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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 26, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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celebrations look very different but the meaning remains the same. a grateful community on this covid-safe thanksgiving. plus, dinners moved outside and so far, the weather has been cooperating. beautiful afternoon. rob maiata breaks down your holiday weekend. bay area company in hot water after many people got their thanksgiving grocery deliveries hours late or not at all. the news at 5:00 starts right now. thank you for being with us on this unique thanksgiving night. i'm raj mathai. >> we recently on delivery
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services, many without thanksgiving dinner because a local delivery company didn't drop them off. >> it's a mess. the customers took to twitter and the head of the company is apologizing. here's nbc bay area's melissa colorado. >> reporter: for nikki, the plan was to rely on good eggs, the san francisco-based grocery delivery service that she's relied on since the pandemic started. >> i haven't been inside the store because some of our family have medical issues. >> her order was supposed to arrive yesterday, which included her $40 organic turkey. >> around 10:00 p.m., i got a text from them saying my order would be delivered between 2:50 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. which i thought was a little bizarre because that's an incredibly narrow window. >> reporter: she stayed up. 3:00 a.m. came and went. still, no groceries.
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>> good eggs had done such a terrible job of communicating. especially leaving people hanging. >> reporter: king wasn't the only one. many customers took to twitter to complain that their thanksgiving deliveries never showed up. >> my husband ended up going to whole foods. >> reporter: right during our interview, guess what showed up? >> like literally. >> reporter: this afternoon, the ceo of good eggs apologized to his customers without revealing the reason for why things went wrong. the statement reads, while we failed to give you the service you deserved today, and there is nothing we can do today to make it better, we will be issuing impacted customers refunds and free groceries. i'm interviewing you, it's 12:01 noon on thanksgiving day. >> i think the game plan is to do indian food. >> reporter: in oakland, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news.
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>> i like that, janelle. >> people who did get thanksgiving dinners, many moved it outside this year. you already had your thanksgiving dinner, you were lucky. beautiful day. a little gusty at times. meteorologist rob mayeda. how does it look if people have their thanksgiving dinners? >> hopefully space heaters outdoor on the patio or the house, i think the heater will be cranking up. earlier though, we did have pretty gusty winds in the north and east bay hills. some of the wind speeds at times get up to 30 or 40 miles per hour. look at the weather map, you'll be able to see how the wind speeds, relatively strong around solano county and napa. notice livermore, pretty dry. 9 miles per hour and from here, approaching midnight, the wind speeds really start to come down and that sets the stage for we think tomorrow morning will be a very cold start. many places in the valley starting off in the 30s, even redwood city, bayside in the low 40s.
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we're around santa rosa and up towards morgan hill around sunrise, techmperatures could b dipping into the low 30s. we'll talk more about these chilly morning temperatures and if there's any rain in the forecast as we head into december, unusually dry this time of year. great for your thanksgiving plans at home but we could really use some rain. we'll see if there's any of that coming up in a few minutes. >> that sunshine today has been awe smchlt thank y awesome. thank you, rob. we've been seeing people waiting for hours to get free food. more challenges and more community spirit to lend a helping hand. nbc bay area's jodie hernandez. >> reporter: serving up turkey with all the fixings but because of the pandemic, they must do things differently this year. >> if this were last year, you wouldn't be able to stand in here. it was so packed, because we'd have the family sitting at all the tables. >> reporter: instead of gathering inside the dining hall, clients lined up outside to grab a meal bagged up to go.
