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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 30, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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international with a look how travelers are handling what is going to be a major change for people. >> reporter: it really is, and it could be a problem because we talked to many people today flying in this afternoon to t ts airport, and not one of them was aware that they were required to quarantine for 14 days. passenger after passenger arriving at sjc this afternoon were stunned to learn about the new santa clara county quarantine order. did you receive any information about that? >> no, ma'am. >> nothing on the plane or after? >> nope. >> reporter: carl walsh just arrived on a flight from seattle on a business trip. >> it's going to make me miss certain quotas that we have company-wise, and it's going to make it to where -- well, a huge financial burden for everyone involved. >> reporter: he says he didn't see any signs posted in the
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airport and did not get any fliers about the new quarantine order. airport spokesman scott wintener says the airport is following the santa clara county public health order and has put up signs like this around the airport. >> because this order came out late on saturday and we needed some further clarification from the county before we could take any action, we needed a little bit more time in order to implement the distribution of the actual directive. so that is in process now, and certainly by the end of the day today, those directives will be available to everyone as they pass outside of security at the airport. >> reporter: an alarming number of new covid cases and hospitalizations prompted the new directive, but how will santa clara county enforce it? in an interview with cnn, county health officer dr. sara cody offered some insight. >> we of course can't enforce every action. we really depend on the public to take actions to protect evyone. >> reporter: we do want to point
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out there are some exemptions for essential employees. for example, traveling nurses coming here to the county. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. so what do these new travel restrictions mean for your weekend plans? we mapped out several different nations to see if they are within 150 miles of the county line. we did this based on driving directions because that appears to be how the health department worded it, but they wouldn't clarify that for us today. take a look. here is santa clara county. up to the north bay, you can still go to neighborhood. you can still go to sacramento, but lake tahoe is over the mileage limit. in the central valley, take a look. fresno, just fine. but tulare is just outside the limit. and heading south, you can head to atascadero, which is near temple to templeton, but san luis obispo, that's too far, about 18 5 miles away. the covid surge has the entire sports world in scramble
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mode right now. among those impacted are teams that santa clara county calls home. 49ers will play their next two home games in arizona, cardinal stadium. the moteam says it will announc where it will practice at a later date. san jose state's football team has had their last two scheduled games canceled because of covid outbreaks. the spartans were supposed to play two games but both were called off. san jose state is now supposed to host hawaii this week, but no word on whether that game will be played. >> we have an incredible challenge on our hands as we're trying to figure out where we're going to practice and bureau we're going to play. so there is no shortage of things going on and challenges for us to face and overcome. >> you heard it. the challenge is the school is still working on where the team will practice or play. stanford is supposed to play washington in seattle on saturday. the cardinal likely to practice
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in the pacific northwest as they prep for that game. and the sharks aren't being fully affected by the county's guidelines yet. there is no definitive start date for the new nhl season, so players reporting to training camp is not an issue as of right now. however, some players have been doing rehab and voluntary training over the past few weeks. the team is modifying those activities to comply now with the health order. these new restrictions come as the south bay is seeing its highest number of cases since the pandemic began. in the last 24 hours, santa clara county reported a record 801 new infections. that's up from the previous record of 747 cases set friday. the state, it's reported just over 14,000 new cases. today governor newsom said 327,000 doses of pfizer's covid vaccine are on their way to california right now. they're set to arrive in mid-december followed by a second round of doses three weeks later. ucsf and zuckerberg san
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francisco general are two of the seven california hospitals chosen to get the first doses. later this week, the state will announce exactly how the vaccine will be rolled out. also today, the president of moderna says their vaccine isn't far behind. moderna is the latest company to seek fda emergency use authorization approval to distribute a vaccine. >> maybe by the middle or end of december, we would hopefully have an emergency use authorization and be able to be deploying the vaccine. >> coming up in 25 minutes on "nightly news" with lester holt, he's going to share more about what comes next for moderna. plus we'll have an inside look at those freezers and planes helping to roll out the first vaccines. for more on the plans for this vaccine distribution, let's bring in dr. peter chin-hong, infectious disease specialist at ucsf. he's been treating covid patients for the last eight, nine months. doctor, the pfizer vaccine is coming. what is your hospital doing to prepare? >> so we've assembled a group of
