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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 24, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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stepped foot in oakland. the 26-years-old from kentucky have left a mark on the town. >> there is a war. we say the name of breonna taylor that it stops today. >> reporter: more than 100 people gathered this morning in front of this mural on 15th street and broadway to vent their frustration. the news that no officers was charged through the killing of taylor. >> my heart sank. >> reporter: the decision devastated her. to look at pictures of breonna is to see a reflection of herself. >> i felt helpless to a degree. i came out here to be surrounded bide other women and other people who support black women. >> reporter: among the who's who of east bay black female activists. >> we can't expect a system that does not care about us.
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>> reporter: and carol fife, who's running for a council seat. >> black women, this is a painful day for us. >> reporter: an unforgettable lesson for others. >> everyone has to be awear are what's going on in black lives matter. >> reporter: out here live, you are looking at one of the portraits. that's al san leandro man shot and killed by the police demonstration is happening here in oakland. they are creating safe spaces for demonstrations to happen tchlt th. they are warning drivers to
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drive carefully, demonstrators did make their way onto freeways and blocking drivers. drivers, make sure you drive very carefully. i am melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. a busy day of clean up in san jose. city workers power washing and painting over graffiti. last night's demonstration wrote various messages on the walls and sidewalks. last night protesters lighting the fallon statue on fire. activists say mayor fallon oppressed the mexican community. that statue was cleaned up this morning. two police officers were shot, their injuries were serious but not life-threatening. the shooting is only adding to the tension in the city between
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law enforcement and protesters who want justice for breonna. the mayor is pleading for peace. >> violence is only a source of pain and not a cure for pain and we know violence is never the answer. our community is hurting. >> reporter: police and the national guards and federal agents are in place across the city. all of this is happening a day after the grand jury announced no louisville police officers will be charged in taylor's death. our coverage continues on our website, click on "tthe "breonn taylor" link on our trending bar on major change from the pac-12 conference. football is back. that means cal, stanford and ucla and other teams will be back on the field in november. we are expecting an official
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announcement from the conference this evening. pac-12 officials made that decision, this comes after the conference shut down the season back on august 11th. the pac-12's president and chancellors changed their minds. san jose state and the mountain west conference also expected to reinstate football. mountain west votes tonight at 7:30. uc berkeley is looking to temporarily close the beyer cal campus, will it work? joh jodi hernandez is live. >> reporter: uc berkeley could have signs posting to entrances letting them know the university is closed. it won't be as lockdown. >> this green space is central for me. >> reporter: roger robinson
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cherishes his morning run through the uc berkeley campus. >> it is special to roll through here and enjoy the green spaces and seeing so many people are, too. >> reporter: uc berkeley is aiming at a new policy aimed at keeping the public out. cal drafted a measure that has temporarily close the campus to the public. it is not enforced by ucpd. it could be enforced by other staff members. >> my hope this policy will exist on paper and paper alone. >> reporter: robertson encouraged the university's approach of implementing it is based on cal community. >> it is a public university, it should be public. >> reporter: rodney is a cal rad, he can't bare the thought skipping his cal visits with his
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buddies. everyone seems to be socially distancing to stay safe. folks here say especially of this time of covid, they need a place to stretch out and enjoy the outdoors. >> it is the first or second day of fall, beautiful weather, smoke is all cleared out. it is -- >> you have shades and sun if you want. i think it is a nice place. >> reporter: at uc berkeley, jodi hernandez. step up coronavirus stepping. that's the order that's helping with healthcare providers at contra co contra costa county. a meeting this week, supervisors agree, saying doctor referrals are slowing things down and leaving the county to pick up the slot. new orders take in effect on october 8th. a new look for one of san francisco's most trouble
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neighborhoods. the tenderloin has been hit hard by this pandemic. it is cleaned up and inviting people to have a seat and have a meal outside. here is nbc's bay area christie smith. >> reporter: it took a lot of efforts and a number of organizations voinvolved. this is the kickoff. s the it it is something new for the tenderloin. >> it has been slow for to-go. here at the section of golden gate. a space for out-door dining is taking shape, now that they figure out how to reroute traffic. >> this is a huge moment and opportunity for restaurants that really taken a huge hit during
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covid. >> reporter: matt haney hopes people come out and support the city that sometimes gets ignored and has its challenges. >> we have people passing out ppe and community and ambassadors helping with security and making sure everyone is welcome and safe. >> reporter: it is being done in a smart and careful way. come to the city attorney announced a plan aimed at open air drug dealing plaguing the area. >> these drug dealers do not live in the tenderloin. today restaurants setting up spaces. these maybes always do take-out, now they plan to sit and stay awhile. >> generally, this area is not well-kept and i do not want to eat down there but now it is clean, i would eat outside here. >> reporter: in san francisco,