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and a warm pair of socks. some are eating outside and others are taking it back to their camp sites. >> very grateful, grateful i'm alive today. grateful i was able to wake up today. >> reporter: st. anthony's in oakley, volunteers spent the entire morning cooking up a feast, but they're taking things a step further. they're delivering the warm meals to homeless camps in antioch. >> today we're going out to see those experiencing homelessness. we thought it was important to do it on thanksgiving day, considering not many places are closed. >> reporter: whether it's serving those in need or feeding our own families, keeping everyone safe is the name of the game this year. epps is hosting a drive-by thanksgiving at her home in solano county. her family members are stopping by to get a plate of food made with love. >> given this circumstance, we still can give thanks. we still can appreciate one
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another. even if we're not together. >> reporter: thanksgiving isn't quite the same, folks say they're more grateful than ever for their health and their families. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. we're hunkering down this thanksgiving because of the record high case levels continuing across the state. the graph shows the daily new cases in california, yesterday, the same reported a record high number of 18,000 new cases. today, a drop, but still very high, another 14,000 cases confirmed today. health officials are worried about how high these numbers could rise after the thanksgiving holiday. well, seven california hospitals are first in line to get a covid-19 vaccine and two of them are right here in the bay area. if the fda approves pfizer's emergency use authorization for coronavirus vaccine, health care workers and first respond eers ucf would be the first to get it. ucsf infectious disease
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specialist dr. peter chin huong said it could happen before christmas. expects it will be free for everyone, and that it could be available soon at target, cvs and walgreens and health experts warn you shouldn't get your mask right away. >> the best probability of protection will be there about 28 days after. even though it may not get into the arms of most until maybe the end of late spring or early summer, it is something to hold on to as a symbol of how far we've come. >> reporter: some of the possible side effects of getting the vaccine include fever, muscle aches, and headaches. not quite holiday cheer. instead, it was safety first and it is safety first beginning today. in the midst of this covid spike, santa clara county started enforcing covid rules, soliciting the help of firefighters. the enforcement teams could hand
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out fines of up to a thousand bucks. here's nbc bay area's thom jensen. >> reporter: a painful reminder to business owners a workers this pandemic still has a tight grip on the economy. >> it's going to be tough. it is tough, and now with going back to the purple here, it's going to make it even harder. >> reporter: said business has been way down at mobile auto care business since the start of the pandemic but he and others believe santa clara county carefully decided to limit business and police compliant. >> allowing the restaurants to stay open too. >> reporter: santa clara like others coping with a record number of covid-19 cases and hospitalizations and a dwindling number of available critical care beds at hospitals. >> we can't depend on our counties next to us, because they are under the same stress
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and strain. they can't provide us with beds in their counties. so we are on our own. and our hospitals are hurting. >> reporter: they want to avoid anything close to a normal holiday shopping weekend in stores or malls. enforcement teams and firefighters will especially focus on crowd sizes this weekend. grocery stores have to make sure they keep crowds at a maximum of 50% of full capacity. and shopping centers and retail stores must limit shopper numbers to just 25% capacity. but the enforcement teams will also look for shoppers who refuse to follow masking and social distancing rules. >> good to hear, no, that makes me feel better. i've been wearing the mask since day one. >> we have to do what we have to do. we're going to survive. definitely. we have to hang on there. and just follow protocols. >> reporter: santa clara county helping to report to the health
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department. thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> just wear the mask, thank you. like many of us, president-elect joe biden and his wife spent thanksgiving away from family. >> this isn't the way we hoped to spend our holiday. we know a small act of staying home is a gift to our fellow americans. yes, it's a personal sacrifice. each of our families can make and should make to save somebody else's life. >> mr. and mrs. biden tweeted out that message this morning. the bidens usually travel to nantucket for thanksgiving, but this year, they stayed at home in delaware. president trump also broke the tradition this thanksgiving. the president not traveling to mar-a-lago in florida, celebrating at the white house instead. president trump started his day playing golf at his course in sterling, virginia. you can see him and then the president spoke by video conference with military service members and families. he wished them all a safe and
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happy thanksgiving. the president is celebrating the holiday with just his immediate family. back here at home, despite all the challenges, many local organizations are still helping those in need to have a proper thanksgiving meal. live memorial in san francisco made sure they could feed thousands of people even with these covid restrictions. they set up three ventilated tents right outside there. families could take their meals to go or eat inside. they served 2300 meals today. >> i get food here because me and my roommates don't have enough money to buy food. >> some of the meals will pack into to go boxes and mobile services team will take it and deliver it all over the city to different encampments. >> amazing what they do each year. not just fly but food service organizations around the bay area said the need is about 2 or 3 times greater than any other year. glide even offered a virtual celebration of music online. like many things this
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thanksgiving, annual south bay turkey day tradition looks a bit different. the silicon valley turkey trot went virtual. instead of 25,000 people lacing up shoes and running through downtown san jose, about 10,000 people ran the race on their own time. these are pictures, people posted showing they still participated. the event raised nearly $10 million to see people in need. up next at 5:00, beware of covid-19 scammers. what criminals hope you fall for and the red flags you watch for. forgotten sight but back to life. what they're doing to restore the gilroy hot springs.
