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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 9, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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will issue citations. to be honest, that's not the position we want to be in. >> police frustrated by the restrictions. and businesses who refuse to go along with it. health officers tell us why they're taking a wait and see approach. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thank you for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre with janelle wang. look at our series this week on the pfizer vaccine. >> today canada officially approved its use, and tomorrow we should know if the u.s. also will officially approve it. meantime the u.s. military officially announcing its rollout plan today. i'll have details coming up later in the show. the worst day of the pandemic. that's what the new case numbers show. the state log a startling 30,000
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new cases today. 1,700 of those were in santa clara county. that is the highest number that county has reported yet. and today health officer sara cody felt hopeful, though, that the first set of vaccines will happen next week. they are set to receive 30,000 doses of that vaccine. she sounded cautious, though. she said even though people get vaccinated, social distancing and wearing a mask must continue. >> it takes greater than 70% of the population to be immunized for there to be herd immunity. >> now, the first doses of the vaccine expected to go to health care workers and the elderly living in long-term care. this is becoming a common theme, businesses that are defying the rules or at least plan on defying the rules. tonight we focus on danville. the police chief is urging those businesses to follow the law
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while county leaders say bigger fines may soon be on the way. jodi hernandez joins us in danville this evening. maybe businesses are just trying to stay afloat. >> reporter: right now businesses that defy the order face fines that range from 250 to $1,000. some businesses like kicking mule here in downtown danville say opening up to outdoor dining is worth the risk. people are once again going out to eat in danville. more restaurants here have reopened outdoor dining despite the county health order. >> we have not had any cases of covid. none of the restaurants that i know have had any cases of covid. >> reporter: the owner of the peasant and the pear says he'll open up his outdoor dining soon. he said he already lost five more bay area restaurants during the pandemic. his house is in foreclosure and he's on the brink of bankruptcy. >> i'm physically, mentally,
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emotionally broke down. this is way too long. i've lost everything. >> we have a great deal of understanding for the position that they're in. >> reporter: while he understands their struggle, the danville police chief is urging businesses and customers to follow the law. he says it's the police department's obligation to enforce it. >> flr businesses that are serving food outside, if they're serving food at the tables, we'll be obligated to enforce the order and issue a citation. >> reporter: cosntra costa couny supervisor says defying the order is not happening. >> we should get a bigger fine to get their attention. i don't know if it should be 10,000 or 20,000 or what it should be. >> reporter: some people are pledging to help businesses pay
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the fines. they stood in front of veterans hall fighting to keep them open. >> a boy right here died in afghanistan protecting our rights, protecting the constitution. why are people lying down doing nothing, not standing up? >> they can sue me or fine me as much as they want, i will never have money to give them. they can fine me $10,000, they'll never get it. >> reporter: we're back here live. one of the patrons just clarified that this operation is actually selling food and beer for takeout and then folks are just sitting out here on the patio enjoying their food and drink. again, this is one of several businesses we've seen with outdoor dining, people eating outside, and the police chief says they can expect citations in the coming days. reporting live in danville, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> that is a tough story all
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around. thank you, jodi. thanksgiving was a couple weeks ago, we know that, but san francisco leaders say the fallout is happening right now. that was projected. cases have skyrocketed. at least 167 people testing positive every day, according to the city's public health director. tonight the city predicts it will run out of icu beds around christm christmastime. an urgent plea went out to ask people just to stay home to help bend the curve. >> we know how to slow the spread of the virus. we've done it twice before. let's do it a third time. >> the city unveiled two different kinds of projections. on the left, what hospitalizations will look like if we don't bend the curve. you see that sharp increase there. dr. colfax predicts more than 1,400 people could end up in the hospital by february 10th. that's more than ten times the number of people who are currently hospitalized. the second projection there on the right side of your screen, it shows what can happen if people stay home, a much slower rate of spread and
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hospitalizations. as we mentioned earlier, it was a record-setting day for california. 30,000 new cases confirmed today. take a look at thanksgiving day. here we are on thanksgiving, and then it shoots all the way up to december 8th. dr. ghaly says he expects this trend to continue for the next few days. as the cases rise, the number of icu beds continue to dwindle. four counties are in the red zone with less than 15%. take a look at santa clara county, the most populist in the bay area, it's less than 10%. contra costa county with 19%, napa, solano and alameda counties all above 30%. >> well, raj, there is a lot of shutdown confusion. half of the bay area currently under stay-at-home order. that's because some of the counties self-imposed that stay-at-home order over fears the hospitals would overflow. but some counties are choosing not to shut down.
