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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 23, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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i screamed. >> how police are putting the pieces together and the young ages of the suspects that will leave you shaking your head. christmas is just over a day away. which areas will see the most rain. your latest forecast is just minutes away. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good wednesday, thanks so much for joining us. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. an impassioned plea from the county's chief medical officer, dr. sarah kody, surging everyone to please stay at home during the holidays during this dangerous time. >> i urge, urge, anyone who is considering gathering to stop, take a deep breath, think, and don't do it. >> covid has hit santa clara county hard. and dr. cody says the next two weeks are crucial because a new surge at this time would force hospitals to turn people away. how difficult is it right now in santa clara county? the numbers tell the story.
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there are just 35 icu beds in the entire county right now available. eight out of ten hospitals in the south bay have five or fewer available icu beds. >> and across the bay tonight, another county is protecting its protecters. marin county among the first to begin giving its vaccine to firefighters and police officers. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez spent the day in san rafael where they lined up to roll up their sleeves. >> it can be pretty stressful when we respond to people who have covid. >> reporter: now they're getting much-needed protection. marin county is among the first in the area to offer vaccinations to firefighters, sheriff's deputies, police officers, and others who answer the public's calls for help every day. >> it's imperative that we get vaccinated as soon as we can so it provides protection for
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ourselves and the people we serve. >> our crews are out there every day, putting their lives on the line. >> reporter: the fire chief rolled up his sleeve and got his dose of the pfizer vaccine this afternoon. he says two-thirds of his department have done the same. >> it's long-awaited. i'm trying to do my part to be part of the solution to help control this pandemic. >> reporter: chp's captain got his vaccination too. he says chp officers haven't slowed down when it comes to keep drivers safe on our highways and is glad the vaccine is finally an option. >> we're absolutely on the front line, and i'm glad the vaccine is finally here and our folks have been getting it. i'm one of the lucky ones who is at the front here getting it in the first few days. >> reporter: so far, marin county has vaccinated several hundred first responders. they'll continue through the weekend, hoping to protect as many of our protectors as possible. in marin county, jodi hernandez,
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nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. some front line cal fire first responders got vaccinated today. these firefighters are in san mateo county. this crew battled the czu complex fire that broke out back in august. with limited amounts of the covid vaccine available and in high demand, our investing unit has been looking into questions a lot of people have been asking, questions about whether some people might be jumping the line. here is senior investigator stephen stock. >> reporter: paramedics, emts, and firefighters lined up last friday at hayward's st. rose hospital. some of the first people in the area to get the covid vaccine in the state's distribution plan. nbc bay area's news crew spotted the owner of an insurance company in san francisco. naranjo is not a medical worker. instead, records show the
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64-year-old is a frequent political donor to local candidates and a member of the six-person board of directors at st. rose hospital. this follows protests last week at stanford medical school where several residents were outraged to learn that some faculty who have no direct contact with the public got vaccinated ahead of nurses who do have contact with covid patients. >> any computer expert will tell you, garbage in, garbage out. >> reporter: she's a bioethicist at ucsf's department of medicine. >> i think it's a very healthy thing for the society that we've begun to talk openly about rationing and begun to examine those values. >> reporter: the hospital oversaw the distribution of 2,000 separate covid vaccine
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shots. up those, 35% went to hospital staff including front line workers such as directors and nurses. 65% went to county emergency workers including emts and firefighters. one shot went to board member fred naranjo, who declined to speak to us on camera. but in a telephone interview he defended his participation, saying, quote, i haven't jumped the line, i'm at the hospital all the time, walking the halls, talking to people. the main thing i wanted to do is to show people to take the vaccine, not to be afraid, that it is safe, that they need to be protected. >> the leaders in these organizations need to take responsibility. >> reporter: dr. castle says regardless of motive, videos like this can be misinterpreted by the wider community. >> i would say it sends the wrong message. >> reporter: a spokesman told nbc bay area, st. rose is responsible for tracking the
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staff who reported for vaccinations. the doses allocated to st. rose hospital covered everyone they identified for the initial phase of vaccination. a spokesman for st. rose told me no other board members took the vaccine and that hospital officials made the conscious decision to include him in the shots because, quote, he has been a leader in promoting the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. stephen stock, nbc bay area news. it's a move to try to get the pandemic under control in a community hit especially hard. today people lined up at a brand-new free walk-up testing site at 24th and mission in the mission district. more than 2,700 people can get tested there each day. they have multilingual staff members. many latino front line workers have been serving the city since the beginning of the pandemic
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and health experts say it's crucial they get tested and treated for covid-19. >> we as latinos are 15 times more likely to have covid-19 than any other group. >> the site is open tomorrow starting at 7:00 a.m., no appointment needed, no questions will be asked about anybody's immigration status. let's go outside on this christmas eve. a beautiful evening in san francisco. it's actually christmas eve eve. i'm getting ahead of myself, i thought santa was coming tomorrow. meteorologist rob mayeda, will christmas be a complete washout? >> i think the second half of the day into the night hours might be. the first half of the day, not so much. this is good news, maybe not the best of timing. you see two to three inches of rain in parts of the north coast but yes, it looks like it will arrive during the holiday. top of san bernardino mountain, a lot of clouds.
