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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 26, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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all day long. >> some good news is that red flag warning is now expiring for most of the lower elevation areas. but it is still in effect for parts of the north bay and the east bay hills. pg&e, public safety power shutoffs are still in effect. take a look at the current map. that's the shutoff map. that purple arrow indicates where the power has been cut intentionally to avoid sparking fires. some 90,000 customers still impacted. pg&e expects to restore the power in some areas by 10:00 this evening. those gusting winds have count done damage as well. tall trees and branches came crashing down overnight. spot fires have also been a problem. this one in eden can along 580 northeast of castro valley. crews rushing to put out the flames before the wind could make things worse. >> we're going to start with jodi hernandez in calistoga. in napa, more than 10,000 people without power. windy weather forecast for
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tonight. calistoga continues to get beat up the last couple of months. >> reporter: they certainly do, jessica. once again folks in calistoga -- or many folks here in calistoga are without power. you can see the traffic light at this intersection is not working tonight. but people here are understanding. last night's wind caused a lot of worry. pg&e crews are busy repairing the damage caused by last night's windy weather. sustained winds of up to 76 miles an hour in the north bay did, indeed, topple trees and take down power lines. this giant pine tree in angwin fell right onto pg&e lines, pulling down three power poles. >> we would have had a major issue by all means. >> reporter: luckily the neighborhood was part of pg&e's public safety power shutoff. folks here fear if the electricity had been on, they'd have been in a world of trouble. >> pg&e was right this time.
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they prevented a big fire. >> our house is safe, and we're thankful for that. >> reporter: pg&e started turning off the power late yesterday afternoon to parts of the bay area forecast to experience dangerous fire conditions. >> we're doing this for safety. we're doing it because of the weather. we know it's extreme times right now, and we wouldn't shut off the power unless we absolutely had to. >> reporter: it meant some north bay schools couldn't offer online instruction today. and once again forced many businesses to close. but residents say the wind warranted it. >> the windows started rattling and woke me up. i couldn't sleep. it was blowing so fast, it was like a hurricane. >> reporter: we are back here live where you can see the pumps at this gas station are not working. that's because they do not have power once again. now, pg&e says they do not expect to get the all-clear from this severe weather until tomorrow morning. they say that power might not be
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restored to the north bay until 10:00 tomorrow night. reporting live in calistoga, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> the city has gone through so much. thank you, jodi. this is another look at the outage map. the power outages are in purple. right now pg&e is listing large parts of the east bay, including the oakland and berkeley hills as scheduled to get their power back by 10:00 tonight. but oakland fire just sent out word that they've now been told oakland won't get power back until noon tomorrow. lights are currently scheduled to also go back on by noon tomorrow around san ramon and the san jose foothills and in the santa cruz mountains. but for santa rosa and a lot of napa valley including calistoga, they may not get back their power until tomorrow night. let's take you outside and show you some of our traffic cameras. the wind really not as gusty right now as what we saw overnight and earlier today.
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that's what you heard. that's what you saw this morning. this was overnight from contra costa county. higher elevations saw gusts up to 70 miles an hour, even faster in some parts of the north bay. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, it just feels like it is nonstop whether it's fire or wind or something else. when are we going to get a break from this? >> it is. everything just really back-to-back. i think by wednesday we're definitely in the clear all across the bay area. i'm running on a small generator here to power these lights but it's going to get dark behind me real fast like a lot of the bay area. using candlelight and flashlights to keep things going this weevening. what about these wind gusts? we did have hurricane-category 1 strength winds. mount st. helena up to 89 miles per hour. that was the highest since february when we got up to 80
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miles per hour. mt. diablo, 74. oakland airport, 58. sausalito, 54. napa airport at 53. the fire warning remains in effect for the north and east bay higher elevations until tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. we still could get these on and off wind gusts of 25 to 50 miles per hour. you can see at 8:00 tonight, look at that burst of red here in my wind map. it's mainly for the north bay. that would have the best chance of those winds. as we move through 11:00 tonight, we're continuing to hold on to some of those wind gusts there for the north and also the east bay. we'll take more looks at that hourly wind forecast and of course my seven-day forecast and show you what's ahead for us in the week. i'll see you back here in about 15 minutes. >> thank you so much, jeff. the winds hit fremont hard, breaking trees in half, blowing down fences, knocking over trash bins and sending debris flying. in the foothills east of 680 and mission boulevard, part of a large eucalyptus tree fell.
