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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 20, 2020 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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fire danger and the colder weather for the weekend next. right now at 11:00, it's going viral. an unusual campaign ad during an unusual campaign season. >> we are currently in the final days of campaigning against each other to be your next governor. >> and i'll i think you should vote for me. >> but really you should vote for me. >> there are some things we both agree on. >> these two candidates joining forces tonight. the message they want you to
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hear. also a potentially dangerous 48 hours ahead for parts of the bay area already hit hard during this fire season. but first two local counties are changing tiers. napa now orange, san francisco now yellow, which means a green light for businesses and schools. and what about the 49ers? the state says yes, the county says no. a lot of mixed messages about our covid restrictions which opens the door for some conflict between the 49ers and santa clara county. at stake millions of dollars in revenue and a lot of fans who just want a return to levi stadium. >> reporter: tonight fans feel like they've lost again after santa clara county blew a whistle. the state announced counties in the orange and yellow tiers
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could start hosting pro sporting events with limited capacity. in the south bay it would be 20% meaning the earthquakes could host 3,600 fans. the niners 13,700 as the majority of nfl teams now allow some fans. but an hour later the county said no leaving lifelong fan jesse méndez steaming. others say they understand. >> it might kick in again full force, and i don't want that to happen. i'd rather be safe than sorry. >> super spreader events will not be allowed within santa clara. >> reporter: live audiences were the first to shutdown and likely the last to reopen saying one game could be a super spreader event. adding don't expect it anytime soon. >> no question this is dangerous. this is the worst thing in the world to be doing. at a time period when california is beginning to see some light, this amounts to another step
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backwards. the 49ers put out a statement saying they appreciate the governor's leadership in creating a framework that allows for fans to return, and then adding our organization will continue to collaborate with local public health officials to implement a plan that protects the health and wellness of all san francisco 49ers and levi stadium employees, patrons and communities. i also checked the counties of other nfl teams and the south bay has the lowest positivity rate of any of them. but county leaders worry too many people here would be mixing with fans where the virus is spread is much higher. >> we mention san francisco moving into the yellow tier. it's only the ninth county in the state to reach this milestone, and it's by far the most populous county do so as well. many of the states largest cities are still in the red tier. being in the yellow means restaurants in san francisco can
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let more customers inside. beginning november 3rd which is election day restaurants can be open indoors at 50% capacity. owners hope this will help provide even much more needed help and relief. >> it's been an incredibly hard. i've been in the restaurant all my life and this is the hardest for me. >> not just restaurants. next week indoor fitness centers will be able to reopen at 25% capacity. and soon after museums, zoos, aquariums movie theaters and places of worship can open indoors at 50% capacity. sonoma county is the only county still in that purple tier which is the most restrictive. laying out a new strategy, increasing testing tupts, enhance outreach to the latinx community, expand partnership
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with the business community and expand education. well, new at 11:00, california must cut the number of inmates at san quentin prison in half to protect them from the pandemic. a state appeals court made the ruling late this afternoon. it says officials acted with deliberate indifference to the health of the prisoners where it had 2,200 cases and 28 deaths a few months ago. the prison must now transfer or release enough inmates to get to half of its june 2020 population. the california department of corrections says it disagrees with this ruling. all right, two weeks from tonight the polls will close. but before that, this thursday night the final presidential debate. here's a look at the campus this evening at belmont university in nashville, tennessee. this is the site of thursday's debate. a mute button will be used to avoid constant interruptions like we heard in the first
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debate. president trump on the campaign trail tonight in the battleground state of pennsylvania. a state he narrowly won in 2016. now, the president continuing to claim that the country is rounding the turn regarding the coronavirus pandemic. but it was melania trump, the first lady who caused the most buzz this evening. the first lady was supposed to be there but canceled due to a lingering cough in her recovery from covid. in the midst of this bitter and divisive presidential campaign there's an unusual sight on the political battlefield. the two candidates for governor of utah calling for civility. it's so unusual that their ad has been watched on social media hundreds of thousands of times. here's nbc bay area terry mcsweeney. >> i'm chris peterson. >> and i'm spencer cox. >> reporter: the candidates for governor of utah doing the unthinkable. >> there are some things we both agree on. >> we can debate issues without degrading each others character. >> we can disagree without