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you probably notice the thin high level clouds outside. the actual storm and rain producing clouds are lurking offshore. christmas day impact will be throughout the late morning, afternoon, and evening hours for the north bay, that's where the rain will get started. if you're in walnut creek, central bay, west of san francisco, more of a mid-afternoon event getting started with the wind picking up into the even. in san jose, most of the activity will pick up into the evening. this is the first of two storms we'll see into the holiday weekend. mountains again bearing the brunt of the heaviest rain. but snow levels by the time we get to sunday night and monday will get low enough to put snow on the higher peaks. i'll have a look in the forecast ahead at how much rain we can expect from these two storms, in ten minutes. >> thanks so much, rob. track the weather leading up to christmas day on our nbc bay area app. feel free to there it and it is free.
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an oakland woman says she was mugged in broad daylight by two people she thought were teenagers. she later find out they might not even be that old. she has reason to believe her attackers were just 12 years old. she says race may have played a role in the attack. police are not saying that publicly. melissa colorado has more from oakland. >> they punched me. i fought back. >> reporter: the attack lasted seconds but in her mind it lasted hours. she says she was mugged by two people monday afternoon in oakland. >> they told me, shut up, [ bleep ]. >> reporter: when the criminals managed to wrestle away her wallet and phone, iona says a getaway driver picked up the two males and sped off. >> i thought they were perhaps maybe 15 to 18 years of age. >> reporter: you can imagine
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iona's disbelief when she says oakland police told her her attackers were likely 12 and 14 years old. >> that these youth were coordinated and were driving a car, speeding on a highway. >> reporter: hours after her attack, palo alto police say they arrested three boys from oakland for mugging a woman at the stanford shopping center and leading police through a high speed chase in a stolen car. police say the driver was just 12. all three were arrested for robbery, felony battery, and a number of other crimes. palo alto police would not say whether the victim in that crime was also asian but said the investigation is still ongoing. >> it's really frustrating to feel we're in a place specifically when we're being targeted right now at this moment. >> reporter: a spokesperson for oakland police say iona's attack was still under investigation and would not comment further. in the meantime the three boys are in custody at the santa
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clara county juvenile hall. as for iona, the bruises and scrapes on her face and hands have healed but the fear is still there. >> we all want to be able to walk out our door and not be scared. and we have every right to do that. >> reporter: melissa colorado, oakland, nbc bay area news. san jose's recently retired police chief didn't stay retired for long. today eddie garcia was named the new police chief in dallas, texas, the first latino to lead the dallas police department, which is three times the size of san jose's police department. garcia spent 28 years in the san jose police department moving up the ranks to chief before retiring earlier this month. today city leaders in oakland approved a set of measures to help make up a $62 million budget deficit. in a virtual city council meeting the city council announced a $9 million hiring freeze. also the oakland police department's budget will be reduced by $15 million. the oakland fire department will temporarily close three fire stations between january and june.
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that will save about $5 million. some question the cutbacks to first responders could impact public safety. the cuts will take effect immediately and last through the end of the fiscal year at least. any other year, bay area airports would be packed. it's a lot different this holiday seen as a lot of people stay home this year. the few that are traveling are dealing with the risks. plus the christmas menu is going to look different for some as crab season is delayed once again. we'll tell you why this time and for how long.
