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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 17, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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it has a small language and youth group. >> reporter: he's chairman of the cultural foundation which also has offices here. while many suspected arson, san francisco firefighters will only say it is only investigation. >> we want the facts and science behind the facts and the evidence. >> reporter: many here worried of the latest string of attack. >> we don't know what happened. from all indication it is arson. it comes on the heel of vandalism that took place. >> reporter: that attack happened in july. the community came together to d to show this is nothing more than a temporary setback. >> we'll rebiuild for sure. >> reporter: in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area
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news. today is the first day in a month we are not under a spare the air alert. a welcome sight, blue skies. just like our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has been saying. all the wildfires smoke is out of the bay area. here is a live look at the air quality map today. almost the entire bay area is in green which means the air quality is good. a couple of patches of yellow which is the moderate yellow. jeff will join us a little bit to talk about how long this clean air will stick around. our air is good and other part s of the states are downright terrible. yosemite national park shuts down because of whhazardous air. park raengers closed the park a 5:00 p.m. and it will remain closed through the weekend.
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that's off the chart at 2:00 p.m. minutes ago it is higher now. this is moestly because of the creek fire in fresno county. yosemite certainly looks terrible. bad air is blanketing a lot of the rest of the west. here ises the map now. san francisco right here you can see it. it is pretty good air. it got that nice, clean pocket of air. if you go down southern california, you can see yellow and red on the map and some purple which is really bad. take it up north and oregon, you go up here, the city of portland is in the dark purple. that's the worse category of air. let's show you what it looks like outside. downtown portland right now, we'll show you right here. you can barely see it. it is hazy with that slight
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orange glow. tahoe right here, this is south lake tahoe, the air is really hazy and no blue skies there at all. if you go to vegas, vegas is in the yellow zone. better than portland because you see some blue. it is still thick and cloudy above the strip. you can check out how the air improve in your neighborhood on your website. we posted the link to airnow.oy. we posted the link to airnow.g v go to, it will take you there. the santa cruz mountain is 89% contained. lnu fire in the north bay is 97% contained. the scu fire burning in the south and east bay is at 98%. crews are having a harder time
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with the august complex. the north complex fire up in t butte county is only 26% but we are hearing it is 36% contained. park rangers say they are seeing unusual behaviors by animals. that's something humans need to be aware of as well. nbc bay area's robert handa is live showing us some bizarre behaviors and smoke. it happens to all of us. what appears to be a family of deer walking by me in the parking lot was my first clue maybe things have changed after fires chase wildlife out of their usual habitat.
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turkey and deer searching for a new place to live. they are seeing more groups and activities by foxes and hawks and birds. >> their cycle is disrupted and they're in a new environment because they're moving across where we are. >> reporter: this is a video of a mountain lion rolling in the after math of the czu fire. the fire probably killed some pum pumas, they won't know how many until later. those that are escaped are confused and are the move. >> it is a mom with her young cubs which is typical of this time of the year, she's got to get them out. clearly there is fwoigoing to b period of what the hell is going on or you know what do i do? >> reporter: what should humans do when they encounter wildlife? >> they are wild animals. everyone keep their distance and enjoy the park and the animal but keep your distance and don't feed wildlife or disturb them in
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any way. >> reporter: it is never really al good idea to approach or interact directly with wile ldl. experts say for now give them their space. in saratoga, robert handa, nbc bay area news. thank you, robert. it is a distressing milestone. today marks six months since the bay area's shelter at home order. six full months. coronavirus deaths are beginning to tick backup. there a these are the number of daily deaths in california. in august deaths were declining. alameda is contributing to the higher death toll. you can see the number of death greatly increasing over the past two weeks. on september 15th, the county reported of a record number of 24 deaths. why is there a spike of death? alameda county?
