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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  October 29, 2020 11:34pm-12:36am PDT

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that's the band playing via zoom for the newly named michelle obama elementary school. the band helped open the school today. it was a virtual grand opening highlighting the renovated campus in richmondch the district voted earlier this year to change the name to honor the former first lady. the school's new look includes a plaza, and library. it looks great but just missing students. >> and missing one other person, michelle obama herself. >> maybe when this is all over she'll visit. >> thanks for joining us on this thursday night. >> we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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>> steve: from 30 rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight join jimmy and his guests - america ferrera, david dobrik world series mvp corey seager, musical guest, brothers osbourne and featuring the legendary roots crew and now here's your host, jimmy fallon ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: hello. thank you very much. oh, thank you, thank you, thank you very much. welcome, welcome to the "the tonight show" everybody. let's get to the news and jokes. well, guys, the election is five days away and president trump is busy on the campaign trail. at one of his rallies, he tried to describe what would happen if joe biden wins.
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listen to this >> if you vote for biden, it means no kids in school, no graduations, no weddings, no thanksgiving, no christmas and no fourth of july together other than that, you have a wonderful life [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, wonderful life "merry christmas, closed down movie theaters [ laughter ] merry christmas, boarded up schools. [ laughter ] merry christmas, abandoned gyms." [ laughter ] it's already a wonderful life except every time a bell ring, someone gets covid [ audience groans no christmas does trump think he's running against biden or the grinch? [ laughter ] later, trump was like, "a vote for biden mean no toyotathon [ laughter ] no happy honda days. no lexus december to remember. [ laughter ] [ applause ] according to trump, electing biden will lead to riots in the steets, an economy in the tank
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and no holidays. but also, he's a sleepy politician who can't get anything done. [ light laughter ] but this is interesting, today, trump and biden were both campaigning down in tampa, florida people in tampa were like, "come on, we just lost the world series now we got to deal with this?" i'm glad both guys were in the same place cause it finally ends my uncle's conspiracy theory that trump and biden are actually the same lizard person [ laughter ] yep, trump went to tampa and this was nice. he brought some frozen nebraska supporters so they could thaw out. [ laughter ] isn't that nice? as for trump, you can tell his campaign is low on money cause he asked biden if he wanted to split an uber back to the airport. in a new poll i saw that biden is up four points in florida meanwhile tucker carlson claims that he has polls that show trump ahead, but they got lost in the mail. [ laughter ] of course the other big story is the pandemic and it just came out that it's even affecting the space force. listen to this
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>> one of the highest ranking members of the space force has tested positive for the coronavirus. the vice chief of space operations, general david d. thompson, diagnosed yesterday. >> jimmy: i hope he's alright, but i think the country will be okay the vice president of the space force is like being the vice president of a darts league [ laughter ] but this is smart. just to play it safe, the rest of the space force will be working from home instead of their usual strip mall office. [ laughter ] why do i feel like we're one day away from hearing, "my fellow americans, the coronavirus is now in space. [ laughter ] been one hell of a ride. i like the way the anchor said, "space force." he was almost like mocking it or something, right? >> together: space force [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: dave, can we play that one more time can we hear that again >> one of the highest ranking members of the space force has tested positive -- [ laughter ] [ applause ]
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>> jimmy: space force! [ laughter ] i saw that bed bath and beyond just made a big announcement about their famous coupons take a look. >> bed bath and beyond planning to scale back these coupons in an effort to boost profits and be more competitive on pricing don't worry though, the coupons promising 15% or 20% off, they're not going away entirely they just might not appear in your mailbox quite as often. >> jimmy: that's devastating because now parents will have nothing to jam in the corner of their kitchen counters [ laughter ] yep, in 2020 even your junk drawer is going through an identity crisis. [ laughter ] "without the coupons, who am i? [ laughter ] it's kind of sad cause if pottery barn stops sending catalogs, then there will be no more mail. [ laughter ] now this is interesting. harley-davidson just introduced something new and it's taking a lot of people by surprise, watch this
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>> harley-davidson has a new product. it is an electric bike but look at that, it's not an electric motorcycle, it's an electric bicycle >> jimmy: yeah, moms heard that and were like, "yeah, it's still a no." [ laughter ] "but i'm 48! "yeah, no. [ laughter ] i'm actually looking forward to seeing the first biker gang that takes breaks for matcha tea smoothies. yeah, you don't look quite as bad ass in a hell's angels jacket when you're riding peewee herman's bike ha-ha. ♪ no hands, no hands [ laughter ] >> questlove: wait a second. >> jimmy: i broke him. i broke him. this is cool right here. there's going to be a blue moon on halloween this year so denny's is celebrating by selling a ham, egg and cheese sandwich with blue bread look at this [ laughter ] ah, yes, the classic color everyone associates with halloween, blue.
