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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  October 7, 2020 11:34pm-12:36am PDT

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change. >> it was clear that having a programmabl programmable, easy way to alter the dna cells is exceptional. >> they are the first women to share the nobel prize in chemistry and they share the $1 million cash award. talk about impressive. >> the level of people that we have here in the bay area is awesome. sometimes i just don't feel too smart, though, compared to them. thanks for joining us here at 11:00. hope you have a great night. >> stay safe. >> jimmy: hashtag mood send >> jimmy to the floor, please. jimmy to the floor m♪ m♪
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>> announcer: from rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon tonight, join jimmy and his guests, maya rudolph, matt bomer, musical guest 070 shake. and featuring the legendary "roots" crew and now, here's your host, jimmy fallon m♪
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>> jimmy: oh, my goodness. hey. thank you so much, everybody welcome to "the tonight show." thank you so much for tuning in and watching our show. let's get to the news and jokes. well, guys, tonight, was the first and only vice presidential debate between mike pence and kamala harris in salt lake city, utah usually, vice presidential debates can be pretty boring so this year, they decided to spice things up and have it in utah when he heard the debate was in salt lake, mike pence was like, "ah, yes, sin city." [ laughter ] it was a big night democrats were hyping up the debate all day they were calling it the thrilla with vanilla with everything that's happened in the last few days, this was a pretty rough spot for pence. the first question the moderator asked was, so, how are things
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[ laughter ] yeah tonight's moderator was from "usa today." no one actually invited her. she just showed up outside the door with a continental breakfast. [ laughter ] of course, in light of the white house becoming a covid hot spot, new safety measures were taken for tonight's debate harris and pence were seated about 12 feet from each other, and separated by plexiglass. here's a photo of the stage. yeah that's not a debate stage. that looks like two bank tellers feuding with each other. [ laughter ] that looks like the exit of a barnes and noble don't go off don't go off i didn't steal anything. i just feel like i did i'm sure it's safe, 'cause if there's one thing we know about the virus particles, they always travel in a straight line at one point, pence breathed on the glass and then used his finger to write, "take me with you. and this is good
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everyone in the crowd at tonight's debate was wearing a a mask it was like a rose garden event, at the white house, only the exact opposite meanwhile, back in washington, as if there isn't enough going on at the white house right now, the entire place is infested with raccoons [ laughter ] yes. that's a fun decision for the white house staff. stay inside and get covid from trump, or go outside and get rabies from a raccoon. yep. officials said we spotted one, earlier, eating from a a dumpster and the reporters are like, we're still talking about the raccoon, right "mr. president mr. president. [ growling noises ] "don't touch him. don't touch him. don't touch him. don't worry. trump is taking care of it with our newest military branch, the raccoon force. right now, trump's only friends are the white house raccoons and the blue dinosaur he's been hallucinating since friday
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[ laughter ] "is that right, reginald he agrees." speaking of trump, he's been very busy at the white house. and i mean very busy to give you an idea, here are some of the tweets he sent in the last 24 hours. he was tweeting so much, his thumbs each had their own fevers yesterday afternoon, trump tweeted that he wanted to wait until after the election to sign a second round of covid stimulus relief. but then, a few hours later, he tweeted at nancy pelosi and said, "i'm ready to sign right now. are you listening, nancy?" pelosi was like, "hang on. i'm still going through all those blank papers that you signed over the weekend. "donald j. trump." yeah based on all these tweets, it seems like trump is feeling better but white house staffers aren't taking any chances apparently, everyone around trump is now dressed in full ppe. yeah life comes at you fast you know, a week ago, trump was at a rally
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now, the people around him are dressed like scientists in "e.t." yep. everyone goes into trump's room covered in plastic it's like going to see shamu and getting a seat in the splash zone. [ laughter ] you like the splash zone? guys, christmas is still a couple of months away. but it looks like the virus will make celebrating the holidays a little different this year. check it out >> santa claus will, still, make an appearance at the mall this year. but don't count on hugging or touching santa at some malls, santa will meet with families as he appears to sit inside a giant snow globe or behind plexiglass other mall operators are even offering zoom calls, instead of in-person visits the idea, to have a touchless experience with santa. >> jimmy: santa heard and was like, "if i wanted a touchless