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specialists experts to really figure out amongst the health care workers, what's the order in which people receive the vaccines. of course we have the freezers. we have to make sure that we have enough syringes and all of the supplies that go along with it. and there has to be an i.t. support network in place to figure out who's gotten the vaccine, when the next one is due, and so on. so it's not an easy task. >> no, not at all, and you guys look like you are prepared and preparing for it. so we've heard about this. the cdc is expected to vote tomorrow officially on who gets it first. so in your opinion, who is at the front of the line? >> so i think it will be any first responders. that not only includes physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, people who do the testing, but also paramecs, people who work in the ambulances, you know, out in the community. and of course people who are immunocompromised and are older
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and we'll be sure to include those who are minority populations and those who have borne the brunt of covid-19 complications. >> you could be one of the first. you are a frontline health care worker. vaccines usually take years to get fda approval. this was done in less than a year. we know we've talked to some people. they're a little bit worried because they feel like it's a rushed job. what would you say to these people who are a little hesitant about taking the vaccine? >> well, i would say that the name of the operation warp speed name makes people a little nervous. but the warp speed part is not necessarily the science. it's breaking down the bureaucracy and the red tape. that's why i'm personally enthusiastic about it. it is really is the light at the end of the tunnel. i know we still have to hunker down a lot through this difficult winter, but i know we
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can do it. >> okay. dr. peter chin-hong with ucsf. you've told us before that if the vaccine is available, you will be the first in line if you can be. so thank you so much for your time. >> thanks so much, janelle. well, with hospitalizations rising at an alarming rate, california is strongly recommending that hospitals test all of their workers. the state wants workers to be tested on a weekly basis. it also wants all patients tested before they're admitted and for current patients to be tested if they show any covid symptoms. the test shg start two weeks from today. the california nurses association is rejoicing after calling for more testing. now as covid cases surge during the holiday season, free testing is being ramped up in parts of san francisco that have been hit hard by the virus. as nbc bay area's pete suratos shows us, testing is only one part of the solution. >> reporter: for the next 24 hours, the corner of 24th and mission in san francisco will continue to serve as one of four additional free covid testing
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sites around the city. the three-day event concludes tomorrow, and is part of a partnership between ucsf and the latino task force to make sure those who are most likely to get covid-19 have access to testing. >> a lot of the people who are heavily hit are people who are essential workers who are out in the community, and then also people who are living in multi-generational houses or larger households. it's easier to spread there. >> reporter: the mission district has seen much higher covid transmission rates than other parts of the city. a ucsf study shows an 11% test positivity rate in september, which at the time was nearly quadruple the rate of the city overall. that's why accessibility testing during the holiday season is even more crucial to this community. >> we knew that telling people to really stay at home and not see anyone isn't practical. so we're really working with the situation at hand and trying to work with what is instead of what should be. >> reporter: the testing is free, and you can simply walk up
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without an appointment. each person is given a rapid test which provides results within the hour, and a standard pcr test, which is more accurate but can't provide results for 24 hours or longer. individuals with positive results are contacted and directed to the necessary resources to help them safely quarantine. >> part of not only supporting those people but also preventing onward transmission by helping them to isolate safely and give them kind of help figuring out how to do so in their household. >> reporter: in san francisco, pete sur at oes, nbc bay area news. president-elect joe biden today announced more members of his administration. today he also got his first presidential briefing on national security and intelligence. the trump administration did not give the okay until last week. biden also formally named members of his economic team led by janet yellen as treasury secretary. the former chair of the federal reserve and cal professor would be the first woman in that role if confirmed. biden also made history by naming an all female senior
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communications team. >> it's an all-star. the best people for the job just happened to be women in this case. >> on capitol hill, the senate and back in session while another covid relief package tops the agenda. both sides continue to blame each other for the delay in getting funding to struggling americans. a popular local rapper killed in the east bay. the mystery surrounding why he was at that crime scene. plus look closely and you might see him. a mountain lion hiding out in a neighborhood in morgan hill. what's being done right now to coax him out of that area. and big storms pushing big surf towards the coast. we're watching that closely tomorrow, but no rain in the forecast. when that might change in our seven day forecast when we come right back. when we welcome our west coast viewers, moderna becomes the latest company to seek government approval to field its covid vaccine. i sit down with its president and other vaccine execs to discuss what happens now and
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when. also the rescue far at sea being called a miracle when we see you back here tonight.
