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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 1, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PST

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seasoned curly fries, with triple cheese and bacon or chili cheese. try my sauced and loaded fries. it's pretty delicious. right now at 4:30, the cdc is preparing to make a key and critical decision when it comes to a covid-19 vaccine. the major question it's set to answer as the u.s. waits for the fda to weigh in. plus -- don't mess with grandma. a san francisco woman fights back after a woman threatens her granddaughter. the physical confrontation caught on camera. >> more chilly morning temperatures. a live look at the current conditions, but besides the cold we're also very dry.
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meteorologist kari hall breaking down why that's causing concern as "today in the bay" begins right now. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. of course mike is keeping his eyes on the road. let's start with the forecast for today. and this morning a very foggy start. yes, we are seeing that in the south bay as well as other parts of the bay area as we wake up, take a look at our live camera in san jose. it's foggy and it's chilly so we are going to see that for the next couple of hours and then turning very mild as we go into the afternoon with some sunshine. taking a look at our breezy winds picking up for tomorrow. we are going to stay dry in the forecast as we start out with some cold temperatures and the fog this morning. we do have concern of freezing fog. we'll talk more about that cong up in just a few minutes. mike, how is it looking right now for the commute? kari, the fog is the topic of one of the chp reports.
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as we look at the san mateo bridge where they gave the fog advisory overnight we don't see a problem. we can see the high rise but it does appear a bit. i do think there may be low clouds hovering around, as kari said. we'll watch for that effect. the map shows no slowing there or for the rest of the bay we are tracking a crash in oakland and brentwood. details on that coming up. all right, thank you very much. we begin with some startling new numbers that really put into perspective the surge of cases the u.s. is seeing right now as the covid-19 wave intensifies this is what we looked like 30 days ago on november 1st. you can see the u.s. confirmed more than 9 million u.s. cases with deaths less than a quarter million. fast forward to the current picture, infections at more than 13.5 million and the number of deaths exceeding more than 260,000, nearly 4.5 million new cases confirmed nationwide just in the past 30 days. happening today in just a
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few hours cdc advisers will meet to discuss who should be in the first priority group to get the sa vaccine. and if nursing home residents should be included. according to clinical data, more than 1,300 nursing homes across the u.s. reported having three or more covid cases and about 40% of the nation's covid deaths have been in nursing homes. experts have a range of concerns including possible side effects of the vaccine and that many nursing home residents that travel to the hospital or outpatient clinics. >> when we move a new drug into the general population and we look at how it acts in the real world, it's so critical that we do so before we move into a frail population. so that is why even though long-term care residents are at greatest risk for covid, there is some consideration that perhaps the vaccine should be delayed for them. >> major pharmacy chains such as walgreens are preparing to bring
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the vaccine to nursing homes either by setting up a central location within the facility or going room to room. as testing ramps up in hospitals we're one step closer to getting approval for not one but two covid vaccines. "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd breaking down how fast distribution could happen. >> reporter: the rush is on at ucsf. the fda is very close to making a decision on the pfizer vaccine. >> we know the fda is going to meet on december 10th, and it says hours after that decision is made people will be able to get vaccines. >> reporter: the drug and injection sites will be ready to go. ucsf and zuckerberg san francisco hospitals are getting ready to roll out the first phase of distribution. at the governor's new conference gavin newsom says 327,000 doses of the pfizer vaccine is on the way to california. >> these are challenging
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vaccines because they're the ultra low temperature stored vaccines, the vaccines that require a second dose, which we anticipate in three weeks. >> reporter: he anticipates an approval for the moderna vaccine to follow right behind pfizer. a cdc advisory committee will meet to decide who will get the shots first. >> the process is not straightfostraigh straightforward because you have to think who is the frontline of the frontline because we don't have enough vaccines for all in the first batch of vaccines. >> reporter: moving millions of doses will be a challenge. american airlines is a part of a massive distribution network now taking shape worldwide. it is using empty passenger planes to rush supplies around the globe. >> i think our biggest challenge is reaching those urban constituents that need the vaccines, rural health care centers, rural hospitals. >> reporter: the hospitals must be equipped to store the
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vaccine. the pfizer drug requires arctic cold, negative 94 degrees fahrenheit. there's a lot of work that needs to be done in a very short amount of time. cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." 4:35 for you that morning, and be ready to quarantine if you plan on traveling outside of the south bay. health leaders there say anyone who has traveled into santa clara county from more than 150 miles away will actually have to quarantine for 14 days. under that rule people in the south bay can travel to places like napa, sacramento, by car without quarantine. if you go to places like lake tahoe or anywhere beyond fresno in the south, signs say that you should do that. they're already posted at san jose airport. most passengers say they done even know they had to quarantine. >> we didn't realize it was actually mandated until we walked down the stairs here. >> what difference does it make 150, 200 or 50?
