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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 11, 2020 8:50pm-10:00pm PDT

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everyone. jimmy garoppolo struggled 7/17 and 77 yards. sacked two times. was it his ankle? >> i think it was his ankle and offensive of line and not having that running game to depend on. and bad decisions. he threw those balls. crews are making progress as plays he should never thought they continue to battle the glass fire in north bay. of. >> grade your level of concerns for the quarterback position right now. flames have not grown in the >> my level of concern right now last 48 hours. containment is up at 92%. is a and with jimmy being hurt. that's up from 86% last night. cal fire expects full and mullen you know what you are containment within the next week going to get from him. or so. okay, it is no secret my level is an a right now. california's wildfires are taking a toll on one of state's you have to get better and iconic industries. wine. you may be surprised to learn, quickly right now. they have a string of games problems in california are creating ripple effects coming along. thousands of miles away.
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shanahan was a little critical east coast wine makers relying and trent williams did not play on california making winery. great. afterwards trent williams told reporters i thought i did okay. grapes that did not burn are where do you put that? damaged by the smoke that ruins >> i think the philadelphia eagles' defense exposed these the fruits. guys. that puts a lot of these growers all defense of line from here on out is going to be at risk whether they cancel t s ultra-physical with them because now teams are thinking they're soft up front. there is only one way to come back. you have to come out and punch the fruits. these guys in the mouth and you have to earn your respect. >> that means the price of wine >> the secondary when we come are higher. flying to hawaii is easier. back, we'll dive into that. travelers can avoid 14-day of up next, donte's strong words quarantining if they are tested for the defensive coordinator. that and more when "oour "xfini negative from covid prior to the tip. if the results are negative, passengers can enjoy their quar. sports sunday." >> we are in the east bay right quarantining in hawaii are the now tracking a fire, 50%
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contained. worse things. still ahead, she promised we are watching that one. her late mother she will always we are really keeping our eyes what's coming down the pipe make her father's birthday a later this week, stronger winds memorable one. it is a tough one to keep during and higher temperatures, red the pandemic. flag warnings for most of the it is a tough one to keep during the pandemic. bay area, rob mayeda will have we'll show you how part of our that. over the east bay, a ballot drop box found open with ballots in it. adding to the controversy, how "bay area proud moment." good mo. big a deal it is. i )m and here )s today )s top we'll let stories in business you have to be able to shift-pivot-adapt. then do it all over again. comcast business gives you fast, reliable internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network. and now for a limited time, you can also get fast shipping- with amazon business prime essentials. so no matter what comes next, you'll always be ready to bounce forward. when you take a look at her record, get started with powerful internet and voice it all begins to un-ravel. for $64.90 a month, and ask how you can get ann ravel's no reformer, one free year of amazon busines prime essentials on us. she's backed by big corporations call or go online today. who've poured hundreds of thousands into her campaign. comcast business. and she opposes ballot measures to make the economy more fair for working people. your shoulder seems to be healing nicely. i'm sorry baby... only dave cortese is endorsed by the california democratic party.
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i don't want you to play with that... (singing) twinkle, twinkle little star. how i wonder what you are... he's helping us battle the pandemic how are you doing? with a science-based approach. schedule a video visit with your doctor. and expanding health services kaiser permanente. thrive. and child care to those in need. for state senate, democrat dave cortese. the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. breaking state employment laws the senior citizen could not; for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies forced to wait in jail nearly a year. wrote deceptive prop 22 voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers
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replacing it with one based on public safety. the rights they deserve. no sick leave. because the size of your wallet no workers' comp. shouldn't determine no unemployment benefits. whether or not you're in jail. vote no on the deceptive vote yes on prop 25 uber, lyft, to end money bail. doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take. from birthdays to weddings and anniversaries. how do we do it? >> zoom parties and outside parties. we are trying to make it work for tonight's bay area proud. i wonder if ryan fitzpatrick what happens at the end of this walnut creek was not unique. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> that is what makes it even more special. >> it is where ed cobble was manscape that beard. 49ers secondary. never a good time. treated to a surprise on the occasion of his 95th birthday or how much do these guys miss
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richard sherman? as ed prefers to call it it is >> they missed him tremendously. the 55th anniversary on my 44th i thought it was joe montana there. birthday. >> years ago, a promise was they were catching it like there were no reverse. >> you were critical at the made. >> this year was not going to be easy. >> i had to figure out a way to sta start, why? make it extra special. so she sent out words there will be a drive-by parade for ed. if off guy that you know that's on practice squad yesterday, you she got the local high school want to get to number five, national football league last year, single up and man-to-man and you know you are not getting consistent pressure, why would choir to sing him happy you put that guy in that birthday. she posted on social media asking for cards with position? why would you put that guy in a interesting stamps because ed loves those. position to fail? he received more than 200 of you need to make quan alexander them and they are still counting.
