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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  October 19, 2020 11:34pm-12:36am PDT

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for the first imtine more than 50 years the candlelighter ghost house in fremont won't be opening its doors this year because of the pandemic. but the volunteer group is still making a lot of families smile. they teamed up. over the last three days the candlelighters made nearly 2,000 of their famous caramel apples to sell in the community. not surprisingly they sold out. all proceeds benefit local non-profit organizations. well-done. the caramel apples, by the way, topped with nuts or spreinkles huge seller during the annual halloween carnival. that's going to do it for us at 11:00. thanks for watching and have a great day tomorrow. good night. ♪
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>> steve: from rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon. tonight jimmy and his guests gwen stefani swizz beatz and timbaland. musical guests bebe rexha featuring doja cat and the legendary roots crew and now here is your host, jimmy fallon ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: all right. ♪ oh, yeah ♪ hey! thank you so much. thank you for tuning in to "the tonight show." i appreciate that applause even if it's just from your home if you're watching from home and applauding from your bedrooms i really appreciate that [ laughter ] >> whoo! [ cheers ]
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>> jimmy: hey. it makes me feel - it makes me feel at home because i usually get a lot of applause no, wait [ laughter ] [ applause ] all right. all right. that was a-- it's a bedroom joke but, whatever. hey, look. [ laughter ] i used to get a lot of boos if you know what i'm talking about. [ laughter ] not anymore. not anymore. i get a lot of applause in the bedroom. [ laughter ] starts off with a little bit of booze. [ laughter ] hey, let's get to the news and jokes. those jokes aren't written, guys that's just coming off the top of my head i'm just riffing >> questlove: freestyle. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: let's get to the news and jokes. [ laughter ] well, guys, the presidential election is in just two weeks. it's so close. that's just one quarantine away, if you think about it. [ laughter ] yeah, before we started the show guys, i just want to remind everyone to vote. seriously, if you haven't registered yet, do it right now.
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this isn't something you put off like a dentist appointment, or raking leaves, or a national plan to fight the pandemic [ laughter ] vote but with two weeks left, here is where things currently stand. according to most national polls, joe biden is leading president trump by about ten points and based on the last election, that means biden is losing by four points. [ laughter ] yep, for democrats it still feels eerily similar to the 2016 election. it is like "friday the 13th" when the kids think jason's finally dead and you're like, "he's right behind you!" [ laughter ] yeah, according to the polls, trump is getting crushed right now all of america is wondering who is going to lose their job first, the president of the united states or the head coach of the jets >> questlove: ooh. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and things have gotten so bad for trump, republicans are now distancing themselves from him. and his own advisers think that he's in trouble. when asked why he isn't more depressed trump was like, "steroids. [ laughter ] ♪ steroids steroids steroid steroids steroids ster-ooo steroids steroids ster
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yeah ♪ [ laughter ] republicans sound like every guy in the beginning of "law and order" who lies about knowing the criminal they're like, "you said his name was trump no, that doesn't ring any bells. [ laughter ] doesn't really ring any bells. [ laughter ] but trump is doing whatever he can to get back in the race. yesterday at his rally in nevada he tried to attack biden, but i'm not sure he picked the best way to do it >> if you vote for biden, he will surrender your jobs to china. he will surrender your future to the virus he's going to lock down. this guy wants to lock down. he'll listen to the scientists if i listened totally to the scientists we would right now have a country that would be in a massive depression [ laughter ] >> jimmy: trump then added, "listening to scientists is the craziest thing in the whole wide flat world. [ laughter ]
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he's basically saying, "don't listen to the scientists listen to me a guy who was just revived by a team of scientists." [ laughter ] i'm not sure if a global pandemic is the best time to mock someone for listening to scientists if your neighbor's house was on fire you wouldn't be like "oh, what are you going to do, call a firefighter? [ laughter ] yeah, trump said if we listen to the scientists we'd have a country in a massive depression and that's a good thing we didn't, because look at us now we're thriving ♪ [ ominous music [ laughter ] ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ [ laughter ] and later on in the rally -- [ applause ] thank you. later on in the rally trump talked about his experience battling covid it sounded kind of strange listen to this