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it is almost christmas eve and sfo is seeing some activity but nowhere near years past. as nbc bay area's scott budman learned, those who are traveling know they're taking a risk and they know they likely have a quarantine waiting when they arrive. >> reporter: there are fewer cute holiday scenes like this one at bay area airports because of a spike in covid cases and mandatory post-travel quarantines. we've been asked to skill the
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holiday travel. but some are still heading home. >> i got a plan. i got it all laid out. >> i'm going to florida and i am going to see my mother. >> reporter: these fliers saying some things, especially family, are worth the risk. >> i've been separated from my 5-year-old and so i'm taking a risk to go see him. i'm healthy, and i think i'll be okay. >> reporter: but bay area airports have made it clear. >> for us, really the focus is on arriving passengers. >> reporter: if you travel, you may have to quarantine when you get back. >> if they're ending their travel in san francisco or santa clara counties, they'll need to quarantine for ten days. >> reporter: the passengers we found checking in today say they're okay with it. >> i'm going home with my dog leo. and then obviously when i get home, i'm going to do the ten-day quarantine and i'm going to get a test and all that good stuff. >> reporter: she won't have much company. tsa tells us holiday air travel
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is off at least 50% nationwide. at sfo, scott budman, nbc bay area news. today governor newsom formally introduced california's newest u.s. senator and secretary of state. newsom sat down virtually with alex padilla and assembly member dr. shirley webber. the governor selected padilla to finish senator kamala harris's term. he becomes the first latino senator from california. dr. webber will be the first african-american secretary of state in california history. both say they're honored and they're still trying to soak in this historic moment. >> still sinking in but excited and eager for this next chapter and opportunity to make you proud and all californians proud. >> i take this responsibility very seriously because it is a serious position. and it has tremendous opportunities for us to continue the legacy that's been
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established that california has. >> newsom's announcement yesterday capped off months of intense political lobbying by a bunch of groups, some of whom are now blasting the governor for not choosing a black woman to fill the seat of the only black woman in the u.s. senate. the pandemic didn't scare everyone away from doing last minute holiday shopping in the east bay. lines form at target in wialnut creek. managers tried to keep the crowds low. they said you must stay masked indoors and outdoors to beat the surge. many shoppers told us they shopped early to beat the crowd. >> today is my last-minute little things that i had forgotten. so i've been trying to just stay home and do everything online. >> almost half the parking lot at target in walnut creek is being used for pickup orders only. the boats are ready to go. but the season is late again,
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terry. >> nbc bay area sky ranger flying over boats with empty crab pots sitting at the pier. the already-delayed commercial dungeness crab season was supposed to start today but fishermen and distributors can't agree on a wholesale price. they're a ways away from each other. the original november date was moved to protect migrating whales from getting entangled in fishing lines. no word on when the season may start. some high water emergency repairs in pacifica today. last week's king tides damaged the sea walls. sky ranger was above as crews worked on a temporary fix at the bottom of the sea wall. construction is expected to be completed tomorrow, not too bad. city leaders will come up with a more person fix in the coming weeks. rob mayeda joining us now. rob, we can't be dreaming of a white christmas but we condition dream
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can dream of a white two days after christmas, right? >> i like the way you're thinking. snow levels will be below 4,000 feet early next week. speaking of the ocean, you saw the pacifica story there, we're watching for the first storm arriving on christmas day as an atmospheric storm. right now we're not seeing much. we have cloud around the area. there will be plenty of rain-producing clouds all day tomorrow, maybe a sprinkle at best. the main event will hold off until midday christmas day on friday. temperatures outside right now, 40s and 50s. a quick tour around the bay, you see 55 in san francisco with overcast skies. similar conditions into san jose at 54 degrees. now, more of what we saw this afternoon and evening, bands of high clouds passing through. morning temperatures in the 30s to w40s. maybe not as cold as this
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morning due to extra cloud cover and more filtered sunshine for the afternoon with highs from 59 in san francisco. cooler, mid-50s, around concord and fairfield. 62 degrees for san jose. here is a christmas day forecast. not a complete washout. the morning does look better except if you're in the north bay. then from about 4:00 to 10:00 and 11:00 should be about the main event as those rain bands pass through. most of the bay area picking up a quarter to a half inch of rain. north bay especially, we could be looking at higher totals than that. christmas day friday, showers to follow as we start the weekend. and then that colder storm follows as we get into sunday and monday. and that is where snow levels could get a little interesting. we'll take a closer look at that coming up at 6:45 to see which bay area peaks might see a little dusting of snow. again, a little late for a white christmas but maybe not to start next week. we'll take a look coming up in the next half hour. >> sounds great, rob, dhnthanks
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lot. despite dr. cody's plea today, businesses and church members plan on ignoring them for the holidays. and when dr. fauci believes a vaccine will be available to anyone who wants one. president trump not saying much but causing chaos on the way. larry gerson joins us. our new house is amazing.
