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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  October 9, 2020 11:34pm-12:36am PDT

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change for "saturday night live." musician jack white is returning to the show on just two days notice. he's stepping in after "snl" booted country music star morgan wallen earlier this week. he broke covid safety rules after a tiktok video showed him partying without a mask. as for the host tomorrow night comedian and actor bill burr from breaking bad. we have made it to the weekend. for everyone here at nbc bay area including our director will adams and producer, thanks for watching. have a great weekend and be safe. ♪
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>> steve: from rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." join jimmy and his guests -- kevin james, lenny kravitz, comedian nate bargatze and featuring the legendary roots crew and now, here's your host, jimmy fallon [ applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everyone thank you very much. welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show. let's get to the news and jokes. well, guys, it was just another crazy week and tonight president trump did his first on-camera interview since he got covid.
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let's see who he decided to talk to. >> he have just learned this morning that president trump is set to appear in his first on-camera interview tonight and will apparently get a medical evaluation, not by the white house physician, but by a doctor on fox news, according to the cable network [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's right trump got a remote medical evaluation it's like a zoom physical. it was a tough choice for tv viewers, yankee playoff game, nba finals or hearing about a 74-year-old man's body [ laughter ] "can we catch all three? no, you can't. the medical exam on tv i feel like trump is one step away from taking the covid test on "maury. [ laughter ] "you do not have the virus." [ drumbeat ] i'm sure the guy who evaluated trump is qualified i mean, to be a fox news doctor you have to go to medical school in queens for a whole three hours. [ laughter ]
11:37 pm
it was really bizarre television, especially when trump told the doctor, "might as well check my prostate while i'm here." [ laughter ] at least trump seemed like he was in a playful mood during the exam when the doctor said he would need a sample of his blood, urine, and stool, trump gave him his underwear [ audience oohs "come on it's a classic, it's a a classic. [ laughter ] i never really seen him laugh, trump. right? what does he laugh like? [ laughter ] like, a silent laugh >> tariq: muppet yeah >> jimmy: yeah, like a muppet. >> tariq: or maybe like a robot like ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: or maybe like, you know. some people laugh like ernie, too like - [ laughter ] >> tariq: oh, yeah yeah, that's a good one. yeah >> jimmy: yeah, that's a good one. [ laughter ] actually, i was impressed with the doctor he remembered every single word trump told him to say. [ laughter ] that's right, trump was given
11:38 pm
a virtual medical exam on tv i guess that explains this promo i saw. >> tonight, president donald j. trump undergoes a complete physical on "tucker carlson tonight. that's why you should watch cnn. check your local listings. [ laughter and applause >> jimmy: the last few days, trump has been all over fox news last night, he called in to sean hannity at this point, even regular fox news viewers are like, "this guy again? [ light laughter ] by now any time trump calls fox news it comes up as potential spam [ laughter ] during the interview, trump didn't sound too good. take a listen to this. >> i think the first debate -- [ clears throats ] excuse me, on the first debate, they oscillated the mic. absentee is okay, because absentee ballots - [ clears throat excuse me. absentee ballots >> jimmy: wow. that's great the president of the united states is slowly turning into the mucinex monster [ laughter ]
11:39 pm
a second later, trump was like, [ coughing ] "sorry, hair ball." [ laughter ] hannity then tried asking trump if he'd been tested for covid and trump wouldn't give a clear answer listen to this >> have you been tested recently >> more sooner, maybe. yeah, i just saw the doctors today. they think i'm in great shape. i'm in great shape i know i'm whether i'm great shape or not >> did you test negative >> and i took this regeneron - >> have you had a test since your diagnosis a week ago? >> well, what we're doing is probably the test will be tomorrow but they found very little infection or virus, if any [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so the answer is no. [ laughter ] his doctor will only examine him on tv from 200 miles away. i think it's safe to say he's still positive it's like being asked, "how did your history test go?" and you go, "yes." [ laughter ] later in the interview, hannity asked trump what he thought would happen under biden's environmental plan he had a pretty interesting
11:40 pm
response >> i mean, they literally want to take buildings down and rebuild them with tiny little windows, okay? little windows so you can't see out, you can't see the light [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "rebuild them with tiny little windows so you cannot see light." is he attacking the democrats or writing a haiku [ light laughter ] i'm worried about trump, but later he was like, "to the window, to the wall, 'till the sweat drop down my - [ coughing ] hair balls." it didn't stop there trump then talked about california's water situation listen to this >> look at where california is going to have to ration water. you know why because they sent millions of gallons of water out to the sea, out to the pacific. because they want to take care of certain little tiny fish. [ laughter ]
11:41 pm
they're not doing very well without water, to be honest with you >> tariq: no [ laughter ] no no, man. >> jimmy: it's real, no, that is his - >> tariq: this is the news you do not need. y'all did that >> jimmy: that is -- i swear >> tariq: there's no way [ laughter ] >> jimmy: tiny windows, tiny fish he sounds like those youtube video of kids after they get their wisdom teeth out [ laughter ] then today trump called into rush limbaugh's radio show for two hours. and at one point, he dropped an f bomb talking about iran. listen to this >> and iran knows that and they've been put on notice if you [ bleep ] around with us, if you do something bad to us, we are going to do things to you that have never been done before. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: when mike pence heard trump curse, he took two flies and stuck them in his ears [ laughter ] "not today, satan. [ laughter ] trump says he's feeling better and doctors are crediting his recovery to advanced treatments, including a steroid.