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>> i had 12 doctors around the bed. and every one was grabbing a a different part of my body. i did not know [ laughter ] ♪ >> jimmy: wait, was trump taken to walter reed or abducted by aliens [ laughter ] "every part of my body was being flipped around and inside out and upside down. meanwhile, the other patients at the hospital were like, "hello does anyone work here? i'm flat lining. hello! [ laughter ] yep, trump either had 12 doctors grabbing different parts of his body or he was on some crazy meds and fell asleep to the "playboy" channel [ laughter ] when is the last time you heard that reference [ laughter ] guys, i'm not sure if you saw this last week at another rally trump did some pretty strange dance moves at the end people are giving trump flak for it, but turns out he was actually just doing a tiktok challenge. check it out ♪
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[ laughter ] ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ this my bal this my ball ♪ ♪ steroids steroids steroid steroids steroids steroids ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: here's another - sorry. here's another -- here's another big election story today trump had a call with his campaign staff where he attacked dr. fauci check it out >> the president called anthony fauci, who was on "60 minutes" last night, he called him a disaster. and he said "people are tired of hearing fauci and all these idiots, these people these people have gotten it wrong. fauci's a nice guy he's been here for 500 years." [ laughter ]
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>> jimmy: trump referred to fauci and other scientists as "idiots. then he planned another giant indoor rally in a covid hot spot [ laughter ] no, that's right fauci's the idiot. ♪ young man are you listening to m i said young man ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ >> jimmy: meanwhile, dr. birx was like, "hey, do you guys remember me? [ laughter ] what happened to me? [ laughter ] i used to stand next to dr fauci all the time scarves and everything remember me, dr. birx? i exist, right am i real? [ laughter ] remember dr. birx? >> tariq: no who's that
11:43 pm
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: dr. birx it was the - was that one episode of -- >> tariq: oh, fauci's sidekick >> jimmy: yes. >> tariq: yeah that's how the game goes, man. nobody remembers robin [ laughter ] [ audience aws ] you know >> jimmy: i do you know "robin" is going to be a big movie, man i couldn't think of a robin song i was going to go like - ♪ why waste it's your tim you know you wanna be mine ♪ [ laughter ] i know it's not robin no, i know it's not robin, but -- it's not robin, but it's something. >> questlove: that made it worth it [ laughter ] just for that reference. >> jimmy: no, but who -- [ laughter ] ♪ why waste your time you know you wanna be mine you know you wanna be mine ♪ >> questlove: what were you doing in 1995, man [ laughter ] >> jimmy: with two weeks left until election day, candidates are making their closing arguments to really drive home their message. here's one from trump. ♪
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>> you know, oprah used to be a friend of mine before i went into politics. she'd be down at mar a lago a lot. she liked our key lime pie ♪ [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "she liked our key lime pie." [ laughter ] ♪ why waste your time you know you lik my key lime pie ♪ [ laughter ] let's change gears i heard that amc theaters is now offering a new way to go to the movies during the pandemic listen to this >> the country's largest movie theater chain now allowing guests to rent out an entire theater for up to 20 people. the private showings begin at $99 >> jimmy: yeah nothing lifts your spirits like watching "sonic the hedgehog" in an abandoned building [ laughter ] yeah, you can rent out the entire theater to yourself, but somehow there will still be a person who walks in and sits right next to you. [ laughter ] "how you doing i'm a lefty. i have to use this arm rest. [ laughter ]
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yeah, for $99 it'll be just you, the movie, and the bed bug civilization that moved in seven months ago [ laughter ] hey, some big sports news. i want to say congrats to the l.a. dodgers and the tampa bay rays for making it to the world series [ cheers and applause game one is tomorrow night and this is annoying at the same time the dodgers and rays are playing on fox, nbc is airing a competing world series with the astros and braves [ laughter ] and finally, this made me laugh. a woman saw a cake on pinterest that she wanted to recreate for her brother's birthday, but it didn't turn out that well. here is what she asked for here is what she received. [ laughter ] that's the ultimate expectations for 2020. actual 2020. we have a great show give it up for the roots everybody! ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: she is back as a
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a coach on "the voice," which premiered tonight and airs every monday and tuesday right here on nbc. gwen stefani is here [ cheers and applause plus they created the hit series "verzuz" on instagram tv and apple music. swizz beatz and timbaland are here [ cheers and applause and we got music from bebe rexha featuring doja cat. [ cheers and applause that is a show that is a show that is a show that is a, that is a, that is a show ♪ that is a show that is a show that is a doja cat is a show >> questlove: show [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: hey, guys, as i mentioned earlier, the presidential election is only two weeks away and it's more important than ever to vote. i was reminded about that this weekend. i woke up, you know, before i shaved i'm a fast grower. >> tariq: yeah [ laughter ] you're growing on the show >> jimmy: yeah so, i just woke up woke up. you know, i went and had my post'em.