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great street, huge yard. there is a bit of an issue with our neighbors fencing.
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neighbor 1: allez! (sound from wind chimes) neighbor 2: (laughing) at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. which helps us save even more. neighbor 2: hey, sarah, hey, peter! neighbor 1: touché. neighbor 2: ahhh! neighbor 1: pret! neighbor 2: en garde! for bundling made easy, go to kitchen closed. a covid-19 case at a south bay nonprofit threatened to cancel christmas meals for hundreds of homeless men and women. >> after a positive covid case closed the kitchen, they had to get creative. nbc bay area's anousha rasta joins us to explain how food trucks will help them save christmas. anousha, how about some good news? >> reporter: that's right, there is some good news to report
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here. that solution involves city team partnering with a company that doesn't normally do nonprofit work. but as we know, the pandemic has forced a lot of people to change the way that they do business. that's exactly what one south bay food truck event and catering company is doing now. before we get to that, we want to show you some video of what christmas day traditionally looked like at city team's location in san jose. the group didn't just give out free meals but also free haircuts, clothing, and shoes. this year, after one of their program members tested positive for covid-19, they were ordered to shut down their kitchen. to fill the gap, they turned to a company called moveable. this is where things get interesting, moveable is a san jose based event company. it normally connects local food trucks with festivals and corporate events that need catering. but the pandemic has stopped that kind of business. so the company is pairing city team with local mom and pop food
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trucks. it's a win for everyone, city team won't have to cancel christmas dinner and the food trucks get a chance to make up for lost revenue. >> they contacted us yesterday. we're serving on christmas day. we're going to have the menu finalized today. it's pretty quick. we do this real quick. this is what we do. we put out a call, email, yesterday. and we've had at least ten respond that they want to participate. we're going to work with them on menus, we'll work with them on something that's going to fit the budget and be appropriate for christmas dinner. >> reporter: city team typically provides about 500 meals on christmas day. this year they need a lot more help than usual to make this a reality. each food truck meal will cost 12 bucks. so they are asking for donations. if you would like to help pay for a meal, you can do that by going on our website, finding this story, clicking on the story. there will be a link for you where you can go make that donation. back to you. >> people are getting so
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creative during this time to make sure they fill the needs this holiday season. it's so important. if everybody could help out, that would be great. thanks so much, anousha. next at 6:30, trump vetoes a major defense bill while still threatening to veto the covid relief bill. larry gerson breaks down the president's final days in office. we're going to show you how some businesses and church leaders can to fight back.
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right now at 6:30, business owners and church leaders are ignoring pleas from santa clara county health leaders. the south bay's covid crisis is now right on the verge of overwhelming hospitals and health care resources. >> that was the chilling message from public health officials and county leaders today in the south bay. but businesses and churches are defying the orders. nbc bay area's robert handa has more. >> reporter: calvary church of san jose has been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for holding services, even losing multiple court challenges, but still won't stop holding indoor services. today, county health officials reported thereof now been 632 covid-related deaths and 631 hospitalizations. the numbers come hours after calgary confirmed its plans to hold a christmas eve service. >> they're putting everyone's lives in this community at risk.