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[ laughter ] so remember, even though halloween is basically canceled, you can still make it much, much worse [ laughter ] get this though, even though some people are skipping halloween, sales of candy and chocolate are up more than 8% compared to last year. yep, the only chocolate bar that isn't selling well is hershey's watch my covid [ laughter ] [ applause ] not selling. and finally, you got see this. to make trick or treating safer during the pandemic a lot of people have built candy cannons. candy cannons, take a look at this >> narrator: john downs built this candy cannon. he says it is designed to keep kids safe and socially distant the cannon is 12 feet tall at the press of a button, it uses a shop vacuum to shoot the candy down the tube. >> jimmy: that's a weird phrase, to keep trick or treating safe, we're introducing cannons. [ laughter ] personally, i'll be loading gumballs into a pitching
11:42 pm
machine. [ laughter ] in other news, candy cannons will be dancing on the main stage tonight at stilettos in east rutherford -- [ laughter and applause ♪ we have a great show give it up for the roots, everybody! [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: we have a great show you tonight. she is the star of "superstore" right here on nbc, america ferrera is here. [ cheers and applause also, he's one of the most influential people online. david dobrik is here [ cheers and applause plus from the los angeles dodgers, world series mvp corey seager is here [ cheers and applause and we got great music from brothers osborne [ cheers and applause guys, halloween is this
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saturday it's the time of year that everyone plays "monster mash," the biggest halloween song of all time, legendary song but little known fact, a little triv for you there was actually a follow up song about the day after the monster mash, but it never really took off. until now. check it out ♪ ♪ it was late las night in the spooky fo it was the rager of the year in a haunted bog ♪ ♪ the monsters all mashed with evil laughter everyone had fun until the morning after ♪ ♪ hangover mash it's the hangover mash hangover mash that's right they were way too smashed ♪ ♪ hangover mash they got obliterated ♪ hangover mash now they're just nauseated ♪ ♪ frankenstein di 13 jagerbombs last night this morning he' cradling a pedialyte ♪
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♪ dracula puked in hi laundrey basket by his bed wishing for once that he could just be dead ♪ ♪ monsters feel bad the party was a slaughte monster feel bad now the can't keep down water ♪ ♪ monsters feel bad they're crying on a toilet monsters feel bad check th bed did they soil it ♪ ♪ the mummy had unraveled all over the roo tried to put himself togethe for his 9 am zoom ♪ ♪ to try to ease his nausea through this ghastly slo the wolf man cracked a white claw the hair of the dog ♪ ♪ dracula hisse at the sight of dawn swamp thing lost the remote so h watched whatever was on ♪ ♪ frankenstei told his bride from evi deeds he'd ♪ ♪ repent if she would only delete all the nudes that he sent ♪ ♪ they got so smashed they're all full of regret they got so smashed and smel like old cigarettes ♪ ♪ they got so smashed the just got tagged on instagram they got so smashed barfin
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mid keg stand ♪ ♪ this is the last time those monsters go drinking whatever could those ghoul been thinking ♪ ♪ never again will thos creatures imbibe well maybe just a bi tonight ♪ ♪ hangover mash their night was a thriller hangover mash but now they'r downing pain killers ♪ ♪ hangover mash they're now just barfing a little hangover mash should someone call the hospital ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: great work great work, everybody. oh, my goodness. that was something else. good job, guys stick around, we'll be right back with more "tonight show," everybod [ cheers and applause [ laughter ] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you know what's good about this? ♪ your sign's pointing at my sign, so people are gonna look at my sign.
