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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  December 9, 2020 11:34pm-12:36am PST

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bikes from the fire department's annual toy drive and they delivered the replacement bikes that will be given to under privileged kids. >> when the bikes were first stolen, it was unbelievable and it made us very sad. we had thousands of kids. >> san francisco's mayor sent a certificate of honor to the donors. nicely done. that will do it for us. we will see you tomorrow. stay healthy. stay safe. [ cheers and applause ♪
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>> steve: from rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy faon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests, jon hamm, meghan trainor, musical guest meghan trainor featuring earth, wind & fire, and the legendary roots crew and now, here's your host, jimmy fallon [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: thank you very much. yeah, thank you. thank you very much. thank you. hi, nice to see you. thank you very much everybody. thank you so much. and welcome. welcome, welcome to the tonight show this is it let's get to the news and jokes. well guys, president trump has been trying everything to overturn the election and he finally got one of his cases to
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the supreme court. let's see how that went. >> the supreme court has shut down one of president trump's latest and last attempts to overturn the election. in one short sentence, the court denied a republican challenge to the vote in pennsylvania >> jimmy: that is amazing. they rejected trump's whole argument in one sentence [ laughter ] that is pretty much the supreme court's version of responding to a long text with k. [ laughter ] one sentence that page had less ink than rudy giuliani's face [ applause ] that's basically a tweet that went to law school [ laughter ] it is the equivalent of a judge taking off his leather glove and slapping you with it you fool all of the justices were like, "we put on our robes for this? the court really tried to do trump a favor though they figured if it was one sentence, he would actually read it.
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[ laughter ] for trump, it felt like applying to college and getting back a thin envelope it is like well, this can't be good [ laughter ] trump isn't giving up though he is like now it is time to appeal to an even higher court, the jedi council dear @mandalorian. the other big news is that after testing positive for covid, today, rudy giuliani was discharged from the hospital yeah another day, another rudy discharge. [ laughter ] that is right, america's mr. bean is back in action jewell didn't waste any time embarrassing himself he waved good-bye to the doctors wearing a gown that was open in the front. he was like, "i was just tucking it in. but the hospital staff doesn't have faith in rudy on his way out, he grabbed a a dunkin' donuts napkin off of the ground and blew his nose in it it's like, "hey guy.
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that's right, the nurses are thrilled rudy is gone. now they don't have to keep changing his head pan. [ laughter ] that is a great joke, yeah yeah, it seems like there is so much going on right now, president trump's lawsuits continue to be thrown out. people are starting to get the covid vaccine. joe exotic asked kim kardashian to help him get a presidential pardon and workers at a new york city chipotle are fighting off a horde of rats there's a lot to go over, so let's just jump in and cover it all at once. it is time for a news smash. [ applause ] ♪ first up, trump's lawsuits are not going well the supreme court just dismissed the gop's attempt to overturn the election in pennsylvania so i'm sorry mr. president, you tried your best but it just wasn't effective but you know what is effective, the covid vaccine. it is making the rounds in england. and things are looking promising. i got to say it is nice to get some good news for once, instead of news that completely melts your brain and makes you
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feel insane. speaking of which, joe exotic asked kim kardashian to help him get a presidential pardon. [ laughter ] joe is in prison for trying to murder carole baskin but he wants to get back into his life of wrangling tigers i mean, if we wants to wrangle large, furry beasts, he could always apply for a job at chipotle [ laughter ] a location in new york city is struggling to deal with a horde of giant rats. it's gotten so bad that four employees have been bitten that is not good they should probably all get vaccinated [ laughter ] the u.s. will start giving out covid vaccines soon. and the people that are first in line to receive them are, of course, elderly people with underlying health issues people like president trump. [ laughter ] all three of trump's supreme court nominees voted against his cause this week. losing all those cases has got to sting, kind of like when you get bitten by a rat at work. [ laughter ] they are chewing through wires and nibbling on avocados it's basically a chuck e. chipotle in there.