6:32 pm
and that's shameful. >> reporter: today officials acknowledged some personal care salons are still doing business covertly or in the case of salon blu in san jose, openly and defiantly. the county says it will take action and asked the public to report violations. >> it is not optional. it is required to follow these very basic critical mandates to keep us safe. >> reporter: public health officer dr. sara cody says with just 35 open icu beds, county hospitals can't handle another holiday surge and people should not assume they can risk it. >> covid is a silent kill of er. there will be silent transmissions until some people get ill and die. >> reporter: it may be a matter
6:33 pm
of life and death, say health officials. >> i miss my mom, my sister, my brother. i haven't seen them really for almost a year now and i won't get to see them this holiday. >> reporter: officials say they know they need to keep reinforce the message through threats or pleas because they know around christmas, it's not a message anyone wants to hear. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. a stark reminder of the dire situation right now, the u.s. reported more than 3,300 deaths yesterday. that's the highest death toll in a single day with more difficult days ahead. nearly one fifth of u.s. hospitals say last week at least 95% of the icus were at capacity. more hope is on the horizon. 100 million more doses of the pfizer vaccine are secured. it will be rolling out across the country in the coming weeks and months. officials say it means most americans who want to be, can be vaccinated in the next six months. >> we could start in april doing
6:34 pm
what i call open season on vaccinations, namely anybody in the general population who wants to get vaccinated, will get vaccinated. >> vaccinations continue right now on the front lines and in long term care facilities. the next phase of vaccinations is set for those over 75 years old and front line essential workers. a voice we've heard regularly for the past nine months, dr. deborah birx, coordinator of the white house coronavirus task force, says she plans to retire in the near future. she says the work on the pandemic has put a strain on her family. she says she wants the biden administration to be successful and will, quote, be helpful in any role that people think i could be helpful in. no word on when she exactly plans to retire. in washington, christmas week chaos continues. president trump seemed to threaten to veto the covid relief package just approved by
6:35 pm
congress after months of negotiations. overnight, the president posted on twitter a video produced by the white house. the president is asking congress to rework the bill and increase direct stimulus payments promised to many americans from 600 to $2,000. top democrats love it, they agreed with that, putting the republican-led senate in a really tough spot. trump chose not to get involved directly with the relief deal negotiations. he had a lot of time to do it. now that it's done, his threat could derail the whole thing and delay benefits for americans. >> increase the ridiculously low $600 to $2,000. >> congress can override a presidential veto but time is running out. federal unemployment benefits expire saturday for 12 million americans. before heading home for the holidays, president trump fulfilled a threat to veto the annual military spending bill. trump vetoed the bill because it allows military bases that honor confederate figures to be
6:36 pm
renamed. also the bill does not repeal a law that shields tech companies from liability for what's posted on their sites. congress must now vote again to override the president's veto. the house returns from 40iholid break on monday. the senate is expected to vote on it on tuesday. this is a perfect time to bring in nbc bay area political analyst larry gerson. larry, why did the president threaten to veto this bill that it took so long for the congress to come together on? >> terry, i don't know, it's so hard to understand. by vetoing the first bill last night or this morning, the military bill, he puts the military in jeopardy. congress now has to try to overturn that. it means republicans voting against the president, which puts them in a hard spot. as far as the other one goes, the $900 billion for stimulus and $1.4 trillion for appropriations, they were put together. the president conflated those
6:37 pm
two in his remarks last night. he seems genuinely not to understand which does what and has threatened to veto them both. of course it's all one bill. if that happens, it doesn't look like there will be enough time. >> he did not say he was going to veto the stimulus bill. but do you think he's likely to do that? >> remember, the stimulus bill, as we call it, is part of that appropriations bill. they're all together. they've put them together, congress did, so they could get them done. vetoes part of one, he's vetoing the whole bill, you can't pick and choose here. he might do it. he's got three choices. he can sign it after blustering opposition, as he's done before. he can veto it which leaves congress really in the lurch since we only have a few days for congress to meet altogether. or he can just not do anything
6:38 pm
with it because it's the end of congress, it's a ten-day window, if he does that, it's called a pocket veto. by not signing it ten days after congress leaves, in effect it means the bill is dead. two of those three are not good. and the president has everybody right now hanging on a limb. >> remember, the congress, like everyone else, likes to be home for christmas. but can they come back into session? when can they come back into session? what's the deal with them? >> they can come back next monday, okay? but here's the problem heavy said in the bill he's vito isi . there's not enough money for families, he says there's too many perks going out in terms of foreign aid and things like that. it means that congress, each chamber, has to go through, each side, make changes, meet in committees, come out and vote. it's just about impossible to do
6:39 pm
in the three or four days left. remember, thursday and friday are dead. thursday and friday next week are dead. you know what today is. so basically you've got next week, monday, tuesday, and wednesday. should he veto it, it's almost impossible. and if he does that pocket veto, he leaves congress hanging so they can't do anything. so right now, everybody is waiting just biting their fingernails and the president has all the cards for now. what that says about his legacy downstream, that's another matter altogether. >> about the $741 billion defense appropriations bill, it did not leave the confederate bases or the military bases named after confederate heroes alone. it allowed that to be changed. he also has concerns about some other issues there. is that going to be overridden? do you think there's two-thirds to override his veto? >> look, it was a veto-proof
6:40 pm
majority in each chamber that passed the bill originally. but it's one thing to pass a bill when you think the president is going to sign it and it's another thing to think about overwriting that veto especially if you're of his party. we know this president, for whatever reason, has had republicans spooked. they don't want to go against his wishes, even though he's going to be out of office in a matter of four weeks. so the question is whether the republicans really have the muster to go ahead and vote to overturn that veto. there aren't enough democratic votes in either chamber. so they have to get some republicans. their choice is like this. either you go against the president and suffer whatever recriminations you fear you may suffer downstream, or you let it die, in which case we don't go to any authorization on defense until sometime next month. that leaves everybody in a tizzy. >> all right, larry gerson, thanks very much, appreciate it. >> we're in limbo.
