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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 17, 2020 11:00am-11:31am PST

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right now at 11:00 a.m., more front line health worker are rolling up their sleeves to get pfizer's vaccine for covid-19 just as new stay-at-home orders are set to kick in and will now cover the entire san francisco bay area. plus an fda meeting to consider approving a second covid-19 vaccine. we'll look at the differences between the two. who in the bay area will get the vaccine first? good morning, and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm chris chmura in for marcus washington today. dozens of front line workers are receiving their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. nbc bay area's bob redell is
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live outside county fairgrounds. bob? >> reporter: it's different where we've seen doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and hospitals receiving the first doses. here in the county it's workers who work at these skilled nursing facilities. the county, which is responsible for administering to those tier one people that i just mentioned, they're receiving those doses at a clinic behind me at the fairgrounds. we asked why aren't workers at hospitals first as we've seen elsewhere and the county said it comes down to shipping logistics. the hospitals in the county haven't received or are just receiving their pfizer doses. they'll start their vaccinations tomorrow or this weekend. for whatever reason, the county received these doses first. 210 skilled nursing facility workers are receiving the first of their two shots today. those facilities, those skilled nursing facilities, they only
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represent about 5% of all cases in the county shall but they represent 45% of all covid deaths. that's why they're getting priority. to date, covid has killed 566 people in santa clara county. coincidentally, 566 people are currently hospitalized, only 40 icu beds remain. county health offices reminded us this morning in spite of the good news about this vaccine, we need 70 to 80% of the community to get vaccinated. that will take several months. they're asking, please continue to wear your masks and practice social distancing until then. >> i remind communities this is just the beginning and hopefully the end of the pandemic, but we still have to maintain our vigilance. >> i thought she was just pinching on my shoulder. it was quick, fast. it's just almost nothing.
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>> reporter: there are about 130,000 front line workers here in santa clara county. the health department expects around 68,000 doses by the end of next week and then more after that. it probably won't be until springtime that the rest of us can start receiving those shots. reporting live here in san jose outside of santa clara county fairgrounds, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thank you so much. many companies have been racing to develop a covid-19 vaccine. we're now into the five -- we are now into hour five rather of fda's review of the covid-19 vaccine for moderna. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joins us live about that plus a problem with a batch of pfizer's vaccines destined for florida.
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hi, kris. >> yeah. hi there, chris. we saw bob talking about those vaccines and counties around the bay area are already preparing to do the same thing you're seeing happening at the fair grounds today once they get that moderna vaccine once it is proved and we know that the discussion is now under way. there is a slight break happening right now. we are in a different time zone. we do know that the advisory panel for the fda is looking at that same data that was presented for the pfizer vaccine, the moderna version. the agency shows it's a favorable safety profile, no specific safety concerns, but a bit of a lower efficacy rate for people 65 years and older, just 86%. people did report feeling pain at the injection site, headaches and fatigue, which can be expected. moderna can counter with one big
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advantage. >> cold chain requirements are less restringent in that it requires cold like the freezers we have at home. >> a look at the two vaccines side by side. the pfizer and moderna vaccines are equal effective overall, right around 94, 95%. both require a second dose. moderna requires an extra week in between. pfizer does require deep freeze storage. the moderna one does not. now to that transportation problem as you mentioned, chris, with that pfizer vaccine. two trays destined for two different california locations were quarantined and returned to pfizer because during transport the temperature dropped too low. they happened with a batch of
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vaccines also destined for alabama. the army general officer for warp speed said the vaccines never left the truck. it's trying to figure out how that temperature drop happened. now with the approval expected as early as tomorrow, we expect that those moderna vaccines will start rolling out to our local health care workers by monday. so it's a very fast turn around. we wondered how that was going to work. we see with the pfizer vaccine how it worked out overall and it's good to see the shots going into the arms of the health care workers overall in the bay area. >> kris, thank you very much. california is now racking up more krchd cases than most countries. yesterday alone, the state reported more than 53,000 new cases, the most statewide so far, by far. another record, too, in just one
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day. 293 additional deaths reported. the u.s. continues to lead the world in total covid-19 cases. more than 17 million americans have tested positive and krchd has killed more than 308,000 people in this country. we are 13 hours away from the entire bay area falling under a stay-at-home order. redwood city where outdoor dining is about to stop. at midnight, san mateo, napa and solano county will join the rest of the bay area. it is to stay in effect for three weeks, which puts us around january 7th. outdoor dining will be halted. other businesses slated to close include salons, barber shops. retail stores must cut their customer capacity to just 20% of normal. also, hotels and short-term rentals must refuse reservations for nonessential travel.
