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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  October 21, 2020 11:34pm-12:36am PDT

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it's all lit up and on the move. what a sight. this is opening night for san francisco's newest attraction, the sky star observation wheel at golden gate park. it's 15 stories tall with us a some views and 36 air conditioned gondolas. earlier today, big crowds. more than 2,000 people waited in line. the high end ferris wheel is helping commemorate the park's 150th anniversary. and yes, protocols are in place. riders must have their temperatures check and you have to wear a mask, and each gondola is cleaned after every riechltd it's $18 to ride. thanks for joining us on nbc bay area. we hope to see you back here tomorrow. good night. ♪
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>> steve: from rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight join jimmy and his guests - anthony mackie, lily james, musical guest, black thought featuring portugal the man and the last artful dodgr. and the legendary roots crew and now, here's your host, jimmy fallon ♪ >> jimmy: oh, that's what i'm talking about. hey, everybody thank you so much. [ applause ] welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show." let's get to the news and jokes. well, guys, yesterday, president trump did an interview with "60 minutes" and it didn't go exactly as planned. take a look. >> president trump abruptly
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ended a solo interview with cbs's "60 minutes" and the president did not return to the room for a joint interview with vice president mike pence. president trump sat down with cbs news' lesley stahl for 45 minutes before getting up, and leaving and telling cbs that he thought they had enough material >> jimmy: ooh. yeah trump bailed early he was like, "i gave them 45 minutes what else did "60 minutes" expect?" [ laughter ] it's "60 minutes." what level of questions did he want so how long have you been so awesome for so long, dude? [ laughter ] when trump no-showed, mike pence was like, "i'll still talk." lesley stahl was like, "uh, i think we have enough footage." [ laughter ] yeah, we got enough. if you're keeping score, trump's attacked "60 minutes," doctors, and the postal service. at this point, seniors are like, do you want us to vote for you or not just tell us we don't have to [ laughter ] seriously, if you're trying to win the senior vote, you can't insult "60 minutes." that's like trying to win the
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youth vote by banning tiktok oh, wait, he did that too. [ laughter ] yeah apparently, trump was annoyed because his segment was going to air after the one about a a guy who carves rodeo stars out of soap. [ laughter ] oh, man. there's a producer at "60 minutes" really laughing at that [ laughter ] well, after that, trump held a a campaign rally in erie, pennsylvania where he sounded pretty thrilled about the "60 minutes" interview listen to this >> you have to watch what we do to "60 minutes." you'll get such a kick out of this you're going to get a kick out of it. lesley stahl is not going to be happy. >> jimmy: yeah he looked like he really got a a kick out of it here he is immediately after the interview. this is real >> yeah. [ laughter ]
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>> jimmy: he looks like rudy giuliani on his way to the "borat" premiere [ laughter ] [ applause ] ♪ but at that rally, trump didn't seem too excited -- this is real, by the way he didn't seem too excited to be in erie, pennsylvania check this out >> before the plague came in, i had it made. i wasn't coming to erie. i mean, i have to be honest. there's no way i was coming. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: everyone in the crowd was like - yeah right? there's no way he would have come to see us, right? that's quite a message, huh? "i'm only here with you losers in your loser town because i'm losing [ laughter ] so i guess we're all a bunch of losers except for me i'm the winner." [ laughter ] it's like showing up at someone's party and saying, "i'm only here because things are bad at home.
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[ laughter ] i don't even care if you talk to me. "this whole place is a a dumpster anyway, vote for me. [ laughter ] well guys, with less than two weeks left until election day, candidates are making their closing arguments to really drive home their message here's one from trump. ♪ >> they said, would you like to wear a hat i said there's no way i'm wearing a hat. ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "do you want to wear a hat? i said there's no way i'm wearing that hat." [ laughter ] okay meanwhile, on the democratic side today, president obama finally returned to the campaign trail to support joe biden. it's like that moment when you've canceled on your friend so many times, you have to make up for it by going to a really long brunch. [ laughter ] "so your kid's five now, huh that's cool.