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i made that. it's an herbal coffee. [ laughter ] and not a pyramid scream - pyramid scream [ laughter ] it's a primal scream, but it - [ laughter ] i'm not trying to -- i'm trying to save your life but anyways, i'd cut you in if you want [ laughter ] i'll cut you in if you want. it's not a big deal. >> tariq: thanks, man. >> jimmy: you'll make your money back if you don't, you get to keep all the coffee you want. >> tariq: oh, dope >> jimmy: but anyways, i woke up made my herbal coffee. and -- [ laughter ] walked down to -- i was just, like, i was just checking out. anyways, i just realize how important it is. [ laughter ] >> questlove: is this a song >> jimmy: what's that? >> questlove: i thought it was a song >> jimmy: no >> questlove: i was ready for a beat >> jimmy: no anyways, what i was saying was i just realized how important it is. but thank goodness we had cameras in the house check it out [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: pretty decent goat just wish i had someone to vote
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with ♪ i'm just one goat who will vot one goat who will vote i wish i had another goat ♪ ♪ two goats who will vote we're just two goats who will vote ♪ ♪ two goats who will vote hitting the highest note two goats who will vote ♪ ♪ guessing the killer during murder she wrote ♪ >> it's the gardener >> ahh ♪ two goats who will vote deciding between gray and taupe two goats who will vote ♪ ♪ reaching mentos and diet cok two goats who will vot november 3rd we vote ♪ ♪ and i quote two goats who will vot taking my ballot to the post ♪ ♪ two goats who will vote keep democracy afloa make sure that you vot two goats who will vote ♪ ♪
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[ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thanks to our friend lin manuel miranda make sure you get out and vote november 3rd every vote counts. we'll be back with more of "the tonight show" everybody. ♪ yeah, that's half the fun of a new house. seeing what people left behind in the attic. well, saving on homeowners insurance with geico's help was pretty fun too. ahhhh, it's a tiny dancer. they left a ton of stuff up here. welp, enjoy your house. nope. no thank you. geico could help you save on homeowners and renters insurance. geico could help you save on homeowners "goldwe believe intriana good we can all afford. ♪ sing it, yeah, yeah from a lighter load on the planet. ♪ all gold to ♪e to shoes
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nearly a year. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back to the show, everybody. i'm so excited gwen stefani is our guest tonight. [ cheers and applause i love everything gwen stefani does i love her solo stuff. i love no doubt. i love her duet she did with blake shelton. but it's tough if you're a a country fan or, you know, to like both -- i saw this commercial the other night that i think solves my problem. let's check this out >> howdy i'm buck pinto, here with a new record i think y'all are going to be mighty excited for see, if you're like me, you love the sweet sounds of down home country music but if you're also like me, you love the rockin' music of multitalented superstar gwen stefani problem is, you got to choose one or the other well, not anymore, thanks to this new album, "gwen's gone country. so if you like your ska and pop by the way of the south, you're gonna love her new versions of
11:54 pm
songs like "just a girl," "sweet escape," and of course the classic "don't speak." ♪ ♪ don't speak i know just what you're sayin so please stop explaining ♪ ♪ don't tell me 'cause it hurts ♪ ♪ don't speak i know what you're thinkin i don't need your reasons ♪ ♪ don't tell me 'cause it hurts ♪ ♪ >> yee-haw it don't get no better than that, except it does there's so much more to this collection "it's my life. "underneath it all." and one of my personal favorites, "spider webs. ♪ ♪ sorry i'm not home right now i'm walking into spider webs ♪ ♪ so leave a messag and i'll call you back a likely story ♪ ♪ but leave a message and i'll call you back 'cause it's all your fault i screen my phone calls ♪
