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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  December 15, 2020 11:34pm-12:36am PST

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a bay area startup is the latest company to put a rocket into space. alameda based astrolaunched a rocket into space today. the company ceo says the rocket reached the edge of space and was just shy of reaching orbit. it didn't carry any satellites or pay loads because it's a demonstration mission. it's raised roughly 100 million as it tries carving out a place in the small rocket business. those are some nice pics, though. that's going to do it for us. thank you for being with us. stay safe and stay healthy. bye-bye. test
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this is a test ♪ ♪ >> steve: from rockefeller center in the heart of w york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests - kristen wiig graham norton, musical guest jack harlow, and featuring the legendary roots crew and now, here he is, jimmy fallon [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: hey. oh, now come on. hey. thank you very much. hi hi, everybody. hey! welcome. there you go thank you very much, everybody welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show." here we are. [ cheers and applause let's get to the news and jokes. well guys, last night the electoral college cast their votes and sealed the deal for
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joe biden. yeah, biden is now officially the president-elect and congratulations have started coming in from everywhere. check out who he heard from today. >> russian president vladimir putin finally acknowledging biden's victory, congratulating him in a telegram, reportedly writing in part, "i am ready for interaction and contacts with you. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "i am ready for interaction and contacts with you. that's actually what mike pence said on his honeymoon. [ laughter and applause wow. that's right, putin reached out to biden he was like, "send me everyone's contact info. oops i already have heh, heh, heh. [ laughter ] then he said, "send me everyone's netflix passwords oops i already have too." [ laughter ] even putin recognized biden's win. that's a tough break for trump in just a few days, his supreme court and his supreme leader went against him [ laughter ]
11:37 pm
i think is -- i think putin is relieved trump is out. all day long he's been singing -- ♪ since you've been gon i can breathe fo the first time ♪ [ laughter ] as if the news wasn't bad enough for trump, moments later, rudy giuliani popped into the oval office like, "don't worry boss, you still got me." [ laughter ] and it's not just putin. today for the first time, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell also recognized biden as president-elect watch this >> the electoral college has spoken so today i want to congratulate president-elect joe biden. i also want to congratulate the vice president-elect, our colleague from california, senator harris >> jimmy: mcconnell has all the enthusiasm of a chili's waiter singing you "happy birthday. [ laughter ] yeah, mcconnell told biden and harris congrats, and then said, "i'm looking forward to making your next four years a living nightmare.
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[ laughter ] well, now that senate republicans have recognized biden's win, trump finally seems like he's ready to move on this morning he tweeted, "the electoral college has voted, and i accept their results." just kidding he tweeted - [ laughter and applause -- "tremendous evidence pouring in on voter fraud. there's never been anything like this in our country!" [ laughter ] at this point, the only tremendous evidence is just him tweeting that there's tremendous evidence. [ laughter ] he doesn't seem to realize that a tweet from @liberaltearsdrinker9000 is not tremendous evidence. [ laughter ] yeah, the white house staff saw trump's tweet and was like, "you don't have to move on, but you do have to move. [ laughter ] meanwhile, joe biden is continuing to fill out his cabinet, and today he picked pete buttigieg to serve as secretary of transportation. that's exciting. buttigieg will be the first transportation secretary whose feet don't even reach the pedals [ laughter and applause [ audience aws ] when asked if buttigieg has
11:39 pm