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don't worry, trump has a a response to this tomorrow, dean cain will be greeting people outside a des moines jiffy lube. [ laughter ] how about another closing argument from trump? ♪ >> does anybody have a little sunblock i'd love to use it right now i'm always preaching to my kids, sunblock, sunblock and here i am like an idiot. ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "they want me to wear a hat. i said, i'm not wearing a hat. [ laughter ] you guys like -- what what's going on? here's some entertainment news normally around this time of year, we start seeing all the classic charlie brown holiday specials on tv but this season, it's going to be a little different. take a look. >> for the first time in more than 50 years, charlie brown's holiday specials will not be broadcast on network tv.
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from now on iconic shows like "it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown" and "a charlie brown christmas" can only be seen on apple tv plus. >> tariq: boo. >> jimmy: nothing like teaching kids the true meaning of the holidays by forcing them to cough up money to watch a 54-year-old cartoon. [ laughter ] even worse, they told charlie brown it was going to be on tv and then pulled it away at the last second. [ laughter ] [ muffled voice it's kind of a weird move. i mean, who was like, "i was holding out on buying apple tv, but now i have no choice i cave [ laughter ] i've got to see my charlie brown holiday specials i was saving up to send the kids to school [ laughter ] no no school.
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charlie brown's school." [ laughter ] some more tv news. last night was an all new episode of "the bachelorette." i love "the bachelorette," man it seemed like one of the group dates got off to a rough start when nobody asked clare to go talk one on one. you know they have to do the one on ones? watch this it's awkward >> so? should we get the night started? >> yeah. absolutely >> i think we should >> yeah? all right. does anybody want to - >> yeah. let's do it. >> step up to the plate? >> i would love to go chat with you. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "so, um -- guys, you want to -- you want to get it going here or -- anyone can just jump in when you feel like? anyone
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in no particular order, of course [ laughter ] i'll close my eyes whoever grabs my hand first is the one. [ laughter ] just forget the hand thing let's just, you know, decide pointing at you. "i'd like to start a chat. [ laughter ] actually, that wasn't the most awkward moment of the night cause later on, all the guys played a game of strip dodgeball. take a look. >> blue team, take off your shorts >> blue team off with your shorts >> so player, this is it for the blue team. they're taking the walk of shame home [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm sorry, i'm a a little emotional naked dodgeball is how my grandparents met [ laughter ] hey, do we have any more closing arguments from trump we have one more
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♪ >> women i like women ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and finally, get this, a town in canada has decided to change its name check out what it's been called until now. >> the canadian town has rid itself of its toxic name >> for 120 years, it was officially called asbestos it was proudly named for its asbestos mine. but after years of ridicule, the city has been rebranded. >> jimmy: now the only asbestos town left is at the new jersey six flags. [ laughter ] yeah, the new name will really help its reputation according to the town mayor, steve hepatitis. [ laughter ] we have a great show for you guys give it up for the roots ♪ [ applause ]
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we have a great show for you tonight. his new film is "synchronic. it's in theaters and drive-ins this friday. anthony mackie is here [ applause ] love anthony mackie. plus she stars in the new film, "rebecca." lily james is here [ applause ] and we've got music. boy, do we have music tonight. from the one, the only tariq "black thought" trotter featuring portugal the man and the last artful dodgr! ♪ [ cheers and applause guys, as you know, every week, we like to bring you some uplifting creative videos wherever they come from, from quarantine or just stuff around the country. it's time for "what are you doing wednesday? ♪ these are fun to watch this first clip, this woman decides to pull a trick on her dog, like feeding her dog -- and just watch the dog's reaction
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♪ ♪ [ laughter ] the timing is perfect. uh-huh oh, what this next clip, it's clearly two friends going on a road trip, but one guy decides to do something to the passenger the whole trip to keep him awake just watch this. [ screaming >> why [ screaming [ bleep >> let me sleep. >> jimmy: just let me sleep. [ applause ] oh, my gosh. this next guy, there's certain
11:47 pm
rules you have if you're dating or if you're married or something like that that you don't watch the other -- the show without the other person you have to watch it with the person it's just an unwritten rule. you can't do it. this guy found out, busted his wife check this out >> freaking season is what you've watched >> we've watched several of them >> damn it the thing told on me >> yes season two you watched the whole season without me >> well, i couldn't stop >> you didn't even tell me >> that's because it was so good i couldn't stop >> you've been cheating on me. >> yes, i have >> we need marriage counseling [ laughter ] >> jimmy: finally, this dog owner found a pretty good way to communicate with his dog. watch this >> winston [ squeaking what's up, winston [ squeaking what are you doing [ squeaking yeah that's cool. [ squeak ]
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>> jimmy: he had a good laugh too. there you have it, that was "what are you doing wednesday. thank you so much. stick around, we'll be right back with more "tonight show," everybody. ♪ (vo) i'm a verizon engineer and today, we're turning on 5g across the country. with the coverage of 5g nationwide. and, in more and more cities, the unprecedented performance of ultra wideband. the fastest 5g in the world. it will change your phone and how businesses do everything. i'm proud, because we didn't build it the easy way, we built it right. this is the 5g america's been waiting for. only from verizon.
