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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 11, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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how much we can expect this weekend. >> a numbers gape. 14 day quarantine for the 12 days of christmas. >> i don't want to be the reason my loved one ends up in the hospital or dies. it was an easy decision. >> a sacrifice a family is making for the holiday. >> why oracle is moving its headquarters and where it's going. >> good evening, thanks for being with us on this friday. >> pressure mounting right now on the fta to approved pfizer vaccine. president trump tweeted this morning and also called on the fda to give final approval this evening. so far no decision. once it is approved, california will receive 327,000 doses. as the worst of the pandemic hits the state. a record 35,000 new cases reported today. also the deadliest day in california.
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220 people lost their lives to the virus. and positivity rate all teem high of 9.7%. today governor newsom put out a call tr help. hospital staffing is a big problem for the state. asking all medal professionals to step up and help. >> positive rate here in california is all time high. not just how high it is but how fast it spiked. october 16 the rate 2.6%. now it's almost tripled. in the last seven weeks to 9.7%. the in your opinions rise capacity in hospitals is dwindling. less than 15% of availability. santa clara 13%. contra kos ta and san francisco with about 20%. tonight we are getting new information from veterans. cdc identified 37 sites akrsz
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the country where vets can get the vaccine. when it's ready. in the bay area it will be at the va center. it they will monitor veterans and staff for side effects. >> getting hit with the lawsuit as business owners angry over the shut down order fight back. and east bay doctors are weighing in too. questioning the medical value of the lock down. we explain that push back is getting stronger. >> i'm feeling stressed. myself and my partners. it's beyond depressing. it's a roller coaster ride. it's twilight zone. >> he says shutting down his out door seating has left him unable to generate income. he won't violate the order, he's not sitting back. >> we feel like we can't sit around and have our lively had taken away without a fight. >> one of four businesses now suing the county.
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they filed had morning. alleging there's no proof out door dining contributed to the covid-19 surge. >> because of the lack of evidence, in closing down out door dining activity. the county should mandated to open them up as soon as possible. >> three doctors are adding their voices to the mix. in an open letter to the county health officer, they question the shut down order. we are confused why this is happening as we are often over capacity in the hospital. every winter. we have never done this previously. >> the health department says covid cases tripled in the county. in a statement they replied it's a logical to look at what happened in hospitals in prior years to predict what we can expect now. years past we weren't dealing with a once in ha lifetime global pandemic.
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>> county declined to comment on the lawsuit. he is hopeful a judge will side with restaurants and allow out door dining to resume. >> we followed the guidelines and the rug is pulled from underneath us. >> all right. here's a breath of fresh air. wet air. rain. we haven't seen this in weeks. a little right now. we'll take it. a cozy december weekend. what's happening in the next few hours. >> that much needed rain will be picking up through later tonight also through tomorrow morning. storm ranger is scanning right now. we are beginning to see a if u showers develop over the north bay. you can see for most of the bay area it's spotty activity. just north of you can see the activity is more consistent. i'll put a track on this. moving to the south and east. this will be picking up showers.
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through 6:42 tonight. let's bring you down to the peninsula. the east bay. also hit and miss here. hook for showers in to hay ward through 6:50 tonight. and the south bay we have seen trace amounts of rain. it's dry. more rain on the way this evening. you can see by 11:30 tonight the rainfall will pick up. i'll see you here tonight and take you all the way through the rain time line. in about 15 minutes. >> great resource is the app. more accurate than a standard iphone weather. track the changes coming into your neighborhood and access our radar. >> wineries is the last call for alcohol and out door meals until january of 2021. tomorrow they join five counties that issued a strict stay at home order to stop the spread of the virus. in the last 24 hours 250 people
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tested positive for covid-19. in the county. and the demand for hospital beds is going up. so, after midnight, no more out door dining. no more wine tasting. the lock down only allows hotels to take reservations from essential workers. a handful of loyal customers enjoyed a final glass of wine before the lock down. >> their livelihood is disintegrated. it's really sad. >> we haven't had any covid cases associated with us. it seems like a fact has been ignored by policy makers. >> the winery tells us that news of the vaccine roll out. his calendar is filling up with weddings for 2021. the lock down ends saturday january 9. >> tomorrow marks a day of celebration for catholics around the world. feast day. normally a big celebration. of course this year it's not
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going to be as bilge. in terms of numbers. leaders are begging people to stay home. >> this year we get to take the celebration into our homes to save lives. >> tweeting out this chart. which shows the surge in cases. health leaders say that hospitals serving effected communities are at capacity. >> the top republican on the house intelligence committee now says he has covid-19. representative nunes said today he tested positive for antibodies. after the lawmaker spent months down playing the pandemic. so far at least eleven senators and 35 house members contracted the virus. >> another blow to the bay area. companies leaving town for much cheaper taxes and a cheaper cost of living. this time it's oracle. legendary company founded in the late 70s. our sky ranger over the
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headquarters today. moving to austin, texas. let's bring in business and tech reporter. how big of a deal is this? >> it's a big deal. there's symbolism here and real reasons for them to leave the bay area and move to austin. the number one reason, let's approximate honest. it's money. texas has been pursuing silicon valley tech companies for decades. during that time california has remained an expensive place to do business. oracle will save some money moving. as we told you last week, hult pack ard is making the same move to texas. for the same reason. also political reasons here. oracle founder and ceo both supported president trump. and are a bet out of step with bay area politics. that reason was given.
