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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 2, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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administer the vaccines. there are logistics, including that ultra cold storage units are only now being set up to store some of the vaccines at 70 degrees below zero, but drdr. dr. jennifer tong says it's happening. >> freezers arrived on a truck yesterday. multiple have been installed. >> reporter: james williams says it is still monitoring the effectiveness of the travel quarantine that started monday, mandating that people who travel in for 150 miles away isolate for 14 days. the distance was choses ton incorporate where people often travel. >> people can submit complaints to sec covid and we'll follow up on those. >> we are especially concerned because none of the hospitals serving east county and san jose
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had more than five icu beds available yesterday. >> reporter: they submitted a plan yesterday, but there's still details to work out. coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you how many doses they expect the get and who might get them first. >> thanks, robert. well, a coronavirus outbreak at juvenile haul in santa clara county. that outbreak happening. the county tells us nine juveniles and four staff members tested positive. the juvenile center tested all dee who came in contact with the positive individual. the close contacts are now undergoing a 14-day quarantine. it's the first outbreak in the santa clara county juvenile system since the pandemic started. concerns tonight in the east bay after students and teachers tested positive for the covid-19. it happened in the san ramon school district and just days after special education students returned to class for the first time since the pandemic began. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez
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has more. >> reporter: this is where the outbreak took place, where a class of developmentally disable students unable to wear masks tested positive, but the district says they plan to move forward with their next phase of re-opening. >> my husband and i are both miserable with the symptoms, which has ranged from fever, shortness of breath, body aches, terrible, terrible headache. fatigue. >> reporter: autism specialist jan jimenez says the last few weeks have been a nightmare. she returned to her classroom on november 17th as pat of her school district's phases two re-opening, only to get covid-19 along with almost all of her students and fellow classroom staff, eight people in all. >> the sad part for me is my
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class and myself, we were all guinea pigs. guinea pigs on a system that did not work in our special ed classroom. >> reporter: she says her special ed students are unable to keep their masks on. she says some seemed visibly sick, and sure enough, those suspicions were confirmed. >> if we're masked properly, distanced proper will i and sanitize and don't touch our face and all of these things, we will keep our students and safe. >> reporter: san ramon super intendant says they learned from the incident. the district is making sure all staff and parents understand the safety protocols. >> when we do have a circumstance like this which we are very sorry about, we have to lesson from it. >> reporter: the district is
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planning to welcome kids back january 5th. they say working hand in hand with the health department to keep everybody safe. san jose mayor sam locardo is getting ready to talk with us shortly for the first time about the thanksgiving dinner what prompted him to make a public apology. he sended up spending the holiday at home with family members from five different households. state safety guidelines say the gatherings are up to three different households. let's bring in our senior investigator. the bigger picture, elected officials not playing by the rules. you fwroek story for us on monday. have you chatted one-on-one with the mayor since? >> reporter: yeah, we're hoping to really within the next hour, raj, but it was a bit of a reversal from his administration. when we first broke this story, when we raised the probability that protocols may have been
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violated, we had a lot of questions. we wanted to know how many people were there, how many households were represented, what procedures were in place? the mayor's office said they were not going to provide any details, calling it a private event. yesterday we had a much different story. we wanted to talk and get his take on the story, not just the statement, and so today the mayor had a press conference where he talked about a housing initiative he was trying to push and we opposed the question to him, but he didn't want to talk about the issue. >> a lot of people you represent, your own constituents are frustrated by the fact they see you not following health protocols, so why should the rest of the public have to abide by those same rules. >> i'd be happy to discuss this with you. just call my office, please do so, we'll be able to proceed with what is i think a very important topic, which is around housing, which is a critical importance to many folks in the