transportation experience, biden said, "yeah, he built santa's sleigh." [ laughter ] [ audience oohs some more big news from washington last night trump went on twitter and announced that his attorney general william barr is resigning on december 23rd. [ cheers ] yeah, it's all part of trump's annual "12 days of pink slips. [ laughter ] seriously, barr is quitting now? that's like waiting until the last five minutes of "the emoji movie" to walk out of the theater. [ laughter ] that's right, barr is leaving before christmas to spend holidays with his family americans heard and were like, "yeah, we all do that, but then we come back to work." [ laughter ] well, you guys, there's a lot going on in the news today trump is still claiming he didn't lose the election, and of course, the country is dealing with covid meanwhile the -- >> tariq: man, i'm tired of the news [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what's that, tariq >> tariq: hmm? >> jimmy: what did you say >> tariq: oh, i said i'm tired of the news, man it's always so upsetting can we talk about something not
11:40 pm
in the news? >> jimmy: that's fine with me. i mean, what do you want to talk about >> tariq: i don't know what's the most random thing ever how about gluten-free bagels >> jimmy: fine gluten-free bagels, they're like regular bagels but without the gluten they're a good alternative for -- ♪ sorry tariq, we just got a news alert. >> tariq: what is it >> jimmy: gluten-free bagels recalled in 14 states for containing gluten. [ laughter ] >> tariq: what [ laughter ] all right, fine. let's talk about some other random thing, like lawn mowers >> jimmy: sure, sure, sure, sure, sure lawn mowers are used to cut grass. you can ride them or - ♪ sorry tariq, we have another news alert >> tariq: please don't read it >> jimmy: i have to. if a graphic comes up, i'm required to read it. it's my job as a comedy news person
11:41 pm
man charged with dui after riding lawn mower on highway [ laughter ] >> tariq: you got to be kidding me how about basketball or exotic reptiles ♪ >> jimmy: dwight howard under fire for not paying assistants who handled his rare snake collection [ laughter ] >> tariq: come on! you know what? fine just go back to talking about covid. i don't even care anymore. >> jimmy: no, come on, come on what do you want to talk about >> tariq: i don't know what's the most random stuff ever how about like, scotland, or jet skis, or nightclubs? >> jimmy: yes, yes i would love to talk about scotland, or jet skis, or nightclubs instead of covid. i mean, they're all -- ♪ scottish man arrested at nightclub after riding jet ski to see girlfriend during covid lockdown [ laughter ] >> tariq: that's it. 2020 wins, man i don't know how much longer i can take this. maybe two more weeks, but that's it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: tariq, there's only
11:42 pm
two weeks left in 2020 >> tariq: oh, cool, i can do that >> jimmy: tariq trotter, everyone tariq, there he is he can take that he's cool with that. [ cheers and applause ♪ he can do that, man. well guys, everyone's excited about the new covid vaccine. and today, new jersey started giving out its first doses yep, people in jersey were separated into two groups, blood type "ayou know" and blood type "oyour honor. [ laughter and applause ♪ apparently, huge fights have already broken out over whether to call the vaccine sauce or gravy. [ laughter ] listen to this, amazon owns a company that makes self-driving cars, and they just unveiled their new self-driving robotaxi. take a look at this. yeah asked what influenced their design, and they said, "well, this toaster from williams-sonoma. [ laughter ] on the bright side, we're about to find out that alexa has road rage >> cut me off again and i'll cut you, bitch >> jimmy: oh, okay
11:43 pm
[ laughter ] hey, this is going viral a lot of people are talking about the new photos that recently emerged of the world's loneliest house just south of iceland. take a look at this thing. >> jimmy: yeah oh, and i'm just being told the house was sold to a first lady who wishes to remain anonymous [ laughter ] and finally, the other day in france, police recovered $6 million worth of wine that was stolen by a gang in france, stealing wine is a serious crime. the thieves will now be put in a cellar where they'll age 10 to 15 years we have a great show, give it up for the roots [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: thank you very much, roots. what a show we have for you tonight. joining us in-studio, you can see her in the upcoming film "wonder woman 1984." she's also hosting "saturday night live" this weekend with musical guest dua lipa kristen wiig is here [ cheers and applause ♪
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♪ >> ha-ha-ha, wipeout >> jimmy: yeah, you think he'd jump right in on that. >> questlove: yeah, yeah >> jimmy: but you didn't >> yeah, he didn't >> jimmy: that's all right >> tariq: wow, man thanks for nothing [ laughter ] >> jimmy: plus he's host of "the graham norton show" on bbc america, graham norton is here [ cheers and applause ♪ and we've got music from jack harlow. [ cheers and applause ♪ guys, we have exactly four shows left before -- [ drumroll ] [ laughter ] -- we go on christmas break. which means it's time for that beloved "tonight show" tradition. it's time for "12 days of