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ylette found and developed old who you are paying $50 million negatives of ed and his father who passed away when he was a to and armstead, these guys? baby. he never before seen a picture of the two of them together. >> i am 95 years old and i have never seen a picture like this >> he's not good enough if he's of my father. into the game, why could he basically what i am doing is i start? am seeing my father after 95 time for "toyota's red zone." years. as special as all this is for a raheem mostert, 90 yards. world war ii vet, retired engineer and six decades of do you know down to the miami's 12-yard 49ers fan, ed's celebration mirrors so many over the bay line. >> so mostert continue to be the light. area in the age of covid. >> absolutely. they would have stayed in the when it comes to letting those football game and could have we love know it, createivity stuck to the run. i guarantee mostert would came to this game with 100 yards around. >> this offense can be very effective. it is just they had some banged
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beats contagion any time. nbc bay area. up weapons where kittel was hurt rob mayeda is with us now. >> it is really the wind that and you had jimmy g. with a bad had our attention. it is the return of gusty game. >> they had to stay ahead of the stake so they can threaten you offshore winds which will be with the running game and the boosting temperatures but unfortunately boosting fire miss direction, the play action danger at the same time. i will have a closer look hour by hour when we come right back. when was the last time your property tax bill went down? pass. if you don't have these things and your tool box and the team noted that you have to pass the football. this is a totally different 49ers team. >> shanahan played garoppolo because he felt that garoppolo gave him the best chance to win. after the game, the coach was asked if he was surprised that jimmy struggled? >> i was surprised. i knew going into it any time what? never. you have a sprained ankle. are you kidding me? for years, the residential burden has gone up. while the corporate burden has gone down. i think it hurt him from being
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prop 15 reverses that. his best and the way the rest of it closes corporate loopholes the offense and the way the and invests in schools, whole team was going today, i small business, didn't think it was good to keep and firefighters. and when the big corporations pay more, him out there in the second half and he was not his best. your tax bill goes down. that's right. a savings of a hundred twenty-one dollars a year that's why i made that decision. this sunday, no one got you for the average home. covered like we give homeowners a break. you can hear the 49ers press vote yes on 15. conference with kyle shanahan tomorrow at 4:00. only here on comcast sports. we got you covered throughout the week. sunday we'll have pregame live with donte and post-game immediately followed. remember alex smith. almost lost his leg and life, today a remarkable come back.
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♪ 'cause nobody's ingredients ♪ ♪ are quite as simple clean or real ♪ to want to watch especially if ♪ lightlife is the model ♪ of a modern daily family meal ♪ lightlife. try a clean plant-based burger for a change. you in inland napa county. a chilly start to the morning. almost 40 degrees swing to temperatures. san jose, 85 degrees. close to 90. gets down to gilroy, morgan hill tomorrow, you will see the tri valley and concord tomorrow. peninsula temperatures in the upper 70s. low 80s and down towards palo alto and downtown san francisco, climbing towards mid-70s and north bay temperatures tomorrow special delivery brought to with a little bit of a breeze, you by east coast pizzaria. climbing to the mid and upper 80s. here is the culprit. notice how the storm is too far brick oven pizza. to the north than behind it? high pressure starts to build alex smith made his return after in. the white lines that you see,
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being sidelined for almost two you see how they are stacked years with a catastrophic leg together, we call these isobars. injury. former number one pick of the 49ers under went 17 surgeries. the more it is compressed together, it is a sign that after the injuries, he was winds are going to pick up. we'll see it late on wednesday endangered of having his legs and thursday, focus to the area amputated or at one point having in purple, napa and inland there to lose his life. and the corridor, i think that's >> i am so happy for alex smith probably when we'll see the peak for making it back and getting winds in terms of the highest through this gruesome injury he fire danger. very likely during that time had. >> it was great to see alex frame, now as we head towards smith back on the feel even next weekend, notice how the though washington, d.c. lost. highs kind of flatten out a little bit, could be a similar dak prescott suffered an injury set up with temperatures cooling and the sea breeze making a bit today. he suffered a compound fracture of a come back. look at san francisco into the in the third quarter and he's 80s, oakland around the same forced to leave the game. time. we'll see temperatures mid to he's probably done. upper 80s for the second half of the week. it does look like thursday is there was a shot of him being the highest fire danger day.
