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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 19, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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and don't take it if you're on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. right now at 4:30, decision 2020, what you need to know about today's online voter registration deadline. plus, pg&e understand fire. this time for how the utility handled the planned power outages. next, what we're finding out about how prepared workers were. and to fine or not to fine, well, how bay area communities are enforcing the mask rules. "today in the bay" starts now. and here we go on this monday morning. i'm marcus washington. >> here we go.
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and i'm laura garcia. i hope you had a great week, marcus. >> i did. got some workouts in. >> nice, nice to see it. let's say good morning to meteorologist kari hall. she has a look at our forecast. hi, kari. good morning. we are starting out with a nice week ahead as we look at what we're expecting here, a little cooler for this afternoon as we see more fog developing near the coastline. we do have a mild week ahead. we'll be watching out for a fire danger so i'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes as well as some temperatures that will start to cool off by the weekend. let's head over to mike with a look at the morning commute. all right, kari, a live look for the golden gate bridge where the entire screen looks the same color as the bridge. that's the fog with the light and that's the reason why chp gave a little advisory. as we look at the map the area
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circled doesn't have the yellow highlighting. the fog is drifting around. the rest of the bay shows a smooth flow of traffic and that will be the case as folks travel throughout the bay from the city all the way down to the south bay. there's a crash on san pablo dam road but not affecting the freeway. more coming up. laura? there are 15 days until the presidential election and today is the final day to register to vote online in california. now when it comes to mail-in ballots there's already been an unusually large bay area turnout. you'll still be able to register after today but only in person at your county elections office. a brush fire coming dangerously close to an apartment building.
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the fire damaged the outside of the apartments and a patio fire. people have been allowed to return home. a new report says pg&e was unprepped for the first round that happened last fall. you may recall when pg&e shut off power to 2 million people last year. many customers complained the shutoffs were too long and not well organized. now we're learning managers in charge of the shutoffs didn't have proper emergency management training. the planned outages have gone much more smoothly this year. developing for you now the criminal trial in sacramento for the accused norcal rapist. now in 2018 he was arrested near his job in berkeley.
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he's from benicia and is accused of a string of sexual attacks of women between 1991 and 2006 in several counties. investigators say that he was identified through dna technology. today sfpd will hold a virtual town hall to give an update on an officer involved shooting that stemmed from an alleged attempted carjacking at knifepoint off marcus street and 101. officers opened fire when they say they tried to detain the man. they did find a knife at the scene and the shooting was recorded on body camera video. the aftermath of the shooting was captured by someone who uploaded it to a citizen app. the town hall starts at 3:00 p.m. when it comes to cracking down and finding people for not abiding by some of the mask rules, it turns out to be mostly just talk, at least that is the conclusion from "the chronicle" which asks counties how often
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people are being fined for not wearing masks. most people are wearing masks but probably not worth the risk to law enforcement officeers to cite people not following orders. instead, free masks are provided. fines issues to those ignoring county health orders. ac transit buses have been outfitted with protective shields around drivers. they've added sanitizer dispensers as well. because of the upgrades, when restrictions first went in place passengers were boarding from the rear of the bus and there was no fare collection at all to help with exposure and social distancing. 4:35 for you that morning. san jose leaders will hold a public gathering on google's massive new downtown west development program. google leaders will also attend tonight's development application meeting. the company recently submitted its plans and preliminary sketches for an 80-acre new
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site. it includes 4,000 new housing units, event space and hotel rooms. the city councilmembers hope to have that project certified next summer. well, here we go starting off this monday morning. kari, i'm thinking it's going to be a nice one today, at least i'm hoping that. it's going to be a beautiful day once again. we've had some pretty nice weather the past few days that does continue today. as we get started with a look outside in san jose, we're in the upper 50s here and we can see the temperature trend throughout the morning. a nice, quiet start to our day. as we go into the afternoon we'll see our temperatures heading into the upper 60s for much of the inner bay and then some low 70s for parts of the east bay. we're going to see temperatures at about 79 degrees at lunch time and then we take that time line through about 5:00 this afternoon. the commute home will be a little warmer with highs reaching up to 85 degrees in livermore. 86 in fairfield and santa rosa
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will be at about 80 degrees. so it will be warm in some spots. we'll talk about what we're concerned about as we head through the week in terms of the fire danger, that offshore wind coming up in a few minutes. let's head over to mike for another look at the morning commute. hey, kari. we're talking about a smooth drive right now as folks would expect. a little slower to get out of bed on a monday morning and a lighter volume. we see no problems including out of the altamont pass in the yellow zone. speeds slowing, the orange toward the 50-mile-per-hour range closer to the limit right there. we'll see how that develops. the rest of the bay is a nice, easy drive. the golden gate bridge i've circled with fog. a quick look back where it's no problem for the flow of traffic. good looking speed and spacing here with the camera. back to you. all right, thanks so much, mike. 4:37.