11:45 pm
christmas sweaters!" ♪ ♪ 12 days o christmas sweaters 4 days left ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: that's right, every show between now and christmas we'll be giving one lucky audience member a bodacious christmas sweater from the "countdown to christmas cabinet. [ cheers and applause now since there are four shows left - [ laughter ] -- let's open door number four [ drumroll ] one, two, three, four. ♪ oh oh oh, look at that can we dim the lights because i feel like there's a little extra treat to this. look at that [ cheers and applause look at that can you turn it around there is a back. okay, here we go now let's see who is going home with tonight's sweater everyone look at your seat number if i call your number, come on down quest, can i get a drum roll, please oh, my god
11:46 pm
[ drumroll ] >> questlove: one, two, three, four ♪ [ drumroll ] >> jimmy: 3-1-3! [ cheers and applause ♪ oh, my goodness! hello, what is your name, and where are you from >> hi. i'm michelle, i'm from new york >> jimmy: michelle, from new york michelle, welcome. i was going to say do you want to try that sweater on but you're going for it, man i mean, you should put that "wipeout" music -- ♪ oh, fantastic. look at that that is gorgeous oh, my gosh. look at that, michelle beautiful. once again, applause for our winner a round of applause. [ cheers and applause thanks again to our lucky audience member. stick around, we'll be right back with kristen wiig ♪ ♪
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: my first guest is an
11:51 pm
emmy and oscar-nominated actor you can see her in the highly anticipated new movie "wonder woman 1984," which will be in select theaters and imax christmas day, and it will be available the same day on hbo max. she's also hosting "saturday night live" this weekend with musical guest dua lipa please welcome kristen wiig! ♪ kristen wii nice to meet you good to see yo play the cheetah ♪ ♪ kristen wii nice to meet you watch at hom or in theaters ♪ ♪ kristen wii nice to meet you ♪ >> jimmy: kristen wiig, come on >> oh, my god. >> jimmy: you look fantastic i miss seeing you. i'm so thankful and i'm so happy you're here. >> i'm so happy to be here >> jimmy: you look great, bud, i want to get into "snl" and everything i just want to say thank you for helping us out over the summer we did the sketch called the longest days of our lives.
11:52 pm
>> that was so fun >> jimmy: i laughed so hard just even filming it -- just filming it nancy, by the way, who clearly loved you, didn't even get a a chance to even say hi -- but she was seeing everything, i wasn't, she was holding the ipad this way, so she was going like -- and you and will are going -- >> it was so fun, we needed it >> jimmy: it was fantastic and i loved that you had your own wigs >> well i have a costume wig - >> jimmy: box? >> it's a big box, yeah. [ laughter ] well you never know when you're going to need like a wig [ laughter ] a funny costume. >> jimmy: that's true. >> yeah, our friend's daughter had a birthday and we did like a drive-by, and we're like, "well, we should probably wear wigs and costumes. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: even though they didn't ask you at all? >> they didn't ask us. >> jimmy: no, of course not. >> yeah.
11:53 pm
>> jimmy: you're hosting "snl" this week, it's the christmas episode, it's my favorite episode of the year. >> it's my favorite. my favorite probably was when you hosted, the first time you hosted i think the christmas show, that was like one of my favorite - >> jimmy: that's right where we all danced. >> yes, the monologue where we all danced around the studio >> jimmy: oh man, wasn't that so much fun? and it was snowing >> it was so fun >> jimmy: fake snow is coming down [ laughter ] >> tiny little bits of plastic >> jimmy: yeah >> yeah. >> jimmy: before any sketch. before "snl," i think i know a a little bit about your background, groundlings before that were you in plays? were you doing - >> i mean i did a couple school plays but in the chorus. >> jimmy: okay >> like the people that audition that don't get the parts, then those were the parts -- that's what i did. >> jimmy: you did that >> i did the chorus parts. >> jimmy: and were you good at that >> no, no. [ laughter ] no but it was like -- it was anything goes, so i was like -- i like danced and tapped, i had never tap danced before.