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when that software company moved its headquarters to denver. tesla ceo moving from california to texas. and you have several reasons for california to take a close look at how it does business. now some good news in today's news. oracle has been telling employees they can work from home as long as they'd like. and return to any office they'd like when they come back. it's unlikely we'll see a lot of bay area employees leave. and that's good news for the local economy. >> as we move forward you cover this intensely on a daily. i'm presuming other companies will start to follow suit. or continue to follow suit. has the governor discussed this with the companies? what needs to be done here to keep you in town? >> it's a great question. it's very likely we'll see other companies make similar decisions. governor newsom is as far as i
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know hasn't met with the companies. he's been busy lately. this should be job one. this is really how california makes its tax revenue and if you're here in silicon valley, how we save our reputation. >> that will soon change. thank you, scott. >> taking all necessary precautions. the hoops a family the jumping through. so they can be together for christmas. >> it has a message. who is behind this music video that is grabbing the bay area attention. >> i'm tracking rain returning on storm ranger. where it's headed and that full time line. ♪
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we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california.
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for many of us the idea of spending christmas without family is simply too much to bare. so is the risk of bringing a potentially deadly disease home for the holiday. they brought everyone together from around the country. a creative way. a quarantine cabana. >> this has been the refuge.
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for them it's all about love of family. >> this is kind of the over all lay out. >> a tour of the place she will call home for 14 days. a small but well equipped cabana. at the home of her auntd. she returned home from college in portland. >> i drove back here ten hours just because i didn't want to get on an airplane. and just being in close proximity with somebody else. >> during her two week quarantine, she'll stand on the doorstep to get fresh air. always wearing a mask. >> sometimes i just need to talk to somebody. >> thanksgiving was really different. >> he returned home before thanksgiving. and to make sure he didn't bring the virus hope, he spent the holiday in the cabana. >> i came and quarantined for two weeks. lived in there. hung out and did home work. watched tv. >> all to protect the father and mother they want so desperately
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to see this holiday. like their elderly grandmother. >> i kind of a lot of talking to myself. and took up crocheting. >> two weeks in the quarantine was about getting to see her dad. recovering from a heart transplant. she flew in from new york. >> i don't want to be the reason my loved ones ends up in the hospital or dies. it was an easy decision. it wasn't a hard choice. >> i'm not taking any chances. >> she cleeans the cabana after each family member. >> more christmass from this point forward together. >> one more week before she's finally able to hug mom and dad again. >> yes. i can't wait to get home. >> this is real. we need to protect the people we love. it's no joke. >> all the amenities you need.