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scammers are falsely offering ways to get a vaccine by telling people they can take part in a clinical trial and make money by doing that. the better business bureau said if you haven't looked into participating in a trial, don't respond. the scammers are often phishing for your personal information by trying to get you to sign up. gilroy, once popular for history and special waters, the gilroy hot springs opened in 1860 and became significant for different cultures. >> nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. with a new effort under way to bring back its magic. >> reporter: tucked away behind a locked gate, a park in gilroy, a place where history and nature share space. a glimpse of four log cabins give a hint of the glory days of
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the gilroy hot springs. >> this is the minnesota cabin. this is the oldest building they have on the property. >> reporter: opened in 1860, this resort was a destination for well healed san franciscans. they came to hunt, camp, relax, but especially to soak in the natural hot springs said to possess healing powers. >> it really became a popular destination for those wanting to take to waters. >> reporter: but the flow of time left the place in decay, burned down in the 1980s and the public hasn't been allowed in for more than a half century. >> get a sense of what it could be. >> reporter: part of the state parks department, life is trickling back. >> as you can see, we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: lucy vogl is among a dedicated band of volunteers who started the gilroy hot springs conner conservancy. >> we want to take the footprint of when this was the hot springs on the west coast and make that a reality again. >> reporter: the group is
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raising money to restore the cabin's camp site and most importantly, access to the waters. >> i've been in hot springs all over the world, and this is the most healing water i've been? >> welcome to gilroy hot springs, my first home. >> reporter: the resort has a deeper legacy. the japanese businessman bought it in the 30s and opened its doors to japanese americans released from internment camps following world war ii. laura dominguez whose parents were one of the camps spent her first three years of life here. >> very peaceful, very nurturing, replenishing. >> we feel healing when we come here, a sense of peace. >> reporter: used the waters as a physical therapy, the ground, an emotional one. there are even plans to rebuild the old hotel. >> we would like to return it to its former historical glory. >> reporter: the goal to reopen in the very near future at a time when people could use the escape and healing more than
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ever. >> we just want to get in the water. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. did not keep the salvation army from helping those in need this thanksgiving but looked different. it held a drive-through event in san francisco. the boxes packed with a full holiday meal and dropped them off to people all over the city. >> we've been getting it done. somehow, we are all getting it done. rob mayeda back with us. it is a beautiful sunset right behind me. happy thanksgiving. >> likewise here working from home. beautiful views around the east bay, we had a bit of wind to contend with during the day which helped to clear out the skies, making for the beautiful post-sunset views around the bay area. the hill tops, but that will set the stage for some pretty chilly temperatures. we'll take a closer look at that and to see if we could break out of this dry pattern here as we wrap up the month of november
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but let's talk more about the sunset or after sunset for the thanksgiving evening and nice one right there. look at san francisco. 59 degrees. wind is technically offshore. you see that, wind out of the east/northeast at 6 miles per hour and also clear skies around san jose. 58 degrees over towards walnut creek. 59 and the humidity has been pretty low during the day. it's good news that we did get that rain last week because the times in the north bay, we've seen some gusts up to 20 to 40 miles per hour. still winds out of the north, napa 20 and fairfield, 21. these areas in red. the hill tops seeing gusts through the evening and notice how the areas start to retreat as we head towards tomorrow morning and the north bay, we likely wake up to the numbers in the low to mid 30s for the morning and during the day tomorrow, not as windy. that's good news for the hills and the north bay and the diablo range, gusty for thanksgiving day. the morning, look at the valleys mostly in the 30s. coldest spots likely to be around hillsburg and morgan hill
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and livermore into the t tri-valley. 40s elsewhere around the bay. you see a few high clouds there drifting across the north bay. low to mid 60s from san francisco to oakland. mid 60s in san jose and should be good football weather for the battle of the ax there. california memorial stadium. temperatures in the low 60s between stanford and cal. kickoff at 1:30 in the afternoon but all these clear skies and the dry weather part of the bigger problem with the weather picture. great for the holidays, but look at all the rain. it just really is bypassing to the north and we take this animation out beyond just this weekend, it doesn't look like we're going to see many rain chances. this weather pattern has more in common with september and october as these storms approach the coast, including one perhaps next thursday. look at that thing, just falls apart on approach. so from now, looks like all the way into the first weekend of december, these dry conditions are likely going to continue but in the meantime, chilly mornings without all the cloud cover, san