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and the workers don't stand a chance you know who else does not stand a chance, joe exotic [ laughter ] kim kardashian isn't going to save you, man. but hey, it was worth a shot [ laughter ] in conclusion, i don't think it's going to work out i don't think it's going to work out i think it's going to work out i would not work there this has been a news smash [ applause ] well, some news from overseas in russia. they are telling people not to drink alcohol for almost two months after taking the russian vaccine. russians heard it and were like we will take our chances with the virus. [ laughter ] you know it is serious because russia does not even give that warning to pregnant women. [ laughter ] meanwhile, president-elect biden is busy with the transition and today, i read he is thinking about making pete buttigieg the ambassador to china. buttigieg heard and was like, "yes, please send me to wuhan where it is safer.
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and apparently, biden told buttigieg to take it from me, if you work hard, you can be president in 50 years. [ laughter ] that's right, the ambassador job is way better than the one trump offered him. white house elf on the shelf here's some tech news, google just released their breakdown of 2020's most searched topics no surprise, number one was coronavirus. and number two was election results. but they also released a list of their least searched terms. the stuff that nobody googled all year check this out number five was sourdough stopper. [ laughter ] interesting. i didn't know that was a thing the fourth least searched term was facemasks with mitch mcconnell's chin on them [ laughter ] number three was just mank nudes. [ laughter ] number two was how much to hire the law offices of rudy giuliani. [ laughter ]
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and the number one least searched thing in 2020 was wop sheet music for church choir [ applause ] that's really more of an organ song [ laughter ] and finally, i saw that waze has a new feature for the holidays where you can have santa's voice give you directions - which sounds fun until your kids hear their dad snap at santa. all right. i heard you. it's actually just a mall santa, so every now and then, you'll hear -- 50 feet explain to me why my wife left me we have a great show give it up for the roots, everybody. ♪ >> jimmy: what a show we have for you tonight. he stars in the new movie "wild mountain thyme." jon hamm is here
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plus her new album, "a very trainor christmas" is out now. meghan trainor is here [ cheers and applause we are going to talk to meghan trainor we are going to have fun with a new game called google translate songs, then later in the show, she's going to perform a holiday song with earth, wind & fire stay tuned for that. [ cheers and applause guys, we have exactly eight shows left before we go on christmas break. which means it's time for that beloved "the tonight show" tradition. it is time for 12 days of christmas sweaters ♪ >> jimmy: that's right, every show between now and christmas, we will be giving one lucky audience member a glorious christmas sweater from the countdown to christmas cabinet now since there are eight shows left, let's open door number eight. all the way up top oh, yeah look at that i love it.
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wow. that is gorgeous that is nice wow. that is just beautiful there is a turtleneck inside the sweater. is that a couple of partridges ooh, on the back, a dancing lady, st. pauly girl, yeah not an ad. not an ad. how many birds do you got on there? one, two, three -- you got three partridges it is not a pear tree. but you get the idea guys, let's see who's going home with tonight's sweater. everyone, look at your seat number if i call your number, come on down quest, can i get a drum roll please [ drum roll 237. ♪ >> jimmy: hey. thank you so much for being in our audience tonight what is your name and where are you from >> carmine originally from brooklyn but
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live in staten island now, make bad decisions. >> jimmy: why not. now you are wearing a nice, warm fleece there. but i think that this would work out perfect what do you think? >> i think so. i think so i will go with tree front. >> jimmy: yeah, sure again, these sweaters have no front or backs everyone is guessing at what the front and back is. oh, look at this already i feel this -- oh, look at this yeah, that is what i am talking about. turn around and see it in front. oh, perfect. my god fantastic. thank you so much. let's give our winner a round of applause. thank you to the lucky audience we will be right back with jon hamm everyone. come on back ♪ your petitions worked. because a sandwich so tangy and delicious,
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♪ >> jimmy: my first guest is -- a lot of people call him the best that's it. he's just the best because he is.