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>> that is love. a handful of restaurant workers and owners descended on san fra city hall. with a specific demand. reopen out door dining. or start paying businesses for lost wages and profit. san francisco is one of the counties that implemented the stay at home order. out door dining is off limits. one owner says he took every precaution. and if he can't continue, he needs real financial help. >> the government and it will come from the federal government. get them to get rid of politics and bring aid to the workers. so they can survive the holiday. and the winter. without working. or out door dining. >> under the current lock down the city restaurants can take out and delivery. many say that's just not enough to pay the bills and keep the employees on. >> san francisco setting aside millions more dollars to help the most vulnerable community. mayor announcing the stit is
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awarding $5 million in grants to ten organizations. one of them the latino task force. set up dozens of covid testing sites. the city says that task force has been working and pivotal in supporting neighborhoods hit hardest. the money will go towards testing, contact tracing and wellness programs. >> bridging the digital divide. teachers got the tools to work remotely. a tech distribution event. laptops and monitors and cables that will make the home set up nine months into this a little more functional. >> distance learning isn't easy. it's not everybody's favorite thing to do. we're stuck in a position we have to see each other on the computer gene. >> teachers and staff at 70
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schools have gotten upgrades. >> something new. it's not an airplane. or a new terminal. it's a music video. >> not bad. the main message here, wear a mask. a little hip hop element. airport staff teamed up to write and perform the song. and all sorts of people there. pilots and baggage handlers. police officers. the song encourages everyone to socially distance and wash your hands. >> put your mask on. a teen is thrilled his art work is on the cover of time magazine. lebron james athlete of the year. 14 year-old on san jose to paint the portrait. in one month he has gone from ab security. to the national spotlight. when he was painting vice president kamala harris.
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that went viral. he invited us to his home and art helps him cope with partial deafness. and he was named finalist for kid of the year. >> he has our vote. >> talking about this rain. and this kind of a cozy december weekend. >> you got that right. the rainfall so needed here. we have seen a few drops today trace amounts to 5 hundredths of an inch. things are picking unto the north. you'll see for most of the east bay. peninsula and the south bay. there's some hit and miss showers. right here through the north bay. beginning to see that activity increase north of santa rose. a closer look right now. put a track on this to the south and east. this will be bringing you some more light to moderate rain. through 6:55 tonight.
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off to the peninsula and the east bay. there's a few showers right now near nevada. to the south and east. on and off light rain in san francisco. through 6:45 tonight. futurecast. by 8:30 we'll start to see some of the rainfall beginning to fill in. i think by early tomorrow morning everybody should have some of that light rainfall moving over head. we'll see that rainfall start to break up by 7:00 in the morning tomorrow. saturday not expected to be wet all day long. if anything we'll have a few spotty showers. through the day on saturday. we'll see our second round of consistent rainfall arrive into sunday morning. that would linger into one or 2:00 in the afternoon sunday. before we then clear out. 7-day forecast also has more showers on it. next thursday. and friday. we'll show you more on that.
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i want to get a quick check on the viewer mail. a lot of christmas tree photographs coming in. what a super-tree you have. lots of lights and cheer. cozy room this. cheers and merry christmas. they are so dedicated they did a picture with us in the background with that tree. those are the viewers we like. >> for sure. that room is very pretty. >> we're famous. >> invite us over. >> i'd like that. >> much more to come. including pressure from the white house as we near approval for the vaccine. who the trump administration is now threatening to fire. also many of us looking for new trails to hike and get outside. we'll show you the newest one in the pay bay area.
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where you might least expect it. 51 years later. they cracked the code. the word behind a cryptic message sent by the zodiac killer.
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(soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students. behind every last minute save, ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you! a customer service rep is working unseen, making it happen. and at genesys,
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we're proud to help them help you everyday. it took more than 50 years but a bay area mystery is solved tonight. a code cracking team cracked a message from the zodiac. he terrorized the bay area in the 60s. killing five people. detectives never caught him or identified him. he craved publicity. he taunted police and the san francisco chronicle with coded messages. his first was solved in days. he made up more complicated. on his you tube show, let's crack zodiac. the team used complex computer programs to break the 340 message. they also grappled with the errors in the code and misspelling of the word paradise.
6:26 pm
>> look at this piece. it looks like paradise. but spelled backwards. he used it several times in his letters. there are other are versed words. >> once tribe transcribed fails to identify him. he's in the afraid of the gas chamber because it will send him to paradise. and slaves work for him. he claims he was not the caller on a local tv show in 1969 who claimed to be the killer. >> no tolerance for hate. the message tonight from city leaders in al immediate. last night on the first night of hanukkah. someone destroyed the menorah outside of city hall. they made fixes and you can see it standing once again. >> up next. his jobs on the line. the growing pressure on the head of the fda as the trump a
6:27 pm
administration presses for immediate approval of the vaccine. >> one man's trash is another man playground. the new trail open in the bay area. jackie, i'm looking at your mri. your shoulder seems to be healing nicely. well, dr. farrell, it feels really good... that's good. and... i'm sorry. baby, don't touch that... i don't want you to play with that...