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hating each other. zplr a ca >> reporter: a call for civility in a political season. >> listen, who's on your list, joe? >> reporter: a season that hasn't seen much of this. >> win or lose in utah we work together. >> so let's show the country that there's a better way. >> reporter: that simple message a social media sensation. >> it's just down right refreshing. that's all there is to it, refreshing. can't more people talk like this the. >> reporter: and yet a caveat in that race in utah. the republican is way out in front of the democrat. >> and you kind of wonder if it were a close contest would they still be lovey-dovey the way they are in this ad? >> reporter: it sometimes seems people can't agree with themselves. we showed that 30 second spot to people in san francisco and they were pretty much divided right down the middle. that's true, but i wish you wouldn't interrupt me. well, why don't you have your mask on? >> it reminds of like ten years
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ago before the two parties were polarized. that conversation seems unlikely today. >> steams rhetorical barb can reveal the important character of aspects of ones opponent. >> remember voters are the reason for negative ads. >> despite what people say, negative campaigns work. oh, i hate them, i loathe them, i want nothing to do with tem. they work. >> my team is chris peterson. >> and i'm spencer cox. and we approve this message. >> the two terry mcsweeneys there reporting for us. well, many republicans are not voting for president trump. among the latest defections the former chair of the republican national committee, michael steele. tonight i spoke with former secretary of defense leon panetta and asked him if president trump properly represents the republican party? >> i think the president does a
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great job representing himself. i'm not sure he's ever really wanted to build a republican party and really define what it stands for. the republican party that i've known stood for -- stood for civil rights, stood for fiscal responsibility, stood for a strong american leadership in the world. they were not isolationists. and donald trump has not represented any of that. >> mr. pinetta, one of the most knowledgeable people in american politics. he's a former secretary of defense, chief of staff for president clinton and cia director for president obama. pinetta says no matter what happens on election day the country will be able to move forward because of the resilience of the american people. we mention that debate this thursday night right here on nbc bay area. nbc's kristen welker will be moderating.
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our coverage begins at 5:00. the debate starts at 6:00. well, in less than 48 hours thousands of people could be losing their power again. the areas highlighted here in yellow have been warned. pg&e might be preventively cut power because of fire danger. here we go again. this is part of the new normal for so many people in the north bay. let's bring in nbc bay area pete suratos who joins us in calestoga. >> reporter: depending on weather conditions you may have calestoga and other parts of napa county experiencing power shutoffs in just a matter of days. it may be an inconvenience but the residents i spoke to in calestoga understand it's all about their safety. >> this just came this afternoon at almost 2:00 saying the power was going to go out. >> reporter: ivy richardson and her partner are familiar with the drill. so for this potential power shutoff in calestoga they'll be more prepared than the last. >> last week we went out and
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bought a generator just so that we could work, have our computers going and, you know, that type of thing. >> reporter: pg&e is contacting thousands of customers about potential power shutoffs which is expected to impact parts of the bay area on thursday. as a preventive measure for wildfire safety. and if it takes place nearly 4,300 residents in napa county would be affected. with calestoga being impacted by at least the last two shutoffs. >> you know, we just have to deal with it. just one more thing about being safe. >> reporter: a pg&e spokesperson tells me that downtown calestoga could be able to keep the lights on thanks to a recently installed microgrid providing power to 1,500 residents in the area with the help of temporary generators. however, weather conditions could impact its effectiveness. richardson is hoping her home generator will do the trick. it's a new reality she's getting
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used to. >> i rather pg&e shutdown the power and keep us safe than, you know, worry about more fires and having our homes burned. we can adjust. it's an inconvenience, but they're doing the best they can. >> reporter: in calestoga, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking where the fire danger will be the highest and a potential second wind around the corner that could impacket a lot more of us coming up in about 8 minutes. also getting results faster but at what cost. the controversial vaccine trial that would deliberately infect volunteers with covid-19. and lights, camera action on the streets of san francisco. the hollywood production turning heads as we see a muny bus careening into cars. we'll show you.