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♪ >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. it is time for "mad lib theater. ♪ ♪ mad lib theater yeah ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ mad lib theater [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm going to need some help here, so joining me now is one of our favorite people oh, my gosh, we love this guy. his new movie "synchronic" opens october 23rd, this friday please welcome the one, the only anthony mackie! ♪ anthony, good to see you, buddy. here's how this -- >> what's up, man? >> jimmy: here's how it's going to work. i'm going to ask you for some silly words, nouns, verbs, adjectives, things like that as we do that, they'll be
11:53 pm
written into our prompter and sent over and bleep-blurped into where you are and then -- well, since it's halloween, we're going to tell a scary mad libs story at the end using those words basically. you cool with that >> i like it >> jimmy: all right. here we go all right. here we go ready? give me an adjective >> dirty >> jimmy: hmm. give me a type of relative >> step-uncle. [ laughter ] you've got to watch those step uncles >> jimmy: i mean, come on. step uncle is the -- that's -- i want to see that movie already. [ laughter ] a country. >> czech republic. >> jimmy: type of profession >> garbage man >> jimmy: yeah
11:54 pm
garbage man. a food that you'd find at a carnival >> ooh a new orleans carnival pig lips [ laughter ] >> jimmy: body part. >> belly button. >> jimmy: give me a number >> 23. >> jimmy: give me another adjective. >> uh. funktified [ laughter ] >> jimmy: plural type of animal >> fish. fishes >> jimmy: what would you scream riding a roller coaster? >> help me mama! yeah >> jimmy: help me mama a verb ending in -ing.
11:55 pm
>> running >> jimmy: running. >> keep it pg. >> jimmy: chain restaurant >> ooh church's >> tariq: come on, man >> jimmy: wow. church's [ laughter ] amount of time >> 350 seconds >> jimmy: 350 seconds. a noise you'd make lifting heavy weights. oh, that's kind of loaded question there >> a grunt unh! >> jimmy: okay name a celebrity >> david hasselhoff. [ laughter ] >> questlove: wow. [ laughter ] >> i love that guy >> jimmy: verb ending in -ing. >> spelunking. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: spelunking things you'd shout if you found a raccoon in your house.
11:56 pm
>> kill him! tasty! >> jimmy: tasty, we'll use >> i'm telling you >> jimmy: item that you had in your teenage bedroom >> a refrigerator. >> tariq: word >> jimmy: you had a fridge in your teenage bedroom >> i had a fridge and a hot plate. i used to cook up whole meals. >> jimmy: a fridge and a -- fridge is great. all right. finally, a plural body part. >> foots >> jimmy: foots. [ laughter ] okay we filled out the words for our story. gosh, you're perfect for this. all right. ready to perform this? we're going to do it together. you ready? >> let's do it >> jimmy: let's go [ wind howling ] [ owl hooting >> jimmy: is that you? >> where you at?