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he's an emmy and a golden globe winning actor who stars in the new movie "wild mountain thyme" which is in theaters and on demand this friday here is the one and only jon hamm >> you know what >> jimmy: that's what i'm -- >> i'll take it. i'll take it >> jimmy: it is great to see you, buddy as always. >> the best. this is the best >> jimmy: yeah, i know i had to call you the best, because you really are everyone i talk to, they go, "please, we love jon hamm. you are the best >> i'll take it. i'll take it >> jimmy: last time you were on our show we were talking to each other from our homes. it was seven months -- seven months ago >> early pandemic. >> jimmy: now i'm in the studio but you were back in the film set. >> i know, i was back on a film set in detroit, michigan during the election >> jimmy: wow. >> which was very strange to be in a battleground state during an election, i will say that but also strange making a movie where everyone has to be in masks until three seconds before they started rolling the cameras. >> jimmy: my gosh. >> but we did it we were safe
11:51 pm
nobody got infected or super spread, anything >> jimmy: is this the soderbergh movie >> steve soderbergh directed >> jimmy: come one >> cast including self, we had cheadle. we had benicio del t >> jimmy: oh >> we had kieran culkin. for the yonger viewers out there, we had noah jupe. >> jimmy: i would go to this party in two seconds >> it had been not on lockdown you would have been invited. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. were you guys in a bubble somewhere? >> yeah, we all stayed in the same hotel in downtown detroit which by the way, detroit, if you get a chance, go visit >> jimmy: yup. i did -- >> it's a very cool city never been my first time. and yeah, it was super awesome >> jimmy: oh, and they have great hot dogs there, by the way. >> yeah. the coney dogs, man. i definitely -- i visited lafayette coney dogs, free plug >> jimmy: yeah, but i love - >> and you know they are right next to each other >> jimmy: actually, the walls are touching
11:52 pm
american might be the other. >> american and lafayette, they share a wall >> jimmy: competing coney dogs >> if you don't like the hotdogs here, the exact same thing is right next door >> jimmy: three seconds away it is not even larry david it is beyond spite store. >> if it is, it has been going on for 70 years. >> jimmy: my gosh, how is cheedle doing? >> great i went to lafayette with cheedle. it was a pretty out of body experience for the greek man who did not care by the way. he is like how many hotdogs do you want two each >> jimmy: that was it. that was the highlight of the day. didn't care. we are good. speaking of dogs, you got a dog? >> i do. where is he. i think he is hiding yeah we got a puppy
11:53 pm
i am using it very, very loosely because he is 65 pounds and he is 8 months old he is going to be a big chunk. >> jimmy: what kind of a dog poodle >> yeah. it is half rottweiler. murphy murphy, come all right. are you ready. this is murphy >> jimmy: that's a good puppy. that's a puppy oh, my gosh. he is a beast, dude. he is going to be big. >> i am not kidding. he is a large, large dog >> jimmy: is that his tv debut >> yeah. it is his tv debut he immediately by the way left >> jimmy: of course. >> he is impactly like the greek waiter at lafayette coney dogs got what he needed, got his toy and bailed >> jimmy: yeah you know i wanted to talk to you quickly but we don't have to lay on the horn too much.
11:54 pm
our buddy, andy samberg was on the show we are like what shows are you watching during quarantine he said you know what i am watching "madmen." i am like you have never seen it i have seen but never watched it he is like i feel so bad we never discussed it. he probably assumed i saw it it is amazing. of course it is amazing. but he won emmys we celebrated with him >> yeah. the funny thing, you know, the first time i hosted snl, they all dressed up in madmen gear. i am like samberg kind of half-assed it. who are you. you just put on a tie. taped a cigarette with a pencil skirt.