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right now, it is happening. the vaccine. the "new york times" and "washington post" now reporting just now that the fda has given pfizer the green light to distribute the vaccine. now comes the race to vaccinate as many as possible as kwekly as
6:30 pm
possible. this is a game changer. a huge development in the fight against covid here in the u.s. >> bottom line this oeps the door for immediate distribution. we are expected to get the first doses in the bay area next week. it could be monday or tuesday. more on this breaking news. >> that's right. tonight approval by the fda is the last major hurdle left. it comes just over 24 hours after the advisory panel recommended to the fda that the agency grant pfizer the emergency use authorization for the covid-19 vaccine. initial reports seem to indicate that fda approval would come tomorrow. then this morning president trump tweeted directly to the head of the fda. attempting to order him to give final approval today. the "washington post" also reported that the white house chief of staff threatened the
6:31 pm
doctor's job. saying grant pfizer the emergency use authorization or resign. earlier today i spoke with the doctor who is also one of the committee members on the vaccine advisory panel. she was among the majority who voted yes. to recommend the vaccine. she says that the committee was in no way pressured by politics. >> i can tell you that none of us even had politics in our mind. as we moved through this process. the science is clean. the infrastructure is clean. everything people put into place i haven't heard one word about anything political. >> now that it's given pfizer the green light, california will receive 327,000 doses.
6:32 pm
in its first allocation. the bay area is expecting just over 80,000 of the doses. they are expecting the doses to arrive starting tuesday. the first u.s. vaccination is currently expected to happen on monday. the expectation is that it will be a front line healthcare worker. minutes ago the fda giving emergency use authorization to the first vaccine for covid-19. big breaking news in the fight against the virus. >> okay. thank you. it is a big story. now the question is with the vaccine approved for emergency distribution. we get it next week. how easy will it be in the next several months to get vaccinated? we look at how close the average american lives to a distribution site. the yais in blue are where 90% of people live. within five miles of a pharmacy or doctor office. that's much of the east coast. a lot of blue here.
6:33 pm
within five miles of a doctor office or hospital. red is 50 miles from are a site. the midwest here. the western states. wyoming and idaho. nevada. let's zoom in. you want to be blue in terms of accessibility to a site. bay area mostly in blue. that makes sense. 99% of the people who live in santa clara live within five mils of pharmacy or doctor office. napa county up here the only county not in blue. only 54% of people in that county live within five miles of a distribution site. we created a special race for vaccine section on our web site. especially now that it has been approved. we're posting all the stories in one spot. >> okay. in less than six hours the latest county to begin a stay at home order.
6:34 pm
joining the majority of the area. those restrictions start at midnight. and through at least the first week of january. business owners were busy making last minute adjustments for the holiday. expecting more online orders and hoping. some restaurants were building out door dining space. hoping it would be put to use. >> we'll get through this. i think that it's going to be a while. in june is a very optimistic. >> the people we spoke to say they don't like the new rules they are ready to hunker down and do their part. >> we like this. the blast from the past. a restaurant goes back to the roots. car hop service. it's back on the menu. 1950s here. it got its start decade ago. the pandemic forced owners to spend thousands for out door
6:35 pm
dining. a long time customer suggested bringing back the car hop service. the owner managed to find out and find the window trays. but draws the line at the roller skates. >> that would be lovely. we're in the that talented. so. maybe one day. i would love to do that. >> i'll check this place out. customers love the new old fashion service. and business is good. >> the governor of new york also banning indoor dining again. at new york city restaurants. obviously to slow the virus. monday only take out and out door will be allowed. the latest restriction announced today as cases and hospitalization climb in new york. widespread distribution of the vaccine still several months away. the coming weeks are projected to be the most deadly. >> the journey isn't over.