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bay area. i'll be happy to talk about that topic after this. >> reporter: that was about six hours ago, raj. we were initially told the mayor would be able to talk with us earlier in the day. they've since told us he's been in meeting and it's been pushed several times. the latest we heard is he is going to be available within an hour. >> the mayor is on the clock. we'll see you back here for the 6:00 newscast. thank you. a lot of buzz in san francisco as well. is mayor breed practicing what she promises? eating outside at french laundry restaurant even as she urged others to avoid similar gatherings. at the time san francisco was in the yellow tier and napa county in the orange tier. both allowed outdoor dining at the time, however, san francisco had stricter guidance at the
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time, asking not to seat parties larger than six unless everyone lived together. people we spoke to say the optics of her dining out is not good. the mayor's office said she's always been cautious when dining out. one county managed to keep its numbers down. it's the only county in the red tier. it's surrounded in a sea of purple. it's one of five counties statewide in the red. how has it managed to stay out of the purple tier? county health managers say it's a combination of factors. it's easier to social distance and work from home. secondly it's been ranked as healthiest uconnfy in california several times over the past decade, and health officers believe most who live there are taking the pandemic seriously as a whole. thirdly, the county has the oldest pop las vegas in tol
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oldest population in the bay area and most are staying home to stay safe. health leaders say the county could move into the purple tier next week. as cases surge, the state is seeing a rise in the positivity rate. this graph shows the positivity rate from april to now. at the state's peak in july, 7.6%. then declined before this dramatic uptick here in november. today, the positivity rate stands at 6.9%. that's catching up to those summer levels. the governor says his goal to to keep it below 5%, we are now almost two points above that. the cdc is shortening the recommended quarantine period. the cdc says you only need to isolate for ten days if no symptoms are developed. if a person tests negative the quarantine period can be reduced to serve days. the cdc wants people to look for symptoms for 14 days.
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as for traveling during the holidays, the cdc is once again thing everyone simply just to stay home. if you do travel, it says you should get tested one to three days before going on your trip, and then again three to five days after you return home. the new recommendations are very much on the mind of travelers at sfo today. here's nbc bay area's scott budman. >> reporter: most travelers say they'll take the uptick seriously, saying the spike made them rethink holiday travel plans. admittedly if you're already here at the airport you have a reason to travel. >> i take care of elderly parents in florida and have grown children who live at home. i kind of need to be in two place as at once. >> i'm from new york and my parents live here, and i'm going come here and see them for christmas, too, and i'm not going to self-quarantine the whole time.
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>> reporter: but the new cdc warnings along with the recent spike in covid cases have hit home for many travelers. >> i think that probably would change my plans if i was told i have to quarantine when i get back. it's probably safer to stay home, any way. >> reporter: as for shortening the amount of post travel quarantine time -- >> not really. we're working from home any way. >> reporter: most don't think it changes much. they tell us they'll take the risk, but try to stay safe. >> i just think as long as you're social distancing and taking the right precautions, you know, you should be safe. >> reporter: if you were going to travel despite the warnings, the cdc recollects getting tested three days before and after your trip and avoiding nonessential travel for seven days afterwards. at sfo, scott budman, nbc bay area news. president-elect joe biden again focused on the covid troubled economy today. exactly seven weeks before taking the oath of office, president-elect biden hosted a
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virtual round table with struggling workers and small business owners. meantime, president trump speaking at a white house christmas party last night hinted at enters the 2024 race. >> it's been amazing nour four years. we're trying to do another four year otherwise i'll see you in four years. >> sources say the president may skip the biden inauguration ceremony to kick off his 2024 campaign. he's considering preemptive pardons for thinks three eldest children. he says he feels embattled. he says he and his family have done nothing illegal. up next at 5:00, the surge continues. why a ucsf doctor says fighting covid is like eating a triple scoop of ice cream. making sure families have everything they need to celebrate the holidays. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff
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raneiri. i'll have a look at the ten-day outlook. what was the problem with not getting any rainfall? more details in seven minutes.