11:55 pm
hader was in drag. i realized when he texted me in april or may i have to tell you, i have been watching the show. i never saw it don't be embarrassed glad you are enjoying it now better getting a test, i finally saw your show and i don't get it >> hey, i want to talk about your movie you know i love a good rom-com and a good love story. i am irish i love a good shot to ireland any time i can see it. "wild mountain thyme," thyme >> if you love those things, this movie is for me >> jimmy: it was for me. i loved jamie. i loved if emily i get jon hamm in there as well >> yeah. chris walken for you
11:56 pm
>> jimmy: come on. how is it to hang out in ireland with christopher walken >> i will tell you the greatest story, secondhand from the director and writer of the film he would say chris was so enamored with ireland. my first time in ireland his first time he would sit in his room and stare out the room at the cows and make up stories about what the cows were thinking very, very detailed stories. they were not pleasant thoughts he was convinced the cows were sinister and were probably up to no good >> jimmy: you can't turn your brain off, man >> no. that is peak walken right there. there is only one chris walken any time you get to spend with him is time that you absolutely treasure i didn't have a lot of scenes but i spent a couple of dinners with him i would find myself smiling and nodding and just having the
11:57 pm
greatest time. >> jimmy: just the air in ireland. everything you know, we shot every inch of it it is so lush and beautiful. we were there in september, october. it was kind of rainy and then it would just be rainbows everywhere. are you kidding me like come on, ireland. we get it. we get it. a hat on a hat on a hat on a a leprechaun on a hat with a a lucky charm and two more hats it was so beautiful. it was so beautiful. >> jimmy: do we want to set it up or did i set it up already saying it is a love story? >> it is the most beautiful, honest, sincere love story without a trace of cynicism or snark and the perfect antidote to 2020. >> emily blunt
11:58 pm
>> marriage is a practical partnership. who will take out the trash. that kind of a thing >> what marriage >> do you want to be married i mean in general, do you want to be married? >> i suppose >> me too. however i don't think he is the marrying kind. >> how would you know? >> because you right there you were right next door and nothing happened >> i am not next door now. >> no you are not. and i find that very promising >> jimmy: more with jon hamm after the break. come on back everybody ♪ ♪ we love the new apartment. the natural light is amazing. hardwood floors. there is a bit of a clogging problem. (clog dancing)
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that works. ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. i am talking with jon hamm jon, over the summer you got to see questlove at camp chappelle we had a few people that were there come on and talk about their experience, and i wanted to ask you -- tiffany haddish came on our show and told us that she had like a mushroom tea or something and she was talking with you and chatting with you and she loves you, she said. and then you turned into phylicia rashad in her mind.
12:04 am
did you have any idea about this >> no, i had no clue that is -- that is so weirdly specific and yet so wrong in every way. >> jimmy: what was the highlight for you to dave chappelle >> oh, man, like it was so fun and funny. michelle wolfe was there who's hilarious. >> jimmy: i love michelle wolf >> and mo amer who is awesome and donnell rawlings >> jimmy: oh >> but, then on the fourth of july -- first of all, dave set off fireworks because the township could not afford them so he paid for them. so he paid for fireworks for the whole township and then we got to see that. and then, yeah, quest was there playing drums and spinning beats. >> jimmy: wow. >> and then it was talib kweli and erykah badu and common, and tiff, and everybody. it was just -- it was like -- che was there. it was like -- it was like summer camp. i mean, that was the only thing that i could say abd it was so, like a breath of fresh air and needed after like already like four months of just bummer.
12:05 am
>> jimmy: with really funny people >> my gosh it was -- only that guy could get that to happen >> jimmy: yeah >> and chappelle is one of the best >> jimmy: i got to say, i love talking to you man, 'cause it's just -- it's nice. it's nice and it is easy >> aww >> jimmy: you know, 'cause it's -- i like being open and honest with you. >> you know jimmy, i feel the same way >> jimmy: i do >> i feel i can be honest and open with you. it's like, it's really nice. like, we've known each other for a long time now. and it's like, it feels like honesty is like the best policy, i think. >> jimmy: could i be honest with you about a few more things >> jimmy, i would love that. do you mind if i get honest with you about a few more things >> jimmy: wonderful. then it is time for -- ♪ honestly honestly, my favorite battery is 9 volt. >> honestly. ♪ >> honestly jimmy, the only way i'll get my ears pierced is if pierce brosnan does it first
12:06 am
>> honestly. ♪ >> jimmy: honestly, i have not watched netflix in over a year i forgot my password so i just read recaps of "ozark" online so i can pretend i have seen it >> honestly. ♪ >> honestly, jimmy, i stole your netflix account and changed your password. >> honestly. ♪ >> jimmy: i figured. honestly, my favorite song is "prappy boy" by mr. genky. >> honestly. ♪ >> honestly, i think lemonade is delicious, but limeade? limeade can go straight to hell >> honestly. ♪ >> jimmy: honestly, sometimes i call the smell of burning bread "the ghost of toast. >> honestly. ♪