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nbc's scott budman explains why. >> reporter: with customers still able to eat outdoors, employees are still busy at the sandwich spot in redwood city for now. >> it's very confusing. the state says one thing, the county a different thing. >> reporter: while most bay area counties have already implemented the governor's stay-at-home order, san mateo county has not, even as icu beds fill up. >> we need to pause, we need to pump the brakes. >> reporter: county supervisor david canipa says he's ready to put the order in place concerned by other nearby counties coming here. >> now they're coming out from all these other counties and they'll be mixing with our residents. that's my concern. >> reporter: but san mateo health county's officer along with solano county's health officer say they'll wait. >> prthe primary reason for us
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be reluctant going forward at this point is we know it will bring significant harm to small businesses and increase unemployment and health inequities. >> reporter: a view some doctors agree with, saying the more business done outside, the better. >> you don't want people to go inside to kind of hide from the law, frankly. i think he's taking the right approach. >> reporter: county officials here say they are also getting close to the icu bed limit. they say when the time comes, they, too, will mandate the shelter-in-place rule. in redwood city, scott budman, a nbc bay area news. the race today about the pfizer vaccine. take it away, janelle. >> reporter: raj, today canada officially joined the campaign to approve the pfizer vaccine. tonight here in the u.s., it's still under review, but tomorrow
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we'll have a big indication when an fda advisory panel will meet and discuss the vaccine and either give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. meantime, the department of defense acting like it's already a go. today it announced its plans on how it will distribute the pfizer vaccine to all branches of the military. it actually doesn't get an unlimited supply. it's only allotted about 40,000 doses initially. compare that to california, which is receiving more than 300,000 doses initially. the vaccine will be first available to about 16 defense sites, that includes in california, camp pendleton and the u.s. coast guard base in alameda. the plan is similar to the civilian plan. it will be given to first responders and health care workers first. pentagon officials say they strongly recommend that everyone take the vaccine, but at this point, it's still voluntary. >> we're recommending that everyone take the vaccine when it becomes available to protect yourselves, your families, your shipmates, your wingmen, your
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battle buddies and your communities. >> reporter: tomorrow an fda advisory panel is expected to approve emergency use authorization of the pfizer vaccine. since the efficacy rate of that vaccine is 95%, that far exceeds the 50% standard set by the fda this past summer. now, there are 23 members on this panel. they include infectious disease experts, doctors, physicians, professors, a lawyer. the fda usually follows the recommendation of the advisory panel, and so far they indicated they're going to give the pfizer vaccine a thumbs up. this hearing begins tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m. our time. of course, we'll be following it. back to you guys. >> thank you. we want to show you some breaking news in san jose now where police are involved in a standoff with a person in a safeway parking lot. it's happening at the safeway on the corner of brandon lane and
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camden road. police say the person is in a car and refusing to get out of that car. they believe the suspect is tied to a burglary ring that's targeting storage units. of course, we'll continue to monitor the situation. we'll bring you updates right here online and right here on the newscast as well. up next at 6:00, a reversal that's really a great relief for kids and parents. the reason bay area playgrounds are now back open after being closed earlier this week. okay, first the grinch came, now santa's helpers. we're going to put a bow on the story of some stolen bikes that were supposed to go to kids in the bay area. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking some cold weather tomorrow and the chance of rain. it's holding on. i'll have more details on that coming up in about eight minutes.