11:54 pm
we didn't have phones back then >> jimmy: they didn't even ask you to tap you're like, "i got this." >> i know exactly, i just tapped across the stage in middle of a scene. i remember my mom came to see the play and i waved to her from the thing yeah, and she's like, you're not -- >> jimmy: a kid? >> yeah, but no, i wasn't like eight years old, this was like high school. >> jimmy: oh, waving at your mom. >> no, i was like fully in high school >> jimmy: hey, mom your voice was even deeper back then [ laughter ] look at you now. now you're in "wonder woman 1984." >> it's crazy. >> jimmy: wait, i want to hear everything about this. >> yeah, i still -- like, i just wanted to come out because i feel like it didn't happen, it's like a dream. >> jimmy: right. you were in a major superhero movie. like this is major i'm so excited what was it like did you do like the workouts every day? >> yeah, it was -- it was -- i mean, i knew i would have to train, because i started training before i left, they got me a trainer a month where, and it was like, you know, train for like an hour, then you're good, and i got there, and it was like --
11:55 pm
>> jimmy: special way? >> oh, no, it was like - oh, you train for hour and then, you have stunt choreography for four hours, and then, you have lunch and then, you have a movement class and then like -- yeah, it was very intense. >> jimmy: it's work, man >> no, it was great, it was amazing. >> jimmy: how did you get involved with this did you know they wanted you for the sequel >> i guess, yeah, patty, yeah, she reached out to my agent called me and said, "you know, patty jenkins wants to talk to you. and i was like, "yeah. >> jimmy: i'll take it it's awesome >> i was like, "yes. could this be the "wonder woman" sequel? so they didn't know. like, my agents didn't know and i wasn't allowed to tell them anything >> jimmy: after the meeting?
11:56 pm
>> yeah, i had to sign something before i even like talk to anyone and i'm a nerd, like, i take that stuff really seriously. >> jimmy: yeah, you could get arrested >> i was like, "i can't tell you. it's a part, but i'm not allowed to tell you what it is >> jimmy: and you're doing this while you're driving, looking at the road. >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: i can tell you where it is -- look at the road, kristen, look at the road. you're driving [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's wild. so then, you met with her and she said, "we'd like you for this?" >> well, i had to go do like a a screen test reading thing in london so i had to like fly to london and even my friends, i'm like, "i'm going to london, i can't discuss anything, i can't tell you why i'm going. >> jimmy: kristen, you're on a a jet ski. i can't say anything, whoa [ laughter ] >> i get paranoid that the warner bros. police are going to arrest me >> jimmy: who do you play in the movie? what can we say without spoiling anything? >> i'm so scared i'm playing cheetah. >> jimmy: i love cheetah by the way, i think it's perfect, i love it.