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but i don't know if it's the best choice for trump. take a look at this ad i saw the other night. ♪ >> reclaim the day with dexamethasone, dexamethasone has been used to treat moderate to severe cases of covid-19. while effective, dexamethasone isn't for everyone you shouldn't take dexamethasone if you have a twitter account, can make a phone call and suddenly your voice is on tv, or if you can order a nuclear launch side effects may include mask intolerance, thinking you're immune to diseases you currently have, chronic all caps syndrome, sudden rambling interviews on "hannity." and infini-tan dexamethasone, oh, yeah, your boy be tripping. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: hey, this is going viral. a woman shared a picture of a frozen tuna steak that looks like president trump take a look at this. see if you can -- see -- [ audience oohs trump saw that and was like, "now, that's the tan i'm looking for. [ la
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[ laughter ] >> hi. [ dog whimpering ] >> jimmy: that's what happens when you're trapped in your house for seven months "i'm going to go make some dog holes in the fence." "honey, any headway with the job search?" "no, but i made a couple of -- couple dog holes." [ laughter ] and finally, these days it can feel like there's a lot going wrong with the world and sometimes you wish you could make it right. well, luckily we're able to do that here on "the tonight show." it's time for "this week made right. check it out ♪ [ mouse clicks ] ♪ >> shockingly, president trump has left walter reed hospital to ride around in his -- [ glass breaks ]
11:44 pm
-- oh, wait a second okay yup, that's probably for the best [ laughter ] >> that's right. after a heated presidential debate last week, the vp candidates have agreed to sit in silence and smile at one another. let's take a look. ♪ [ laughter ] >> shocker for the patriots this week. cam newton is out with covid he could be done for the season >> oh, wait a second, al, not so fast. >> well, look at that, it's cam newton [ laughter ] >> this is a great insult -- [ fly buzzing -- to the men and women who serve in law enforcement and i want everyone to know -- [ swatting ] -- who puts on the uniform [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we have a great show tonight. give it up for the roots, everyone ♪ [ applause ]
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thank you so much. guys, as you know, all week long we've been shouting out some of our favorite comedy clubs across the country that need your support. and tonight's comedy club is one of my personal favorites, zanies in nashville, tennessee i've performed on that stage many times and it's the owners, the staff, they're all -- it's just a top notch comedy club. and right now, they're doing virtual shows and trying to keep bringing comedy to their audiences in the safest way possible, and they need our help so we teamed up with our friends at indeed, and they will be receiving a check for $15,000. [ cheers and applause indeed makes it easier for small businesses to find and hire great people. for more info, go to, i love youy do you remember that time where john rich picked me up in "the smoky and the bandit" car? thanks for always -- [ laughter ] >> tariq: what
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you got to explain that. >> jimmy: we went out and partied all night. [ laughter ] >> tariq: dude, you're leaving so much of the story out [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's true. you're right we went to church, and - [ laughter ] but any way, dorfman, thanks for always giving me stage time and putting on all these great comedy shows for all these years. you're going get through this, buddy. thank you to indeed for being a great partner. and thanks to zanies comedy club in nashville, tennessee [ applause ] if you can, support your local comedy clubs we have a great show for you tonight. from the new netflix movie "hubie halloween," kevin james is here. [ applause ] plus, his new book "let love rule" is available now [ applause ] and we've got standup from one of my favorites, nate bargatze [ applause ] hey, it's the end of the week, and that's usually when i catch up with some personal stuff, i check my inbox, i return some