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♪ ♪ i got it all from you ♪ i'm always pushing through ♪ i know we'll make it to the finish line ♪
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♪ i know you're waiting on the other side ♪ ♪ i'm like you on-demand glucose monitoring. because they're always on. another life-changing technology from abbott. so you don't wait for life. you live it. you can ski but you can't stay here. lake tahoe shutting down to tourists. the california side will soon be under the stay-at-home order. that order goes into effect tomorrow night and it will last for at least three weeks. that stay-at-home order triggered because icu bed availability within the greater sacramento region dipped below that 15% threshold. squaw valley, north star, heavenly and other resorts say they'll keep the slopes open. however, under the rules, hotels and rentals are only allowed for
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essential purposes. plenty of families pressured the governor and it worked. playgrounds across the bay area are reopening after the state revised the rules. not just families, even infectious disease experts say this needed to happen. nbc bay area's christy smith reports from san francisco. >> i think it's essential to have children have open spaces where they can run, play, enjoy themselves. >> reporter: paulina jay just came to the state park after she heard they would be opening soon. >> we have great state parks for our children, and what better way to take care of mental health as families? >> reporter: the current children's park was already buzzing after hours after the mayor tweeted that they updated the stay-at-home order for playgrounds to reopen, so playgrounds would reopen by
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tomorrow. >> because a lot of conversation and using the science and the data and trying to look at the long-term impacts on our kids, the right decision was made. >> reporter: amid the surge in covid cases, people were reminded playgrounds are not an excuse to gather with other faem families. >> the last thing we want is to see our numbers escalate out of control where we have to close playgrounds again. >> i am delighted about what just happened with the playgrounds opening, because i feel like it was advocacy from multiple fronts. >> reporter: dr. ggandhi is an infectious disease doctor. she said while there wasn't much knowledge about it in the beginning, that has changed. >> now, nine months later, we know so much more about the virus that it didn't make sense to close last week, and i'm very glad that it got reversed. >> reporter: rec and park says
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all the covid safety rules still apply. also people should only visit playgrounds with people am your household. they say it's not the time for playdates at the playground. in san francisco, christy smith, nbc bay area news. some more good news here. santa's elves were seen riding a motorcycle today. they delivered a cargo of bicycles for underprivileged children. the new bikes will replace the older bikes that were stolen last month from the storage facility for the san francisco fire department's annual toy drive. so this disheartening story which started out as one is now taking a heartwarming turn. >> yay! >> when the bikes were first stolen, it was unbelievable. it was very, very sad, because we have thousands of kids every day that we're processing applications for. >> and those thousands of kids are still going to get their bikes just in time for christmas. san francisco mayor, mayor breed, sending that certificate of honor there to the donor of
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the bikes, including the kings of cali motorcycle club, auto club towing in oakland and the booming clothing line. okay, he's a rocket scientist and a space researcher at stanford, and now he can add one more title to his name: american citizen. he became a u.s. citizen today. he came to the u.s. from spain in 2005 and has been working to become a citizen for the last 15 years. osai says he believes the u.s. is the only country where you can truly make your dreams a reality. >> i think this is my home. this country has given me everything. it's give men a professional education. i owe a lot to this country. >> orzay has a phd in engineering, and now that he's a citizen, he wants to serve his country and work for the military as an aerospace researcher. just a tad smart. >> like our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri.
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take it away, jeff. >> thanks, guys. being compared to a rocket scientist, i like that. you know, i've been scouring over those computer models really looking deep into those. by this weekend it is looking more and more promising to get some rainfall and we need it in a big way. we've got some sunshine lately so that's been good, but again, the fire danger really has been paramount the last couple weeks. let's bring in our storm ranger doppler radar. you probably noticed clouds last week. that was a weaker system that didn't bring any rainfall, but once again producing clouds over northern california. we're going to get our better shot of rainfall from a storm system that's out in the pacific. i'll show you that and i think you'll like what you see here in a second. but let's get right to tomorrow morning's forecast. i do want to tell you, it's going to be another cold morning, upper 30s here for the south bay, 37 in san jose. over in dublin, 38 degrees. right up to the north bay we're coming in at 36 8 in napa, 36 i
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santa rosa. some 30s in the mill valley region to san francisco. a dropoff with our approaching storm system. we have 64 in napa and 50s at the coastline with partly cloudy skies. let me show you what you're going to love. if you want rainfall, check it out. it's a pretty big tap here of some moisture. looks pretty good for us to get some of this action on the bottom edge of it, and it's a little bit more than it looked like earlier in this week. so our totals are going up as the intensity increases. so i think at this point, two-day totals this weekend would be about 35/100 of an inch on average with some parts of the bay area getting higher. we're going to go over exactly where that rainfall is expected in about 25 minutes, and, of course, it is lucy wednesday, so lucy is down here. no joke, every wednesday, she's right there. we'll say hi to her, too, see
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what she's been up to. >> she's getting ready for her close-up. >> yes. hair and makeup hang. >> thanks, jeff. will had california's special panel delay the rollout of the vaccine in our state? we'll investigate. also, what's the contingency plan if and when we run out of hospital beds? we're going to check in with health leaders in santa clara county. but first seasoned pros tell us they haven't seen waves like this in mavericks in ten years. janelle tells us what's in it for the famous surfer competition.