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experience, i'd be home with mrs. claus." [ laughter ] that's right, meeting santa over zoom, which means all the kids will get to see santa's very magical studio apartment. also, santa behind plexiglass - basically, talking to santa is going to look like talking to a prison inmate. "i'm going to get you out of here, girl you stay strong. you did nothing wrong. okay brake lines were cut that's all." yep. when the news broke, everyone was upset. meanwhile, the first lady was like >> who gives a [ bleep ] about christmas stuff? >> jimmy: oh, here's something that we didn't need. i saw that dunkin' donuts and baskin robbins are teaming up for a fall-themed milkshake with munchkins doughnuts blended in
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check this out [ audience groans gosh i think it'd be healthier to sit on santa's lap actually, i think it would be healthier to sit on trump's lap. in boston, they call that juice. [ laughter ] how do you even eat that a straw? a spoon? alone? and finally, a former public library employee in austin was arrested for a pretty interesting crime. listen to this >> reporter: at a library in austin, texas, a former worker at the library is accused of stealing $1.3 million worth of printer toner, then, selling it online if convicted, he could face prison time. >> jimmy: $1.3 million in toner. that's like five cartridges. as if being caught wasn't bad enough, when he got home, he realized he had stolen the wrong kind "hp-925. what you got to be kidding me."
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also, how can a library that charges 50 cents for an overdue book have $1.3 million worth of toner? [ applause ] we have a great show give it up for the roots, everybody. ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, very much, everybody. hey, guys, all week long on the show, we have been highlighting different comedy clubs that have been hit hard by the pandemic this year and it wasn't too long ago that we were down in austin, texas, doing a show from ut austin. and we heard about a great place called the hideout theater. so, tonight's comedy club is the hideout theater down in austin, texas. it's an improv comedy theater. they even have virtual performances, so you can spend an evening online with them, if you want to. they do a great job. but we wanted to help them out a little more than just a shout out. so, we teamed up with our friends at "indeed," and they will be receiving a check for $15,000.
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[ cheers and applause "indeed" makes it easier for small businesses to find and hire great people. for more info, go to and thanks to everyone at the hideout theater in the great city of austin, texas. [ cheers and applause we have a great show for you, tonight. she plays kamala harris on "saturday night live," and she's in the new movie "hubie halloween," available now on netflix. everyone's going to be watching that this weekend. maya rudolph is here [ cheers and applause plus, you can see him in the new film "the boys in the band," also, on netflix, matt bomer is here [ cheers and applause and we've got music from 070 shake. [ cheers and applause guys, as you know, every week, we like to bring you some uplifting, creative videos whether they come from quarantine or just stuff around the country. it is time for what are you
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doing wednesday? ♪ what are you doing next wednesday ♪ >> jimmy: first, this guy found a new use for q-tips >> okay. okay okay >> jimmy: q-tips m♪ >> ow. m♪ [ groaning noises ow ow >> jimmy: yeah all those q-tips if i were him, i wouldn't do dat, do dat, do do, dat dat dat. >> by james fallon >> jimmy: i knew i'd get you on that one
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next, these people found a a whole new way to drink water watch this ♪ >> jimmy: with a little soap, that counts as a shower. here's another video check out this dad playing with his kid. it's cute. >> ow. ow ow ow! >> jimmy: broke the skin on that one got teeth. the kid's -- he's teething and finally, this person has a a pretty photogenic dog. this is pretty cool. take a look. ♪ [ laughter ]
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>> jimmy: that last one's a gem, dude. there you have it. that was "what are you doing we stick around we'll be right back with more "tonight show," everybody. m♪ (♪ ) keeping your oysters growing while keeping your business growing has you swamped. (♪ ) you need to hire i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base so you can start hiring right away. claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at now any order can be rewarding when you use the app. no matter how you pay, you'll be closer to earning rewards and getting more of your favorites for free.