12:07 am
>> you know honestly, if a a shirt fits a little loose -- >> jimmy: uh-huh >> -- i'll just gain a little weight >> honestly. ♪ >> jimmy: honestly, i love "mac or cheese. but i hate "mac and cheese." >> hmm >> honestly. ♪ >> thank you thanks for that. honestly, if i see a spider in my shower, i'm gonna give him a show he will never forget. >> honestly. ♪ >> jimmy: honestly, i never learned how to lick envelopes properly i just give them a bunch of tiny kisses. >> honestly. ♪ >> that's sweet. honestly, my favorite song is "chubby bubkins" by mr. genky. >> honestly. ♪ >> both: honestly, i love you. jinx >> jimmy: felt so great to be honest with you, jon >> jimmy, it feels so great to be honest with you
12:08 am
thank you so much for your honesty. >> jimmy: thanks to jon hamm, his new movie "wild mountain thyme" is in theaters and on demand this friday we'll be right back with more "the tonight show" everybody ♪ this week on "the upper hands"... special guest flo challenges the hand models to show off the ease of comparing rates with progressive's home quote explorer. international hand model jon-jon gets personal. your wayward pinky is grotesque. then a high stakes patty-cake battle royale ends in triumph. you have the upper hands! it's a race to the lowest rate, and so much more. only on "the upper hands." it's a race to the lowest rate, and so much more. cheddar, jalapeno and sour cream & onion the spicy nacho stack. i wish i could stack pringles but i don't have hands or a mouth to... cool, play my dance playlist. ♪ ♪ there's a flavor stack for everyone... sort of.
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four hundred dollars it's following your passion to bto the very top... ...and setting the standard by which all who follow, will be measured. tequila herradura, the world's most gold medal awarded tequila. ♪ >> jimmy: my next guest is a a grammy-winning artist. this is her brand new holiday album, "a very trainor christmas. it is out now. it is fantasic here is meghan trainor oh, my gosh. look at you. look, the bow. i mean stop it >> i am so pregnant. >> jimmy: i am so happy, and it's wrapped in a bow. congratulations. look look at this yeah oh, my gosh.
12:14 am
oh, my gosh. how excited -- congratulations i am so excited for you. how are you feeling? how has it been being pregnant during quarantine and everything >> it was great, like, not traveling. and if i felt sick, i'm like, "well, at least i am home," you know and doing interviews like this i was so lucky for that. and then the only bump in the road i had was i got gestational diabetes but so many women have it, and it was just, like, the unknowing. like, i didn't know what it was. >> jimmy: i don't know what it is it's like a genetics thing so my mom had it, and she didn't even, like, give me a a full warning but, it's basically i just watch what i eat now, i write everything down, i check my blood, and we're good now. i've been crushing it. it's like a game for me, and i am winning so it's nice to know we are both healthy >> jimmy: this is great news december is a giant month for you, because your birthday is coming up. >> yes it is >> jimmy: which is also the same day of the wedding anniversary, i believe
12:15 am
>> yep, i did that >> jimmy: happy birthday happy anniversary. >> thank you >> jimmy: and then christmas how are you going to celebrate all of these things without overdoing it you've got to, like, pace yourself >> i know everyone is worried this year. i just told them, like, get me baby stuff that's all i need, you know? i'm just, like, starting to nest he is coming around early february so it will be perfect. i'll get all of my stuff ready >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. this just going to be the best christmas ever let's talk about your new album, "a very trainor christmas. this is your first ever christmas album. and i've got to tell you, i love it. it is a fantastic record, top to bottom. it really is a family affair the whole family is involved in this album >> yeah. my older brother actually took that picture in my living room and they wrote all the songs, my little brother produced the originals. most of them with me and my dad is playing the piano on "have yourself a merry little christmas >> jimmy: yep. >> i got my two cousins to come over and i told them i'm pregnant also i sing background on
12:16 am
rudolph. you know, it was a big family project. >> jimmy: how awesome is that. it is 18 songs it is jam-packed i mean, you get your money's worth for this one it's classics. but there's also some covers on here of, like, you know -- i mean there's brand-new ones. but there's also covers. "it's beginning to look a lot like christmas." "winter wonderland." "white christmas" with seth macfarlane, by the way, is -- right now, it is the number one on billboard's adult contemporary chart congratulations on that. that guy is unbelievable too he's so talented >> he is so good >> jimmy: and funny. but my favorite jam, can you guess or no? >> i don't know. maybe -- is it a cover or an original >> jimmy: it's a cover >> okay. is it "last christmas? >> jimmy: it's last christmas. >> i got it! >> jimmy: no one can cover that song and i go like, "eh nice try." this is fantastic.