11:55 pm
♪ no matter who calls i gotta screen m phone calls ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> if i saw that on my caller i.d. i'd pick right the hell up you didn't think i'd holler at your girl? that's right you wouldn't do that because you ain't no "hollaback girl. ♪ ♪ few times i been around that track so it's not just gonna happen like that ♪ ♪ 'cause i ain't no hollaback girl i ain't no hollaback girl ♪ ♪ few times i been around that track so it's not just gonna happen like that ♪ ♪ 'cause i ain' no hollaback gir i ain't no hollaback girl ♪ ♪ >> that's what i'm talking about. so get your copy of "gwen's gone country" today. and if you order now, you'll get this exclusive bonus album, "blake shelton, big sky country. order today. there's no doubt you'll love it [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: stick around we'll be right back with gwen stefani, everybody! ♪
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♪ >> jimmy: my first guest is a grammy winning artist you can see as a coach on "the voice" every monday and tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. right here on nbc here is gwen stefani gwen, it is so good to see you thank you so much for coming back to the show you were with me when i really, really needed you when we first were doing the show from the home shows and we were on zoom >> yes >> jimmy: do you remember shaving -- you shaved my initials into blake shelton's head >> one of my favorite moments of my life was actually doing that two of my favorite human beings i get to create art that was -- it wasn't very lasting though. it did grow out. >> jimmy: yeah, i figured. >> but that was amazing.
12:01 am
>> jimmy: yeah, i figured. i like to -- >> i never thought i would be someone who had a mullet ever. >> jimmy: i think you pulled it off. he looked good >> yeah. he looked good i was sad when he went to hack it off i was really upset about it, but. >> jimmy: i don't know how this is true but i was researching some things before this interview and i saw that it's the 25th anniversary of "tragic kingdom" of no doubt's "tragic kingdom. 25 - >> it's so great >> jimmy: is that -- how is that possible? >> it's true - i don't know and i think last week i started posting and looking at all these people posting and it was really emotional like, you know, crazy way i wasn't expecting, 'cause i don't really do -- like, i don't really care about anniversaries. but you start to actually think about it especially this year with everything being so crazy and just imagining all of the people that have come up to me saying, you know, "that was my favorite record. and it's such a weird record like those songs, like they don't fit in anywhere in this world but, yet, so many people connected to them and -- >> jimmy: oh, it was the biggest thing in the world i mean, i was out in l.a. when
12:02 am
it was released and i was doing stand-up and, you know, and like you spend a lot of time driving in l.a and you were on the radio all the time it was so -- i have nothing but great memories from that album but i mean, when you made the album cover did you think, "this album is going to be big or it's going to be a hit or we're going to be famous?" >> no. we were just -- i mean, we were trying to make that record for so long. we were in our band for nine years before that record came out. >> jimmy: wow. >> so we never -- like we put a fake record out before that 'cause the record company wouldn't put our record out so we're like "oh, we're just going to put this record out." and we like -- i did all like the collage for it i went to kinkos, and i xeroxed all these pictures of us and we put this record out called "the beacon street collection." just kind of like "well, if you're not going to put one out we'll put this really bad one. no, the record we put out was like kind of all the songs that didn't make it so obviously not the great songs. >> jimmy: sure i love that went to kinkos and made it little -- that's so -- that's so cool and were they like cds you handed out at concerts or sold >> i think we sold them out of our van or whatever.