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♪ >> jimmy: hello, and welcome to the stream, everybody. i'm lon dufresne >> and i'm yvonne jarvis >> jimmy: and we're lon and yvonne,'s first and only scat- singing duo >> we're the ones who put the za-za-zoo in zoom. >> jimmy: we've actually never performed in public before, ever all of our shows together have been on zoom, even before covid happened >> that's right. as solo artists, we were both fed up with that uptight coffeehouse scene. always hearing, "ma'am, you need to make a purchase. or, "ma'am, please, stop scatting you're disturbing the customers. >> jimmy: i remember the first time i saw you scatting. >> and i, you. you were drinking an oolong tea.
11:52 pm
>> jimmy: that's right tea with "a taste of honey." two, three [ scatting ] ♪ ♪ >> mmm, that honey is the sweetest nectar. >> jimmy: thanks, yvonne i'm actually terrified of bees >> now, see, that's the beautiful thing about scatting it lets you get it all out it lets you be free, you know? it lets you "express yourself. [ scatting ] ♪
11:53 pm
♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: now -- [ laughter ] there is - there is an express delivery that i'm happy to sign for >> i hope you liked it i used the tweety bird stamp [ laughter ] >> jimmy: speaking of supporting the post office, you can also support yvonne and i by clicking the venmo link in the comments >> 50% of all proceeds will go toward essential oils. earls. essential earls. >> seth: and the other 50% will go toward essential aiolis
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>> those are essential i loves my aiolis. >> seth: basically, tastes the same so, donate now, especially if you're "a rich girl," two, and -- [ scatting ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> who needs an old man's money when you got scat gold >> jimmy: yvonne, i've got a a song in my heart and a mug cake in the microwave.
11:55 pm
>> ooh, i wouldn't mind a little post-show treat, myself >> jimmy: let me guess sorbet brulee skittles >> well, what i really feel like is "makin' love." [ scatting ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:56 pm
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: took the words right out of my mouth. >> which words, dip-bop-bop, or dip-bip? >> jimmy: i'll go with dip-bop-bop, but i'll also take dip-bip. they're the ones -- they're the words i was looking for cause i love sharing bad company with good friends >> like that investment scheme we both fell for, the guy who made homemade car tires? >> jimmy: i'll tell you what we'll never fall for, though buying zoom pro, which means our 40-minute time limit is almost up. >> oh, lon, is there time to scat just one more song? >> jimmy: i'm afraid not, yvonne >> is there any way we could just sneak one, itty-bitty, last scat in >> jimmy: i really don't think so >> is there a high enough?
11:57 pm
>> jimmy: no, yvonne, there ain't. two, and - [ scatting ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: that is our show i'm lon dufresne ♪ >> and i'm yvonne jarvis good night, zoomerica. ♪ ♪ "gold" by andreya triana
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♪ >> jimmy: my first guest tonight is a multiple emmy winning actor. and it was awesome you can see her alongside adam sandler in the new movie, "hubie halloween," which is available now. it is out today on netflix here is maya rudolph maya >> hi. >> jimmy: oh, it's so good to see you. i like -- oh, my gosh. i love your hair i miss seeing you. >> thanks bud. i know i love you >> jimmy: even though i just saw you on "saturday night live." i love you, bud. and congrats on "saturday night live" last weekend i want to walk through some of the steps because i can't even really imagine all of the steps that went on first of all, it's the first show back in a pandemic. >> yeah. >> jimmy: what was it like i didn't want to go up and bother anybody >> it -- it was nuts i mean, you and i were there for the first show after september 11th
12:03 am
>> jimmy: yeah >> and when anthrax was in the building, i believe. >> jimmy: oh, yeah >> that was another doozy. >> jimmy: do you remember that >> that was crazy. and i feel like there was a reminiscent feeling of there was -- you were in the center of everything going on and honestly, "snl's" been doing -- they are doing an unbelievable job of making you feel safe. everyone's tested every single time we walk in, but it's "snl." everything happens at the last minute you know, in order to get the best show possible on the air. so, imagine that with, like, ppe and masks and -- and people spread apart it's wild. it was so strange. and yet, so comforting because the minute you're in that building and you hear the music, you're like, "oh, life's back to normal again." >> jimmy: yeah >> with just some little alterations. >> jimmy: how was the script and cue cards?