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our biologyiist rivera says the could be a backlog. any kind of spike in the death data would be as a result of the holiday weekend. >> she noticed more after the holiday. we asked health officials for an explanation, neither have given us an answer. let's look at the hot spot. the counties in yellow reported less than eight cases. look at the bay area and sonoma county and contra costa county, they're in orange, reported 24 cases which is slightly higher. all counties reported of a decrease number of cases since the height of the summer. it is a move to protect essential workers during the
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pandemic. governor new son used a zoom call to sign two new bills. it makes it easier for first responders to test positive for covid to get medical care. the hospital nurse on the call thanked lawmakers. nine of her fellow nurses contracted the virus. 233 years ago, the founding father signed the u.s. constitution. today president trump declared september 17th constitution day. the president spoke at the museum in washington. during his address he took aim at education, blaming the school's curriculum. he announced he would sign an executive order what he called patriotic education in the classroom. >> under our leadleadership. the national endowment for humanity, a development of a
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pro-american curriculum that celebrates the truth of our nation's great history. >> the president gave examples of u.s. patriotism while criticizing he referred to "the left." he also claims "radicals are trying to erase history." a prosecutor committed a crime to help boost his case. maybe a da himself. the case is a big one. it involves charges against the sheriff department thuty that h concealed weapon for donations for his boss. >> reporter: today is the hearing. the d.a. office should be recused and whether the transcripts should be sealed which had been leaked. the first lawyer's claim that
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the d.a.'s office broke the law. >> reporter: james jensen and the man on the left, his lawyer. a group of men charged with requesting lofty donation to the campaign in return for ccws or permits to carry concealed weapons. >> we expect to file more charges against more individuals in the coming weeks. >> reporter: in court today defense lawyer joseph wall says this about jeff rosen. "i believe he's playing with uncleaned hands." a relationship turned vindictive. oreg >> reporter: the judge refused to recuse from the case. the defense lawyer says he'll call rosen and his subordinate at the stand. >> somebody is going to be held
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accountable. >> reporter: also captain jensen's lawyer is appealing the judge's decision blocking the request to have the attorney general investigate who leaked secrets grand jury transcript to a local people. >> there was a crime committed and in my view it was by the da's office. t >> reporter: the d.a.'s office will continue to process this case. nbc bay area news. a trip to hawaii is about to get much easier. lifting quarantine for visitors. what you need to know if you want to go. >> preparing to fight covid during flu season. what south bay area is doing to make it easier to people to get their flu shot. we are tracking smoke and humid storms to the south. details in about seven minutes.
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we welcome our west coast viewers as the president sparred when a vaccine will be available. and the rapid fraud uncover, criminals stealing unemployment relief dollars when we see you back here tonight.
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let's get back to our coronavirus of the pandemic. six months ago everything changed for the bay area as we learned the first shelter at home order. >> we have a look back at what had been the undoubtedly the strangest six months of our
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lifetime and what we may need most going forward. >> reporter: you may not remember the first time you heard the word coronavirus but for each one of us there was likely a moment not long afterwar afterwards, you are unlikely to forget. the moment that finally made it clear big changes were coming. it was that time your favorite restaurants shutting its doors or your favorite sports team not to take the field or when we were all told the home was the safest place to stay. >> we need the public's help to slow the spread of infection. with the significant paimpact. >> reporter: none of us could come close how the virus affecting every aspect of our family, our economy and
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businesses. thousands of businesses have closed and never to reopen. millions of workers are out of a job wondering how long it will be before they again earn a paycheck. a wrench had also been thrown in the education of a generation. students and teachers forced the find a way to bridge the disdandi distance and make school work, work. never forget the most irreversible of changes has come to more than 1,000 bay area family. >> my dad, i hate to say wa was -- that really is hard to say. >> reporter: she thought her children would have many more years with their loving grandfath grandfather, only to have covid cut that time short. as social unrest and ecological disaster the past six months, we
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are holding it together: we are. look around and people are still being kind to each other, making sure their neighbors are not falling through the huge cracks covid is creating. if we all do just a little more of that, we can get through the next six months no matter what. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> it has been a difficult six months but rewarding for sure. health experts worried of the flu season coincide with coronavirus. santa clara is fighting back by offering flu shots for free. this saturday you are invited 9:00 to 4:00 at the county fairgrounds on tully road and also at three other locations. >> what the flu vaccine will do is prevent you from ending up to the hospital and making sure we
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have hospital availability for those who do have covid who are very sick. >> if you prefer one stop medical shopping, this is the place for you because you can get your flu shot here and then go across the street and your covid-19 test. >> now the vaccine is offered everyday through mid december. they are recommended for everyone over the age of six months. hawaii is trying to make it easier for tourists do get back, right, janelle? >> hawaii governor says travelers from other states no longer have to quarantine for 14 days if they are tested negative for covid-19. cvs and kaiser are teaming up with the state to provide test for travelers. >> we need to take jeff ranieri with us to hawaii. we'll leave raj to do all the work. >> good idea.