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concerts and shows are off, too. we talked to the production director at the fox theater. he's disappointed but understands. >> it's unfortunate for business, of course. but i think it's necessary for us to be able to try to beat the pandemic. with the numbers so high as they are right now, you know, we all have to understand that we all have to sacrifice a little. >> and one silver lining to this dark cloud there, fox theater is using the down time to work on renovations. all right. let's look at what happens prompted this new stay-at-home order, crisis in hospital intensive care units. bed availability is critically low. in san mateo county, only 9% of icu beds are currently open. the shortage is also severe in sant camera clara county with 12 prs and in contra costa and solano county, each about 13%. the situation is better in alameda county and san francisco county. when taken as a whole, fewer
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than 15% of the icu beds are currently available. seton medical center is the latest in the bay area to say its icu is full. three hospitals in marin county also reached capacity. a statement from seton that says, in part, quote our hospitals are now overwhelmed as covid cases have surged dramatically in the past two weeks and more people have died. they do say its hopeful about vaccination efforts. storm ranger, on top of san bruno mountain, has been tracking the rain all morning around the bay area. light showers here in san jose and the peninsula, creating slick roads for drivers. meteorologist kari hall has been watching this much-needed rain. how are the totals, kari? >> we had really good rainfall totals, especially with this quick-moving system. we can now see it has moved off to the south and east and also
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brought in some sierra snow. that snow is winding down. they're reopening some of the roadways and dropping chain controls. for us, we mostly had a quarter to half inch of rain. as we take a look at what to expect, rain will continue to clear out. we'll see some chilly temperatures in the forecast, but lots of sunshine as we go into the weekend. we'll see some nice weather, but it's still pretty cool out there. right now we're in the mid 50s for many of our microclimates and we'll only climb a few more grease from here. it will be a cool day behind our system. we will have a big drop in our temperatures as we go into tonight. we'll have some of those frosty conditions expected once again behind the system that brought in, once again, those decent rainfall totals. we'll take a look at what we saw across the bay area and also talk about the drought and the impacts that we're seeing from that, all across the state. that's coming up in the full microclimate forecast. chris? >> kari, thank you very much. vice president mike pence
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says he will get the covid-19 vaccine tomorrow morning. let's turn to scott mcgrew. can we expect a televised event? >> yeah. i think that's what they're planning. some time he would like during the morning shows to maximize the audience, do it live. the details, chris, still being worked out. president-elect biden will get the shot early next week, again on tv. past presidents have said they'll do the same to show americans they can trust the vaccine. the latest ipsis poll shows just one in four americans say they will take the vaccine the minute it's available to them. let me remind you, dr. fauci said it may be summer into fall before the average american is even offered the chance to do so. we continue to watch what's happening in congress, and there are things actually happening after months of talks and little else. the two talks seem to be moving closer to a stimulus bill. the house passed its version in may.