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luckily it mostly missed a nearby home. >> it sounded like a hurricane. it sounded like a category 4 or 5 hurricane. it was that loud. ary earplugs in, it was just raging. >> a couple of other examples. overnight in san leandro, tree branches fell onto east 14th streets. crews were on scene to clear the roadway. from sky ranger we saw a tree fall into lanes on 580 before dawn. a dangerous situation for drivers there. a similar situation in the berkeley hills today. the gusty independent withes brought down trees on to roadways. nbc bay area's melissa colorado is live in berkeley with the details, melissa, how is the cleanup looking? >> reporter: a whole lot better, i got to tell you, janelle. the winds have comed down considerably but the threat of a wildfire far from over. in the east bay regional park district, 11 of their parks will remain closed until wednesday morning. the district says those powerful winds toppled over 14 power
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lines. thankfully those power lines were de-energized. >> very windy. didn't get much sleep. >> reporter: groggy berkeley residents hoping to sneak in a nap today may have been rattled awake this afternoon by the sound of this. a team of city forestry workers in charge of cleaning up the damage left behind by the overnight powerful winds. >> we ran about nine calls between midnight and about 10:00 this morning. so mostly small damage, light stuff, limbs out in the roadway. >> reporter: for clay jones, a dangling broken tree branch posed a big risk to his house, so he called in a private tree trimming crew to remove it. >> i hope it's actually over, but who knows? >> reporter: the city encouraged those who live in parts of the berkeley hills to voluntarily evacuate their homes on sunday. the mayor says at least six people took that advice and spent the night at a nearby hotel. the mayor says the worst of the wind event has passed, but his
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city isn't out of the woods yet. >> even though we're fortunate that nothing happened, it may happen in the future so we have to be prepared. >> it's not over yet, so we've got to remain diligent. there's still high winds predicted through tomorrow. >> reporter: and the city is no longer encouraging people who live up here in the berkeley hills to find another place to spend the night. but they are urging people to be on high alert and have an evacuation plan ready. melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. we have more information about today's wild weather online. that includes this gallery of just how much damage the wind did across the bay area. you can check it out at the supreme court just got bigger. more conservatives. amy coney barrett is being confirmed by the senate as we speak. our raj mathai is following this breaking news and he rejoins us now. raj, where are we at in this vote? >> reporter: it just happened about three minutes ago.
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amy coney barrett confirmed by the senate by a vote of 52-48. she is on the supreme court for life or until she decides to retire. now, why is this such a significant event, especially here in the bay area? well, her conservative view might change the way a lot of people live their lives, especially as we mentioned here in northern california. the high court will continue to reshape lgbtq rights, abortion rights, and more immediately make a possible decision about the future of obamacare. let's take you live to washington, d.c. right now on the senate floor. the official vote as expected along party lines and with the republican majority, judge barrett was confirmed 52-48. we should note vice president pence did not attend. he was not on the floor this evening and did not vote because of a covid outbreak on his staff. now, he's tested negative, but out of an abundance of precaution he was not there tonight. democrats, though, still upset that the judge was fast-tracked
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before this presidential election. >> greatest and most abiding sadness tonight is for the american people and what this nomination will mean for their lives, their freedoms, their fundamental rights. >> this is one of the most brilliant, admired, and well-qualified nominees in our lifeti lifetime. >> justice coney barrett is now on her way to the white house for a swearing-in ceremony on the south lawn. unlike her nomination ceremony you recall 30 days ago, this time everyone at the white house is wearing masks and will be socially distanced. justice clarence thomas is expected to swear her in. what a wild ride this has been. for the first time in 45 years, a supreme court justice has been confirmed so quickly. here is the timeline.
