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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  December 11, 2020 12:36am-1:36am PST

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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: my thanks to bruce springsteen, jay balvin, mandy moore and the roots! thank you all for watching stay safe out there. wash your hands. don't touch your face. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight everybody! [ cheers and applause
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers" -- blake shelton, actress and comedian, jenny slate, music from my morning jacket featuring the 8g band with kaz rodriguez. and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers and this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? that is great to hear. let's get to the news. president trump, yesterday, joined a long-shot texas lawsuit asking the supreme court to effectively overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, and this is weird,
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they want to give the presidency to jo jorgenson. after the texas attorney general filed the lawsuit seeking to have the supreme court overturn joe biden's victory, 17 other states told the court yesterday, that they support the effort so, if you're sad about civil war statues being torn down, sounds like we might have some new ones pretty soon after president trump leaves the white house, a private contractor will reportedly clean the building with disinfectant misting services to clear the area of droplets before president elect joe biden's team moves in they also plan to set out some glue traps for stephen miller. tonight was the first night of hanukkah, the holiday that commemorates a point in history when eight nights seemed like a long time. president trump tweeted a claim yesterday that 10% of voters would have changed their vote, if they knew about a tax fraud investigation centered around president elect joe biden's son, hunter yeah, that's probably fair looks like this family is mixed up in tax fraud.
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better avoid that can of worms and vote for donald j. trump plans to launch its new fox weather streaming service next year so, get ready for it to be mild, a little cloudy in the afternoon, with a 40% chance according to new reports, first lady melania trump has recently become focused on her legacy well, sorry to break it to you, but your legacy is the lady who hated christmas and her husband. you don't get to pick. that's like tonya harding saying, "hmm, what should i be remembered for?" according to reports, despite publically agreeing with president trump's decision to fight the results of the 2020 election, first lady melania trump has been telling confidants that she quote, "just wants to go home," said melania. wow, okay. i guess those weren't confidants according to a new report, joe biden was the most googled person in 2020, mostly by donald trump during a speech this week,
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announcing his campaign for new york city mayor, obama era housing and urban development secretary, shaun donovan said he wanted to reimagine the city as a bunch of 15 minute neighborhoods. as in, "i can afford to live in this neighborhood for about 15 minutes." according to a new poll, almost 3 out of 4 americans think the pandemic is getting worse. the rest said, "i can't talk i'm at a rave! and finally, wild life officials in south carolina recently found a nine-pound gold fish swimming in a lake. ugh, a nine pound gold fish? i don't know, it sounds like maybe he found them. "start the motor for the love of god! start the motor! and that, you guys, that was a monologue. we've got a great show for you tonight. he's the coach on "the voice" that holds the record for most wins, even though he is way too modest to ever say it. country superstar, blake shelton, will be here. and she is one of my favorites, actress and comedian, jenny slate. she's coming back, and her book,
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"little weirds," is available now, you guys. this is also very exciting, we'll have music from my morning jacket there they are right there and -- but before we get to all that, the u.s. coronavirus outbreak reached a grim, new milestone yesterday, with over 3,000 deaths in one day. a global record. but the president was too busy live tweeting fox news and trying to get the results of an election he lost overturned. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ >> seth: every day, it gets harder and harder to articulate just how shocking, and devastating, and unbearable the situation is, and how sick, and depraved and sadistic our leaders are. at some point, you just run out of words if when this whole thing started, you'd invested in purell, lysol and, you would have made a fortune. a king's ransom, tiny nest egg, racks on racks sadly, i put all my stock in and it turns out, even during quarantine, no one wants to watch my one man hanukkah theme parody of "jersey boys," "jersey