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official ballot drop box near need to fiyou?he closest
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just visit to find your nearest location. then drop off your ballot. your vote will be secure and counted. there are other ways to vote too. just return your vote-by-mail ballot at your voting location or mail it back. or you can vote safely in-person during early voting or on election day. vote the way you're most comfortable - but vote by 8pm on november 3rd. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: hello, everyone. thank you for tuning in. thank you for watching our show i appreciate it. it is time for "tonight's show hashtags"! ♪
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♪ hashtag hashtags ♪ >> jimmy: we do this thing every week where i send out a hashtag and ask you guys to respond to that topic. with halloween coming up, i started a hashtag called, "new halloween traditions." and i asked you guys to tweet out some new ideas for halloween that are more appropriate for 2020 within minutes, it was a a trending topic, so thank you for playing along everyone [ applause ] now i thought i'd share some of my favorite "new halloween traditions" responses from you guys this first one is from @changethebee. b-e-e. [ buzzing change the bee, like chance the rapper. >> tariq: oh yeah, change the bee. >> jimmy: change the bee >> tariq: yeah >> jimmy: yeah >> tariq: yeah, a bee whose name is change >> jimmy: yep. >> tariq: yep. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: she says, "putting on your costume and realizing it's the first time you've used a a zipper all year.
11:51 pm
[ laughter ] this one's from @kblancf she says, "a black cat crossing your path is now good luck because it means you went outside at least once this week." [ laughter ] yeah, got to get the steps in man. this one is from @kemitorano she says, "dying hand sanitizer red to make the kids wash their hands in ghoul's blood before each house." [ laughter ] that's good idea >> tariq: yeah, that's a great idea >> jimmy: i like that. yeah this one's from @andwejigglelike [ laughter ] she says, "instead of dressing up as zombies, we all dress up as ourselves because it's pretty much the same thing now. easy costume [ laughter ] this one's from @ghost7. they say, "this year's group costume, person, woman, man, camera, tv." [ laughter ] [ applause ] that's -- that's the winner right there. >> tariq: yeah
11:52 pm
>> jimmy: this one's from @krystalpistil she says, "candy cigarettes because even the kids are stressed." [ laughter ] come on guys, let's put together one more puzzle this one's from @briansamelson >> questlove: wow. >> jimmy: wow. straight up. >> questlove: yeah >> jimmy: that was the one i had the hardest reading. that's just his name right? brian samelson >> questlove: a real name. >> tariq: for me it was "and we jiggle like. 'cause i was thinking, like, is it that they jiggle ike, like it's a guy named ike and, you know people jiggle - >> jimmy: oh no, and we jiggle like >> tariq: yeah, yeah >> jimmy: yeah, but i thought it would be like brian samuelson. >> tariq: yeah >> jimmy: brian samuelson. >> tariq: yeah, but it's not >> jimmy: it's brian samelson. >> tariq: yeah, samelson, just to throw you off a little bit. >> jimmy: yeah, brian sameson. >> questlove: sammy. >> jimmy: sammy. >> tariq: yeah >> jimmy: son. that's all your words. >> tariq: well, maybe it's brian sames, and then that's his son.
11:53 pm
>> jimmy: that's brian sammy's son? >> tariq: yeah >> questlove: yeah >> jimmy: wow. that's amazing >> tariq: yeah you got to think man >> jimmy: we got a good one. this is from brian samelson. >> tariq: no, brian. >> questlove: sammy's son. >> tariq: who's brian? sammy's son. >> jimmy: oh, i got you. yeah, yeah, yeah >> tariq: yeah >> jimmy: this is from sammy's son. >> tariq: yeah, it's from sammy's son, brian [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he says, "new 'peanuts' special. 'it's a rapid test, charlie brown.'" [ laughter only available on apple tv plus [ laughter ] this last one is from @atarikari cool she says, "trick or treat, stay 6 feet, throw me candy from the street." [ cheers and applause there you go that's a good bop. that slaps there you have it. those are our "tonight show hashtags." to check out more of our favorites go to we'll be right back with america ferrera. [ cheers and applause america ferrera. [ cheers and applause ♪
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it's inspiring to try to solve a problem that no one else has solved. that's super exciting.