6:36 pm
not until the summer. >> the new restrictions in new york will last two weeks. >> it's been a year since the chinese city of wuhan reported the first case of covid-19. at the original epicenter of the pandemic. life is back it normal. you can see streets are busy. restaurants are packed. and the kids are back at school. the visible sign the virus is people are still wearing masks. that could happen here in the u.s. as well. the same questions are still lingering about how and where it started. >> we do know the first cluster of human cases detected were in wuhan. there was a massive response to contain the disease. we look forward to working with the chinese colleagues and scientists to understand better the origin of the virus. >> the international community still is desperately searching for answers. w.h.o. hopes to get its team
6:37 pm
there in wuhan early in the new year to work with china scientists and begin the hunt for answers. >> with the pandemic our out door spaces have become more important than every. visitors will have a new place to get out into nature. a new trail. opening next week. it's a former landfill. which is getting new life. >> san francisco northern edge. nature provides an escape from buildings and asphalt. this area near the field was once marsh land. filled in to make way for the exposition. after the fair, its fate was sealed. >> paved over by the army. >> thanks to the trust a portion of land is heading back in time. >> what we're standing on is a former landfill. >> the trust breeched an old
6:38 pm
levy. letting salt water reclaim an area. >> we're planting all the 23,000 plants that we have grown. >> those plants are helping to bring back color to the muddy terrain. >> you'll see it come to life. with flowers. different wildlife. >> it's a layer cake of history. it's unearthed in this spot. >> the icing on the cake is the brand new trail and bridge that will connect the upper grounds to the bay. it's an area that up until about ate years ago lived in the shadow. >> we had a highway that divided it. no access that through trails and bike ways. >> this work goes hand in hand with the nearby construction that will cover the park way tunnel with a 14 acre park. set to open next fall. all aimed at reconnecting to the shore. >> you have an incredible place
6:39 pm
to come and observe a wild place. that has spiritual value. >> a place with clear views of the past and future. where the wind have changed are helping nature reclaim what was once lost. >> beautiful value. >> up next election challenge gaining steam to over turn the results but will the supreme court take it up? the big decisions that were made late today.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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heart monitors that let your doctor watch over you, just like you watch over your best friend. another life-changing technology from abbott, so you don't wait for life. you live it. it's been a major news day and news evening. not just the fda approval of the vaccine. but the supreme court rejecting a last ditch effort by president trump supporters to over turn the election results. the high court shut the door on president trumps extraordinary effort to over turn the results of the presidential election. results by the way the lek coral college will finalize monday.
6:42 pm
specifically dismissed a texas based lawsuit seeking to reverse joe biden's victory in four battleground states. the ruling concluded texas has no legal right to challenge how other states run their elections. decision welcome by wisconsin attorney general. >> this decision is a victory for the democracy. and for the rule of law. >> experts universally agree the lawsuit was unconstitutional. despite that, 100 house republicans signed on supporting the lawsuit. >> let's bring in jeff. it looks like with the rain mother nature wants us to stay inside. this entire weekend. >> i think you've got that right. certainly going to be good weather for that. we have cloud cover and rain coming our way. saturday and sunday. we'll break down the time line for you. it's not wet all weekend long. i'll have that in about six minutes. budget, i lead the charge.
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we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california.
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today our nation has achieved a medical miracle. we have delivered a safe and effective vaccine in just ninths. this is one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in history. it will save millions of lives and soon end the pandemic once and for all. >> we continue follow the breaking news. president trump tweeted out that video. a few minutes ago. he is congratulating all the people who made this possible. the fda has approved pfizer's coronavirus vaccine. shipments can go out across the country immediately. including the bay area. it's been confirmed that pfizer. it has been approved. shipments can go out we expect to see ours in the bay area by next week. other headlines we have consumer news. when you hit a brick in the wall with a company you call us.
6:46 pm
we have a few new cases where we helped people gt their money back. >> both of these are bank issues. alice. she had trouble getting her bank to acknowledge a mix up and unauthorized withdrawals. she was out $900. and stuck. she called us. our folks got a hold of the bank and she gt her money back. consumer investigator and her money saving squad spoke up for a man with a $43,000 dispute with a bank. it was stalled until we stepped in and cleared it up. together we have helped return almost $5 million to viewers leek you. if you need help. call us. press the respond option. have a great weekend. >> okay. if you know someone whose
6:47 pm
christmas wish was to get their driver's license. it will be a disappointing holiday. suspending behind the wheel driving tests for two weeks. you have to have a driver and a tester in the car together. are just too risky. when the rates are so high. all current driver's license appointments will be rescheduled. >> let's smile a bit. we have the weekend. read a book and watch football. cooking. whatever. it's here. >> wrapping. >> that too. it's like christmas is almost here. i have to get started. the weather might be just perfect for that stuff. we'll get you outside to the live sky cam. while we have some areas of rain picking up. i want to hit on the fact that it is cold outside. you need that jacket.
