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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 9, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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as a mike pompeo mom with two teenaged daughters and three stepsons, my husband and i are eternally grateful to everyone who put themselves in harm's way to keep our family safe. >> micgan governor speaking out after a plot was thwarted by the fbi. an evacuation is under regi. storm hunters peer into the eye of a coming hurricane. a week after he announced he was positive for covid virus,
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president trump believes he is no longer contagious and could be back on the campaign trail as early as tomorrow. and the drug that he says cured his covid. will the fda give it a final approval good morning i'm phillip mena. >> and i'm frances rivera. there was a chilling plan thwarted to kip michigan governor 13 men have been arrested. during a press conference whitmer called out the president for not doing enough to condemn hate groups. in a series of tweets the president slammed the governor he says, rather than say thank you, she calls me a white supremacist. >> reporter: the fbi says the target of the plot was michigan's governor gretchen whitmer. five men from michigan and one from delaware met several times starting in june and talked about storming the capitol and
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taking the governor hostage. their main complaint was the strict conditions especially the closing of gyms. >> members of this conspiracy on two occasions conducted coordinated surveillance on the governor's vacation home. >> reporter: the six men were arrested police and federal agents searched their homes governor whitmer said the president's refusal to criticize white supremacist groups has been held as a rallying cry. >> when they meet, fraternize with domestic terrorists, they legitimize their actions and they are complicicomplicit. >> reporter: investigators say one of the men, fox, conducted his business in the basement of a vacuum store what the men did not know,
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according to court documents is that their every move was being followed by undercover fbi informants after two of the men talked on social media during the year about carrying out ant anti-violent government attacks. several men talked about targeting lar enforcement officers. >> as a mom with two teenaged daughters and three stepsons, my husband and i are eternally grateful to everyone who put themselves in harm's way to keep our family safe. >> no comment yet from the lawyers for those plotting to k kidnap the governor. the president said she's sowing division by making outlandish statements. hurricane delta is set to make landfall in a matter of hours. this willthe first time in
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recorded history that two major hurricanes hit the same place in the same season. devastating winds are expected in lake charles where there are still large piles of debris from hurricane laura. chris pollone has this story from the gulf coast. >> reporter: words no one wants to hear -- >> delta's going to be a strong hurricane. >> reporter: bracing for the fourth hurricane to make landfall this season it was just six weeks ago that a storm destroyed 10,000 homes, stores, and more cleanup nowhere near complete. >> it's very clear southwest louisiana is going to get more of a punch from this than we would like to see for sure because we're still trying to recover from hurricane laura. >> reporter: amidst everything else this year, people want a break. >> you know, it's just a lot emotionally, everybody is battered and worn down right now. >> reporter: many are headed for
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higher ground. delta is 800 miles wide. storm flooding and storm surge is expected. the storm has people like clayton broussard thinking about what they'll do once the hurricane season ends seven weeks from now. >> i'll jump for joy i will jump for joy. >> reporter: in an attempt to keep people safe and inside during the height of the storm, many cities and parishes across louisiana are instituting mandatory curfews. here in lafayette people will have to be off the streets by noon on friday, scheduled to last at least until early saturday morning in lafayette, louisiana, chris pollo pollone, nbc news. here's nbc meteorologist janessa webb who's tracking the storm. what are you see about this morning? >> i don't have the best new
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this morning the pressure continues to drop on this storm system, and that means it's maintaining its category, right now category 3 we hope it goes into some cooler water that will allow it to be downgraded, but unfortunately that's just not happening. 250 miles south of cameron, michigan, sustained winds of 120 miles an hour. our models are currently in agreement. this will marek landfall, southwest louisiana later on tonight. >> the size of that thing is just terrifying. with just 25 days until the election, the second presidential debate is up in the air. amid his battle with coronavirus, president trump is refusing to take part in a virtual debate with joe biden. nbc's tracie potts one thing for sure
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we won't see them both on the stage next week. >> they're going back and forth about pushing the debate a week, or suggesting doing it virtually or in person which the president says is perfectly fine president trump says he's not contagious his doctor has cleared him for public events after tomorrow that's the end of his ten-day isolation with covid, but we have yet to see a anything active test. the president suggestions in an interview he might get tested today. the biden team doesn't want to push the dates at all. meanwhile president trump is planning to head back out. here's what he's planning for the weekend. >> i think i'll going to try to do the rally on saturday night if we have enough time to put it together, but we want to do a rally probably in florida on saturday night might come back and do one in pennsylvania the following night. i'm not joe biden. i'm not going to do a virtual debate, sit behind a computer
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screen that gives him the answers. >> i'm sticking with the dates i'm showing up i'll be there. if he shows up, fine, if he doesn't, fine. >> so president trump wants to debate, but only in person the last word from the commission is that this next one will be virtual. the biden campaign doesn't want to change the dates. a bit of a stalemate on the next debate if they push it a week, that puts the final debate in question phillip? >> so much up in the air these days theer isch for a coronavirus treatment continues and now two companies that make antibody therapies which the president praises as treatments for the fight against covid are seeking authorization from the fda here's nbc's kristen dahlgren. >> good morning, frances we've heard so much talk over what treatments president trump was given, especially something
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called monoclonal antibodies, and this morning there's a big discussion on whether or not that treatment should get fast track approval on the say day the president touted the aeb treatment as a cure for covid, two companies who make the treatment applied for approval from the fda. eli lilly and regeneron say it mimics the way it fights the infection. >> the antibody blocks the infected nature of the virus by not allowing it to get into cells where it can replicate and infect patients. >> last week regeneron includederly data and shows it cleared the virus faster with reduced symptoms but rick brite says he believes it's being politicized.
