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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 3, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, a dramatic scene on an east bay freeway. we're learning more about the desperate attempts to save the people inside that burning car. plus another weekend of smoky skies across the bay area. we are tracking the conditions, plus the latest from the fire lines as weather again becomes a threat. first -- >> i feel much more now. we're working hard to get me all the way back. >> after a day of confusion about the president's condition, he himself gives americans an update. we begin with breaking news on the east coast. the president delivering remarks from the walter reed medical co
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confusion about his condition. today his medical team he's doing well. then moments later a white house official told reporters traveling with the president the president was showing troubling signs. tonight the president reassuring americans himself. >> so i just want to tell you that i'm starting to feel good. you don't know over the next period of a few days, i guess that's the real test. >> that video released on twitter a little more than an hour ago. you can see the support for the president gathering outside walter reed right now. that's a live look at the support for the president outside the hospital where he is staying. people also gathering outside palo alto city hall this afternoon wishing the president a quick recovery. a lot is unknown. there are concerns about his condition over the next 48 hours. here's nbc's alice barr. >> mixed messages and serious concern tonight about president trump's fight with covid-19.
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his medical team proclaiming he was in good spirits and hasn't had a fever in 24 hours. >> at this time, the team and i are extremely happy with the progress the dpresident has mad. >> dr. sean conley said the president developed symptoms thursday including mild cough, fatigue. the white house issued a memo correcting the timeline dr. conley answered and he wouldn't answer certain questions like how high the president's fever had been, offering only vague answers to whether he had been treated with supplemental oxygen. >> he's not on oxygen right now. that's right. >> he has not received any at all? >> he's not needed any this morning at all at all, that's right. >> but the concerning thing is today today talk about the vitals being normal. him up and around doing things, a little confusing as to whether he was on oxygen or not. that's important because if he was on oxygen, that means his
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lungs are being affected at this point. >> a source familiar with the signs, were, quote, early indicators of the potential progress beyond mild illness. on twitter the president tweeting praise for doctors and nurses and saying, quote, with their help, i am feeling well. president trump's medical team said he's taking an environmental antiviral treatment called remdesivir along with an antibody cocktail to boost his body's immune system. doctors say they're not holding back on anything that could help. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. melania trump's chief of staff says the first lady is doing well today. that's a live look at the white house for you. that is where melania continues to isolate. we're also told the first lady's symptoms have not worsened. she is staying in touch with the president and continues to rest. late this afternoon another member of the president's inner circle confirming a positive test.
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chris christie tweeting he was checking into a hospital for treatment. former new jersey governor and adviser to the president says he has mild symptoms but is doing this as a precaution because of his history with asthma. mm wants itch mcconnell wan delay the return until later in the month after several have tested positive for coronavirus. however, he says committees can still meet. so, hearings to confirm supreme court nominee amy coney barrett are going to go ahead as planned. those are set to start on october 12th. the two vice presidential candidates far apart on the issues and their one and only debate on wednesday, they'll be far apart on wednesday. nbc news confirms because of the virus, senator kamala harris and vice president mike pence will be 12 feet apart. people around the world are wishing president trump and
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melania trump a quick recovery after testing positive from covid-19. >> reporter: today as the world watches and waits for the latest on president donald trump's health, reaction from world leaders still flowing in. >> i think we all want to send our best wishes to the president and the first lady. and i've done that this morning, as you can imagine. and i'm sure that they'll both stage a very strong recovery. >> reporter: much of it was over the president's own favorite medium, twitter. and from friends and fauxes, it was all very diplomatic. from benjamin netanyahu, and even pakistan's leader, world leaders wished the first couple a foreign leader. even foreign media was mostly polite. president trump isn't the first world leader to get the disease. two prominent leaders paved trump's way.
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britain's boris johnson was humbled in late march, saying the disease nearly killed him. >> the nhs has saved my life, no question. >> reporter: but brazil's jair bolsonaro barely fail ill. he used recovery to boast about his macho athleticism. >> translator: when covid gets one of you wimps, your chances are lower, he told reporters. >> reporter: when it aflicts world leader, the virus often votes for its own host. behind all that diplomatic niceties, a lot of the press reports did note that the president did have something of a cavalier attitude towards the virus before he was diagnosed. matt bradley, nbc news. tomorrow on "meet the press" chuck todd talks with a member of trump administration on the outbreak. plus he's going to walk down a new nbc walt walt journal poll.
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you can watch "meet the press" tomorrow morning. our other top story tonight, you've bit's another hazy weekes the bay area. smoke continuing to drift south. it begins live at levi stadium. you see the spoke blanketing the south bay. 49ers set to play the eagles, tomorrow, sunday night football, right here on nbc bay area. let's bring in rob multiply yet at that. is the smoke going to get better or worse? what's going on? >> right now let's go back to the source of the smoke and that is along the glass fire. we're seeing extreme conditions in terms of heat and temperature. they reissued the red flag warning, national weather service we're seeing now. mid 90s, 10 to 20-miles-per-hour to the west. look at the humidity at 11%. that is an issue when it comes to our fire danger, as that red flag warning reissued for the
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higher locations through the north way when the northwest winds start to back up. obviously it's into walnut creek where it's 100 degrees today. you can see the map here out of the north bay. improvement. unhealthy air from sonoma, napa down to the tri-valley. fremont, as the camera showed you we're seeing more pollution funneling down towards the santa clara valley and into the east bay. so, the good news for the tomorrow in terms of the 49ers is that those conditions are expected to improve mid-afternoon in the evening. still locally healthy in the north bay and east bay. that cooling effect that should help out the temperatures, we'll talk about how much cooling we're expecting and how soon some of the smoke will start to move out of the bay area hour by hour in our forecast coming up in about 8 minutes. >> thanks very much. crews in the north bay still working to battle the glass fire. containment stands at 10%.