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satchel paige was still dominating batters at 52 celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77 john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70 and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your best is yet to come i like this. >> yes! yes! >> big wave surfing at its best. you can hear the excitement as safety crews cheer on the surfers who have been braving the 40 to 50-foot waves breaking at mavericks half moon bay
6:25 pm
today. some breathtaking days of surfing all week at mavericks as a distant storm is pushing these monster waves toward the bay area coastline. you know, surfers we spoke with say it's the best conditions they've seen in years, so spectacular. they didn't even mind that there is no surf contest this year. the waves were that good and that dangerous. >> it is really intense, like life threatening intense just to be in the water on those days, but then everyone is having fun, so it's kind of a tradeoff, a real daredevil, like astronaut gymnast skills. >> during a real contest, only 25 guys get to surf, right? and there's a lot more guys that deserve the shot to go surf the biggest, best mavericks we've seen in ten years. >> yep. and that's one reason why there hasn't been a contest in five years. the ocean just wasn't cooperating. there have also been some
6:26 pm
political infighting and the lack of funding this contest. but when waves come in like they do this week, oh, yeah, you can bet there is a push to get that contest back up and running. it's not going to happen this time around, it's too late, but there's hope the next time these big waves return, the contest could be back on. i heard a lot of "gnarly" and "epic waves, dude" and those are all big words meaning good surfing. >> janelle is in the inner circle of the surfers. i love it. >> i'm going to place my money. i've never been in a wet suit. >> on janelle? >> yes. >> i can bet on that, yeah. >> you win the money, jeanelle. we'll see how hospitals are handling the surge of patients we're seeing. >> we have to wait longer to get
6:27 pm
that covid vaccine from the special panel.
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right now it's 6:30. cases rising, hospitals running out of bed. tonight the bay area seeing surges of cases and health leaders are issuing a dire warning. santa clara county is quickly rung outs of bed in all of its intensive care units. there are just 31 beds available in a county that serves 2 million people, raj. >> yesterday we learned that the regional medical center of san jose reached capacity.
6:30 pm
tonight more hospitals are filling up. nbc bay area's mary ann favro has the inside story for us. >> reporter: there are now three hospitals in santa clara county that no longer have icu beds available, including here in san jose. >> we may see hospitals filling up in the next couple days. >> reporter: today santa clara's county of preparedness are seeing the worst of the pandemic, straining their resources. regional medical center of san jose has already reached capacit capacity. with 70 covid patients, icu beds are full. so is the entire covid floor. the emergency department is open, but stretched thin. >> we are making it work by using every square inch of the emergency department. >> reporter: the hospital has also brought in extra staff and put elective surgeries on hold.