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september 18th, justice ginsburg died. eight days later, september 26th, president trump nominates amy coney barrett. and then october 12th we began that four-day confirmation hearing. and right now, october 26th, within the last five minutes, justice amy coney barrett now on the supreme court. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much, raj. with eight days to go until election day, the candidates are making a final push to win over those who haven't already voted. vice president mike pence campaigned in minnesota today despite, as you heard raj say, five aides testing positive for covid-19. pence has so far tested negative for the virus. cases are soaring across the country while the white house today tried to clarify some controversial statements made by the chief of staff. >> we're not going to control the pandemic. we are going to control the fact that we get vaccines, therapeutics. >> we will have the vaccine like momentarily, and we're all set to distribute it before the end
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of the year, maybe substantially before. but it's going good. >> trump called himself a war-time president fighting the war against an invisible enemy. look, how many people are dead? 220,000. >> tomorrow mr. biden heads for georgia. president trump will be in wisconsin. ahead, two san francisco school board members the target of racist social media posts. this comes after a proposal to change the admissions process of a very competitive high school. and the threat of wildfires not just in the bay area. we're following a dangerous fire down in orange county. and i'll show you what's causing all of this wind and when we can see it finally move on out of northern california. i'll see you back here in about six minutes. when we welcome our west coast viewers, i'll be joining you from nevada, a state facing high unemployment brought on by covid restrictions and it's where we start our
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across-america journey tonight to listen to voters. also inside the delicate hunt for the so-called murder hornet in the pacific northwest when we see you back here tonight. i didn't choose this job because it was easy. but i can't say i expected this. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple. for this crisis, and for the next one.
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prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do. if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15. the north bay where another brush fire has ignited. the "dutch fire" broke out about 20 minutes ago in the "slee breaking news out of the north bay. another brush fire ignited. this is the dutch fire. it broke out about 20 minutes ago. it's in the sleepy hollow area. people there are being asked to avoid the area. at this point we have not heard anything about evacuations, but
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sky ranger is headed to the area. we're going to follow it and bring you updates on air and online as soon as we know more. out of southern california, breaking news as well. firefighters battling a fast-moving fire there in orange county. it's the silverado canyon area. so far more than 4,000 acres have burned. this fire zero percent contained. 20,000 homes in that area are under mandatory evacuation orders. two firefighters were seriously hurt, in the hospital, treated for burns. a showing of solidarity by state and local officials in san francisco after two school board commissioners are targeted with racist social media posts. the posts showed up after a proposal to change the admissions process for a san francisco high school. nbc bay area's pete suratos has more. >> reporter: a united front in san francisco. speaking out against hateful speech targeting two school board members, alison collins and gabriella lopez.
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>> there is a line when we are talking about policy and we start targeting people, that isn't safe for communities of color and for women. >> it's shown me the strong community spoeupport we all hav and this understanding whether we agree or disagree on policies we can't be targeting people. >> reporter: the posts show spausty cas photoshopped onto their faces and a graphic void of someone burning the picture. the posts follow two proposals that were recently votes on by the school board, which include renaming schools that some may find offensive and changing lowell high's admission policy to a lottery system. but collins tells me a majority of the board votes in favor of these proposals. yet lopez and herself, who are both women of color, are the only ones being harassed. >> we are both consistent in
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naming race, talking about addressing racism, anti-immigrant practices, anti-racist teaching. those are all things that we talk very openly about. >> we are very vocal and very honest about where we stand and often that means pointing out to the racism that thrives within our educational system. >> reporter: state senator scott wiener was one of the voices today. he actually disagrees with the board's proposal to focus on renaming schools, but he says disagreeing through hateful speech isn't the way. >> we can disagree to our heart's delight, and we're very good at that in san francisco. but the minute it tips into threats and personal attacks, that's when it crosses the line. >> reporter: in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. we're going to switch gears, go back to jeff ranieri. jeff, we just saw those fires we're dealing with in southern california and then now here. again we're having this situation with the wind. when do you expect this wind to start dying down so we don't
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continue to see these issues? >> well, at the lower elevations, we've really seen a dramatic drop in that wind. it's only about 10 to 20 miles per hour for the most part. it's up in the mountains where we are still getting these 30 to 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. we'll have to watch out through tomorrow. i'm working on generator power like some of you might be back at home. just enough power to power these lights in front of me. so these power outages obviously affecting everybody still at this hour. so let's get you the latest on when this wind moves out of here so we can get that power back on from pg&e. you can see on the red flag fire warning, we're still working at some isolated wind here for the north and the east bay higher elevations until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. again, very isolated as we're seeing the lower elevation winds calm down. but it's in the mountains. wind gusts of 25 to 50 miles per hour. the big problem with the wind, i wanted to show you what's been producing all of these issues is this area of low pressure that's
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dropped down across the west. all of that cold air just disrupted the weather pattern and brought in this wind. so that's what we're continuing to deal with right now. as we move through tomorrow, that area of low pressure slowly starts to move off towards the east, and that will be good enough to take that wind with it once we hit tomorrow night and into wednesday, we're going to see that calmer wind pattern moving back in. let's get to the wind forecast. 11:00 p.m. tonight, look at the colors on the wind contour. at 11:00 p.m. we still have some of that brightness, the orange and the red. those are those 30 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts in the mountains of the north bay and also for the east bay. as we roll through tomorrow morning, you'll notice we're seeing that pop of wind again stay over the north bay higher elevations where that could be a problem in tomorrow morning and a little bit right there for the east bay as well. hanging on to the wind as we move at least through tomorrow morning. temperatures are going to be cold to start with. that system that moved down. 48 for the south bay. tri-valley at 46.