12:17 am
not only you're singing on it, but the production and the way that it starts with like a - >> yeah. >> jimmy: i love it. i go, "dude, she hit a home run with this one. >> i didn't realize how much pressure that would be a lot of people are like, "i really hate when people cover this song, but you did a great job. i was like, "oh, my god. thank you. >> jimmy: it's a tough one to cover. the other tough one is the waitresses christmas rap you can't really do it like the waitresses >> yeah. >> jimmy: but this one was -- the whole record is great. but i love the production on that your voice is great. it's just perfect. the keyboard the sound is just great on that one. i love that. i just love christmas albums too. >> yeah. i love what you do with dolly. dolly parton that's great >> jimmy: we'll talk about that another time i was sweating bombs i go, "i can't sing this song. what's wrong with people." but it was so much fun it's dolly it was the best. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but then, you go, "great here's a new song called
12:18 am
"holidays. and here is earth, wind and fire and i go, "it's just brilliant. how did the collaboration come about? >> oh, i heard - they've always been so nice to me, but i heard they would be willing to do a duet with me on this album and i was like, "it has to be an original, and i have to show me that my heroes, like, you raised me. you taught me what music is. i'm going to make you proud. and i got with my two favorite musicians. mike sabbath, eddie benjamin they are children. they're like 20 years old. and we all, like, got together and tested -- we're all safe -- got together, and we wrote this song in an evening and we're like, "we want it to be a party." we studied their music we played it all day, and we're like, "what would their music -- >> jimmy: it's very earth, wind, and fire but perfectly you too. >> we're like, "we have to have like a horn section. a breakdown. like it was math >> jimmy: yeah, but i love the song and you're performing for us tonight, which i'm very excited and thankful for we are very in the theme this
12:19 am
year i am so thankful for that. but first, you're always up for doing something fun on our show, which we love about you. when we come back, you and i are going to play a musical game called "google translate songs. more with meghan trainor when we come back stick around everybody ♪ ♪jingle bells instrumental music playing in the background♪ [siren + traffic noise] ♪why would i lie and say i feel good,♪ ♪when i don't feel good? ♪all i really want is to be happy and truly feel good♪ ♪fake smiles never had me sold.♪ ♪even in the summer, my heart cold.♪ ♪whack, why you always be so bold?♪ ♪holidays just keep gettin' old.♪ ♪who can i look up to when i'm feelin' down?♪ ♪music playing [light flick] ♪ tierra whack: hey siri, turn it way up. [magical burst] ♪
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>> jimmy: we are back with meghan trainor now meghan, everyone knows you are an amazing singer. so, i thought it would be fun if we performed a few songs. but there's a catch to mix things up. we fed the songs into google translate. and we are going to perform the jumbled lyrics time for "google translate songs. >> all right ♪ google translate songs >> jimmy: so if you ever used google translate, you know that it is not always perfect for example, when translated to slovak and back, the "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon, becomes "today's performance with jimmy fallon in the show in the lead role." we did the same thing with song lyrics some people have done this online it's super fun. i'm going to start us off. i'm going to be performing, i'm going to read the lyrics here, a google translated version of "mr. bright side" by the killers, which is now called "glowing wall is me. can i get some music
12:26 am
♪ and my trance is declined lady naming taxi as long as his gas ♪ ♪ lady allocates ru instant entering cri gut is broken for me ♪ ♪ i'm entirely skul breast is instantly meltin i'm retire eyes not allowed ♪ ♪ i exist not authority stretche resentment, good men ♪ ♪ spinning under wate floating ill in tired beds your excuses in your throat ♪ ♪ nevertheless money spen my future is on the phone ♪