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winds mostly for the hills, we cut out with tears. >> you know he was in the contract year, contract negotiations, you hate to see may not see valleys added in these fire watches. this happening to a guy especially when he was having such a great season. wednesday night to friday, >> next up for the rams will be breezy conditions, those on sunday night against the temperatures climbing to the 49ers. the 49ers have a combined record mid-90s on friday. we hope cooling changes as we of 19-5. this is the hardest part of the head towards next weekend. schedule, they're coming out of unfortunately, this is the trend for october. what people thought was the easy the peak of our offshore wind part of the schedule with a 2-3 season. we are getting a little taste of it and no sign of any rain in record. >> 8 out of 11 quarterbacks have the forecast, making us extra appreciative for some of the been mobile quarterbacks. drizzle and brief-like rain we they have everett and cobb and a saw this weekend. back to you. >> rob, thanks very much. anthony flores was joining us now. >> it was not long ago when i bunch of recoveries. was excited about this 49ers show me that you are not a cover season, and all of a sudden -- 3 guy and depending on talents to win and you are actually >> in the last two weeks, we used the word stunning and coaching. nbc's sports bay area pregame shocking to describe the niners' starting at 4:00 with laura and losses. they were supposed to have a big donte and jeff and after the celebration with the return of
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game, the post-game live and jimmy garoppolo and not to be after the game another edition why kyle shanahan decided to of "xfinity sports sunday." bench his quarterback today against the dolphins. stick around. sports is next. give you my world ♪ we'll do it again next week, we'll see you again next sunday. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take. doordash prop 22. ♪ if i could, baby i'd ♪ how can i, when you won't take it from me ♪
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news, covid hitting the nfl hard. more positive tests and more games moved. we are tracking it all. a troubling find at a ballot box, tonight we speak with the contra costa county election office to sort it out. welcome back, i am anthony >> he stepped on the gas and i flores, jimmy garoppolo had his heard wheels screeching. welcome back party spoiled by >> a terrifying screen in the the miami dolphins. jimmy g. seen his first action south bay as a car slams on since week two when he hurt his people eating outside. ankles against the jets. >> i am terry mcsweeney. fitzpatrick went right at the >> i am anousha arasta. depleted niners. jimmy had a miserable first the flames reported around 6:00 half, he threw two interceptions and could not get the offense today and they quickly spread going. he was benched and replaced by along the hillside. picture right here showing the flames burning up that bridge. the flames burning 20 to 30 bether to start the second half. acres. thankfully the fire is out. shanahan says he was benching smoke from the fire was seen from several miles away. garoppolo because apparently he you can see the dark plum of was not playing well.