6:41 pm
thanks, larry. still, it's about to get more difficult to get to angel island. the latest on the fate of a popular ferry service when we come back.
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you may soon have one less option to get from san francisco to angel island. the blue and gold fleet ferry has filed a request with the california public utilities commission to halt its service to angel island. the ferry operator says the route simply isn't profitable and things only got worse when the pandemic hurt. if service is allowed to be cut, people can still get to angel island by ferry but they would have to drive to tiburon first. >> without ferry service from san francisco, that will impact tens of thousands of people and their ability to get to the island. >> also an $11 million restoration project is about to be completed on angel island. so far, more than 250 people have petitioned the commission's
6:44 pm
office, urging them not to cut service. a little help from a beast. marshawn lynch, former raider, hosted a food giveaway at his restaurant yesterday. they gave out sausage, chicken, mac and cheese, green beans. organizers say the giveaway is more necessary than ever. >> it's a very good time for us to be doing this. there's a lot of people suffering right now. >> it's year-round for lynch, organizers say this is not a one time thing. his restaurant donates 1,100 free meals to the community every week. santa's elves don't always show their faces. davis street held its annual holiday giveaway today. this is in san leandro. the gifts go to 1,000 low income families usually filled with ingredients for a holiday meal and gift cards for children. this year the gift baskets will include a $100 bill. that comes in handy.
6:45 pm
someone who wants to remain anonymous donated enough money for each bag, wow. holidays are a tough time for a lot of bay area families. we can all do something about it. the next time you're at safeway, make a $10 donation. you'll see janelle's face or raj's or jessica aguirre's. just say put it on my tab and that money goes to local food banks. our drive goes until december 29. >> it's a great cause, the food banks need so much help now, people going to the food banks for the first time ever in their lives. we would love your help. christmas is just a couple of days away. i know people are stocking up and buying food because it's going to be rainy on christmas day. >> yeah, tomorrow's probably a good day to do that, because it is the calm before the storms everybody, one for christmas day and a colder storm due in this weekend that could be dropping snow levels around the bay area. we'll look at that when we come
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vice president elect kamala harris is giving back this holiday season. harris and her husband stopped by a fire station in washington, d.c. this afternoon to drop off more than 40 gifts. the gifts will go towards the toys for tots program. harris and her husband also brought cookies for the firefighters. the vice president elect answered questions about the choice of alex padilla to fill her senate seat. >> he is an outstanding public servant. there were many names on that list who are really exceptional. and i have congratulated alex and i think he'll do a great job. >> harris commented on the covid-19 relief bill president trump has so far refused to sign. she pointed out that president trump didn't provide any feedback during talks and negotiations on that bill. let's toss it over to rob mayeda. rob, december didn't want to seem to get here for the first week or two of the month and now it's really in full swing.