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francisco dipping into the 40s for the morning, afternoon, looking pretty good, straight on through the weekend and pretty breezy in the hills and staying chilly for the morning, a lot of 30s around for the next few mornings. clear skies, showers staying well to the north and more breezy conditions as we go through the next couple of weeks, mainly for the hill tops. so coming up tonight at 6:00, we're going to take a closer look at the two-week outlook to see if there's a break in the pattern that has high pressure blocking our skies from the rain. holiday plans at home today, sunshine, a nice treat to have. >> what did you eat today, rob? what did the boys have? >> lots of turkey, cookies and they're enjoying some apple pie right now. >> that's why it's so quiet in your house right now. up next, the message from the u.s. postal service. it's all about your packages this holiday season. stay with us. come experience the grand opening
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satchel paige was still dominating batters at 52 celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77 john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70 and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your best is yet to come
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mail your packages early. that's the message from the u.s. postal service today. more families are expected to send gifts by mail this year than ever before. post office says you should try to mail your gifts, letters and packages early as possible. mail traffic is expected to ramp up the week of december 7th, but the busiest week starting on december 14th. two things we need, a meal and a mask. oakland city council member, the oakland mutual collective held its inaugural event. you see the cars lined up. they passed out more than 1,000 meals made by la perla restaurant. every family also got a mask. >> during the pandemic, we're
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seeing the families going through hardships, financial hardships, and food insecurities and for me and my team, so important for us that we make sure to give back and show the communities we're so grateful for diversity and for our neighborly love for each other. >> so many people are stepping up. that hope continuing to giveaway the coming years. we have resources on our web site a list of places to donate as well as volunteer. you can find it at the pandemic was not going to stop a 94-year-old tradition but it did look different. we have highlights of macy's thanksgiving day parade next.
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tonight at 6:00, virtual everything, right? that includes now our holiday celebration. we're going to take a look at how popular events, big events around the bay area have changed, that story and more coming up on our 6:00 newscast. in the north bay, dozens spent thanksgiving morning meal delivering to those who can't leave their homes this holiday. volunteers of the non-profit vivilon to more than 260 seniors and those with chronic medical conditions. organizers say while the food is
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critical, the special delivery means so much more. >> they're also doing a social visit at that time. it's not just dropping them off. it's giving them the connection that they otherwise wouldn't have on thanksgiving. >> organizers say they plan to do something similar for christmas. vivalon offers services and resources to seniors. the virus did not keep from the macy's day parade. it went off without a hitch! where were the crowds? i didn't see anyone there. >> there was no one there. >> no crowds on the streets of manhattan or the balloon wranglers we usually see. they weren't there either. the balloons were actually tethered to cars and the parade was reimagined as a tv only event. no parade route but the show still featured floats and marching bands, performers, even santa claus. we should note, santa was not wearing a mask because in the north pole, there's no covid so he was able to come down free of
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any sort of virus. so he was happy. the kids are happy. is that mrs. clause? >> mrs. clause is wearing a mask. >> maybe she's been traveling. >> she's got to protect santa. busy month ahead. >> happy thanksgiving. we'll be back at 6:00. breaking news, president trump taking questions, the president facing reporters for the first time since the election saying he can't say if he'd concede but if electors finalize biden's win he would leave the white house. president-elect biden stressing safety while trump encourages americans to gather this holiday new vaccine questions, the president night making the improbable claim a vaccine could be distributed next week the fda saying that's not true while one of the top vaccine candidates will likely run additional tests amid concerns. front line workers saving lives amid astonishing new predictions. about how many more might be lost bere


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