12:04 am
how do you deal with rehearsing >> dude, that -- that's also crazy. i mean, think about it think about our beloved cue card crew -- >> jimmy: yeah >> -- having to write everything down, and then changes. but in -- in -- in a time of molasses so, they're like, you know, with -- with masks, everything is slower. >> jimmy: yeah >> every protocol's slower i think scripts are on ipads right now, by the way, which is also like a future language that you and i never experienced. >> jimmy: wow. >> we're used to like, you talk to somebody. they write it down they get it to scripty they get the changes in. they go to cue cards i didn't see my lines that i said on the show until air >> jimmy: no way >> so, it was really scary it was so scary. i was not even thinking about what kamala speaks like. i was just worried, like, "do i have pants on? are we -- is -- like, is there a booger hanging out like, is everything okay?" and then, later on, i was like, "well, there -- there's the impression."
12:05 am
me, like, terrified out of my wits looking at the wrong cameras. like i was out of my body. >> jimmy: no, it was perfect you had pants on and you nailed it, by the way it was great >> i'm so grateful, always, to be a part of that place. and then like, when, in my wildest dreams, did i ever think there would be a a candidate that looks remotely close to whatever this is? it -- the whole thing is - >> jimmy: it just worked >> and i realize like i started working there 21 years ago how am i still standing? >> jimmy: yeah isn't it great >> how am i still standing yeah >> jimmy: i love it because you're funny >> i love it >> jimmy: when -- when vice president biden announced kamala harris as his running mate you were, somehow, on a zoom interview thing or something, live you can't write this and -- and you're on live and somebody says he just chose kamala harris. and you were so human and so real, your first reaction was -- >> was, "oh [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: yeah >> you know why?
12:06 am
because we're in the middle of a pandemic >> jimmy: i know we are. i know we are. >> and i was like, "how am i going to get to new york oh, [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: yeah >> that's complicated. that's really complicated because it's my civic duty i got to do it i got to get there and do whatever i need to do to make sure that she wins this election and also, that i do a good job and how the hell do i do that? because i haven't left my house in seven months. >> you did a virtual event with senator harris and amy poehler was there and hillary clinton. >> how about that? >> jimmy: all, at the same time was that your first time meeting -- >> that was nuts yeah, that was the first time i met kamala and hillary we don't hang out that much. i have never met those incredible women >> jimmy: yeah >> and it was bananas and it was so cool. we were just, like, chatting about quarantine asking hillary about quarantine she was like, "i've been catching up on sleep."
12:07 am
like, the coolest -- >> jimmy: yeah >> hanging out with my grandkids. and then, poor poehler's sound went out and she was so upset cause, you know, she is -- she's a very, like, professional lady. and she was not pleased that her sound went out cause it was not her fault. and i was trying to like come up with, you know, like do some wacky shabba-shabba. >> jimmy: bits >> like, and i said, "man, it's sabotage." and right away, hillary chimed in she goes, "it's probably the russians." >> jimmy: oh, nice score. >> for the win score. >> jimmy: she shoots, she scores i love it. >> what a stud >> jimmy: well, speaking of scoring, how about this segue? you scored so hard as kamala that, my friend, you won an emmy for that performance. so, congrats i'm not the only one who thinks it's awesome >> thank you crazy. >> jimmy: then, you won another emmy you won two emmys. >> yes i -- i double emmy'd
12:08 am
>> jimmy: like, have you -- i know you've been nominated before have you ever won before >> i've never won anything in my life. like, i won -- i won that first emmy for "big mouth" really, truly, genuinely, like not expecting anything and then, i was nominated for "snl." and i was like, "ooh, now i want another one." like, i became an addict, like, overnight. >> jimmy: you caught the bug >> i was like, "i want to win again. >> jimmy: yeah, well it's about to go down >> give it to me again >> jimmy: yeah give it to me again. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i want to talk to you about "hubie halloween." >> okay. >> jimmy: all right. more with maya rudolph when we come back, everybody >> bye ♪ imagine a future where machine learning will track your sleep. excuse me, ma'am? yes? (sleepily) yeah, this already does that. oh, i didn't know that. well now you do. let's try this again. imagine, one day you'll be able to take an ecg. it already does that. really? what about detect hard falls? does it do that? - does that. - does that. - does that. thank you.