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♪ >> jimmy: our first guest is an emmy-winning actress, producer, director, and activist who just launched a new initiative called "she se puede." you can now also see her in the new season of "superstore," which premiered tonight on nbc here is america ferrera. hey! >> hi, jimmy >> jimmy: thank you so much for doing our show i appreciate it. you know, i'm the biggest fan of "sisterhood of the traveling pants," so i have to talk about it and i know i'm not your audience but i loved it so much i know you guys are actually pretty close in real life. right? >> we are. we totally are i mean we've been -- >> jimmy: i've seen photos of you guys out i'm like, "what? like i'd would probably freak -- i might cry if i ever
11:59 pm
saw the whole -- you guys all together [ laughter ] >> well, let's make that happen, jimmy. i want to see you cry. >> jimmy: no, don't make me cry. but i do love you guys >> well, there is one time where -- well, they surprised me with a bachelorette party that i didn't want but they took me to a restaurant, and, of course, at each of our place was like a pair of jeans and arts and crafts so that night, like restaurant-goers were treated to watching "the sisterhood of the traveling pants" decorate jeans. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. >> and the liquor came, and then, it got more exciting [ laughter ] people got to watch us decorate jeans inside of a restaurant >> jimmy: what a good group. hey, america, i want to talk to you about -- we're five days from election day, and i just want to thank you. >> mm-hmm. >> jimmy: you are doing so much great work to help encourage people to vote and keeping people informed. i follow you on instagram, and all the socials. but you do a thing called america af you answer simple questions about voting
12:00 am
it's safe to watch-ish it's bleeped what made you start doing this >> well, you know, back in 2018 when we were trying to get people out for the midterm elections, i realized that like a lot of people didn't even know what the midterm elections were or like what the point of the midterm elections are. why they're important, why they matter and i realized i had this tool to just like speak directly to at least the people who followed me on social media and tell them. and so, i just started trying to explain things and i remember asking people, like, "why aren't you voting like, just tell me i need to know like why?" >> jimmy: yeah >> and, you know, i'm expecting these big ideological, you know, reasons of like, you know, "the system's rigged, nothing's ever going to change." and then, the responses were like, "i don't have a car to get to the polls." like, "i don't know what i.d. i need." "i don't know where to go to get registered." no one's ever asked me -- like, all of these super simple problems to solve with
12:01 am
information, with resources, and i thought, you know, i'm going to do what i can do with my platform to give information to the people who are following me it feels like the thing people come up against the most is like, "does it really even matter?" does my vote matter? you know, and i was lucky enough to speak to this, like, super hero election law attorney again, like, i'm a big nerd. like that's what gets me excited. i get to speak to like an election law attorney mark elias, and, you know, i asked him, like, "does every vote matter? and he just said, "oh, my god, does it matter." like, in 2018, we lost a senate race in florida by one tenth of 1%. do you know what would be happening right now if there was another democrat in the senate >> jimmy: yeah >> so one of the things people have to remember is that, you know, we are not just voting for the president. you're voting for senators and
12:02 am
congressmen and district attorneys and sheriffs >> jimmy: yeah >> people who make such a massive impact in your community, and arguably have just as much if not more impact than the president so showing up and voting in those local races often comes down to just tenths of votes and so, it so matters that we show up. >> jimmy: i want to talk about your new initiative called "she se puede." >> good pronunciation, i love it >> jimmy: not bad. thank you. >> not bad >> jimmy: i appreciate that. can you explain how this started and what it is >> yeah. "she se puede" is a new online platform that i launched with my dear friend eva longoria, and also, a number of other amazing latinas across business and politics and organizing and activism and it's a new lifestyle platform for latinas it's a place for us to be celebrated and to be empowered in everything from, you know, raising children, cooking meals, our workouts, asking for a raise, and also our engagement civically
12:03 am
i mean, the number of latinas are so often spoken about in this country but numbers don't equal power. power equals power and in order for us to really make a difference and to be reflected and represented in this country, we need to be empowered to use our -- use the power of our numbers to change the way politics happen in this country, to change the way our communities are treated. and so, the civic action piece is a really big part of "she se puede. but it's really about celebrating and reflecting every aspect of our lives. >> jimmy: yeah, good for you i want to talk about "superstore," because season six premiered tonight. and next week is your character's final episode. >> that's right, yeah. >> jimmy: you were about to film the episode in march, and then, the pandemic hit, so you came back again this season.