12:03 am
we were just -- we were just trying to make it. you know we weren't even trying to make it we just wanted the fans that came to see us to have our music on a record, because at that point "just a girl" we were playing that live for over a year before it ever came out like we were playing >> jimmy: it was such a different sound. and something i just had not heard. like your voice was so different and like i go like, "oh, what is this? like it's like ska, but like who is this singer >> yeah. >> jimmy: and what's going on? and "just a girl" and you go -- i loved. i'm cranking it so loud. it was just like, i mean guys loved it now it's an anthem now >> it's so - >> jimmy: does it freak you out? >> i actually named my vegas residency. i did that for about two years, which is amazing, and i named it "the just a girl show" basically because it felt like so right and the show was very much reflective of like kind of the moments in time of all of the different versions of me and -- but i always thought that that song would kind of be outdated in some way or i'd out grow it 'cause i'd be like a a woman or something and it
12:04 am
still is so relevant it's insane. >> jimmy: yeah >> so proud of that. >> jimmy: thank you for doing our country bit earlier. which is kind of fun because speaking of country, your song with blake shelton "nobody but you" is up for a cmt music award. you're basically - >> that's so great >> jimmy: how does that -- that's got to feel amazing, right? >> it's really weird it's just i definitely bounced, you know, in different genres through my career. >> jimmy: yup. >> and it was just kind of easy, like it was just natural and this was one i never would ever imagine would happen. although my parents grew up -- like i grew up on blue grass music and like folk. so it's kind of similar in a a way. but like the first concert i ever went to was an emmylou harris concert when i was like in girl scouts or whatever >> jimmy: wow. >> so it's just crazy to think that now i'm on two records actually, country records, and on the radio, like country
12:05 am
radio. that's hard for me to believe. and -- but so honored and i love the song so much. >> jimmy: yeah >> and i've learned so much about country music. >> jimmy: country fans don't really let everyone into their world. you can't be a phony, 'cause they'll sniff you out and they'll be like -- >> yeah, that is true. and that's one thing about blake shelton. he is not a phony. that guy is like blake no matter where you are like, i remember when i first met him and i took him to some, like hollywood party, and i was like -- i didn't know what he was going to be like you know what i'm saying and he was just him. again. i bring him to my parents' house. he's him like, he doesn't care that it's my dad like, he's still blake >> jimmy: yeah >> like, he's so authentic and that's what i love about him >> jimmy: well, so are you i mean did you get to work on any new music of your own? >> i have been i never was like expecting that i would. but i wrote one song and it was like a wild fire like they just -- i think i have like over 24 songs or
12:06 am
something like that. i don't even know how, 'cause sometimes like you press that button and nothing happens like, the elevator is stuck and -- >> jimmy: yeah >> this time was like -- it was just like coming through and i was like, "this is the greatest thing." and it just feels so happy and it's just so fun to make new music. 'cause there is really nothing else that makes me feel that way. and this period, like before it comes out, is my favorite. 'cause it's yours and you don't -- like the anticipation, like the excitement. >> jimmy: yup. >> it is so big. >> jimmy: yeah no one else gets to have any input on it yet. like, the world hasn't seen it yet. you're like, "this is so exciting like no can be --" it's so -- it is a good one. >> it's like, i make up all these like huge dreams and like ideas that people are going to be so excited when they hear it like i am. >> jimmy: yeah >> and it's like a fantasy that i get to live in before -- before it comes out. and once the records come out like you kind of never like listen to them again you know and during the demo phase you're like listening repeatedly and like -- it's like the
12:07 am
lyrics are like -- it's like therapy. it's like, they're healing you you know it's great >> jimmy: i can't wait for that to come out. can you stick around i just want to talk about "the voice" when we come back is that all right? >> please. >> jimmy: more with gwen stefani when we come back, everybody. ♪ vo) what kind of value are you looking for with your next new vehicle? with subaru, you get kelley blue book's 2020 best resale value brand, 2020 lowest 5-year cost to own brand, and most trusted brand for six consecutive years. no wonder kelley blue book also picked subaru as their 2020 best overall brand. a trusted brand and a proven value. it's easy to love a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on select new 2020 models, now through november 2nd. [sniffing]