6:49 pm
>> and making up for lost time. but maybe not the best timing when it comes to our holiday plans for friday and maybe a third storm trying to approach on new year's eve. we'll take a look at that in a moment. first, the headlines in the first in the series. the christmas day storm will have the biggest punch. north bay mountains could see one to two inches of rain. the one that arrives on sunday could drop snow levels down to higher peaks in the bay area by early next week. you can see on the satellite view, the high level clouds made for a nice sunset. the storm getting its act together, it should start to approach the coast by this time tomorrow night. again, storm rranger scanning t skies, but no rain showing up just yet. fast forward 24 hours, we'll begin to see changes approaching the coast. san francisco, 55 degrees. we're watching for patchy fog and it looks like we're starting to see a little bit of that, trying to set up around concord
6:50 pm
and walnut creek, 42 degrees already there. san jose, 54 degrees. again, overcast skies. so as the weather turns more active, i do think air quality should get better. tomorrow, moderate. and certainly for christmas day and beyond, as the rain comes back and the winds pick up, we'll see better air quality into the weekend. the morning looks like a continuation what have we saw this afternoon, more high clouds passing by. morning temperatures in the mid-30s in some of the valleys to 40s bay side. for the afternoon, more high clouds at times. filtered sunshine, highs near 59 in san francisco, 62 in san jose. east bay valleys may stay in the low to mid-50s especially if we get some of that fog to form overnight. christmas day shaping up like this, relatively dry for the morning. as we pass midday, you can see how the heavier rain starts to move through. generally the timing right now looks to be about 4:00 through 11:00. that's when the main rain bands should push through and speaking of rain, these areas here in orange and red across the north bay hills, you see it there up
6:51 pm
towards mendocino county, those locations could get one to two inches of rain. mill valley picking up a good amount of rain. moving south, could see some rain shadowing into the tri valley and san jose. less than half an inch of rain in those locations. another spike near ben lomond, santa cruz mountains has this atmospheric connection that aims into the coastal mountains that could bring higher rain totals. a brief break midday saturday. sunday, a colder storm arrives. this is the one that should bring higher rain totals, maybe another half inch of rain for the santa cruz mountains. it's got cold air support and will drop a lot of snow in the sierra. if snow was on your wish list, we'll get you covered for the sierra, two to three feet possible in the peaks. here's where things get interesting. the cold air arrives, right now it looks like mt. hamilton, mt. st. helena, lake county, you could be seeing snow at times early monday morning.
6:52 pm
a little too late for a white christmas but we could see a little of that monday morning. since you've been staying up this long with the forecast, storm three might bring some showers for new year's eve. so there you go, winter weather making a comeback through the day, more so christmas night into early saturday. then that colder storm arrives, a true winter blast, sunday into monday where we could wake up to snow capped peaks around the bay area early next week. it took the entire month to get here, now it's trying to get it all done all at once between christmas and new year's. >> triple whammy, thanks, rob. christmas came early for the santa bay spartans. the gift that could keep giving for years to come.
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we're the croods. -we are the bettermens. welcome to a better way to live. ♪ welcome to my house
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the croods are coming home. kinda big, isn't it? that's the mirror. -sorry. and the world will never be the same. what is this? uh, we call that a window. window. dun, dun, dun. make it a croods family movie night with "the croods: a new age". go to it's been a season of big wins for the san jose state football team but nonbigger than today, they get to keep their coach, terry. >> that's right, one of the hottest names in college football. he says he is staying in the south bay. today, san jose state coach brennan agreed in principle to a contract extension. the terms of that new agreement have not been made public. brennan says the extension is value daidation that the progra going in the right direction on and off the field.
6:56 pm
he led the spartans to their first ever mountain west championship. they're undefeated, u.s. probably knew. >> they have one more game to go. they're supposed to head out to arizona next week. the county is investigating whether the spartans violated covid guidelines by flying home from las vegas over the weekend. the team traveled into santa clara county for more than 150 miles away, meaning under the health order the team is supposed to quarantine for ten days. the school says the team is quarantining until they leave on sunday. the county tells us they're still looking at the team's travel plans and negotiating with the university. we have some great news to end the evening. santa claus, he's cleared for takeoff. today the faa gave the big guy and his reindeers formal permission to travel around the world. santa will be flying healthy, wearing a face mask for his christmas eve journey. he doesn't have covid, which is great news, so he can hop into your chimney.
6:57 pm
can't wait to see him. sta my daughter is excited too. >> i'm pretty excited too. beautifully done. we're back tonight at 11:00. >> bye. the holidays are a time for giving. to your friends... your family... to your teachers. in that spirit of giving, chevy's proud to give our employee discount to everyone. the chevy price you pay, what we pay. not a cent more. because giving, ...and giving back, is what the holidays are all about. use the chevy employee discount for everyone to get a total value of over eight thousand four hundred dollars on this silverado. get the chevy employee discount for everyone today.
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♪ >> there, see? look, archie. >> meghan and harry's 2020 from megxit to a heartbreaking loss. what is life like now for the former royals? princess diana became known for her fashion, but did she really have a "pretty woman" moment? >> she walked into this boutique, and... >> i'm thinking, "hello? you're a prince?" >> plus, a real-life fairy tale. she didn't even know he was royalty till they had dated for two years. in spice girl confessions, mel c dishes on this cheeky run-in with the royals. >> geri pinched a certain royal bottom. it's all kinds of wrong! ♪ welcome to a special royal edition of "access hollywood." 2020, of course, has been a year full of ups and downs for the


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