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goys." ♪ menorah light we've got a dreide instead of a tre eight new presents ♪ ♪ and they're all for m oh i love menorah lights ♪ >> seth: in my friend group, i've always been the miranda, but i guess i'm not lin-manuel miranda hey, guys, camera operators don't just slip jokes in, okay i mean, i appreciate it, but don't. anyway, the point is, we're in the midst of a national calamity, unlike anything most of us have seen in our lifetimes. it's an ongoing emergency, with over 200,000 new cases every day and 100,000 americans in the hospital as we speak republicans spent over $7 million in two and a half years, investigating four american deaths in benghazi, in order to, by their own admission, drag down hillary clinton's poll numbers but when you bring up covid, they act like it's a new tiktok trend they've never heard of before "is that the one where you eat cereal out of someone else's mouth? and as grotesque and sociopathic as the indifference and incompetence from the trump
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administration and republican party have been, there's also plenty of blame to go around. from confusing decisions by local officials to close playgrounds but keep gyms and bars open, to hypocrites like the mayor of austin, who told people to stay home while he was on vacation in cabo. i mean, i'm sure it's a wonderful place, but just being in cabo sounds like an admission of guilt if somebody started a sentence, "let me explain, i was in cabo," you would just say, "shut up." unless, of course, you were in cancun, in which case, you know, you'd have to hear them out. the response to the coronavirus has been a total failure of american governance, from the top down, and leadership is desperately needed the president and his had aides could be on tv every single day, asking people to stay home for their own sake, and for the health of their friends, family and fellow americans, they could be leading the charge to get direct payments to americans and small businesses to help them through the crisis instead, mitch mcconnell has been holding up an aide package in order to get a liability shield for corporations that put workers in harm's way, while the white house proposed lowering the federal unemployment
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benefit, a situation that has clearly infuriated vermont senator, bernie sanders. >> unemployment are high, we have a record level of hunger in america. millions of people are facing evictions. this is an emergency congress has got to respond aggressively to help had working families you know, stephanie, i always get a kick, here in washington, when we go to war, there's endless amounts of money, tax breaks for billionaires, endless amounts of money, corporate welfare, endless amounts of money. when children are going hungry in america today, suddenly we don't have enough money. that's crap. that's wrong >> seth: can bernie be the new host of jeopardy that would be fantastic. >> what is los angeles >> that's crap that's wrong [ light laughter ] >> seth: bernie's right, and there's no better way to say it. the situation should be just as outrageous to you as seeing a bmw parked in a fire lane or getting skipped in line at the deli and you do not want to skip bernie at the deli "whoa, whoa, whoa, excuse me i have number 7. i've been waiting here impatiently for 20 minutes, and you just serve him because he
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walks up to the counter like he owns the place that's wrong that's crap. now i got to go. i got tickets to jersey goys." sanders and many other progressives, like congresswoman, katie porter, want direct payments to americans, and in an interview last week, porter took issue with the fact that such payments are often referred to as stimulus >> one of the things that's making me really frustrated right now, is when i hear people talk about this as stimulus. let's be clear, it is not stimulus money to give people money so they can feed themselves so, that they can keep heat on in the winter. so that they can avoid eviction. that's not stimulus. that is basic needs that we are talking about meeting. and you're absolutely right, that it's not enough to just do some unemployment, it's not enough to just do more with food assistance. people need that direct assistance >> seth: and she's right too, all that was missing was a "that's crap," or you know a few other swears next time, she should feel free to say, "one of the many things that makes me really upset at these [ bleep ] jabronis, is when i hear their bitch mouths talk about a stimulus.
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it's not stimulus. it's money for people to eat and pay for housing and utilities. things mitch mcconnell doesn't have to worry about because according to the center for response in politics, he has a net worth of over $34 million, money i assume he made doing narration for kentucky ghost stories. "gather around, children, for the tale of 'the coal zombie.' porter's right, that we shouldn't call this stimulus, it's not about stimulating the economy, it's about keeping people alive if you see someone on the side of the road next to a car wreck, you don't pull over and say, "oh, so you want me to call aaa? what's next, a tourniquet for your leg everybody wants a handout. the richest country on earth should have a political system that sees the dire situation we're in 3,000 dead in a day. 100,000 hospitalized millions facing eviction, unemployment and hunger, and rushes to do something about it. instead, here is what the leader of the white house coronavirus task force was talking about yesterday, as the u.s. set a new daily record for coronavirus deaths >> space itself represents a war-fighting domain.