11:57 pm
>> she starts off very as diana's friend, and she's very shy and awkward, and then, later becomes -- >> jimmy: that's all you can say. i don't want to -- you're really good, you're freaky, you're crying blood. [ laughter ] i don't want to ruin anything either so don't say anything more did you do crazy stunts and action i didn't know it was you in there, i know you as kristen wiig i mean, you're so funny and you're just awesome in everything, i just love you. but this was totally, like dude, you kicked butt in this, you and wonder woman, oh, it's fantastic. >> it was really fun >> jimmy: do you know how to do stunts now and stuff >> i mean, there was a lot of training, i mean, i'm not like - >> jimmy: if i name a stunt, could you tell me what it is >> oh, sure. >> jimmy: how about deck the halls. >> yep that, that is a lot of arms. >> jimmy: yep. 2/3 nelson >> oh, boy, that's an oldie. >> jimmy: okay
11:58 pm
[ laughter ] how about -- lobster punch >> the lobster punch, that's only been done a couple of times. >> jimmy: okay this is amazing stuff for anyone watching. >> yeah, the lobster punch is hard it's more of a claw action >> jimmy: than a punch >> than a punch. well, it's like together it's really hard, that's why they rarely do it. >> jimmy: they described it well then, yeah. a lobster punch. the chattanooga choo-choo? >> oh, yeah. from the 1930s [ laughter ] the 1930s. >> jimmy: oh, well, you did this anything go. you square up to your opponent, and you tap dance like this. >> and you hit them on the head with a tambourine. >> jimmy: i want to show everyone a clip from the movie here is kristen wiig in "wonder woman 1984," take a look at this >> hey jake. jake, hi, can you -- hi, i know, walk much? the latch of my --
11:59 pm
>> good morning. >> hi, thank you >> diana prince, cultural anthropology and archeology. >> barbara minerva, geology, gemology, lithology and part-time cryptozoologist. >> oh, wow >> kept busy in college. sorry, it's these heels, you know just stupid. scientists don't wear heels. >> sometimes we do >> right >> have a nice day >> the heels are cool, i like those, animal print. [ applause ] >> jimmy: "wonder woman 1984" will be in select theaters and imax on christmas day, what a christmas present. it will be available the same day on hbo max more with kristen wiig when we come back. stick around [ cheers and applause ♪ waiting for presents that might not arrive?
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♪ >> jimmy: welcome back to "the tonight show." i'm here with the hilarious kristen wiig right here [ cheers and applause "wonder woman 1984." now kristen, we always do something fun when you're on the show with that in mind, it's time for the "mimic challenge!" ♪ mimic challenge mimic mimi challenge yeah ♪ all right, now, here's how it works. we have a bunch of items to make noise with. we're gonna take turns making a sound with an object, and then the other person has to immediately match that sound as precisely as they can. >> i'm so bad at this. i don't know why i said yes to this >> jimmy: i think -- >> no, i'm so -- okay, we'll see. >> jimmy: we're gonna, yeah -- we're gonna match the sound effect people have been doing it on tiktok i've seen it it's funny it's fun
12:05 am
i will make the first noise, and then i'll say "kristen, make this sound. >> okay. >> jimmy: then you'll say it >> but i'm watching what you - >> jimmy: yes, you're watching i'll say, "kristen make this sound, i'll do the sound and then you have to make it >> okay. >> jimmy: ready? >> yeah. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: kristen, make this sound. [ clicking ] [ clicking ] [ bell ring [ cheers and applause what that was fantastic all right, now this is your turn, whenever you're ready. >> okay. jimmy, i want you to make this sound. [ zipper sound ] [ zipper sound ] [ bell ring [ cheers and applause that was good. >> jimmy: kristen, make this sound. [ tearing sound [ tearing sound [ bell ring [ cheers and applause >> jimmy, please make this sound. [ clapping ] [ clapping ]
12:06 am
[ bell ring [ laughter ] oh, my god >> jimmy: kristen, make this sound. [ squeaking [ squeaking [ bell ring [ cheers and applause [ laughter ] >> so bad. terrible okay, jimmy, please make this sound. [ shaking sound [ shaking sound [ bell ring [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: something like that? >> yes >> jimmy: all right, kristen, make this sound. [ squeaky toy sound] [ laughter ] >> wait, do it again [ squeaky toy sound] [ squeaky toy sound] [ bell ring ] >> jimmy: oh, my god [ cheers and applause you're actually phenomenal at this this is unbelievable, how great you are. >> oh, come on okay, ready? >> jimmy: yeah >> make this sound