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democrats have since given up their push to fund cities, counties and states running low on tax money because of the pandemic. you've heard us say this on a show. bay area cities considering cuts in mass transit, even police departments. the new bill, if the two sides agree on it, would include sending checks to many american households. yesterday we were talking about pete buttigieg, and biden wants to make him the next transportation secretary. i said putting buttigieg in the cabinet would make history as he would be the fir openly gay member of a presidential candidate. a viewer reminds me, though, that honor goes to the man on the right, richard grenell, acting head of intelligence. he was never confirmed by the senate for that job. i'm on twitter for a reason and, hey, you find something to correct, you know where to find me. >> that's correct. we're always listening. scott, thank you very much. would you be comfortable
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getting the vaccine? if not, you're not the only one. the push doctors are making to help communities of color feel confident hold iing out their a. plus the east coast now a winter wonderland. this powerful snow storm is causing a slowdown for drivers and deliveries. we'll map it out and how it's affecting hospitals getting the vaccine. whitney reveals to kelly why she continues to get these expensive hairstyles. you can watch kelly clarkson right here on nbc bay area at 3:00 this afternoon. by harnenessing calilifornia's
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abunundant wind d and solar r e, we have e the power r to take on climamate change.e. use less f from 4 to 9 9 pm to keep p californiaia golden.
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no, no n no. ♪ it♪ get d down heat i it up itit lilike a saunana ♪ ♪ spin arouound one timime if y you wanna ♪ ♪ wings up p stretch em out p put it on ' 'em ♪ ♪ g get up now w ♪ getet down uh ♪ cluck cluluck when yoyou hearar the soundnd uh ♪ new chchicken dancnce new chicicken sandwiwich my juicycy, thickestst fillet. my c cluck sandwdwich combosos. only a at jack in n the bo. the naacp held a town hall with an all-black panel to help
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the community better understand the covid vaccine. one doctor is helping develop the moderna vaccine. she said it's important that the black community knows that a black woman is at the forefront of the creation. >> it was going to be clear if we were going to sit on panels like this and tell people of color that the vaccine is safe and effective for them that we needed to increase the representation of those people in color. >> out of 30,000 people participating in moderna's clinical trial, 11,000 are of communities of color. 3,000 identify as black or african-american. major league baseball is making a major historic decision, elevating negro leagues to major league ststatu. it m means s stats and recorord 3400 players, including satc hechlt l page and gibson, will now be part of major league
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baseball's official history. here at nbc bay area, we're continuing the conversation about race in america. last night, marcus washington held a powerful conversation with san jose state assistant football coach alonso carter. they talked about racism in the world of sports and the hardships black men face when they don't have a father figure. carter says he tries to shape his hardships into teachable moments for his students. >> trust and believe there's going to be more that say you can't than you can. i wanted to be the one saying that you can. and i'm still like that to this day. i love touching lives. >> you can watch the full episode and the rest of the race in america series online at an investigation is under way to figure out why this plane slid off the taxi way in baltimore this morning. here is what we know. just before 7:00, the spirit airlines plane landed safely. on the way to the gate, it slowly slid into the grass while
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turning the corner right there. 1,100 passengers were on board. no one got hurt. a bus later took those folks to the terminal. it's unclear if the snowy weather -- you can see snow on the ground here around the runway, taxi way. it's unclear if that snowy weather in baltimore played a role. most of the northeast walk up to the most powerful snow storm in years. jay gray is watching today's frigid, icy, inconvenient and sometimes dangerous weather. >> reporter: central park covered in a blanket of white right now. it start ed snowing yesterday, 0 inches of snow and counting. to give you an idea, that's double all the snow they saw last winter. really affecting areas of the midatlantic through the east
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coast. ice in some areas and that's leading to power outages. roadways have been a mess with several multi-car collisions. airlines have canceled hundreds of flights before this storm, hundreds more expected to be canceled today. it's also playing havoc with deliveries for the holiday season. one thing it's not doing, though, slowing down the delivery of the covid-19 vaccine. >> we expect to keep get iting e deliveries and keep being able to turn around and get people vaccinated. >> here in central park, once the sun came up, we started to see people moving in. we see people, obviously, walking their dogs, the dogs excited by the snow at times here. snow shoers getting exercise in, as well as cross country skiers. joggers. you always see joggers here. we even saw one guy running by in shorts through the snow. you see it all here in new york. that's the latest from central