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in the tubbs fire. the flames, the ash, it was terrifying. thousands of family homes are destroyed in wildfires. families are forced to move and higher property taxes are a huge problem. prop 19 limits taxes on wildfire victims so families can move without a tax penalty. nineteen will help rebuild lives. vote 'yes' on 19. oh, yeah! there's always somethiat ross.n store yep. oh yeah! say yes to those looks, the best brands... ...and "check you ous! savings from top to bottom! that's yes for less. at ross. m♪ >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. i'm here with maya rudolph and five, four and -
12:14 am
>> three, two, one [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: let's talk about "hubie halloween." oh, my gosh. perfect. so fun it's a halloween movie are you -- were you -- are you into halloween were you always into halloween growing up >> i love halloween. yes. >> jimmy: really >> but, just to be clear, like, i'm not -- i'm not a scary halloween person i hate being scared. >> jimmy: me, too. >> if anybody scares me, i will punch them in the face i don't like it. like, don't scare me or you're -- you're going to get punched in the face, for real >> jimmy: "hubie halloween" is finally out. i'm so happy it's on netflix everyone's going to be watching it this weekend. do you want to set it up, what the movie's about? adam sandler's hubie >> hubie -- adam sandler's hubie. and hubie's this -- just this sweet, sweet dude that is, you know, i don't think he's very popular in the town. he -- he takes his job very seriously. making sure that people are safe, and he wants everybody to be safe on halloween
12:15 am
and my character is one of many people who are not -- not very nice to him. and his mom really tries to let him know that he has to, you know, stand up to bullies and take care of himself and -- and he's just -- poor - poor hubie just rides around town drinking out of his thermos, while people throw eggs at him. [ light laughter ] poor guy >> jimmy: oh, that's so terrible >> i know. he's a good dude >> jimmy: it was hurley, right hurley, he and sandler >> yep yep. hurley and sandler. >> jimmy: can't beat that. i want to show everyone a clip here is maya rudolph in "hubie halloween. take a look. >> does that turn you on >> how is sucking on fake fingers supposed to turn me on >> well, imagine that they're your fingers >> they're men's fingers what are you saying i have men's fingers? >> okay, look. i was just trying something. okay something different. >> jeez, man
12:16 am
>> remember, we used to come here in high school? >> uh-huh. feels exactly the same, too. we got hubie dubois spying on everybody. got to say it's pretty impressive how long he's been a loser. >> i got a great idea. it's kind of evil, but stick with me. >> now, that turns me on [ laughter ] >> jimmy: maya rudolph, everybody. "hubie halloween" is available now on netflix we'll be right back with matt bomer stick around, everybody. m♪ yeah, that's half the fun of a new house. seeing what people left behind in the attic. well, saving on homeowners insurance with geico's help was pretty fun too. ahhhh, it's a tiny dancer. they left a ton of stuff up here.