12:07 am
[ knocking ] [ knocking ] [ bell ring >> that was amazing. >> jimmy: not bad? >> no, that was good >> jimmy: that was a a tick-tocky >> that was good >> jimmy: i got tick-tocky in there. all right, here we go. kristen -- >> wait, which part? the whole thing? >> jimmy: no, no, no that'll be too hard. how about this part. ready? >> okay. kristen, make this sound [ pouring water [ pouring water [ bell ring [ laughter ] >> okay. >> jimmy: yeah >> jimmy >> jimmy: yes. >> ready >> jimmy: yeah >> make this sound wait, hold on. [ rip sound [ laughter ]
12:08 am
>> jimmy: can i hear it one more time? >> yes [ rip sound [ rip sound [ bell ring >> yes >> jimmy: not bad? >> that was good that was good. >> jimmy: all right, kristen, make this sound. [ buzz ] [ buzz ] [ bell ring [ cheers and applause >> okay. make this sound. [ click [ click [ bell ring [ cheers and applause that was hard. that was really hard >> jimmy: all right. kristen, make this sound [ horn ] >> do it again [ horn ]
12:09 am
[ horn ] [ bell ring [ cheers and applause okay this is your last one. this will probably be my favorite >> jimmy: i got to nail this one. >> can't believe i don't own one of these [ horn beeping ] [ horn beeping ] [ bell ringing ] >> jimmy: really, not bad? all right, i tried >> that was amazing. >> jimmy: dude, you crush at this kristen wiig, everybody! "wonder woman 1984" will be in select theaters and imax on december 25th, and on hbo max the same day and watch kristen host "saturday night live" this weekend. we'll be back with more "tonight show," everybody. ♪ you try to stay ahead of the mess
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♪ >> jimmy: my next guest has won countless awards as the host of "the graham norton show," which airs fridays at 11:00 p.m. on bbc america. here is graham norton! graham norton, wow welcome to "the tonight show." thank you so much for being our guest. normally, we -- our time difference, we -- there was no way you can come there, and i would go there >> yeah, exactly so, this is perfect. it's one of the few things of lockdown, is i get to talk to - it's weird that there are so few of us who do the same job, but we never really get to talk to each other. but now, we do >> jimmy: yeah and just like me, you, as well, hosted your show from home for a period of time during the pandemic i already like your face >> it was awful. >> jimmy: what come on! >> oh, it was so boring. i did not get into show business to put my own mic on. [ laughter ] also, i was so bad at it our show is like 45 minutes long
12:16 am
the first one took seven hours i'm not joking it took seven hours to do, and that was, kind of, all me, all my fault >> jimmy: yeah, because what -- you're screwing up, or you just didn't know where to look or pausing or - >> oh, it's like, "are you recording it in hd?" i don't know did you get the thing where you have to tell the celebrities to stop talking about how much they enjoyed lockdown? they're going, you know, "oh, i'm so loving it i get to go to the gym." it's like, "what gym the gym is closed. you know, "they prepared dinner." "who is they?" is that your mother's preferred pronoun? and they have movies in their movie theater. >> jimmy: i had a couple times, too, where i'm i'm talking to people and they said something that was very important, and their zoom cut out, and they didn't realize that their zoom cut out. and they're going like, "well, i just want to say that -- [ laughter ] and then i'm just going like, "do i nod, or do i shake my
12:17 am
head "no, this is bad or good? and then, i feel so bad, but i'm like, "hi, do you mind just doing that one more time, whatever you just said?" because i did not get it on tape and they're like, "oh, gosh. and they're crying and they're like, "oh, no. [ laughter ] >> yeah, "try to recreate that moment, you know, you're a a performer. >> jimmy: exactly. >> and also, i like the bits of their house they choose to show you, like the people who look like they've been kidnapped, are about to hold up a a newspaper with that day's date >> jimmy: yeah, we have a couple of writers that still have that as their background, and i'm like, "just move anywhere else. and they're like, "this is the only spot we can get away from our kids and whatever. but, yeah. you for, i don't know, good lighting i tried all sorts of different things at one point, there was a good shot that i would have to, like, lean down into it, look up at the sun. isn't it odd though also, not having an audience you have an audience normally around 600 people, is that correct? >> yeah, we're lucky, we have a really big audience.