6:31 pm
icu beds are also full at o'conner hospital in san jose, and st. louise regional hospital in gilroy. with 1700 new covid cases reported just today, doctors say we are in the midst of what they describe as a thanksgiving surge. an estimated 10% to 12% of all patients with covid end up in the hospital, which is why santa clara county is working to help hospitals increase capacity by putting patients in other units. and that's not all. >> we certainly are looking at all options, including transferring out of the county should that become necessary. >> reporter: dr. kamall says the county is also considering setting up a regional center for overflow patients. and doctors say the surge is not just impacting covid patients, but all patients including those with cancer or heart conditions because there are now fewer resources available. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc
6:32 pm
news. the fda is expected to grant the emergency use authorization of the pfizer covid vaccine here in the u.s. this amid a new warning tonight from british health officials, people who have significant allergic reactions should not get the pfizer vaccine. that's what the brits say. it comes after two british health care workers with allergies experienced reactions after sooefreceiving the dose. one woman on the trial says she's sorry about the reaction from the officials. >> reactions like this are very, very rare. it's dangerous to make a blanket statement without learning what happened. >> there were no allergic reactions from participants here in the united states. not just the fda, when we talk about the federal scope of this,
6:33 pm
individual states will have to approve the vaccine before it can be used. tonight steven stock looks at what california is doing to test the vaccine before releasing it to the public, and whether that's going to delay when we can get it. >> reporter: back in october, governor newsom appointed an independent review panel to oversee the fed's work. that committee will only approve using a vaccine here in california if the state experts think it's safe. tonight the committee's chairman vows their review of the fed's work won't make you wait longer to get vaccinated. >> we need to act very soon to be able to look at the data from the phase 3 studies, looking at efficacy and also safety. >> reporter: dr. art reingold is on the vaccine safety review
6:34 pm
committee. >> we hope to give a thumbs up that things are good. but obviously we have to wait and see what type of information is presented. >> reporter: dr. reingold says his committee may be breaking new ground to have officials from other states have the feds review. is this something that hasn't been done before, having other states review it? >> i don't know that this has happened. >> reporter: sitting down in denver, we asked how the process would work. >> we are very sensitive to the concern we might delay introduction or availability of the vaccine. >> reporter: three other western states, washington, oregon and nevada are now joined the review committee which is already looking at the fda data and test results. dr. reingold says the extra
6:35 pm
safety step is needed because federal competent federal agencies like the fda and the cdc have been challenged during the pandemic. >> the perception is they've been influenced by political considerations and that has us concerned. but we're hoping an extra level of review by people who do not work for the federal government can be reassuring, because having a vaccine doesn't help us at all if people don't take it. >> reporter: as this new vaccine rolls out, dr. reingold admits this unprecedented review of individual states over the feds creates a precedent that could be problematic for future drugs and vaccines. >> you are correct, we would have to be powerfully moved that there's something wrong with the process for us to say something different than what the fda and cdc are saying.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: dr. reingold points out that science created the covid vaccine very quickly using gene detechnology. but he stressed that there were no shortcuts. the first people should be expected to get two shots within days, if not hours. we have created a special race for the vaccine section right on our website. we're posting all of our stories right there on one spot, one page. just go to well, congress is still talking but not voting on a covid relief bill. they are assigning blame as they debate a plan. democra a bipartisan group of senators work on a similar plan to $918
6:37 pm
trillion. >> democrats continue to oppose common sense legal sections. >> i'm confident we'll have covid relief. whether this week or next week is probably the question. it looks like it will be closer to next week. >> president trump still seems to be focused on the election, using the #overturned. today hunter biden has gone public with the news that he is the subject of a federal tax investigation. it has to do with his work in china with an energy company there. his attorney was notified yesterday about the investigation. in a statement biden went on to say that he acted legally. sources say his father, president-elect joe biden, is not implicated in any way. up next, how does a free flight to hawaii sound? is it too good to be true? the reason the aloha state is
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starting this unique program.
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new leadership tonight for the embattled silicon valley organization. he is now taking over while the agency looks for a permanent ceo. the group's previous leader resigned last month over a racist ad run by a political arm of the svo. it opened the door to previous complaints of racist material published by the same group. it also prompted several groups to sever ties with svo, which was formerly known as the silicon valley chamber of commerce. a deadly shooting in san jose. it happened overnight at a 7-eleven on center road. that's near valley christian high school. the shooting victim died at the scene. no word yet on what happened or what led to the shooting or if police have any leads as to who did it. a shark attack has sent a maui surfer to the hospital. what's left of the man's board, that tells the story.