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bay area fans are saddened and bewildered after a popular local rapper was killed in dublin. 26-year-old mark antonio alexander, who went by the stage name lil yase was shot several times early saturday morning. it happened in a neighborhood near the east dublin b.a.r.t. station. police say a good samaritan found him stumbling and drove him to the hospital, where he died a short time later. police say so much of what happened remains a mystery including why he was in dublin at the same time he was supposed to be in marin at the recording studio. a friend we spoke to today says lil yase was a smart and genuine
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artist whose music was a reflection of what he saw in the community. another top san francisco official is facing charges in the growing public corruption scandal. harlan kelly, the head of san francisco's public utilities commission, resigned today. prosecutors claim kelly engaged in the same pay to play politics that the city's former public works director, mohammed nuru, is accused of doing. the complaint alleges kelly received cash, a free trip to china, and cheap labor on his inner sunset home in exchange for providing inside information to walter wong, a city permit expediter. wong then used that information to win bids on lucrative contracts. a mountain lion sighting in morgan hill, and the cat was spotted earlier today behind a row of bushes in front of a home on white cloud drive. that's right by oak creek park. officers with the california department of fish and wildlife say it is a young cat that may have been separated from its mom. it looks frightened. it's hiding in that bush there. traffic has been blocked off in the area. the hope is that the animal will
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move along by nightfall. it's cyber monday. the official kickoff of what will be a very closely watched online holiday shopping season. but online shopping, as you know, comes with risks to your personal information. our business and tech reporter scott budman looks at how you can keep your information safe as you shop. >> reporter: the biggest cyber monday during history's biggest online shopping season is under way. >> there's more and more online shopping than we've ever seen in history. >> reporter: and as the clicks pile up, shoppers like chloe wall okay of san francisco say they miss the mall but -- >> it's safer honestly to do it online. >> reporter: 'tis the season to cyber shop. >> it does take away the instant gratification of going to a store and buying something and immediately having it in our hands. but i think from an overall standpoint, it's just easier to take a look at everything. it's less overwhelming. >> reporter: among the online
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deals, criminals are lurking, knowing that more of us will shop on phones and laptops. >> they're trying to capture your credentials and capture your credit card numbers. basically they want your user name and your password so that they can ultimately get to a bank account. >> reporter: cybersecurity companies say don't click on email links. instead go to the company sites themselves and create unique passwords, maybe one for each site to keep thieves guessing. scott budman, nbc bay area news. from cyber monday to giving tuesday, we're inviting you to join comcast nbc universal family to support our favorite charity tomorrow for giving tuesday. we're helping out make a wish greater bay area. you can text wish to 91999, and you can donate any amount to bring joy to a child today. again, super easy. all you do is text the word "wish" to 91999. any amount that you can help us
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out with right now. it's just such a difficult time for so many. >> for so many. they can use all the help they can get. let's get a check of our forecast with rob mayeda. still chilly overnights and in the mornings, rob. >> we're kind of getting the weird blend of winter obviously for the morning. those temperatures chilly, in the 30s, a little patchy fog in a few spots. as we saw today for the afternoon, we still had those highs in the mid to upper 60s. this is not what you'd expect as we approach the month of december. we do have some big waves on the coast. we'll talk about that in a moment. first let's take you outside. a post-sunset view and it looks like a weather person framed this shot. we're looking at mostly the sky there as opposed to san francisco. 53 degrees now and without the fog and the clouds, which tend to act a bit like a blanket, as soon as the sun sets with the dry air in place, temperatures really cool quickly around the region. walnut creek, still 61 degrees for now. we did have highs earlier in the upper 60s. in the south bay, san jose at 56 degrees. and earlier you might have
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noticed some haze in the skies as the winds have kind of calmed down a bit and primary has locked in across the region. air quality issues are starting to come back a little bit. not quite to winter spare the air levels just yet. you might have noticed in the north bay and the south bay a little extra smoke pollution in the air. that's trapped due to the warming aloft of high pressure. acts like a lid sometimes, gives us these hazy skies. now, for the morning, look out for coastal fog, a few patchy fog areas possible again up around the north bay. cold inland. 30s to start the day. that part of the forecast feels like a december morning, but the afternoon maybe not so much. once again upper 60s for morgan hill, santa rosa, san francisco to oakland in the low 60s. for the hills of the north bay, diablo range, might notice a little more wind tomorrow as high pressure builds back to the coast. we will see those breezes picking up not as strong as we saw last week, but that wind will be a little issue on the higher hills by tomorrow afternoon. now, for the coast, through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow we have the beach hazard statement.