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park. i'm jay gray. back to you. >> kari, that is my favorite kind of snow, on tv and not in the driveway. how about you? >> right? i used to live in connecticut, outside of new york city, and it was so bad when we had those huge snowstorms. but you think about right now, and a lot of people are staying at home so maybe they're actually really enjoying it if they don't have to get out in it. let's look at where that system is now as we can see it on radar, and there's still a lot of snow coming down. really, actually, a good thing, because they were in a pretty bad drought. seeing heavy snowfall totals will help them out. if it sticks around maybe they'll have a white christmas. as we look at our weather here in the bay area, we head all the way to the west coast and check out storm ranger. it looks all clear for now but it was busier this morning. rain moving through. for most of this, it was before we woke up this morning. i wanted to loop it back 12 hours and show you the round of
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rain that rolled through. maybe you heard it tapping on the window as you were sleeping because we did get a pretty decent amount, especially in parts of the north bay. let's talk about some of those rainfall totals we had, especially for parts of the north bay. we measured over an inch of rain for mt. tam. that was the highest rainfall total we had across the bay area. also near sonoma or actually in sonoma county, looking at green valley, we also had an inch of rain there. sonoma had close to three-quarters of an inch. for oakland, over half an inch of rain there in san francisco, nearing a half inch. rainfalls for east bay. it was less for antioch as well as san martin and san jose, a little over a tenth of an inch of rain. now it has moved on. and it's just going to be cool. we're looking at highs that will stay in the mid 50s. just a few peeks of sunshine
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going into the rest of the evening and a cold night ahead. that's something we'll have to get used to as we go toward the end of the week. our drought monitor was updated this morning. i'm show you the view across the whole state. we're seeing worsening drought conditions for southern california. for us, we've been in an extreme drought. we didn't get a lot of the heavy rainfall toward the end of the last water year. so we're starting out this water year with extremely dry conditions, especially for the north bay. for parts of sonoma, napa, down to san francisco, over toward the east bay, we are in a severe drought right now. even with the rain that we had over the weekend. that will be added in next week's drought monitor update. of course, hopefully, we can get some more rain. forecast has been very dry for us as we look back at how much rain we've measured this fall heading into the first day of winter. we are normally getting into one
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of our wettest months, but rainfall totals have been very low. and then we go back to some dry weather. the outlook is for below-normal rainfall into next week. we could be watching a storm system that could move into the bay area around christmas eve, but that means we have a whole week of dry and cool weather. so we'll be watching that, chris. >> kari, thank you so much. despite this depressing pandemic, how one church is steering around covid-19 to make sure kids have gifts in time for christmas. >> happening now, china's moon mission is complete. its space probe returns to earth and the country calls the voyage a complete success. it landed in inner mongolia this morning, marking the first attempt in 44 years to retrieve samples from the moon. china's space agency plans to
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conduct another lunar mission and a plan to send astronauts to the moon in the years ahead. we're back after this break.
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we have new video of holiday cheer in san francisco. christmas is coming early for some kids in the city. glide is holding its annual food and toy giveaway.
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normally families come into the church to pick out what they want. because of the pandemic, families registered online and filled out a wish list. 700 bags will be delivered to families throughout san francisco. trending this morning, the supposed solution for those who want to look good for zoom meetings but don't want to actually get dressed up. japanese company is selling this, a pajama suit. okay. it's available in different colors for men and women and costs about $50. i'm guessing the wardrobe consultant here at nbc bay area is going to say no, darling. kari, what do you think? >> that's her voice exactly. i love that. all right. let's check out what's going on. we'll see sunshine and temperatures in the mid 50s today. and we're skrust going to settle in this pattern, because we have more weather like that going into the weekend. chris? >> kari, thank you so much. you look great, by the way. thank you for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00.
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right now on "california live," everything you wanted to know from 90210. >> we're going back, watching every episode from the beginning. >> jenny and tori share secrets. >> my kids are watching it and they're like, wow, you're wearing our clothes and i'm like, no, you're wearing our clothes. launching its own fashion line. we're all about to hit the runway. plus chef jamie has gifts. >> these delicious ideas, by the way, will make you a culinary hero with your friends and family. everyone loves an edible, homemade gift. >> it's all


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