9:06 pm
the niners had no answer for fifth magic. smoke there. the dolphins beat the niners, our meteorologist rob mayeda is tracking it all. 43-17. garoppolo benched and still >> and we saw a big reversal of weather wise comparing yesterday having issues on that high ankle afternoon of what we saw today. sprain. >> i think it hurts him from the time lapse over my shoulder, being at his best. the way the offense and the that was saturday afternoon and whole team was going today. you can see the cloudy skies and i didn't think it was good to keep him out there in the second it slowly transitions to the half. >> kyle made a decision at exact same view to 2:00. halftime, he's the coach so i followed it. we are seeing clear skies right it was tough. i wanted to be out there with my now in san francisco. temperatures currently at 63 degrees. guys battling whatever the we had a high of 72. situation is. no one likes to get embarrassed. air quality for now still good. that's great to see. when you get embarrassed you go green across the board, some locally moderate air there up to out there and fight, i thought we started to but we made too the north. many mistakes where it does not tomorrow morning, temperatures 40s and 50s. it is going to be a cool start look like much of a fight. to the morning. >> the 49ers fall 0-3 at home. you will be wondering of the they'll try to rebound next week fire danger aspect, things ram and on sunday night football against the rams. mi in kansas city, a huge wind ramping up to the middle part of the week. for the silver and black against the top concerns is gusty. the chiefs playing catch up for
9:07 pm
most of the first half. winds will be picking up. fire weather watches will be going up to the north bay and a derek hall to rookie henry tiii. potential for some power impacts for parts of northern california. all of this getting started midweek and it could last all the way into friday morning. and josh jacobs going at the coming up we'll take a closer look at those temperatures and what we may expect as we head towards next weekend and our top. the 40-32, the chiefs' first forecast. coming up in ten minutes. >> we are looking forward to it. loss of the season. thank you. a developing story in san great story, alex smith jose. several people are dealing with making his return to the field serious injuries tonight after for the first time since an suv slams into tables set up suffering a horrific leg injury two years ago. for out-door dining. we obtained the chaotic video with his family cheering him on, he completed his first pass following that terrifying crash. since 2018. marianne favro is live for us in what determination by alex smith. san jose with the details. king james brought the nba >> reporter: anousha, i am here crowd back to los angeles. the lakers beat the miami heat, at grand century plaza on story road. hours after the crash, this is 106-93 to win the nba finals in still very much an active six games. investigation. if you look here you can see all lebron named the final mvp for
9:08 pm
the fourth time in his 17 years the damaged chairs. that's where people were sitting career. the lakers tied the boston when the car hit. and witnesses tell me they saw celtics with their 17th overall the car coming towards them and championship. terry, i am a professional, i they tried to warn the diner but don't know if you know this, i was born in los angeles simply a they did not have time to move. coincidence that i am wearing a purple shirt. >> reporter: a sunday afternoon, but, i must admit the teenager a dim-sum outdoors turned into a in me did a little hmm! chaotic scene when the driver of this white toyota suv slammed after they won the >> i know it is warriors countr >> the warriors will be back. >> i am wearing like a yellow into the area. gold so it could go either way, some lying injured in the right? >> there you go, purple and parking lot and others bleeding. gold. >> my gold got lakers. a 69-year-old man was trying to park his suv when he accidentally hit the grass. >> they don't have a game until it is a favor to win until the middle of december. buck suggs saw what happened. >> defensively, that secondary is a mess.
9:09 pm
>> i thought what the heck is he we can't say stunning and shocking when they lose anymore. right now they're not a good doing and he swrumjumped the la. football team. they got to get better. >> but we can see it ourselves >> when he piled that one, there on nbc bay area next sunday were too many people yelling and night against the los angeles screaming. >> the suv hit three women and rams. >> yes, we can. five men hitting at several >> all right, big game against tables. the rams. >> thanks for watching, we are all eight were taken to the hospital and two with back in an hour. we hope you can join us then. life-threatening injuries. >> have a good night. the driver were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. buck says the driver may have had a medical emergency. >> he seemed very scared and he was crying. >> reporter: the traffic unity is looking into this crash and the clean up continues tonight. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro. nbc bay area news. a story we first broke tonight. an early voter in danville spotted something she says is concerning when she tried to drop off her ballot at a
9:10 pm