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christie smith, nbc bay area news. a new policy in contra costa county. the da will no longer charge low level drug cases. the goal is to unclog the courts and steer people out of the criminal justice system. it does not apply if the person has been arrested before or the theft is more than $300. other offenses like shoplifting and petty theft will fall under this new policy. from homeowners to exhausted firefighters to pg&e, a lot of people are watching this weekend's forecast closely. pg&e already has part of the state on its psps watch list. that's when the utility proactively shuts off power and areas that have extreme fire
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danger. that's zone two and five on this map right here. those parks can see their power cut on saturday, sunday and monday. we are expecting hot temperatures and dry winds which could spark another fire. blistering temperatures and record setting fires, democrats continue to bring awareness to climate change which they say is the root of the problem. 500,000 californians could die prematurely if temperatures continue to rise. the state could lose $4.5 trillion in the next 50 years. however, that could be avoided. the report comes after weeks of what we saw here in california and the bay area, dark orange skies from all the smoke in the area. today governor newsom addressed the issue during the climate change forum. >> people recognize when you clean up your air, you are
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improving health and your economic competitiveness. we always recognize that only as of late that we have seen this high politicalization of this space that divided this country that's so damaging. >> as we reported yesterday, the governor signed an executive order stating he wants all new cars sold in california to be electric beginning in 2035. i am chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking the weekend heat and also fire danger. my full update in eight minutes. >> get a covid test right before hopping on a plane to hawaii, it is not free. we'll tell you how much it will cost you. trick or treating may be out of the picture this year. that's not stopping one south bay family from getting into the halloween spirit in in order to make their neighbors smile. >> the clock is running out on
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government aid, u.s. airlines nothing off tens of thousands of employees. and we'll look at the shipping millions of covid vaccine cases when we see you tonight on "nightly news."
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get a covid-19 test and hop on a plane. united airlines offering testing for people. >> how does it work? our scott budman has some answers. >> reporter: florence shepard just got married and would love to celebrate in hawaii.
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that state has a strict 14-day quarantine rule in effect. >> you still want to celebrate and do everything you want to do but you know you want to be safe. >> reporter: starting at october 15th, united flight from sfo can come with a pre-flight covid-19 test right here in the airport. if you test negative, no quarantine when you arrive in hawaii. >> you can get negative tested before you get there and you can have a vacation and see your family. >> reporter: united will add the option to the flight everyday hoping to bring the test to a wide number of passengers traveling to other states or hesitant to fly during the pandemic. >> they take the piece of paper and go straight to the gates. a lot of them are looking for freedom, this is their tick for freedom. >> reporter: step one, you register for the test online and
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step two, you come here to the international terminal on the day of your flight to get your test. these are the machines will do the testing. it takes about 20 minutes for you to get the results, cost for you is $250. scott budman, nbc bay area news. there is as new tool to track outbreaks in your facility, google maps will do it. areas will be color coded based on case rate and a label will show if those cases are going up or down. new feature will roll out later this week. a big win for native americans fighting to block a housing development in berkeley. the national trust for historic preservation naming the west berkeley, one of the most endangered places in the country. the new designation comes after a three-year battle in the parking lot.
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developers want to build housing units on the site. but triable member says this is is one of the areas that must be preserved. >> we are acknowledging our ancestor and continue to importance of the sacred site. for those of the present moment and the next seven generation. >> in store destinations does not have any legal team. halloween is going to look a lot different this year and not much trick or treating or fun. one san jose family is trying to make it fun. they set up out-door haunted house. they don't want to wait until late october because they felt everyone can use a smile right now. it is up and running. visitors can walk around the yard, the family says they set up creatures that can scare people as they walk by.
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>> we watch them and it makes it worth it seeing smiles on the kids and the adults. they're having so much fun. >> it is covid friendly, outdoors and everyone will be spaced out. the family is using the haunted house as a fundraiser for wounded warrior program. >> we had beautiful weather and that comes after hot temperatures and bad air quality. can we expect some halloween temperatures coming up? >> i think we'll have to wait for it, probably until the end of october when halloween officially arrives. we are kind of stuck in this warmer than average weather pattern. right now it has been so beautiful outside. if you are able to get outside for a couple of minutes, you know what i am talking about. i am looking over my sky camera and found one of the best few if you have been stuck inside all
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day long. you can see the excellent air quality, better visibility across the south bay now. as we move through tonight, we have cooler air moving back in with the ocean sea breeze. tomorrow morning, not much in the way of fog. i do have mostly sunny skies away from the coast. this one starts us off right in the south bay at 58. do expect a little bit of patchy fog near the bay and also san francisco will be down at 56 at sfo. north bay, sunny there at 58 degrees. temperatures tomorrow, slightly below and you got to get outside and enjoy it with that big time heat coming our way. down in the south bay, we have 77 at cupertino. 82 for the east bay. tracking some warm mid-80s. that's where we should be.