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and we will be prepared to defend our nation and defend our freedom in space >> seth: i mean, sure, why not after all, we're in a place now, where going to space and going to applebee's are equally dangerous. also, i'm sorry, i wasn't aware our freedom was threatened in space. what's the issue there aliens using paper straws in their spacecrafts? are you not allowed to say merry christmas on zorblax-seven maybe pence is obsessed with space, because he has the same level of compassion and charisma i doubt he is even a real he's like the hologram doctor on "star trek: voyager. i bet if you keep your eye on him long enough, he'll flicker all we have to do to make sure pence never becomes president, is press the red button on his back not to be confused with his blue eject shame button that has already been pressed multiple times. also, what is it with presidential administrations using space as a topic changer "there's a war in vietnam and we must pass the era. okay, ladies, hippies, i hear you, but look -- look at that, there's a guy on the moon, his
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name is neil wait, shouldn't buzz have gone first? it's just such a better space name, that's for another time. but, maybe that's their covid plan, quarantine everyone in space. we'll be launching people into orbit to keep the coronavirus from spreading "rudy, please, keep your helmet on." "when i cough in the helmet, the spit comes right back at me. oh, no my teeth are floating away again. although, to be honest, i wish trump had been talking about space and maybe, you know, going there, instead he spent his day as thousands of americans were dying alone in overwhelmed hospitals scream tweeting unhinged nonsense about the election he lost trying to get the result overturned, and of course, watching fox news. >> president trump, who attacked hunter biden and his overseas interests nearly every day during the campaign, tonight, tweeted a quote from a guest on tucker carlson's "fox news" show "10% of voters would have changed ten percent of voters would have changed their vote, if they knew about hunter biden." trump added, "but i won anyway." >> seth: good thing you included tucker's handle, or he might not have seen it
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the president actually spent his night tweeting at his favorite tv personalities, like a lunatic fan boy tweeting at "dancing with the stars "you never gave carole baskin a chance, @dancingabc. and not to be petty, but it's worth pointing out, once again, that our president's twitter handle is, @realdonaldtrump. the kind of clarification porn stars have to make are we really surprised he didn't order enough vaccines when he couldn't even get @donaldtrump also, i'm not sure i'd tweet out anything tucker says as fact, since fox news lawyers successfully argued in court that they shouldn't be held liable for what he says, because viewers should know he's not telling the truth. a judge actually ruled in court that the general tenor of the show, should inform a viewer that carlson is not stating actual facts about the topics he discusses, and is instead engaging in exaggeration and nonliteral commentary. given mr. carlson's reputation, any reasonable viewer arrives with an appropriate amount of skepticism, about the statements he makes i mean, forget the tenor of the show, the general tenor of
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tucker carlson's voice should make you wonder if he's one of the rich kids al pacino yells at in "scent of a woman." you know, that scene in the end, where there's a disciplinary hearing in a theater for some reason, and al pacino's just allowed an expletive filled 15-minute monologue, which makes the school change its mind, i guess? and again, for anyone who doesn't think we're gonna have anything to talk about post trump, that's not the only '90s movie with third act problems. tucker would be a kid that invites someone on student aid to come with him on a ski trip to stowe, and then add, "oh, wait, you probably can't afford that, bro. and i will say, i love all the euphemisms for lies, but my favorite is nonliteral commentary try that some time with your spouse after getting back from a trip to vegas? "i thought you said no strip clubs. you said that you were going just see 'jersey goys.'" "don't be ridiculous, no one would see 'jersey goys.' that was nonliteral commentary, and on top of that, they expect any quote, "reasonable viewer" to know this sadly, trump is not a reasonable viewer he's the kind of guy who would channel surf past "independence