12:27 am
♪ i reveal some greedy dots sir glowing wall is me ♪ >> unbelievable. >> jimmy: killers might call, and want to do that version. >> i really liked it >> jimmy: they are not going to, but my might meghan, it is your turn. you will be singing the google translated version of your hit song "all about that bass. which is now called i" am full of fish. >> okay. >> jimmy: they thought it was bass >> yeah. >> jimmy: okay here we go let's hear it. ♪ okay very sharp range is not two for m although i flap up flap up as my requirement ♪ ♪ so many childre steal my prosperit healthy trash in ♪ ♪ healthy towns
12:28 am
a woman confirmed saying ♪ ♪ your length shoul not be shy ♪ ♪ she sai dark treasure is being kept for tiny children ♪ ♪ my presence is not with a greasy wooden puppet but if you select ♪ ♪ it then exi and drive your fac you're aware tha i am full of fish ♪ ♪ full of fis with screaming ♪ ♪ i am full of fish full of fish with screaming ♪ ♪ i am full of fish full of fish with screaming ♪ ♪ i am full of fish full of fish, fish, fish ♪ >> yeah. >> jimmy: that is fantastic. >> i liked it better >> jimmy: that is what i am talking about. all right. for our last one let's do a duet of the classic christmas song "it's beginning to look a
12:29 am
a lot like christmas." but we will be singing the translated version, "i'll take a look at the christmas pie. >> okay. >> jimmy: can we get some music? >> i am totally sweating ♪ i'll take a look at the christmas pi compete in my store ♪ ♪ but i think tha it sounds good that you wil have a great vie of my preserve ♪ ♪ a pair of two different shoes ♪ ♪ and a cannon for be is the thing that barney would like eagles that speak ♪ ♪ and keep trac of my thoughts ♪ ♪ is what jane an jane would like ♪ ♪ but infants o my dad can b quite hard to educate ♪ ♪ i'll take a loo at the christmas pie the noise will ♪ ♪ start soo and the reason that harlots pain ♪
12:30 am
♪ is because ther is the noise inside my chest ♪ >> jimmy: meghan trainor everybody. her new holiday album, "a very trainor christmas" is out now. you are the best pal thank you. stick around we will be right back with more "tonight show. ♪ ♪ today's ways of working may work differently tomorrow.
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♪ >> jimmy: performing "holidays" from her album "a very trainor christmas," here is meghan trainor featuring earth, wind & fire
12:34 am
[ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ it's a celebratio get ready for th holi-holi-holidays yeah it's a celebration ♪ ♪ so baby don't you sto you got that loo in your eyes eyes, eyes ♪ ♪ call me for hel we can vib vibe, vibe let's have the ♪ ♪ time of our lives you can feel i you can feel i even if you ♪ ♪ dance alone you deserve a cheers 'cause you been workin way too long m ♪ no more wishin' baby liste it's a celebration get ready for the ♪ ♪ holi-holi-holiday yeah it's a celebratio so baby don't you stop
12:35 am
dancin' with me ♪ ♪ holiday holiday holiday holiday holiday holida holiday ah ooh ooh holiday holiday ♪ ♪ holiday holiday so baby don't you stop lemme hear you say i'm ready for ♪ ♪ the holiday call the family up tell 'em we're on our way ♪ ♪ tryna party 'cause we goin' craz you can feel i feel it ♪ ♪ even if you dance alone you deserve a cheers whoa o 'cause you been workin' ♪ ♪ way too lon no more wishin baby liste it's a celebration ♪ ♪ celebration yea get ready for th holi-holi-holidays yeah it's a celebration ♪ ♪ oh, we gon' celebrate
12:36 am
so baby don't you stop do you sto dancin' with me ♪ ♪ holiday holiday holiday holiday holiday holida holiday holiday holida holiday holiday ♪ ♪ so baby don't you stop ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ holiday holiday holiday holiday holiday holida holiday ooh ah ooh ooh holiday holiday ♪ ♪ holiday holiday so baby don't you stop ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thank you all for watching stay safe out there. wash your hands. don't touch your face. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪


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