6:41 pm
look at that bite. the bite mark has been measured at 17 inches. m maui officials state that the man is in stable condition. they were going to hold a pro competition but they're looking for somewhere safer. if you're looking to get on one of those free flights to hawaii and work remotely from hawaii, you only have a few more days to apply. next tuesday is your application deadline. hawaii is offering free round-trip tickets for people who want to move their work from home location to oahu. they'll choose 50 people. if they choose you, jessica -- >> think he will. >> -- you can move there but you
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have to stay footr at least a month. >> you would look great on the beach there. >> i have your support and jeff's support. >> i want to go, i want to go. >> you have lucy. you can't go. >> lucy can go. >> oh, come on. we want to go to hawaii. lucy is here today. we're going to catch up with lucy. we're going to talk about some rainfall coming this weekend. rain, you like rain. yes, you do. we'll see you back here in just a couple minutes with that updated rain forecast that i think you guys will like.
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6:44 pm
housing help for low-income earners is coming from facebook. today facebook pledging $150 million. that will pay for 2,000 housing units for families mostly getting by on minimum wage. like apple and google, they've
6:45 pm
faced a lot of accusations that big tech is largely responsible for the current housing crisis. facebook's community housing fund will offer low-interest loans to developers who build affordable housing in five bay area counties. there are millions of american households that struggle to put food on the table every year. but now millions more are in trouble, obviously because of the coronavirus pandemic. this is how two bay area events today are helping folks in crisis that are wondering where their next meal is coming from. >> reporter: covid-19 isn't just making people sick, it's costing millions their job, a paycheck, even a place to live. community organizations in the bay area don't want hunger added to the list of problems, and they're acting fast to prevent it. >> we want to make sure that in this difficult moment, and in these difficult times, people are eating. >> reporter: in daly city today, the active faith-based coalition
6:46 pm
worked with other groups to pack up fresh turkeys fresh fruit and gift cards and deliver them to struggling families whose lives have been turned upside down by covid. >> when covid hit and it began to stretch month after month after month, our numbers began to quadruple. >> for lunch we have a honey walnut shrimp. >> reporter: down in san jose, a similar project of giving this holiday season. bay area landscaping company sandis decided not to send gifrgifts to clients this year and instead donated that to hunger at home which gives away 35,000 pounds of food a day. >> it felt like the most impactful way we could make a contribution. >> reporter: the food is prepared by executive chefs. hundreds of cars line up on distribution days for those meals. this year thousands more families are depending upon them. >> we've seen not just the
6:47 pm
number of cars grow, but something we've seen recently is cars are representing their own communities and bringing in two, three different families. they're representing three families, four families. >> it is heartbreaking to see, but there is an easy way you can help people in need this season. just do nourishing neighbors food drive. next tile you'me you're at safe make a $10 donation. that will go to food banks and extends to december 29. google's annual list of what was the most searched tells us a lot about what we're going through. no surprise, coronavirus topped the list. election results, number two most searched, followed by the late kobe bryant. number 4 was zoom. i had no idea what zoom was eight months ago, and now we all know what it is. also the most searched tv show of 2020, was it "queen's
6:48 pm
gambit," shitt's creek," "tiger king"? >> i was force to d to watch it. jeff ranieri joins us with lucy ranieri and a christmas tree in the background. hey, jeff. >> yes, it is lucy wednesday. yes, yes, she is so excited. every time it's wednesday, she's literally right over here. a few moments before i went on and got her a chair to sit on, she looked at me and stared. she said, is it time to get up on this chair? she's ready to say hi to all you guys. she has a big haircut tomorrow. we think the groomers are open, we have to check on that, and she's looking forward to rainfall coming this weekend. let's go ahead and get you to that microclimate weather as
6:49 pm
lucy hangs out as my usual co-pilot on wednesdays. we've been checking our viewer mail and check out this tree. it is magnificent. lots of lights, and red pops of color. it's from jingle bell 31 and she says she's wishing you guys and everyone a meowy christmas. her cat is in a santa hat and also a sweater. lucy is watching the sign here because she loves watching nbc bay area. i'm not sure how you got your cat to stand so still, but i love that photo. stormranger doppler radar has some clouds in the air. we do have a storm system in the pacific and it looks like we have a better piece of this. all in all our rain chances are increasing as we move through this weekend. dry conditions right now, but those rain chances will be kicking up on saturday and
6:50 pm
sunday. so tomorrow we start off dry with temperatures in the 30s for the south bay, peninsula at 40 and the tri-valley at 37. also need the jacket and a few layers if you have to head to the grocery store, maybe the pharmacy. 30 in the east bay, 42 in san francisco and 47 in the north bay. cooling off a little with that approaching storm system, 65 in concord, 64 in napa, 50s at the coastline. let's get to the storm system. 6:00 p.m. on friday, that storm lines up right here to the north, and then once we roll into saturday morning, we'll see some of those showers develop over the north bay and close to san francisco, and we'll see a better bet here of some of those showers as we roll into saturday afternoon. also notice that snow for the sierra. rainfall totals improving on this. you'll see most of the bay area in that blue color. that's trace amounts to at least .2 of an inch. keep your eye on the north bay.