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emails, and of course i send out thank you notes. and i was running a bit behind today, so i thought if you guys wouldn't mind, i'd like to write out my weekly thank you notes right now. is that -- [ cheers and applause i think it's cool with you guys james, can i get some thank you writing music, please? ♪ just completely -- completely dead in the eyes [ laughter ] ♪ thank you, trump and biden, cancelling the virtual debate, for living out every american's dream, bailing on the big zoom meeting because you're not in the mood [ laughter ] ♪ thank you, fly who landed on mike pence, enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, because it's only a matter of time before everyone finds the creepy stuff you posted on reddit [ laughter ] ♪
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thank you, empty white house, or as eric and don jr. put it, "come play with us." [ laughter ] they should be that for halloween. ♪ thank you, sexy mail-in ballot costume for being a great way to tell the world you don't understand politics, halloween, or the word "sexy. [ laughter ] is that how you laugh? >> tariq: yeah [ laughter ] like - >> jimmy: no >> tariq: -- like only in the s-s-s-s-s. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i feel like you're holding yourself back. >> tariq: no, not at all, man. i'm cutting loose. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: not cutting lose, you just your -- >> tariq: like no, seriously okay, say something funny. >> jimmy: okay, whatever i just said they don't even know politics, halloween or the word "sexy.
11:49 pm
[ laughter ] >> tariq: yeah, that's like when i really get into - >> jimmy: shoulder into it >> tariq: it, a little shoulder lean >> jimmy: yeah >> tariq: yep. >> jimmy: i tried to change my laughter to just breath at one point. >> tariq: oh, yeah >> jimmy: yeah, you say something funny? >> tariq: if they don't know, they don't understand the meaning of mail-in ballots or sexy [ laughter ] i like that. >> jimmy: right? >> tariq: i like that, yeah. [ laughter ] it's kind of like chuck barris >> jimmy: oh, it's also halloween. [ imitates sound effect "friday the 13th." >> tariq: yeah >> jimmy: wait, do your laugh. [ laughter ] oh, my goodness.
11:50 pm
it's friday, guys. ♪ thank you, bluetooth head phones, for making it easy to connect to any device in my apartment building, except for my phone [ laughter ] ♪ thank you, bookmarks, for reminding me of where i stopped reading three years ago. there we go. those are our thank you notes right there. we'll be right back with more "tonight show. [ cheers and applause ♪ (♪ ) keeping your oysters growing while keeping your business growing has you swamped. (♪ ) you need to hire i need indeed indeed you do.
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♪ >> jimmy: welcome back to "the tonight show." we're about to play a brand new game this is "fake off. ♪ ah fake off fake off ♪ >> jimmy: i'm going to need some help on this one, so joining me now is the one and only kevin james kevin, it is great to see you. >> thank you >> jimmy: thank you for playing this game with me. here's how this works. kevin and i are each going to take turns presenting three projects that we worked on
11:55 pm
the catch is that one of them is completely fake we'll ask each other questions and try to figure out which one is made up and if we get it right, we win that round sound good >> okay. all right. you ready? >> jimmy: yep. >> which of these is not a real movie i starred in, okay "a," "grilled. "b," "the dog house. or "c," "true memoirs of an international assassin." >> jimmy: i saw "true memoirs," so that's real "the dog house" feels like that's not something you would have done. "grilled," who is that in there with you in "grilled?" i can't -- >> it was ray romano >> jimmy: oh, well i think you and ray know each other from standup. and i should see "grilled" by the way if that -- i would say i don't believe that you were in "the dog house. i think that is not a -- i believe you have been in the dog house in your real life.
11:56 pm
>> right >> jimmy: but i say that is a fake movie >> "the dog house" is fake all right, you're correct. [ light laughter ] you're right it is the fake one i'm kind of mad. i wanted you to jump on "the dog house. it's sad that "the dog house" is something that could be considered something i did, right? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wait, what would be the concept? do you somehow -- like your wife put -- you're in the dog house, and so you actually start living in the dog house? >> yes with the dog and it becomes a buddy movie between me and a dog it's got to be a buddy movie right? i do something, the wife gets upset, i'm out in the dog house, and then we form a relationship, and we go on the road somehow and he fixes me, and i come back, and all is well. >> jimmy: okay, here we go back to me now these questions. >> okay. >> jimmy: which of these is not a real album of mine i don't know if you knew i had albums is it "a," "blow your pants off. "b," "the bathroom wall. or "c," "greatest hit.