drop-off, here is what she says she saw. this happened at the sycamore park and caught the attention on social media. the woman found the opened box called local election official stood by until a worker showed up. at oroweat organic... in the process though someone ...we know that when we take care of the earth, forgot to lock the box backup. the earth also takes care of us. we spoke to other voters who were shocked to hear what you'd be surprised by our environmentally-friendly way of baking breads. happened. our ingredients are farmed per strict usda organic standards. >> i was coming here to put my ballot in the box. our bakeries are powered by renewable wind energy. and we support environmental causes through >> i am upset, and very 1% for the planet. disturbed to see a ballot box oroweat organic bread. great taste that's sustainably baked. and now, introducing our super delicious left. >> they don't believe anyone's and nutritious organic kids bread ballot was swiped in the hours featuring disney's mickey mouse and minnie mouse! they left it unlocked when it was returned. they found about 100 ballots in
9:11 pm
that box. if any voters dropped off their ballots between 11:40 and 12:40 it was horrifying. today at the box, at sycamore this was my mom, a vibrant woman, just ripped out of the valley in danville, you can world. track our ballot's progress. everything that we thought in if you have any concerns, you our life was just all shattered. can contact your register he betrayed us to our very core. voters. >> they were a stunning couple, despite claims by the president of election fraud, there has a doctor and a beauty queen. >> she won homecoming queen. been no evidence to indicate any she did modeling of this widespread fraud have >> but the day she was found dead in the tub -- >> who's in the bathtub? >> my wife >> -- set a mystery in motion. occurred. today election workers set >> my father said, "rachel, come home." and then he just hung up up a center in the parking lot. >> so many secrets locked tight for so many years, uncovered by the mobile center offers everything a traditional center does. >> voters from san mateo county can come here vote in person or drop off their ballot or if you are not registered to vote, you can register today and vote
9:12 pm
today. >> the mobile center is designed to cover gaps in san mateo center. the hearing for amy coney barrett is hours away. now they're also complicated by a covid outbreak among senators. pete williams has a look of what's ahead. >> reporter: republicans say they are confident they have the votes to confirm amy coney barrett who's now a federal appeals court judge. the hearing starting on monday will be as much of a speed it up process. the president made the nomination as it will be about her. republicans hope to confirm her by election day so she can be on the court by the time there is a make or challenge to obamacare.
9:13 pm
>> she's being stepped on assignment by president trump and we know what that assignment is, eliminate the affordable care act which protects 23 million americans. >> amy coney barrett criticized obamacare as a use of congress taxing power. the biggest issue this time is whether if the mandate is unconstitutional, the rest of the law can remain unforced. she will also be asked for her views of abortion given comments sh her catholic faith. she signed on a 2016 ad calling roe v. wade barbaric. >> judges are not policymakers and they must be resolute and setting aside any policies they may hold. >> reporter: four committee
9:14 pm
republicans are up for election. joe biden's running mate, kamala harris is on the committee too. tillis and mike lee have tested positive for covid so some may attend virtually. democrats say the hearing should be postponed, a suggestion that republicans reject. >> kamala harris plans to attend the hearing for amy coney barrett due to coronavirus concerns. senator harris will remain in washington, d.c. for her virtual attendance this week. we'll have complete coverage of tomorrow's confirmation hearing beginning at tomorrow morning at 6:00 right here on nbc bay area, you can watch it on our website, it is new information of a deadly
9:15 pm
shooting involving san francisco police, the after math of the shooting captured by someone who uploaded it to citizen app. this is about 11:30 last night because of an alleged attempted carjacking at night point. officers say they open fire when they tried to detain the man. police say they did find the knife at the scene. we are going to update the investigation both on air and online as new information comes in. two vallejo teachers are on leave after a video appears showing them bad mouthing some students. two teachers did not realized their microphones were still on following a virtual english class. they will appeared to be discussing the difficulty of students learning, at times explicit words were used. >> it is so frustrating to know
9:16 pm
these new kids are technologicallythey're like -- . >> vallejo teachers released a statement that read "we'll evaluate our policies and procedures for online instruction and we'll address any specific complaints regarding the appropriate conduct of our faculty and staff. we regret any students were offended by this incident and we'll work carefulfully ly to r the matter. tomorrow palo alto move forward with reopening campuses. tomorrow marks the first day of in-person classes since march. the reopening is moving ahead despite concerns of teachers and staffs and parents. the district is bringing tk and
9:17 pm
kindergarten students back first then two weeks later, second and third graders and fourth and fifth graders in november. middle and high schoolers are not set to return until january. parents also have the option of distance learning for the rest of the year. positive covid-19 tests are out various nfl teams. it is forcing the league to make last second changes. the team hit the hardest so far, tennessee titans. they have not played a game since because of an outbreak. the titans were set to play buffalos on tuesday. the patriots had to shutdown their facility this morning for the third time of a new positive test this morning. the game with denver that's been pushed back to next sunday. at a domino effect, teams will be their schedules adjusted.