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not great but heading in the right direction. earlier today the conditions calmed down help the firefighters, but tonight more concern over the winds. nbc bay area's christie smith has more from angwin. >> reporter: driving around earlier today we did see patches of blue sky. and firefighters said earlier today that they were getting good control lines around in angwin, a lot of control lines and that they were feeling good about the general protection of the community. so, there is still fire in the general area, and that seems to be pushing north. they also say that getting air support is key. the fight against the glass fire continued today in steep rugged terrain. >> the thing is with the smoke clearing a little bit, it allows for overhead operations. so, that's always very helpful. we're dealing with mountain area, very rural, where it's very difficult to get in there. >> erik hernandez is with cal
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fire. he stopped in angwin where it seemed calmer than recent days. much of the focus today for crews north of here and east of highway 29. >> the weather is supposed to be cooperating for the next couple of days. so, that's always good. >> reporter: meanwhile, evacuees are still waiting and worrying. flora diaz lives in the community of deer park and believes her place is gone but hopes some things condition found there. >> we'll see what happens. >> reporter: around calistoga, firefighters reported it looked better with more control lines. e vac ways remain in place. the mayor is caution but says they're holding their own. >> very fortunate. very thankful it has not entered the city limits but also very concerned for our friends and neighbors. they're still calistogans who live outside the city limit who is have been impacted. >> in napa valley, nbc bay area news. >> you can check the air where you live on our website.
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put your city on the map and get the aqr reading. the clean up from the czu fire continues this weekend. this is a new map showing where hazardous waste removal crews are working today. you see where the work is focused, mostly in the santa cruz mountains. even though the fire was completely contained back on september 22nd, some areas were not safe to return to. there are a few areas under e vena cava wags orders but most people sbrn able to return home. dramatic video to show you of good samaritans frantically working to rescue two men from a burning car. this happened during rush hour on i-80, a really incredible scene, people do doing all they could, jumping out to help as the flames got bigger and bigger. construction workers stopping,
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breaking out a saw, helping to cut the men out. sadly though both men did mass away. but the woman who shot this video said it shows the good in humanity. coming up at 6:00 we're going to talk to her and her husband about their efforts to save those men. coming up next, covid-19 hits the nfl again. the players testing positive for the virus and what that means for games this weekend. and ahead, this season. and we're closely watching conditions at the 49ers game. coming up this time tomorrow, we're seeing temperatures that will be cooling. that could be better news for air quality. we'll look at this when we come right back. they do one of the most difficult jobs there is,
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and we're closely watching another set back for the nfl after a former league mvp tested positive for coronavirus. tomorrow's game between the new england patriots and kansas city chiefs is going to be a good one. it's been postponed because of covid-19 cases on both teams. one of the cases, patriots star quarterback cam newton. yeah, he's got it. the game aets's going to be rescheduled for monday or tuesday according to the nfl. earlier this week, the nfl postponed the pittsburg steelers, tennessee titans games after several players and employed tested positive. working to avoid a twindemic. encouraging people to get a flu shot. today people were able to get a
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free one. everyone six months of age and older should get a flu shot every year, something considered especially important this season. >> we've been really pleased with the turnout. and i think it showed that many people are taking the flu very seriously this year. >> with all the different types of viruses and things of that today, i thought it was necessary to do my part. >> health leaders hope if more people get a flu shot this year, it could relieve strain on our hospitals as the pandemic continues. the site will be open until the end of the year. it's been going for the last six months, but the livermore wine trolly is back. socially distanced, of course. you can trhop on the trolley. trolley cars will be disinfected
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between each outing and every stop. you're allowed to open windows at any time to allow for fresh air. the own r of the trolley says he's happy to get back to business. >> the last six months have been very, very difficult. but today's our -- we're kind of back on the road but also back on the road to recovery. and kind of getting a little taste of normalcy. and we're excited to do it. >> masks, as you might expect, will be required for every passenger. here's something good, making you smile. a north bay chef guy fear ri visited the glass fire camp thorn. you know what he did. he and his team made lunch for the firefighters battling the fire. we don't know what they made, but pasta was involved. the firefighters deserve a treat, and that had to just taste so good up there coming out of that exhausted and all that smoke and you get something nice. nice gesture.