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in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us. ♪ >> jimmy: our next guest is a golden globe-winning actor who you can see in the new film "the boys in the band," which is streaming right now on netflix. here is one of our favorites, matt bomer yeah >> hey how you doing, man >> jimmy: matt bomer, it's always great to see you. i -- i was just -- i was just talking to maya rudolph. i think i still have glue on my face from doing this and we were talking about kamala and last time you were here, i made a pitch that you should play tom brady. and i meant it and i was thinking, like, is there any politician that you think you'd be good at playing
12:23 am
>> well, first of all, i need to start commissioning you because people come up to me on the street and think that that's a real movie. and they ask for updates about the tom brady biopic >> jimmy: it should be a a tom brady biopic there should be one. >> ask jimmy >> jimmy: i'm good at this i have an idea how about this >> yes >> jimmy: i think you should do jfk. >> i was going to say it would have to be a kennedy that would be the dream. >> jimmy: i -- i really believe that >> i love that american dynasty kind of thing that they got going on that's it. >> yes i think you could crush it >> that's it put it out there >> jimmy: we're going to put it out there. i'm telling you there is at least four kennedy movies in the works getting ready, right now. i know, for a fact >> yes. >> jmmy: so, matt bomer would be perfect to play, really, any of the kennedys. >> all right i'm in i'm in >> jimmy: i put it out there let me know what happens oh, this is going to be exciting you're quarantining with your husband and your three teenaged sons >> yes >> jimmy: you posted this. i follow your -- you're great on instagram, by the way >> oh, thanks, man
12:24 am
>> jimmy: i love following you and one of the things that you said the best things you watched in quarantine was the beastie boys documentary that was -- that was great are you -- were you a big fan, growing up >> huge fan. i mean, i'll never forget it's so iconic to me when my brother got the license to ill tape. that's how old i am. it was the tape. and i knew how to, like, turn it around to rewind it to get right back to the beginning of the song on the other side because i didn't have the boombox that had rewind on it. >> jimmy: so you fast forwarded it? >> you just have to flip around and fast forward. >> jimmy: i used to do that. that's such a great reference. >> the best. and they just blew my mind, man. i mean, i'm still such a huge fan of ad rock and -- and they just -- i was like what is going on in the world outside of suburban texas? and spike jonze is one of my favorite filmmakers, so it was just like that meme of eating popcorn. like, i couldn't get enough. it could have gone on for two more hours >> jimmy: i love those guys so much >> me, too >> jimmy: i read somewhere that you used to write songs to them when you were a little kid do -- do you remember doing this
12:25 am
>> this is so humbling i -- i started writing poetry when i was seven or eight. >> jimmy: wow. >> and my first poem was called "kingdoms in conflict. it started with some light subject matter there just keeping it light. >> jimmy: seven years old. kingdoms in conflict >> and my older brother actually found it which, for me, was like obviously my biggest nightmare, at that time, because i was fully expecting him to just, like, lacerate me. >> jimmy: yeah read it for everybody. >> what brothers are supposed to do. and he read it and he was just like, "wow, okay, man. >> jimmy: this kid's deep. matt's on a different level. [ laughter ] >> go ahead. you go do -- you go have your kingdoms in conflict i'll be here with my gi joes when you're ready. >> jimmy: oh, that would be a great song. >> i think it should be the title of our jfk biopic it's going to be kingdoms in conflict >> jimmy: again, someone is watching this writing kingdoms in conflict. and i can't wait for you to be
12:26 am
in it because, honestly, when you win your oscar for it, you have to just -- you don't even have to say my name. you don't even have to say my name [ laughter ] just straighten your bowtie or something and i'll know it's for me i'll know it's for me. >> i'll just -- i'm going to just like bring up a picture of you and just put it in front of your picture walk on stage. >> jimmy: just any little winker >> no. i want you to do that, and then i'll know we had this forever. this bond. and we'll come on the show we'll talk about it. we'll show this clip that's the way it all works. last time, i think we talked, you were talking about the boys in the band on broadway. >> yes >> jimmy: it was a play that you guys revived and you actually won a tony. and you -- you're -- you're now in this film it's a netflix film with the exact same cast. >> yes >> jimmy: can you set up what it's about >> yeah. it's about this group of eight guys who all gather together for a birthday party at an apartment in new york in 1968. just pre-stonewall it's a group of eight gay friends and the arrival of an unexpected visitor slash interloper sort of throws the whole night into chaos and calls all the relationships with themselves and each other and society into question. and at the same time, it's, also, i think, really funny. so, it's got a little something for everybody.