12:04 am
and you had to basically say good-bye to everyone twice or three times? >> yeah, i had, like, my final table read three times and it was -- it was just a mess i mean, i like sobbed like a a baby the first time. >> jimmy: of course. >> i couldn't even get words out. and then the second time, i didn't know it was going to be my last table read, and then -- so when the final day finally came, i had nothing to give. i had like cried all the tears i said good-bye. >> jimmy: yeah, i'm exhausted. you know i love you. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but i'm happy that you got to come back and finish it the right way >> totally and i -- you know, i did 100 episodes of the show i love the show. i'm so glad that it's going on, and that the fans are going to continue to watch it and love it and i'm always going to be a a fan of the show. and it was such an amazing five years of my career, and i'm always going to be grateful for it >> jimmy: i want to show everyone a clip. here is america ferrera in "superstore. take a look.
12:05 am
>> zephra is adamant that we follow the cdc recommendation of washing your hands for a full 20 seconds. >> 20 seconds? that's like literally forever. >> it's about the length of two "happy birthdays." so just sing that and you'll be fine >> yeah, but whose name do we insert i have a friend named ty, and i have a friend named alexandria genevieve those are two wildly different timeframes >> just say the name emma. >> oh, god is this your way of making us sing "happy birthday" to emma because all of her friends ditched her on her birthday this year? >> no, that didn't happen. emma is very popular and she's dating a very cute boy name braden very cute. i don't mean cute like i think he's hot because i'm an adult and that would be weird. whatever, just wash your hands there's a virus. >> jimmy: america ferrera. "superstore" airs thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. on nbc, and make sure you check out we'll be right back with david dobrik, everyone stick around ♪ ♪ hey sis, it's fleece-mas.
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♪ >> jimmy: my next guest is one of youtube's biggest stars i just love the guy. his videos have over 8 billion -- what? 8 billion views, and through his partnership with headcount, he got 120,000 people registered to vote good man here is david dobrik yeah hey, looking good, pal thanks so much for doing this. >> thank you for having me >> jimmy: originally, the plan was that you were going to appear in studio tonight >> right >> jimmy: it didn't work out because there is now a a quarantine you're home in l.a. now, right correct? >> i was on -- so, yesterday i was in new york. i flew to new york to be on your show and right when we landed, we got word that there was a new mandate or whatever, new rules going on where we couldn't do the show anymore so i was in new york and my hotel was literally across from your studio.
12:12 am
i was looking at it and we were getting the text, we have to do the interview on zoom now. so i was just staring at your studio, i was like, it's right there. i can do it through the window and then, yeah, i didn't see it i went for a run though, and i got to run right by the studio so that felt nice. it kind of felt like i was on the show >> jimmy: you sent a photo that you took last night. this is real this - you actually were there! that's bizarre >> yeah. >> jimmy: you actually were here >> look, i peed all over the front of it because i was so angry. that is just me. >> jimmy: it just made you have to do it >> making sure you knew i was there. >> jimmy: dude, i'm so bummed because we had some fun bits planned and all that stuff but when everything goes back to normal, you have an open invitation please, to come back to the studio any time. okay >> okay, good. >> jimmy: i got something in the mail from you.