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day" on tnt and think aliens were attacking the white house trump and his allies in right-wing media, are now all in on creating a false mythology around his election loss an unhinged fantasy world where he actually won and votes for anyone else are illegitimate and their basis for this belief is not any actual proof of voter fraud, since there is none they just take it as an article of faith, that there's no way that trump could have lost and that's not just a dumb cable news argument. that's actually what their lawsuit says. remember, they've argued in court that they're not alleging fraud. they have literally said, this is not a fraud case, because they don't have any proof of fraud. so they've been reduced to arguing in court filings that it's somehow statistically impossible that joe biden could have won the states he won >> that document that you have before you, that case, the texas v. commonwealth of pennsylvania, this is the single most important document of the 2020 election. i would encourage everyone to read this document it is big. for president trump to be ahead as far as he was at 3:00 a.m. in these four states, michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin,
12:52 am
georgia, and for the vote to swing by as much as it did, the probability of that in one state is one in one quadrillion, that's one, comma, 15 zeros. >> seth: 15 zeros, are you talking about the election or trump's legal team boo-yah. come on, kayleigh, you can't toss me an alley-oop like that actually, i'm just kidding, trump could never get 15 lawyers to work for him. in fact, and this is true, the statement trump issued joining with the texas lawsuit was so embarrassing he could only get one lawyer to sign it. a guy named john eastman, a discredited racist that pushed the lie that vice president-elect, kamala harris, wasn't eligible. you can see the evolution of the modern gop in a straight line from birtherism to this. all their insane conspiracy theories are coming together in the final episode. if this were "twin peaks", and it may be, the audience would be saying, "oh, trump killed laura palmer, but it was because he was possessed by the spirit of bob, aka, steve bannon. huh, well, that's unsatisfying and still, there's been a tragedy. and just to give you an idea of how flimsy and error prone this
12:53 am
latest court filing is, to support their claim that it's somehow statistically impossible that trump could lose, his attorney made a claim trump also tweeted out earlier in the day, writing, "president trump won both florida and ohio. no candidate in history, republican or democrat has ever lost the election after winning both states. which is true, if you just start counting after 1960, because in 1960, that exact thing happened richard nixon won both florida and ohio and lost to jfk. do these guys do like any research before they write this stuff? can you not afford a siri or a clippy just swallow your pride and ask jeeves for god's sakes these lawsuits have been so nonsensical and unhinged that even republican judges, and judges appointed by himself, has rejected them. in one case, a trump appointed judge joined by two other republican judges, appointed by george w. bush, wrote that "calling an election unfair does not make it so charges require specific allegations and then proof we have neither here." they're basically explaining how a court case is supposed to work normally, lawyers wear ties, and
12:54 am
have pens, and notebooks and briefcases full of papers that aren't, you know, leaking from the head like an overloaded hefty bag. and yet, republicans in 17 states joined the insane texas lawsuit seeking to overturn millions of votes the two gop senators in georgia voiced their support for it, effectively saying the supreme court should overturn the will of their own constituents this is what trump and the republican party obsessively focused on, as thousands of americans die everyday from pandemic they clearly don't care about. as i said before, at some point, you just run out of words. all you can really say, is - >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ we'll be right back with blake shelton. ♪ (vothirteen years ago, subaru created the share the love event. where our new owners could choose a national or hometown charity. and subaru and our retailers would proudly make a donation. but now, in times like these,
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♪ >>seth: he's been sitting in with the 8g band all week by way of london, and currently is the drummer for singer songwriter josh groban. be sure to check out his new single solo album "motions" available later this month and follow him on instagram @kazdrums, kaz rodriguez is here thank you so much is for a fantastic week, kaz. our first guest tonight is a grammy nominated country music super star, and coach on "the voice. the season finale airs this monday and tuesday at 8:00 here on nbc. let's take a look.