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>> for those who say they want the same cocktail as the president was given, is that dangerous? >> i would urge caution. you're getting a false message from the president right now let the scientists do their job. >> brite was a whistle-blower over claims about hydroxychloroquine the president called him disgruntled, but published information later showed that it wasn't it's impossible to know what impact the antibody treatment may have had the stakes are high. stephanie's grandfather died of covid just before the president's diagnosis. >> he felt that if the president isn't wearing a mask, then we're fine you know, he -- he listened to him because he's our leader, right? he's our president.
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>> his family now in mourning, worrying covid victims are falling prey to politics. >> we reached out to the fda for comment, but it says it never kmejts on product applications frances. >> kristen, thank you. from the united states to europe where the battle to contain covid-19 p continues some countries are trying to contain it as new infections sore across the continent. good morning. >> good morning to you, phillip. i wish i had better news, but it is not a great picture coming out of europe. in the uk where i am, a grim milestone. that is a record since the outbreak boris johnson expected to announce fresh restrictions in the coming days, but some european countries are not waiting including italy where
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it's now compulsory to wear a face mask at all times in france you know it's bad when cafes and bars have been closed for the next two weeks germany now saying the virus could now spread out of control. that country is the poster child in european response, and w.h.o. calling on european calling on people not to allow covid fatigue in this key moment. >> we were all wondering when we would call the second wave i think we're seeing it. a 33-story apartment building in south korea caught on fire. there are no reports of casualties investigators are looking into the cause which they say started on a ball con in on one of the lower floors. let's go back to meteorologist janessa webb she's been tracking hurricane delta for us all morning janessa? >> phillip and frances, we might
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not have impact in louisiana, but the impact could hit the coast. that's why we have hurri, seeine bands impacting that area. from the southwest, we're above average. in phoenix, sunshine and 99. we'll talk about the storm surge coming up. >> the deadliest part, janessa thank you so much. when we come back, tom brady and the bucs try to trample them. and the tester orbiter surpassed a new milestone. ♪
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and the bucs duked it out on "monday night football." this improbable catch by jimmy graham had chicago holding onto the lead in the second half, a bad bucs drive led tom brady to lash out at his teammates on the sideline the bears would keep their poise there. specifically kai rocairo santost th this. the starman cruised past mars it got within 5 million miles of the red planet starman was launched on may 19th starman and the roadster circle the sun once every 537 days. i always wondering about it. is it still playing space odyssey out there? now we get an update cool. >> i remember when they first
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fast forwarding next week to celebrate the girl there will be a discussion of women's education. the conversation will be streamed on the youtube channel on sunday. the confirmation hearings are set to begin october 12th and run through october 15th. "sesame street" is tackling racism with a new program called "we. they'll show how hurtful being mean can be. wall street waiting for
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washington to come to some sort of a stimulus agreement, but will it get lost on each side as far as jockeying ahead of the election let's bridge in cnbc's steve sedgwick hi, steve. good morning. >> good morning to you, frances. what is incredible is regardless of the concern last week of the president's health and the negotiations between treasury secretary mnuchin and nancy pelosi, the markets have gone up so far this week the dow jones is up 2.7% and it's record levels so the markets seem blithely unaware about fiscal concerns. also, dollar general launching a new store. it will sell such items as home decor, cleaning supplies, party goods and more called pop shelf. five bucks or less
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there is a dash along the gulf coast to get ready for delta. the hurricane is regaining strength after lashing mexico. it's now expected to make landfall in louisiana as a major category 3 storm nbc's jay gray is joining us from lafayette, louisiana. jay, what are you seeing there this morning >> reporter: well, phillip, it's been pretty calm at this point we're near the banks of a river that runs right through the center of lave yacht tomorrow at this time this should be under water. right now there's spitting rain. it's going to change
4:27 am
dramatically over the next several hours as the storm starts to move in.r miles as people try to get away from the storm as hurricane hunters try to fly into the storm. it's still gathering strength. >> it's expected to be a major hurricane as we wake up friday morning. >> reporter: targeting louisiana again, delta will be the fourth named storm to make landfall in the state this year. laura was the worst of it, a category 4 hurricane ripping apart louisiana. they prepare now for another hit. >> now landfall is forecast in almost exactly the same areas that landfall occurred with hurricane laura. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands are getting ready along the coast. the harrest hit areas could see wind gusts of over 100 miles an hour and more than a foot of rain. >> it's scary, very scary.
4:28 am
>> reporter: a fear that's become way too familiar in this storm-ravaged state. a lot of people here will also just tell you they're plain tired of the storm and covid fatigue, really stretching people thin, adding to their frustration as delta starts to make its way here. phillip? >> jay, thank you so much. like jay just said, with covid dominating the headlines, it's easy to forget just how impactful this is. we still have seven more weeks of this hurricane season. >> just the physical toll on everybody there, mentally, emotionally for all of them. so difficult. >> we feel for them. a group in hong kong is in a league of their own when it comes to yoga, holding classes inside an aquarium while giant sharks and fish look on. hong kong's ocean park offered activities like this to keep
4:29 am
businesses afloat. a deep breath and a bit ol' ohm for everybody here goat yoga is a thing, having goats hang around you. >> maybe they'll combine them next
4:30 am
right now at 4:30 and happening now, reopening in the east bay. gyms and libraries will be back in business. next, everything that's reopening and where and just in time for the weekend. and a cooldown hitting the bay area. fire danger lingers. bracing fo blackouts. quality concerns continue, which means it is another spare the air day. your forecast is straight ahead for the weekend. "today in the bay" starts now. i'm kris sanchez in for marcus washington. >> good to see you,


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