11:57 pm
>> okay. i know "the bathroom wall. so i know that one's good. it's between "a" and "c. i'm going to go with "blow your pants off. i don't think you did that i don't think you did "blow your pants off." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're wrong i did do that. >> get out of here when did you do -- >> jimmy: i won a grammy >> for "blow your pants off? >> jimmy: yeah >> and "bathroom wall" nothing >> jimmy: "bathroom wall" nothing. "blow your pants off." >> that's -- wait a second there's a bigger story here. and it's about "bathroom wall" nothing. i'm happy for you for "blowing your pants off," and good job. this is -- it's just not fair, man. >> jimmy: thank you, finally we can call the academy and talk to somebody >> oh man! >> jimmy: all right, kevin, time for the final round this is for you. you asked your question about yourself and if i get this right, i'm the winner >> all right, here we go which of these is not a real
11:58 pm
animated character i voiced in a movie? "a," old man mian. "b," otis the cow. or "c," officer landers. >> jimmy: this is insane is not a real animated character you voice in the movie? old man mian otto the cow that's pretty cute >> otis. >> jimmy: sorry. otis the cow >> yeah. >> jimmy: that was a trick question i just wanted to see if you reacted. you did. you took the bait on that one. >> nice setup. nice setup >> jimmy: no problem so that one's real officer landers. that seems a little fakey name, officer landers. and you just played an officer in "hubie halloween. you're not one to repeat roles >> right >> jimmy: i'm going to say the answer is -- but yet you're not old, so why would you play old man mian >> well.
11:59 pm
>> jimmy: you're young i'm going to switch and go flip mode i'm going to say old man mian, fake you never did it >> you're a son of -- you're right. you're right, man. [ ding ] [ laughter ] i thought i had you on landers >> jimmy: i almost got on landers. what was officer landers >> you got me -- almost got me on landers, and now i want to play mian. i want to play him >> jimmy: you're not old enough shouldn't play old man anybody >> but you can do "the old man voice" or, you know, whatever it is. i don't know what he sounds like, but i'd like to dig in >> jimmy: well, apparently he sounds like -- it's that gravelly it's kind of like -- >> "it's a gravelly old guy. >> jimmy: "my old man has that type of voice. >> "oh, yeah, you can go that way, as well." >> jimmy: "yes oh, yours is british." >> "was he british?" >> "old man mian, of course he was. >> "righto." >> jimmy: that was -- thank you for playing our game i got to know you a little better >> yeah, you did and i know you, and i'm still
12:00 am
pissed off at "bathroom wall." okay buddy i'm just -- this is just unacceptable >> jimmy: can you come back -- >> i'm making some phone calls >> jimmy: can you come back and talk to me about "hubie halloween" and all the things you're up to >> i would love to >> jimmy: we'll be talking to kevin more after the break stick around, everybody. ♪ hola, soy j balvin and i'm dropping my mcdonald's order. leggo! a big mac! no pickles please. there you go. medium fries. con ketchup. and an oreo mcflurry. of course! ooof the j balvin meal. get it on the mcdonald's app and the mcflurry is on me. i'm lovin it! with mobile scan and go, get in and get out. so you can get back to living. ♪
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♪ >> jimmy: our first guest is one of my absolute favorites he's a very talented actor and comedian, starring alongside adam sandler in the entertaining new movie "hubie halloween," which is available now on netflix here is kevin james. yeah oh, buddy. you look great, bud. i miss you thank you so much for coming back to the show >> thanks for having me. i'm excited. it's just, you know, it's just been crazy everything's been so weird >> jimmy: how is the quarantine
12:05 am
