, the washington post first reporting today that larry michael, a former team executive and play-by-play broadcaster instructed employees to create a behind the scenes video for owner daniel snyder featuring outtakes of partially nude team cheerleaders from a 2008 swimsuit calendar shoot michael denied the allegation to the post attorney lisa banks represents some of the women. >> it's high time this was exposed, and that the nfl takes action >> reporter: the post also reports the story of former cheerleader tiffany bacon scourby, saying that during a 2004 charity event snyder told her he and a team doctor had a hotel suite and suggested she and the doctor go to the room and get to know each other better
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snyder, in a statement to espn tonight, denies that allegation, says the reporting reads like a hit job and adds, while i was unaware of these allegations until they surfaced in the media i take full responsibility for the culture of our organization even before today's article i have begun taking any and all steps necessary to ensure that the washington football team is an organization that is diverse, inclusive and respectful of all. in july the post published a story that detailed sexual harassment allegations for more than a dozen former female employees. emily applegate worked as a team marketing coordinator for a year in 2014. >> i mean on a daily basis i was verbally harassed, i was sexually harassed. >> reporter: she's geoff bennet among those tonight calling on snyder to clean up the team's culture. geoff bennett, nbc news, washington. up next, the first lady's urgent call to action amid the pandemic
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it'can it help with snoring?le of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed. i've never heard snoring. exactly. no problem. ...and done and now, all beds are on sale. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. only for a limited time. first lady melania trump delivered an urgent message at last night's rnc about the pandemic's mental health toll. kate snow with the deepening crisis. >> reporter: in the midst of covid melania trump put a spotlight on substance use and mental health. >> suicides are on the rise as people who are struggling with loneliness and addiction feel they have nowhere to turn parents, please talk to your children. >> reporter: a survey conducted in june found 40% of adults in
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the u.s. were dealing with mental or behavioral health issues related to the pandemic, including anxiety and depression
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