12:13 am
>> oh, no way! >> jimmy: i did not open it. i was waiting to open it while you're on the show now, you're not a prankster. so nothing's going to blow up, right? >> no, nothing's going to blow up but i can't believe you got -- i always assume that if you send something to a big celebrity like this it would get -- like it goes through ten different people and they are like, umm, not this but it got to you. >> jimmy: i get everything so this is something from you. in this cool -- i like the box >> thank you so much >> jimmy: like a diamond -- i get it "d." >> open it up. david dobrik, diamond. "ddd." is it a diamond ring >> no, it's not a diamond ring it's perfume it will get you closer to a diamond ring look at that you got to open -- jimmy, open that card. that card i got you right there. the one that is sitting right on top >> jimmy: okay >> open it up. >> jimmy: david dobrik's debut fragrance collection, available now. >> hey jimmy, it's david dobrik i know this isn't a fair exchange but i'm sending you my perfume in hopes of maybe you giving me your job
12:14 am
i know it's not the fairest of exchanges but it would mean the world. all right, i see you soon. bye. >> jimmy: this is -- only you would do - [ laughter ] >> that is the first bribe of many >> jimmy: that's fantastic wait, so - one for me - >> the boxes of cash are on their way. >> jimmy: grapefruit, sandalwood, amber and cashmere ooh, sounds fancy. which one do i do? the pink or the black one? i'm assuming - >> i think you'd like the black one more honestly i'm being serious. i really think you would enjoy it >> jimmy: david's perfume. why not call it cologne? >> perfume is just a lot better of a word. >> jimmy: it kind of is. you're right here we go all right, ready oh i love it. i'm in i love it. >> even if it would have smelled like dog poop, you would have been like, this is delicious. >> jimmy: no, it's fresh
12:15 am
it's amber and cashmere. it's good. it's clean i love it. dude, hey, whoa! >> magnetic cap. oh, my god that is exactly the reaction i wanted from people >> jimmy: magnetic cap come on! [ laughter ] dude, i love it. congrats that is so rad thank you for sending me this. i appreciate it, buddy >> thank you for opening it on television >> jimmy: you know, you were back on our show in june when i was still doing the show from home and i appreciate you doing that because i told you back then and i'm telling it now, but i felt like you. >> yeah? >> jimmy: the old man version of david dobrik. that was, it was almost like you looking at your future and i was -- i was vlogging for four months. >> you have definitely stepped it up and your vlogging was actually very killer it was mainly your graphic design team, which was your two daughters. that's what made it the best that's what really sent you over the edge. >> jimmy: thank you.
12:16 am
>> you have been vlogging more than i have. >> jimmy: yeah >> i haven't posted in seven months >> jimmy: you told me that we talked about this and then you posted something the other day with borat >> yeah. >> jimmy: that was your first one back and it was a crusher. gosh, he is so funny >> he is the funniest man i have ever gotten to interact with well first off, i dm'd him four weeks ago and then i got a dm back like two days prior to shooting with him. and he was like yes, i would love to come by. and his team told me, borat wants to meet you as borat i wasn't meeting anybody else. i was meeting borat for the first time on camera so it was a really cool thing that i got to meet him in person, live right there and he pulled right in, and he went right into his character and stayed in character for the entire time we were hanging out. it was hilarious such a funny dude. >> jimmy: yeah, he is a genius >> such a funny guy. >> jimmy: i love that guy. i love you videos.