12:59 am
>> blake, let me go with you, bud. >> where is the what camera? what camera -- what camera am i looking in >> just talk to america. >> america, this show is called "the voice." when have you ever in your life heard a voice like that? >> wow >> recognize it. >> so great. >> and reward it lll >>seth: please welcome back to the show, blake shelton how are you, blake >> hey, seth, you know what i was watching that clip right there -- by the way, hello and good to see you. but i just was reminded because you came from the "snl" world, i was channeling my best chris farley and adam sandler, remember "the hurley boy" or whatver? >> seth: yeah, absolutely. >> "let the boy baby-sit your grandma! i was -- >>seth: "he is a good boy! >> that's right. that's right >> i -- i had your beautiful fiancé, gwen was on the show in october. i have a -- i have a small gripe. which is the very next day, she basically announced on instagram that you guys had been engaged >> yeah. >> seth: that's the kind of content that we could have really had a lot of fun with
1:00 am
why did you wait until the day she left >> you know what i remember this, by the way, seth because she did your show from, i believe she was in oklahoma, we have a little cabin there that we stay n and believe it or not, somehow, i figured out how to get internet there. so, and she -- and she kept like doing this with her hand and you know, wondering if people would figure out that she was wearing an engagement ring i told her, i said, "you know, you wear more jewelry than mr. t so i don't think anybody is going to pick up on that, gwen." and they didn't. they didn't. you could have figured it out though. she was giving you hints >>seth: i know you know, it's very hard over zoom, because you never know, i don't want to stare, you end up looking in the camera more than you do at the guests so, um, it was true. it was right in front of me and i missed it. i want to -- i don't want to ask too much about wedding plans but it does strike me that with the two of you, picking a wedding band has very -- i mean, i'm assuming you know a lot of
1:01 am
people, but that's a high pressure gig to be the wedding band at your shindig >> you know, i've kind of decided that, you know, i've been doing this a long time now, and i've got a lot of favors out there. and he may not like it, but adam lavine's going to have to get the band together, and come and play our wedding i think that would be -- i've already seen a music video where they crash people's weddings, and he owes me a lot for just putting up with him over the years. >> seth: sure. >> so we can get adam to come be our wedding band not maybe. we are going to. >>seth: i think you should do that, and while he's playing, i think you and gwen should turn your chairs around >> oh, i like that idea. and plus, their music is so boring that it won't distract from the festivities and the reception and all that stuff lll >>seth: right, you should maybe have them play in a separate barn. you know, like you can go over and if you want to relax a little you -- you and gwen just
1:02 am
released your second number one single together. when we were here, we were talking about the fact that you guys won a cmt award >> yeah. >>seth: and now, obviously, you know, you have introduced her to your genre of music. it would be fun, and i think your fans would enjoy, just one ska song just one - >> i knew that was where you were going with it >>seth: -- just one. >> can you imagine that? i don't even know. i'm not even certain what ska even means like, is that like a -- is that a genre? is that just a - >>seth: yeah, i would say it's like a sort of reggae inspired genre of music i think it's like right in your wheelhouse >> uh, you know, maybe i could -- i don't even know actually no, i was going say, maybe i can get away with some reggae, but i still don't think that i could perform. >>seth: uh, i did not know this about you, and i apologize, but you're producing a hallmark movie. this is your third >> yeah. >> seth: and the part of it that is fascinating to me, it's a
1:03 am
christmas film, uh, you produced it with your mother. >> that's true that is fascinating, isn't it, seth could imagine doing -- >>seth: i will say i love my mother i don't know if i would love to produce a film with her. especially a holiday film. >> the goal of working with your mom in the entertainment industry what happened was is we wrote a song together -- i had a christmas album that came out several years ago. and my mom is a little bit like lucy ricardo, where she's constantly, you know, harassing ricky to let her be on the show, or let her sing, or write a song my mom always wanted to be a songwriter so she is always, you know, texting me or talking to me about song ideas so finally, one day, i said, "look i'm making a christmas album. i think it would be appropriate for you and i to finally write this christmas song together i will record it it will be on my album, and we'll sing it like a duet. and so we did this thing and then they ended up -- you
1:04 am
know, some publisher came along, and offered her a book deal because of the song. and then because the book came out, then the hallmark channel came along and they offered to do a movie based on the book and the movie did good, and here we are three movies later. so, just let me know if you want to do any work with any family members. >>seth: do you, um -- i do want to ask real quick about the season of "the voice." coming in the home stretch, you seem well positioned to take the crown again. are you feeling confident? >> i am. you know, the problem for team blake this year, i have two members left, which is incredible in the finale. everyone else just has one but, gwen happens to have this very, very specially young man named carter rubin that i feel like if there's a threat to all of our teams, it's that kid. and if he wins, i don't think that any of us would be mad about it because he's just -- he deserves it, he is a special
1:05 am
kid. my team's been strong, and they have been all season and we never know how the voting is going they never clue us in. you would think after almost 20 seasons of doing the show i can have some - pull favors, but i still never know what's going on behind the scenes so, i would say carter's going to be our toughest competition, all of us coaches because he is a special -- he's got a pretty decent coach too >>seth: you, uh, you know, it's incredible to watch the talent of the singers on the show, but i'm always taken as well with the amount of nerve they need to have to go out and perform live, you know, in front of, even without an audience. you know, they're performing in front of these four -- the four of you do you think you would have had the confidence to go out there at their age, and do what they do >> you know, seth, i honestly, i think it's probably -- i put myself in their position and no different than, you know, how you're having to do the show now, it's things that i feel like are easier if you have an
1:06 am
audience - >> seth: mm-hmm. >> -- verse four people sitting out there and you get the -- [ claps you know, no matter what you do, it sounds like it was disastrous >>seth: right. >> we're in entertainment, you know, and there's no immediate feedback there's nobody to go high five you know and so, i think it's actually harder this way. uh, when i was a kid, you know, i would get stage fright to get on stage but once i was up there, and i could can hear some singing along, or see smiling i kinda got over it. so, i really feel for them the way we are doing it now. i feel like that there's -- it's even more awkward than, you know, getting on stage, you know, in front of 2,000 people, or however many we have in our audience normally 400, i think >>seth: well, it's a special group of people. uh, it's always a delight to talk to you. thanks so much for being here, blake. >> you too, buddy. it's good to see you have you had a chance to talk to brad paisley in a while? i know you guys are buddies.