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>> health leaders say people could get fined if they violate the travel quarantine. >> here's a grandmother who when push comes to shove you do not want to mess with her. here is why. it happened last friday in san francisco's mission district. video shows a customer becoming upset about her order not being ready. we're told she became verbally abusive, and she threw a five-pound bottle of hand sanitizer nearly striking a manager who was holding her young son. and that's when the boy's 57-year-old grandmother drew the line. after throwing a bag of food at the irate customer, she knocked her down with the table. >> i was thinking if she could hit my grandson, i mean, i do whatever i have to do. i was thinking nothing. no thinking in that moment. >> someone entering the restaurant got the irate customer out the door. that woman was gone by the time police arrived.
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don't touch the baby, i'll tell you. everyone needs to calm down. people are stressed these days. >> i was just going to say it's just food. it's just food. 4:38 this morning. let's get a look at the forecast. nice and cold this morning again. yeah, and we are going to have more mornings like this because we have such dry air in place. we're going to look at the way we're starting with our temperatures mostly in the mid-30s in parts of the north bay but we're seeing temperatures below freezing in clear lake and other areas are very close and when you factor in fog, that high humidity can deposit on some of those elevated roads and create icy conditions so watch out for that around santa rosa. mike, you're seeing the commute already heading out. how is it looking? well, it's looking standard. that note about the north bay
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fog, we'll go out to the maps and i've circled in oakland you see the yellow circle north 880, that crash off of the roadway just on the shoulder no major injuries reported. a smooth drive and there were never any speed sensor slowings. in brentwood it sounds like a head-on crash. i'm trying to get details. i want to show you 121 in the area highlighted with fog, not far from there, southbound side of 121 blocked by a crash. brentwood and up in the north bay they're both sig alerts from the chp. back to you. thanks so much, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay," parents fighting back. the new legal fight some are launching as they say the state is shortchanging their kids during the pandemic. plus, begging santa for a win. where the 49ers faithful will be able to tune in to cheer on their team the day after christmas. hint -- it's not on national tv. we'll be right back. by harnessing california's
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so what's fueling stocks? positive vaccine trials, hopes a vaccine will improve the economic outlook for the u.s. and other parts of the world, plus earnings season. the third quarter has come in better than what analysts were predicting. manufacturing activity data out at 9:00 a.m. eastern, plus fed chair jerome powell speaking in front of the senate banking committee. powell says the economic recovery is, quote, extraordinarily uncertain. turning to corporate news samsung may discontinue its gallaxy note phone. analysts say sales of the note are expected to drop about 20% this year. part of that due to competition and others saying it's due to less demand for high-end smart phones. the nfl game between the arizona cardinals and san francisco 49ers on december 26th is skipping national tv and will
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only be on amazon prime video, twitch, and local stations in those markets. it's part of amazon's recently expanded deal with the nfl league. amazon locking in streaming rights for thursday night football through 2022 and got this season's game as an exclusive, one of which is guaranteed to host each season. however, you can still stream the game on mobile through nfl sites. back to you. >> good to know. thank you. speaking of the 49ers, new clarity after covid-19 restrictions forced them out of levi's stadium. coming up on "today in the bay," what we know about their new home for at least the next two games.
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with our savings card, we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california. and a good morning to you. a terrific tuesday, as i like to call it, dark and early for you. a live look at the bay bridge. pretty dark and early there. as we get started for the day. all right, it's 4:47 this morning. you know what, kari, coming in this morning, i don't know if any of you saw it out of your wind windows, i looked out and saw nothing. i have these big windows, couldn't see anything. >> hmm, have to open your eyes. >> that was it? >> yeah. >> there were a lot of thick clouds of fog this morning this downtown san jose. >> oh, yeah. yeah, we are seeing the fog
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rolling by san jose and reducing that visibility. we are seeing some fairly patchy fog and take a look at this shot because the camera is up a little bit higher than down at the ground seeing visibility at about four miles. really not hurting too much of the morning drive, but look at san francisco near the airport. visibility is zero and so it's been really dense in some spots. and you do have to be careful. we in the north bay could see some of that fog freezing after this very cold and foggy start. this is where we're heading, temperatures turning out to be very nice reaching into the mid-60s, up to 65 in livermore, san jose. 68 degrees in santa rosa. san francisco today will reach 62 degrees and going through the forecast still dry as we go through the week possibly all of next week may be dry. we are not seeing a change in this weather pattern. when we see the very dry
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vegetation and at times gusty winds, we're still talking about the potential of a high fire danger going into december even as we now start meteorological winter. and usually december is one of the wettest months of the year, but then when we take a look back at how much rain we measure during october and november, barely anything. the orange shading shows you how much rain we actually measure compared to the normal amount. we are now only at about 5% of the normal amount of rain in san jose and oakland, and the best we're doing is in the north bay where we've only had 22% of the normal amount of rain. so it's been extremely dry. we need a lot of rain to catch up to normal, even to get through the very first part of our water year. you can see that we don't have any in the forecast so, unfortunately, it's not something we are going to see here soon. and it's going to warm up slightly heading into the upper 60s by the end of the weekend
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for the inland areas. we are still going to have these cold mornings we'll have to deal with some fog. we'll continue to monitor that. of course i'll let you know if we have any sign of hope in the forecast. mike, how is it looking now as workers are getting ready to head out to work this morning, heading out the door. yeah, kari, it's definitely cold. there's fog out there. we have two traffic alerts. for what you call your smaller commute spots but if you're local to the area, big deal. over my shoulder i circled 121. in the north bay affected by a crash, the traffic alert called by chp for the one lane in either direction, the winery. do watch 121. i want to take you over. we just got an update over in brentwood this crash is a deadly crash. at least one person has died as a result of a head-on crash there and they have vasco closed. you can use marsh creek.