12:17 am
we did a bit together. i was just thinking, when did it all happen? you moved to l.a. from high school did you have any plan? >> i moved to l.a. when i was about 18 and my parents gave me an ultimatum. they were like, you either go to college or you move out and i remember a week later, i like asked three of my friends that weren't doing anything. i really didn't even talk to them much. but i knew they weren't doing anything they weren't going to college and they could help me split the rent in l.a. so i found a two bedroom for the four of us to live in, and i told my parents, i'm moving to l.a and i remember my dad -- they both laughed, like it was the cliché where your parents are like, ha-ha. my dad is like, where you are going to move, hollywood boulevard? and i went, yeah, literally. the place i'm living at is on hollywood and highland i was like, that's exactly where i'm going. >> jimmy: i'm actually going to hollywood boulevard. >> that was a big thing for them
12:18 am
they did not under -- they still don't understand they are still confused. they are still so worried about me they're like, you need to go back to college. but, these help -- these interviews help. because then they go, oh, okay jimmy fallon, okay, very nice. >> jimmy: you're doing something. all right, good. well, you've made a pretty good mark so far, buddy you are always using your platform to spread positivity. it's always fun. you did something incredible recently you partnered with headcount and you single handedly helped get 120,000 people registered to vote. what inspired to you do this how did you pull this off? it's amazing >> yeah, that was crazy. i don't know i'm a daca kid, myself so i can't vote. >> jimmy: are you really i didn't know this >> yeah, yeah. i need all the help i can get from people going out and voting on my behalf. so i thought maybe i can use that to my advantage and be like, hey guys, please, for the love of god, go out there and help me stay in this country by voting and yeah, it worked out. i don't know if it's because they wanted to help me out or because they wanted a free car
12:19 am
because i was giving away teslas as an incentive but regardless, i'm really glad with the turnout >> jimmy: the founder of headcount called what you did absolutely unprecedented they have -- headcount has registered 1 million voters in its lifetime and you are responsible for over 10% of that >> yeah, that is really cool >> jimmy: congrats, buddy. you should you be very proud of that that's really cool >> thank you so much >> jimmy: david, stay safe thank you for flying out here. thank you for flying back. thank you for doing all the right things >> it was the best >> jimmy: you know we love you, man. stay safe, pal okay >> thank you so much it was good seeing you i'll see you in a couple months >> jimmy: david dobrik, everybody. check out his youtube channel and make a plan to vote. we'll be right back with world series mvp corey seager! stick around, everybody. ♪
12:20 am
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♪ >> jimmy: on tuesday night, my next guest helped lead the los angeles dodgers to a world series victory against the tampa bay rays please welcome the 2 2020 world series mvp, corey seager thank you so much for being on the show >> hey, how's it going >> jimmy: oh, i'm great, buddy congratulations.
12:26 am
>> thank you for having me thank you. thank you. >> jimmy: not only did you win the world series, but also, you were mvp that's -- that's amazing >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: wow. i don't even know what to say. it was awesome >> jimmy: yeah >> it really was what we did this year, how we did it, you know, making it through, getting down early in the cs and then finally being able to pull out the last win, the last out, and to be able to celebrate with l.a. man, it was special. >> jimmy: is it like slow motion, that last out? or is it fast? >> no, it's very fast. very fast. >> jimmy: really >> that last inning, you know, the nerves start coming. you try to calm yourself down. you never know what's going to happen yeah, we know more than anybody. you got to get 27 outs, so we were all locked in still until the end. >> jimmy: long time coming for the dodgers too. over 30 years. >> yeah, it was a long time overdue. you know, we had our shots a a couple years ago and couldn't finish it. but, you know, we did it this year and we are really excited about it
12:27 am
>> jimmy: i always loved -- i lived in l.a. for a few years when i was doing stand-up, and i remember i went to a couple dodger games i love it. i love the dodger dogs obviously. but i got tommy lasorda pointed at me and winked at a game >> yeah, he's unbelievable, isn't it it's crazy. >> jimmy: that's the best moment of my life i was like, what -- it was great. >> speaking of that, you know, i have got to throw out a little fan here. i really enjoyed "taxi" as a a kid. you know, i love that movie. especially when you got to start singing, to be able to drive, you know, i need a little - ♪ this will be >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. >> i loved it. ♪ this will be >> it killed me, man it killed me >> jimmy: oh, you're the best. i love you for making that up. that is awesome, buddy >> yeah, that was awesome. >> jimmy: i heard that -- i heard that when you were a kid, you were a yankee fan. is that true >> i was i was. both of my parents are from new york >> jimmy: who was your guy who was your player? who did you look up to >> jeter for sure, you know. it's hard not to, you know how can you is not