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>> i like that plan. i feel like i have been given a free vacation lately with blue skies we have been breathing. just know tomorrow we do have more good air quality coming back here to the bay. there are some changes down the road that may bring back a little bit of smoke as well. i want to start in on the future cast because there are so many different layers happening to the weather right now. as you get a wide look at this, you will be able to see at 11:30, not only the fog at the coastline but we are tracking increase moisture to the south and humidity and some storms over yosemite and marirosa. so, we have these storms here to
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the south sends human tropical moistures left. this is developing the past 24 hours. that's super close to us and right now our chance of slim ge anything. at the bay area we'll be tracking that fog as we roll into tomorrow morning. you can see it at 7:00 a.m. widespread fog and some clouds and we'll keep those storm systems right there over yosemite. through tomorrow, we'll have those storms through the central valley down to yosemite. we'll have the radar up, too close for comfort for me that's why i am making a big deal for this. temperatures are actually beginning to be cooling off as we see all these changes in the atmosphere. in the upper 50s and low 60s. 60s in the south bay and the peninsula at 59. san francisco, the east bay and
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the north bay, expect not only the fog but some drizzles as we start off early and some chilly 50s. through the day, not quite as warm as it has been lately because we have the cooler system that's been helping to clear out the smoke. we'll drop down 5 degrees to 10 degrees. 75 in napa and 74 in palo alto. our air quality forecast does look like it is going to stay in the good, not only for today but right through tomorrow. so my extended forecast shows in san francisco, 60s next several days and by saturday and sunday, 60 to 65% chance, we get some smoke returning. now it is going to be a north wind 10 to 20, not extremely strong but once again it may bring down some smoke. we'll go from that 78 on friday in land up to 90 once we hit sunday's forecast. warmer weather is coming this weekend. the smoke does not appear to be anything close than we had last
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week. as we go through tonight, we'll get more updates and we'll share it with you later on. >> thanks great, thanks jeff. >> coming up, a van on fire rolling down the street with the driver struck inside. quite a rescue. we'll share it with you next. i am robert strickler.
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everybody felt fine. but now im super sick. everyone is sick. i just wish we had been more careful. it would have been easier than this. so wear a mask. do what you can outside. stay six feet apart. because some things you just can't take back. do your part to lower the risk.
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propit provides property tax mostfairnessble. for disabled homeowners like cynde, stuck living with a broken elevator. nineteen helps wildfire victims, like ellie, one of 24,000 who've lost their homes to fire. and seniors like pam who need to move closer to family or medical care, without a tax penalty. prop 19 limits taxes on our most vulnerable. yes on 19. check this out, an amazing rescue. a van rear-ended a truck, the van caught on fire and rolled backward. the driver stuck and could not get out of the van. the van was rolling towards the ramp. the officers managed to stop the van and the driver was taken to
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the hope. water rescue caught on camera. you can see a man struggling the stay anofloat here. it happened in san francisco. rescue crew were able to rescue him before paramedics took over. the crew got the man within two-minutes before getting the call. no word why he was in the water. the state is opening some parks altamont monterey county. our park rangers are keeping five other parts in the southern part of monterey is closed because of the dolan fire that's burning in the area. masks andocial distance protocol are all required in those parks. hi. we're glad you came in.
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six months into quarantine, there is still an unprecedented demand for food. that story and more at 6:00. a reminder that you can join us with ongoing conversations with "race in america" led by marcus washington and myself. we'll have it at 6:30 right
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here. you can fiend all of our past conversations on san francisco's museum is reopening, the door is opening to the public on october 4th, san francisco moma. advance tickets are required and there will be times where visitors can safely distance. bring your masks because they are required for everyone over the age of three. it wi >> it will be great. if you want to go to the zoo or museum, it is all timed. you got to get that time slot. >> that's going to do it for us. thank you so much for joining us. "nightly news" is next.
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