life been for you? >> horrible. i mean, you know, it was weird, because i knew in march -- back in march, i knew we were going to be down for like a few months i knew it was going to happen. you know, this is when we knew it was just going to be -- so i said, "hey, i am not coming out of this quarantine, you know, worse off than i am. like i'm going to better myself i'm going to take care of myself and do it and take care of all the things i try to focus on when i don't have time you know, like, now i have time, i'm going to focus on getting in shape, and losing weight about a week in, man, i didn't follow -- i was quarantined in here with a group of guys, the kinnane brothers, these great filmmakers that were kind of helping me with my social media. and they were ordering pizza every day. and i just somehow -- i don't know, i gained 20 pounds, 22 pounds in quarantine. >> jimmy: trying to lose weight - you gained 20 pounds >> up 22 it's pretty rough, it's pretty
12:06 am
rough. >> jimmy: besides you wanting to lose weight -- you look good by the way >> thank you >> jimmy: what else were you hoping to do >> i was hoping to do -- just better myself in all areas like i wanted to read, you know, more >> jimmy: sure i don't read a lot didn't read nothing. read nothing nothing! didn't read anything and then i was trying to boost my vocabulary, because i have said a couple of things, my wife called it to my attention i've said a couple of things that were wrong that i didn't know were wrong for my entire life like the saying, "air on the side of caution. err. it's err, i guess. i thought it was air doesn't sound like a big thing >> jimmy: oh yeah, err on the side of caution. oh, it's e-r-r >> it's err. like err i didn't know. i've been saying, "like you give yourself enough air before caution. and my whole life, i don't know if i got caught with it. i don't know if anybody caught me, but that's what i've been blasting out there
12:07 am
so my wife is like, "you know you're saying that wrong?" and i'm like, first i said, "i don't think so." then i looked it up and right away, yeah, okay and there was just one other one, i thought the saying was hope springs eternal you know, hope springs eternal, that is the saying >> jimmy: yes. hope springs eternal >> eternal is the saying okay, here's what i was saying, hope springs a turtle. i thought it was hope springs a turtle i don't know why, but i literally thought, like, okay, "life's tough, hope springs a turtle." so you become a turtle, when you're out of hope, you grow a a hard shell [ laughter ] i'm not kidding. i'm not even kidding these are the two -- and that's it i those are the -- >> jimmy: hope springs a a turtle >> hope springs a turtle >> jimmy: like i hope we're protected in the spring. >> i don't know if it has anything to do with the seasons, jimmy, but i think it definitely has to do with the shell, being tough in life
12:08 am
>> jimmy: how is the family? did you guys do anything did you take an rv or do a road trip or anything fun >> we did. we got on a bus, and we just got back we went down to florida. disney world just opened so we went from six months of being quarantined in the house to driving down on a bus with the family which is a lot of fun. that was great it was good. >> jimmy: are the rides open >> yeah, they were they were all open we went on the -- this annoyed me, because we went on the jurassic ride, the log flume thing. >> jimmy: yes. yes. yes. >> and every other little roller coaster, i'm not good on them you have your own separate little -- you know, what are they called? like, the bar that comes over you. >> jimmy: yeah >> but the log flume, for some reason, it's one bar that goes across the whole row of seats. >> jimmy: yeah it's old school. and it's me and all my kids, and it gets jammed in my belly so it's like stuck literally like a foot out. i can't go in anymore.
12:09 am
it's not even close to them. i go, minimum, i'm going to lose two kids on this ride two are gone, i know that. i'm hoping the biggers use their legs >> jimmy: try to hang in there >> they stay the big ones, yeah >> jimmy: well, i mean, speaking of ridiculousness, "hubie halloween." >> yeah. >> jimmy: dude, it's the best. it's exactly what we need right now. it's fun, it is funny, it's scary, it's halloweeny adam was here last week and he telling us about how funny you were in the movie. and he goes, "kevin had this beard. >> yeah. "and it was just a giant long big beard. >> i was already prepping for this other movie a weird different movie i was going to do called "becky," and i needed a crazy beard i have a beard that literally if i was playing moses, they'd be like, that's too much you can't be doing that. >> jimmy: zz top or no, you have no option >> yes, you're out that was it. but he let me do it.