9:18 pm
this is not ideal during a pandemic. the lakers won the nba championship a few hours ago. large crowd is gathered outside in l.a. and they shot fireworks in the air. an emotional win for the lakers and their fans. they dedicated the season to kobe bryant and his family after kobe and his daughter were killed in a helicopter crash. we'll have more on tonight's game later in the newscast. up next on this special edition of nbc bay area, a heartwarming rescue. how a community banded together to help rescue a trapped owl. >> plus, the show must go on, how about some lunch and ballet? >> after a relatively mild weekend, we are watching a warming trend on the way and increasing fire danger when 90s make a come back and when we could see fire weather watch in
9:19 pm
the bay area when we come right back. the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail.
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9:21 pm
a story you will only see on nbc bay area, an owl recovered after a good samaritan helps save his life. a man spotted the owl stuck in barbed wire and you see it right there. he posted about it asking for help and advise and people immediately jumped into give some really good advise. some of them drove down to the scene with supplies, help get the owl down safely. they then took it to the lindsey wildlife experience in walnut creek and that's where they free the owl from the wire because the people who found it did the right thing. >> correct procedure is to cut on either sides of the animal which you can see here they did. and pulling the owl to us because we can sedate it and give it pain medication and antibiotics and getting the b h
9:22 pm
barbed fire out without doing any damages. it was a sad and busy day. today was the last day of business for sunny donuts in san jose. lines for last sweet treats stretched down the block after 33 years of the economic hit from covid-19 proves too much for the owner. they came to the bay area from cambodia in 1982. there you see that long line. customers are sorry to see them go but wish the couple a happy retirement. >> we are sad. they gave us enough notice so we can come into say bye and tell them how much we appreciated them over the years. >> we want to say thank you to them. they have been a great service to the community. we enjoyed coming into get the
9:23 pm
donuts. we wish them the best. >> cambridge and park plaza is set to see big changes. how about a nice positive story right now. little ballet while dining. today under some gore yes, sgeo weather. people got to enjoy the arts again. >> reporter: outside diners sat down for a meal and something they have not seen for a while due to the pandemic. >> it is wonderful. as my wife says it could not be a beautiful day here in san francisco. >> we just been coming for years. we are donors. >> reporter: today contemporary ballet dancers performed for them. their first live public performance since march. >> we want to give this love and
9:24 pm
we are ready to resooeceive a le bit, too. >> reporter: dancers work with those in the same potential pods, today just two pairs and they came up with a plan. >> programs that are made with solos and duets so we can maintain social distances with our dancers and some dancers are roommates. >> reporter: people watch closely as they hit the stage including a couple. >> we are super fortunate and could not wait. >> we were sheltered in place for the last six months like everyone else and still coming here today means everythin everything -- this is why we do it, to perform. >> reporter: john's grill had to pivot during the pandemic and coming back again. >> we are extremely excited to have them here and this partnership. mayor breed was here. >> time to adapt and this type
9:25 pm
of situation and performance situation is adapting to what our new normal is for the time being. >> reporter: in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. all right, christie, thank you. it is something many families have waited for months. san francisco getting ready to reopen playgrounds on wednesday. there will be some changes to keep everyone safe. food and drink will not be allowed on the playground and anyone over the age of two have to wear a mask. playgrounds and othin other cou are already open. pumpkins don't stop growing during the pandemic. what you are watching here is a video from last year's event. the festival is cancelled but the weigh-in will go on. farmers far away from wisconsin will take part. the winner will get $7 a pound. the world's record for the
9:26 pm
largest pumpkin is more than 2600 pounds. golden gate park is getting its big new attraction ready for action. look at this. the enormous observation wheel, brought to the park back in march, set to start turning october 21st, coming up. that wheel was supposed to be the center piece. the park's 150th birthday bash but covid put the stop on that. people can get amazing views from 15 stories up. that's going to be fun. >> all right, sure is. we had some nice weather but it sounds like there may be a little bit of a heat week ahead of us here, rob. >> yeah, at least we manage t d the the best air quality. extension in orabit of a come b. we'll show you the temperatures we'll be waking up to. dress in layers. we'll have 40s and 50s before
9:27 pm
8:00 a.m. on the east bay. then we transition quickly by lunchtime as those high in land starts to approach the 80s and warmest place tomorrow like concord or walnut creek. we'll be closing in 90s, 70s for oakland and san francisco d the peak heat comes as high pressure strengthens on wednesday and friday. take a look at what's happening here, seven-day forecast, san francisco, this means we'll be looking at some 80s. the dry winds associated with that. not so much for san francisco but the higher hills for the north bay and east bay. run into the 90s midweek as we go towards thursday and friday, gusty conditions and dry in the hills and temperature in ts in mid-90s cooling. we may see the sea breeze making a bit of a come back. we'll take a closer look at top wind speeds we are expecting and which areas could be encountering the fire watches
9:28 pm
for the second half of the week. these gusty dry winds off to the north, we'll take a closer look at that coming up in the next few minutes. >> thank you, rob. >> up next, at 9:30. president trump getting ready to get back on the campaign trail. the tweet he posted catching a lot of attention. in business you have to be able to shift-pivot-adapt.