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as we move into the east bay, san francisco and the north bay, we'll have a mix of 40s to 50s. if you're doing anything tomorrow morning, make sure to have that light jacket with you as it's going to be chilly. starting to see those morning numbers drop. as we roll through tomorrow, temperatures warm up a little bitment 78 in napa. 68 in half moon bay. 75 in oakland. san jose, 76. at least we do not have these triple digit temperatures with some of this wind lingering in the mountains and our temperatures have been a little more comfortable. in san francisco, as we move through the next couple of days, we'll see a mix of 60s to 70s with once again the wind calming down by wednesday. and as we roll through this weekend, we'll keep those 60s in the mix. right here for the inland valleys, 70s to about 80 as we roll through the next seven days, so no major heat moving in. and once again, that wind really starting to calm as we roll through tomorrow's forecast.
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jessica and janelle, what a night that was last night with that howling wind. you could hear branches hitting the house. it was so, so intense. so thankful that for the most part, so far we haven't seen any major, major fires break out although we are dealing with some activity in the north bay. >> yeah. i walked outside gingerly to see what it looked like outside because it was so loud last night. it seemed like there was going to be so much more damage than what, you know, obviously we saw. >> good things are dying down a little bit. thanks, jeff. coming up, that iconic coca-cola sign is coming down for good. just how soon the work will start to dismantle it. i'll be joining you tonight from nevada, a state facing high unemployment brought on by the covid restrictions. it's where we start our cross-america journey to listen to vtaers. also inside the delicate hunt for the so-called murder hornet when we see you back here tonight. in the bay area, we believe in science.
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san francisco's landmark coke sign is being dismantled. since 1937, the double-sided sign has soared over fifth and brian streets. just ten years ago, its bulbs were switched to l.e.d.s. the company is paying $10,000 for the job and will not reassemble it. not one but two mountain lion sightings around the bay area around homes this weekend. lawrence ruby sent us video from morgan hill. there's a mountain lion right there on the porch, looking at all the halloween decorations, sniffing about. then eric claussen gave us this video from san mateo county. just another mountain lion casually strolling by a home. both sightings happened over this weekend. sky ranger over a house fire which has now burned to nearby brush in marin county. an update when we come back. [ whispering ]
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just connect your myq® app to key. ♪ ohhh yeahhh! get free in-garage delivery with myq® and key by amazon. we have an update on our breaking news. sky ranger over marin county right now where crews are battling a structure fire that has now caught the surrounding area and surrounding brush on fire. we can see at least one home damaged. crews are calling this the dutch fire. it's burning in the sleepy hollow area in the hills above san anselmo and fairfax. people are being told to avoid this area. no word on evacuations or injuries but you can see one house is burning right now. we hear the surrounding brush has also caught on fire. sky ranger is going to stay over this. we'll continue to bring updates at 6:00. coming up tonight at 6:00, record voter turnout for mail-in ballots all across the state. how santa clara county is making sure that your ballot is safe and that it gets counted. we'll have that coming up tonight right here at 6:00.
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"nightly news" is next. again, we'll see you at 6:00. we'll have an update on that fire as well as the wind damage around the bay area and when the red flag warning will expire. see you then. tonight, just eight days until the election and the white house feeling the impact of another covid outbreak president trump holding three rallies in pennsylvania and joe biden also paying a surprise visit to that key battleground. mike pence on the trail after five of his aides tested positive the president again claiming the u.s. is rounding the turn on coafter his chief of staff said we're not going to control the pandemic and what jared kushner said today about black americans. plus, the tight race here in nevada as we kick off our series "across america. the final showdown over amy coney barrett. the confirmation vote in a bitterly divided senate the


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