12:10 am
he let me keep it and we put it into the character and just had fun with it. >> jimmy: i want to show everyone a clip. here's kevin james and adam sandler in "hubie halloween" on netflix. take a look. >> we had someone escape from the psyche ward up here. a guy from your neck of the woods, richard hartman >> didn't you testify against him, steve he doesn't strike me as a forgive and forget type. >> you know what i hope he comes looking for me, 'cause he will be in a world of pain >> what the hell >> i've got to go, kenny hubie, what do you want? >> hey, officer steve, i saw andy o'doyle massive suspiciously amount of eggs and toilet paper >> it's not a crime to buy eggs or toilet paper. >> oh, yeah. that goes without saying but it doesn't take sherlock homes to deduce malicious intent lambardi's pizza is doing a sale tomorrow. one slice, one shoulder, $1, if you wear a costume to the shop to me that's a great deal, but it's also a riot waiting to happen >> call the hotline. >> i did call the hotline a hundred times, but i think
12:11 am
you guys got a connection problem. [ phone ringing >> salem pd. >> yes, oifficer, this is hubie -- >> jimmy: kevin james, everybody. "hubie halloween" is available now on netflix we'll be right back with lenny kravitz. stick around, everyone ♪ he trained his mind among 'the black bear school' of chess. speed players. trash talkers. you wanna come inside my house - how about i come in your house! and through defeat, he learned... ♪ you can beat every bear in the forest, but the game is never finished. ♪
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12:17 am
good to see you. >> jimmy: you look good, buddy >> you look great. >> jimmy: thank you, pal before we get into the book, which i love, i have a thousand questions. halloween is almost upon us, and i've already -- we've already gotten pictures that people sent of kids dressing up as you for halloween it's a very popular costume. >> i've seen it, i've seen it. >> jimmy: this one here, though, is my favorite look at this one [ laughter ] >> he got -- he got the plastic bag, so he got it all. >> jimmy: he's got the bodega bag, yeah, i just love it. i thought that was so funny and so cute. i want to talk about your book, "let love rule." it documents the first 25 years of your life you do some of the fun stories, but also some hard-hitting stories. was it therapeutic for you to write this >> extremely and i found that while i was writing this book, i was healed of so many things in my past, especially when it comes to the relationship between myself and my father.
12:18 am
we had a very -- we had a very challenging relationship, although we loved each other very much, but we, you know, we had our challenges and in writing the book, i was able to step back and see people and my father -- like characters and i was able to really have a clear look at my father for the first time and i saw him as a man just trying to get through this life experience with what he had. and it was -- it was really healing. i fell in love with my father all over again through writing this book. >> jimmy: you're very humble in this book. because when you look at it and you go, "dude, it's lenny kravitz, you're an icon. you're a stud, you're talented, you can play, you can write. but in this, you're growing up and you have different phases of singing and who you want to be
12:19 am
but then you're like, i love prince, i love david bowie, and -- you know, dilan and you end up touring with a lot of these people. >> yeah. my very first tour was tom petty. he took me on an american tour playing arenas and then bob dylan took me on tour and then david bowie i opened for david bowie at dodger stadium >> jimmy: oh, my god >> this is all during my first album. it was magical >> jimmy: wow. last time you were on our show, you brought a harmonica, that was bob dylan's harmonica and you let me play it, which was -- i'll never forget >> that's right. >> jimmy: i'll never forget it, buddy. what was bob like when you played with bob dylan? >> bob was great, man. he had an interest in me we played at a festival together somewhere in europe when we first met. he kept telling people i want -- i want to meet that black jewish kid so he came -- actually, i went to his dressing room, and he
12:20 am
invites me to go on this tour, and it was amazing and except one night, he called me to come out to do maggie's farm and he like, "come out, come out. and i didn't know the words. like, i know some of the words, so i kind of mumbled through it, which i guess, kind of, is the gig anyway, right? >> jimmy: and it's bob dylan, so you were probably going like, "this is crazy, i'm jamming with bob," but "maggie's farm," that's the one he wanted you out there for. >> that's the one, that's the one. >> jimmy: i love the book, again. who did you think this book is for? >> i think, you know, the thing i've been hearing a lot of, which -- i'm happy about is -- you know, it shows people that you really have to find your lane, your destiny and to also stick to your dreams and to your thought
12:21 am
process of how you think you should be. you know, i was offered so many record deals and opportunities, and there were a lot of open doors to me. but just because you have open doors in your life doesn't mean that you have to walk through them you know, some are just to look into you know, for me, it wasn't about money or fame. i turned down many deals as you -- as you can read in the book, because they wanted to change my vibe, my expression, my whole thing, and i waited until i actually found my sound and was able to, you know, sign with a label who was willing to allow me that and to allow me to develop >> jimmy: that must be so hard - >> it's all about that journey of finding your voice, whatever that means in whatever field in your life. >> jimmy: the book is called "let love rule." it's available now everyone, pick it up it's fantastic lenny kravitz, we love you buddy. come back whenever, whenever,