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a shocking new admission still ahead on "today in the bay." what governor gavin newsom is saying in response to a report that reveals the california national guard sent a spy plane to monitor recent protests. plus, plotting to return despite two deadly crashes. when american airlines expects to have the max back in service.
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let's head over to san francisco with a look at what we're expecting from concord reaching into the upper 70s. 71 degrees in san francisco and napa will reach into the mid-80s. we will have a warm day. we're also looking at the potential of an offshore wind event increasing our fire danger, so i'll talk more about that. that's in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. a couple quick looks outside. the volume won't be at peak. fremont a light volume of traffic. we can see off in the distance, the auto mall, further north one area i'm concerned about. we'll talk about that coming up as well as on the peninsula where all things are clear but a little bit of slowing as folks travel into what you can't see, traveling into the unknown, we'll talk about that as well. good monday morning to you. i'm bertha coombs with your top headlines from cnbc.
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wall street set to open higher this morning. investors are encouraged by progress on a covid vaccine out of britain and signs here at home stimulus talks are still on. we're coming off a mixed session for stocks on friday. the dow and s&p 500 snapping a three-day losing streak while the nasdaq fell four out of five days last week, but all three managed to end the week higher. today data on housing as well as earnings from ibm ahead of the opening bell. and american airlines is planning to return the boeing max to service by the end of the year, contingent on the plane which has been grounded since march of last year, being recertified by the faa. american says it will start with one daily flight from miami to new york. passengers would be notified that they're actually flying on a max ahead of time. cvs looking to hire 15,000
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workers to help prepare for an expected rise in covid and flu cases coming at the same time this fall and winter. more than two-thirds of those will be full and part-time licensed pharmacy technicians who can dispense medication and administer covid tests. the larger workforce can help cvs prepare for the eventual rollout of a covid vaccine. cvs says it's hired 76,000 full, part-time and temporary workers since march and more than 4,000 drive-through testing sites nationally. marcus and laura, back over to you. >> thanks, bertha. >> anytime. well, developing overnight, a crime scene outside of paramount studios in los angeles. coming up next on "today in the bay," what we're learning about a shooting and a suspect this morning. we'll be right back.
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starting out dark and early this morning. taking a live look out at san francisco. you can see the transamerica pyramid. dark and early for us this morning. 4:46 as we get started with the day. if you enjoyed the weekend, i'm assuming leaf looking, kari's forecast will look good out there. i got the words mixed up. >> monday will be a nice day. yeah, happens on a monday especially. as we talk about our air quality
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it's a day where we are still going to have to monitor our north bay air quality. moderate as well as the south bay. look at how much particulate matter in the air. not too high at this point. just slightly above the 50 threshold we look for. below that it is good air quality. we are going to be watching out for the potential of a high fire danger in the north bay. now the winds start to pick up this morning and the northerly wind gusts will increase up to 30 to 45 miles per hour. those sustained winds at times will reach up to 10 to 25 miles an hour and humidity levels will be very low dropping below 30% so later tonight we will watch our north bay hills. that's after today as we continue to see some warm weather for our valleys with our south bay highs reaching up to 88 degrees in morgan hill. we're also going to see upper 80s for much of the east bay reaching up to 86 in danville.
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75, nice and comfortable in oakland. a lot of fog along the coastline with a high of 68 degrees in daly city. for san francisco, 71 in the mission distrigt. the north bay reaching into the upper 80s as you head up toward ukiah today. novato reaching 83 degrees. so here is what's going on. we have high pressure building, and that's going to keep the rain away over the next few days. but then as a couple low storm systems move to our north that will increase our winds and also increase our fire danger for today. so we are going to have to potentially watch out for an offshore wind event, a northerly wind as we go into the middle to end of the week as well. high pressure will start to move back in. we may get more fog near the coast. our seven-day forecast shows a lot of changes here. we're starting out warm. slightly warmer tomorrow with our inland areas reaching up to
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90 degrees and then the 70s by the weekend. we have the potential of an offshore wind event. now we'll also see our temperatures in the low 70s for san francisco but it will get much cooler as we head closer to the weekend. now over to mike, how is it looking for the commute? looking great. i don't want to jinx anything. green sensors dominate the screen. maybe smaller incidents on surface streets. not a major issue for the commute. right now it's clear and should be clearing in the next hour. i've circled the golden gate bridge where there's a fog advisory. the bay bridge has low clouds hovering around. there's a little bit of a threat coming down but not a problem for visibility for the drivers through the area.