6:48 pm
a breeze and it's making the low 50s feel like the 40s. make sure to dress up in layers tonight. if you have to head to the grocery store or the pharmacy. you'll need it. chilly weather through tonight and chances of rain picking up. i want to start off with the wide perspective of this weekend. it's not going to be wet all weekend long. i want you to understand this. over 12 hours we have the warm front moving in. good for light to moderate rainfall. we'll see a breakthrough a good part of saturday. by sunday the cold front gets here and another reenforcing shot. we know that, let's take you to the mobile doppler radar. we have a few showers over the east bay and peninsula. things are picking up. we'll take yo up into that wet weather. we have some moderate rainfall. all tracking off to the south
6:49 pm
and east. you will be seeing that rainfall pick up through the next hour. down towards the south bay it's quiet. we have had few showers today. over the next hour. over all through tonight i expect by 11:30 everybody that started to see things pick up. as the rainfall moves to the south. then into the over night hours hanging onto showers by tomorrow morning. notice this. things begin to break up. the warm front starts to exit. for a lot of saturday, we're not looking too wet at this point. we'll see the next round of rainfall arrive. once we hit sunday morning. and you can see it widespread rain with potentially heavy pockets and by sunday afternoon, we'll start to see things clear out. rainfall totals. consistent. i haven't seen mhuge changes since yesterday. north bay is pinned for the
6:50 pm
higher totals. half inch. and you can notice yellow here for the east bay and peninsula. that would be in the half inch to three quarters. the lower elevations would be around a quarter of an inch. to four tenths. snow for the sierra. winter conditions nearly a foot here for some of the high levels. king vail 13 inches. blue canyon four. my extended forecast in san francisco. also does have not only the chance of rainfall this weekend. king tides sunday to tuesday. be careful of that. have high tides and waves of 15 to 20 feet. shower chances next thursday and friday. we had 70s earlier this week. not seeing that the next seven days. 50s into tuesday and we will see low 60s. next wednesday, thursday and friday.
6:51 pm
so happy to be heading into the weekend. not talking about fire danger. on a personal note, i wish we had smell vision. there's chili cooking in the kitchen. perfect for weather like this. a dinner recommendation. >> yeah. send us some. >> daryl dash. >> okay. oh! i like that. pull up to the front. we'll bring it out. >> thank you. we're back in a moment. this year, xfinity internet gives you more options than a holiday dinner table. pick the speed that's right for you, with options faster than gig. and get reliable internet with top-notch coverage. plus, help keep your data safe and private with security included.
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staying at a luxury are sort just outside of las vegas seems like an ideal get away. for the football team, this is a business trip. forced to leave campus because of covid-19 restrictions, this is their new home away from home for the season. >> we're out in the middle of nowhere. no distractions. it's school and football. >> after a win in hawaii, they arrived sunday morning. to a four star hotel transformed
6:55 pm
into their football headquarters. plenty of meeting rooms, a dining area. four meals a day. a spot for treatment. a video room. and a place to lift weights. >> to get ready it takes two semi-s full of equipment. one for practice. the other for game day. the field they now share with the university of new mexico. who also had to leave home because of covid-19. >> the logistics are extreme. >> it's challenging. it's within been a great example of people working together. working towards a common goal sfwl prepare the undefeated spar tans for the biggest game in school history. studying for finals and keeping everyone safe. >> the big challenge is finals. combination of just the pressure. and the importance of the big game friday night. it's an intense week.
6:56 pm
>> one of the biggest surprises of the season. a win against nevada under friday night lights would give them their first 6-0 start since 1939. that team finished a perfect 13-0. >> i love where this team is at. this game against nevada. it's the biggest game in a long time. getting the players to understand that. climbing the mountain is something you do one step at a time. >> the next step on the climb to the top of the mountain west? beat nevada. >> just a few minutes ago the pfizer vaccine was approved. great news. for california. 327,000 doses are being shipped in realtime to the state. >> one last update. governor newsom tweeting that video a few minutes ago. shipments of the vaccine being distributed including here in the bay area. we expect the first doses
6:57 pm
specifically at ucsf next tuesday. a special report in just a few minutes. (soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students. behind every last minute save, ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you!
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i was like, okay. i'll come get you and we'll figure this out. >> i couldn't, i love him so much, my transformation, i couldn't have done it without him. >> rebel wilson, the 2020 star transformation. >> i'm just ready not to hide all the time. >> getting fit, getting rid of 9 pounds to skin to boot. >> i'm wearing a crop top for the first time in my life. >> i went from high school to kids. >> with the quarantine transformation, this is a dream. >> 150 pounds gone on my poid. >> if you have been overdoing this holiday season, we got more


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