11:57 pm
>> jimmy: let me tell you something. it was a dark and dirty night when a - >> yes >> jimmy: when a teenager and his step uncle were driving through the woods of the czech republic >> wait. the car radio was broadcasting warnings of an escaped garbage man called mr. pig lips. [ laughter ] [ wolf howling ] [ laughter ] is that the best >> jimmy: it gets better it's gets better wait he was nicknamed that because pig lips replaced his belly button [ thunder storm [ laughter ] >> just then, 23 funktified fishes ran across their path
11:58 pm
[ cat screeches the teenager screeched on his brakes and shouted, "help me mama!" [ owl hooting >> jimmy: the car's engine suddenly died. so the teenager's step uncle got out and started running to the nearest church's for help. >> after what seemed like 350 seconds the teenagers began hearing a faint noise outside the car window unhh it started getting louder. unhh and louder unhh ♪ >> jimmy: in the distance the teenager spotted a shadowy figure walking toward his car. as it got closer, he saw it was david hasselhoff spelunking. [ scream ] >> "tasty," the teenager screamed, grabbing a a refrigerator and a hot plate from his glove compartment
11:59 pm
>> jimmy: he rubbed his foots and looked again [ laughter ] but now no one was there the only thing he saw on the ground was a pile of pig lips. [ laughter ] [ wolf howling ] >> both: some say if you drive -- >> jimmy: through the woods -- >> through the woods - >> jimmy: the czech republic at night. >> of the czech republic at night. >> both: you can still see david hasselhoff spelunking. [ thunder crackling >> jimmy: and scene! ♪ gosh [ laughter ] ♪ he left. he left. >> i'm done. >> jimmy: that's all for "mad lib theater. we're talking to anthony mackie after the break. you're the best. stick around, everybody. ♪ how about no
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♪ >> jimmy: my first guest is a very talented actor that you know from his work in the marvel cinematic universe. he's one of our favorites. his new film "synchronic" hits theaters and drive-ins this friday here is anthony mackie i did drive-ins, you see that? >> yo, i can tell you've never been to a drive-in >> no. i just have very small steering wheels on all my vehicles. [ light laughter ] last time you were on -- again, thanks for doing it. you did our show when i was doing the show from home, and i appreciate that, buddy you were quarantining in new orleans, your hometown but now you're in prague, finishing up "the falcon and the winter soldier" that people are freaking out for disney plus. you, online they say that you and sebastian stan is like a a bromance was there a moment early on when you knew that you guys
12:05 am
would be buds? >> when we were shooting "winter soldier" he had this awful wig on and literally in the middle of scenes they would have to cut, because the wig would like fall off or fall down [ laughter ] so, i would make fun of his wig, and he would make fun of my calves, because that's my bone of contention, like growing my calves. you know so once i realized i can give him junk, and he give me junk and we were cool, it was great >> jimmy: you're obviously a a superhero in the movies, but in real life we talked about this last time you're doing something very heroic we talked about your voting initiative called, "i am a a man. and it's about getting men registered to vote >> right >> jimmy: how's it been going since we last spoke? >> you know what, man? it's been going great. we've brought a lot of people on board, and we've got tens of thousands of young men registered to vote, which is amazing.
12:06 am
[ applause ] >> jimmy: dude >> i was able to go to my high school, get a bunch of kids at my high school registered. it's been huge, man. we know, like, to reach our goal was going to be a long pressing -- you know, we put that number up there because we didn't want this to be a a one-time election thing. you know, we realized how important those local elections are. so, we want to inspire people and help people every year for those local elections. >> jimmy: you've got to feel good about that, bud >> yeah. definitely >> jimmy: i want to talk about something, because not many people know this, but you actually had a brief career in politics [ light laughter ] you -- you ran for student council president when you were in junior high >> in ninth grade. >> jimmy: did you win? >> well, it was -- you know, school politics is sketchy, man. >> jimmy: wow. >> first of all, i won i made my little posters and i put my sign -- my pictures on it
12:07 am
and i realized that, you know, i was very popular but people weren't like taking me seriously so, i had to give out candy. >> jimmy: oh >> and back in the day like, you know, blow pops were like crack. so i used to - [ laughter ] >> jimmy: like, "i'll do anything for a blow pop. dude, no, i love blow pops no, that was illegal when i was in high school it was like, "a blow pop?" >> right >> jimmy: "it's like a lollipop and gum? >> i was handing out blow pops like, "if you vote for me, you know, you get a blow pop you get two blow pops. so, i was hooking up the blow pops now, then i ended up winning, so, i was like student body president. so the dude who lost was a -- i ain't gonna say his name he was a wangster. i still remember his name. [ light laughter ] he literally sabotaged my campaign and went like backslid me and got me impeached in ninth grade, because i didn't go to p.e.