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>> yeah. carrying all that heavy gear too, burning a lot of calories. that's great, guy, helping us out. we're seeing challenging conditions. good news as we head to tomorrow. we've got the 49ers, nfl on nbc. let's show you some of the cooling temperatures we're expecting as we take this full. you've got 81 degrees, halftime temperatures in the 70s, areas of smoke perhaps early. but things are going to clear out. we're going to see cooler temperatures starting tomorrow that will lead to better quality. a lot of smoke right now. but by tomorrow morning we begin to see a bit more of an on-shore ush approximate of marine air. you start to see it going after kick off towards monday. short term. we're expecting some improvement in the picture tomorrow. if you're in the north bay or inland east bay throughout the day tomorrow you're still in the red with the spare the air alert technically through tuesday. while things may improve through
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the inner bay and south bay for tomorrow, plan on these ongoing issues through tuesday. here's an issue. you've got hot temperatures near 90 degrees right now. this time tomorrow we're expecting lower 80s. today is the hotter of the days. walnut creek near 100 degroos. we've been watching the temperatures drop, now down to 65 degrees. we had mid-70 earlier. you're starting to see the sea breeze pick up, 'r 60s, 70s downtown. temperatures cool into the 50s around the bay area. high temperatures tomorrow should not be close to 100 degrees. so, there's some good news chls mid-80s around san jose, 90s around morgan hill. oakland and hayward into the 70s. peninsula and temperatures into the mid-70s. near 70 or low 70s for downtown san francisco for tomorrow. and north bay not above 100 in santa rosa, so that's better
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around the glass fire burning in the hills of sonoma and napa counties. notice that is hurricane marie to our southwest. watch where some of the moisture starts to move as we go through the week. so, as we leave the weekend this is the pattern we're going to watch develop into thursday and friday. and what has us excited is all the long range models for not keep the rain picture active next friday and saturday. so, it's been a while since we've had something more pleasant to talk about in the forecast as we head towards next weekend and the short term, plan stronger sea breeze tomorrow which should help our air quality slightly mid-afternoon into the evening and cooler temperatures. and stay tuned. 6:00 tonight we're going to try to take a closer look at how much rain we could possibly see in that 7-day forecast. it's finally out there, something more positive to talk about. it would obviously bring better air quality too, approaching next weekend. >> i appropriate we have a camera on the firefighters when that rain comes down. they'll be dancing. rob, thanks very much. coming up next, more states
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rolling out contact tracing apps using software developed here in the bay areas. when californians will be able to use them. i'm voting 'yes' on prop 19
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to help california's most vulnerable. over 24,000 homes were destroyed by wildfires in less than two years. too many of those victims are also hit with a sudden tax hike after their forced to move. it's wrong. prop 19 limits taxes on wildfire victims and limits taxes on seniors and severely disabled homeowners. join firefighters and emergency responders in voting 'yes' on 19.
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a vice president for versace says he was racially profiled in beverly hills this week. police released body cam video of the encounter. >> that's all i'm doing, you see us recording. i see -- you hear it in my serous. i'm comfortable. i'm nervous. you understand the climate we're
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in? >> i understand. is there anything we can do to make you comfortable. >> they stopped him for jaywalk. they searched him for weapons and verified his id. at one point an officer accused him of trying to change the narrative of the incident and called the encounter frightening and unjustified. he argues he was simply for being black. six months after it was announced the app built by apple and google to track covid-19 is gaining momentum. ten states are using it and california likely to join the growing list soon. right now the state is testing it in pilot programs. the app will send push alerts to users who come in contact to another user who later tested positive for covid. despite more states using the technology, only 21% of americans have access to a covid-19 app. coming up, schedule is set. we're going to tell you when cal and stanford face off and the
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changes the pac 12 is making to keep players safe this season.
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pac 12 football is back. can you believe that? conference schedule released today. games starting november 7th. ending december 19th. that's a shortened season. the season was postponed back in august. last week leaders announced the season would resume with precautions, as you might have expected. some of the changes include weekly testing. no fans allowed to attend the games on pac 12 campuses.
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most anticipated game around here, uc berkeley hosting stanford the day after thanksgiving. are you ready for sunday night football? the correct answer is yes. the 9ers host the eagles tomorrow night right here on nbc bay area. join us for pregame and post game coverage. there are not going to be fans there at levis. there will be at least two. raj mathai and janelle wang joining us for a special news cast at 3:00 and right after that game. then after our show, switch over to nbc sports bay area for 49ers pre-game live at a special time. that's at 4:00. wow. we're back in a moment. in business you have to be able to shift-pivot-adapt.
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they do one of the most deven in normal times.s, our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need, that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us. "snl" back in studio 8h for
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its 46th studio. chris rock hosting the first in-studio edition of the show since march. there will be people in the audience but not the usual 300 or so. you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. you've got it at 8:30 and 11:30. we're back at 6:00. breaking news tonight. critical hours the white house official warns that the next 48 hours will be crucial to the president's health the mixed messages as his doctors say the president is improving. >> thursday he had a mild cough with nasal congestion, fatigue, all of which are now resolving and improving. >> the new reporting on his condition just before he was hospitalized did he need oxygen and did the president travel on airforce one to a fundraiser and back while he had symptoms also breaking chris christie hospitalized for covid tonight as republican senators, kellyanne conway, and the president's campaign manager also test


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