12:28 am
what an unbelievable career, what an unbelievable person. you know - >> jimmy: he's the best. >> he's the man. >> jimmy: dude, we hung out -- >> special >> jimmy: we hung out back in the day. like, when he was -- when he was just super -- just rising. we had some great stories i will tell you when the cameras are off. >> awesome hey, i missed my chance too. my brother was there, his last all-star game, and i got to stay, i was in the futures game and he walked out. my dad stuck out his hand, shook his hand, congratulated him and everything, and i just stood there. couldn't get a word out. you know, completely - >> jimmy: just -- just like -- >> moment completely passed me by >> jimmy: oh, that's even better though. it's a better story. >> --sucker and just watched him. and he walked away >> jimmy: yeah >> yeah, you know, it was unbelievable >> jimmy: it's honestly, it's a better story that way. because yeah, i like that. you're in the history books, pal. i mean, this season was unlike any other in baseball history, obviously. but spring training canceled the entire season shortened. then there was no fans what does it feel like when
12:29 am
you're playing and there are no fans does it feel like a practice game or something? >> it was really weird it was hard to get used to, you know summer camp helped a little bit. you know, you are kind of playing each other you know, sort of similar like that but without that crowd noise in summer camp, it was tough, you know, to get through, and then the cardboard cut outs actually helped way more than you think >> jimmy: is that right? >> it was crazy how it just broke up the monotony of the stadium. yeah, it was crazy when they first started bring them in, you're like, "ah," you know, "i don't really know." but -- >> jimmy: yeah >> once you got into the game, got into focus, you know, the background changed and it took away the monotony of the stadium. it was actually pretty cool. >> jimmy: that -- that's such an interesting thing i didn't even think about that of course, yeah, you'd just be like, "it's empty. what are we doing? and then - >> it's empty. >> jimmy: wow. >> it's really empty without those. >> jimmy: well, i got to just thank you as a -- as a sports fan. but also, like, you gave us something to root for and to watch, and we really needed you. and you showed up. i think it's so cool
12:30 am
and i also want to say congratulations because i heard that you are going to get married pretty soon, is that correct? >> i am. i am this off season. i'm going to get the second ring now >> jimmy: yeah what a year for you, pal >> all right >> jimmy: congrats on everything >> i know. >> jimmy: thank you so much for coming on. i appreciate it. world series champion corey seager, everybody. you're a good man. we will be back with a a performance -- >> thank you >> jimmy: from brothers osborne come on back, everybody. ♪
12:31 am
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>> jimmy: performing their single, "all night," from their new album, "skeletons," out now, here are brothers osborne ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ i got the goo if you got the tim i got the moon if you got the shine ♪ ♪ i got the bac if you got the bea got that solid gol country 33 on repeat ♪ ♪ all night get get get to livin feelin' all righ dancin' out the denim ♪ ♪ in 'e oh m levi's ♪ ♪ i got the fus if you got the light i got the al if y'all got the night ♪ ♪ all night all night ♪ ♪ i got the rebel
12:35 am
if you got the yel i got the raisin if you got the hell ♪ ♪ i got the zig if you got the zag got that good life hell of a time in a bag ♪ ♪ all night get get get to livin feelin' all righ dancin' out the denim ♪ ♪ in 'e oh m levi's ♪ ♪ i got the fus if you got the light i got the al if y'all got the night ♪ ♪ all night ♪ ♪ ♪ what good is a sain
12:36 am
if you ain't got the sinnin' ♪ ♪ what good is a life if you don't get to livin' ♪ ♪ what good is the on if you ain't got the other takes two to tango let's get this thing goin' ♪ ♪ all night get get get to livin feelin' all righ dancin' out the denim ♪ ♪ in 'e oh m levi's ♪ ♪ i got the fus if you got the light i got the al if y'all got the night ♪ ♪ all night all nigh all night ♪ ♪ all night all night ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thank you all for watching stay safe out there. wash your hands. don't touch your face. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. good night, everybody!


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