12:08 am
>> jimmy: what i had too many absent days of p.e. >> jimmy: you know what? i'm happy you didn't say his name [ laughter ] >> i'm not going to say what he does but -- >> jimmy: you know what he does too? >> yes yes. i live in new orleans. [ laughter ] i see him all the time yes. i see him all the time >> jimmy: i want to talk about your new movie called "synchronic. can you set the movie up for everyone >> okay. so the movie's called "synchronic. it's jamie dornan and i. we play emt, emergency rescue. and we stumble upon this synthetic drug that people are taking, this new drug that kind of alters their universe so, we have to figure out exactly what exactly this drug is and how to stop it. >> jimmy: yeah it's very, very cool you shot this in your hometown of new orleans
12:09 am
man, that must be fun to be on the crew of that movie when they're in town with you >> no. it's the worst experience you can ever have, because like when i'm shooting a movie in new orleans, like, i'm the rich cousin and i'm the youngest cousin. so when my cousins pull up, they pull up so, you know, we're shooting one night on the river, and my cousin pull up with his barbecue grill on the back of his truck fully going. and, you know, in new orleans you can't tell people, "hey, bro, you've got to go, i'm working. they're like, "no, go ahead and work, i'll be here when you're done." so - >> jimmy: exactly right. >> next thing you know, he's selling plates to the crew >> jimmy: holy - >> he got the grill going. >> jimmy: but that's what -- we're professional, we're doing a movie, you don't do that type of stuff >> dude, i'm at work he's like "i'm at work too, bro, go ahead. >> jimmy: and the crew's like, "this is your thing?
12:10 am
you go, "yeah, no, but i'm also a professional actor." [ laughter ] "i'm trained and this is what i'm actually going to do." >> just because my cousin is selling chicken plates off his truck does not mean i'm not a professional [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you got friends driving by like, "yo, blow pop! >> right [ laughter ] that's exactly what happened >> jimmy: i want to show everyone a clip. here's anthony mackie in "synchronic. take a look. [ yelling
12:11 am
[ speaking foreign language ]. >> jimmy: anthony mackie, everybody. "synchronic" hits theaters and drive-ins this friday. check it out we'll be right back with lily james stick around >> go to the drive-in! ♪ ♪ not much, how about you? are you answering my text in person? i am, yeah. lol come on in. this is tech that helps you be there. the nissan altima now offering the most tech-advanced engine in its class who know an open mind is the only kind. who don't need to travel to find something new.