12:22 am
whenever hopefully i get to see you in person >> i love you, jim take care man. >> jimmy: thank you so much. we'll be right back with standup from nate bargatze stick around, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ smooth driving pays off with allstate, the safer you drive the more you save you never been in better hands allstate click or call for a quote today
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♪ ♪ heart monitors that let your doctor watch over you, just like you watch over your best friend. another life-changing technology from abbott, so you don't wait for life. you live it. ♪ >> jimmy: our next guest can be seen across the country on his one-night-only drive-in comedy
12:28 am
tour one of our favorites please welcome the very funny, nate bargatze. [ cheers and applause >> this is it. what a year. 2020 it's been one of my favorites. i can tell you one thing that is canceled for sure, coughing in public. [ light laughter ] that's over. you just -- you go into a restaurant and just drink water wrong, you've just got to get up and go to your car and drive home the whole restaurant just stares at you. it's going to be hardest on my parents, because my parents, there's nothing more that they love that be coughing in public it's one of their favorite things to do i mean, i haven't had a conversation with my dad in ten years without him choking the whole time [ light laughter ] and you have to go to a restaurant now too, they take your temperature it's a teenager that doesn't know what he's doing
12:29 am
doesn't even hold it up near my head he's just like, 45 degrees, you're good. i'm like, "am i? he's not even fazed by it. i'm like, "dude, i think i'm dead that's not -- i should go to the hospital." everybody acted like they've already had covid. everybody is like, "i think i had it in february." you're like, "did you? [ laughter and applause they're like, "i think so. i remember i sneezed a lot one week, and then - [ laughter ] my wife and i, we have a -- we have an 8-year-old daughter, so we're having to do the virtual learning and they're like, "just do -- you know, just teach her school stuff. you're like, "that's good. i barely made it out of high school, let me give it a go. [ laughter ]
12:30 am
and she's doing -- she's doing common core math she brought home new math. that's what they want us to -- i don't know what this math is and they're like, "here is the new one. you're like, "oh, great, i've got to watch a 40-minute youtube video on common core math." and it's not like the old math was doing bad. it's doing great it's not like we're getting incorrect change everywhere and we're just sitting there, like "this stupid old math, i wish new math would come along. [ laughter ] if you don't -- i don't know -- if you don't know common core math, it's just basically a long way to get to the same answer it's like -- it's like how can we use the entire sheet of paper for this math problem? and even when you break it down, you see old math sneak in there. i mean, you're -- you're like, that was old math right there. just do that at the beginning and we won't even have to be in
12:31 am
this [ laughter and applause there is -- i told my wife, "it's a long way to get to the same thing." it would be -- if you came to my house, and you knocked on the front door and you're like, "can i come in?" and i'm like, "can you come in through the back door? and you're like, "does the front door not work? it works it works fine. i use it most people still use it but the new way is to go jump the fence, come in back, and then meet me back here [ laughter ] one thing i -- my daughter does miss is she was starting to ride the bus, which was very fun. and when she first started riding the bus, we switched schools. and it was in first grade. it was the first day of school, we walked her to the bus stop.
12:32 am
it was a very fun day. and at the end of the school day, someone from the school called my cell phone they have my wife's cell phone and they have my cell phone. so they called my cell phone and they said "hey, do you know what bus number your daughter is supposed to be on?" i said, "i'm her dad." [ laughter ] i was like, "this is how you saw a mom and dad's cell phone and said, 'i bet the dad knows?'" i mean, do you have parents? were you raised with a family? have you ever seen families out before you thought, let's call the husband? i bet he knows [ laughter ] unless there's two husbands, you should never call a husband a day in your life i -- i would rather you ask a lady that doesn't know her walking by i think he could get to the bottom of it quicker than i can. and finally, i said "all right, i'll get her what's the name of the school? all right, that's it for me. thank you guys very much thank you. [ cheers and applause
12:33 am
>> jimmy: nate bargatze. for tour dates and ticket info, go to we'll be right back, everybody ♪
12:34 am
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12:36 am
♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thank you all for watching stay safe out there. wash your hands, don't touch your face. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight, everybody


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