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84 in concord and 82 at p pleasontpleason pleasanton. san francisco plenty of 60s tomorrow except for the mission which we'll start to feel some of that heat with 70 degrees and downtown we could get into low 70s tomorrow. across the north bay, not too hot as well. 75 in mill valley, 81 here in napa. let's take you to the storm track, i want you to understand what's going to happen here. the storm track just over northern california the past couple of days purnishing the se right off the east. one more day of this pattern and by the weekend, high pressure builds in and the problem with this is circulation around it is going to drive down dryer northeasterly wind. from the south we are going to see some dangerous heat.
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right now we do have a fire weather watch, saturday and sunday and monday morning. i really think the key thing would be the foothills. on and off wind gusts to about 40 miles per hour. for most of us down closer to sea level. the wind is not too bad. 5 to 20 miles per hour. we'll have some wind to deal with along with the heat. san francisco will be up to 84 on sunday. 80s right into monday and tuesday and we'll see a drop off. in land valleys, it is going to be a scorcher. 100 on sunday and 102 on monday and we'll see temperatures sliding down on wednesday and thursday. i have some question about rainfall. the next 30 or 45 rain outlook, we could trend towards wetter weather by the end of october. we still got to wait for it to
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happen. sooner than later it will get here for us. >> some margarita weather this weekend, jeff. >> we'll take it. >> thank you, jeff. >> oh, you got me on that. coming up, the pandemic may be causing birds to literally change their tune. we'll explain, next. hi, i'm pat and i'm 75 years old.
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even in this era of distance learning, several bay area schools are getting recognized and honored for outstanding work. betsy devass handed out the school honor. amel amelia earhart school and
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alameda. more than six months after the pandemic, we are figuring out the best way to deal with covid-19 while moving on with our lives. ucsf held a virtual conference to discuss what the city of san francisco have done wrong during the pandemic. dealing with hiv in the '80s and '90s gave the hospital good experience to deal with covid. health leaders warned the low death rate in the city will only continue if everyone treats covid seriously and acts accordingly. the pandemic is taking a toll on all of us and also birds. new information from science magazines show that birds are singing softer and at a lower range. here is why. stay-at-home orders meant that
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fewer people are outside so birds do not have to compete with loud human voices. the phenomenon shows how human behavior impacts wildlife. >> i am not so loud. >> "snl" returns next week and we are learning new details on what to expect. we'll be right back. another day, another chance to bounce forward. let's do this. by making internet speeds fast and reliable. so you can keep up with your customers. by ensuring those speeds have wireless internet backup. so if the power goes down, your connection doesn't. and by covering all your connected devices with serious security. so we can handle this. and this. while you get on with this. and this. be fast, be secure. bounce forward. with comcast business. get started with a powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.90 a month.
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call or go online today. all californians will be able to vote safely from home. every active, registered voter will receive a vote-by-mail ballot with a unique barcode. you can track it using where's my ballot? and you'll receive automatic notifications by text,
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email or voice call to let you know the status of your ballot once you mail it, drop it off at your polling place or at a drop box. vote by mail ballots. simple, safe, secure. counted. learn more at
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tonight at 6:00, are we safer during the pandemic? we investigate how some crime rates have dropped during covid but one type of crime is way up. that story and more tonight. >> "nightly news," what happens once a vaccine is ready. we'll go behind the scenes how states are preparing and some are worried of the roll out of a logistical nightmare. >> here is something to look forward to. "saturday night live" will return a week from saturday and they announced the first host. >> are you ready for it? chris rock. the first live show since march. you can expect to see a special appearance from jim carey who's
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playing the role of joe biden. >> looking forward to that one. >> that's a week from this saturday. >> that's really nice. >> thank you for joining us here at 5:00. >> as a reminder, lester holt is next. tonight president trump's unprecedented attack on america' a refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses to joe biden. even top allies in the senate now pushing back. and the moment on live tv, the president at the supreme court, booed as he paid respects to ruth bader ginsburg. also outrage boiling over, louisville on edge after two officers are shot during breonna taylor protests. the suspect now under arrest. demonstrations from coast-to-coast, violent clashes with police, moloto


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