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immediately following injection. if you can't afford your medicine, abbvie may be able to help. ♪ >> jimmy: our next guest is a talented actress who you know from "cinderella" and "mamma mia: here we go again. gosh, you couldn't take your eyes off her she stars in the new movie "rebecca" which is streaming on netflix and in select theaters right now. here she is. lily james hey! thanks so much for doing this. it is great to see you >> great to see you. >> jimmy: i want to talk to you about a couple cool things that
12:17 am
you're doing one you did during quarantine. you taught a broadway zoom class. >> yeah. >> jimmy: what was that like and how did you get involved had you ever taught a class before >> well, first of all, i'd never taught a class before and i was -- i think i was way more terrified than any of the students, way more nervous but my friend actually created this platform. it's amazing it's called "broadway weekend. and it's where broadway and west end professionals teach theater classes whenever their schools are online and it's created this like global community and it's great because, you know, when these performers can't perform 'cause of lockdown they're getting to share their skills and people at home can be creative and learn and try and have some fun. >> jimmy: that's a great idea. >> i really recommend everyone to check it out. >> jimmy: once you did it, did you feel better at it, once you started doing it >> i mean, i was teaching audition technique, which is completely insane because i am terrible at auditions. >> jimmy: i know that you auditions for "mamma mia." it ended up being a big weekend
12:18 am
for you. was it glastonbury >> yeah. it was insane. i knew i had to sing in this audition i was desperate for this part. but i was meant to be scheduled at the end of "glastonbury music festival" and i knew for sure that after screaming in a a field for five days there was no way i'd be able to sing >> jimmy: oh my gosh >> so i did it on the way. i had the car packed with the stuff and the whirlies and the outfits. and then i went in and i sang, went to glastonbury and my phone ran out of battery, and i think i found out -- i think they tried to call me and tell me i got the part and it wasn't until i as in the car on the way home i plugged in my home and i listened -- and my agent calls me and i'm like, "hello" "you got the part. i'm like, "please say it doesn't start soon." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're the lead in "mamma mia 2." you're, "oh, this is fantastic. >> "great news." [ laughter ]
12:19 am
"thank you." >> jimmy: speaking of "mamma mia," this summer the producers actually said that it was meant to be a trilogy. so there may be a "mamma mia 3" in the works would you be interested if that - >> yeah. i'd want to do like "4," "5," "6," "7," "8," "9," "10. i'm down i'm like, signed, sealed, delivered like that. >> jimmy: yeah hey, i want to talk about "rebecca" your new movie which is based on the famous book. it's part love story, part thriller, part mystery can you set up what it's about >> it's based on the book by daphne du maurier. it's the wonderful, wonderful book and it starts as this sweeping romance and then you follow this newlywed, who i play. she follows her husband to this trip back to england to this huge imposing estate called mandley which is almost a character in itself and this story kind of flip reverses into a gothic horror ghost story and it becomes just terrifying and it's got a great cast. kristen scott thomas plays mrs. danvers and she's just -- >> jimmy: come on.
12:20 am
>> -- just chilling and wonderful in every way >> jimmy: i love that you got her -- i mean, that someone got her to do this 'cause i thought she was only going to do theatre. >> she's honestly -- i just adore her. >> jimmy: yeah >> and she's so -- she fits the part as well it kind of becomes -- because hitchcock made this film too very famously and she flips this part from the villain to almost the moral compass to the film and ben eaton directed it and he's also -- he's so good at delving into the darkness of our human psyche and so it's a psychological thriller, really >> jimmy: yeah yeah, have you ever had any experiences with ghosts yourself >> you know what i just figured something out and i'm a bit traumatized by it, which is that my whole life i've had these reoccurring nightmares where a dark figure walks towards me and like leans over me. and i wake up screaming. and it goes into my consciousness and whoever i've been with will be like "it's okay, lily." i was in a dorm for nearly ten
12:21 am
years with one girl when i was at school and she'd comfort me once a week. always once a week, i'd wake up screaming. and i had only just realized this but her name is rebecca >> jimmy: no you're kidding >> no, i'm not kidding so i think she's been screwing with me my entire life >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. dude, now the dreams are going to get crazier and crazier no, they won't i'm going to put it out there in the world right now they're gone yeah i will - >> okay, good. >> jimmy: yeah, i'll talk to somebody i'll make sure it's all good >> can you please? >> jimmy: i do want to show everybody a clip, though here are lily james and armie hammer in "rebecca." take a look. >> bonjour >> mademoiselle. madam van hopper's usual table >> oh, yes, thank you, merci oh, no wait sorry. she was wondering if a a mr. de winter could sit with her. >> monsieur de winter? >> oui >> it is the choice of mr. de winter where he wishes to be seated >> oh, yes of course. merci. so sorry is that not good enough? here, i've got more.