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leaders engage in the high risk activities my first reaction was empathy. because it really shows how hard
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it is for all of us, even amongst my colleagues. they frequently get temp taktat all the time. but my overall message to all of us is really not to think about politics and whether or not you want to get protected. it's about protecting yourself and your family and knowing what to do the right way, regardless of who does what. i think it was poor form and probably not the best symbol for the state and for the county, but it is what it. we're all human. let's move on. let's focus on the biology, let's focus on the science. we know what to do. let's stick with it. overall, i guess part of my anxiety is that this is a very, very different time from surge one and two. why is it different? because it's colder. we have no outdoors.
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we're fatigued. we have porous borders. millions of people travel during thanksgiving, which was down from previous years but it's still the highest travel period of the entire year. toppling over is not having the capacity to really take care of patients even though we have the medicines. we know what to do. if everyone floods into the hospital as it's starting to happen right now, we just won't be able to keep up, and we'll have more unnecessary deaths. >> we appreciate the doctor being with us for so many months
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guiding us through this pandemic. making it in the bay now. this is our series about the challenges of living here. it's still a renter's market in san francisco. the pandemic has increased vacancies and that's driving rent down. according to, in november, the month over month decline was 3.4% with an average price of a little over $2,000 for a one-bedroom and $2,300 for a two-bedroom. it's unclear if prices will rebound in the spring. analysts say major factors include businesses reopening and the anticipated rollout of the vaccines. some dangerous conditions along the coast this afternoon. high swells, sneaker waves, and strong rip currents all a possibility. this is what ocean beach looked like this afternoon. surfers taking their chances. they like those swells, enjoying the water. >> we were watching in the newsroom, the helicopter shot. it's mesmerizing. we watched it for about 45 minutes. jeff is back with us to tell us how we're looking, jeff.
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>> those waves will be dangerous through about 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. 14 to 18 foot waves possible. if you're headed to the beaches, remember to not turn your back to the water because we have those sneaker waves that could also mix in and really come up without any warning, hence the name sneaker wave. as we bring you into our microclimate forecast, we are looking at that drier pattern continuing for us, and that's setting us up with a little bit of fog. when you have these dry and also some very calm, you know, weather situations starting to return, that's really giving us this resurgence of this patchy morning fog. so you want to watch out for that tomorrow morning, patchy fog, and temperatures in the 30s to 40s. overall tomorrow it continues to stay sunny and dry. ahead we are looking at some wind moving back in. on storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, you can see how it is dry right now. not only are we stuck with this pattern lately, but it looks
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like that's going to continue as we move into the next couple of days. it's all about this area of high pressure. with high pressure, you get warm, dry air, dry sinking air. so anytime a storm system moves close, this really helps to evaporate any kind of rainfall. so we have a storm system moving just off to the north, but again with high pressure situated just offshore, it's really breaking that storm system apart. so no chances of rain for us right now. as we move into tomorrow morning, expect some cold weather. make sure to have that jacket. if you're up early, have to head to the grocery store, 37 here for the tri-valley. south bay at 40 with those patchy areas of ground fog. also going down to 38 for the east bay. 42 in san francisco, and the north bay at 37. i want to take a closer look at the north bay temperatures over the next ten days. look at the trend here. we will likely stay with 30s for morning lows as we head all the way through the next ten-day forecast. so if you haven't found that heavier jacket just yet, that
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might inspire you a little bit there. well, we've had those cold mornings through the afternoon. things will be warming up for us. south bay going to 68 in morgan hill. 69 in gilroy. for the east bay, things are really relatively the same no matter where you are. 65 in livermore. then right here over to oakland and hayward, we're in the mid-60s. peninsula, i have light winds out of the southwest at 3. sunshine tomorrow afternoon. 63 in redwood city. san francisco also with some 60s, whether you're in downtown or the outer sunset, really no big changes there. and for the north bay, 67 in napa. over to novato, 63. my extended forecast, i want you to see sunday and monday. that's when winds could pick up here out of the north 10 to 25. that's a drier wind. fire danger is going to increase not only in san francisco but also for our inland valleys. we'll have those morning lows in the 30s to low 40s. afternoon highs in the 60s. so, again, i think looking ahead
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with this dry pattern, sunday and monday, that's going to be the danger for us. we might see some red flag fire warnings issued for that. we'll keep you up to date and i'll have more coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> thank you, jeff. still to come, how would you like to work from home in hawaii? well, you can make that a reality. there's just one catch. we're going to tell you about it next. tonight the remarkable story of the baby born from a 27-year-old frozen embryo and what it means for infertile couples. also the new rules for flying with our furry friends and helpers. we'll tell you more on "nbc nightly news."