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we'll track if it's evolved. we'll see what happens. >> check out this developing story here. a man wanted for barricading himself on one of those lots at paramount studios in hollywood. so we're told this all started when police were trying to take a sexual assault suspect into custody, trying to use a taser on him. he got away so lapd was called in to help. officers shot at the suspect before he ran, barricading himself inside one of the buildings at the studio. he was finally arrested overnight. governor newsom is responding to an ""l.a. times"" report saying a spy plane was used to monitor the sacramento area enabled where the head of california's national guard lives. "the times" says it happened during the george floyd protest and a similar thing was done in three other cities -- minneapolis, washington, d.c., and phoenix. in the other cases it was it ger information about crowd flows and unrest but the rallies were
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relatively peaceful. the governor says changes have since been made. the head of the guard major general baldwin tells the "l.a. times" the location of the home had nothing to do with that deployment. an "l.a. times" report of an abusive incident at california's four privately run i.c.e. detention centers. the report cites 250 calls reporting violence and abuse at four facilities. about half of those have been sex crimes. in only three cases did records show someone being charged. i.c.e. says it's committed to providing a safe environment and zero tolerance for abuse. the state has ordered all four to close within eight years' time. new this morning an uptick in gun sales during the pandemic. a new study by uc davis
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researchers say since july around 110,000 new firearms were purchased in the state. more than half of the people already owned a gun. the remainder all new gun buyers. what led to the purchases? 76% of people said they were worried about lawlessness during the pandemic. another 56% of people said they were concerned about prisoners being released due to outbreak. 4:52 right now. not changing just yet. that's what l.a. public health leaders are saying after an uptick in covid cases there. l.a. county reported over 350 new cases over the weekend. health leaders say hospitalizations increased for the second straight day after dropping just below 700. right now l.a. county is in the purple and most restrictive tier. to move to the red tier cases need to drop to around 700 cases daily. hey, the 49ers, did you catch them over the weekend? they're back in business.
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up next jimmy g explains how they righted the ship against the rams. plus. >> you think your name is going to be on that plaque? >> yes, sir. >> flying high. the award tom cruise just received. and here's a hint. it wasn't an oscar. happening now for you fire crews are battling at least four new fires. this is in colorado and utah. calwood is the largest destroying at least 25 homes and hundreds more in that fire's path. more for you right after the break.
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welcome back. 4:55 for you that morning. jimmy g and the niners all good this morning. they actually showed up last night and prevailed in their showdown in divisional rival l.a. rams. so right here on "sunday night football" nbc bay area garoppolo threw for 268 yards and three touchdowns. that included a fourth down pass to tight end george kittle. kittle sprang into a 44-yard score. the niners beat the rams 24-16 evening up their record 3-3. afterwards jimmy g talked about providing -- proving doubters wrong. >> a different mind-set i've ever had. the last couple weeks before this no one liked that feeling. it wasn't who we are as a team. i think this week just got back on track. >> up next for the niners they head to new england to take on cam newton and the patriots. marcus, you have the football, here's the baseball.
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the fans got to see two game sevens. the dodgers won the nlcs with a seventh inning home run by cody bellinger. they face the tampa bay rays now in the world series. the dodgers still have one more series to go but last night's victory still had fans in l.a. celebrating. the first game of the world series will take place tomorrow night. trending this morning actor tom cruise getting an award of a lifetime. not an oscar. the navy honored cruise and his film producer for "top gun: maverick." the two are now able to wear the official wings of gold as a naval aviator. the first "top gun" film was released 35 years ago and his new movie is scheduled to premiere next summer.
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4:57. a final push for your vote. next here on "today in the bay," our washington insider breaks down where the presidential race stands with just over two weeks until the election and the important deadline you need to know. we'll be right back.
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why o-cedar? because when i get home, we like to play crocodile on the floor. promist max's pad removes over 99% of bacteria, with just water. better cleaning with less waste. o-cedar. it feels great to feel at home. this president cares more about his park avenue perspective on the world, the stock market, than he does about you. >> if i listen totally to the scientists we would right now have a country that would be in
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a massive depression. >> right now at 5:00, 15 days to go until decision day. this week is packed for both candidates including one final deba debate. a live report from washington next including the last chance for covid stimulus before the election. plus, cracking down on covid rule breakers. next the new tool one bay area county is launching today to do just that. and evicting renters during the pandemic against state law, but it's still happening. coming up, new details on the surge of evictions in one bay area community as "today in the bay" continues right now. i hope you had a great thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. getting that monday started right, mike is taking a look at the commute. we'll get to that in a bit. first, meteorologist kari hall, i see it's cooler today. i like that, kari. it's going to be a really nice day. this is


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