6:51 pm
that's about a quarter to a half inch. we could see these totals go higher based on the trend right now. sierra snow. while you can't go to the ski resorts because of covid, we are doing good in some of the highest locations. we'll hold it in the 50s here in san francisco, and across the inland valleys we're not looking at any 70s over the next seven days. we'll see plenty of 50s and also 60s. so, guys, how about that cats from jingle bell 31? isn't that a cute photo? i don't know if i could get lucy in a hat and a sweater. >> good luck with the haircut and the grooming tomorrow, you guys. we're looking forward to the finished results. >> we'll see how that goes. one of the the best marquee matchups in the nfl now bumped
6:52 pm
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okay, so the 49ers were sacked from prime time. their december 20 game in dallas has been flexed from the
6:55 pm
football schedule. >> that's not fair. >> no. >> we have reaction for the move and the game this sunday against washington. the season is on the line. >> reporter: during last year's run to the super bowl, the 49ers were showcased a lot on national tv. but now they're being flexed out of prime time. the nfl has rescheduled their december 20th game at dallas from sunday night on nbc to an afternoon kickoff. >> it's all pretty disappointing. i love playing those types of games where the whole league is watching. >> reporter: the whole league was watching monday night when the niners were dominated by the buffalo bills. falling to 5-7, san francisco now trails four teams for the final playoff spot in the nfc. >> monday night was a letdown. you have to show the guys why it happened so it doesn't happen again this week. >> reporter: this week the niners face the washington football game who also played on monday. both teams have the same record, but washington is playing with confidence and momentum after handing the steelers their first
6:56 pm
loss of the season. >> washington is winning games because they're playing really good defense and doing a good job on offense. >> reporter: the washington football team has several ties to the bay area. coach ron rivera who didn't miss a game while going through nine weeks of cancer treatment went to cal. and alex smith, the 49ers overall draft pick in 2005, returned this season nearly two years after a leg injury that threatened his life. the leg almost had to be amputated. >> it's truly amazing what he's been able to do, so i got a lot of respect for him and the type of person he is, the type of player he is. >> obviously you admire his toughness. his story is incredible and his resiliency is incredible. a lot of respect for him as a quarterback. >> reporter: there were a lot of 49ers fans who still root for smith, but maybe not this weekend as san francisco fights to keep its playoff hopes alive. anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> think positive, jessica, think positive. >> i'm a positive thinker, raj.
6:57 pm
you're the one that always has the glass half empty. >> that's going to do it for us at 6:00. have a great evening. >> bye bye. see you at 11:00. by harnessing california's
6:58 pm
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everything i do seems to horrify you. >> increasingly, yes. >> oh my god. >> pure fiction. >> the crown controversy hits a critical moment by blurring the lines of royal fact and fiction into making a mockery of the monarchy? >> really deplorable. >> it's like this or like that. >> and they're not among the millions on the verge of musical showdowns, symbolism, ready for it ♪ these dreams are made of. >> i just said aretha ra franklin has the kind of body. it was something released in me. >> a transformation, gaining weight, confidence and taking


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