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strong storms completely missing us here in terms of rainfall but they're pushing that northwest swell along the coast, so be careful around ocean beach and for areas on those west-northwest facing beaches through tomorrow morning. now, as you can see here in our futurecast, no rain producing clouds in the picture as you see the view across the pacific. if you totally ignored the calendar and you saw this view, this is more typical for september to october. for one thing the jet stream is aiming in on canada as those rain chances stay well away from northern california and the bay area. notice how storms on approach as they hit that ridge of high pressure, they weaken. so we'll get some clouds at times but the dry weather will continue. so instead of watching for rain, we're watching for some gusty offshore wind. for the week ahead, it looks like the bay area not so bad. but if you have friends and family in southern california, a real strong case of santa ana winds could be fire danger problems in december. so that is the problem with the forecast. the two-week outlook still doesn't look all that great for california. so if you like chilly mornings,
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60s for the afternoon, plenty of that in the seven-day forecast. san francisco trending a little bit warmer later in the week, and it does look like the first weekend in december we could see numbers getting closer to the -- maybe closer to 70 degrees in a few spots. we'll be watching that closely as the rain doesn't seem to be in the picture. coming up tonight at 6:00, we'll take a look at that 14-day outlook heading through mid-december to see if we can get any rain. this is a very dry start to fall, so we certainly need some rain to offset that fire danger around parts of the state. >> transactihanks, rob. coming up, dr. fauci makes an appearance today on facebook. the two words of advice he has for everyone trying to plan for the holidays ahead. moderna becomes the latest company to seek government approval to field its covid vaccine. i sit down with its president and other vaccine execs. also the rescue far at sea
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being called a miracle when we see you back here tonight.
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in just a few months, we've learned a lot more about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, please take it seriously. and while we don't yet have a cure or a vaccine, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe.
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wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. do your best to stay out of crowded spaces. and get a flu shot, it's even more important this year. we can do this. if we do it together.
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something new on the streets of san francisco. the city's new streets crisis response team launched today. it's the city's latest attempt to deal nonviolently with reports of behavioral health problems. over the years when the city has responded with police officers, a series of tragic outcomes have led to calls for a different approach. now when 911 calls come in reporting behavioral health issues, the crisis response team will also respond to those calls. now to our making it in the bay series. some much needed relief for small bay area businesses impacted by the pandemic. today governor newsom announced a $500 million emergency relief package for small businesses, nonprofits, and cultural institutions. the state will also provide a three-month tax extension for businesses with less than $1 million in sales taxes. and starting tomorrow, the state will launch a $100 million tax
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credit aimed at rewarding small businesses for hiring employees during this pandemic. streamed today on facebook live, mark zuckerberg hosted a session with anthony fauci. when asked to give his best advice for the holidays, fauci ah two-word answer was "don't travel." when asked what the nation should do, he said, pull together. >> let's get it out of the political arena. let's forget this divisiveness. divisiveness in an approach to a public health problem is just a recipe for not getting it right. >> now, critics found zuckerberg's interview ironic, citing facebook's reputation as a key network for spreading covid misinformation. more time to apply. why the uc schools decided to extend their admissions deadline at the last minute. back in a moment. today's ways of working may work differently tomorrow.
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this just in. a controversial doctor with stanford ties is resigning from his position as a white house covid adviser. nbc news confirms that dr. scott atlas turned in his resignation letter today. atlas, who has no infectious disease background has been
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criticized for spreading misinformation about the coronavirus and for downplaying the seriousness of the pandemic. atlas' resignation is effective as of tomorrow. tonight at 6:00, did he follow coronavirus protocols? we investigate the thanksgiving day get-together that's leading to new questions for san jose's mayor sam liccardo. that story and more tonight at 6:00. a night of music without leaving your home. tonight you can watch our special presentation of throughline: san francisco symphony, from hall to home. it's a concert featuring artists collaborating from across the globe. the show starts at 7:00 right here after nbc bay area news at 6:00. after a night full of technical difficulties, a last-minute reprieve for high school students trying to get into a uc school. >> we lived this one, janelle. the deadline to apply originally was last night but after several outages on the uc application website, admission leaders have extended the deadline to midnight friday. yay. this applies to all nine uc
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campuses. we were sweating this one last night at my house, but now we have the extension, and i've said we're not waiting till friday. let's get it in before. >> good luck to her. she could finesse the essay a little bit. that's going to do it for us. we'll be back at 6:00. hope to see you then. tonight the nation bracing for a new covid explosion and a major step in the race for a vaccine. fears mounting after millions of americans ignored warnings over the holiday weekend. dr. fauci predicting a surge upon a surge 4 million cases just this month the major city under strict new stay-at-home orders. the dire new warning states issued today about their spitals. and the nfl team barred from playing in their own stadium. moderna now the second company to seek emergency vaccine approval my conversation with the ceo. how soon he says it could happen and inside the rollout mission, the critical role passenger planes are taking


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