1:07 am
>>seth: yeah, you know, we stay in touch via text. i know, probably a lot like you, he's just itching to get back out there on the road. a guy who really likes being in front of his audience. worked really hard to get that audience, and it's a shame he is not performing in front of them. >> yeah, tell him i said kiss my ass next time you talk to him. [ laughter ] >>seth: the season finale of "the voice" airs monday and tuesday at 8:00 on nbc we will be right back with jenny slate. ♪ waiting for presents that might not arrive? this year, try shopping for christmas gifts live. there's a place you can go where great gifts fill each shelf no need for shipping - just grab them yourself come find perfect presents up through christmas eve at prices almost too good to believe so if you still need gifts and it's already december this is the place to spend less and gift better t.j. maxx, marshalls, and homegoods.
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♪ with zero down, zero due at signing, ♪ >> seth: our next guest is a talented actress and comedian, known from shows like "parks and recreation" and films like "obvious child." the paper back edition of her book "little weirds" is available now. please welcome back to the show, our friend, jenny slate. hi, jenny! >> hi, seth. >>seth: it's so lovely to see you. it's been about a year since
1:12 am
we've crossed paths. it's been about nine months since the world shut down. how have your last nine months been >> well, let me tell you, on night one of the lockdown we had a really like romantic night of being together um, real sweet with my fiancé, and then, i did what everyone else did i kind of like hunkered down, and baked a lot of bread, but i just want to say, i think -- i think i might have baked like too much bread, or eaten too much bread you tell me, seth. but i think -- [ laughter ] >>seth: oh oh yeah! >> yeah. i don't know i don't know if you can see -- >>seth: oh, yeah, that's a lot of carbs >> it's different. lll it's like different. um, it feels -- i feel different.
1:13 am
um, how have the exact last nine months been? >> seth: oh, my god. >> they've been, um, real pregnant for me. >>seth: that's amazing now i will say, you know, my wife alexia said like that people who timed it like you, she feels like crushed the timing like, because you basically had to hunker down anyway. have you felt like, "oh, this was a fortuitous time to do this?" >> you know, in a way -- first of all, it's nice to have something that is incredibly positive during a time that's like hard and sad. it's nice to have like a little secret treasure. um, but, yeah, i mean, like i've basically been just chilling out. doing exactly what i wanted to do not having to see anyone, or figure out like how to gracefully wear pants. i haven't worn pants in many moons. you know and also, like, spending an hour of my day doing like a hypno-birthing meditation
1:14 am
everyday. so i'm very chill. >> seth: got you so you found your way, even during a pandemic, to find the time to do the sort of birthing class stuff? >> yeah, it's nice i mean, it's so -- everything is weird, like, this isn't what i thought i would be doing but like, one thing i do -- i do all the birth prep stuff, and i really like it i'm also, like many of my friends will remind me that i am the number one person who would join a cult like without even having to be pressured like, i love chill vibes, and i like it when someone seems like they have the answer but i've been listening to this doctor who, i think she's from india, but has lived in england for a while, that's what i'm getting from her accent. and i listened to every day. and she said things like, "take your attention to your liver, kidneys, and colon." >>seth: colon. >> "colon. that means colon
1:15 am
>>seth: yeah you -- have you guys been on the east coast during this time? >> yeah, we've been in massachusetts. in a beautiful tiny little seaside town where we live and just my luck, i moved in with my fiancé, and of course, he lives in like a very old house that is, i think, most certainly haunted and has an actual pet cemetery. >>seth: a real pet cemetery? >> yeah. yeah >> seth: like based on the fact that over the years this house has had that many befallen pets? >> yeah. i mean, they didn't get murdered i think they all kind of went their way, and then they died and then they buried them. but -- but, it has been in my fiancé, ben's family like since the '30s, i think. so, it's like, you know, like 90 years of pets and it's like, they're all little fancy guys like cocker