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no deal yet. here's a live look in washington, d.c. where time is
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running out for reaching a preelection deal with president trump on a new covid relief package. house speaker nancy pelosi says the nearly $2 trillion deal took a modest step forward today. however, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell continues to warn the white house against approving such a so-called lopsided deal. negotiations between speaker pelosi and treasury secretary steve mnuchin will continue tomorrow. while most people are trying to protect themselves from getting infected a new study in england is taking a different approach. doctors in london are about to deliberately infect dozens of healthy volunteers with covid-19. nbc bay area's junel wang has the details of this controversial test. >> reporter: scientists at this london hospital are preparing to deliberately infect volunteers with the coronavirus to test the effectiveness of vaccines and treatments. the so-called challenge trials are much faster than what's happening now. volunteers around the world who
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live normally at home and may or may not ever become infected. in a challenge trial infection is guaranteed. sophy rose is a student at johns hopkins studying in the u.k. and wants to take part. >> the best way to tackle this problem is to start with these trials in a young healthy population where the risk is lower. >> what happens if one of these volunteers dies? >> the way these trials are designed they are definitely informed and they acknowledge there is a risk of death. >> reporter: the first step infect volunteers to get them sick enough but not enough to make them seriously ill. >> they inject healthy volunteers with the virus for which we have no cure at the moment. if we would have a cure, an effective treatment i would be all for it. >> the challenge trial still need approval in the u.k., but
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that's expect today be granted. the trials could start as early as january. janelle wang, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00 police in the south bay are investigating vandalism at an azerbaijani cultural center. you can see it there. the los gatos facility provides language and dance classes and hosts events celebrating azerbaijani culture. members call the attack disheartening. >> we must all agree that we should resolve our disputes with peaceful communication. >> the vandalism comes as ass azerbaijani forces -- tonight the bay area armenian communities also denouncing the
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attack on the azerbaijan cultural center. >> we were very disturbed to hear about the vandalism that happened this morning. we condemn it. we don't want to see these acts continuing in the bay area. >> local law enforcement tells us the fbi has joined this investigation into the vandalism. a controversial vote in an elite san francisco high school. lowell high school will switch to a random lottery for admitting next year's freshman class. lowell admits students based on a score that considers gpa and state test results. but because of the pandemic most schools switched to a pass/fail system and the state canceled standardized test. the change apply tuesday the next admission cycle only, although several board members expressed interest in extending the change permanently. california theme parks aren't opening anytime soon.
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theme parks throughout the state including santa clara great america and disneyland have been closed since mid-march. they can now reopen if they live or if they are in a county that's in the yellow tier. as of now places like great america, disneyland and six flags of vallejo don't fit that criteria. once they can reopen they'll have to have new protocols that require masks, social distancing and reduced capacity. this is just hollywood here so don't worry. it's not something we typically see. this muny bus careening down the streets of san francisco. there are no passengers onboard. that's because it's being used for a stunt in the new movie being filmed in the city. this scene here was filmed on sunday. marvel is reportedly filming a project nicknamed steamboat and the legends of the ten rings. just a disclaimer here, this is
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just hollywood in san francisco, but it's pretty good video. could you imagine a movie is being filmed and you saw that bus careening into cars. >> i know, and some people might not have been as shocked because 2020 has been so shocking right on some levels. and i'm glad you clarified that for sure. can't wait to see that movie. let's go ahead and bring you into the weather forecast. on a serious note we're of course following the fire danger we'll have in the mountains. and i did want to start off with that because if you're up the north bay, east bay or south bay, we're going to see that wind gust up. but you've got to go to 2,000 to 3,000 feet to see some of these top wind gusts. much lower wind for the lower elevation. for tomorrow morning starting off pretty good here for most of
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us. you're going to out good teat some exercise, some jogging in, some yoga, temperatures in the 50s. need that light jacket. over to the east bay, 58, san francisco 54 and mid-50s in the north bay. i don't see a big change in temperatures tomorrow. we're kind of stuck in the same pattern tomorrow. for the east bay we have you up to 89 concord, 82 vallejo and then we'll start to see some 7 as we move into the peninsula. notice daly city down to the 60s. that's because right up here into our san francisco microclimates we have that ocean breeze out of the west at 13. and that'll keep the marina at 64 degrees. and for the north bay up to 87 in sonoma and 88 in ucaya. so warm tomorrow, but get ready for some big changes this weekend. what we're tracking is two different storm systems. no rain chances for us at this point. friday we have a system to the
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south that cools temperatures down. but really the one to watch is this one out here sunday and monday. a much, much colder round of airdropping down and potentially some widespread wind that would also impact the lower elevations. so in san francisco i've dropped temperatures down saturday and sunday back into the 60s. and for early next week. and for the inland valleys we're going down to 79 on friday. and then i see it dropping to 69 on sunday inland. so much, much colder. and then we could also get into some wind sunday night into monday. we might see some wind gusts at the lower elevations, that would be ranging ibthat 15 to 50 mile per hour range. so that is definitely what could be a more serious event coming our way. >> a lot of things continue to change. thank you, jeff. we'll see you tomorrow. up next here at 11:00 scrambling to stock up as winter approaches. the hot commodities that are hard to find right now.