12:22 am
[ coins dropping ] god, i'm so sorry, monsieur. just one moment. >> don't do it i've heard he's a terrible bore >> excuse me >> this de winter chap >> thank you >> monsieur de winter, please, this way >> jimmy: lily james "rebecca" is streaming on netflix and in select theaters right now. we'll be right back with the performance from black thought featuring portugal the man and the last artful, dodgr stick around, everybody. thank you, lily. >> thanks for having me. ♪ ed his mind among 'the black bear school' of chess. speed players. trash talkers. you wanna come inside my house - how about i come in your house! and through defeat, he learned... ♪ you can beat every bear in the forest, but the game is never finished.
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12:29 am
uh alright yeah ♪ ♪ two fifteen y downtown for the win woa sean c for the tempo portugal for the intro ♪ ♪ this is arctica don disco from the one choi calling shots ♪ ♪ like an umpir where i live yo ma i done lost mad kinfol over gunfire ♪ ♪ through the windo as a young squir who become sir i had no way to tell ♪ ♪ what i was in for i was 5'9" like royc with the giant voice like mik winslow ♪ ♪ never been quite like them so i'm on my own time mind darke than a coal mine ♪ ♪ thoughts deeper than a gold mine so i'm out here slangin' on this blade ♪ ♪ hopin' that i don't get cut by these polic makin' raids on thos of us who know what's up ♪ ♪ my lil' homie my lil' sons got them key and they got them drums ♪ ♪ making superstitious runs on them insufficient funds no more rules in this here toddlers packin' ♪ ♪ a revolve how the hell you robbers gonna rob the robber see you with that heater ♪ ♪ you sweeter tha peach cobble if it ain't abou that paper ♪ ♪ then man that ain't what reek habl man you know what's goin
12:30 am
they say woke ♪ ♪ about that dope ask them fiend about them key 'bout that coke ♪ ♪ 'bout that smok two fifteen my cit man and we i from 'round here ♪ ♪ if it's crazy where you at then it ain't no different 'round here oh my god ♪ ♪ i can't believe my eyes wake up everybody you know we all got away from you come on watch the garden ♪ ♪ grow we all got away from yo i'll see you whe you get there ♪ ♪ ♪ like sheep to the slaughte everybody's caught up tryin' to find ♪ ♪ something to be a part of livin' with our guards up all the tim forever with a wall up ♪ ♪ and breaking through it all never crossed the mind the world seems smalle and greatness is ♪ ♪ withering on the vine
12:31 am
won't anybod take the lea it's ourselves ♪ ♪ we love the least everyone seems make believe that's the ♪ ♪ nature of the beast couple dollars and a dream what did mama say ki everything ain't ♪ ♪ what it see life is what you make it we are, we are, goin through the same thing ♪ ♪ going through the sam we are we are goin through the same thing going through the same ♪ ♪ ay all i wanted was to be more poppin' and to see more profit what's the ♪ ♪ detour options ay i feel lik phillip seymour hoffma less denzel washington ♪ ♪ when people are watching m if the right amount of likes and follows ♪ ♪ can make me less hollow i'd somehow be more complet but people tend to ♪ ♪ be more toxic so we see more gossi and there's tensio on the streets ♪ ♪ won't anybody take the lea it's ourselves
12:32 am
we love the least ♪ ♪ everyone seem make believe that's the nature of the beast ♪ ♪ couple dollars and a drea what did mama say ki everything ain't what it seem ♪ ♪ life is what you make i we are we ar going throug the same thing ♪ ♪ going through the sam we are we ar going throug the same thing ♪ ♪ going through the sam everybody's caught u trying to find living with our ♪ ♪ guards up all the tim and breaking through it all never crossed our minds ♪ ♪ and greatness i withering on the vine ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: my thank you to black thought, portugal the man and the last artful, dodgr
12:33 am
stick around for more tonight show black thought! >> brilliant [ cheers and applause i need a smaller house that's close to my son,
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thank you all for watching stay safe out there. wash your hands, don't touch your face. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. new black thought right here goodnight, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪


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