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this is nice to see. a south bay community isn't letting this pandemic dampen its holiday spirit. staff and volunteers at sunnyvale community services hosted a drive-through distribution today. you just drive up. they put it right in your trunk. they handed out target gift cards and food for families in
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need. >> it's giving these families here in sunnyvale who are struggling the chance to pick gifts and groceries that they want and need and to make sure that they have a better holiday even though a lot of them are really suffering right now. >> it is nice to see. the community services center regularly helps more than 2,000 people in need. here is an easy way you can help those in need this holiday season. it's through our nourishing neighbors food drive. the next time you're at any safeway in the bay area, if you can, make a $10 donation. that money will go directly to our local food banks. our drive along with safeway goes through december 29th. well, a lot of us are working from home during this pandemic, and you may have a nice comfortable setup by now. but what about working from the islands? how does that sound? hawaii is starting a pilot program where 50 people who are currently working from home will do it instead on oahu. the program will offer free round-trip airfare and a significantly discounted room at a waikiki hotel.
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in return, the remote workers must live on oahu for at least a month and donate time to a nonprofit. the program is accepting applications until december 15th. remember that san jose teenager last week who painted the portrait of vice president-elect kamala harris? well, his artwork is now on display down in l.a. 14-year-old tyler gordon, a student at overfelt high school in san jose, posted this time-lapse video of his painting that portrait of kamala harris. remarkable young man. it quickly went viral, this video. his work can now be seen at the heirs to the throne exhibit at the beverly center. it's featured along with some of the most prolific artists of past and present. pretty cool. >> super talented. what else is cool? a backyard roller coaster that acatches the attention of kelly clarkson.
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tonight at 6:00, who's got ppp loans and how much did they get? we investigate and track down the money. that story and more tonight at 6:00. next on "nightly news," ups no longer picking up packages from some major retailers. what this could mean for your
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holiday deliveries. lester holt joins us with that story in about two minutes from now. a bay area family caught the attention of kelly clarkson for its amazing backyard quarantine roller coaster. >> it's so cool. they recently built a scaled down version of the matterhorn. check it out. >> that's real. it looks like so much fun. it even has the yeti monster. that's the best part of the ride, man. let's talk to jack and sean, who built it. >> that's jack and sean. they live in napa valley and look at this. they have a taste of disneyland in their backyard. they built it during the pandemic, so kelly clarkson had them on her show. unfortunately that episode at 3:00 didn't air this afternoon because we had the football game. but if you want to see that episode, set a recording for 2:30 a.m. that's when today's kelly clarkson show will air. >> we got to road trip there to that house and check out that ride. maybe field anchor.
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>> the top of the matterhorn. this is so impressive. >> that's incredible. >> they must be engineers. >> that's going to do it for us at 5:00. up next is "nightly news." we'll see you back here at 6:00. >> bye, folks. see you soon. tonight the cdc's dire new winter warning, the cdc director saying the next fly months will be the most difficult in u.s. health history. and warning that by february 450,000 americans could be dead and the major change tonight, how long the cdc now says you should quarantine if you've been exposed. also the uk leaping ahead of the u.s. in approving tonight the cdc's dire new winter warning, the cdc director saying the next fly months will be the most difficult in u.s. health history. and warning that by february 450,000 americans could be dead and the major change tonight, how long the cdc now says you should quarantine if you've been exposed. also the uk leaping ahead of the u.s. in approving pfizer's vaccine when it will begin rollin


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