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and here's a hint, toilet paper is not one of them. and happening now may soon be illegal to make discriminatory racially biased 911 calls in san francisco. it board of supervisors unanimously passed the karen act. next week the bill has to be voted on again by the board and then it will be sent to mayor breed to sign. we're back in a moment. i can't believe it.
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what? that our new house is haunted by casper the friendly ghost?
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furniture and equipment. so as the calendar moves forward and we get colder patio heaters, home office furniture and equipment all must-haves and hot items. >> remotely you see a lot of the promotional activity we've seen in the past. and for those who are just think about it on the fence, i would say start making your purchases now. >> analysts are also expecting another round of intense grocery buying. suppliers are preparing for pandemic palates. the dodgers starting off the series on the right foot and the raiders getting ready for the season against tom brady. we're back in a moment. they endorse yes on 25 to end money bail. governor gavin newsom. congresswoman karen bass. the western center on law and poverty. the dolores huerta foundation.
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californians for safety and justice. and the california democratic party. yes on 25.
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accused of rape. accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail. got out the same day. the senior citizen could not. forced to wait in jail nearly a year. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. covid tests delays and a shortened season. it didn't look like we'd ever get to this point, but here we are. the world series is underway. it's being played in arlington, texas. this is the rangers new stadium. 11,000 fans actually allowed inside the ballpark to watch this game. the dodgers and the tampa bay rays, l.a. looking for its first title in 32 years. remember they beat the a's in 1988? tampa has never won the world
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series. giants fans cover your high. cody bellinger with a two run homer. dodgers win it 8-3. they take game one of this best of 7 series. football now. last sunday night we saw the 49ers on sunday night football. this weekend it's the raiders. the team may be in las vegas, but the heart and soul of the fan base is still in the bay area. the raiders take on tom brady and his new team, the buccaneers. tampa bay. both teams are off to a nice start. the raiders are 3-2 coming off their biweek after beating the chiefs. the buccaneers are 4-2. sunday night right here on nbc bay area. take it for a spin, theive attraction opening in san francisco tomorrow. we'll show you next. in business you have to be able to shift-pivot-adapt. then do it all over again. comcast business gives you fast, reliable internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network. and now for a limited time, you can also get fast shipping-
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the day has finally come. this 150 foot observation wheel will start going round and round tomorrow. hello to the sky star. it's in san francisco's golden gate park. the massive attraction was supposed to open in april to celebrate the park's 150th anniversary. that opening was delayed because of the pandemic. the gondola which can seat six
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will not be filled to capacity in order to allow for spacing. it'll also be sanitized for each group as they get off. $18 for adults and $12 for kids and seniors. the bandits are a bit furry as you can see. bank surveillance cameras captured these raccoons inside the chase bank in redwood city. it bank was closed at the time. the evidence shows the raccoons likely climbed into a vent and fell through the ceiling. they weren't looking for money, probably just food. they did end up roughing up the bank a bit by knocking some things around. we've had raccoons and lemurs here. we're seeing it all nowadays. that's going to do it for us at 11:00. have a great day tomorrow. ♪


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