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: i loved it i thought it was fantastic it was well done and what a cast, too. >> i love those guys, man. we had the best time on broadway we were -- we were that cast that like came to the stage door early to hang out with each other, and hung out afterwards we had epic karaoke nights where i would get different glam-rock wigs for us to wear. and i think that sense of ensemble that you kind of earn, as you know there being on something like "snl" from doing the show live eight times a week, i think we're able to kind of bring that to the film >> jimmy: yeah it's good stuff. i love it so much. i want to show everyone a clip here are matt bomer and jim parsons in "the boys in the band." take a look at this. >> you in a funk because of the doctor >> christ, no. i was depressed long before i got there. >> well, this should pick you up
12:28 am
i went shopping today, and i bought all sorts of goodies. sandalwood soap. >> i feel better already >> uh-huh. oh, your very own toothbrush because i am sick to death of you using mine. >> how do you think i feel >> you've had worse things in your mouth oh, also, for you. something called control notice nowhere is it called hairspray. just, simply control and the words for man written about 37 times all over the -- can >> it's called butch insurance >> well, it's still hairspray, no matter if they call it balls. >> jimmy: matt bomer "the boys in the band" is streaming right now on netflix i want to hear it when you get this kennedy script. i want to hear about the tom brady script we have lots of things to catch up with and you're one of our favorites. thanks for coming on the show. i appreciate it, buddy >> same, man thank you so much and thank you for all the laughs over the past several months, man it's -- it's really gotten me through a lot. so i really appreciate it. >> jimmy: we'll be right back with a performance from 070 shake.
12:29 am
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: performing her unreleased song "history" and "guilty conscience" from her album "modus vivendi," here is 070 shake. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ despite the thing you say to m who don't mean either babe ♪ ♪ we'll go down in histor
12:33 am
we'll go down in history here ♪ ♪ forever and eternit keeping your memor we've been through it all ♪ ♪ you're in my hear i give you min we'll go down in history ♪ ♪ hey we'll go down in history yea we'll go down in history ♪ ♪ we'll go down in history yea i bought it stole it ♪ ♪ loved it lost i so that i could ge a yeah yeah ♪ ♪ i don't kno where to start oh from the bottom ♪ ♪ of my heart i want you
12:34 am
i never get enough ♪ ♪ another one bites the dus oh so are you going to ♪ ♪ cry cry yeah yeah if so i won't stick around and watch you oh no ♪ ♪ ♪ my mind won't let me rest voice in my head i hear what it says ♪ ♪ i can't trust a thing if picked up and lef how fast would you forget ♪ ♪ restin' while i'm insid your presenc i don't wanna think ♪ ♪ nothin' bad
12:35 am
this time i won' this time i won't ♪ ♪ five a.m. when i walked i walked i could not believe ♪ ♪ what i sa you were on another one' body body ♪ ♪ ghosts of the pas came to haunt me i caught you ♪ ♪ but you never caught me i was sitting here waiting on karma ♪ ♪ there goe my guilty conscience there goes ♪ ♪ my guilty conscienc no i won't let you sta thanks for the hours ♪ ♪ thanks for the days if i see your eyes i turn to stone ♪ ♪ i look away i gotta go restin' while i'm inside ♪ ♪ your presence i don't wanna thin nothin' bad ♪
12:36 am
♪ goodnights are never really good nights nights night feel something ♪ ♪ that's heavy inside five a.m. when i walked in walked in ♪ ♪ could not believe what i saw you were on another one's ♪ ♪ body body ghosts of the past came to haunt me haunt me ♪ ♪ i caught yo but you never caught m i was sitting here ♪ ♪ waiting on karm there goes my guilty conscience ♪ ♪ there goe my guilty conscience ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thank you all for watching stay safe out there. wash your hands. don't touch your face. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪


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