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highway 4 also to get past that scene. the rest of the bay shows a smoother drive. tracking both brentwood and in the north bay for those traffic alerts. the green sensors dominate the map. back to you. >> thanks, mike. a live look in san francisco, the new curfew there just wrapped up about 30 minutes ago. all bay area counties but marin under the most restrictive purple tier following the limited stay-at-home order. san francisco and san mateo became the latest counties to slide into the purple tier. some struggling san francisco business owners are calling this yet another hardship but necessary nonetheless. with the new curfew all dining, nonessential retail and outdoor gatherings must end by 10:00 p.m. restaurants can still offer takeout and delivery. essential retail like grocery stores can remain open. transportation services including buses and ride share will still be available.
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california and state educators face a new lawsuit calling for equality as schools struggle to teach children during the pandemic. many california school districts are still nowhere near reopening. critics say that schools are not getting enough help teaching remotely. groups representing low-income families filed suit in alameda county claiming that the state is falling short in the guidance and resources to help educators as the pandemic rages on. the department of education has not issued a comment. new this morning the labor department is under fire for underreporting weekly jobless numbers and shortchanging americans unemployed from the pandemic. general accounting office issued the new report citing faulty data collection for the inaccurate jobless numbers. 27 states are paying only the minimum amount of allowable jobless benefits, not the amount pegged to prior earnings. california said it's already working to make up the difference. the san francisco 49ers will talk more today about a change
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in their holiday plans, things suddenly look a lot different with santa clara county banning contact sports. the team yesterday announcing its next two home games will be played in arizona state farm stadium where the cardinals play. head coach kyle shanahan may clear up questions about where they'll practice during the news conference later this morning. covid chaos is also wreaking more havoc on games originally scheduled for thanksgiving night. the steelers and ravens will now play, get this, at 12:30 tomorrow afternoon. that game is still airing here on nbc bay area. as for bay area college football teams, well, they're also in a quandary. it's still not clear if undefeated san jose state will be able to play hawaii this saturday and the school also trying to work out where to work out. stanford will actually practice and then play in seattle against washington also this saturday. well, this is a christmas tradition for many, taking a
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picture at rockefeller center in new york. the changes visitors will have to endure if they want to keep that tradition alive. plus -- fact versus fiction. what one uk official wants netflix to do to make it all clear before you watch an episode of "the crown." and happening now for you, the olympic symbol is lit up in tokyo bay today. this is after it was removed for maintenance shortly after the tokyo olympics were postponed until the next year due to covid-19 pandemic. the five olympic rings were reinstalled. they stand about 50 feet tall and more than 100 feet in length. those rings will be lit at night. the tokyo olympics are set to only on july 23rd, 2021. remember, you can watch the olympics right here on nbc bay area. we'll be right back. hey! it's me! your dry skin!
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who wants to take a trip outside to new york? hey, it's like traveling this way, like to new york, rockefeller center. the countdown is on to the annual christmas tree lighting. visiting the tree will be different. guests will be guided through the queue by a virtual line monitor. pods placed six feet apart will allow no more than four people to wait together and masks must be worn at all times and there will be a five-minute viewing limit. so hurry and take your selfie. the center will be closed to the public during the tree lighting ceremony. it all starts tomorrow night. get the festivities going. netflix viewers might have a little trouble separating fact
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from fiction. one uk minister is calling on netflix to put a disclaimer before one of its most popular shows. >> two women running the show, the last thing this country needs. >> perhaps that's precisely what this country needs. >> i just started watching it and it's good. the fourth season of "the crown" started last month. the netflix warns the drama is a work of fiction. the latest season depicts queen elizabeth's rule which many of us know is a tumultuous period, but it was also good. we'll be right back.
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right now at 5:00, who will get it first and when? two big questions the cdc is expected to answer when it comes to covid-19 rollout. a "today in the bay" exclusive, one expert breaks down how it will work once there's fda approval. big new fears as case numbers continue to surge statewide. the approaching critical mass governor newsom saysay lead to more covid restrictions. and president-elect biden expected to name the leaders of a groundbreaking economic team, why one is getting pushback from the gop. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a good tuesday morning to you, a terrific tuesday, as i like to call . i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. and, i'm


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