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forced to wait in jail nearly a year. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back i'm talking with gwen stefani. gwen, let's talk about "the voice. this is season 19. >> yes >> jimmy: you're back as a a coach. obviously kelly clarkson, john legend, blake what can we expect this season >> well, it is different you know >> jimmy: yup. >> we feel real lucky to be actually shooting. and we don't have an audience. and you know what that feels
12:13 am
like >> jimmy: yeah >> but it was weirdly okay like you could really hear the music. it's very intimate like, the reality part feels even more real 'cause there's nobody there so we just are us. like completely like -- it feels a little more relaxed in a way. it feels a little anti-climactic like these incredible performances and it's like us four going -- [ cheers ] >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. >> kind of like -- trying to like --- you know, or when like someone has to go home and it's just like silent and they're like walking off and it's kind of like -- and i think also during like the battles and the knockouts, there -- i think it was the battles. they're on two different stages so it's sort of like a tennis match like you're trying to -- 'cause they have to be far apart from each other. >> jimmy: carson daly said that this season is the best talent that he's ever seen. i think he said that every season, but he really actually meant it - >> i was going to say. >> jimmy: -- he meant it this season >> i swear, i've heard that before you want to know my theory on
12:14 am
that >> jimmy: yeah >> i feel like it is because so many people are paused in their lives that they have time to like try out you know what i'm saying they're like, "hey, i'm just going to go for it this time." you know 'cause they don't have their job or i don't know. 'cause it takes a lot. like, it makes you go away from everything you're doing to do "the voice." so, but there has been really talented people. it's very intimidating as a singer to be like sitting between kelly clarkson, who's just like incredible john legend, who actually invented music, and then blake shelton who's like a a country music jukebox and i'm like, "um, i was in a band with my brother in the garage i promise i can help you if you pick me. like, "pick me, i promise. >> jimmy: i got my money on you this season. i'm gonna get to it. >> you do? >> jimmy: absolutely let me tell you something. we need new stuff to watch we need new things to get into and to get involved with and i'm getting full on into "the voice. >> i can't believe it's tonight.
12:15 am
oh, my gosh. >> jimmy: yeah, it is actually here >> i'm like so - >> jimmy: it's happening tonight. it's all -- this is it >> this is happening oh, my gosh. i am so excited. i don't think i've ever been as excited as this season, because it's like it's just so crazy that we got to do it you know >> jimmy: yep. >> i just -- every time we'd call and be like, "is it happening? it is happening? >> jimmy: yeah "do i need to like maybe go on the treadmill? >> jimmy: i want to show everyone a clip. here's gwen stefani on "the voice. take a look. >> i feel like i have a chance >> i don't think you do. [ laughter ] >> and when you were so full of gratitude and shock and you were in the moment as a singer i could hear that. >> as soon as there was a turn i lost everything and i was like, "keep singing. just keep going. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> i get you like i'm very similar to that. so i feel like we could work really well together you know >> thank you >> are you trying to do country music? >> i live in nashville i sing country music >> what did you listen to when you were a teenager? >> i sang in a band for years and it was you guys.
12:16 am
>> yeah, okay. [cheers and applause] >> so there. >> see i have a chance. >> jimmy: gwen stefani "the voice" airs mondays and tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. on nbc swizz beatz and timbaland join us after the break stick around ♪ ♪ my finger is on the button ♪ ♪ my finger is on the button ♪ push the button ♪ ♪ the time has come to ♪ ♪ galvanize ♪ so come december, she'll get to be holiday tessa. ♪ i've got the power!
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>> jimmy: my next guests are two of the biggest musicians and producers in the world they're grammy winners with countless hit songs. together they created the hit series "verzuz" which just, i mean, became the biggest thing it's on instagram, tv, apple music. here are swizz beatz and timbaland. ah that's what i'm talking about. thank you so much for being here >> hey, how you doing? >> jimmy: you know me. come on. it's the big guy >> jimmy: it's the big guy >> the big guy >> jimmy: the big guy. hey, you know what we were just talking to our writers backstage. have you guys ever seen ghosts before have you ever been haunted >> no. >> jimmy: tim says no. swizz? >> i've definitely seen ghosts, but i know them every time i've seen them. you know when you see a ghost you're like, that didn't happen >> jimmy: you do that or do you acknowledge them and make friends with them? like, that's what i do >> i mean in one of my first houses, i started to become friends with my ghost. i'm like, just leave me alone right now.