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right now at 9:30, president trump making a new claim about his covid recovery. the tweet he posted that had twitter taking a closer look. this morning twitter flagged a message from president trump which he declared himself immune to covid-19. the president tweeted that since he recovered, he can't get the virus, followed by the word "immune" in parenthesis. twitter says this is violating the rules and spreading harmful
9:31 pm
information. the president repeated his claim and quote "cured." >> i want to start by thanking everybody from the out poweri-p well wishes. i am fully recovered and first lady is doing great and i would say fully rekocovered or just about fully recovered. the president's doctor havs havt announced since he received the negative test. the nation's top infectious disease doctor says he's not happy that he appeared in the president's latest campaign ad. the ad uses an old interview clip from dr. fauci who says president trump tackled the coronavirus head on as leaders should. he also said "i can't imagine anybody could be doing more."
9:32 pm
dr. fauci told nbc news that trump made the ad without his permission. he never endorsed a political candidate. the president and dr. fauci have had a contentious relationship from the beginning of the pandemic. joe biden was honor at the black caucus phoenix award tonight. the vice president received the mickey lilian award. >> i work wied with mickey and m honored to accept this award. he was a man of faith and left too early. he taught us every person matters and their dignity matters. >> the award is handed out each year to someone who displays exceptional and great commitment to championing of the poor.
9:33 pm
a massive crowd took to the streets in support of armenia. that protest had about 100,000 people. several street s were shutdown s the march moved towards the turkish consulate. l.a. county has the largest of armenians. both sides continue to accuse the other of violating a cease-fire that was agreed to earlier this weekend. researchers in britain are looking to the past to solve today's medical crisis. a widely use of vaccine for tuberculosis will be given.
9:34 pm
the bcg vaccine induces a broad immune system response, it has been shown to protect t.b. and other pathogens. >> it is believed to a range of -- something including viruses and some viruses. we believe the evidence accumulating that it may have potential to be useful against the coronavirus. >> if the trial is successful. the bcg vaccine has a potential of buying time offering some protection while coronavirus vaccines are developed. much of the united states is struggling with a surge of new cases. california is hitting a mild stone in the fight of covid. yesterday we told you about how worse we are seeing the few number of hospitalizations since the start of the pandemic. tonight we want to take a closer
9:35 pm
look where things stand in bay area. this is in the south bay. this shows two-week average number of patients hospitalized with covid since april. you can see two peaks there in april. an average of 245 people hospitalized right at the beginning, right here at the pandemic. that number dipped and it went right backup again during a spike in late july/august. we are trending down once again. there is an average of 103 people right now in south bay hospitals. let's go to the east bay. take a look at the numbers in alameda county. we did not see a big peak in the spring like we saw in the south bay. you can see hospitalizations did peak again in august on the 5th. an average of 252 covid hospitalizations. since then we have seen a dramatic drop and now an average of 112 people hospitalized with the virus. bill gates whose foundation
9:36 pm
who worked with pharmaceutical companies about vaccines is delivering hopeful news. companies like regeneron could reduce the death rate quite a bit. once it is approved, manufacturings will ramp up. >> his prediction on having not one but several effective viabl. happening this week, apple is holding what one expert calls the most significant iphone event is in years. the event is set on tuesday where apple is expected to unveil the new iphone 12. the phone is expected to have
9:37 pm
its first major exterior redesign in three years. four separate iphones with different screen sizes and prices will be available. when you have a chance to buy one, unknown right now of the pandemic have slowed down productions around the world. traveling to hawaii without quarantining for two weeks. the rule changes this week, it will make it easier to get to the island. check out our new platform, nbc wi lx. it is on xfinity cable or any time on in the bay area, we believe in science.
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