12:18 am
and that's amazing as you know, like, walking out to that cheering, that applause, i mean, we are a a vortex of need that fills the void for a few seconds. >> jimmy: yeah >> but we -- i don't know what you have now, we have a thing where we get a social distanced audience so it's about a hundred people in the audience. and it's -- i mean, no offense to them, but it's awful. it sounds like they're emptying a bucket of wet fish or something. [ laughter ] there you go thank you, thank you very much >> jimmy: but you also do a great thing on your show called "red chair stories," and i think it's hilarious can explain what this is, and where the idea came from >> so, it's a thing where people from the audience sit in a chair, and they try to tell, like, their best, funniest story. the story they tell down the pub with their friends >> jimmy: yeah if it bores us, i've got a a lever, and i flip them and, it basically built -- we - >> jimmy: you flip the chair back" >> i don't know.
12:19 am
honestly, we should sell them for christmas. we should sell them for christmas. like, granny is boring, bore off granny, boom >> jimmy: yeah >> but we built it -- we built it, because we had this comedian on, a british comedian, he's gone now, sadly ronnie corbett well, he used to do a bit, where he would tell a really long, rambly story and he would do it in a red chair. and he was coming on the show, so we thought, "oh, let's get audience members to try to tell stories, and we'll flip them funny, one show, our line producer then got in touch with us and said, "you know that chair? that was quite expensive, is there any way we could use that chair again? >> jimmy: "just twice would even make me happy just please, we spent so much money on that flipping chair, we have to do this bit again." >> yeah. we need some economy of scale. yeah, so now, it's been good value now, 'cause we do it every week, so, it's been going for years. >> jimmy: i read somewhere that you don't consider yourself a good interviewer, which is surprising to me, because i think you are a great --
12:20 am
>> well, i think -- isn't it that thing, that like, i like chatting, i like chatting to people, that's very nice but, like, aninterview to me sounds like you're going to go somewhere or get some revelation i have zero interest you know, when you get those things from, like, the people, it's like, "okay, they don't want to talk about their dating i was like, "i don't want to talk about it. >> jimmy: yeah >> i have zero interest in who they're dating so, we just talk about whatever they want to talk about. so long as we have a good time if they've got some funny stories, i'm happy >> jimmy: yeah, i agree. which, i think interviewers are, kind of, you know, boom boom boom. that's not me. >> jimmy: i love your show who is on the show this week is the big christmas show this week, or no? >> in britain, we're taping our big christmas show this week, and it's good. we got george clooney on it. viola davis is on it who else >> jimmy: fantastic. michael sheen, david tennant, it's a good one. >> jimmy: well, i love your christmas shows, and i also love, just, christmas music in the u.k., i think is almost better than american music for me >> no. >> jimmy: well, there's songs
12:21 am
that i love. i mean, "do they know it's christmas," "band-aid i'll take." but i will take "slade." i think there's -- ♪ i wish it could be christmas every day ♪ yeah, i like that one. >> yes, that's my favorite song growing up i loved it >> jimmy: really i love that song, that's not big in america at all. i like "can you stop the cavalry. i like cliff richard, "mistletoe and wine. i wanted to something -- i know cliff richard is not on the show, but i'm assuming he has been >> yes i would like to sing a little bit of that song for you, if that's okay. [ laughter ] i'll be right back i've got to put my own wardrobe on >> that's delightful >> jimmy: okay i'm getting changed now. >> do people in america know
12:22 am
who cliff richard is >> jimmy: no, not really he had one giant hit here. did he do duet with olivia newton-john or no. >> he did "wired for sound," back in walkman days >> jimmy: let me see if i got this on right. so, i wanted to do this part, i like "mistletoe and wine," but didn't want to do cliff richard's part so, i want to do the choir boy at the end, i want to make sure i have the right key you can, again -- it's not even recognizing my face, that's how awful this is. alright, here we go. all right. ♪ christmas tim mistletoe an wine childre singing christian rhyme ♪ ♪ with logs o