12:23 am
>> jimmy: yeah you go i'm cool, right it's me. i was just checking it out you do whatever you're going to do you're a ghost that's cool. >> yeah. you're the big guy they can't be around the big guy. >> jimmy: you can't be around the big guys here. the big guy is in my room. i'm in my man cave doing big guy stuff. i think i've heard just so many stories from you, from justin timberlake, tim, and just how you guys just like get along, you know, and i'm a a little jealous but it's okay [ laughter ] i still got ghost friends. [ laughter ] >> jimmy still bringing sexy back don't worry about it >> yeah, jimmy you still got sexy back. >> jimmy: thank you. i appreciate that. but what was the big -- do you remember one of your first big things where you were like "oh, i did this this is good." was it missy was it - >> it was my first record that was a hit, actually was aaliyah record "if your girl only knew." that was my first hit.
12:24 am
>> jimmy: oh, wow. >> then pony was already out, and then pony came right after that >> jimmy: genuine. that became -- >> that was already out and it was already bubbling, but then after "if your girl only knew," and then that's when we all kind of connected as a crew. and then "pony" started to rise, and everybody was like what is this but it was taking over the world. nobody knew. and the video was out and everything and then it just blew up after that >> jimmy: wow. swizz, what was -- your first one was "rough riders anthem?" dmx. >> yes that was a serious one you know, growing up in the bronx and sitting in the streets of harlem while that record dropped, and on 125th street and to see every single car drive past playing that song but i'm sitting on the fire hydrant and nobody know that i produced that song and just to see the natural energy of your surroundings from something that you produced in your room.
12:25 am
dmx didn't want to do the song he lost a bet with my uncle playing cards and he had to do the vocals to "stop drop." and at first i thought he lost the bet, but stop drop became so big, i realized he won the bet. >> jimmy: yeah exactly so you guys get together how did you decide to do verzuz during quarantine? how did that all happen? >> you know, tim is a big instigator you know, he's an instigator he likes to start fights and, you know - >> that's true >> a real bully around these places >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. wow. >> that's how i kind of -- he's right. it started that way. >> jimmy: really >> you know, the first, i say the first time everybody locked down we tripping out like what are we going to do we were just talking and talking about life, and i just got into, like, antagonizing mode and i just started, like, putting up video posts and then he's like, "i see what you're doing." >> no, no, no. you were saying, "what you going to do, swizz?" >> jimmy: really >> what are you thinking swizz >> jimmy: and you go let's do
12:26 am
it let's go for it. let's see who has -- let's go for it prove it to everybody. let's go on instagram live >> yes >> jimmy: at first it was more of a, really was a kind of a a competition, but then i think it kind of grew into kind of more of a mutual admiration. and, like, fans kind of in stands going at each other like, "oh, you can't even touch baby face by the way." that was the one [ laughter ] >> why you praising teddy riley? >> jimmy: that broke the internet that broke everything. i go like, "baby face, what's going on like, i got to check this out. this is such a good idea, because it's friendly competition. but i go like -- >> education is celebration. >> jimmy: i forgot how many good jams he had >> me too. and now there's something called the "verzuz effect. >> mm-hmm. >> jimmy: can you explain what that is? >> it's a multitude of things. it's record sales, streaming, you know, because we're in the world of streaming, and now you have catalogs, we're moving the streams of catalogs going up
12:27 am
people are getting work requests everything is happening. it's al -- and every day like we might -- me and swizz will get something that happened from verzuz, and we're like, "oh, the verzuz effect." >> jimmy: it is. >> like the album being, i think brandy album was at 40 and it went to number 1. >> yep >> jimmy: that was a great one too. brandy oh, my god >> brandy and monica >> jimmy: and monica it was unbelievable. i loved gladys knight and patty la belle >> did you see the commercials for that >> jimmy: no, no, no, no, no, no i can't even -- and i can't pick - >> i wanted to bite my phone [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: i know season two of verzuz is coming soon, and i know you can't tell us who's going to be on it, but come on it's a big man >> it's the big guy. >> jimmy: it's the big guy you can't tell big guy what's going on >> go ahead, give him a little something. >> i got a phone call from a a friend named busta rhymes,
12:28 am