1:16 am
spaniels and stuff and, um, at the start of the pandemic, when i was like just newly pregnant, i started to go out and visit the pet cemetery every day. and ben told me that like i started saying things like, "i'm just going to go outside and visit the pets." lll it was like, i think it's like --- it's like that's like how a scary movie starts >> seth: yeah. >> you know, like a pregnant lady is like, "my pets my precious, precious pets." >> seth: you -- you've thrived as an artist during this time. i did not know your sort of visual skills. >> yeah. >> seth: i guess this was to like -- you had a chalk board and this was like to mark the days >> okay. yeah okay, okay. so what this is -- is i felt like at the start of the pandemic, it's like hard to keep track of the days after a while,
1:17 am
if you don't -- if you're like are just kind of just in your house and you don't have -- you are like an actor who has no set to go to so, i started to write the days, and draw a picture and then that devolved into this -- or evolved into this cartoon that is about our new dog that we adopted, and a brontosaurus who loves her >> seth: yeah. so on thursday, for those of you who can read, the brontosaurus sings, "sally i love you, do you love me," and sally is agreeing and saying i love you. >> yeah. >> seth: and then -- on friday, "do you want to go a trip with me?" right? >> yeah. >> seth: and then, the following monday, now it's lundy it's lundy and they're in paris. that's beautiful >> yeah. yeah, they traveled over the weekend, and i guess i didn't take pictures of what happened on the weekend but there was one of sally packing a suitcase filled with bones, and, like, saying like, "give me some hints.
1:18 am
i don't know what to pack. um, and then sunday, was them on like a very crudely drawn -- it was like a bicycle, i guess. and ben is very charitable towards me, and i'm a terrible visual artist. he's a really good one but he like congratulates me every day, and tells me it's -- like they're really, really good >> seth: very -- that is very lovely of him. um, your book is very, very good um, we've talked about it before, and now it's in paperback. what is it like to revisit a book that is really funny but also really vulnerable in this time that i think has been really vulnerable for a lot of people, particularly those who might pick it up and read it >> yeah, i mean, it is a nice -- it's actually, i mean, it's a plug but it is a nice book to read now because i wrote it during a time when i was kind of like trying to work through sad feelings, and trying to figure out how to be alone in a way that didn't feel scary or like a punishment and then we've all had to be
1:19 am
alone, in one way or another for so many months now and i think it's -- it's sometimes just like hard to find a little bit of positivity in that but, i think the book, it's all the little pieces about my feelings during those times. but i think -- i think kind of anyone could read them and find something to get for themselves. but it's -- it's just that when i finish the book, the last chapter is sort of like, "and i'm a woman alone, and i will be alone now. and then like a month later, i fell in love, and now i'm pregnant it's not -- it's a happy ending. i just didn't expect it to be so happy and so soon. >> seth: well it is. we're so happy that it is that ending for you you more than deserve it, and it's always just such a delight to see you, jenny. thanks so much for being here. >> thanks for having me, seth. it's nice to be here >> seth: "little weirds" is available in paperback. we will be right back with music from my morning jacket
1:20 am
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>> seth: come back for all new shows next week. we've got great guests, the chicks, jamie demetriou, christina aguilera, amanda seyfried. craig robinson, stacey abrams, holland taylor, and kristen wiig. plus, amber ruffin with a christmas song and we'll have all new "closer look." so don't miss our last four shows before the break we'll be right back. ♪ what does it mean to be truly great? it's following your passion to the very top... ...and setting the standard by which all who follow, will be measured. tequila herradura, the world's most gold medal awarded tequila. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx.
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