12:23 am
the fire and gifts on the tree ♪ ♪ a time to rejoice in the goo that we see ♪ >> jimmy: graham norton, everybody. "the graham norton show" airs fridays at 11:00 p.m. on bbc america. we'll be right back with a a performance from jack harlow, everyone stick around christmas time ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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♪ >> jimmy: our next guest made his tv debut with us earlier this year and just received his first grammy nomination. hey! [ cheers and applause performing "rendezvous" and "way out" from his new album, "that's what they all say," here is jack harlow. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ oh whoa hit bo i became exactly what i wanted to ♪ ♪ i became a millionair at twenty tw telling girls i love e and they love me too ♪ ♪ i don't questio if they mean i cause i know they do ♪ ♪ started being m when i realize it was okay to ♪ ♪ middle school bumping waka flocka ole do first album an i know just how ♪ ♪ it's gonna debu track three is where i tell her we gonna rendezvous ♪ ♪ i'm signed to the gatekeeper don't believe the gossip cause it ain't true ♪ ♪ half of the dreams i ha already came tru and they never told me
12:30 am
anything i couldn't do ♪ ♪ i got a mirror in my room i like to look int at seventeen i never thought that i would ♪ ♪ look this cut classmates can't believe the place i took it to ♪ ♪ if i didn't rap then would be a good masseuse fun fact but it's hidden talent cause ♪ ♪ she rubbing my back all these different cities i'm becoming sidetracked she leaving my hotel ♪ ♪ wearing something i packe my wardrobe's spread across the whole map ♪ ♪ j.wise used to book m for the open mic kills me when they act like this was overnight ♪ ♪ like we didn't do a tour in a tiny van eight deep at the show it might be eight fans ♪ ♪ that builds character something y'all coul probably use more of ♪ ♪ if i told the truth to he i know she'd be tore u they love it when i rap ♪ ♪ and i don't eve put a chorus turkey on ciabatta from the deli ♪ ♪ shout to morris thirty grand to show u we might as well pour up fake handshakes we know ♪ ♪ you ain't going for u it's something about your aura i know ♪ ♪
12:31 am
♪ it is a jam it is i can tell who's on the way out ♪ ♪ twenty-five shows check the pay ou i ain't goin' home i'ma stay out ♪ ♪ everybody hate you when they looking for a way out i just sit back an let it play out ♪ ♪ she gonna let me hit it any day now oo what you gonna say now ooh oh my ex girl got ♪ ♪ a baby now oo but she still let me stay now ooh ♪ ♪ i got a dallas an an h-town bo got a baddie out cape town too ♪ ♪ whole gang eatin' steak house food get the chec i ain't checking what ♪ ♪ it came out t i tell promoters i don't talk about the money ♪ ♪ you know who to han the envelope t big john got the cas and he been the go to ♪ ♪ heard the beat told nicki put it in the pro tool got a fountain on th chain and it's indigo blue ♪ ♪ might mess around and get a gold tooth i'm a restaurant-goe never been to whole foods ♪ ♪ she gonna listen to the song say this a whole mood i'm in the mountains out west on a tour bus ♪ ♪ texting the chick i used to mess wit got her in the bat doing video shoots ♪ ♪ tried to send one to me but it didn't go through and she gonna let me hit i any day now ooh ♪
12:32 am
♪ what you gonna say now oo my ex girl got a baby now ooh ♪ ♪ but she still let m stay now ooh i can tell who's on the way out ♪ ♪ twenty-five shows check the pay ou i ain't going home i'ma stay out ♪ ♪ everybody hate you when they looking for a way out i just sit back an let it play out ♪ ♪ and she gonna let me hit it any day now oo what you gonna say now ooh oh my ex girl got ♪ ♪ a baby now oo but she still let me stay now ooh ♪ ♪ >> jimmy, i love you my debut album, "that's what they all say" is out now peace and love [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thank you to jack harlow. more "tonight show" when we come back, everybody come on. ♪ this friday you can watch the croods
12:33 am
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♪ >> jimmy: my thanks to kristen wiig watch her this saturday on "saturday night live." graham norton, thank you jack harlow, thank you the roots, thank you very much thank you all for watching stay safe out there. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. good night, everybody. ♪ ♪


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