who says that he's ready for any type of verzuz action out there that's coming his way. >> jimmy: what >> so busta rhymes, "put your hands where my eyes can't see. >> janet jackson, busta rhymes >> jimmy: so who will accept who will accept and go up against -- >> that's the question that we have for you will you accept? >> jimmy: yeah i'm ready to go head to head against -- >> the big guy [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i don't want to put my hands where his eyes can see. no he would destroy - [ laughter ] >> jimmy: can you imagine? you should do that verzuz. a comedy verzuz. to dudes that can't rap go at it i'll be on that one. i would watch that any time busta rhymes i love him too who's it going to be that's going to be exciting. >> but season two is going to be big levels. big, big levels. a lot of people that weren't ready are ready now. because, you know, when we ask
12:29 am
people to do verzuz the first thing they say is no >> yes >> a hundred percent the first thing they say is, "no. that's not my thing. i like to watch that i don't really want to be a part of it." but then, you know, because it takes time they have to go set up with a dj they have to revisit their catalog themselves they have to get the confidence where they need to be. they have to get the confidence where they need to be in they have to really start to understand how it can be beneficial and successful for them and for me i'm like, listen, "no matter what you do it's a plus the only thing you can have a problem if you don't use our tech team, which we have built in." and that's the problem teddy riley had. everybody wants to use their own tech team and be mad scientists it doesn't work. so, if you listen to the guidelines and the verzuz tech team are used -- >> scientists. >> jimmy: listen to the scientists i've been saying this the whole time [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i've been saying it the whole time, listen to the scientists, please congrats on that
12:30 am
thank you so much. it's a gift that keeps on giving swizz beatz, timbaland season two of verzuz is coming soon to instagram tv and apple music. we'll be right back with a a performance from bebe rexha, featuring doja cat >> jimmy: stick around, everybody. >> big song. big song ♪ what does it mean to be truly great? it's following your passion to the very top... ...and setting the standard by which all who follow, will be measured.
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it's following your passion to bto the very top... ...and setting the standard by which all who follow, will be measured.
12:33 am
tequila herradura, the world's most gold medal awarded tequila. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: performing her new single "baby, i'm jealous" from her upcoming album, here is bebe rexha featuring doja cat. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ baby i'm jealou
12:34 am
went from beautiful to ugl 'cause insecurity told m you don't love me ♪ ♪ all it take is a girl above me on your timeline to make me nothing ♪ ♪ this is m a woman in dichotomy i love m until i don't ♪ ♪ baby i'm jealou of the pictures that you lik baby i'm jealous ♪ ♪ of the girl with lighter eye baby i'm jealous ♪ ♪ and i know that it ain't right but i'm jealous jealou the jealous kind ♪ ♪ i'm jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly on a plate sunny side u i got egg on my face ♪ ♪ waist trainer for a tinier waist but i can't help it if i like the way food taste ♪ ♪ this is m a woman in dichotomy i love m until i don't ♪
12:35 am
♪ my apologie for looking on your histor i'm trying to let it go ♪ ♪ baby i'm jealou of the pictures that you lik baby i'm jealous ♪ ♪ of the girl with lighter eye baby i'm jealous ♪ ♪ and i know that it ain't right but i'm jealous jealou the jealous kind ♪ ♪ that chic can't be that chic baby i'm a bad bitch ♪ ♪ if he fiendin he'll prolly get a catfish keep him dreamin to pull up on a nap ♪ ♪ i don't even be askin' hi who that chick yuh-huh who that chick nah ♪ ♪ that's pitifu that's so averag why ♪ ♪ some women want men and some girls want wive tell lies until they buggin' and they pants on fire uh ♪ ♪ i stole ya ma he got freedom to chase what he likes i know you're mad ♪ ♪ but he ain't even worth none of your tim
12:36 am
it's such a drag i'm not being spiteful ♪ ♪ but he's tras won't be the las to let you kno but he gon' show you ♪ ♪ baby i'm jealou of the pictures that you lik baby i'm jealous ♪ ♪ of the girl with lighter eye baby i'm jealous ♪ ♪ and i know that it ain't right but i'm jealous jealou the jealous kind ♪ ♪ i'm jealous of he i need ya number she doesn't love y boy lemme show ya ♪ ♪ baby i'm jealou i'm jealous of her i need ya number she doesn't love ya ♪ ♪ boy lemme show ya baby i'm jealous ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thank you for watching, stay safe out there. wash your hands. don't touch your face. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight everybody!


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